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ity, bought a pick-up truck and went to North Carolina. Interested in the notion of self-sufficiency with cooking, sewing, and learning to build shelter through Habitat, Kate was inspired by the physical act of building things. It was through this mission-driven work that Kate rediscovered her love for making things with her own hands. Around that time, she grew close to a group of angel investors funding $10,000–$25,000 into individual startups, and after taking a three-month accelerated boot-camp in start-ups, she was asked to run one. “I said sure,” said Kate. “I was interested in people with a vision to build the future, and I wanted to be the yes person.” Kate says her combined love for making things, and for people who make things, makes Bolt the perfect job for her. Interested in women’s health, one of her current investments is in a hardware company working on 3D tissue samples and ultrasound therapy that will help breast cancer survivors. As the tour wound down and alumnae headed back to the brunch room, talk turned to the notion of 3D printing in outer space. “I’m obsessed with space,” says Kate. “Fascinating things happen in that realm.” Fascinating things are happening in the Bay Area as well, evidenced by how the room was suddenly abuzz with enthusiasm and appreciation for the exciting fields that Westridge alumnae like Kate are driven to explore.

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Bay Area Brunch attendees included: Vanessa Wolf Alexander ’97, Mari Amend ’09, Ashley Bailey-Powell ’01, Claire Bevan ’10, Julie Cates ’69, Sandra Morse Coleman ’54, Laura Eng ’09, Virginia Good Falconer ’66, Kelsey Holmes Foster ’05, Jo Whitehouse Heffernan ’63, Tiffany Hsieh ’09, Louise Huttinger ’05, Joanne Ichino Jouris ’79, Pamela Knutstad ’79, Alison Marshall ’76, Kate McCarthy McAndrew ’05, Michelle Valentine Scott ’57, Olivia Tayback ’15, Mary Wheatcroft Ten Broeck ’78, Sarah Vernallis ’15, Caroline Wallis ’11, Barry Zorthian ’62, Head of School Elizabeth J. McGregor, Ian McGregor, Director of Alumnae Affairs Lisa Vandergriff, and Advancement Associate Candy Renick.



1. Elizabeth J. McGregor talks to alumnae at the Bay Area Brunch that took place in a room with a remarkable resemblance to Westridge’s own STEAMWork Design Studio; 2. Olivia Tayback ’14, Sarah Vernallis ’15, and Vanessa Wolf Alexander ‘97; 3. Pamela Anderson Knutstad ’79 and Joanne Ichino Jouris ‘79; 4. Ashley Bailey-Powell ‘01, Virginia Good Falconer ’66, and Louise Huttinger ‘05; 5. Sarah Vernallis’15 and Mary Wheatcroft TenBroeck ‘78; 6. Kate McAndrew ’05 with Head of School Elizabeth J. McGregor; 7. Louise Huttinger ’05, Kelsey Holmes Foster ’05, and Kate McAndrew ‘05; 8. Laura Eng ’09, Mari Amend ’09, and Tiffany Hsieh ‘09


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2016 Winter Surgere  

2016 Winter Surgere