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Spectrofluorophotometer Shimadzu has announced the RF-6000 spectrofluorophotometer, which provides stable analysis at a high level of sensitivity for a wide range of samples. By optimising the internal design, the product achieves a high S/N ratio of 350:1. The speed of 3D measurements has been increased, enabling the acquisition of a 3D spectrum of the full wavelength range in a short time. Samples in low concentrations or in minute amounts can be analysed by making use of optional cells designed for analysing trace amounts. The light source employs a highly stable xenon arc lamp. The


illumination lifespan has been increased approximately four times to around 2000 h, which helps reduce running costs. It is possible

to obtain fluorescence spectra up to 900 nm with a standard configuration. Since the device is equipped with functionality that provides for the real-time acquisition of corrected spectra, accurate comparisons with the spectra acquired by other analysis instruments can be performed. By adopting the LabSolutions RF control software, it is easy to set up an integrated system of analyses and make determinations regarding the suitability of certain instruments. This makes

The DR 1900 Portable Spectrophotometer features over 220 of the most commonly tested water methods.

it possible to constantly monitor things such as the reduction in the illumination lifespan of the lamp, the recognition status of options and the operational status of instruments. The product features a large sample compartment, enabling the use of a broad range of accessories. It can be applied to a

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variety of applications, including the measurement of quantum yield and quantum efficiency in order to evaluate the efficiency of a luminescent material; low-temperature measurement to enable recovery of a sample in order to elucidate artificial photosynthesis; or a search for methods to determine the place of origin for foodstuffs. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Oceania) Pty Ltd |

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