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2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report Westside Regional Recreation Society is on a mission to enrich the wellness of our communities by providing the highest quality recreation facilities, programs and services at Westside Recreation Centre. We are a charitable organization committed to incorporating activity into daily lives, offering best-in-class recreation opportunities, welcoming the contributions of community members to our work, and serving people of all ages.

OUR MISSION Promoting community through high quality and accessible recreation facilities, programs and services.

OUR VISION To enrich the wellbeing of every person in our community.

OUR VALUES Community, diversity, accessibility, safety, financial independence, quality, volunteerism.

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A Community Asset BOARD CHAIR’S MESSAGE The continuing slow economic recovery and increased competition in the recreation sector has certainly presented us with challenges this year. However, it’s in times like these that community-based leisure facilities and services are needed and valued more than ever. I am pleased to report that Westside is meeting these challenges positively and continues to prove itself as a vital asset to Calgarians and their families. Brian Hallamore

We remain steadfast in our commitment to ensure everyone has Chair access to Westside and that we are regarded as a focal point for the community. Our neighborhoods have certainly changed over the years, getting larger, growing older and more dynamic. Westside is evolving with the times by introducing new programs focused on changing interests, shifting the number of offerings for toddlers and young children to the growing demographics of youth and seniors, and keeping a finger on the pulse of new and upcoming trends. We remain deeply committed to high quality facilities and staff, knowing that excellence never goes out of style. Finally, our fee assistance program for families with financial need ensures that those who struggle to access recreation have the same opportunities as their neighbors. Our most significant project this past year was the replacement of Westside’s central administrative software. Months of preparation culminated in a new cloud-based business system that offers new and innovative features for staff, and improved access to online registration and programming for Westside customers. The transition to the new system was nearly seamless with minimal impact to our members and users, thanks to the hard work of Westside staff who spearheaded the project and guided it through to successful completion. Even though we faced challenges in 2019, the Board credits management’s creative approaches, flexibility, careful budget management, and dedication to delivering excellent experiences for another positive financial year. Strategic planning will be top of mind for 2020 as we work to identify goals and solidify plans that will allow Westside to deliver high quality recreation facilities, programs and services well into the future. On behalf of the Westside Regional Recreation Society Board of Directors, we extend our gratitude to those that choose Westside for their recreation needs. I would like to express sincere thanks to the staff and volunteers for their commitment and outstanding work for our organization. We look forward to an excellent new year.


The Perfect Fit MANAGING DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE Westside often feels like your favorite sweater, or that pair of shoes that fits perfectly. It’s comfortable, dependable, and you want to go back to it again and again. After almost twenty years, Westside is fully entrenched in the community and has become a familiar go-to place for people of all ages. As our neighborhoods mature and expand, we’re seeing tots grow into teenagers and young adults, adults become seniors, and new families moving in. With the shift in demographics, we’ve changed some of our programs and added more for our fastest growing Norma‐Jean Hogg populations. New fitness studios in our neighborhoods bring Managing Director additional competition, making it more important than ever to understand community interests and what’s next to become popular. Pilates, barre, mid-level fitness classes, sport-specific training for youth, combination programs and special events for children were among our most popular programs this year. Registration for summer day camps reached one of the highest levels in our history. By far our largest project this past year was the replacement of our business software system. Months of preparation made for a smooth transition, due in large part to the hard work and dedication of our staff team. Our organization can be held up as an example of success among those who have undertaken similar projects. With Westside’s building and facilities approaching their twentieth year of operation, more investment in maintenance and retrofitting will be required to keep them running in tip-top shape. This year, both the Aquatic Park and Arena undertook significant maintenance projects to update systems, conduct structural improvements, refurbish elements, and improve safety. While facility downtime impacts our revenues, it’s critical to ensuring Westside remains a quality facility into the future. As always, community plays an important part in all we do. We partnered once again with Calgary Stampede to host a Stampede Caravan Breakfast and welcome almost 4,000 attendees. Our Skatepark saw a high number of users every single day in the spring and summer months … except when it rained! And, as always, we remain committed to helping those with financial need who may not be able to access recreation otherwise. Sincere thanks to our Board of Directors for their excellent work, commitment and expertise, and to our staff for their unfaltering dedication to both the organization and those we serve. We wouldn’t be here without our members and guests who choose Westside each and every day. As we go into our twentieth year, we’re just getting started. 4


You Had Us at Hello They’re who you see first when you visit Westside, with a friendly “hi” and a smile to welcome you. For many of our patrons, Customer Service staff are part of their daily routine, stopping to chat or offering a friendly good morning or “have a nice day” when they depart. More than anything, Customer Service is that first point of contact in a meaningful relationship with our valued members and guests. While the front desk is the primary hub where customers look for help, staff are quick to point out that customer service happens in every area. “Whether you’re teaching swim lessons or part of our maintenance team, we’re all Westside representatives,” says Teresa Fitzsimmons, Manager of Service Excellence. “We may be the first people our guests see when they arrive, but all staff members contribute to the customer experience.” When asked what she likes about customer service, Elliott Proude, Shift Supervisor shares some experiences. “Our patrons are pretty great,” she says, “Some stand out like Kevin who comes to Westside three times a day, or Mike who buys pizza for everyone, but it’s really heartwarming when we can genuinely help someone or turn around a negative experience.” Of the 3,000 people who pass through the gates each day, all staff agree they just want everyone to have the best experience. What keeps customers coming back is the surety and comfort that they’ll be welcomed, that their needs will be respected, and that our staff are here for them. That’s part of the Westside experience.


Statistically Speaking 88,450 drop‐in fitness class participants

4,661 summer day camp participants

3,583 youth night 




12,099 childcare visits

1 new business software  system 12,977

each day

volunteer hours

registered program  participants

6,896 swim program  participants

visitors in 2019

4,000+ Stampede breakfast attendees

secondary scholarships  to 15 employees


60 aquatic practicum participants


community support


837 monthly pass 

149 youth

$429,502 in 


$16,000 in post‐

75 Skatepark visitors 


301 birthday

14,090 drop‐in wall climbing visitors

5,835 hours of operation


New Business System Transferring twenty years of data, 14,000 member records, thousands of monthly passes and pre-paid admissions, a decade’s worth of orientations, a complex registration portal, and an entire point of sale and accounting system was a daunting task, to say the least. Westside was faced with the prospect of choosing new business software when its original system was retired at the end of 2018. The new cloud-based software selected offered new and innovative features for internal processes while improving the customer experience with an easier-to-navigate online interface, faster registration, self-serve account management, and more. A team of four Westside managers led the year-long transition project, bolstered by their in-depth knowledge of the organization’s complex data systems and institutional memory from long-time service. Together they tailored the new system to meet Westside’s unique needs, provide support for staff, and best serve members and customers now and in the future. We are pleased to report that the switch was flipped on Westside’s new business system on February 5 with minimal impacts. Staff were keen to learn and master updated processes. Members and customers quickly transitioned to the online portal and offered positive feedback on their registration experiences. As is usual with projects of this magnitude, work is ongoing to refine and improve areas that can provide further benefit. Westside’s new business system is expected to serve the organization’s needs for many years to come.



Kids Love Day Camps What has almost 1,200 legs, a wild imagination and unlimited energy? One week of summer day camp at Westside! This year, Westside experienced one of the highest day camp enrolments in its history, averaging over 500 kids each week. When asked what is driving the increase, Kurt White, Children’s Programmer, says, “Children are getting older in surrounding neighborhoods so our biggest growth area is camps for kids between eight and twelve. These are children who may have already participated in other Westside programs and are looking for something to do in the summer.” Westside’s day camps have always been a cost-effective, popular choice. Single-day camps are particularly unique and important to families with varying work schedules and vacation plans. “Diverse programming was especially popular this year,” says Amanda Foster, Manager of Children’s & Youth Programs. “Families are looking for programs that offer a variety of activities every single day, so children aren’t just focused on one or two things.” Youth volunteers also play a vital role in camps. Ninety young people, aged thirteen to seventeen, assisted staff with daily program activities while earning valuable work experience. “It’s really rewarding seeing youth who have come up through our programs,” say Amanda and Kurt, “Many of our camp staff started out as volunteers.” Both agree that there should always be a place for children to experience less structured play, independence and social growth while providing a valuable service for families. We look forward to seeing more kids have fun, learn and grow at Westside.




Board of Directors


Brian Hallamore Chair

Peter Bryan Vice Chair

Norma‐Jean Hogg Managing Director

Doug Bowles Director

Eric McKay Director

Laura Mensch Director

Bruce Nelligan Director

Larry Strong Director

Dan McPhee Secretary

Nick Mawhinney Treasurer

Graham Innes Director

Angela Koal Director

Laverne Mok Director

Deanna Napen Director



Current Assets



2018 $





Capital Assets



$ 56,729,547

$ 56,656,239



$ 1,084,411







Externally Restricted



Internally Restricted







$ 56,729,547

$ 56,656,239

Liabilities Current Liabilities Deferred Revenue Fund Balances Invested in Capital Assets



2018 $ 11,031,938



Excess Operations Revenue Over Expenses



Investment Income (Net)






Fund Balance, beginning of the year



$ 52,815,111

$ 52,502,065

Operations Revenue Operations Expenses

Fund Balance, end of the year

Audited financial statements are available upon request.


2000 – 69 Street SW Calgary, Alberta T3H 4V7 403.531.5875

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2019 Annual Report  

2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report  

2019 Annual Report