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Optimised solid-phase extraction of polar compounds Porvair Sciences offers a range of products that enable optimised solid-phase extraction (SPE) of polar compounds. This includes the C18 silica-packed Microlute plate, vacuum manifolds, collection plates and solvent evaporators, all designed to streamline sample preparation. The Microlute plate offers good separation of a wide range of polar compounds that are not attracted to the C18 tail. The 96-well plate provides all the advantages of automated and high-throughput SPE sample preparation in a convenient microplate format that is capable of rapidly processing 96 samples in one go repeatedly and precisely. Constructed from a single piece of moulded high-quality polypropylene, the plate will not bend or distort because individual SPE cartridges do not have to be repeatedly plugged in and out. Using a sorbent slurry loading technique, Porvair has eliminated the channelling effects often limiting the performance of dry powder-loaded SPE columns. Each well on the plate has an individual drain spout, ensuring 100% sample transfer and zero crossover contamination. Manufactured precisely to ANSI/SLAS dimensions from extractibles-free polypropylene, the plates deliver high productivity, good-quality results and trouble-free operation, with all robotic sample handling and preparation systems. Pathtech Pty Ltd

Hybrid silica-based HPLC columns The YMC-Triart Series HPLC columns are organic hybrid silica-based columns produced by specialist Japanese manufacturer YMC. The columns provide high resolution without adsorption or tailing, as well as good durability, versatility and reproducibility. Available in 1.9, 3 and 5 µm particle sizes and a variety of lengths and diameters, the series includes five types of columns including the C18 column. The hybrid silica surface of the columns provides good chemical stability and durability over a wide pH and temperature range. This durability is said to ensure a long lifetime for the columns, providing a lower cost per analysis than many competitors. The rigorous end-capping of the columns ensures symmetrical peak shapes for all types of compounds. Sapphire Bioscience

BioPure fluid path components, connect with confidence Specialists in the design and manufacture of single-use bioprocessing components. • Lot numbers moulded in for full traceability • Emulate over-moulded components full through bore diameter, no obstructions • Lower cGMP manufacturing costs through simplified production operations • Reduce process validation • Manufactured and packed in an ISO Class 7 clean room +61 1300 wmbpumps |

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