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UPCOMING EVENTS August 6 National night out (no WSNA Monthly Meeting) Green Street Foot Bridge Bring a dessert and a neighbor! Second Location: Shober Street August 13 West Salem Civic Club Meeting Civic Club Facility | 7p August 18 Music in the park Band TBA Granville park | 6:-8p August 25 Nature walk Goecaching Salem creek Biology Salem creek Greenway | 2-4p


Party in the Streets! Join us August 6th for another year of National Night Out! This event was created for neighborhoods throughout the country to strengthen community, bolster neighborhood watches, and solidify police partnerships. Let’s come together to celebrate West Salem and show our commitment to a safe and thriving community. Turn on your porch light to show your participation!

Two locations: . ..

Neighborhood Watch Group #316 (the southern portion of West Salem) will be hosting its annual National Night Out event for 2013 on Shober Street, which will be blocked off and Ice Cream Floats will be this year's snack of choice. All neighbors are welcome to attend to socialize, support our community's partnership with the WSPD and participate in America's Night Out Against Crime! Neighborhood Watch Group #319 (central and northern portion of West Salem) will be hosting its event on Green Street where it dead ends to the pedestrian bridge over I-40. Food: hot dogs, chips, drinks, DESSERT CONTEST! (bring your best dessert for a chance to win a $20 gift certificate to Winkler Bakery!)

WEST SALEM NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION President | Rick Henterly 412.855.3727 secretary | Corinne Causby 336.409.3287 Treasurer | Greg Levoniuk 336.971.0699

Captain Masencup from the WSPD will speak, and we’ll have games and fellowship for everyone! Bring out the kids and your neighbors for a great street party!

Tuesday, August 6




Shober Street & Green Street

*Dessert Contest

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John Floyd

Volume XII Issue VII

W e s t

S a l e m

August 2013

WSNA Monthly Meeting Street Party for National night out August 6 | 6-8:30P

Music In the park Grab a neighbor, grab a friend. Join us for another evening concert in West Salem.

Don’t miss it! Band name to be announced soon. Check our website for details:

Granville Park Sunday, July 21

Irma’s Recipes

Got history?

West Salem needs

you! We are currently working on a project by the Echo Network known as StoryLine. They assemble oral histories to expand our neighborly knowledge. The recording bus will be in West Salem soon! To get involved or find out more info:


Basil It’s garden time! Irma will feature an herb each month for you to grow and use for cooking.

Basil is a half hardy annual plant that is related to the mint family and has its origin in India. There are more than 150 different types of basil It can be added to flower, herb or vegetable gardens You can start this plant from seeds or transplant it. Basil loves the heat of summer and likes to be trimmed frequently if you want a bushy plant. The best time to get it is summer. Harvesting in the mornings and before the flowers have opened is best. Most of us are familiar with basil as an ingredient in pesto, Italian and Asian dishes. When cooking with this herb it should be added in the last 3 minutes to get the flavor to stay, otherwise it vaporizes. It can be substituted for oregano in pizza. Basil is best stored in an oil, vinegar or frozen paste. When freezing pesto omit the garlic until you are ready to use the pesto. You can also dry and store it in a tightly covered glass container. Basil has a colorful history and in some places it was thought of as the “love plant”. It is worshiped in India. In ancient cultures it was thought to drive people mad. There is no medical support for the claims that it is helpful in digestion, elimination of gas, constipation, vomiting and cramps. A cup of basil tea after dinner acts like an after dinner mint (steep a teaspoon of dried leaves in a cup of boiling water). This remedy is also used by those having nervous headaches and anxiety. Add it to your bath water to give you energy.

Basil Butter

4 cloves of garlic 15 fresh basil leaves

½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1 cup butter

Put garlic, basil and pepper in a food processor bowl. Process until the garlic is in small bits or pieces. Add the butter and process to mix all ingredients. Spoon into a container and refrigerate until it hardens. Can be put on any type bread. 2

Volume XII Issue VII

W e s t


S a l e m

Stock Peach Lane


t h e

w e e k

Summers are busy. It’s the season for vacationing and fun. Because folks are often out of town on the weekends, we’ve moved the program week to now run from Tuesday to Tuesday. So when next Tuesday rolls around, look for a sign! It might be in your garden! Information and pictures: Follow us on Instagram: @westsalemgardens

W eek 7 713 Mulberry Street

W eek 9 727 South Broad Street

Peach Stand in 1880’s

West Salem had farms, which included many fruit trees such as apples, peaches and pears. Christ Moravian Church parishioners were often asked in the early days where they lived when they came to church. They often replied, “We live in the peach groves.” The farm was owned in the 1800s by the Leinbach family. This photograph was taken in the 1880s at the corner of Green Street and Bank Street. In those days, it was known as Paper Mill Road (Bank Street) and Peach Lane (Green Street), respectively. It seems kind of ironic that the farm was located in the area where the present day Community Garden is located. There were many outbuildings that were lived in by residents dating back to the beginning of Old Salem in the 1700s. The peaches were not only picked, but also sold at this location in West Salem. One of the town’s major areas was Paper Mill Road. This was before Academy Street existed. Brought to you by Michael Bricker (West Salem neighbor & Historian)

G o f

the history of WEST SALEM

august 2013

W eek 8 1027 Franklin street

W eek 10 1138 bank street


Volume XII Issue VII

W e s t

august 2013

S a l e m

WSNA Monthly Meeting Street Party for National night out August 6 | 6-8:30P Since 1967

Service All Brands 24/7/365


West Salem Classifieds Classifieds are offered free to West Salem neighbors (up to 3 consecutive months) wishing to sell personal items. Business advertisements are paid advertisements billed at the standard rates.

Wanted Looking to BUY, SELL, OR INVEST

Call the Philips Team Toni Phillips 336-624-6946

A garden shed for the West Salem Community Garden - Call Jeff 336.785.2152

For Sale Marshall Wendell upright Piano and Bench, beautiful condition, Solid Wood. Spent many years in a church, very well kept. $300. Call Nate (336) 414-8465.

Christ Moravian Church Visit us on Sundays Sunday School 10 AM Worship 11 AM To learn more about our congregation visit:

Singer treadle antique sewing machine and cabinet. Pulley belts included. Excellent condition. $200. Call Nate (336) 414-8465.

For Rent Civic Club- space available for events, parties, meetings, etc. 1,800 sqft. of meeting space, commercial-style kitchen, two bathrooms & adequate parking on 2Âź acres. Ideal for many activities. Discount rates for Club members. E-mail for info.

You, too, can have your ad published in our newsletter. It reaches over 1000 homes each month! Email:

or call 336.782.7805 for more info.

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WSNA Newsletter-August  

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