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Golden season, green turf PHOTO BY//ABBIE SKEMP



This year has been the lucky 13th season for Trojan football. Finishing with a 9-0 record for the first time in 13 years and recapturing the coveted bronze Boot from City High, the team has truly proven they have nine lives. “It’s a great accomplishment, for our seniors especially,” said head coach Brian Sauser. “Any time you get over a milestone like this it’s really exciting.” Halloween and play-offs lurk around the corner as the WSS goes to press. The Trojans played Waterloo West on Wednesday. “Now it’s one and done for every team that goes out there and plays … We can’t get to game five unless we get game one,” Sauser said. PHOTO BY//FRANK WEIRICH


TOP: Carrying a City High player on his back, Devin Raffensperger ’11 charges down field. The Trojans achieved the victory against the Little Hawks for the first time in eight years. MIDDLE LEFT: Escaping the pocket, Nate Bolland ’14 makes a dash past the Jayhawk defense. West swept CR Jefferson 63-14. BOTTOM LEFT: West celebrates their win over City 44-0, regaining the boot on Oct. 5. RIGHT: West senior Dondre Alexander battles a Jefferson defender for possession of the ball. Plays like these were a large contribution to the West win over the Jayhawks Oct. 19. 30 SPORTS OCTOBER 2012 { SCARECROWS, POPULAR HALLOWEEN FIXTURES, SYMBOLIZE THE ANCIENT AGRICULTURAL ROOTS OF THE HOLIDAY.

Oct. 26, 2012  

The October 2012 issue of the West Side Story

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