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Westridge Introduces a Personalized Global Studies Program

Westridge Welcomes Three Alumnae to the Faculty & Staff

The Westridge Global Initiative, which debuted this fall, is a program that allows students to create their own interdisciplinary study of a modern-day global issue, such as immigration or child labor. Juniors and seniors can now formally pursue global-related interests by combining Westridge classes with experiential learning such as internships and volunteering. “This is a very intentional program,” said Brittany Coker, chair of the committee that mentors participants. “It is student-centered pedagogy that connects our students to the world and makes their classes impactful to them.”

Three alumnae returned to campus this fall to join the ranks of faculty and staff members! Alexandra Husmann ’13 is the middle school computer science teacher, Sha’Trece Slaughter ’10 is our admission associate, and Bonnie Singh ’14 is the administrative assistant to College Counseling. With their arrivals, there are now six alumnae faculty and staff members, including Amber Douglas Arbet ’01, Allison Clark ’07, and Katie Rothenberg Wei ’94.

Assemblies: A Tradition of Amplifying Student Voices Student-led assemblies at Westridge are a forum for students to discuss topics about which they are passionate. So far this year, Student Voices—a group that addresses topics related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice—has led assemblies on: • #RepresentationMatters—a discussion of cultural representations in the media, and how those representations have impacted students. • Silent Movement—an activity that created a visual representation of diversity on campus and encouraged reflection on representation and privilege. • Socioeconomics—a discussion of socioeconomics at Westridge that encouraged awareness and respect of the socioeconomic diversity on campus.


(L to R) Alexandra Husmann ’13, Sha’Trece Slaughter ’10, and Bonnie Singh ’14

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Winter 2019 Surgere