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Automated colony counter and software Synbiosis has introduced a software module for the ProtoCOL 3 automated colony counter. The software is claimed to make Protocol 3 the world’s first commercial automatic microbial identification and counter of colonies cultured on CHROMagar plates and means that with minimal training, micro-

Thermal mass flow controllers and flow meters

biologists can use the system to rapidly identify and enumerate all key clinical, water and foodborne pathogens.

Brooks Instrument has released the GF40/80 Series thermal mass

The software module, which was developed in partnership with

flow controllers (MFCs) and flow meters. The units are available with

CHROMagar, ensures that the ProtoCOL 3 system can accurately

the company’s MultiFlo technology, which enables fast changeo-

identify any bacteria or yeast cultured on a CHROMagar plate in less

ver from one gas type to another so research, development and

than a minute, saving microbiologists hours of visually inspecting

laboratory users can quickly change their experiment conditions

colonies and manually recording results. The system performs these

and achieve high process accuracy.

tasks by utilising red, blue and green lighting to capture a lifelike

With flow rates up to 50 slpm and a ‘normally open’ valve for

colour image of the colonies on the plates.

non-hazardous gas applications, the devices are suitable for ap-

The software module analyses the image and can distinguish be-

plications that require a higher flow rate with the flexibility of a

tween rose pink and dusty pink, as well as turquoise and steel blue.

MultiFlo-capable mass flow controller.

This allows precise identification of common pathogens, including

Measurement Plus Pty Ltd

Salmonella spp., Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, E.coli,

Group B Streptococci, Listeria spp., Vibrio spp. and Pseudomonas spp. The system also simultaneous enumerates the different coloured colonies of each species, providing objective, consistent data and reducing operator errors, to generate accurate results which can be stored as images and Excel spreadsheets. The product is suitable for clinical microbiologists as well as food, beverage and water quality control scientists looking to obtain precise microbial identification results and increase their colony counting throughput. Don Whitley Scientific Australia

Ultra-thin keyboard The iKey SB-101 Ultra-Thin keyboard has a depth of only 15.2 mm. The product is fully sealed and meets IP65 specifications. It is protected against splashing, hose-directed and submerged water; bleach, alcohol and hospital-grade disinfectants; corrosive, abrasive, acidic and alkaline substances; dirt, dust, sand and other airborne debris; and extreme temperatures. Constructed in a lightweight ABS polycarbonate case with an industrial silicone rubber keypad, the board is easy to clean with disinfectants. A QuickLock key allows the product to be disabled quickly, avoiding unwanted keystrokes during the cleaning and disinfection process. A USB interface allows the device to be used with all modern computer systems. Interworld Electronics and Computer Industries

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