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Students Save Classmate From Attack


istening to music from her iPod is just another part of the normal morning routine for a particular Westside Senior. In the still dark of morning dusk, this Westside senior, who asked not to be named, walked down Waldemar Drive to her bus stop – as she did every day. The song “Iron” by Woodkid was playing through her black ear buds when she noticed a man and woman on the other side of the street walking the same direction. The man, average height and thick of body, was wearing a dark mask on his face. Her senses heightened, she continued walking cautiously as she would allow herself – she felt the need to hurry as an almost forgotten school project caused her to run a few minutes late.

The man had run ahead to the bus stop, and the sight of people running away made her pause. The chilling scream that followed froze her in her tracks. “Let me go!” Music blared in the ears of another Westside student, a junior who also said he didn’t want to be named in this story. Today he remembered he was listening to a song by Three Days Grace, but when asked he wasn’t sure which one. He started off his day early, around 5 a.m., and said he usually arrives early at the bus stop because it is a long walk and there is “nothing to do at my house.” It was 6:15; he was at the bus stop now listening to music just like any regular day. There were about 7 other Westside students at the bus stop – mostly boys, but one girl was

A Model Student See inside the life of a model who is also a student at Westside.

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there. A man wearing a dark mask that had a skull on the front walked up to the girl at the bus stop. His lips were moving, but the junior couldn’t hear the words – his earphones were still in. “At first, I thought it was a prank,” the junior said of the man in the mask. That thought changed with the flash of the knife. The man grabbed the girl, and pulled a knife. The junior, who knew it wasn’t a joke anymore and had taken his ear buds out, heard the girl frantically ask, “Can someone help me?” He and the other Westside students did just that. The man was trying to drag the girl away towards the park across the street. The junior said he and five of the other boys at

the bus stop confronted the man in the mask and made a circle around the two to keep him at the bus stop. “It took me a while to realize what was happening,” the junior said. As the seconds that felt like hours trickled past, the stalemate continued; one student had grabbed a large rock and the rest of the boys kept the man in the mask corralled among them. The man was not easy to corral, he had a knife in one hand and a hold of the girl with her backpack in the other. The bright lights and blaring horn of the HISD bus arriving at the stop catalyzed the confrontation. Distracted, the man took his attention away from the circle for just a moment.

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The Tail begins

Turning Pink?

Go Green!

See what happens this week in the exciting premier of Wolf Tales.

Read these truly embarassing pink-in-the-face stories.

Find out how this school club is out to prove that pink is the new green.

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In 1999, a flamboyant man by the name of Stuart Smalley, tried to cheer up America. It a satire popularized by SNL Smally sat and looked at himself in a mirror, dressed in his infamous powder blue sweater vest and hair neatly parted to the side. He’s most known for the Smalley quote, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.” Check the quote out in the video with the QR code to the right.


eenagers today are living in a society that is built on unreasonable physical standards. Pushed by our friends, family and the media to look a certain way, to act in a particular manner, to have our bodies circulate around identical objects of desire; it is reasonable to be like everyone else.

looking down. We look at ourselves with disdain or with pride. Either way we spend our time analyzing and judging ourselves. According to survey performed by Do Something Organization, 58% percent of college-aged girls feel pressured to be a certain weight. Statistically, this ideal image is often influenced and permitted by family, friends, social pressure, and the media.

Working towards someone else’s goals is not acceptable behavior. You are you. You are not the extra piece of toast you ate for breakfast, that bad hair day, or that one time you made that horrible mistake. You are not the failing quiz grade, the child with no voice, not the tick of a clock, or your parents’ ridiculous expectations. You are you, sculpted Everyone from personal introspecfeels the tion. Look in the mirror We look at ourselves pressure. and feel yourself radiatAngelina with disdain or with ing outwards. Those Jolie made a that you pride. Either way we spend standards personal decision think you’ve set up for to have a double our time analyzing and judg- yourself need to be remastectomy, a analyzed. Will they help ing ourselves. procedure that you become a better effectively removed both It’s natural, right? you for you? Or are they of her breasts as a method To strive for perfection for someone else? to prevent breast cancer. is human nature, but this People are happier when When her doctor, Kristi over-analyzing of self--this they are satisfied with Funk, discovered a faulty scrutinizing of every bit of themselves. The happier us, gene that gave Jolie a our bodies is killing our originates from a healthy high risk of breast cancer, minds. Take, for example, body and a healthy mind. she presented a potential the Mean Girls scene in Look in the mirror and solution. Jolie has been which the typically popular like what you see. Eat the both highly criticized and girls, The Plastics, stare at brownie after dinner and praised for her decision in themselves in the mirror. feel okay, feel happy, that this society. Whenever possible, they you’re eating it, go to bed She’s one example of the critique both themselves early and wake up early harsh judgment that can and their “friends” on their and study. Be satisfied with be exercised by complete pores, weight, and hair. The yourself. outsiders who feel the right media and our friends are That mirror shouldn’t be to scrutinize. feeding us the poison of your enemy. the “right” body image. Smile, because you are Perfection is not the you and that is enough. goal. This culture changes the We have just one opThis judgment, impressed natural you. portunity to be alive, no upon teens without their We’ve agreed with this doubt we will spend some direct acknowledgment, is culture too. We take the of it with frowning faces or affecting them similarly. critiques of the people teary eyes, but each moWe wake up and look in around us and change ment that you spend striva mirror, go to the clothourselves to reflect them. ing to be something you ing store and stare at our We forge ourselves from aren’t is a moment you’re reflections, walk the hallthe stone of societal acnot trying to be you. ways and spend our time ceptance.

A new year coming up means new video games, and with new games come all new features. Big Games like FIFA 14, NHL 14, Madden 25, and NBA 2k14 are expanding what their franchises never did before. Scan the QR code to find out more.

What Does Pink Mean to You?

by Kim Velazquez


ately, it has been a trend to dye your hair in an unnatural, extravagant, bright color. What motivates these people to dye their hair this way? What goes through their mind when they do this? Do these people think about how other people will react to their “style”? It is evident that these questions come to mind by the pure lack of crazy hair color that floods our hallways at Westside. Westside’s student, Dion Flynn has dyed his hair multiple times, with different colors and he’s a perfect example of this trend. Of course, there are people with different reasons that people dye their hair, but Flynn has his own. “I was just bored and I just like the colors, but it also depends on the colors.” Flynn said. Flynn is a very outgoing guy, and he’s not afraid of opening up with people, so dyeing his hair is just a form of expression. He is proud to say that he does not care whether people like it or not. He said, “I don’t regret dyeing

my hair because it’s my hair and I always liked how it came out.” It was surprising seeing Flynn with long, bright colored hair one day and then the next seeing him with all his hair gone. “I wanted my hair to be healthy again, even though when it was dyed I made sure it stayed healthy.” The fact he had to cut his hair all off made Flynn said, “but my hair grows fast anyways, so it doesn’t really matter.” Flynn stated “I do miss my hair but not because of the color, I don’t care about the color, I just miss having it long.” Flynn doesn’t think he’s going to dye his hair again any time soon, not because he doesn’t like it anymore but because he believes it’s time for a change. He feels that everyone grows out of a certain phase they’re in.


estside’s fine arts teacher, Dani Pontus, is another example of this trend. Because Pontus is a staff member, her reason for changing her hair is quite different that of a students. “I have dyed my hair the full spectrum of the color wheel as well as the entire hair color spectrum” Ms. Pontus stated. “Everything, and all of it.” Ms. Pontus said, “I would put pink hairspray in my hair to support breast cancer, but not dye it.” This teacher has few limits of what she will do to her hair to support good causes. Ms. Pontus’ grandma was the

one that started “dyeing” her hair whenever she was five or six. “My grandma would put lemon juice and beer in my hair so I could get highlights whenever I was at the beach.” There are endless different ways that people have learned to alter their natural hair color. “When I was eight years old I painted my hair with crayola markers, my mom wasn’t happy but I looked cray.” stated Ms.Pontus with a big smile on her face. “My full hair dye job was done in 7th grade, with koolaid.” “No, I have way too much fun with [dying my hair] and it’s become a part of my personality and I love it. [I don’t think I’ll ever stop.]” Two different people with two different views. Some people might only do it for fun while others may do it because they feel that’s just a part of who they are. Either way, it’s crazy how much someone can dye their hair all these crazy colors and not care or worry what people might think.

A collection of stories that will leave you pink in embarrassment. All told fro individual Westisde students: Reginald Pettus, Adrian Luna, and De


eginald Pettus was in the 7th grade at Pin Oak Middle School and had just arrived out of the lunch line with his food. After walking up the steps that led into the lunch room, his eye caught a friend of his that was just about to sit in the seat that he deliberately set aside for himself, in his table of friends. It was the last seat available and if he didn’t sit in it he would be forced to sit alone…again. When he decided he couldn’t let that happen, he rushed to interfere and slipped in an unforeseen puddle of milk on the floor and fell down which, unfortunately, wasn’t the worst part. Right in front of everyone in the cafeteria his pants fell down, showing his tighty whities to everyone in the cafeteria. The entire student body laughed at him so what could he do but laugh along. Meanwhile, all he could think was, “I knew I should have worn a belt.” Worst of all he still sat alone… again.


t happened the week before spring break. Adrian Luna was in a huge rush but was almost at school. He was already late for his student council meeting that was scheduled that morning. There were three other people in the car with him, one was his cousin and the others were friends. He was driving behind a particularly slow black SUV, and in his hurry he made an attempt to cut off the car. He began driving faster and faster, and he remembers his engine getting louder and louder when suddenly, BAM! He ran his car straight into the brick wall. His airbag burst into his face, bruising his nose. Everyone gathered around his car immediately pulling out their phones to take pictures and record the event, and within minutes pictures of his crash were all over Instagram, Twitter and even Westside confessions. He states that the most embarrassing part is that he “will always be remembered as that guy who ran into the wall.”

joined Ecology Club] because it is important to help the environment, to reduce our trash tereotypically, being green is the trend levels, and because I’m interested in helping for the liberal parents, hippies, Califorthe environment.” said Helen VanBeck, a junior nians, people with enough money, but at Westside. now Westside students can jump on the It has almost become the national trend, to bandwagon. Most humans, including kids that learn little tricks that save energy, save water, have joined a club at Westside, are now prioriand emit fewer fossil fuels. Tricks such as washtizing protecting or conserving the ing clothes in cold water, pumping up tires, and environment, over their old environbringing reusable bags to grocery stores have mentally harmful habits. now become apparent in today’s society. I feel like I’m doing a good “My mom is a naturalist,” Akash Ghosal, the Westside has a club working to help the environment and influence people thing,” Max Metyko, a vice president of Ecology Club, said. “She’s very to jump onto the Going Green bandpassionate about the environment which kind wagon. The club is called Ecology club and has junior in Ecology club said. “I grew of spread to me, so recycling is just my way of meetings every Thursday after school from up being very messy so now I feel giving back to the community.” 3:30-4:30 in V103. With energy awareness week just passing, it is like I should clean up. It’s a “I feel like I’m doing a good thing,” Max Meimportant that Westside remembers to work morally strong thing [to do]. tyko, a junior in Ecology club said. “I grew up hard at being eco friendly so that others will being very messy so now I feel like I should work towards doing the same. clean up. It’s a morally strong thing [to do].” awareness of the school’s product use such as This club is filled with passionate tree hugthe stickers on many of the paper towel and gers that all share the same want to make the toilet paper dispensers that say “These come world happier and healthier than how from trees.” they left it. “[I


by Molly Wu

They strive to make the school more earth friendly by recycling the schools paper. Ashley Kwartler, a senior confirmed, “I joined Ecology Club a few years ago because it helps the environment and helps us maintain a more sustainable environment. It helps us live a healthier and happier life with the environment, and I feel a need to help the world become a better place.” They also set up projects to spread

by Ally Riddick

om the perspectives of evin Thomas.


o put it simply, Devin Thomas was “Lawn chaired”. Last summer he was in the YMCA summer camp program and that day they had traveled to the movies. On the ride back to the Y, he and a friend were goofing around together when his friend “started playing little too much.” He pushed Devin’s head between his legs and into his seat but didn’t stop there. He pushed until Devin was incapable of moving and his entire body was wedged between the seats. Everyone, of course, immediately laughed and began taking pictures when someone took it a step further and placed a cup on his butt which was pointed high in the air. The noise was blocking out his cries for help, the position was very painful even though he was laughing along. Eventually someone heard him and everyone realized he was in pain and alerted a counselor who slid him sideways until he was out of the seat.


ctober is breast help feel superior, but the cancer awareclothing tends to be well ness month, made and long lasting. and that means Girls love to brag and everyone is thinking pink. show off that they shop at Teenage girls spend a lot Pink. “I’m not going to of money on clothes, and lie, when I’m wearing makeup there every day. Pink I feel prettier, and The Pink store is targeted to I like to show off all my younger girls, and has many cute new clothes I get of them hooked. there,” says Kelley. “When I wear pink I feel Tacky or trendy, prettier and happier,” says which ever you want 10th grader Madison Kelley. to call it, pink is the “I shop there at least once or theme color to suptwice a week.” port the end of breast The name of the store cancer, so go get your attracts fun loving teenage Pink shirt and support. girls, but the merchandise is what really gets them. Many girls are willing to spend a lot of their money on lounge Madison Kelley, clothes, pajamas, underwear, bras, makeup, bathing suits, a sophomore, and much more. poses for a Typically, girls seem to picture wearing want to spend $50 on a t-shirt with “PINK” on it, her pink shirt. because it makes them feel prettier. The heavy prices

Government Shutdown Congress did not agree on a budget so the government has shut down. All non-essential programs are without funding and employees are furloughed. The government will remain in shutdown until Congress reaches an agreement and the president signs the spending bill.

Your TV and the LGBT


By Ivy Crosby | Staff Writer ait, let’s get this straight. Not all men who kiss each other want to help people do their makeup and style their hair? That girl over there, holding that other girl’s hand, is a lesbian? Then why doesn’t she look anything like a dude? The TV said that’s how gay people are! In a world where more celebrity icons are openly accepted in the glitter-paved path to stardom, why would it lie? “On TV, I think there’s a lot of misrepresentation because there’s a lot of stereotyping,” Natalia Marfil, a senior, said. “So that’s really annoying.” Yes, it’s not unusual to watch popular television and see a lesbian with cropped hair and a tough demeanor, or a gay man with a sway to his hips and a sassy quip to give. The most popular shows nowadays have at least one gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender character in it to hit those ever-important ratings and supposedly to appeal to a larger demographic of viewers, even if those viewers might feel slighted at such a one-dimensional portrayal of their social group. If one were to take a good look at modern television and cinema and the characters that inhabit these fictional worlds, one would find a pattern between all these characters. Undoubtedly, the character would fall under the following stereotypes: the Lipstick Lesbian, the Butch, the Gay Best Friend, and the Closeted Jock. These stereotypes had appeared all throughout the different types of media as the standard for gay representation, to a point where

it seems to be an unspoken rule amongst storyboard designers. If a story has a non-heterosexual character, then they need to stand out as much as possible. “My dad finds it hilarious to mimic that stupid stereotypical lisp that’s always ‘the norm’,” Stephanie Forsberg, another senior, said. “And when I tell him to knock it off because that’s offensive, he tells me to lighten up.” However, things are getting better. Over the years there’s been more positive influence from actors and writers over the subject, with realistic LGBTAQ characters popping up. “It’s great for our current social movement,” Marfil said. “It’s great for gaining acceptance from heterosexuals, and it’s great for providing support to those who need it.” Many celebrities and VIPs had contributed to the It Gets Better project, a series of videos telling lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered youth that it does indeed get better. These supporters include Barack Obama, Neil Patrick Harris, and Ellen DeGeneres. With people like them having such a strong presence in the media, things are looking up and fictional characters are becoming more complex, more interesting, and more realistic. “I think it’s perfectly fine if you’re a gay guy that likes fashion, or a lesbian with a buzz cut, or a bisexual that’s dated around,” one student, who preferred to go by Ramona, said. “You just have to remember that just because someone falls into a stereotype, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a person.”

Syrian Crisis The Syrian crisis continues as the UN investigates use of chemicals on the Syrian people. Thus far, Syria has agreed to all the sanctions placed upon them and there is no plan to engage in warfare.

Boys, Girls, and Everything In-Between By Noel DeMarco | Staff Writer


helsea Manning, more commonly known as Bradley Manning or ‘that wikileaks guy’, has recently come out as a woman. Wait, come out as a woman? Either someone’s born a woman or not, right? Well, not exactly. The concept of ‘gender’ is more complicated than most people initially believe, and has more to do with what’s going on inside of your head than what’s going on inside of your pants. But let’s go back to Manning for right now. Manning was sent to a military prison in July 2013 after releasing various government documents on war atrocities committed by the

United States of America. The day after the sentencing, Manning admitted to being a transgender female, saying that she couldn’t stand knowing the media was displaying her as a guy. However, many news outlets didn’t respect this revelation, claiming that she was either lying or referring to her as ‘he’. “Even if you think someone is lying about their gender identity, you should still try to respect what they say,” said Sydney Starnes, a female-to-male transgender student. Starnes is someone here at Westside able to relate to the Manning Incident. “When I came out as transgender, people would always

try to argue with me on my pronouns,” he says. Being transgender is kind of like being forced to wear a costume-but not in the way you’d expect. Transgender doesn’t mean you’re a ‘guy dressing up as a girl’ or a ‘girl dressing up as a guy’. Being ‘transgender’ means that the sex you were born with isn’t the sex you identify as. While in prison, Manning requested hormone therapy to fully become a woman. However, the army refused, saying that they don’t provide treatment for ‘gender identity disorder’. The fact that the transgender identity is considered a ‘disorder’ should give insight on how transgender people are mistreated by society. Society enforces the idea that the only way to live life properly is to be fully male or fully female, and there is no inbetween. “While I’m not transgender, I’ve struggled with being seen as masculine enough,” said Wike, “I don’t really fit the traditional macho guy gender role.” In reality, there is no proper way to be a man or woman. “It’s okay to be a muscular woman with short hair, or a skinny guy that wears makeup, and it’s okay to feel like someone that doesn’t identify as a man or woman,” said Theresa Gonzalez. “The only person that gets to decide your own gender identity and how you acts is yourself, and nobody else. “

Anti-Trend- Blurred Lines Nobody likes being harassed on the street, so why is it so popular to be harassed through the radio? Robert Thicke’s uncomfortable leer makes girls weep and run far and fast as the creep sings his signature, monotone line “I know you want it.” All we want is a restraining order.

Trend- Wrecking Balls Wrecking balls have come crashing through the pop culture wall. Exclusive to demolition no more, it is finally their time to shine in the pop culture scene with music videos, parodies, and cartoons. Unfortunately, it is yet another unrealistic beauty standard: metallic shells.

By James Jian Bagheban | Staff Writer


ociety idolizes images of gorgeous models, the modern gods. They’re flawless in the way they look and act - beautiful, graceful, and confident. It’s become a natural impulse, though teenagers will deny it to the death, to strive to be just like them. This, however, can come at a very costly risk, one that claims sanity and even lives every day. “Kids - and everybody - are inundated with different images of what kind of society feels we should look like,” said Joan Maguire, a Westside social worker. “Whether that’s online, in magazines, in the commercials that we see, and I think that as much as everyone tries not to think that these images affect us, they do.”


he world is running out of holy water. Men are kissing men and little girls have tossed aside their bows in favor of monster trucks. In other words, the world is ending. In response, priests have landed in heaps of tears and condemnation while politicians attack the situation with all the violent fury of a passive aggressive teenage girl. There are even one million moms lining up to battle this blasphemy. Now, the question burning in everyone’s mind is “How ever can we stop this dangerous deviancy?” As I wander the halls, these problems surrounding me, engulfing my mind with their legitimacy, I ponder solutions. How can I singlehandedly put the world back on track? Boy, do I have a plan. Step 1 Burn the schedules and planners of every gay person that you can find. Everyone knows that these deviants are just trying to push the homosexual agenda upon the rest of the world. Without their calendars they will never be able to make a plan to force the world into reluctant acceptance of equal rights. More importantly,

Brittany McDonald, a senior, has been modeling since 2009. She has lived to tell a tale that discloses modeling to be an industry that is neither as easy, nor as glamorous as one might be led to believe. “They put so much pressure on you if you are skinny as a stick.” McDonald said. “They might tell you, ‘You need to lose another 10 or 15 pounds or you won’t make it in.’” The pressure to stay fit and be constantly aware of

extremely small “imperfections” can be very emotionally and mentally exhausting,

they’ll never know when Project Runway comes on, thus creating mass hysteria. Step 2 A common truth is that LGBT activists are trying to normalize their radical behavior and drive out traditions through the media and manipulation of children. To combat this, we should all enforce traditionalism in the most sensible way we can, and nothing says sensible like the 1500s. Every woman shall dress in Elizabeth I-esque face powder and partlets (also known as neck ruffles). Men will wear only the finest cloaks and tights, and, in the spirit of gender equality, wrist ruffles. Those who wish to embrace true traditionalism should go naked as their heroes Adam

and Eve once had lo those many years ago. That’ll show ‘em. Step 3 We can all agree that this same-sex marriage stuff is becoming a hassle. Moral questions here, debate with strangers there, it’s simply

but not all models fall prey to the paralyzing demands made to lose inconceivable

too much. To end this crisis and not have to deal with the potential problem of discrimination, we should end marriage as it is. Instead, one straight couple and one gay couple will duel. The victor of the match has the right

amounts of weight. “They wanted me to lose 20 pounds,” McDonald said. “I stopped eating junk food and started working out for awhile and lost weight that way.” Unfortunately not every model has the strong will and sense of self that is necessary to stand up to popular weight loss techniques. Many fall prey to the mental illness Body Dysmorphia which affect 1 to 2% of the world population. “You don’t have to listen to those agents that force you to lose weight.” McDonald said. “ It’s sad to see anyone neglecting their body no matter who they are and what they do. You simply cannot be healthy or look great on the outside if you are not healthy on the inside.”

to marry. The other couple is to return to their separate tax files and empty wedding scrapbook. It’ll be okay for them, though. Domestic partnerships are definitely a non-degrading alternative. Step 4 Fence in all the gays and watch them die out not because they wouldn’t be able to reproduce, but because their access to hair product and uncomfortable shoes would be cut off. Without their livelihood they shall wither and suffer unbearable pain. Step 5 Obviously, little boys with dolls lead to feminine men and girls with action figures lead to confused adults children, therefore children should only play with toys specifically designated for their gender. However, with the rise of progressive parents there is no way to ensure that children are receiving this proper nurture. Because of this, all toys should be painted black. That purple Easy Bake oven? Black now. That super cool Nerf gun? Completely black, not unlike the souls of liberals everywhere.

How Not to be a Hallowqueen

Reporting by Noel DeMarco and Ivy Crosby

October is the month of ‘Trick or Trash,’ so here’s how not to be picked up by the garbage man the next morning

The only thing faster than Sonic is the speed people will run away from you if you wear this costume.

“I want to dress like a sexy mental patient,” said no one ever.

Just seeing this costume makes me want to wakawakwaka-way.

Actually, let’s not try to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

HOSA Students Raise Money for Breast Cancer Research with Colorful Wrist Bands Westside HOSA students sold 700 pink wrist bands in early October for breast cancer awareness month. The wristbands were sold for $2 each and people could pick a hot pink or glow-in-thedark pink band that reads, “big or small, save ‘em all.” Jamaal Robinson sponsors HOSA and said they sold out of wrist bands and that the research the funding supports is important. “A woman with breast cancer can be your mother, grand mother, sister or another loved one,” Robinson said. “Funding research can find a cure for even the most severe stage of breast cancer.” Pictured left to right: Seniors Giftty Obadan, Rose Thelus, Elvira Nworah and Claudia Chan sold wrist bands for HOSA in October.

Bus Stop Continued from page 1 It was fleeting, but long enough for one Westside student to grab at the man and allow the girl to escape. In that moment, the man spun and stabbed the Westside student in the upper arm. The chaos that erupted enabled the man to run, drop his mask and flee. The Westside junior watched the man run away and then turned to help his injured classmate. He said he needs a new beanie because he used the one he was wearing that day to stop the bleeding. Whether any of them realize it or not, they have just saved their classmate from terrible peril, but –like many teenagers are prone to do –they look

back at their actions with a casual attitude. “I couldn’t call myself a man if I just ran,” the junior said. The police showed up quickly because the Westside senior who saw the masked man walking before down the street before the attack ran home and called them. The girl had escaped safely and returned with more help and the injured student would be treated and released from the hospital the same day. School administrators have been working on ways to ensure safety at all bus stops. Westside Principal Peggi Stewart is coordinating with HISD officials in transportation and safety departments among other county and local entities to improve visibility and possibly even camera surveillance at all the Westside bus stops. In this particular case, the authorities were able

to use video from the external camera that exists now on all HISD buses. The man turned himself in at Westside the same day of the incident and at press time was in jail facing charges of aggravated assault of a family member and aggravated kidnapping. While cameras and more lights could make everyone feel safer, Stewart agreed with many other Westside faculty and staff that the courageous actions, something many are calling “The Heart of the Wolf,” of the students on that particular morning is what really prevented tragedy. “I believe inherently our kids are much better than portrayed in the media,” Stewart said. “It only takes one student to step up and courageously change a situation; the courage was in this particular [group of] students and I know it exists in all our students.”

Westside Howler - Vol. 13, Issue 1 - October 11, 2013  

Volume 13, Issue 1 of the Westside Howler - the forum for student news and expression at Westside High School in Houston, Texas.