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Rep. Waters Statement on Texas Judge

Ruling Obamacare


“Ironically, this ruling comes barely a month after numerous Republicans stood for reelection while campaigning on the false premise that they actually cared about people with pre-existing conditions and were committed to protecting them. The American people were not fooled by these disingenuous claims, and many of these Republicans lost.” By Rep. Maxine Waters (CA-43) WA S H I N G T O N — C o n g r e s s w o m a n Maxine Waters (CA-43) released the following statement today in response to the ruling of a federal judge in Texas that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is unconstitutional: “I am deeply disturbed by the ruling of a federal judge in Texas – who was appointed by a Republican – that Obamacare is unconstitutional. This court case was brought before the court by a group of Republican governors and state attorneys general who are continuing the Republican

At what cost is a “Private” Education


By Bobby R. Henry, Sr. A prestigious South Florida prep school, American Heritage, is a private college /preparatory, independent school. According to their web site, there are two 40-acre campuses–one in Plantation (a suburb of Fort Lauderdale in Broward County), and one in Boca Raton/Delray (in Palm Beach County), Florida. The Plantation school finds itself in the middle of a hornet’s nest due to a disagreement over the expulsion of a Black basketball student, Cyrus Nance. Nance’s dismissal at (From left to right) Brent Maffet, Attorney Sue Ann Robinson, Attorney Ben Crump, American Heritage School is Angela Cross and Cyrus Nance. initiating barbarity, pushing Nance’s mother to file a Crump, Angela Cross and her American Heritage High School for discrimination lawsuit. son Cyrus Nance spoke with the (Cont’d on page 11) Civil rights attorney Ben media about a possible case against


Ribbons For The Children Art Auction Raises $35,000 To Help Children And Families Infected And Affected With


(Cont’d on page 6)

Funeral Services for the late

Emily Kurtz Evans

80, will be held on Saturday, Dec. 22, at noon at New Mt. Olive Baptist Church. The viewing will take place on Friday, Dec. 21 at the Roy Mizell & Kurtz Worship Center, from 5 to 8 p.m. Interment will be in Hazel Hurst, GA.

Dr. Ana Calderon-Randazzo, Dr. Lisagaye Robinson, Vanessa Lewis, Chuck Williams, Nadia Graham and Maria Pierson. (Photo credit: Jacqueline Marie Photography)

By Diana Hanford FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - More than 200 guests attended the Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center (CDTC) 13th Annual Ribbons for the Children Art Exhibit and Auction at Riva Residences on Friday, December 7. The cocktail party and charity art auction featured original paintings, photographs, sculptures and jewelry donated by 63 talented artists and raised

$35,000 through sales and donations. The annual event commemorates World AIDS Day and raises funds to support CDTC’s Comprehensive Family AIDS Program (CFAP) which serves children and families infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. Thanks to the funds raised, CFAP is able to provide more than just medical care to patients, such as bus passes, bassinets & (Cont’d on page 9)

ESSA: A Roadmap for Achieving Equity in Education By Elizabeth Primas, NNPA ESSA Awareness Campaign Program Manager States are in the driver’s seat when it comes to improving their struggling schools. But how can we make sure they’re not taking the “path of least resistance” when it comes to this important work, risking the academic prospects for students of color. Building on the work done by Bellwether Education Partners, which conducted independent peer reviews of all 50 states’ and the District of Columbia’s ESSA plans that were required to be submitted to the U.S. Department of

The Westside Gazette Newspaper

Education for approval, the Collaborative for Student Success analyzed plans to see which states are taking advantage of new-found flexibility regarding equity in education. The new report, Check State Plans: Promise to Practice, found that just 17 states met its threshold for even having enough public information to review. The report notes that the results are “sobering” in that “more than 9 million students attend schools that do not meet anyone’s standard for what is acceptable.” This is particularly acute for students of color and who come from low-income families. The fact is, achievement gaps between white and black students exist. We see


Elizabeth Primas is an educator who spent more than 40 years working to improve education for children. (NNPA)

this time and again in the National Assessment of Education Progress as well as on individual states’ annual assessments. Students who attend inner city public schools tend to fare worse than their peers in suburban public schools. The gaps are even more pronounced when we look at private schools that draw privileged students away from city institutions. These racial divides segregate communities. (Cont’d on page 3)


Are our motives P.U.R.E.?

“We may think we know what is right, but the LORD is the judge of our motives.” Proverbs 16:2, (CEV) By Bobby R. Henry, Sr. When we commit acts of any kind, are our actions driven by hidden agendas that we intend the benefits not to extend beyond our circle of family and friends? Answering yes to this question does not mean that you are a heathen bound to hell no more than it does that you have done things that cause you to question your spiritual commitments. Motives are selfexpressions that can only truly be proven for the exact reason and purpose of their intent by God; most of the time we do right because our actions are out maneuvered by the wrong reasons to do them. If we are not careful to check beneath the surface of our “doings”, we may find ourselves living and acting under false pretenses. Thinking that we are “all that and a bag of chips” when we’re nothing more than hot air balloons blown about hither and yon by different air currents just awaiting disaster, looking for a jagged cliff to bump into. The crescendo of never ending pools of gushing (Cont’d on page 6)


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Deeply Rooted

PAGE 2 • DECEMBER 20 - DECEMBER 26, 2019

Dr. Olivia Hooker, Tulsa Race Riot survivor and first Black Woman Coast Guard, passes at 103

From Home to over 10,000 Black residents, Black Wall Street, also known as the Greenwood neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was one of the most prominent concentrations of African-American businesses in the United States during the early 20th century. People would watch movies at the Black-owned Bill

Visionary Freedom Fighter

Don Rojas

Recounts a Life of Service Despite Cancer Battle, Rojas Continues to Fight Injustice By Stacy M. Brown, NNPA Newswire Correspondent A phone conversation with Don Rojas can easily begin with the subtlest of greetings – a friendly “hello,” and good to hear from you. But any conversation of length undoubtedly leads to a lively discussion about the Transatlantic Slave Trade, reparations, journalism, and of course Rojas’ celebrated activism and the fight for


freedom, justice and equality. For Rojas, that fight began at an early age and he waged war against injustice mostly with a pen. “Since I was a young man, I always had an interest in writing and reporting and the spoken word,” Rojas, now 69, said from his home in Maryland. “I went to school in Grenada with (Grenadian revolutionary and leader) Maurice Bishop. He was captain of the senior debate team and I was captain of the




“Since I was a young man, I always had an interest in writing and reporting and the spoken word,” Rojas, now 69, said from his home in Maryland. junior debate team,” Rojas said, chuckling about one of many historic members that ran through his thoughts. During that time, Rojas became involved in student activism and joined a student newspaper and studentrun radio station. Later, he attended the University of Wisconsin where he honed his journalism skills. “That was in the late 1960s and I’ve stayed in the field of journalism and activism, alternating my time and energy over those many years between activism and journalism,” Rojas said, noting that, “for me, there isn’t a clear line of demarcation between the two, especially for those in the trenches with minority media.” Rojas has always been in the trenches. He said he’s viewed his work as part and parcel of a broader social and economic justice movement. One of his first positions was assistant director of communications for the National Urban League. Following his stint there Rojas became an assistant editor at a Black-owned paper in Baltimore. Among the many legendary interviews Rojas conducted were with leaders from around Africa, including Civil Rights icon Nelson Mandela and singer Bob Marley. Rojas’ resume reads like a true activist and freedom fighter: • He served as Director of Communications for Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, the People’s Revolutionary Government of Grenada. • Editor of the New York Amsterdam News • General Manager of WBAI, Pacifica Network, New York • Executive Director of Free Speech Television Senior Advisor to Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, ViceChancellor/President of the University of the West Indies • Director of Communications and International Relations, Institute of the Black World 21st Century • Founder of the award-winning digital magazine, The Black World Today, when the internet was in its infancy stages • Director of Communications for the National Office of the NAACP For the latter role, Rojas was recruited in 1993 by then-NAACP Executive Director, Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., at that time the youngest NAACP leader in the storied civil rights organization’s history. Today, the organization still benefits from Rojas’ input and his development of an extensive communications department. “Don Rojas has made major contributions to the struggle for freedom in Black communities across the globe. As the first communications director for the NAACP, he not only built the initial model of our communications department but created a vision for the way in which communications can be used as a resource to support social justice movements,” NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson told NNPA (Read full story at:

Williams Dreamland Theater. People would shop for their essentials at Black-owned D. L. Hookers General Stores. People would get treated for health issues at Dr. A. C. Jackson, an African-American Surgeon. Many people would stay, have meetings and events at the Blackowned Stratford Hotel. People would get ice cream, cakes and candy at Williams Confectionary. That is until the massacre. Later called the Tulsa race riot of 1921, white residents massacred hundreds of black residents and torched the neighborhood within hours. The riot was one of the most devastating massacres in the history of U.S. race relations, destroying the once thriving Greenwood community. Many say the massacre started when a young, Black man, who was getting off the elevator, tripped and grabbed hold of a white woman to keep his balance. Back in those days it was understood that Black men couldn’t even look at a white woman in the eye, let alone touch her in any way. Rumors spread and white supremacists attacked. About 10,000 blacks were left homeless, and property damage amounted to more than $1.5 million in real estate and $750,000 in personal property ($30 million in 2017). Some Blacks claimed that policemen had joined the mob; others said that National Guardsmen fired a machine gun into the black community and a plane dropped sticks of dynamite. In an eyewitness account discovered in 2015, Greenwood attorney Buck Colbert Franklin described watching a dozen or more private planes drop burning balls of turpentine on Greenwood’s rooftops. “I think I only went downtown one time,” recalls Hooker of the beauty of her old neighborhood. “Because we had everything we needed right in our neighborhood.” Today, she is 103 -years-old and resides in White Plains, New York and is a retired professor of Fordham University. Dr. Hooker was just 6-years-old when the burning of Black Wall Street in Oklahoma occurred. Although, most people see what happened as a riot on Black Wall Street, Dr. Hooker……refers to it as what it truly was a “planned desecration.” White people wanted blacks to stay in their place and destroying what little they had was a way keeping them down and breaking their spirit. As many parents did before the attack, Dr. Hooker’s parents shielded her from the racism and discrimination that blacks faced daily. However, that night of June 1, 1921, Dr. Hooker’s eyes opened to the hatred White people felt toward Blacks. “It was the middle of summer,” Hooker recalled. “And I couldn’t understand how it would hail during the summer. And my mother said, ‘I’ll show you what’s going on’ and took me to the front window. It was there I saw a machine gun. And she said, ‘Look at that American flag. Your country is shooting at you.’” After the riots, Hooker’s family (Read full story at:

7-Year Old Author Introduces New Book Series That Expands Children’s Vocabularies

Deeply Rooted

DECEMBER 20 - DECEMBER 26, 2018 • PAGE 3

Marie H. Reed Learning Center, an example of expanded educational resources and community partnership in the District of Columbia.

Author Nicholas Buamah and his book cover SNELLVILLE, GA ( -- Child author Nicholas Buamah made his first public appearance at a book signing at 1pm on Saturday, December 15th at the Snellville, Ga. Barnes & Noble to debut Kayla & Kyle The Walking Dictionaries: Election Day. The 7-year old budding author and Honor Roll student will introduce his first book, written to help children expand their vocabulary through the experiences and adventures of characters Kayla and Kyle. “Nicholas is your typical charismatic second grader who loves to hang out with friends, play chess, tennis and basketball and cheer on his favorite team, the Golden State Warriors,” said his mother, Danielle. “I developed the character of Kayla when Nicholas was younger to help teach him expanded vocabulary. After being praised by his first-grade teacher for using the word ‘collaborate’ during his first week of school, I asked Nicholas what he thought about writing a book to help his friends expand their vocabularies. He thought it was a great idea, as long as one of the main characters could be a male figure, and that’s when he created Kyle.” In his debut book, Nicholas introduces twins Kayla and Kyle as they compete against each other to become their school’s next class President. Before votes are cast, they must first have a class debate to demonstrate that they are worthy candidates. Nicholas’ father, Dominic Buamah, MBA, MA, says he is very proud of his son and encourages him to explore different disciplines to satisfy his curiosity with the hope it helps him decide what he wants to be in the future. Even though now he’s adamant that he wants to become a mechanical engineer when he grows up, his parents have emphasized that vocabulary and communication are key ingredients to future success and relationships. Nicholas has embraced the concept quite well. Already accepted into the Library of Congress, Nicholas’ goal is to have his book available in every elementary school library across the country to help children expand their vocabularies nationwide. Copies for school libraries can be purchased through Barnes & Nobles, Amazon or directly through Kayla & Kyle The Walking Dictionaries: Election Day is the first volume in The Walking Dictionaries series. Nicholas hopes to release Volume 2, which already has a working title, by Summer 2019.


Relate to Achievement Gaps

By Akil Wilson There’s no question that education quality has an extraordinary impact on the future lives of students. As a parent of a new middle school student, I can personally attest to the importance of dedicated teachers, early childhood education and a focused, personalized approach to education. In numerous studies it has been shown that the quality of education, especially within the country’s public school system, varies widely by location. There are several factors that contribute to success in adulthood. However, routinely we find that early childhood education and the empowerment of excellent teachers plays a pivotal role. Students from economically-disadvantaged areas of inner-city school districts have a plethora of obstacles to overcome, including but not limited to: lack of economic mobility, reduced health care options, and exposure to crime. Where schools should provide some relief from these challenges, they often serve as a grim reminder of how difficult it can be to escape difficult circumstances. University Harvard Economist Raj Chetti has researched this topic extensively, compiling data from millions of Americans, he found that education quality relates to economic and social mobility. According to Mr. Chetti’s research, on

ESSA: A Roadmap for Achieving Equity in Education from Front Page A report from the Young Invincibles examines these divides and developed three main findings: (1) minorities disproportionately enroll in for-profit and community colleges, which can condemn them to a vicious cycle of debt; (2) college costs hit minority students harder than their white peers; and (3) the achievement gap is racially divided. While 36.2 percent of white students completed four years of college in 2015, just 22.5 percent of black students could say the same, according to the analysis. While that’s much better than the 1974 numbers in which just 5.5 percent of black students finished four years of college compared to 14 percent of white students, that progress leaves little cheer. State education chiefs and their instate partners at teaching and research institutions plus educators on the front lines have a real chance to make a difference for black students and other minorities. But do they have the courage to make the necessary changes? The Collaborative’s report is a good starting point, and it provides a roadmap written by education and policy leaders who are displaying the courage necessary to create bold plans that prioritize equity. Low-performing schools must be identified as such and be given real plans with real accountability measures to improve. There have to be consequences for students who don’t make the grade, but for too long, our education system as a whole has punished students by not giving them the tools they need to succeed. We have to look at the institutions and root out systemic problems. As such, the Promise to Practice reviewers evaluated state plans based on a rubric that included whether the state has a coherent vision for improving student outcomes, whether there is a strategic use of funding

Zip Codes

and alignment of resources, the use of evidence-based interventions, and how well state leaders engaged stakeholders. That last component is perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of ESSA – federal lawmakers required states to gather input from a wide range of groups outside of traditional education. Civic groups, business leaders, parents and community activists were given a seat at the table. We watched excitedly as several NAACP groups got involved from the very beginning, helping policy and lawmakers understand community and even neighborhood needs for the betterment of students. Still, it disheartening to learn that just 17 states are ready to identify and provide the kinds of supports that low-performing schools require. Other states can look at Colorado, which has developed a clear menu of school improvement items for districts to choose from, or Nevada where districts have to describe how their strategies for addressing equity gaps in funding applications. Nevada is also using equity-oriented data like behavior and attendance to understand schools’ challenges. There’s so much anger and divisiveness in our society today, but the importance of education equity should be among the things on which we can all agree. Every single student in every single school, no matter where that school is located or what kind of home life the child has, must be given the tools and knowledge to succeed. We shouldn’t have to fight for this right – the right to an education. And yet we find ourselves year in, year out looking aghast at assessment scores that prove achievement gaps are still there. Thought-provoking analyses like that done by the Collaborative for Student Success will help close those gaps until they are well and truly gone.

average, “only about 7.5% of children from the bottom 1/5th of incomes will reach the top 1/5th of incomes nationwide. However, those odds tend to rise to 14-15% in rural areas and places with higher social capital. They sometimes decrease to below 5% in impoverished or socioeconomically-disadvantaged places.” Children in lower income brackets disproportionately tend to be the recipients of sub-par educational resources. As Mr. Chetti points out on NPR’s ‘Hidden Brain’ Podcast, larger class sizes and less experienced teachers are all indicators that students are much less likely to obtain the cognitive and social skills necessary to advance themselves and their families. The fact that these lower-performing public schools tend to be found in more impoverished or socially/culturally isolated areas is not a coincidence. Prior to the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in the 2017-2018 school year, education standards were largely determined by federal standards outlined in No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). This structure did very (Read full story at:

PAGE 4 • DECEMBER 20 - DECEMBER 26, 2018

Deeply Rooted

Deeply Rooted

DECEMBER 20 - DECEMBER 26, 2018 • PAGE 5

The Westside Gazette, under the Management of BI-AD’s, Inc., reserves the right to publish Views and Opinions by Contributing Writers thay may not necessarily reflect those of the Staff and Management of The Westside Gazette Newspaper and are solely the product of the responsible individual(s) who submit comments published in this newspaper.

“Opportunity Zones” The New Trump Executive Order For Blacks By Roger Caldwell

After almost two years President Trump has laid out a policy, with an executive order to spend money and investments in the “distressed communities across the country.” Last week (12-12-18) at an executive order signing at the White House, with the majority of African Americans in attendance, President Trump said, “his order would draw investment into neglected and underserved communities in America.” With a sea of Black faces, starting with Billionaire Bob Johnson, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina and United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson has assured the main stream media that this is one of the solutions to fix the numerous economic problems in urban America. Under the leadership and direction of Secretary Ben Carson and 13 federal agencies has already put together a list of 8,761 potential designated action zones. “The White House’s new executive order for agencies to prioritize OZs is a positive first step to transform more communities into walkable, equitable,

Congress Open Your Eyes and Face Truthful Facts By Dr. P.L. Wright, Sr Ph.D.

The world is now going into the year 2019 and we are still not working to slow down climate change that has been creating destruction all over the world. Citizens have their part to do as well to help to interrupt this dangerous climate change. We do not need to point fingers at who is responsible for this change. If we start today with a list of things citizens should do, and the passing of laws in congress to begin the process of creating scientific ways to get busy working toward doing something about climate change, then we will be on

Border Security By Robert C. Koehler It’s the phrase “border security” that freezes my soul every time I hear it uttered, every time I see it in print — so simplistically obvious, the equivalent of keeping your door locked. Did you ever have your cellphone swiped? If you’re careless about this, you’ll pay the price. “This is a national emergency,” Donald Trump said. “Drugs are pouring into our country. People with tremendous medical difficulty and medical problems are pouring in, and in many cases it’s contagious. They’re pouring into our country. We have to have border security. We have to have a wall as part of border security.” Seal up that border, with rifles and tear gas and concertina wire . . . and The Wall. The alternative, apparently, is an insecure border, wide open and unprotected. This seems to be the entirety of the “debate” over on this side of the border. Trump’s opponents may

and thriving places and repair the mistakes of the 20th century that led to sprawl and disinvestment,” said Christopher Cotes, Director of LOCUS, a program of Small Growth America. “Most importantly, this new council must encourage greater transparency to ensure any federal investment in OZs achieves equitable development outcomes that are good for both residents and businesses.” On paper “Opportunity Zones” appears to be an excellent concept and major corporations have an opportunity to invest in distressed communities and get a break on their taxes. These Opportunity Zones were created a year ago under the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, but a year later there are still no established rules to implement the program. All 50 states, the District of Columbia, and five U.S. territories are able to participate in the Opportunity Zones initiative. State governors are responsible for nominating low-income communities based on qualified census tracts, and the U.S. Department of the Treasury will certify Opportunity Zones within 30 days of receiving nominations. Presently, the major question is how will the African American community benefit from Opportunity Zones? To begin, very few African American are aware or have information about Opportunity Zones, and many consumer

our way. Nothing is easy, but this is something we must do immediately. Our earth is where God placed us, and it is our duty as the earths’ Gate Keepers, as the Indigenous Indian Tribes have nown since their existence. This climate change is, and will continue to reap destruction on our planet and our society and how we live and function. It can be seen already starting to effect our food source with our farming, the cost of goods that we buy and sell. It has also started to effect our total economic system. Our cities are being flooded, homes and entire communities destroyed, and even death to many citizens in the process of events. Let us remember that there is no Greed that can measure up to natural disasters. Let us get busy right now and work on saving the earth and ourselves.

be horrified by the border patrol’s cruel treatment of asylum seekers — the teargassing of toddlers, for God’s sake — but surely everyone understands that the border has to be protected and secured. Right? Here’s where I feel a desperate need to intervene, to roll back the debate all the way to wide open borders . . . everywhere. Instead of instantly dismissing this as a prelude to hell on earth, why not, instead, begin by asking: What’s wrong with a planet free of bureaucratic “ownership” lines, the violation of which is cause for war? What’s wrong with a planet as open and borderless (except for natural borders) as it has been for 99.999% of its existence? Why, suddenly, do we live in nations as opposed to cultures? And maybe, most gallingly, why do we care about and feel the need to protect only “American citizens”? Do we possess a collective consciousness too small to embrace all of humanity? “As a Quaker, I believe there is that of the divine in all of us.” These are the words of Laura Boyce of the

(Read full story at

advocates warn that the investments may not reach distressed areas. Many of these projects will be a public-privatepartnership, and many companies refuse to invest money in a poor community, where they don’t see them getting a return on their investment. But, at the executive order signing, different prominent Blacks spoke in favor of the project. Pastor Donte’ Hickman of the Southern Baptist Church and in partnership with other faith-based stakeholders institutions have created the East Baltimore Revitalization Plan, addressing development needs of 100 acres, approved and adapted by the City Planning Development of Baltimore. “Our area has been federally designated an Opportunity Zone, and this bipartisan legislation can leverage public and private funding toward community revitalization,” says Pastor Hickman. After Pastor Hickman give his remarks, Billionaire Bob Johnson of BET spoke. Mr. Johnson is also a big supporter of Opportunity Zones. “What this proves is the efficacy, Mr. President of a program that allows capital to flow to places where people are seeking out opportunity. And I am convinced that this program , where the tax incentives out of the Treasury Department to (Read full story at

Ruling with rats By Tom H. Hastings Maria Butina, rat. She is Russian, she was caught as a foreign agent who never registered. She pled guilty to spying for Russia and conspiracy to hijack the NRA, and presumably is spilling the beans in order to reduce the consequences of her nefarious activities helping funnel NRA $millions plus loud endorsement to Trump. Michael Cohen was a rat whose cooperation might have at least reduced his penalties, which included a $million or so in fines plus three years in prison. He was Donald J. Trump’s lawyer and fixer for years, and confessed to many criminal activities, all done in the service of, and at the direction of, Trump. Even the National Enquirer--paid by Trump to kill a story about his “alleged” extramarital affair with Playboy playmate Karen McDougal--has turned state’s evidence, via its parent corporation, in order to gain immunity from prosecution for violations of federal election laws. A century ago saw the term yellow journalism, for the fake news promulgated by Hearst and others in screaming false headlines, so we might call Fox News the new millennium yellow journalism premier example, but now we conflate that with gaining immunity in exchange for incriminating revelations to prosecutors and the National Enquirer--a most obvious example of yellow journalism with its headlines about aliens infesting our planet--and they have now created a new category, Yellow Rat Journalism. Congrats! Mike Flynn, Big Rat. He is no doubt going to see a reduction in his exposure to effectively nothing, even though he was clearly acting repeatedly in a blatantly treasonous betrayal of American (Read full story at

Weaponizing Humanitarian Aid By Mel Gurtov Long ago, US foreign aid programs honored the principle that humanitarian aid should be treated separately from economic and military assistance to governments. Public Law 480 (popularized as “Food for Peace”), which began under President Eisenhower in the 1960s and expanded under President Kennedy, was mainly intended (in Kennedy’s words) to “narrow the gap between abundance here at home and near starvation abroad.” It was a simple and ethical goal, though it applied only to “friendly” countries and therefore had the secondary aim, as Kennedy admitted, to be a barrier against communism. The original humane goal has now vanished, and the secondary political aim has taken its place. The Trump administration is explicitly using humanitarian aid as another weapon to sanction adversaries. North Korea is the prime example. After decades providing humanitarian aid by private citizens and NGOs, Americans will no longer be able to send or deliver it: the decision includes denial of permission to travel to North Korea to deliver aid. Programs that made perceptible contributions to economic development and health care in North Korea, and built trust, will now be grounded. The American Friends Service Committee, Nautilus Institute, Mercy Corps, Northwest Medical Teams, and other wellestablished NGOs are among the affected organizations. (Read full story at

The Gantt Report The Democratic Dilemma By Lucius Gantt Even though today is a new day and this time is a new time, Democratic pundits and loyalists continue to suggest using the same losing election strategies, the same political resources and the same losing political consultants and political staffers will guide them to election victories in 2020. Almost victories by Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum and others are in fact losses! No political party can expect to win in 2020 with tactics used in campaigns in 1920 or even 1060! Well, how can Democrats win in 2020? They can identify their election problems, decide what can be done to fix problems and hire the consultants with the talent, skills and voter influence that can deliver the votes needed to win. Democrats didn’t just lose on Election Day, they lost almost every day! I know you don’t like for me to say that, but it’s true. Democrats lost in free media, paid media, absentee voting, targeting, mailing, robo-calling and in many other ways, in most cases. The people don’t know but the DNC and RNC (Democratic and Republican National Committees) run campaigns like overseers ran plantations! If candidates don’t do what they are told to do, hire who they are told to hire and contract who they are told to spend money with they are threatened and told they will lose Democratic support. The Republican “base” gets jobs, get contracts, get appointments and gets a lot of love from the Party. What does the Democratic Party’s most loyal base, the Black bloc voters, get in election times, Blacks get talk about the love of Martin Luther King and of HBCUs, they get menial work like putting flyers on windshields or door knocking opportunities and if they’re lucky they might get an afternoon in late October where they can dine on a free piece of mullet fish or chicken and a cheap beer! If there are Black candidates qualified to run for political office, there are Black political professionals qualified to guide candidates to victories Now you, Stacey, Andrew or anybody else please tell me why the white man’s or woman’s political ice is colder than the Black man’s ice or the Hispanic man’s or the Native American’s ice? It is not! If a political party gets around 90% of all Black votes cast and says it is not worthwhile to spend at least money collected from Black PACs, Black labor unions, Black organizations and Black individual donors with Black consultants, Black media, Black pollsters, Black printers, Black caterers, Black mailers and other Black businesses, it should tell you something. And, if the Black candidates (Read full story at

PAGE 6 • DECEMBER 20 - DECEMBER 26, 2018

Deeply Rooted

A MESSAGE FROM OUR PUBLISHER actions that gyrate inside of us and make us want to do is not from our thoughts alone, and if we allow the Comforting Parties (The Holy Trinity) to take charge, no mistakes or ulterior motives will occur. Sure, we are human and liable to error just as we are responsible for each and every action that we execute through word, thought or deed. Yet our spiritual foundations are constantly tested, and not all the time with tragedies. Often time, greed and the green-eyed monster’s envy raise their poisonous claws to reach out and grab those they can with tricks and delusions of grandeur. But still we rise with the “Faith of a mustard seed” to do “All things through Christ who strengthens us!” With this faith we are able to have motives that are Performed for Uplifting with Respect for Everyone (P.U.R.E.) “And you, Solomon my son, get to know well your father’s God; serve him with a whole heart and eager mind, for God examines every heart and sees through every motive. If you seek him, he’ll make sure you find him, but if you abandon him, he’ll leave you for good. Look sharp now! God has chosen you to build his holy house. Be brave, determined! And do it!” — 1 Chronicles 28: 9-10 (The Message) “Dear God in the name of Jesus. I pray that my spirit awakens to your voice and commands to walk hand in hand with the Holy Trinity to see and bear to witness to the real Truth and offer up my willingness to serve from a PURE motive. WHEN GOD CALLS HIS MOTIVES ARE PURE. HOW WILL YOU ANSWER ?

Rep. Waters Statement on Obamacare Unconstitutional from Front Page

Johnnie Smith, Jr Jr.. Enrolled Agent Tax Professional F ranchise T ax P rofessional

*T ax P reparation *Accounting *P ayroll *Tax Preparation *Payroll 3007 W W.. Commercial Blvd., Suite 204 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 Tel. (954) 730-2226 - Fax: (954) 730-2036 Cell (954) 303-5779 www

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Party’s relentless campaign to repeal Obamacare and strip away its protections for people with pre-existing conditions. The case is further evidence that Republicans will stop at nothing to strike down Obamacare and take away health coverage from millions of Americans. “Ironically, this ruling comes barely a month after numerous Republicans stood for reelection while campaigning on the false premise that they actually cared about people with preexisting conditions and were committed to protecting them. The American people were not fooled by these disingenuous claims, and many of these Republicans lost. “I applaud the announcement that the State of California, along with several other states led by

Democrats, plans to appeal the court’s ruling. Obamacare has already survived several court challenges initiated by heartless Republicans, and I have no doubt it will survive this one. “Democrats just won a big victory in the 2018 midterm elections, after proving time and time again that we are the party that truly cares about the health and wellbeing of working families, seniors, veterans, the disabled and Americans with pre-existing conditions. As we take control of the House of Representatives, we will fight to protect the rights of all Americans to quality, affordable health care, and make certain that Obamacare and its protections for people with pre-existing conditions remain the law of the land.”

PAGE 8 • DECEMBER 20 - DECEMBER 26, 2018

‘Good Riddance:’

Frederica Wilson Drags John Kelly for his disrespect for Black People

The ousted White House Chief of Staff never apologized for slandering Wilson’s name. By Nigel Roberts Florida’s Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson won’t shed a tear for ousted White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s last day on the job because of his disrespect for African Americans—and the personal hell he caused her. President Trump announced Kelly’s dismissal on Saturday. Kelly has not apologized for slandering her name and for the death threats she received stemming from their public feud, Wilson told “CNN Tonight” host Don Lemon on Tuesday. She said Kelly lied about her falsely taking credit for obtaining funding for construction of a new federal

building in Florida. “[He] made up the whole story to side with the president to make it look like I was some sort of a clown or someone who was, who just lies all the time, and I think that’s why he never apologized, and because he does not respect women, and he definitely does not respect Black women, and I don’t think he respects Black people,” she said. “I don’t think that Mr. Kelly did a good job, and I think I want to say good riddance to him. Goodbye.” The death threats she received following Kelly’s comments prompted her to hire armed security guards, the congresswoman stated. Wilson was vindicated when the Sun-Sentinel republished a video of Wilson’s speech, which Kelly referenced, proving she did not brag about raising the $20 million needed to construct the FBI building. The feud between Kelly, a retired four-star Marine Corps general, and Wilson stems from a dispute between the congresswoman and Trump over his mistreatment of Army Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow Myeshia Johnson. Wilson and Myeshia Johnson’s aunt overheard the president’s insensitive remarks in his condolence phone call to the widow in (Read full story at:

Deeply Rooted

Gino Santorio Named President/CEO Of Broward Health Marie Waugh Appointed to North Broward Hospital District Board of Commissioners

Gino Santorio

By Jennifer Smith The North Broward Hospital District Board of Commissioners unanimously named Gino Santorio President/­­­CEO of Broward Health. Santorio assumes the role effective immediately. “I am excited to have been selected to lead Broward Health,” stated Santorio. “Our team is motivated and looking forward to building on our successes. We are committed to our mission of providing the highest quality of care.” Santorio is known for

his healthcare leadership expertise of empowering organizations to optimize growth and performance. Since joining Broward Health in September 2017 as executive vice president and chief operating officer, Santorio has established significant changes that have positively impacted the stability of the healthcare system. He oversaw nearly $1.2 billion in operating revenue and (Read full story at:

Prada Rolls Out Sambo Style Figures and Black Twitter Rolls Over Prada

By Lauren Victoria Burke, NNPA Newswire Contributor Prada S.p.A., a world renown Italian fashion house based in Milan, Italy and founded in 1913 by Mario Prada, felt the hot wrath of social media on December 14. Chinyere Ezie, a civil rights attorney employed at the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York, posted images of a new set of keychains on her Facebook and Twitter accounts on December 13.

“Thanks to #blackface @Prada, now you can take #sambo home with you for the holidays #StopRacism #StopBlackface #StopPrada,” she wrote on her Twitter account. Four thousand retweets and over six thousand “likes” later, Prada was in hot water and confronting a full-scale public relations disaster. Prada’s keychain items were reminiscent of blackface imagery used to degrade African Americans during the Jim Crow-era.

The images Ezie posted were from a window display in lower Manhattan. Images of Prada keychain accessories, primarily of black and brown figures with large red lips, retailed for $550.

Marie Waugh to pull all the items worldwide as calls for a boycott slowly built during discussions on Twitter. Prada’s first statement in reaction to the criticism on Twitter didn’t help. “Prada Group abhors

“I am a 53-year old white man in the south. You can Prada oeuvre all you want. I know blackface when I see it and this it,” wrote an observer of the controversy on Twitter, based in Memphis, Tenn. That sentiment to Prada’s first reaction to the criticism was common. That the keychains bore an unmistakable resemblance to many stereotypical images of African Americans, particularly in the South, wasn’t missed by many after Ezie posted. The viral social media backlash that followed prompted the company



Since 1988, the Florida Lottery has put education in the spotlight by contributing $34 billion and counting to our

public education system, and sending over 800,000 students to college and beyond on Bright Futures

Scholarships. Every time you play, you grant Florida’s brightest the opportunity to achieve their dreams and ultimately boost the state’s economy, all while funding the next generation of students. Follow @floridalottery on

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racist imagery. The Pradamalia are fantasy charms composed of elements of the Prada oeuvre. They are imaginary creatures not intended to have any reference to the real (Read full story at:

Deeply Rooted

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Cosby Attorneys Rep. Maxine Waters Statement on the List 11 Problematic Death of Nancy Wilson Rulings for Appeals Court By Rep. Maxine Waters (CA-43)

WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-43) issued a statement on the death of legendary “song stylist,” Nancy Sue Wilson, who died at age 81. “I am heartbroken by the passing of my beloved friend, the legendary Nancy Wilson. Nancy was a ‘song stylist’ without peer. Her unmatched mastery of numerous genres of music, including jazz, R&B, gospel, blues, soul and pop, has etched her name in history as one of the most ‘formidable’ vocalists of all time. “Nancy began singing in church at the age of four in her home town of Chillicothe, Ohio. For more than five decades, she captivated audiences across the globe with her soul-stirring performances that would send chills down your spine; her more than 70 critically acclaimed albums, many of which I own; and her chart-topping hits such as ‘Guess Who I Saw Today,’ ‘Save Your Love for Me,’ and ‘Face It Girl, It’s Over,’ which are considered classics by generations of musicians and fans around the world. “Nancy is also a pioneer and trailblazer for women and entertainers of color. She hosted

the National Public Radio program ‘Jazz Profiles’ for nearly a decade, won an Emmy for her starring role in NBC’s ‘The Nancy Wilson Show’, and served as one of the first African American spokeswomen for major national brands, including Campbell’s Soup. “Due to her brilliant talent, poise, and grace, Nancy was the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions including, three Grammy Awards, an NAACP Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Urban League’s Whitney Young Jr. Award. She also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and was recognized by the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change. In 2004, Nancy also received the coveted National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Jazz Masters Fellowships Award, which is the highest honor granted to jazz musicians by the U.S. government. “Anyone who knew Nancy understood how deeply she cared for our community, and how com orm for special causes like HIV/ AIDS or in support of political leaders. Whenever and wherever we needed her, Nancy would be right there. “The incomparable Nancy

NNPA News Wire Film Critic In 2018, the stories told, talent on view, compelling characters, emotions expressed, and genres stretched were just amazing. It was more than enough to make viewers track films from the theaters to streaming services. Or vice versa. Check out the year in movies. Enjoy.

Prosecutors have 30 days to respond to Cosby’s filing. Meanwhile, the state Superior Court also can decide whether it wants to hear the case. By Stacy M. Brown, NNPA Newswire Correspondent

Nancy Wilson Performing in Amsterdam, March 1968. (National Archief, the Dutch National Archives) Wilson. A musical genius, trailblazer, and hero who was loved and adored by so many. I join the world in mourning the loss of this extraordinary musical icon, and I consider it a blessing to have the privilege of calling her a cherished friend. My thoughts and prayers are with her three children, Kacy, Samantha, and Sheryl, five grandchildren, relatives and friends during this difficult time. “Though she is no longer with us, she will forever be remembered in hearts as our ‘Classy, Miss Nancy.’”

(Read full story at:

Ben Is Back–The plague of drug addiction hits the tony suburbs and writer/director Peter Hedges takes his audience to the front door of a home that is bearing the brunt. Julia Roberts soars as the distraught mom trying to save the life of a duplicitous son, expertly played by Lucas Hedges. Courtney B. Vance co-stars in this compelling and cautionary family/drama. Black Panther– The late Stan Lee left behind a key to the future. That key was Black








A baseline of understanding – that’s what School Resource Deputy Ebony Rodriguez calls it - something she tries to impart to the over 360 students at Collins Elementary School in Dania Beach. “I love teaching them things they never learned before and opening their eyes to what’s right, what’s wrong, and what’s going to keep them safe,” says Deputy Rodriguez. “It’s amazing.”

She connects with these kids; knows almost every boy and girl by name. They, in turn, have come to know her as a protector, a mentor, and a friend.

“Is that Deputy Rodriguez?” one boy asked his mom over the summer every time they saw a police officer. He was happy to see Deputy Rodriguez on the first day of school. She was also happy to return. “The most rewarding part of this job is seeing 360 plus smiling faces every day,” says Deputy Rodriguez.


RODRIGUEZ is bso You could be too. Join the BSO team by visiting JOBS.SHERIFF.ORG

Ebony-Rodriguez.indd 1

Bill Cosby’s attorneys are confident that there are significant legal (and more importantly, appealable) issues stemming from his trial last spring on aggravated sexual assault. The responsibility for what they believe to be problematic rulings and errors and oversight rest squarely on the shoulders of Montgomery County, Pa., Judge Steven T. O’Neill. In a new court filing seeking to win Cosby’s release from prison and overturn his conviction, Cosby’s lawyers, Brian W. Perry and Kristen L. Weisenberger, identified 11 of the most problematic rulings by O’Neill before and during the trial and at sentencing. 1. Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O’Neill abused his discretion, erred, and infringed on Cosby’s constitutional rights by failing to excuse juror No. 11 where evidence was introduced of the juror’s inability to be fair and impartial. Specifically, a prospective juror testified that

12/12/18 3:23 PM

Panther, as envisioned by the very intuitive director/writer Ryan Coogler. The African nation of Wakanda became the world’s #1 tourist destination ($1.3B at the box office). It’s supermen (Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Daniel Kaluuya) and superwomen (Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Letitia Wright) were artfully displayed (cinematographer Rachel Morrison) as they embodied Black power and pride. Blindspotting– Of all the films that tackled racism and the PSTD a black man experiences as a result, this very grassroots indie captured that feeling the best. Set in gentrifying Oakland, CA, the ambitious script by lead actors Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal chronicles a time and place when inner city black neighborhoods are disappearing and the inhabitants are stressed—every day. Wonderful direction by Carlos López Estrada. BlacKkKlansman– Leave it to filmmaker Spike Lee to find the most hard to believe but true story about a black cop (John David Washington) who infiltrates the KKK with the aid of a Jewish police officer (Adam Driver). The undercover brother even hoodwinks David Duke! A nervy and very informative look at the dimwits who joined the Klan and the brave policemen who thwarted their moves. Considering the times we live in, the 1970s subject matter has a very contemporary appeal. Crazy Rich Asians– This jolly film is the first Asian/American movie to get a major release in 25 years! A stellar cast— Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh and Awkwafina—turn a rags-to-riches love story into the best romantic comedy of 2018. Director Jon M. Chu with writers Peter Chiarelli and Adele Lim turn a golden opportunity into solid gold entertainment. The Favourite– The stodgy English period genre gets whacked by this demented take on an 18thcentury triad of deceitful women: Queen Anne (Olivia Colman), Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisz) and a very ambitious and cunning palace interloper Abigail (Emma Stone). Eccentric director Yorgos Lanthimos finally gets a project that can withstand his very demented style of direction. Evocative cinematography (Robbie Ryan) and production design (Fiona Crombie) paint an astonishing

portrait of palace intrigue. Green Book– A very unlikely story, based on true events, features the best acting duo of the year. The brilliant scholarly actor Mahershala Ali plays a concert pianist who is driven around The South, in 1962, by a burly Italian chauffeur/bodyguard played hysterically by Viggo Mortensen. The most unlikely director in the world, Peter Farrelly (Dumb and Dumber), tells the tale with a nod and a wink and peppers it with social and racial themes, real drama and historical facts. An organic crowd pleaser. Night Comes On–Kids separated from their parents and relegated to foster homes and institutions should have their stories told. New actor-turned-director Jordana Spiro uses a script she co-wrote with Angelica Nwandu as a basis for her poignant ode to troubled youth. Dominique Fishback plays the train wreck of an 18-year-old older sibling in the process of leading her 10-year-old sister (Tatum Marilyn Hall) down the wrong path. Vulnerable characters you have to love. Private Life– Every 10 years, writer/ director Tamara Jenkins makes a feature film. It’s worth the wait. A neurotic couple, nearing middle age, tries to have a child. Previously, they were so caught up in their lives that by the time they decided to have offspring, they had to scramble and hope IVF would pay off . Tough challenge for them. Great laughs for the audience. Kathryn Hahn plays the fretful wife with anxious humor and Paul Giamatti is the put-upon husband. A sweet, delicious adult comedy. A Quiet Place– This is the absolute best use of sound effects ever devised for a horror film. A very innovative but scary take on a post-apocalypse world where demons’ attacks are instigated by the slightest sound. Ingeniously concepted by actor/writer/director John Krasinski who guides his wife Emily Blunt into the performance of her career as the protective mom. Best Directors • Ryan Cooler – Black Panther • Peter Farrelly – Green Book (Read full story at:

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