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what’s new Modular laboratory workspace The Modulab System 6000, from Westlab, is a modular, prefabricated system that offers a high-quality and flexible laboratory workspace for institutions, universities and industrial laboratories. The modules are available with PC2 compliance and are able to be customised in view of satisfying specific requirements. Detachable bench modules and cabinet modules on wheels allow the system to be custom configured and keep laboratory space flexible. The system provides a 100% steel body which is long-lasting in harsh environments; a modular reconfigurable structure; and a Chemtemp extreme benchtop resistant to high temperature and chemicals. Easy to specify and ensured to fit the user’s laboratory space, the system is said to save 80% installation time. Westlab provides clients with a free design consultancy service, taking them from inception to completion with in-house 3D photorealistic and schematic imaging capabilities. The company’s design consultants will ensure the user’s facility is filtered through the latest standards available, whether it be an education, medical or analytical laboratory facility. Westlab Supplies |

Hotplate stirrers Stuart has expanded its range of Undergrad hotplate stirrers with two digital models. In order to deliver high levels of control and accuracy, the models include an LED display with an exact, continuous readout of the surface temperature. Combined with the existing features of the hotplate range, these additions mean researchers have even greater control over their experiments and processes. The hotplate stirrers come in two materials - ceramic and ceramic-coated metal. Both employ the features of the existing range, including minimal storage and footprint, with a recess underneath that accommodates a retort stand. This reduces the time spent assembling apparatus. In addition, an independent hot light clearly shows when instrument temperature is over 50°C, even when the unit is unplugged. LabFriend

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