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Kit for gene expression array target preparation

NIR spectrometer

Affymetrix has introduced the GeneChip WT Pico Kit for gene


expression array target preparation from as little as 100 pg

spectrometer is an

of total RNA input. Working with as few as 10 cells, the kit

ultracompact, light-

offers a high degree of flexibility and precision, enabling

weight near-infrared

analyses of samples too small for other methods as well

(NIR) spectrometer

as the interrogation of small subpopulations of cells within

that combines JD-

larger samples. This is particularly important to the study

SU’s high-volume, high-precision optical coating technology with

of heterogeneous solid tumour samples, haematologic

innovation in optical system design and miniaturisation. The

malignancies and other precious samples.

spectrometer relies on the company’s linear variable filter (LVF)

For use with the Affymetrix GeneChip Whole-Transcriptome


technology as the dispersing element.

(WT) Arrays, the kit is compatible with small-sample isolation

The spectrometer contains a light source, collection optics,

techniques, including flow cytometry, laser capture microdis-

electronics and dispersing element in a housing that is <50 x 50

section and fine needle aspiration. The kit prepares targets

mm. The USB-powered device can be used in diffuse reflection,

from multiple sample types, including fresh and fresh frozen

transmission or transflection modes in a handful of configurations

tissues, cultured cells, FFPE specimens and whole blood

or as a process sensor.

samples without a globin mRNA reduction step. The use

The MicroNIR Pro features an intuitive software interface de-

of a single kit for multiple sample types is said to improve

signed for touch-screen devices. The software features method

the ability to better compare data from different samples.

development and real-time prediction capability for qualitative

The target preparation kit, combined with the GeneChip

or quantitative analysis. Also featured is a complete set of tools

Human Transcriptome Array 2.0 (HTA 2.0) and Transcriptome

enabling 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, USP 119 performance

Analysis Console Software, forms a solution for precise cell

verification, multilevel user management and access, customis-

subset analyses claimed to be impossible with traditional

able workflow, data storage and retrieval, and audit trail viewing.

whole-transcriptome analysis techniques, which require

Data collected with the system is easily exported to the em-

large numbers of cells and typically deliver measurement

bedded calibration development software powered by CAMO

averages. Measurement of all transcript isoforms, including

Software’s The Unscrambler X. Applications include pharmaceutical

long non-coding RNA transcripts, is made possible by the

(PAT), polymer and petrochemical analysis, food and agriculture.

high-resolution microarray-based gene expression profiling

Usage tests have been conducted in fresh seafood, chicken,

solution, which uses more than six million probes covering

raw materials, chemical analysis, narcotics and pharmaceuticals.

over 285,000 coding and non-coding transcripts and inter-

Raymax Applications Pty Ltd

rogates the entire length of each one.

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