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Unified chromatography system

Disposable floor cloth for liquid spillages

The fully automated, supercritical fluidic chromatography-based Nexera Unified

Spillages on hard floors - such as blood, urine,

Chromatography system (Nexera UC) can sequentially analyse up to 48 samples

chemical or bodily fluids in operating theatres

by utilising automatic extraction and chromatographic separation combined with

and general laboratories - can cause considerable

high-sensitivity detection of targets by mass spectrometry. It is designed for a

problems. SpillEx from Vileda Professional is a

wide range of applications, including monitoring pesticides; biomarkers; additives;

disposable, super-absorbing floor cloth that takes

pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals; and cleaning validation.

care of liquid spillages in minutes.

The system eliminates the need for complicated sample pre-treatment and enables

One cloth can absorb

stable analysis of delicate samples that are prone to oxidation or dissociation if

and hold up to 1.2 L of

exposed to air. In the analysis of pesticides in food products, it takes only 5 m

water and up to 500 mL

for a complete analysis sample pre-treatment. Furthermore, the fully automated

of NaCl 0.9% (similar to

system has a high target analyte recovery rate.

urine). It will not drip when

The product offers several separation modes, enabling the separation of a wide

lifting and moving, as the

range of compounds at once - something which is not possible with single systems

product transforms the liq-

that are based on gas and liquid chromatography. The automated extraction and

uid spill into a gel through

chromatography is achieved using a mobile phase of supercritical fluidic carbon

the high concentration of

dioxide (that exhibits the solubility of liquids and diffusivity of gases), into which

super-absorbent polymers in its inner layer. A PE

alcohol and other such organic solvents are added.

foil on the top side functions as a liquid barrier for

The system is capable of high-sensitivity analysis of approximately 500 differ-

hygienic disposal of the used cloth.

ent types of pesticides in less than 1 h. It also reduces the quantity of organic

Onboard Solutions

solvents used for such applications as the chiral analysis of enantiomers that are

common in pharmaceutical drugs. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Oceania) Pty Ltd |

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