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Exploring the moral minefield of hyperkalaemia or why you should attend the AACB’s conference

Disease, diabetes and endocrinology are the central focuses at the AACB’s 2015 conference, which has the major clinical theme of ‘Partnerships in testing’.

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To demonstrate the AACB partnership with the three associations, two primary prominent clinicians from Sydney will be Clinical Co-chairs at the ASM: Associate Professor Steve Twigg or the first time the Australasian

PhD, FRACP, who is an endocrinologist and

Association of Clinical Biochemists’ conference will

the medical head of Endocrinology Research

have a diabetes feature day and an endocrine feature

Laboratories at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

day where leading experts from Australian Diabetes

and the University of Sydney, past president of

Society (ADS), Australian Diabetes Educators

Australian Diabetes Society (2008–2010) and

Association (ADEA) and the Endocrine Society

Associate Professor Rory Clifton Bligh PhD,

of Australia (ESA) will be giving presentations.

FRACP, who is also an endocrinologist and

Day 3 has a part clinical theme of ‘Bone health’.

conjoint associate professor in Medicine at |