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How to choose the right

pipette tips for your experiment

The precision and accuracy of even the best calibrated pipette can be wiped out if you choose the wrong kind of tips. Depending on the experiment you are doing, the wrong kind of tips can also make your pipette a source of contamination, lead to waste of precious samples or reagents — or even cause you physical harm in the form of repetitive stress injury (RSI).


manufacturing process — build quality and quality control cost money. So steering away from cheap tips and buying good quality is generally safer to get minimum variability between tips.

here are so many different kinds of tips

The accuracy of your pipette can be affected if

to choose from. How do you know which is the

the tip does not fit your pipette properly. If there

best for your pipette and situation?

is a poor seal between your pipette barrel and tip,

This article will help you understand your

then the drawn-in air can escape and the correct

options so that you can choose the correct pipette

volume of liquid is not aspirated. Therefore, the

tip and prevent costly experimental errors and

final volume dispensed is not absolutely correct.

all the rest.

Choosing a tip that is a good fit for your pipette can be a tricky business.

Choose high-quality pipette tips for precision and accuracy

Which brings us to the question…

The first consideration that tends to spring to mind

Universal or pipette-specific tips?

when thinking about which tip type to choose is

There is always the option to go for the tips that

precision and accuracy.

the pipette manufacturer sells, if available. But,

If there is any batch-to-batch, or within-batch, variation in the shape of the pipette tips, then

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very often, the best option for your pipette and application is to use high-quality universal tips.

your pipetting will not be precise. This is a build

These universal tips can be used with most

quality and quality control issue, and — as in any

micropipettes on the market. Universal tips are |