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Membrane potential cytotoxicity kit Mitochondria play a central role in cellular metabolism, bioenergetics and apoptosis.

toxicity in various organs. Evaluating the

Cell culture and environmental control platform

mitotoxic effects of a drug is vital in the

The CellASIC ONIX Microfluidic Plat-

early drug development process.

form, in conjunction with the CellASIC

Decreased mitochondrial function is known to be a major contributor to drug-associated

Enzo Life Sciences’ Mito-ID Membrane

ONIX Microfluidic Plates, provides

Potential Cytotoxicity Kit measures fluctua-

perfusion-based microenvironment

tions in mitochondrial membrane potential

control for long-term, live cell mi-

(MMP) by utilising a cationic dual-emission


dye. Cells exhibit a shift from orange to

The microfluidic chamber recre-

green fluorescence as mitochondrial function

ates the physiologic mass transport

becomes increasingly compromised. The Mito-ID Membrane Potential

condition for optimised cell health.

dye is said to be 10 times more sensitive than JC-1, with good aque-

Upstream fluidic channels allow

ous solubility, allowing detection of toxicity at lower doses.

controlled exposure of the cells to

The kit is suitable for time-course studies evaluating intact and

different solutions during live imaging.

compromised mitochondria. With no-wash and no-medium removal,

The plates can also be cultured in a

it is compatible with high-throughput applications.

standard incubator using a dedicated gravity-driven flow channel.

United Bioresearch Products Pty Ltd

The cells are in contact with a 170

µm optical glass surface, enabling high-quality imaging using an inverted microscope. An integrated microincubator system delivers temperature and gas control to the microfluidic

Western blot detection system The ScanLater Western Blot Detection System enables western blot membrane detection in a multimode microplate reader platform. The system includes the ScanLater Western Blot Detection Cartridge, ScanLater Western Blot Assay Kit and image acquisition powered by SoftMax Pro Software. Users can install the ScanLater Western Blot Detection Cartridge in either the SpectraMax i3 or SpectraMax Paradigm systems in minutes, adding western blot detection capability, rather than investing in dedicated western blot detection systems. The ScanLater Assay is a time-resolved fluorescence (TRF)-based western blot detection assay. TRF is an optimal detection method, as reduction in stray excitation light results in low background and high sensitivity. ScanLater Western Blot Kits contain Europium-labelled secondary antibodies designed to work with existing primary antibodies without further optimisation. This substrate-free method of western blot detection not only outperforms traditional chemiluminescence and fluorescencebased western blot detection, it significantly extends signal stability, allowing membrane scanning at any time. The kit contains all components needed to go from transfer to detection. There are three kits available: anti-rabbit, anti-mouse or Streptavidin. Each kit contains enough Europium-labelled secondary antibody, blocking buffer and wash buffer to run 30 mini-sized membranes. All kits are validated for use on the SpectraMax i3 or

most existing microscope systems to enable time-lapse experiments previously not possible. A range of microfluidic plate designs has been used for the following applications: long-term culture of adherent and suspension cells; the creation of dynamic solution profiles (media switching and spatial gradient); immunostaining cells within the microfluidic chamber; host pathogen interaction studies; and analysing gene expression in addition to designs specifically for yeast and bacteria. Because gene expression is influenced by numerous cell cultural parameters, accuracy and physiological relevance of gene expression analysis can be enhanced by performing such analyses in a dynamically controlled, bio-inspired,

SpectraMax Paradigm microplate readers.

microfluidic system.

Bio-Strategy Pty Ltd

Merck Millipore

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