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Image analysis software Image-Pro Premier image analysis software from Media Cybernetics offers intuitive tools that make it easy to capture, process, enhance, measure, compare, analyse, automate and share images and valuable data. The Image-Pro Premier v9.1 offers both 32- and 64-bit support, a userfriendly interface, intuitive macros and app building tools, improved ways to automatically segment, classify and measure objects, and more tools for customising workflow. The image analysis software enables users to acquire either rapid events or experiments that last for long periods of time. The software is not only able to use the memory (RAM) available on the host computer, but it can also stream multi-gigabyte movies directly to the hard drive. The software is suitable for microscopists in many disciplines. SciTech Pty Ltd

Automated operation of real-time PCR instruments Bio-Rad Laboratories has announced the CFX Automation System II, a robotic plate handler that enables high-throughput, walk-away, real-time PCR automation for all Bio-Rad CFX Real-Time PCR Detection Systems. The system can meet the high-throughput, real-time PCR requirements of today’s drug discovery and screening workflows by facilitating hands-off, around-the-clock data generation and analysis. The product can be integrated with one or two CFX systems while maintaining a small footprint and includes easy-to-use software that makes automation accessible to all researchers. It is easily integrated with laboratory information management systems (LIMS) to facilitate sample tracking, save time and minimise human error. The unit allows laboratories to operate two CFX systems with a single plate handler using a fraction of the space required by other systems. By beginning with one real-time system and scaling up to two systems when required, researchers can meet changing throughput demands. The software also allows for easy integration of wet-lab validated PrimePCR assays. Bio-Rad Laboratories Pty Ltd |

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