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FORWARD TOGETHER West Point Grey Academy Strategic Plan 2014-2019

Growth Mindset Founded in entrepreneurship, West Point Grey Academy continues to embrace new ideas and ways of thinking. In striving to provide each student with the most enriched, joyful educational experience, WPGA delivers innovative teaching and learning in a welcoming and inclusive environment. In January 2014, under the direction of Head of School Tam Matthews and with the support of the school’s Board of Directors, WPGA undertook a strategic planning process involving all school constituencies—students, staff, parents, alumni and Board members. The aim was to identify opportunities for growth while building on the school’s strategic plans of 2004, 2008 and 2010. In September 2014, the Board approved the strategic plan, titled Forward Together, and the school’s renewed vision, mission and core values. WPGA’s Leadership Team, with teachers, staff, students and Board members, are excited to implement the plan, which focuses on four strategic priorities: ·

Teaching and Learning


Learning Environments


Community Engagement


Healthy Balance

Vision LEADERS IN FUTURE-FOCUSED LEARNING Inspired by our rapidly evolving world, we are a model for schools in offering interdisciplinary, experiential programs and partnerships, with technology, entrepreneurship and global connectivity at the forefront.

Mission SHAPING LIVES OF INQUIRY, ACTION AND JOY At WPGA, we focus on the individual child, the whole person and a balanced life. We give each student transformative learning experiences rooted in inquiry, shaped by action and celebrated with joy.

Core Values GLOBALLY INSPIRED We are inspired by, and seek to contribute to, the great ideas of the world.

ACADEMICALLY INNOVATIVE We pursue progressive programs that drive learning and innovation.

CHARACTER DRIVEN We model empathy and integrity as the basis for all our actions.

COMMUNITY SPIRITED We are stronger because of our deep connections to each other.

INTENTIONALLY BALANCED We thoughtfully and healthily balance our academic, athletic, artistic and social activities.

TEACHING AND LEARNING We will create and support future-focused programs and global experiences to ensure our students have the adaptive, critical thinking and communication skills for lifelong learning and success.

Context Being a leader in future-focused learning means evaluating industry trends, the geopolitical landscape, and the skills students need to successfully address 21 st century issues, including global citizenship, sustainability, entrepreneurship and social justice.

Actions a. Attract, retain and grow

outstanding teachers and staff

with a high-performance human


resources plan

By 2019, WPGA will be truly future-

b. Demonstrate expertise in brain

research, attachment theory and

technology to strengthen student

engagement and achievement

c. Design a future-focused

curriculum with interdisciplinary,

inquiry-based learning and

strategic partnerships

focused, having aligned our core and cocurricular programs with our mission, values, and definition of excellent teaching. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and professional growth planning, our teachers will drive a culture of inquiry and creativity, enriched through partnerships with local

d. Increase opportunities for

universities, business and First

experiential and cultural learning,

Nations leaders, and other

locally and internationally

difference makers.

LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS We will provide learning and performance environments that inspire ingenuity and collaboration, with technology, global connectivity and innovation at the forefront.

Context Research shows that purposefully designed learning spaces, with optimal technology access, improve student learning and achievement.

Actions a. Build or access future-focused,

sustainable facilities that inspire

creative collaboration, innovation,

community engagement, and

wellness b. Improve technology access and

use to increase online learning

and global connectivity

c. Develop financial sustainability

and fundraising plans for program

innovation and facilities

Outcome Building or providing new school spaces will enhance collaboration, innovation and participation within our school community. Sustainable, multi-use buildings, which respect our First Nations

d. Grow endowment fund to offer

land and that effectively integrate

need-based scholarships to

technology, will help to graduate

increase accessibility and diversity

ecologically, culturally and digitally

e. Make environmental stewardship

central to all aspects of school life

aware citizens. Thanks to a robust endowment fund, the school will experience greater accessibility and diversity.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT We will strengthen our relationships to each other and to our local and global communities with a positive school culture, partnerships and service work.

Context The philosophy of engagement is a founding principle inherent to the school’s success. Our open family culture, rooted in close, caring relationships, must be nurtured for continuous school growth.

Actions a. Maintain and nurture our positive and

inclusive school culture

b. Develop communications plan to

strengthen community engagement

c. Create an Advancement Office to

support alumni and volunteers and to

foster a culture of philanthropy

Outcome In developing our unique culture, students, staff, parents and alumni will be more engaged and supportive—

d. Develop a community engagement

of each other, school events and

strategy to strengthen relationships

giving programs. In cultivating our

with UBC, First Nations neighbours,

commitment to volunteerism, we

and other community leaders and

affirm our role as a private school

organizations e. Expand service opportunities—locally,

nationally and internationally

with a public purpose. A respected community partner, we will continue to actively work with the MST Corporation and other involved parties to secure our long-term lease agreement on the Jericho lands.

HEALTHY BALANCE We will be thoughtful and intentional in our decisions and actions to promote balanced and healthy lives by caring for and empowering our students and staff.

Context The rigour of an independent school education has tremendous benefits. Equally, high expectations among students, teachers and parents require self-awareness and guidance.

Actions a. Assist students and staff with annual

goal setting and professional

growth plans

b. Empower students and staff to help

shape school programs, events and

calendars c. Expand CARE and character education

programs to advance healthy,

ethical living

Outcome Student and staff wellness will improve, and students will acquire the mindfulness, empathy and skills to make healthy choices and address inequalities. Through life

d. Monitor demands and expectations of

skills learning, and by empowering

students and staff; introduce

students and staff to self-advocate

mindfulness and wellness programs

and help shape school programs, events and calendars, our community will achieve and maintain balance.

Our Vision for 2019 This strategic plan will enhance WPGA’s reputation for progressive programs and pedagogy, expand our leadership role in education and prepare students for a life of purpose. WPGA will be known as one of the most vibrant, innovative school communities, with the best resources and most spirited culture among independent schools in Vancouver and the world.

Accountability & Evaluation The four priorities, to be completed over five years, are supported by a financial plan, implementation schedule and annual progress reports. Performance will be assessed yearly in several ways, including: ·

Program and curricular


Competitive compensation and


professional development


Increased strategic partnerships


Event and volunteer participation


Exam results (FSA, AP, SAT, provincial)


Admissions and retention data


University placement and


School diversity and accessibility


Financial benchmarking


Fundraising and endowment growth


Facilities capital projects completion

scholarships ·

Student, staff, parent and alumni

surveys ·

Alumni and service tracking studies

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WPGA Strategic Plan 2014-2019  

WPGA Strategic Plan 2014-2019