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Westside’s underground black market has been an idea since the dawn of our school. Our stories range from students born in faraway places to underground music to Westside confessions. Read more inside!

By Kate


Staff Writer

Everyone wants to know what you’re hiding, it’s a fact of life. There is not a person on this Earth that would say no to a bit of gossip. Throughout history some have made it a bit more of a priority to expose these secrets than others and when that ultimately fails, they create their own stories. I am one of those people. Don’t judge me, I’m a journalist. It’s my job, I even have a shirt that says so. You can’t argue with a shirt.

Without further ado, Westside Howler presents: Kate’s Perception of Recent Events* My Chemical Romance Breakup It began as a few sparse Facebook posts. “Heavy sigh --- we’ll miss you” accompanied by a picture of the band among other passively upset alternative fans. We read Gerald Way’s explanation, nuclear bomb metaphor and all, but what if it wasn’t a metaphor? Perhaps they are robots, all coming together to detonate, thus obliterating the haters. Why Defense of Marriage Act is Just Now Being Disputed It’s a conspiracy. People have been marrying the same sex for centuries, but the government is trying to convince the public

that it is not happening and is, in fact, immoral. We are, however becoming self aware and are now trying to get out of this utopian facade. How will we ever escape the matrix? Spoiler alert: a whole lot of rainbows. Why Ryan Lochte is Getting a Reality TV Show Lochte made quite the splash at the past summer Olympics. Now, we are not only captivated by his forearms, but are endlessly fascinated by his love life. You read that right, starting April 21st, America is privy to the romantic endeavors of a mildly famous athlete courtesy of E! Television. There’s a reason for this. Lochte is re-entering the spotlight. It’s the grill. There’s no other reason, it’s all in the grill. That grill just makes the ladies, and most men for that matter, weak in the knees. That’s a fact. *I solemnly swear that there is not a sincere word in these conspiracies. Please do not claim them as actual events unless you enjoy being mocked relentlessly for the remainder of your high school life.

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Never heard of a Charleston Chew? You have now.

April 12, 2013

Secrets Are No Fun Unless Forcibly Obtained By Kate


Staff Writer

Fasten on your thinking caps and dust off that

time machine, it’s time to revisit the fifth grade. The horror, I know, just bear with me. You’re sitting on the playground, your face burning red. The children around you are taunting their sacrificial chant. “Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets are for everyone!” You fall off the monkey bars and bruise your knee. Oh wait, maybe that’s just me. Most everyone has a deeply personal secret that they just couldn’t bear to reveal to anyone, not even their best friends. Naturally, you are all intrigued as to what the person next to you is hiding. Did they relapse last night? Is their middle name Gertrude? Are they a pineapple under the sea? The possibilities are endless, the imagination boundless. Originally, my assignment for this article was to write about people’s innermost secrets, but for some reason running up to perfect strangers and demanding to know they’re darkest secrets frightens them away. I’m getting a reputation for demanding personal information, I’m sure. “What’s your deep-

est secret?” “How was your first kiss?” “”Why are you addicted to the internet?” It’s come to the point where people see me and turn the other way. So, mysterious escapees,

this one’s for you. Checkmate. How to Force Personal Information Out of People: 1. Confront Them People love when you grab their shirt collar, throw them against a wall, and hold them at gunpoint, demanding juicy gossip. Pro tip: Do

Harlem Shake by Baauer It’s done, people! It’s over! It’s time to find another hill to fight and die on. The war for best Harlem Shake video has been considered a draw, so if you would please all Giving up It has come to this. Finally everyone has begun their downward spiral into not caring. A fine thing, not caring. Not for your GPA, but your school supplies must be singing your praises for the break. Just

To This Day Shane Koyczan spent his life watching and experiencing the traumatic effects of bullying. His experiences inspired him to write and narrate a spoken word poem. It was animated and put on the internet, gath-

remember, you have two months left. Two more measly months to crank out those last few papers and projects. Try not to blow it all off. Although that TV does look tempting...

ering a huge reaction. People far and wide began watching it and relating their hardships. It has helped countlesspeople feel better and recover from the sadness brought upon them by a bully.

not do this in public/in front of a police officer. 2. Be Really Pushy Do not relent. Do not stop requesting information. Ask in multiple, highly irritating voices. Develop several personalities and tell them to ask. The most effective way to employ this strategy is to attach yourself to their hip (if you’re truly serious about this, I suggest taking that literally). 3. Cry This is self-explanatory. It’s best used with method two. 4. Pretend By pretending that you already know the truth, you can fool them into discussing it. Devious? Yes. Ineffective? No. 5. Belittle Them Make your friend feel like their problems and secrets are no big deal. When they inevitably become a quivering ball of insecurity, information will start flying the minute they believe that you have any interest in them. If you do this then congratulations, you are the world’s biggest jerk. However, you got what you wanted, good job. Best of luck attempting to fruitlessly extract secrets from your friends and others.

go find another internet dance phenomenon to obsess over that would be awesome. Well, less irritating than beating this dead horse, anyways.

Ryan Lochte’s Grill Hey ladies, this one’s for you. Ryan Lochte brings all the girls (and let’s face it, boys too) to the yard with his American flag grill. It was made by local rapper Paul Wall and Johnny Dang and cost $25,000. Well worth it, surely. The grill that became famous when Lochte was told not to wear it to the Olympic podium is making a reappearance on Lochte’s new TV show. Be still, the beating hearts of the American public.

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April 12, 2013

The Secret Life of Deans By Ashley


Cleburn Staff Writer

ids can agree that seeing a teacher outside of school is pretty rare, but when it does happen, it’s a strange experience. Just like students, teachers and staff have lives. Although they may keep to themselves and stay quiet about their personal lives, they still have hobbies that they enjoy doing outside of work. Many have interesting things about them that students may not know. With focus on school, work, and making it through high school, there is never enough time to take to learn about one another. “I come from a family of educators,” dean Ms. Griggs explained, “My grandfather was a famous economist, my father taught economics, and even my two sisters were teachers.” Devoted to her job here at Westside, Mrs. Griggs takes pride

in spending her life with a family full of people who enjoy what she does, teaching. She started out as an English teacher, has worked her way up and is now East 1’s dean. Also, she enjoys yoga and sentence diagramming. She even spends some of her weekends outdoors on the water. “I have a little sailboat in Michigan and I know how to sail as well,” said Griggs, “my dad built it for me for my 14th birthday. He built sailboats in the backyard as a hobby, so I grew up sailing.” Westside’s Ms. Griggs dedicates a lot of her time making sure her students are on track, but they also have lives outside of their job and some are very interesting at that. This is something to think about when giving them attitude or keeping them after class for your late work!

Concealment Emiliana Rico-Toro Staff Writer By

With every mask your soul creates The outside world will lie in wait Your heart will flutter and your ears will pop But once let out you’ll never stop Like a marauder in shackles The crazy’s revealed like a howling jackal Or maybe it’s tears that just need to flow As your heartstrings are played with a musical bow The notes on your person that need to be seen By the passers-by and the go-between Your struggles will break you from the inside and out As the memories that haunt you scream and shout Or possibly you just need to let people know That you don’t want all the things the old world can bestow You don’t need to advance in engineering or medicine Those haters will plague you – “you know it’s a sin” But no matter the profession or financial pursuit You’ll be tempted to fall down the laundry chute For these aren’t your desires or your wants or your claims Whatever you’re good at will put them to shame Your internal struggles will be nevermore If you become what you want and leave them on the shore

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April 12, 2013

Roots Grounded in Our Culture As April showers come rolling in, the roots of the trees underground are soaked with lovely rain. We take this nostalgic moment to clean out the closets for spring. We remember past things and our culture that make us who we are. Here’s just one of the many stories within our walls.

By Molly



Staff Writer

eep in the hearts of all people lie their roots. Whether a thousand miles away or down the block next to the grocery store, the roots of life, the home they all come from, is part of their soul. It defines culture, personality, and even academic standing. In a school full of students of varying backgrounds, a plethora of knowledge awaits; of a life before this one. “I’ve lived in 4 countries so far, I was born in Venezuela and lived there for 2 years, then the U.S. for 2 years; England for 6 years, Norway for 3 years, and then the U.S. again for 3 years.” Rodriguez said. Many, people believe that it becomes easier to get along with and feel at home around people that they’ve met when surrounded by a new environment. “Norway was my favorite country to live in,” Rodriguez said, “because it was so safe, it was really beautiful and everyone is really nice.” With culture comes new ways of interacting and speaking. For Rodriguez, she is no stranger to the misunderstanding of her own ways, the ways she brought with her from the life she once lived in the many countries she’s had the pleasure of visiting.

”I like my voice and I love my accent.” Rodriguez states. “I don’t like when people try to imitate me [because] I feel like it’s disrespectful to me.” Seeing the world in all its majesty expands the mind. It opens up new opportunities for an open understanding of the people we live every day with. Rodriguez said, “the places I’ve lived in have definitely changed me. I feel like [it has made me become more intelligent] and more accepting to other peoples’ views, ideas, and cultures because I’ve been around a lot of different types of people.” This newfound experience comes to light within our school, and the society built within. People from all walks of life can interact with her, only to find that she is from her own walk of life herself. The very essence of the past, our roots, lies in all our faces. Understanding the culture of the people around you is the key to a highly enlightened life.

The Mastermind Behind W By Molly


Wu Staff Writer

he facebook pages Westside Compliments and Westside Confessions that seemed to pop up and become one of the top viewed pages among Westside students in a matter of days have had everyone buzzing in the classrooms. “I saw every school had one and I waited a few days, and when none popped up I decided to make one.” the creator said. “At first I wanted the page to stay [completely] anonymous, but when I heard someone was trying to take credit for the page my pride kicked in and I posted my first name.” The posts have become so popular and common that the creator of the pages has had to

pick a friend to help choose what to and what not to post. “For the first month it was just me, and then I got a partner to help me out because I needed help with posting so I could focus more on school. I chose her because I knew she was very bright and would have good judgement [on what to post.]” The page has created a sense of school spirit and belonging within the school, letting people share their inner thoughts anonymously for fellow students to feel that they aren’t alone, that other people are have similar problems as they do and to feel like they have a school to fall back on when things start to fall apart. “I was really surprised when people started to send in re-

ally [pe though studen really s The portive studen the pa “I’ve h people best to want t mean last thi for cyb The have v though never do can contem out-th

Looking for a place to buy Tigers Jaw band merchandise? Find your underground band shirts here!

The official website of the Hobbit Cafe, where it’s always time to eat

April 12, 2013

By Kimberly


Westside Confessions

ersonal confessions] like hts of suicide, and the other nts [most of the time] were supportive and helpful.” majority of people are supe while there are the few nts that take advantage of age to post harsh comments. had some problems with e lashing out, and I do my o delete them quickly. I don’t the comments to directly be to someone because the ing Westside needs is a site ber bullying.” secrets and compliments varied positions, and alh some of them, if offensive, get posted, the ones that n range from poop stories, mplating suicide, and other here posts.

Velazquez Staff Writer

istening to the same music over and over again can get a little boring, no matter how good the song, album, or artist is. The thing some people don’t realize is that there is so much more music than what’s being played on the radio. Personally I don’t like listening to radio music because the same songs are being played repeatedly. If you are one of those people that like to listen and experience new music, this could help you enter a world of music you’ve never experienced before. And if by some miracle you’ve already come across these artists, you have a gold star in my book. Tigers Jaw is a five piece indie rock band from Scranton, Pennsylvania, and they have four albums: a self-titled album (2010), Two Worlds (2010), Spirit Desire (2009) and Belongs To The Dead (2006). My personal favorite is their self-titled album, and there is not a single song that you will not like. They are a perfect band to listen to when you want to feel calm and relaxed. Sadly, on March 21st they announced that three of their members left the band and that they will be doing a farewell tour. Title Fight is a four piece band from Kingston, Pennsylvania, that was formed in 2003. They combine the elements of punk, melodic hardocre, and pop punk. They have three albums, The Last Thing You Forget (2009), Shed (2011) and their most recent album Floral Green (2012). All of their albums

are great, and worth listening to. Title Fight will be on their first headlining cross-country tour this summer starting in May 19th. Seahaven is a four piece punk/indie band formed in 2009. They are signed to Run for Cover Record and have two albums. Their EP Ghost, was released in 2010, and Winter Forever was released in 2011. Alternative Press named them one of the “100 Bands You Need to Know in 2012”. They are currently on tour with Transit. Transit is a five piece American poppunk band from Boston, Massachusetts. They have three full-length albums, This Will Not Define Us (2008), Keep This To Yourself (2010), and Listen and Forgive (2011). They also have three EP’s, a record release, a four song self-titled demo and a split 7” with Man Overboard. They are currently headlining a US tour based on their new album coming out this year. City and Colour is an acoustic solo project of Dallas Green, which was best known as the singer/guitarist of the band Alexisonfire.He plays melodic acoustic and folk music. His first debut Sometimes was released in 2005, which was later re-released in 2009; Bring Me Your Love was released in 2008; Little Hell was released in 2011. Two of his albums reached the Billboard charts and went #1 on the Canadian charts. If you ever want to feel, in ways you normally wouldn’t, then you shouldn’t hesitate to check out these amazing musicians.

Hobbit Holes for the Average Human

By Madison Hawkins Looking for some new “I’ve gotten so many, and I highlight the compliments and confes- places to hang out or sions that I love, but there was this shop? Well, I’ve got some one about a toaster that I thought here for you that you probably haven’t heard of was [particularly] hysterical.” the before. creator of the pages said. “I like The first is a place when compliments are made and called Better World they aren’t about a Mr. Popular or Books. It’s a great bookMs. Popular because I think they store with an awesome should be important and noticed. idea: to create jobs, fund I think it really makes their day.” libraries and literacy programs in the US, and The mastermind behind the provide cheap new and pages, and all components that used books to readers. make this page what it is, has helped pinpoint people and char- Their main store is located in Indiana, but they acteristics within the school that have an online shop from assist in making Westside what it which you can purchase is; most of all Westside Confescheap books and pay no sions is helping the school beshipping! You can also come more like a community and sell your used textbooks less like strangers. and buy others’ used textbooks on the site. It’s

Staff Writer

pretty much like a Half Price Books for people who don’t have the time to go out to a store, plus it funds a few great causes. If you’re a senior this year and plan on going to college in the fall, then you may want to invest in this business for your textbooks instead of buying new ones. The next place is a restaurant called The Hobbit Cafe. It’s been in business since 1972, which is pretty impressive. It’s also impressive that a large portion of the menu comes from the original menu created in 1972, and a large portion is also vegetarian. Senior Denis Patino com-

mented that The Hobbit Cafe has “above average food, a nice environment, and the best chocolate mousse cake [he’s] ever had.” Another senior, Jonathan Bustamante, said that he’s been to the Cafe several times, and “the food is good and [he] really likes the atmosphere of the place.” If you’ve been looking for a new place to hang out with friends and have some good food, this might be the place for you! Whether you’re looking for a nice place to have “second breakfast”, or you lack the time to go out and buy books, there’s so much this world has to offer.

Get Assassin’s Creed!

How Do Rumors Get Started?

April 12, 2013


umors are a common thing to spread throughout schools, whether they last only a few days or during the whole duration of the school year, rumors are the words that can easily confuse many students. Multiple rumors swim through our school, some obviously lies, others harder to decipher between what is not real and what is reality. These rumors branch

off, braking into more lies and swimming through our school from ear to ear like a parasite infecting peoples thoughts. When something happens, people are quick to make rumors whether or not the rumor is true or false. There have been many rumors circling around Westside during the 2013 school year. For example, why ex-principal Michael Mcdonagh left Westside and went to

By Molly

Bellaire, if principal Peggy Stewart’s was actually planning to punish seniors if the skipped on senior skip day. Some of the rumors are true, some are not, and some branch from complete misunderstanding or a miscommunication. Rumors will be spread among the school and students are free to believe what they want to believe.


Staff Writer

Assassin’s Creed New Version Updates

By Nicholas Marshi


Staff Writer

t seems like yesterday that Ubisoft released Assassin’s Creed 3. While the game was fun and entertaining to play, it felt like a rehash of previous Assassin’s Creed games and it feels like the series is going downhill. A couple months ago, Ubisoft released a trailer of their new game Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag which looks promising, So what is going to be different in Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag? For starters the new character, Edward Kenway, father of Haytham

Kenway and grandfather of Connor from Assassin’s Creed 3. Instead of the main character roaming the streets of Rome or one of the original American colonies; he is a pirate and a “privateer” that roams around and travels to different islands. Assassin’s Creed series creative director Alex Hutchinson has expressed interest in continuing Connor’s story, main character from Assassin’s Creed 3. Other characters that are confirmed for Assassin’s Creed 4 are historical figures like Blackbeard,

Benjamin Hornigold, Calico Jack, Charles Vane, and Anne Bonny. The location is set in the Caribbean on multiple islands such as Kingston, Havana, and Nassau. You will be able to explore the islands with Edward’s ship, Jackdaw. Smaller islands and locations can be visited and now underwater locations can now be explored for the first time in the Assassin’s Creed series. Yes, there will be naval combat like in Assassin’s Creed 3 and Ubisoft promises to make the combat

better by adding new weapons, enemies, challenges, and new progression system. The modern day setting will no longer focus on Desmond Miles but rather Abstergo Industries/Entertainment and the research analysts who work to explore Kenway’s memories. Lastly, the hidden blade once again comes back from the series while Flintlock Pistols can be equipped that allow Kenway to fire four shots successfully by strapping four weapons front and back.

Westside Athletic Booster Club

Westside Baseball Schedule

April 12, 2013


Ashley Bosarge


Staff Writer

estside high school’s baseball team accepted Sophomore Ryan France on the varsity team and he is enjoying this year very much with his fellow teammates. France says, “I’ve been playing baseball since as long as I can remember.” France participated in t-ball at a young age and continued to play even up to this day. France is currently a pitcher for the Westside wolves this year and out of batting, fielding, or pitching he expresses that he needs to work more on his pitching. France says, “You [can] always use more room for practice and improvement.” France says that some people have their own little pre game rituals, but he just goes into the game, sometimes nervous, with a good attitude. France says, “The things that make me nervous in a game are

my coaches. I feel the pressure from them to do the best I can, but it does push me to try my hardest.” Along with sports, France also has to juggle school work and his so-

France says, “My biggest role model isn’t a famous baseball player or anything, it’s my mom because she is always there for me and supports me with everything

cial life. He rated their importance at school work being on the top of the list, baseball not far after, and socializing last. France has his priorities in line and is doing the best he can to be successful.

that I do.” With a huge support system from his mom and pushing to be successful from his coaches, France has the positive energy he needs

By Brittany Gilpin Staff Writer


t’s common for people to get softball and Baseball confused. Its also a misconception whether softball is a real sport. Based off of Westsides Junior softball player, Sydney Mannen, she definitely disagrees and claims softball is a real sport. Mannen has been playing softball since she was 6 years old, she has become an expert of the game. Here at Westside, Mannen is the pitcher and has been a pitcher since she was 9 years old. She has had a spot on the varsity throughout her high school career. Her dedication to her team has resulted in a close to undefeated season. “We train a lot during off season,” Mannen says. “it does pay off during season.” Mannen explains that the team has a bright future for the rest of the season. “We’ve only lost one game so far, “ Mannen explains. “Hopefully when we face the Bellaire cardinals again we will be able to defeat them.” Softball season starts around the same time school gets to be more challenging. “I wouldn’t change anything about the sport I play, but it does get really hard juggling school and softball.” Mannen says how she also has a job she has to keep up with as well. Not only does she have to keep up with the struggles dur-

ing school, but also the struggle with finding time for practice and a job. Mannen says, “Its not easy playing the sport I love, I’ve been playing for so long I wouldn’t quit now. If I could, I would play in college but I’m undecided.” Mannen puts in an abundant amount of

time into the sport she loves. Everyone keep on eye on this star athlete, she’s doing big things.

around him to be focused on his goal of getting into college and going on to play baseball. France says, “Yes, I plan on going to college and I’m not sure what I want to study yet, but I know I want to continue baseball.” France says he prefers to go to Texas State University while continuing baseball with a team outside of college. Wish France good luck with his last two years of baseball here at Westside and his future of it outside of high school.

Baseball for Beginners

The Haven Chronicles is a blog that periodically posts short stories about varied subjects by a underground writer, Joseph Brown

To

Prologue The castle servant darted down the hallways, picking up speed with every thump of his beating heart. To the left he went, then to the right, barely feeling the walls and many doorways rush past him. The King’s Seat lie ahead, the epicenter of the entire city, sealed by two monolithic double doors. The servant pushed towards it, pushing with all his might to open it only partially. The King sat in the light of the candle-lit chandelier, perplexed as the servant bolted through the door, almost stumbling onto the marble floor. “Sire!” the servant cried, running across the colossal chamber that served as the King’s Seat. King Cross rose sharply, and drew his sword. Its strong steel gleamed against the

light. “Halt there, good sir! What news do you bring?” The King roared. The servant fell to his knees at the center of the room, gasping for air. He began to babble incoherently. Suddenly the King’s guards were upon him, raising him from the cold floor. “He’s back, your majesty! He’s back! I saw him with my own eyes. No one believes me but I did, I swear I did!” The two guards struggled to keep the servant on his feet as he tried to speak. Cross’ own heart began to thump now. “I will give you one chance to be truthful here. If I find you false I will strike your head from your shoulders. Who is back? And be clear,” the King gave the general’s glare. A look he had not used himself since battle. your majesty.

The Westside Howler  

Vol. 12, Issue 6