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Fat-Free Birthdays WSS reacts to the ICCSD’s attempt to remove treats from classrooms. Local classrooms might be without the sugary frostings and sprinkles of birthday treats next school year. The Iowa City Community School District is seeking community feedback about two proposals involving bringing treats to school to implement for the 2015-2016 school year. Proposal 1: Celebrate non-food celebrations in the form of games, stickers or show-and-tell activities. Proposal 2: Celebrate once a month with every student having a birthday that month. Food would be allowed; however, it would have to be fresh fruits and vegetables, packaged foods with clearly-labeled ingredients or foods that meet specific nutrition qualifications of the district Wellness Policy. Regardless of what the Board decides, the proposal would

not affect cold lunches. It would instead change the way birthdays are celebrated in the classroom. The Board’s goal is to limit the frequent interruptions to the school day for birthday celebrations and make the options for food at school healthier by removing treats such as brownies, cookies and cupcakes. The main office of each school would be responsible for screening snacks brought to school to share with others. The district hopes that this change in policy will help the schools partner with the Iowa City Blue Zones Project, a well-being initiative aimed at improving the health of citizens. The Board will be voting this month and encourages community involvement in the selection of one of the proposals. The WSS editorial board offers insight in the selection.

We applaud the district’s efforts to encourage students to make healthier decisions. However, we feel that under the suggested proposals, students will resent the restrictions instead of learn from them. Instead, we propose that the district provides each individual student with either the option of bringing in a game or book to share with the class or bringing in a healthy snack on his/her birthday. We believe that it is beneficial to students to have these breaks in their school day. Taking a pause from learning to interact with classmates will help the students form better relationships with their peers. Having something special to look forward to will help the students to be more excited and possibly engaged during the school day. It may be difficult for some families to adhere to the strict guidelines. In that case, students would have the ability to celebrate on their birthday without food. Either way, each student will have one day out of the year to feel special. Students will learn to be responsible for their choices only if they are given the freedom to make the choices on their own. It is vital for the district to educate the students on why it is important to make healthy diet choices. Proper education, more than restrictions, will have a profound impact on future choices of each student.

Which proposal do you think would be best for students?


WSS editorial board voted to combine elements from both proposals.


A binary judgement of life in 2015 Valentine’s Day

The most lovable thing about this day is that it’s on a weekend this year, so I don’t have to witness any teenage courtship rituals.


Friday the 13th Whether you think this day is unlucky or not, you’re right.


Longer Summers Thank you, tourism lobby, for ensuring that the summer of 2015 will be the longest summer ever.


MLK Day I have a dream. I have a dream that one year, in the true spirit of equality, every weekend will be a three day weekend.


Iced Coffee Trying to keep us from our sugary happiness? Thanks, Obama.



There are only 10 types of people-those who get this column and those who don’t.



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