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Modular gas generators Peak Scientific’s Precision range of gas generators offers a modular system providing a GC gas solution specific to the user’s laboratory needs. Its stackable, space-saving design allows users to make the most of their valuable lab space. Combinations are available for single and multiple GC applications. The range eliminates the inconvenience of gas cylinders, so there is no more changing over, no more supply issues and no safety worries. The range is very low maintenance and provides long-term cost stability. With an eye-catching fascia, the innovative design is a stylish and suitable additional to any GC laboratory. Peak Scientific Instruments Pty Ltd

Climatic chamber The MMM Medcenter Climacell EVO offers precise and reproducible control of temperature (-20 to +100°C), relative humidity (10-95%) and CO2 (0-20%), self-sterilisation (at 160°C), sophisticated programmability (100 programs of 100 sectors each), integrated data logging and FDA 21 Part 11 compliance. The machine is controlled via a 145 mm full-colour graphic touch screen. Numerous lighting options in visible and UV range are available, including shelf- and doormounted lighting and low-temperature LEDs up to 30,000 lux. A powerful steam generator/ cooling coil combination ensures rapid and precise humidity control in the chamber. A comprehensive range of communication options includes remote alarms, SD card, external printers, ethernet/internet options, USB, RS232 and Wi-Fi. The product is suitable for research applications in biological and medical sciences, as well as in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, electronics and chemical industries. Sizes range from 111 to over 1200 L capacity. Capella Science

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