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arganbright’s parting thoughts As his days of being principal are quickly coming to an end, Dr. Arganbright reflects over his 31 years. Dr. Arganbright would like to share the incredible impact that his postition had on his life. When I joined West High I never dreamed a school could become such an important part of my life. Once my two daughters entered elementary school at Horn, my wife Glenda accepted a teaching position at Horn Elementary, and I discovered where all the doors were, I saw what great potential was embedded in the West High community and found it impossible to leave. When I arrived, West High presented a strong educational program with unfinished facilities. It is difficult today to imagine our students and parents driving across town to play “home” football games at City High, working for 25 years without an auditorium (I remember a district official telling me we had an auditorium; it just happens to be at City High,) outdated science labs, playing soccer on a junior high football field, playing softball on whatever field was open at the University campus, and our track athletes running on a six-lane asphalt track with no bleacher seating or press box. There is still work remaining to bring our campus facilities to the level we expect, but the progress has been rewarding to observe. Thank you to the many community members, staff, district officials, and board members who over the years helped us complete and improve our high school facilities. A special thanks goes to Ed Barker and Tom Lepic whose generous financial contributions were significant in helping us complete soccer and football fields on our campus. Without their help, and the support and contributions of many parents and community pa-


trons, these needed enhancements to our campus would have been long delayed. Thank you to the many outstanding West teachers and staff with whom I have enjoyed working with over the years. One of the most important obligations for any principal is to ensure there are top quality adults working with our students. Through your hard work, you have helped establish our high school as a top academic setting with a strong student centered culture. West High’s reputation as a school that challenges all students with rigorous course offerings while also attending to the personal needs of each student is a testament to our outstanding faculty and staff. Most importantly, thank you, students. The most difficult part of leaving West High is not being around you each and every day. Over the years you have made me laugh, cringe, cheer in emotional highs, and work through grief together. We truly have a special high school due to you students with your many talents, personalities, interests, and wide range of diversity at all levels. I will very much miss walking through the halls with you and seeing your work in the classroom. I will miss watching your performances at the many athletic events, music performances and musicals, speech and debate events, math team exams, reading the WSS, and the list goes on!! Those are the many memories I will never lose. I look forward to following all that goes on at West next year, and wish you the very best. Thank you, West High! Sincerely, may 2015 opinion 23

May 20, 2015 Regular Issue  
May 20, 2015 Regular Issue