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Dr. Jossalyn Turner Emslie’s ’83 summer internship program for Westridge students eying a life in medicine.

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, This edition of Surgere highlights a range of Westridge-forged connections, from alumnae mentoring and career networking to current students honoring alumnae they admire in class projects. Our lead story looks at the life-changing—and unbelievably comprehensive—medical internship for rising Westridge seniors organized and run by Jossalyn Turner Emslie, M.D. (Actually, it is not unbelievable if you know Jossalyn.)



Reunion Weekend photos, events, campus visits, ALUMNAE NEWS and more. Updates and photos


from alumnae.

Connections made on this campus and throughout the Westridge family are a meaningful part of the Westridge experience that extends beyond graduation. I frequently hear stories of the Westridge network extending its hand to help alumnae in need of assistance, advice, a reference, and the like. Of course, many of these connections are organic. But as Jossalyn points out in our lead story, building networks for women requires attention and intention. Our Office of Alumnae Affairs works to create opportunities for students and alumnae to connect with former classmates and alumnae across the generations, and with Westridge parents. They do so with networking and speaker events, and with the Westridge Connect ( online platform. No matter where you are in life’s journey, we hope you find a network of support at Westridge. Please reach out to the alumnae office if you would like to be more involved, and please remember to update the school and your Westridge Connect profile when you move, change jobs, or change your email address. This allows Westridge community members to find you and helps us to invite you to events in your area. To that end, I hope you will join us March 8-9 for Alumnae Weekend. Seeing classmates reunite is a joy and seeing strong Westridge women form new friendships and share experience across the decades is a thing of beauty. Surgere,

Elizabeth J. McGregor Head of School 01

5 Days, 7 Students, 11 Doctors Immeasurable Learning

From left: Sarah L., Isabella L., Lauren B., Jossalyn Emslie, Sarah B., Deijah B., Chloe D. (Not pictured: Meghan X. ’19. from Diamond Bar High School.)

Alumna Dr. Jossalyn Turner Emslie’s Medical Internship for Westridge Seniors he genesis of Internist Jossalyn Turner Emslie’s ’83 internship program was simple enough: girls in her daughter’s Girl Scout troop asked if they could shadow Emslie and word spread on the Westridge campus after the program’s first year. But Emslie, passionate about female mentorship, especially in medicine, reached far past a shadowing program to develop an intense, once-in-a-lifetime experience for Westridge students (and a few other girls as well).


“High school girls don’t know enough yet to get a lot out of shadowing a doctor,” said Emslie. So, she created a formal (and jam-packed) curriculum to help students see what it looks like to work in different specialties or be a researcher, understand what it takes to get into and through medical school, consider the challenges unique to women in the field, and learn how to access mentors and other educational and professional opportunities. “I only do this for girls and I think this is the fault of Westridge!” said Emslie, whose daughters Caitlin ’12 and Maddie ’16, are also alumnae. She believes in Westridge

Winter 2019 /


because it is “a place where girls are first-class citizens in all they do and where they learn to be themselves without societal gender assumptions.” She has a similar belief in the power of female mentorship. “There is a long history of male mentorship—they call it the old boys’ network, and men and boys expect mentor relationships. But this isn’t the norm for women…I think it is important for women to mentor girls and for girls to have a place to experience this with only girls.” In the field of medicine, she said, women perform differently and are viewed differently by patients. Because of that, she believes it is important to have women in the caring professions. Yet women are still underrepresented in medicine, especially in top positions, and are paid less—a gap that is increasing, unlike the overall gender wage gap. “I love what I do, and I want to inspire the girls to continue to follow their interest in medicine,” said Emslie. “I tell them ’each individual’s body is the most critical thing to them…in medicine, people bring that (body) to you and every day, after seeing you, someone has less fear, less pain, or lives longer. Every day. And on top of that, you get a pay check.’”

I am forever grateful to Dr. Emslie for welcoming us into her world with such open arms and giving us the opportunity to network, make new doctor contacts, and witness all the beautiful things about medicine.

THE PROGRAM STUDENTS: • Conduct research into how to become a doctor, how to get into medical school, and what happens after med school graduation • See patients/work with doctors and a nurse practitioner in: family medicine; radiology; OB-GYN (Westridge parent Della Fong, M.D.); gynecology; cardiology; and clinical research • Meet with: a hospital chief medical officer, a medical school clinical faculty member, a medical school student (Nathalie Sami ’12, now at USC), a psychologist, a gastroenterologist, an

“Shadowing Dr. Emslie and meeting a plethora of people in a variety of healthcare professions was such a unique opportunity in that it allowed us to experience and witness, so many different areas of medicine,” said Lauren B. ’19. “I don’t think I would have discovered my desire to be an OB-GYN if it weren’t for this experience, because I wouldn’t have seen it first hand as a high school student still in the midst of becoming who I am. My biggest takeaway from this experience was discovering more about myself and about what I want for my future career in medicine.” Of note—this story contains one other Westridge connection! Emslie works with Westridge parent Hani Sami, M.D. (Nathalie ’12) in the Sierra Madre medical group he founded.

academic clinical researcher (M.D./Ph.D.), and clinical medical assistants • Tour a hospital and a medical school • Attend a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows program research presentation day at Caltech • Create/present an individual patient presentation based on notes taken during a patient meeting and additional research • Learn to measure blood pressure and use simple diagnostic instruments on each other


Westridge Connects! Two years ago, the Westridge Connect online platform launched to help alumnae connect with each other and other members of the Westridge community for career and other life advice. Of course, the power of Westridge connections has been a life force for decades, but the platform makes connecting to a wider circle of alumnae easier and faster. In this edition of Surgere, we share a sampling of connections made online and off! Jessica Osaki Howell and Jeanice Gantus at their Google team holiday party.

Westridge Connects at Google! It was around this time last year that Jeanice Gantus ’00, now the director of commerce at Google, first joined Westridge Connect. She was excited to discover an online platform to share job opportunities at Google, where she manages a large, highly technical team, and is always hoping to increase representation of women.

The “Power of One” Alumnae in the Life of Current Students For their Power of One project, each 7th grader selects an “upstander”—a person in their community working towards positive social change. This year, Stephanie Sauter ’83 (above left) and Meg Carmack Symes ’79 were chosen by Sylvie S. ’24 (above right) and Dahlia V. ’24 as examples of the extraordinary difference one person can make in their community. Stephanie does pro bono work for Law Project LA to ensure that children’s educational needs are being met, and Meg is the executive director of Cancer Support Community Pasadena (CSCP). The students interviewed them and created exhibits that reflect their work to present to their fellow students, parents, and teachers.

“It was such a privilege and honor to be back at Westridge as an alumna and upstander! Dahlia deserves an A for her beautiful representation of CSCP! Dahlia is going places!” – MEG CARMACK SYMES ’79 04

“Supporting and mentoring women in the tech industry is a deep passion of mine, so I knew that the Westridge network would be a great place to find talented candidates with a strong background,” said Jeanice. She shared several job posts on Westridge Connect, and her hope of bringing a strong “Westridge superstar” on board became a reality when Jessica Osaki Howell ’98 responded. Jessica had been working as a consultant for social ventures and nonprofits in Nashville, but connecting with Jeanice resulted in a move to Silicon Valley with her husband and three children. She started at Google in April and currently works as a product operations manager. “I turned to Westridge Connect when, after several years as a consultant to non-profits and start-ups, I was looking for a new role with less travel and more room to To join Westridge grow,” said Jessica. “It was (on Connect, visit Westridge Connect), because of the impact my Westridge friends http://westridgeconnect. have had in their careers, that I found the opportunity to move back to California and take on a great role at Google.”

Winter 2019 /


Elizabeth Angres Vaughn & Sarah Vernallis ’15—State of CA Attorney General’s Office It’s not just alumnae connections being made—Westridge parents are jumping in to help alumnae as well. Elizabeth Angres Vaughn, parent of Quintynn ’21, a civil defense litigator for the California Department of Justice, and member of Westridge Connect, is mentoring Sarah Vernallis ’15 (Stanford ’19). When Sarah reached out on Westridge Connect for career advice, Elizabeth was impressed. “She seemed so smart, engaging, and thoughtful about what she was looking to achieve,” said Elizabeth, whose department doesn’t typically offer internships to college students. Sensing Sarah would be capable of handling more than the typical college-level paralegal experience, and based on her interest in environmental law, she referred Sarah to a friend in the Land Law Section of the Public Rights Division of the California Attorney General’s office. “I made the connection for her, but she landed it on her own abilities,” said Elizabeth. “I’ve never heard of anyone in my office offering a law clerk position to a college student, which says a lot about Sarah.” Sarah, an undergraduate, joined law student interns, visiting many judges in their chambers and seeing oral arguments given in court. “I was able to help with research I then saw

deployed in the courtroom!” said Sarah. “Westridge Connect led me to Elizabeth, the kind of mentor one can’t really ask for but just feel incredibly grateful to have,” said Sarah. “She was incredibly supportive…Her warmth and attentiveness made me feel that even in this new and strange environment I had someone that really cared about me.” Throughout the summer, Elizabeth checked in, had lunch with Sarah, and made herself available for advice. “I think the world of Westridge and I love that I’m able to make myself available to young women looking for their future path,” said Elizabeth.

Andrea Cherng ’95 & Liz Carlton ’03 —Panda Restaurant Group

Parents, trustees, and alumnae gathered for the Panda Express Lake Avenue grand re-opening, including from left to right: Laureen Chang, Liz Carlton ’03, Andrea Cherng ’95, Johanna Brown Clark ’95, Emily Ko Wang ’93, Darrell Chulay Banta ’77, Lisa Burke.

“For the last two years, I have been fortunate to work in the marketing department at Panda Restaurant Group with alumna and Chief Marketing Officer Andrea Cherng ’95. For the recent re-opening of the Panda Express on Lake Avenue in Pasadena, I had the opportunity to work closely with Andrea and experience first-hand the impact she has made on the brand and the community through her leadership, vision, and passion. The grand opening was filled with magical, serendipitous moments—the Westridge Lower School Lion Dance team performing. We even reconnected with one of Andrea’s former classmates, Johanna Brown Clark ’95, who is now the manager of individual and foundation giving at Families Forward Learning Center, who was the community partner for the Lake Avenue grand opening. These connections have reinforced my belief that Westridge is a magical place that instills the importance of community and leadership in all of the women that go there.” - LIZ CARLTON ’03 05

Alumnae Readers Cook Up a Delicious Gathering Westridge Alumnae Readers upped their game for the November 14 book club gathering by cooking South African dishes from Recipes for Love and Murder by Sally Andrew. Attendees, pictured from left to right, include: Karen Schirm Irwin ’56, Cathy Dees ’54, Lynne Tsuboi Saito ’63, Gretchen Todd Schofield ’79, Sylvia Crowley Holmes ’76, Barbara Davis Reynolds ’72, Jossalyn Turner Emslie ’83, and Stephanie Sauter ’83. Please join the group this year for discussions of The Color Purple, Backlash: War on Women, Wuthering Heights, and I am Heathcliff. See “Save the Dates” on page 9 for dates.

Class of 2018 College Care Package Mailing Parents from the Class of 2018 caught up while packing college care packages during a coffee gathering in Pitcairn House. Alumnae from the Class of 2018 received Halloween candy, a book light, and Thoughtfully Ruthless, a book about growth-oriented leadership written and donated by Westridge parent Val Wright. Attendees (from left to right) included Dianna Lau, Martha Chowning, Val Wright, Gary Ho, Irena Gan, Deborah Boone, Malika Abbas, and Janice Acton.

London Alumnae Gathering Head of School Elizabeth J. McGregor (center) hosted a summer gathering at the St. James Club in London for overseas alumnae and friends, including (from left to right) Brian Johnson, Maral Tavitian ’13, Lena Tavitian ’15, Rhiannon Hughes-Boatman ’15, Ophelia Ennis Follett ’59, Ann Callender Barker ’64, Suzanne Baggs Watt ’80, Lonnee Hamilton ’80, Andrea Chen ’97, and Bryan Simpson.


Winter 2019 /

Leadership & Loyalty Reception More than 200 parents, grandparents, alumnae, faculty and staff, and friends of Westridge gathered at the Athenaeum for our annual donor recognition celebration honoring donors of $1,913 or more, members of the Madeline Society, and loyal donors. Board Chair Richard Fung, Head of School Elizabeth J. McGregor, and student body President Quyen M. ’19 thanked guests for their generous contributions to Westridge. “Women’s empowerment has never been more important. Your generosity ensures Westridge girls have every opportunity to grow and thrive. Our students today are the leaders of tomorrow and your support is the key to their success,” said McGregor.

Dorothy McCay Scully ’54 and Priscilla Dunn Flynn ’47


Alumnae Board Chair Emily Miller Karlekar ’95, Nicole Lomas ’92, and Emily Ko Wang ’93

5 Sigrid Burton ’69 and Janet Morse Stanford ’55

John DeWitt, Bonnie O’Conor DeWitt ’58, and Westridge Planned Giving Officer Becky Potter.

The evening’s speakers included Head of School Elizabeth J. McGregor, ASB President Quyen M. ’19, and Board of Trustees Chair and parent Richard C. Fung.


Young Alumnae Circle Annual Holiday Brunch Westridge’s Young Alumnae Circle members, comprised of alumnae who graduated from 2009-2018, were invited to the annual YAC Holiday Brunch with soon-to-be alumnae from the Class of 2019. Front row, from left: Olivia N. ’19, Summer G. ’19, Annie L. ’19, Ronni H. ’19, Paloma S. ’19, Amy S. ’19, and Aleen B. ’19. Back row: Amy Voorhees ’12, KiMi Robinson ’12, Zellie O. ’19, Olivia M. ’19, Bonnie Singh ’14, Angela Fung ’16, Alia Werden ’18, Jessica Beskind ’18, Taylor Callobre ’08, and Firdaus Landou ’10.

Entertainment Industry Alumnae Talk to Students about Jobs & Journeys

Chace Wetzel ’01 (far left) and Alexa Dedlow ’01 (far right) with some of the Westridge juniors and seniors who attended the Alumnae Luncheon Speaker Series event.

Westridge alumnae Alexa Dedlow ’01 and Chace Wetzel ’01 recently returned to campus to speak to students about their careers and the sometimes-roundabout journeys they took to get there. Alexa is a producer for original content at Apple Music and Chace is manager of business and legal affairs at Netflix, positions they landed after working as assistants, in restaurants, and taking other unexpected career turns. The classmates (both Westridge lifers) shared their wisdom on everything from picking a major in college and following your passion, to using your Westridge and other networks and not being too proud to start from the bottom. Oh, and they also shared a little about the perks of working at some of the top entertainment companies in the biz. Their visit was the first of the year’s Westridge Alumnae Luncheon Speaker Series, which welcomes alumnae back to campus to introduce juniors and seniors to some of the many career options open to them.

Rachel Miller ’06 Sheds Light on Her Career Rachel Miller ’06 (pictured at far right) revisited her theater roots at Westridge by speaking to Technical Theatre class students about her work as a lighting designer and project supervisor for Kinetic Lighting. She demonstrated lighting techniques using a smart phone app and shared photos from events including the Emmy’s, Disney parties, and movie premieres. Students heard how Rachel took her passion for theater at Westridge and parlayed that into a job she loves by starting as a lighting intern at age 15. She highly recommends studying abroad, as she did through an Emerson College program in Amsterdam. Rachel’s parting advice? Be passionate or don’t be there, and always be on time. 08

Winter 2019 /


Save the Dates Alumnae Weekend

FRIDAY, MARCH 8 & SATURDAY, MARCH 9 +reunion celebrations for classes ending in “4” and “9” MARCH 8-10 Upper School Theatre Production – Urinetown: The Musical The Tony Award-winning satire modeled off the plays of Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht is a wickedly funny, fast-paced, and surprisingly intelligent comedic romp you don’t want to miss!

Westridge Alumnae Readers Book Club Sumiyah Mshaka, Lisa Turner ’05, Jazlyn G. ’22, Thembisa Mshaka ’88, Caroline P. ’20, Kat M. ’21, Natalie V. ’21, and Bailey D. ’21.

Thembisa Mshaka ’88 Shares Voiceover Talent with Students Thembisa Mshaka ’88, in town from New York for the That’s Voiceover! Career Expo 2018, talked to Westridge theater students about her work as a writer and voice over actor. After pursuing a degree in International Relations and Ethnic Studies from Mills College in Oakland, an internship changed Thembisa’s path, leading to work as a freelance music writer. She moved to New York and embarked on a career as a copywriter for Sony Music, creating ad campaigns for artists such as Beyoncé, Will Smith, Lauren Hill, George Michael, and many others. She was named the first copy director at BET Networks and currently oversees all corporate communication materials. Producing copy led to work in the voiceover arena starting in 2001, but Thembisa’s entry wasn’t easy. “Rejection is part of the job,” said Thembisa. “It’s a selection process and you can’t take that personally.” With a full-time job at BET, Thembisa somehow finds time for auditions and has built an impressive body of promo and commercial work for companies such as Iams, Ford, Verizon, the WNBA, and networks including Oxygen and Lifetime. Thembisa shared voiceover samples, noting the difference between her “mom voice” and her automotive, tech, or sports-related promos, where fewer women are selected. Thembisa has received much recognition, winning five Telly Awards; Promax/BDA Gold; NARM Advertising; and three nominations for the Voice Arts Award. She has been recognized on the festival circuit as a writer-director and producer of three short films and was named the 2013 Distinguished Alumna at Mills College.

MARCH 20 Alice Walker - The Color Purple MAY 15 Susan Faludi - Backlash: War on Women JULY 16 Emily Brontë - Wuthering Heights and Kate Mosse - I am Heathcliff (stories inspired by Wuthering Heights) RSVP to or 626.799.1053, ext. 244. Books are available at Vroman’s with a 20% Westridge Alumnae Reader discount.

4th Annual College Connections Fair and Parade MAY 17 Hosted by College Counseling and Alumnae Affairs, this festive event gives Upper School students and parents the opportunity to connect with college-age alumnae, graduates, and faculty/staff members who share first-hand knowledge about the higher education institutions they’ve attended.

When planning both local and regional events, we send invitations based on current addresses, so please be sure your information is up to date with Westridge! For more information, contact Lisa Vandergriff, Director of Alumnae Affairs 09 626.799.1053, ext. 244

Westridge Introduces a Personalized Global Studies Program

Westridge Welcomes Three Alumnae to the Faculty & Staff

The Westridge Global Initiative, which debuted this fall, is a program that allows students to create their own interdisciplinary study of a modern-day global issue, such as immigration or child labor. Juniors and seniors can now formally pursue global-related interests by combining Westridge classes with experiential learning such as internships and volunteering. “This is a very intentional program,” said Brittany Coker, chair of the committee that mentors participants. “It is student-centered pedagogy that connects our students to the world and makes their classes impactful to them.”

Three alumnae returned to campus this fall to join the ranks of faculty and staff members! Alexandra Husmann ’13 is the middle school computer science teacher, Sha’Trece Slaughter ’10 is our admission associate, and Bonnie Singh ’14 is the administrative assistant to College Counseling. With their arrivals, there are now six alumnae faculty and staff members, including Amber Douglas Arbet ’01, Allison Clark ’07, and Katie Rothenberg Wei ’94.

Assemblies: A Tradition of Amplifying Student Voices Student-led assemblies at Westridge are a forum for students to discuss topics about which they are passionate. So far this year, Student Voices—a group that addresses topics related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice—has led assemblies on: • #RepresentationMatters—a discussion of cultural representations in the media, and how those representations have impacted students. • Silent Movement—an activity that created a visual representation of diversity on campus and encouraged reflection on representation and privilege. • Socioeconomics—a discussion of socioeconomics at Westridge that encouraged awareness and respect of the socioeconomic diversity on campus.


(L to R) Alexandra Husmann ’13, Sha’Trece Slaughter ’10, and Bonnie Singh ’14

Beginning the Year with Integrity Convocation was a joyous event as new and returning students welcomed the 20182019 school year. In her address, Head of School Elizabeth J. McGregor shared her reflections on one of our core values, which is also our theme for the year—integrity. (Read her remarks on the Westridge blog at

Rose Princesses (Yes, Plural!) Congratulations to seniors Lauren B. and Micaela M. who were selected for the Tournament of Roses 2019 Royal Court. Lauren and Micaela follow in the footsteps of a long line of Westridge Rose Princesses and Queens dating all the way back to 1937:

Yam Festival Turns 20! Westridge’s beloved Yam Festival was founded in 1998 by members of the Families of Black Students to promote inclusion and celebrate cultural diversity. Today, parents prepare hundreds of sweet and savory yam dishes from around the world for students to enjoy while dressed in their finest yam-inspired attire!

• Nancy Bumpus Johnson ’35, Rose Queen 1937 • Charmaine Shryock Bailey ’89, Rose Queen 1989 • Harini Reddy ’91, Rose Princess 1991 • Wendy Schnee Withers ’91, Rose Princess 1991 • Melissa Tyson '92, Rose Princess 1992 • Purdy Tran ’98, Rose Queen 1998 • Sophia Bush ’00, Rose Queen 2000 • Bridget McDonald ’08, Rose Princess 2009 • Simona Shao ’15, Rose Princess 2015 This year’s Rose Queen, Louise Deser Siskel, is a former Westridge student. Lauren B. ’19

Micaela M. ’19

Photos courtesy of Pasadena Tournament of Roses.

What’s New Online? Spyglass Student Newspaper Goes Digital Our student journalists released “Spyglass 2.0” this year, a redesigned, fully digital version of the Westridge newspaper. Check it out at Faculty Q&As We’re very proud of our top-tier faculty, a group that combines inspirational teaching with subject-matter expertise (64% have advanced degrees, including 14% doctoral degrees). Read Q&As with some of our fascinating faculty members on our website at MeetOurFaculty. Virtual Open House Explore Westridge from afar via our new virtual open house, featuring videos on our Upper School academic departments. Hear directly from faculty about today’s curriculum and what makes Westridge truly special at VirtualOpenHouse.


letter from the

2018-2019 Alumnae Board members include (from left) Melissa Wu ’94, Jennifer Heintz Lulla ’95, Katie Rothenberg Wei ’94, Emily Ko Wang ’93, Monica Oller ’91, Shahbano Nawaz ’98, Tara Friedlander Dunlap ’02, Teri Wilde ’69, Vice Chair Catherine Christian Schultz ’71, Dana Icaza Banta ’01, Board Chair Emily Miller Karlekar ’95, and Liz Seitz DeRobertis ’94. Not pictured: Karen Huante ’79, Andrea V. Mills ’72, Lynne Tsuboi Saito ’63, Senior Class President Olivia N. ’19, and Vice President Micaela M. ’19.


Alumnae Board Chair hite uniforms • Surgere Tentamus • Eating lunch on the Quad • Westridgettes Welcome back to Westridge! My hope is that reading these memories makes you smile and think of a few more. It is the memories and shared experiences that bind us together, as they helped shape us into the students we were and the women we have become.

•O  ffer a job or internship to a current or graduating student or alumna • Mentor current seniors or alumnae via our networking site, Westridge Connect • Serve as a Class Rep and help maintain connections with your classmates

When I visit campus, I am awestruck at what happens here: the potential that lies inside each Westridge girl is infinite. I see rockets being designed, choreography being created, problems being solved, and girls being empowered.


I invite each of you back to campus, to a Westridge-sponsored event here or abroad, or even to the school’s website to reconnect with the magic that is happening here.

We are a group of women diverse in race, class, geography, career, and family…and yet, we share a common history that asks us to “strive to rise.” We look forward to connecting with you soon!

As Alumnae Board Chair, I can’t express deeply enough how much Westridge wants you to be a part of our community and for Westridge to be a part of your life today. Here’s how:

CONNECT •K  eep your contact information current by contacting Westridge with any changes • Submit class notes for Winter and Summer Surgere magazine • Attend various on- and off-campus events, locally and regionally



•A  nnual Fund • Endowment Campaign • Forever Fund Endowment (supports scholarships)


Emily Miller Karlekar ’95 Alumnae Board Chair

Winter 2019 /


RANNEY AWARD Sigrid Burton ’69 Westridge is pleased to announce the 2019 Mary Lowther Ranney Distinguished Alumna Award will be presented to Sigrid Burton ’69 during the Alumnae Weekend Luncheon on Saturday, March 9. The Ranney Award is given annually to an alumna whose life embodies the spirit of the Westridge motto, Surgere Tentamus, and who, by her commitment to her chosen path, her dedication to lifelong growth and learning, and her habits of heart, mind, and action is an example and an inspiration to the Westridge community.

igrid Burton ’69 is an artist known for her paintings and mixed media works on paper, and, in particular, for her use of color. Sigrid credits Westridge and her teachers with instilling a lifelong love of learning and travel, and commitment to social justice and community. Since the mid-1970s, Sigrid’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. In 1977 she received the Richard and Hilda Rosenthal Foundation Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, given to a young artist of distinction who has not yet had due recognition. Her works are included in numerous public and corporate collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as at Westridge. Sigrid graduated from Bennington College as an art major in 1973 and moved to New York City to work as a studio assistant to Helen Frankenthaler, and, later Jules Olitski. In 1985 Sigrid received a six-week residency fellowship at the Bellagio Study and Conference Center in Italy from the Rockefeller Foundation. A trip to India in 1990 fueled an ongoing interest in Indian art forms and aesthetic theory. In 1994, she received an Indo-American Senior Fulbright Research Fellowship to research the meaning and use of color in traditional Indian art forms. Sigrid has been a visiting artist at The Delhi College of Art in New Delhi, India, UC Santa Barbara, University of Arkansas

Photo courtesy of Wayne Shimabukuro.

and Virginia Tech. She worked for LEAP, Learning through Expanded Arts Program, teaching in all five boroughs of the New York City school system, to all grade levels K-12 and abilities from gifted to special education. She then served on the board of directors of LEAP. In response to the AIDS crisis of the late 1980s, Sigrid volunteered as a buddy and team leader for AIDS service organizations, and wrote a manual, The Caregivers Companion: A Guide for Those Caring for Persons with AIDS. Sigrid’s work as a community activist led to her appointment from 2007-2012 to Manhattan Community Board 2, representing Soho and the West Village. Sigrid returned to Pasadena with husband, Max Brennan, and their dog Jasper, in 2013. Upcoming exhibitions include a one person show in early 2020 at Tufenkian Fine Arts in Glendale and Out of the Blue, curated by John O’ Brien at LAX. Embracing her role as a Pasadena resident, Sigrid is involved in numerous organizations and is furthering her lifelong devotion to Westridge by serving on the school’s board of trustees. During the past five years, Sigrid has worked tirelessly with classmates to start The Forever Fund, an initiative to raise funds for financial aid, ensuring that future generations of qualified students have the opportunity to attend Westridge. 13


Friday, March 8 & Saturday, March 9

The Class of 1948 celebrated their 70th reunion during last year’s Alumnae Weekend.

RETURN TO CAMPUS FOR A FUN-FILLED WEEKEND WITH WESTRIDGE ALUMNAE! If you have yet to RSVP and would like to attend, please email to register today and reserve your seat at Saturday’s luncheon. Westridge Alumnae Affairs is currently working with Class Reps/reunion organizers to plan gatherings for the classes of 2014, 2009, 2004, 1999, 1994, 1989, 1984, 1979, 1974, 1969, 1964, 1959, 1954, 1949. Please be sure we have your current contact information so you’re in the loop!

Friday, March 8 1:45 P.M. Gathering of the 50th Reunion Class of 1969

2:15 P.M. Pen Pal Tea for the Classes of 1969 + 2027

3:00-5:00 P.M.

kinesthetic, mental, and rhythmic components of singing. This experience will focus on ensemble singing, and a growth mindset and collaborative interaction will be encouraged. Your brain will be energized, and your heart uplifted by singing with your friends. A positive and uplifting experience is promised to all, and, the “hidden meaning” referred to in Surgere will be revealed!

5:00-7:00 P.M. Alumnae Board Sponsored Cocktail Reception

Afternoon Offerings for Alumnae:

Campus Tour Behind the Scenes Theater Tour Westridge Tigers Softball Game Intro to Computer Science M  iddle School Computer Science teacher Alex Husmann ’13 will eliminate some of the fear and mystery that comes with the words “computer science” or “coding.” Get a hands-on lesson of how middle school students are introduced to computer programming. No prior experience is necessary! AP Biology Workshop S  tep into the shoes of Westridge AP Biology students who collaborate with the University of Washington to manipulate the evolution of yeast. Working with teacher Ryan Skophammer, Ph.D., you will discuss the aims of the project, observe the genetically engineered yeast, and practice the serial transfer technique used by students to evolve yeast. Music Matters with Paul Stephenson F  or singers and non-singers alike! Join Upper School choral music teacher Paul Stephenson to explore the physical, 14

Saturday, March 9 10:30 A.M. Coffee & Registration

10:45 A.M. Alumnae Speaker Terry Gamble ’73, author of The Water Dancers, and Good Family, shares her latest novel, The Eulogist, a pre-Civil War era novel set in Ohio.

11:30 A.M. Reunion Class photos for classes ending in “4” or “9”

12:00 P.M. Luncheon & Program Honoring the 2019 Ranney Award Recipient Sigrid Burton ’69

Winter 2019 /


Prudence Baldwin Kaye (Corvalis, OR): “Looking forward to our class of ’49 reunion in March.”


Cynthia Crawford Berne (Duarte, CA): “My new life alone since Tom’s death has at times been hard, but dear friends and amazing children have been a real blessing. Trips with my daughter to Greenland, Portugal, and Switzerland have been so special. Enjoy all news of Westridge from my classmates, and stay in touch with my longtime ’53 friends each year at Gwen Babcock’s home for lunch.” Sara Clifford Hammond (Harpswell, ME): “I moved into my new home at the end of March. It has 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, ADA enhanced, with full walk out basement, 3/4 acres, mostly trees! Doing yoga twice a week. Still doing hospice. Will be doing AARP Tax Aide again next spring. Going to Italy for 2 1/2 weeks at the end of April. I’m loving being back in Maine!”




Susan Straubel Champion (Corona Del Mar, CA): “Several trips this year to Colorado—my husband, Chuck, had his 65th reunion from the Colorado School of Mines and my grandson, Chandler, his graduation from the Colorado School of Mines. Traveled to Australia, Tasmania.”


Alice Myers Brown (Palo Alto, CA) hosted lunch for classmates Linda Wheaton Hollister, Virginia Corlette Pollard,Vicki Odriozola Dillingham, and Missy Barrett Reynolds (not pictured). 1 Victoria Odriozola Dillingham (Santa Barbara, CA) was joined by classmate Nadine Smith Danz to cheer on Vicki’s granddaughter and her USC soccer team in Round 1 of NCAA Division 1 National Championship. Trojans won 6-0! 2 Virginia Gerner Heinrich (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA): “My husband, John, and I still live in Rancho Palos Verdes most of the year but spend a few months in our Maryland condo to be near our

youngest set of grandkids who are now 7 and 14. (Took them to Disney World in Dec. 2018!) In good health, we travel a bit, to Hawaii every year and recently to Denmark and Iceland. Am in regular touch with classmates Sallie Anderson Reeves, Alice Myers Brown, Virginia Corlette Pollard, and Andi Dron Rohrer, as well as 10th grade English teacher Claire Altheuser.”

2 15


Sarah Jane Harper-Lansburgh (Nevada City, CA): “Foothills of Sierra Nevada mountains is still home. No fires here. I am a greatgreat-grandmother recently.” Cheri Colby Langdell (Pasadena, CA): “Melissa Campbell-Langdell ’00 is still rector of All Saints Episcopal Church in Oxnard, and (son) Sebastian is teaching English at Baylor University. He’s a new assistant professor of English, too. He and Anna have a one-year-old son, Ollie, who’s very cute, while Melissa and Alene have adopted Genesis, who is a 14-year-old 8th grader at Ojai Valley School. My husband, Tim, continues to

enjoy his work as a chaplain and I love my teaching job at East LA College. Let me know if you want to go to Maui, ok?”


Carol Horton Hawkins (Hollister, CA): “All is well in the Hawkins’s household. We’re still splitting our year between our ranches in Fort Klamath, OR and Hollister, CA.”


Kathleen Gilbert Levin (Sedona, AZ) shared news of a Class of ’65 meet up in June in Victoria, BC where Enid Elliott lives. 3 Enid Elliot, Libby Sinclair, Gay Groth-Marnat, and Kathy Gilbert Levin Martha McCook (Bend, OR): “I traveled to the South of Spain on a ’writing with the mystics’ tour. The gardens were fragrant with Linden Blossom, wisteria, jasmine, and Moroccan roses. The palaces and churches were grand. Had a wonderful breakfast visit from classmate Kathy Gilbert Levin in August.”


4 16

Heu’ionalani Wyeth (Anahola, HI): “The Pacific Traditions Society, of which I am secretary, is working on a three-part video documentary about its Vaka Taumako Project. Part 1, ’Our Vaka’ is about 95% finished, and has recently been shown in San Francisco, Victoria BC, Port Townsend, WA, and Seoul, S. Korea. For more information, consult”


Laurie Barlow (San Marino, CA) shared news of her 2018 travels to Texas and Arkansas, and later through Scandinavia; both trips were architecture jaunts with groups of researchers and architects.


Cathleen Chandler-Eckhardt (Soquel, CA): “I tried retirement last year and failed. Still upright; kicking and laughing! Still enjoy connecting with wild old Westridge friends—Katie Clark, Sarah Wheeler Cobb, Sarah Weller King, Terry Gamble Boyer, and Nina Warner.”


Susana Smith Bautista (Los Angeles, CA): “It was great seeing Sushan Demirjian as I stopped in DC for a few days of work. We talked about trade, museums, family, and of course Westridge.” This was followed by a minireunion dinner at Il Fornaio with a local group of ’84 classmates when Sushan visited in Pasadena in December. 4 Anna Pehoushek (Orange, CA): “My family and I had a great year of traveling in 2018, visiting friends in Mexico City in the spring and family and friends in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Switzerland in the summer. I enjoy crossing paths on a regular basis with fellow alumna Maya Alvarez Galvan ’88 at our sons’ school. I continue to serve as the assistant community development director for the City of Orange, CA, where our downtown was

designated by the American Planning Association as a 2018 Great Place in America.”


Mary Herms (New York, NY): “I spent Labor Day Weekend with Hilary Whelan Reyl, Klara Vogel ’86, and their amazing daughters. Fun was had by all!” Hilary Whelan Reyl (New York, NY): “I am still living in New York with my husband and three daughters. The paperless (version) of my young adult novel, Kids Like Us, is out and I’m working on another. I am ever grateful to Westridge for nurturing my creative writing.”


Roxanne Wu (Shanghai, China) would be delighted to answer any questions students and alumnae have about working/living abroad. “Teaching has allowed me to live in Malaysia, Spain, and China since 2010 and I love it,” said Roxanne, who visited Pasadena last summer for her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Roxanne Wu ’94, Crystal Wu Simpson ’96, Molly M. ’19, and Melissa Wu ’94. 5


Brittany Mohr Grant (Pasadena, CA): resides in Pasadena with her husband, Brian. Brittany serves as the Rose Bowl Game’s director of team and VIP operations and has worked with the Pasadena Tournament of Roses for the past 13 years. In her role with The Granddaddy

Winter 2019 /

of Them All, she manages the logistics and oversees the planning and execution of the stay for the participating teams and Rose Bowl Game VIPs. She is proud to be a part of an event that touches so many people, in both the community and throughout the country. Outside of the office, Brittany and her husband enjoy traveling, going to sporting events together, and spending time with their dog, Roxy. Leah Demeter (Los Angeles, CA) is engaged to be married on August 25, 2019.


Sheila Sitaram (New York, NY): “In search of a more relevant challenge, I (finally) pivoted my career out of fashion and luxury brand marketing—after a stint at MikMak, a rising social commerce tech startup, I’m now settling in as an experienced associate in the financial services advisory practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). If anyone else is trying to swim upstream from creative to corporate, please feel free to reach out—it has been very difficult to find others. Thank you, Sheila.”





6 2012

Dorie Bailey (Pasadena, CA) and Hannah Erskine (Los Angeles, CA) reconnected at Prospect Park Books’ annual open house, a holiday happy hour book sale featuring artwork, including Hannah’s ceramic works. Prospect Park Books is a local book publishing company on Lincoln Avenue in Altadena, where Dorie (pictured at right above) works as an assistant editor. 7 Kelly Habib (La Cañada, CA) was welcomed to the University of Arizona College of Medicine-

Phoenix, Class of 2022, by participating in the school’s White Coat Ceremony. During this rite of passage, the new medical students recited the Class of 2022 oath in front of family members, school leadership and peers, and were gifted a white coat, stethoscope, and textbook. The oath acknowledges their primary role as care givers, and their dedication and commitment to becoming compassionate and competent physicians. 6


Michelle Ko (Cambridge, MA): “I completed my senior thesis on the role of a specific protein in satellite cells for muscle regeneration in the Wagers Lab in March. In May, I graduated from Harvard College Magna Cum Laude with a concentration in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology and a secondary in English. I will spend the next 11 months in Taichung, Taiwan teaching English as part of the Fulbright U.S. Scholar

Program. It has been a dream of mine to explore the field of education and to learn more about where my parents and grandparents are from! This wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support of my family, friends, and mentors, particularly those from Westridge who taught me not only how to value education and knowledge, but also the experience of life. My unique Westridge education and awesome teachers are major reasons why I’m so interested in education today!”


Makala Thomas (Tallahassee, FL) is on the NCAA Division I National Championship soccer team at Florida State University. 8

Please send class notes and photos for the Summer Edition of Surgere to 17



Jean Tarr Fleming ’44

Diane Stanton Martin ’46

Jean died peacefully at home in Pasadena at the age of 92 surrounded by her family. At Westridge Jean was vice-president of the senior class. After graduating from Westridge she attended Scripps College, where she majored in American history. Later she went on to study human development at Pacific Oaks College, earning a master’s degree. Jean was a life-long class representative of the Class of 1944, keeping her classmates connected to Westridge through phone calls and notes. She was predeceased by her husband Louis B. Fleming and sisterin-law Elizabeth Fleming Rhodes ’33. She leaves behind her four children, as well as 11 grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren, her sister-in-law, Zemula Pierce Fleming ’43, and many nieces and nephews including Zemula Fleming Jensch ’73. Jean was a life-long advocate for quality early childhood education. She served on the board of trustees at Pacific Oaks, and in 1963 helped organize a group of women who transported mothers and children to Families Forward Learning Center (formerly Mother’s Club). She served on their board for many years. Jean was an active member of the League of Women Voters and a member of All Saints Church Pasadena. She was a strong, involved advocate of social justice throughout her life.

Diane died October 22 in Pasadena. She was a graduate of Polytechnic Elementary School, Anoakia, and Westridge. While at Westridge she sang in the Glee Club. A member of Mask and Brush, she appeared in numerous drama productions. After graduation from Westridge, Diane attended Finch College and USC. She was a member of the Pasadena Garden Club and The Town Club. She did volunteer work for the Junior League, Planned Parenthood, and other organizations including Kappa Kappa Gamma. Diane also taught botany and gardening at the LA County Arboretum for 15 years. Well-known as a gardener, cook, and hostess, she loved her friends, family, dogs, and garden. She was married for 43 years to Varick (Vic) Dey Martin Jr. who died in 1993. She is survived by her two children, one step-child, and three grandchildren.


Cynthia Marble Howes ’47 Cynthia died November 8 at Regency Park Oak Knoll in Pasadena at the age of 90. She attended Westridge 7th through 9th grades. In 1951 Mimi married Durward Howes III who predeceased her, as did their daughter Melissa Sanborn Howes and

their youngest son, Briant Davidson Howes. Mimi is survived by five children including alumnae Cynthia Howes Kepner ’70, Dana Howes Anderson ’71, and Mary Devin Howes Starratt ’76; 12 grandchildren including Mary Amelia Starratt ’16, six step-grandchildren, and 11 step-great-grandchildren, her sister, Sally Marble Lewis ’49, and numerous nieces and nephews. Mimi lived with heart and humor. She shared her love of family, friends, flowers, gardens, drawing, painting, volunteering, and entertaining with others whom she always put first.

Agnes (Joya) Bogan Wells ’48 Westridge recently learned of Joya’s death in 2016 in Santa Barbara at the age of 85. After attending Westridge, Joya graduated from the Montecito School for Girls. She attended Smith College in Massachusetts until her marriage to Edgar (Terry) Wells, Jr. In the early years of their marriage, she lived in many locations including Virginia, South Carolina, and Massachusetts. The family returned to her hometown of Santa Barbara in 1959, where she raised her three children. In her younger years, Joya was a devoted mother, actively involved with her children. She enjoyed playing tennis and loved

Winter 2019 /

to walk the beaches and foothills of Montecito. In her 50s, Joya followed her passion for art and moved to northern California where she earned a second bachelor’s degree in fine arts at UC Santa Cruz. She was an artist in the Bay Area for a decade, showing her works in watercolor, oil painting, sketches, mixed media, and sculpture, and working as an activist for peace, anti-nuclear efforts, and environmental protection. She is survived by her three children and four grandchildren.

Elaine Pottenger Ward ’52 Elaine, a life-long resident of Pasadena and San Marino, died July 12. She entered Westridge in 10th grade and was immediately elected class president. She showed strong qualilties of leadership from the start. The following year she was junior class president while also being active in many other activities. During her senior year she was head of Welfare. Elaine attended Polytechnic School and graduated from Westridge. After Westridge she went on to Scripps College in Claremont, CA. Elaine was an active member of the Pasadena community, involved with fundraising for cancer research and participating as a coach and leader in the Southern California and national racewalking communities, and as a USAA Track and Field official. She founded the North American Racewalking Foundation (NARF) and the North American Racewalking Institute (NARI). She published monthly racewalking newsletters, contributed articles to Masters News and Runners World, and published a number of books. Club members and coaching students will miss her enthusiasm and leadership. Elaine is survived by her two daughters, six grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter.

Valerie Thom Read ’53 Valerie Thom Read passed away peacefully, in her sleep on November 2. As a student at Westridge she exhibited a love of animals, and in her senior year she became head of riding. She was famous for comedy characterizations that she created in many Westridge skits and plays. She was a member of Glee Club, varsity hockey, the riding team, and Mask and Brush. After graduation from Westridge, Valerie attended Scripps College. Her children Whitney Read Warren ’86 and Robert Read related: “Valerie, a longtime resident of Pasadena and Capistrano Beach, was, along with her late husband Larry, a fixture in their neighborhoods, helping to define the very personality of the communities. In Capistrano Beach, Valerie was the thin, stately figure that walked her dogs to the park, greeted all neighbors cheerfully, all the while dutifully cleaning the sidewalks of bits of paper and litter. She was the neighborhood yoga instructor, conducting classes in her home for all willing to attend and able to keep up with her pace. She was the soft-spoken world traveler who enlightened and entertained her friends with tales of adventures in places that many would never have a chance to visit, save through her stories. She was the sharp-witted and politically savvy foil to intemperance, anger, and narrow-minded rhetoric.” Valerie is survived by her two children and three grandchildren.

Barbara Tuohy Ives ’54 Barbara passed away peacefully on August 6 at her home at the age of 81. At Westridge she was described as a collector of crazy records and a singer of wild songs. She had the ability to make people feel at ease and could get along with anyone. After graduation from Westridge she attended the University of Colorado and completed her degree in education at USC in 1958. She was an avid


Trojan football fan. She loved going to games and later watching and cheering for the Trojans. Barbara took up oil painting and created many wonderful pieces of art. She also enjoyed playing tennis and bridge and entertaining her many friends and family. She was a gracious host to everyone. She was a member of the Shakespeare’s Club, the La Cañada Women’s Club, and the Pasadena Women’s Club. She loved traveling and took that love into a career as a travel agent that allowed her to travel widely. She is survived by her husband, three children, and three grandchildren.

Dorothy Kieffer Maffett ’60 Dorothy passed away June 1 in Grants Pass, OR. At Westridge she was president of Mask and Brush. Upon graduation she attended Wellesley College and UCLA.

Julie Vinograd ’61 Julie Vinograd died December 4 at the age of 75. A Berkeley native, Julie was raised in Pasadena before returning as a Cal undergraduate in 1961 to study poetry. At Westridge she was a member of the Outlook staff. She is described as having a “poetic pen” and “lofty images perfectly expressed.” Caught up in the turbulent events of the early ’60s, she found herself among the 700 students who occupied Sproul Hall for the Free Speech Movement Sit-in. After graduating from Cal with her B.A., she attended the University of Iowa at the Iowa Writers Workshop earning her M.A. Her studies focused on poetry. Returning to Berkeley in 1967 she found a massive cultural and political change in full swing. She continued writing poetry and became known as a street poet. Julie was for decades part of Berkeley’s cultural DNA writing 50 volumes of poetry, much of which is about Berkeley, making real those who were wanting and lacking and forgotten and invisible.


Leslie Pray ’82 Leslie was tragically killed on November 3 while cycling toward the San Gabriel Mountains near her home in Claremont, CA. After attending Westridge, she graduated from Polytechnic School, where she played softball and basketball, although it was in academics that she really shone. She went on to row crew and receive her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of California, Berkeley in 1986. She also earned graduate degrees from the University of Vermont, her master’s degree in 1994 and Ph.D. in 1997. She chose to become a science writer with the goal of helping people outside of academic circles understand the implications of new studies and scientific developments. Her work was instrumental in demystifying critical science for government representatives and lay people, and consequently influencing public policy. She was awarded a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biosciences Related to the Environment at Smith College, and an American Society of Naturalists’ Young Investigator of the Year Award for her graduate research in population genetics. Her early science and nature work also included positions with the Smithsonian Institute, the Nature Conservancy, Antioch University’s Glen Helen Outdoor Education and Raptor Center, and the National Audubon Society. She leaves behind her life partner, her brothers, and sister Marlene Pray ’86.

Former Trustee Ellen Ellis, former trustee and alumnae parent, died June 19, just short of her 100th birthday. Ellen served on the Westridge Board of Trustees from 1968-1979. During that time, she served four terms as president


from 1972–1976. Ellen and her husband, Herb, moved to La Cañada in 1944 where they raised their three children. Her two daughters, Janet Ellis Calvo ’70 and Joan Ellis Browning ’62 (now deceased) attended Westridge. Ellen was a people person (to use her own words) and applied those skills as a local volunteer community leader and a businesswoman. Her volunteer efforts covered a wide variety of executive and policymaking positions over several decades. Among these, she was the first successful write-in candidate for the La Cañada school board in 1959. She was the first president of the La Cañada Unified School District board and served as a board member until 1967. In 1961 she was honored as Woman of the Year by the Women’s Division of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. She also served as president of the Assistance League of Flintridge, president of the Pasadena Child Guidance Clinic, and as a member of the Board of Trustees of Scripps College. She was a member of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior Commission, which accredits universities and colleges. Ellen was president of the Fine Arts Club of Pasadena and president of the Pasadena Opera Guild. Starting in the 1970s, she was a partner with her husband and three other couples in local travel businesses. She and her husband loved the mountains, especially the High Sierras, and explored many a road that led to who knows where. Ellen is survived by her son and daughter, three grandchildren, and four greatgrandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband and her daughter, Joan Ellis Browning ’62.

Former Staff Lou LaCasse, mother of Ashley LaCasse ’04 and Megan LaCasse ’02, died on September 18. Lou had two careers at Westridge; first as a parent volunteer, and later as a staff member in the Advancement Office. Lou devoted a great deal of time and energy to her favorite fundraiser, the Summer Opportunities Fair (SOF), including serving as event chair. Lou joined the advancement staff in 2010 and continued to play an important role in the Fair as the liaison to the Westridge Parent Association until her retirement in July 2018. To honor Lou and recognize her extensive involvement with SOF, the exhibitor area of the fair has been renamed the Lou LaCasse Exhibitor Plaza and a certificate toward camp fees will be raffled at the fair in Lou’s memory. Should you wish to contribute, donations toward the SOF certificate fund in Lou’s memory can be made at Lou was a dear friend and colleague to many and was an unwavering fan and supporter of Westridge girls. She is survived by her two daughters and her husband, Michael.

Winter 2019 /

Smart women PLAN Who needs an estate plan? Just about everyone. Minimize Your Taxes. Maximize Your Impact. Generally speaking, your estate is simply the property you own and your estate plan addresses how that property is passed on to others. For some, it’s a very simple process; for others, it’s more complex. But for everyone, it is a good idea to plan because an estate plan enables you to specify what happens to your property and who ultimately benefits, from family members to favorite charitable organizations, like Westridge.

We are available to help you with gift planning ideas and ways you can benefit Westridge School. Contact Rebecca H. Potter, Planned Giving Officer at 626.799.1053, ext. 261 or


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Pasadena, CA Permit No. 1986

324 Madeline Drive, Pasadena, CA 91105

Members of the class of 1969, who will gather in March for their 50th Reunion, at Disneyland during their senior year.

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