Lab+Life Scientist Nov 2014

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Speed up to Chromolith® High Resolution Chromolith® HR revolutionary monolithic silica columns are not filled with particles like conventionally packed HPLC columns, but are a single rod of high purity monolithic silica. Features and benefits include: • Column performance corresponding to 3 µm particle packed columns and their performance is at least 50% higher compared to our standard Chromolith® columns • Back pressure around 2 times lower compared to particulate packed columns • 30% longer column lifetime compared to particle packed columns • Flat Van Deemter curve allows flow rate flexibility and flow gradients • Cost savings from higher sample throughput offset expense of method revalidation in one month • Compatible with all mass spectrometers For more information contact Merck Millipore: AUSTRALIA: 1800 335 571 NEW ZEALAND: 0800 463 725

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