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Wake me up when september begins

WSS offers advice about policy that would delay the start of the school year Ah yes, summertime. Although beloved by students and teachers, it ends all too soon in midAugust each year. Well, maybe not for long. In the past, the State Legislature consistently granted Iowa a waiver for permission to start schools before Labor Day; however, the 2015-2016 school year may be a little different. Although starting schools after Labor Day may increase State Fair revenue and tourism, the West Side Story thinks differently. School until mid-June? This just won’t fly. After a long, cold winter and spring, students are antsy with anticipation of warm summer days, soaking up the sun at local pools and forgetting the stress of math and group projects. If school is extended into June, that means more hot days for us in school taking finals. In August, the heat is difficult to deal with, but we don’t have to take final exams in that weather as we would if the end date were extended.

Similar to finals, AP tests are always in May. With less time before the exams, teachers and students will have to pick up the already fast-paced curriculum or leave things out, both undesirable for enhancing learning. This sends a message to the students from the legislature that education isn’t as important as tourism. Is this an accurate representation of the priorities Iowa has for education? We don’t think so. With unpredictable Iowa winters, it isn’t far-fetched to assume the district could add a week to our school year with cancellations. Soon, mid-June would turn into late-June and the summer would become even shorter. Maybe this isn’t a pressing issue, but something that does misalign is the way the Iowa City community coordinates itself to the University’s schedule. A later start may cause problems for employees of the U of I who are also parents. Summer camps are also another concern for students.

Many activities, which start in early June, would have to be canceled. What the WSS proposes the district does to combat the possible lack of waiver is to count hours instead of school days. By adding ten minutes to each school day, we could earn ourselves at least a week or more of summer in June. Although there is a new law expected to pass that grants school districts the power to choose their own start date, this is the best option and we have faith that legislators will make the choice that is suited for the state.

Do you think starting school after labor day is a good idea?


WSS editorial board voted against the proposal.

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Feb. 13, 2015 issue  

Iowa City West High's February 2015 student newspaper

Feb. 13, 2015 issue  

Iowa City West High's February 2015 student newspaper