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Rheological testing of complex fluids and soft solids The Malvern Kinexus rheometer incorporates innovations and measurement geometries that enable optimal flexibility in rheological test capabilities. Complex fluids and soft solids, including dispersions, emulsions, polymer and surfactant solutions, pastes and gels, can be characterised and their rheological properties measured using customised tests with minimum user effort. The software uses SOP-driven tests for consistent testing. It actively guides the user through setting up the correct system configuration, which means less time learning and more time characterising samples. Geometry recognition and auto-configuration ensures that the required standards are met for routine QC testing through to research. The rheometer’s High Temperature Cartridge (0 to 300°C) is an easily interchangeable environmental controller that enables temperature control of applications from fluids through to soft solids, thermoset composites and polymer melts. The Peltier Cylinder Cartridge can meanwhile be used with the Torsion/DMA system to allow testing of a rectangular or cylindrical solid sample in a dry or wet temperature-controlled environment. This allows the user to measure rheological changes that a sample might undergo when in contact with a fluid (eg, asphalt core surrounded by gasoline). ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

Water purification system The Autwomatic Plus 1+2 water purification system from Wasserlab offers users the option of Type I, Type II or Type III water from the same machine. Type II water is produced using reverse osmosis, deionisation and UV treatment. As an intermediate step, osmotised water is stored in a pressurised tank to prevent uptake of CO2. Type I and II water is produced instantaneously on demand from the osmotised storage tank. The production rate of Type I water is 1.1 L/min. Ultrafiltration of the Type I water is available as an option for applications requiring endotoxin control (PCR, molecular biology, cell culture, sequencing, MAP). All parameters are constantly monitored and controlled via an 11 cm touch screen. Replacement of cartridges is simple using a drip-free, quick-connect mechanism. Other purification systems are also available from Wasserlab. Capella Science |

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