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Anthony Baker, Chairman of the local organising committee for ASM2017, Tasmania

Australian Society For Microbiology 2017

The president of the Australian Society for Microbiology, ASN Conference organisers and the organising committee would like to invite you to stunning Tasmania for the 45th Annual Scientific Meeting and Trade Exhibition. The event will be held at Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hobart from 2–5 July.

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Advances in genomics and sequencing technologies in particular have allowed unprecedented insight into microbial communities; he 2017 conference has the theme

insights that have led to the realisation that

of Planetary Health, a fitting title for a Hobart

microbial complexity plays an underpinning role

meeting given the tumultuous history of

in all aspects of human civilisation. This year’s

Tasmania’s environmental battles. Planetary

scientific theme aims to emphasise the diversity

Health represents a new discipline that highlights

of microbial life as it pertains to Planetary Health,

the interconnectedness between human health and

from global systems affecting climate to individual

the natural systems that underpin our civilisation

molecular mechanisms of microbial function

and planet Earth. Microbiologists are aware of the

and everything in between. It is only through the

importance of the ‘unseen’ life that surrounds us;

study of microbial life that we can truly begin

however, recent discoveries continue to highlight

to understand and manipulate the systems that

just how significant microbes are on a global scale.

nourish, sustain and impact our civilisation. |