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what’s new

Digital homogeniser The THq digital tissue homogeniser

Genotyping arrays for agrigenomics

offers reproducibility and reliability.

Affymetrix has released its latest

Using brushless motors, the device

genotyping arrays for applica-

is quiet and maintenance-free. Omni

tions in breeding and routine

says reproducibility of >99.5% is as-

analysis - the Axiom Porcine

sured, even with variations in sample

Genotyping Array and the Axiom

size or viscosity.

Equine Genotyping Array. Each

Weighing 308 g, the product is

with more than 600,000 mark-

suitable for handheld or post-mounted

ers, the high-density arrays

operation at speeds of up to 35,000

add to a product portfolio that

rpm. It can be used with a variety of

includes bovine, chicken, maize, salmon and wheat.

stainless steel probes in three different diameters (5, 7 or 10 mm) or with the

Axiom genotyping technology offers the agriculture community the capabilities to rapidly

re-usable/disposable plastic Omni

design and develop custom arrays. Agrigenomics genotyping arrays, gene expression arrays,

Tips (where cross-contamination must

reagents and powerful bioinformatics software enable scientists to advance their research and

be avoided).

commercial objectives by translating discoveries to routine applications.

The homogeniser is suitable for cell

With advanced bioinformatics and innovative design strategies, the arrays routinely support

disruption, protein and nucleic acid

genome-wide genotyping and accurately call the genotypes of both diploid and polyploid

extractions, general tissue homogeni-

species. Array-based genotyping empowers the agriculture community with powerful yet

sation, emulsions and suspensions.

easy-to-use genomic tools to rapidly address the challenges posed by the growing food

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requirements of our world.

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