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C O N V E N T I O N.



W O R L D.

D O YO U H AV E W H AT I T TA K E S ? In celebration of LEEP, Clark’s pioneering model of higher education, up to ten scholars in 2013 will receive free tuition, room and board for their first four years. Find out if you have what it takes to be a LEEP Scholar atƒƒ



Early Action: November 1 Regular Decision: January 15

T H E C H A N G E S TA R T S H E R E .

A boy’s education without Character Development and Consistent Structure

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Why start college after the 10th or 11th grade? Because you’re ready. We’re a community passionate about learning: independent-minded, inquiring, and creatively intellectual. We’re 400+ students on 275 beautiful acres, loving the challenge. Nobody else does what we do.

C O N TA C T U S T O DAY: 800.235.7186

To succeed in a changing world

Think beyond the ordinary What’s here is unique in the country. It’s about a sense of self and where you fit in the world. You get the school to work for you, not the other way around.

— Rob Cole, physics faculty

Uniquely interdisciplinary | Dynamic curriculum | Coordinated studies Customized pathways | Narrative evaluations | Applied learning

THE STORM KING SCHOOL Truth ♦ Respect ♦ Responsibility “Creating Success from Potential”

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Small, Collaborative Classes; iPad Program Coed, Boarding & Day, Grades 8-12 Beautiful, Safe Campus on Storm King Mountain Warm, Respectful, Diverse Community Honors & Advanced Placement (AP) Classes Outstanding Visual & Performing Arts Competitive & Club Athletics; Outdoor Adventure Support for Students with Learning Differences “I have a special bond with my Storm King teachers, who are encouraging and supportive. They have helped me discover abilities and talents that I never knew I had.” —Lily Snyder ‘13

THE STORM KING SCHOOL 314 Mountain Road Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520 (800) 225-9144 or (845) 534-9860 ♦


Canterbury School New Milford, CT

Grades 9-12 • Boarding & Day • (860) 210-3934 •

Westover School, a leading preparatory school for young women, is known for its graduates – confident young women prepared both academically and personally to get the most out of their college experience. At Westover your daughter will have opportunities to explore and discover her strengths through signature academic programs that allow for in-depth study in areas including Women in Science and Engineering, Global Exchanges, Interdisciplinary Studies, and the Online School for Girls. Here your daughter will grow both academically and personally within a collaborative community of students in grades 9 - 12 from 16 states and 17 countries. For more information or to arrange for a visit to the School, please call the Office of Admission at 203.577.4521 or visit

Westover School

Middlebury, CT

 

           

     

                             

    

 


Private School Denial Limited space and an overabundance of applications results in more students not being accepted into their first choice – or any – private school. Here’s why well-qualified kids are getting rejected, and what happens after the dust settles.

and under, and schools like the Upper West Side’s Mandell report almost twice the number of sibling applications as last year. With the pre-school application process remaining predominately private, it’s no wonder Green has found herself in the proverbial pickle. Green and other enthusiastic parents continue to clamor for prime spots in private school programs, ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to high school. But top schools – such as Greenwich Country Day, Riverdale, Dalton, Claremont and Beekman -continue to see an increased number of student applications. In 2010-2011, The Educational Records Bureau reported that the number of students taking the intelligence tests required for admission at most private schools rose 7.7 percent year over year; last year it increased more still, by 1.4 percent. Parents’ willingness to give their kids an edge to succeed vaults some kids above others in the game of private school roulette. However, the hundreds of applicants applying for one of 35 spots makes rejection from at least one school seem inevitable. But all? Parents and professionals weigh in on the factors that may be leading to a stamp of non-approval for students, and what plan B is for those who don’t make the grade.

Last year, Notoya GreeN was iN disbeLief wheN she discovered that her 2-yearoLd tripLets didN’t Get iNto either of the two private pre-schooL proGrams iN her tribeca, New york city NeiGhborhood. “I applied to only two schools in TriBeCa since my triplets were 15 months and many schools don’t have programs for such young kids,” Green says. “What made it challenging was submitting applications for three kids, not just one.” Another factor that may be contributing to Green’s disappointing, but more-common-than-not, situation? The New York Post reports that TriBeCa has experienced a 60 percent increase of children ages 5



An Imperfect Fit Greater New York area consultant and field supervisor for School Choice International, Linda Kiarsis, experiences these rejections firsthand. Kiarsis’ job is to find private school options for children of both individual families, as well as families experiencing corporate relocation. Often, clientele are coming to Kiarsis to guide them through the private school application process, or have been rejected, and need help figuring out the next step. While Kiarsis cites various reasons for first-time rejection from every school, a major one, she says, is unrealistic expectations. “They [parents] print out that list of top private schools without really analyzing why they are a fit for their child,” adding that she once had a parent say: “‘I have a 3-year-old and want her to go to the best school. Where should I send her? I’m open to moving anywhere in the U.S.’” Extreme cases aside, “There’s intense pressure to give kids the best

INDEPENDENT SCHOOL GUIDE start possible,” Green says. “If you really want an honest curriculum that stimulates your child and paves the way for Kindergarten, I don’t know if there is a better option than private pre-schools.” But there can be a great deal of pressure for students to follow a set path by parents by being accepted to a list of the top schools, or continuing a legacy that siblings, parents and even grandparents have already put into play. But sometimes, the school just isn’t a good fit (see unrealistic expectations) or the student just doesn’t have the academic chops to cut it. Kiarsis notes one situation where a mother and brother both attended Dalton, but daughter Hillary* didn’t fare as well on the ISEE exam (Independent School Entrance Exam), and this took her out of the running. “We did a lot of coaching with the family to let them know that it wasn’t a good fit,” says Kiarsis. “One child left Dalton and actually needed to find another school because of the high level

“THErE’S INTENSE PrESSUrE TO GIVE kIDS THE bEST STArT POSSIbLE,” GrEEN SAyS. “If yOU rEALLy wANT AN HONEST CUrrICULUm THAT STImULATES yOUr CHILD AND PAVES THE wAy fOr kINDErGArTEN, I DON’T kNOw If THErE IS A bETTEr OPTION THAN PrIVATE PrE-SCHOOLS.” of pressure.” Based on her experience, Kiarsis thinks: “Generally, if a child can perform in the top five to ten percent of his class, he will do well wherever he goes.” Better to be happy and successful at a mid-tier school than struggling and stressed at a top tier school, she concludes. Barrier to Entry Learning disabilities are not to be taken lightly. But oftentimes, students – particularly those eighth grade and younger, particularly Pre-K – are denied from a private school due to a learning disability that they didn’t even know existed. “Children may have learning issues that are yet to be diagnosed,” says Kiarsis. Recently, when helping with fouryear-old Brittany’s* application to private Kindergarten programs, Kiarsis experienced this first hand. Brittany applied to a solid list of eight schools, but “because she was so young, we didn’t know that she would test low on her ERB [Educational Requirements Board] due to learning issues,” says Kiarsis. Brittany was denied from all eight schools. They were able to act quickly, and with more interviews, visits and conversations, Kiarsis was able to have Brittany placed in a program

that would help her with these issues. Similar to learning issues, another barrier to entry for non-native students can be language. Kiarsis helped Anne* with Kindergarten applications. “English was not the first language, but she was bright,” she says. The family required that Anne attend a top school, and ultimately weren’t happy with the schools where she was accepted. Although Anne’s ERB scores were very good, unsurprisingly, the verbal was low because English was not her native language – and because she was four. While a learning disorder or ESL doesn’t always put a student out of the running for a private school, Kiarsis notes that many private schools don’t offer the one-on-one kinds of support that children need in these situations. Late in the Game In the private school game, being the early bird can truly offer a better chance at catching that worm. Many times, totally qualified students can be denied from every private school due to full enrollment. Maggie* is just one example of a late applicant to the ninth grade. “She was a strong student coming from Malaysia and applied to all of the top schools, including Riverdale, Greenwich Academy and Rye Country Day,” Kiarsis says. The family interviewed at these top schools, but Kiarsis believes “this was really a case of no spaces opening up at the private schools.” From here, Kiarsis and School Choice International counseled the family to a plan B: Enroll Maggie in a very good public school. (School Choice cites public schools in Westchester and Southern Connecticut ranking some of the highest). What’s Next? While there are many extenuating circumstances for why a student may not make the cut at a private school, a backup plan – including public school and re-applying to privates the following year – are often options that work out, and are not irreversible. What’s particularly tough on both parent and child can be the emotional attachment that comes from the application, tour and interview process for private schools. “When I received the letters in the mail from schools several months later,” says Green, “they left me devastated. I wasn’t sure I was going to reapply again. I didn’t know if I had it in me.” Green did end up applying again this year to get her three little ones into a Pre-K program – this time, to a total of 15 schools. If they don’t get in, she has a plan. “If we don’t get in next year, there are preschool alternative programs where you drop kids off a few days per week (there’s virtually no competition),” she says. While the situation isn’t ideal for her family, it is an alternative. “Maybe we’re all wrong and none of it matters in the end, but right now it [private schooling] seems like the way to go,” she says. Her second-time-around philosophy is to “cast a wider net and not take it personally. It really is a numbers game.” *Names have been changed.


Alexandra Vairo is a Manhattan-based lifestyle writer who lives with her family in Fairfield County, CT. WESTONMAGAZINEGROUP.COM


INDEPENDENT SCHOOL GUIDE day schools Ridgefield Academy Ridgefield, CT

Empowering Every Student Ridgefield Academy, an independent day school located in Ridgefield, CT, empowers every child to realize his or her unique potential by bringing together academic excellence, innovative programming and a diverse, supportive community. Small Classes Make the Difference Teachers and administrators believe the key to future success is empowering each and every student. The program, which educates children from preschool (two-year-olds) to eighth grade, provides students with daily opportunities to build confidence, use their creativity, work collaboratively and learn how to problem solve. Through small classes and individualized teaching instruction, children develop the skills to be critical thinkers, public speakers and self-advocates. A Comprehensive Curriculum RA’s curriculum combines the traditional, core subject areas of language arts, mathematics, science, history, world language and social studies with a rich program of music, art, and drama designed to inspire students and spark their creativity. “The strengths of RA’s program can be found on many different levels,” comments one parent, “such as interweaving meaningful literature with verbal and artistic expression; expanding a history unit to include a variety of approaches like re-enactments and movie creations of certain events. These are all examples of how RA educates rather than teaches.”

of shared values. In all areas of school life, students model and reinforce the principles of respect, responsibility, fairness, and service to others. Service learning is incorporated into the curriculum to engage children in meaningful activities that reinforce the importance of service to others. Innovative Media Arts Curriculum RA’s 5,800 square foot state-of-the-art media arts center and sound room allows students to use the latest technology to develop their writing skills, learn the current methods of research and explore the digital arts through classes such as animation, digital storytelling, film and sound editing. New Preschool Wing In September the Academy opened a renovated preschool wing designed specifically for students aged 2 – 5 years of age. The facility features areas for cooking, technology and a small amphitheater for performances. The Academy’s preschool program offers children purposeful learning experiences to support social, emotional, cognitive and physiological development through science, art, math, foreign language, pre-reading exercises and movement activities. The RA Difference Many families have discovered what a difference the Ridgefield Academy experience can make for their child. For more information about Ridgefield Academy, visit, or call Julie Crane at (203) 894-1800 x112.

lauralton Hall

Lauralton Hall Milford, CT

ridgefield academy

Public Speaking An important part of becoming a confident learner is learning the tools to effectively communicate your ideas. Seven years ago Ridgefield Academy implemented a public speaking program. The school recognized that if children are taught the tools for effective communication and given ample opportunity to practice, they could effectively learn written and verbal communication at a young age. RA students learn the strategies for successful written and oral communication and through practice, develop into confident writers and public speakers. Service Learning and Character Development The RA school community is a caring community built on a foundation



The Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, Lauralton Hall, was founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1905. Lauralton is the first independent Catholic college-prep school for young women in Connecticut. A member of the National Association of Independent Schools and National Coalition of Girls Schools, Lauralton Hall is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Connecticut Department of Education. Lauralton Hall is one of a select group of Catholic girls’ schools that has remained true to its original unique mission, which is to foster a community atmosphere enriched by the Mercy tradition and to educate young women to pursue knowledge, recognize truth and respond to the needs of others. The core values of a Mercy education play an integral role in a Lauralton Hall education: compassion and service; educational excellence; concern for women and women’s issues; global vision and responsibility; spiritual growth and development; as well as collaboration.

INDEPENDENT SCHOOL GUIDE Set on a beautiful 30-acre campus, the school is located in historic downtown Milford, within walking distance of the train station. Students from over 35 communities arrive by train, car, or bus. The student body is composed of young women from diverse socioeconomic, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Lauralton currently enrolls 465 students in grades 9 through 12. Lauralton prepares girls to become competent, confident and compassionate women. The well-rounded curriculum fully prepares students for college study, with demanding honors and advanced placement classes offered in all academic disciplines. State-of-the-art science labs and ever-evolving technologies in the classrooms prepare students with 21st century skills. Courses are available through the UConn Early Education Experience (ECE), a concurrent enrollment program that allows motivated high school students to take UConn courses at their high schools for both high school and college credit. Continuing the tradition of individualized attention, Lauralton’s highly regarded Center for College Counseling and Guidance provides one-on-one counseling with each student and her family throughout their four years. Lauralton Hall is a member of the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) and the South West Conference (SWC) with fifteen varsity sports to choose from. The campus has playing fields and an athletic center which houses a basketball court as well as a fully-equipped fitness center. Lauralton Hall encourages each student to become involved in at least one extracurricular activity. With more than 30 clubs and organizations to choose from, there is something to fit the interest of every student. Activities include culture trips, student council, national and language honor societies, a fall musical, art club and additions made yearly based on student interest. Community service is an integral part of a Mercy education; students are challenged to succeed in a rigorous academic program and also to give of themselves – especially to those in need. Lauralton Hall: 200 High St, Milford, CT 06460. Kathleen Shine, Director of Enrollment Management: (203) 877-2786 x125. Email:; Website:

Villa Maria School Stamford, CT What would you do if your child were having trouble keeping up in school? At home, maybe your son becomes more anxious, or your daughter isn’t as happy as she used to be. Soon enough, your child may start dreading school, showing problem behaviors you’ve never seen before. These are common signs of a child frustrated by school — a child who is in a program that isn’t meeting his or her needs. Students who learn differently need a learning environment that’s different, too: one where they are understood and can be successful. For many families the safe, caring environment at Villa Maria School in Stamford has been the answer. It’s a school that has been successful at teaching students with learning differences for almost 40 years. Many have called Villa Maria the “Jewel on the Hill in Stamford” because of the beauty and serenity of the setting. But what happens inside is beautiful as well: with one teacher for every four or five students, Villa Maria offers a highly individualized instructional environment, tailored to the specific needs of the each and every student. All of our teachers are certified in special education. Villa Maria School is State approved as a special education school, and accredited by both the State Department of Education and the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools. Perhaps the most powerful words about Villa Maria come from the parents who have lived through the frustration of knowing their children were not in the right place because their schools weren’t meeting their needs. Here is one story: VICTORIA JORDAN “When you realize your child needs help, you wonder if anyone can help—if there’s any hope. The worst thing for a parent is knowing your child needs help and you don’t know how to help him. I will never forget our first visit to Villa Maria. First of all, they have a welcome sign when a student visits, and I can’t tell you what that small gesture of seeing a welcome sign with your name on it means. He immediately felt important. It was such a relief to find a school that has teachers who knew how to teach my child. They not only understand how to teach each child, they do it. There’s a lot of one-to-one work that goes on and there’s intensity to the work they do here that’s very unique.” Villa Maria is a private, co-educational day school serving students with learning disabilities in grades K-9. If you are interested in finding out more about Villa Maria School, visit their website at or call Mary Ann Tynan, Director of Admissions, at 203/322-5886. Villa Maria School is located at 161 Sky Meadow Drive in Stamford, CT.

villa maria scHool



INDEPENDENT SCHOOL GUIDE York Preparatory School New York City York Preparatory School is a co-educational, independent, college preparatory day school offering a traditional curriculum for grades 6-12. In the belief that every student can succeed, we provide a supportive atmosphere that reflects and is enhanced by the diversity and richness of New York City. York Prep recognizes the student as the focus of the educational process. We guide our students to reach their optimum potential intellectually, physically, and socially. Each student is challenged to think critically and creatively in a structured environment where excellence is rewarded and individual effort is encouraged. We strive to develop responsible citizens by reinforcing respect for self and for others in the community. York Prep students are grouped into subject-specific tracks, thus enabling them to recognize their academic potential. We believe subject-specific

york PreParatory scHool

tracking encourages students to take academic risks and to reach beyond their comfort level. For high achievers, we have an honors program of accelerated classes in all subjects and offer Advanced Placement testing. In addition, the Headmaster may permit seniors and advanced eleventh graders the opportunity to take courses at Columbia University, New York University, or tHe german scHool of connecticut Hunter College. The York Prep Scholars Program is a three-year sequence which addresses the needs of York’s most academically able students with a rigorous curriculum. Units on such topics as “Neuroscience,” “Italian Renaissance Art,” “Statistics,” and “Shakespeare Performance” are presented independently in mini-courses taught by members of the faculty who focus on their particular intellectual passions and specialties. York Prep’s Jump Start Program helps students with different learning styles and learning disabilities to function successfully in an academically-challenging mainstream setting. Study skills, test-



taking skills, and organizational skills are key components of this supplemental program. The Jump Start program offers supervised group study periods before and after school every day except Friday afternoon, and two 45-minute one-on-one sessions with a designated Jump Start teacher, with whom the student works over the course of the school year. Located in a stately, self-contained, seven-level granite building, York Prep is situated on 68th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue in Manhattan. York Prep takes advantage of its surroundings by holding its fall and spring physical education classes and team practices in Central Park and by conducting regular visits to Lincoln Center. In addition, the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are only a few blocks away. York Prep’s location truly makes the school an intimate place to learn in the heart of New York City. York Prep offers the following sports: Boys’ Varsity Soccer, Boys’ Varsity Basketball, Girls’ Varsity Soccer, Girls’ Varsity Basketball, Middle School Soccer, Middle School Basketball, Girls’ Varsity Volleyball, Boys’ Junior Varsity Basketball, Girls’ Junior Varsity Volleyball, Girls’ Varsity Softball, Boys’ Varsity Volleyball, Indoor Varsity Track & Field, Girls’ Middle School Volleyball, Varsity Track & Field, Varsity Golf, Middle School Track & Field, Boys’ Varsity Baseball, Varsity Cross Country, Middle School Baseball, and Middle School Cross Country. Clubs and activities include Beekeepers Society, Book Club, Broadway Club, Chess Club, Community Service Club, Environmental & Gardeners Club, Fitness Club, French Cinema Club, Gay/Straight Alliance, Glee Club, literary and arts magazine, Knitting Club, Model United Nations, Multicultural Club, New York City Tour Club, Open Studio/Crafts Club, Origami Club, school newspaper, Peer Tutoring Program, Photography Club, Rock Band, School Production/Drama Club, Science Club, Stock Market Group, Student Government Organization, Ukulele Club, Yearbook, Swim Club, Tennis Club, Intramural Sports Program, and Student Yoga. For further information contact: Elizabeth Norton, Director of Enrollment 212-362-0400 ext. 103;; or Cathy Minaudo, Director of Admissions 212-362-0400 ext. 106;

The German School of Connecticut

In today’s vibrant and diverse society, communication across national borders has increased exponentially. Consequently, the advantages to knowing and speaking several languages are limitless, but knowing and speaking the right languages is key. What many may not know, is that German has become an especially advantageous option, as a language of music, science, and literature, as well as the native tongue of the world’s number one exporter of goods worldwide. And there’s no better place to learn this interesting and dynamic language than the German School of Connecticut (GSC). With locations in both Fairfield County and Hartford, GSC is the only professional German Saturday school in the state and offers classes from pre-

INDEPENDENT SCHOOL GUIDE River and the Appalachian Trail. Canterbury was founded in 1915 by prominent lay Catholics. One of the founders, Dr. Nelson Hume, was honored by Pope Pius XI for his outstanding work in education. Today the Canterbury student body is a diverse mix of both Catholics and non-Catholics from 16 countries and 21 states. Canterbury’s buildings, set on 150 acres, are a rich architectural mix of traditional and modern. The Chapel of Our Lady is both the physical center and the spiritual heart of the campus. The large newly renovated and expanded Robert Markey Steele Hall has a dining room, a student center, two computer labs, a library, a 100-seat lecture room, and the Steers Admission Center. Next door, Nelson Hume Hall has classrooms, science labs, a 400-seat auditorium, and the Theater Department’s “green room.” The sports facilities include ten playing fields, three baseball diamonds, eight tennis courts, a track, a new state of the art aquatic center, and the Hockey Arena. The athletic facility houses three basketball courts, five international squash courts, locker rooms, a weight and fitness room, a wrestling room, as well as space for aerobics and dance. New Milford, CT There are eight student dormitories, which, like the classroom buildings, have wireless Internet access. There are eighty faculty, most of whom also coach and serve as dorm advisors, and therefore may be working with a student in several roles each day. Many live on campus, 30 with their families. Canterbury School takes pride in the breadth and depth of its course options. Few boarding schools of Canterbury’s size offer as many AP classes (19). Canterbury is among the very few offering AP courses in World History, Drawing, and Music Theory. The school also offers four years of Latin. All 100% of the seniors in the class of 2011 continued on to college. Students have enrolled at excellent schools such as: Boston College, Boston University, Bowdoin, Colby, Colgate, Columbia, UConn, Cornell, Dartmouth, Fordham, Georgetown, Loyola, Northeastern, Notre Dame, Penn, Roger Williams, St. Lawrence, US Coast Guard Academy, US Naval Academy, Villanova and Wesleyan. Canterbury’s sports program is extensive, the athletic facilities are substantial, and the coaches are dedicated. All Grades 9-12 • Boarding & Day • (860) 210-3934 • students participate in athletics. Three team levels – Varsity, Junior Varsity, and recreational—are fielded in most sports to accommodate players of varying skills, ages, and size. Boys day aNd BoaRdING teams are organized in basketball, baseball, crew, cross-country, football, golf, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, squash, swimming, tennis, track, water Canterbury School polo, and wrestling. Girls compete in basketball, crew, cross-country, New Milford, CT Canterbury School is a coeducational boarding and day school enrolling field hockey, golf, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, squash, swim360 students in a college preparatory program for grades 9-12. In addi- ming, track, tennis, and volleyball. Students may earn academic credit for participating in the Canterbury tion to its strong academic program, the school is known for the beauty of its location, a true dedication to spiritual growth, and an exciting Choir, Chorale and Octet as well as Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Band. Other activities include student government, theater, the school newspasports program for both boys and girls. The school is situated on a hilltop adjacent to the historic section of per, the yearbook, and the literary magazine. Interest clubs are formed New Milford, Connecticut, where Roger Sherman, one of the signers of for the environment and recycling, diversity issues, and school spirit. the Declaration of Independence, lived. The campus is about 80 miles; from New York City in an area of natural beauty near the Housatonic 100 Aspetuck Avenue, New Milford, CT. 860/210-3800. kindergarten to high school and for adults. The school boasts a two-track continuous curriculum – one for beginners and non-native speakers and the other for those with native and near-native fluency – as well as classes for business German, which are tailored to the needs of employees in local businesses. “Coming to the German School of Connecticut is fun,” said Dr. Renate Ludanyi, the school’s principal. “Celebrating old-world customs and establishing international relationships and friendships is the next best thing to traveling abroad. The German School of Connecticut has been in Fairfield County for 30 years and it is still growing. It is one of Fairfield’s best kept secrets…no longer.” For more information regarding GSC, visit or call 203-548.0438 for the Fairfield County location and 860-242-3399 for the Hartford location.

Canterbury School



INDEPENDENT SCHOOL GUIDE BoaRdING schools Westover Middlebury, CT Education Plus Opportunities for Girls in Special Areas of Interest Westover, a selective boarding school of 200 girls, grades 9 - 12, in Middlebury, CT, has students from 16 countries and 19 states. Because the Westover community values the ideas and talents of every student, its students have endless opportunities to distinguish and challenge themselves. In addition to its rich and varied curriculum, Westover offers three specialized programs for those students with more concentrated interests. These programs provide co-curricular experiences for Westover students with the Brass City Ballet, the Manhattan School of Music, and Women in Science and Engineering (WISE).

• Brass City Ballet. As participants in this program, a joint venture between Westover and the Brass City Ballet, select students have the opportunity to study dance at one of the region’s leading dance schools. Students audition in the fall of their entry year and take six dance classes a week in ballet, modern, and jazz. • Manhattan School of Music. This joint program between the Manhattan School of Music Pre-College Division and Westover offers talented musicians and vocalists the opportunity to study music and play in an orchestra or ensemble at one of the country’s leading music schools. Students must complete a separate application and audition to be accepted into the program. • WISE (Women in Science and Engineering). This advanced extracurricular program in conjunction with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) offers a variety of electives aimed at preparing students for careers in science or engineering. WISE graduates also receive special consideration for RPI’s engineering program. A number of Westover graduates who have participated in these programs have later pursued studies in dance, music, science and engineering in college and have gone on to establish careers in these fields. In addition, Westover offers three signature programs that further reflect the School’s commitment to giving students opportunities to gain experience and knowledge in special areas of interest: the Sonja Osborn Museum Studies Internship, the Online School for Girls, and Westover’s



Summer Programs for girls entering grades 7, 8 and 9. • The Sonja Osborn Museum Studies Internship. The Museum Studies Internship, designed for students with interests and aptitude in the study of art history, consists of a ten-week program. The first eight weeks are spent at Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington, CT, the home designed and lived in by Theodate Pope Riddle, Westover’s architect. The final two weeks are spent working on a project that investigates the historical ties between the museum and Westover. • The Online School for Girls (OSG). Westover was one of four all-girls schools in 2009 to establish a consortium to offer online education for girls. Girls taking part in the program are offered courses taught by faculty members from the consortium over the Internet. Courses range from multivariable calculus and differential equations to women in art and literature. All classes focus on collaborative projects for participating students. • Westover’s Summer Programs. The School’s residential one- or twoweek summer programs in the arts and academics are an extension of the Westover experience, allowing girls to benefit from courses taught by Westover instructors while enjoying a range of summer activities. Recent course offerings have included ceramics, creative writing, dance, drama, Model United Nations, and photography. These six programs reflect the diverse offerings that Westover provides for all of its students. As Head of School Ann Pollina has noted, “Westover’s small, all-girls’ environment forces students out of boxes and into a bigger picture of themselves. Our girls are artists and athletes, musicians and mathematicians, poets and physicists – sometimes all at the same time.” 1237 Whittemore Rd, Middlebury, CT. 203/758-2423; For admissions information, or to arrange a visit, contact Westover’s Office of Admission at 203/577-4521 or e-mail

Avon Old Farms School Avon, CT Since 1927, Avon Old Farms has been a leader in preparing young men for higher education, and the world. Avon is a dynamic community of learning with a rigorous curriculum anchored in the liberal arts. By understanding boys – and with appreciation for their sense of humor, their energy, and how they learn – we have created the kind of environment where our students are able to become their best selves. Avon is conveniently located in the heart of the Farmington River Valley. Our founder, Theodate Pope Riddle, an accomplished American

avon old farms scHool

INDEPENDENT SCHOOL GUIDE architect, created a campus with the feel of an English village on 1,000 acres of Connecticut countryside. The Cotswold-inspired architecture reflects the traditional approach to education that is so successful here. Avon’s teachers are experts in their fields who bring lessons to life and create compelling context for discussion. Creativity, innovation, and collaboration are taught by example through humor, inquiry, and debate. Small classes mean that every voice is heard and every question answered. At Avon we understand the importance of personal connection, especially during adolescence; this is why we have held strong to the model of a faculty member who advises, teaches, mentors, and coaches our boys. Athletics is an honored tradition at Avon and, we believe, a valuable part of a complete education. Our athletic program is one of the best in the country and we attribute our success to experienced coaches, excellent facilities, strong competition, and an emphasis on things that matter most: teamwork, determination, and sportsmanship. As successful as we are at the varsity level, Avon sub-varsity teams play a full schedule in every sport, giving all our boys the opportunity to learn, stay fit, and enjoy the bonding experience of being part of a team. Another way Avon boys come together is through the arts. Our rich and varied programs in music and the visual and performing arts provide many opportunities for boys to express themselves creatively and form meaningful connections with peers. Our students have been honored locally, regionally, and nationally for their creative accomplishments. Most impressive, however, Avon is a place where you can draw, paint, play an instrument, sing or act whether you have had years of experience or none. As a college preparatory school, one of our goals is to identify and facilitate the right matches between Avon students and institutions of higher learning. Our boys typically begin the college counseling process during sophomore year, setting expectations and goals early so that by the time they are seniors, they are prepared to take the lead on this leg of their journey to adulthood. At Avon Old Farms, our goal is to be the best school for boys. From the start, we have successfully given young men the tools they need to excel both personally and professionally. Our core values of integrity, civility, selfdiscipline, altruism, tolerance, sportsmanship, and responsibility are fundamental to life at Avon, and stay with our graduates for a lifetime. Avon Old Farms School: 500 Old Farms Road, Avon, CT 06001. 800464-2866;

The Storm King School Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY Balancing Competition and Cooperation in 21st Century Education Paul Domingue, The Storm King School’s 16th head of school in 145 years, introduced himself this summer with a letter that included the following thoughts. Geography dictates so much of every school’s culture, but in this 21st century it is critical that we prepare students to become leaders in a global marketplace and society. Our challenge is to identify the skills, values, and habits of mind that will serve them well in their ongoing education and careers of the future. Much has been written about the “21st century skills” we should be teaching, among them: co-operation, teamwork, empathy, and group-think—some of the essential skills for success in the new global economy. This list sits in sharp contrast to the quintessentially American notions of competition, individualism, self-realization, and personal responsibility that have been the mainstays of prep-school education. And while a sympathetic—if not empathetic—impulse to society’s betterment underpins traditional standards of

leadership, contemporary standards push for a less hierarchical approach. All of this begs several questions. Should schools dramatically shift to embrace these new imperatives? Should an individual’s success depend upon his or her group’s success? What of grades? Accountability? Personal initiative and responsibility? And are these new values the remedy for the endemic abuse of power we have witnessed here and abroad? I endorse the notion that ethics should be at the heart of all we do. Twenty-first century leaders must possess extraordinary personal integrity and, I believe, employ what is “right” as the litmus test for decision making. As we prepare our Storm King students to assume positions of leadership, traditional character education must remain at the center of our daily community experience. To slavishly abandon traditional values in favor of new, market-driven substitutes seems unwise at best. Most of the uniquely American focus on the individual remains relevant. Individualism has been and will continue to be a powerful force for progress and should not be dismissed as

Paul domingue, Head of tHe storm king scHool

dated and irrelevant. And it is telling that US boarding schools are in great demand by students from around the world. To suppose that 21st century society will not reward competitiveness is to ignore the realities of population growth, the unequal distribution of resources around the planet, and the universal desire to provide for one’s children opportunities for a better life. The real question revolves around the need to embrace competition without allowing it to overwhelm our global sensibility and desire for equanimity. For that to occur, competition must be tempered. But to force a choice—competition versus cooperation—is a red herring. Rather, I would argue for a more balanced, blended approach that draws the best from both points of view. Indeed, the Greek notion of balance remains the single greatest gift we can give students today. So, it seems to me that the best, most forward-thinking schools will be ones that preserve the best of their traditions and balance them with emerging educational imperatives. Living balanced lives that acknowledge our competing natures and accommodate the range of human experience should be our ultimate goal. Find the complete letter at www. Mr. Domingue and the rest of The Storm King School community are eager to welcome you for a visit. For more information, visit or call Joanna Evans at (845) 534-9860. 314 Mountain Road, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520 WESTONMAGAZINEGROUP.COM

canterbury scHool



New Hampton School New Hampton, NH A drive through the bucolic village of New Hampton, New Hampshire, provides a view of New Hampton School’s idyllic academic row, a setting for the education of boys and girls since 1821. Nevertheless, New Hampton School’s long tradition as a transformative secondary school in the boarding school tradition has not slowed the School’s evolution in recent years. A school on the move, New Hampton School is now considered one of the most innovative boarding schools in the country, an institution that is not only preparing students for college, but also providing graduates with the skills, confidence, and values they will need to succeed in life and in a world that is more interconnected than ever. “New Hampton School opened up a world of opportunity for me and pushed me to have an open mind,” says Will Callif, a four-year boarding student who is now a freshman at the College of the Holy Cross. “It’s a tight-knit community. The adults in the community are your coaches, house parents, and advisors. I’m fully prepared for college, but I’m going to miss it, because attending NHS was the best decision of my life.” New Hampton, which recently reintroduced a weeklong Project Period, considers not only what students need now, but also what they will need 10 years from now. Look no further than School’s adoption of the International Baccalaureate diploma program. New Hampton was the first IB boarding school in New England, and many school are now making the move. Its comprehensive technology integration plan has resulted in a fully integrated 1:1 iPad Program. “As a school, we have taken the necessary steps, including training and surveys, to ensure that the iPad in our school is not merely a device but a vehicle for our students to become



better independent learners and our teachers to differentiate their pedagogy,” says Head of School Andrew Menke, who is in his eighth year at New Hampton. An independent, coeducational, college preparatory school for boarding and day students, grades 9 through 12 and postgraduate, New Hampton is nestled in the foothills of New Hampshire’s White Mountains and is in the heart of the beautiful Lakes Region. The 350-acre campus features six classroom buildings, including the state-of-the-art Pilalas Center for Math and Science. There are 13 residential houses, varying in size, each with resident house parents/family. The 2012-13 student body includes representation from 20 states and 24 different countries, and 18 percent of New Hampton students are international. New Hampton routinely sends its students to top colleges and universities. Students in the last three years have attended schools including the University of Michigan, Columbia University, Princeton University, Cornell University, Connecticut College, Williams College, Brown University, UCLA, Trinity College, Swarthmore College, and the University of Chicago. “Colleges respect the way students are asked to think in new integrative ways, utilizing the inquiry-based, interdisciplinary nature of IB courses. Our IB program puts New Hampton School in a more competitive position in the college process,” Director of College Counseling Derek Krein explains. The school boasts a tremendously strong athletic program with a number of players competing at the Division I level and at academicallyminded NESCAC schools. It also offers a variety of arts offerings. 70 Main Street, New Hampton, NH. Office of Admission: 603-677-3401; email: Director of Admission: Suzanne Walker Buck.


Chamberlain-Hunt Academy Port Gibson, MS Daily Life Undeniably, students give up some traditional teenage activities to come to Chamberlain-Hunt. What do they get in return? Rigorous Academics. Small class sizes. Opportunities to excel. Safety. Close friendships. The Academy’s belief is that the purpose of high school is not having a full social calendar, but rather to prepare students for college and adulthood. Through a structured boarding program, students get a change of pace from the usual high school experience and have space to develop academically, physically, and spiritually. cHamberlain-Hunt academy

transition into the adult world. The Academy’s military structure gives students the chance to be a leader among peers as they rise through the ranks and earn badges and command positions. It’s different from the usual high school agenda, but it offers experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime. Extracurricular Opportunities A Chamberlain-Hunt Academy cadet will have experiences that many other high school students never have. There is a 72-acre wilderness training facility adjacent to campus with two paintball courses, a climbing and rappelling tower, a fitness trail, two confidence courses, and a 4.5-acre fishing pond. At the 30-yard pistol and rifle range, students will have the opportunity to hone marksmanship skill. High-energy activities like swimming, tackling the climbing and rappelling tower, running obstacle courses, and intramural athletics will get them in the best physical shape of their lives. Application Timetable Applications are accepted at any time. The application processing fee is $100. Stephen C. Allen, MAJ, CHA, Director of Admissions. 124 McComb Avenue, Port Gibson, MS 39150.; 601/437-8855.

Riverside Military Academy Gainesville, GA

Academic Program Chamberlain-Hunt’s students achieve distinction in the classroom, often for the first time. Class sizes are purposely kept small to allow each cadet to get the attention he needs. The average cadet-teacher ratio is 5:1, with class sizes ranging from 1 to 14 students. Last year, 28% of enrollment carried a 3.7 GPA or better. Writing skill is crucial. Chamberlain-Hunt is focused on giving students necessary writing skills. Chamberlain-Hunt employs Excellence in Writing (EiW), a program particularly beneficial to boys that can help them overcome the fear of the blank page. It is designed to teach structure and style in composition. This program is used for writing across the curriculum, and becomes the standard by which all writing is taught and measured. Chamberlain-Hunt’s instructors offer an unparalleled education for young men. All instructors are certified and 90 percent hold advanced degrees. Young men who complete the Academy’s program enter the nation’s top colleges. College-bound Chamberlain-Hunt seniors score an average of 5 points higher than the state average and 4 points higher than the national average on the ACT. Structure and Conduct Chamberlain-Hunt’s military structure is one of the School’s unique features, which sets it apart from most of the nation’s boarding schools. Through their time at Chamberlain-Hunt, young men learn the benefits of hard work and adherence to rules, as they see these qualities rewarded. This model has proven to have a positive effect on the students as they

Founded in 1907, Riverside Military Academy (RMA) offers a traditional, American-style education where personal values, honor, and love of country still matter. Riverside is not owned or operated by any particular religious denomination, but supports the spiritual and educational goals of all families. Riverside’s 2010-11 Corps of Cadets consists of over 380 cadets from 15 countries. RMA is first and foremost a college preparatory school. They offer high quality academics in a structured environment designed to meet the needs of boys in grades 7-12. The military setting adds structure, responsibility, accountability and yes, consequences when necessary. All contribute to a well-rounded young man. This environment works for those who have historically underachieved, who simply have not been able to manage their time, and who tend to procrastinate in every endeavor. The rigorous days at RMA are filled with academics, military activities, social activities, and riverside military academy



INDEPENDENT SCHOOL GUIDE athletics. Thus, there is little time for non-productive activities. Over 70% of their faculty hold advanced degrees and encourage their cadets to develop the daily habits essential for success at home and in the workplace. These habits include organizational skills, time management, and the ability to manage stress through preparation and exercise. Cadets of Riverside Military Academy benefit from a small class size and a 14:1 student teacher ratio. Their entire educational program centers around the way young men learn best. Because Riverside believes that there is a strong connection between physical and mental development, extra-curricular activities, field trips, and outdoor activities play an important role in the daily lives of cadets. The RMA program takes full advantage of its 206-acre campus, athletic facilities, and proximity to Lake Lanier, which is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Riverside’s college center assists cadets in preparing for and placing their college applications each year. The graduating class of 2010 consisted of 74 cadets who were admitted to over 90 universities, including the U.S. Naval Academy and the U.S. Military Academy –West Point, and received over $4,100,000 in scholarships. Upon graduation, a Riverside cadet has experienced the challenges of the military model of education and is completely prepared for the rigors of college. He is poised, polite, and confident in any social environment. Riverside cadets stand tall, offer a firm handshake, respect authority, and display a level of confidence that parents may not have observed previously. Riverside Military Academy holds dual accreditation in SACS and SAIS. Located in Gainesville, Georgia, just one hour north of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Riverside is easily accessible to cadets and their families from around the world. In addition, RMA offers shuttle service to and from the airport for their cadets. Riverside Military Academy’s comprehensive program of rigorous academics, athletics and leadership development sets the stage for a lifetime of success. They invite you to learn more about Riverside Military Academy by visiting or by calling the admissions office at 800/462-2338.

hIGhER EdUcaTIoN The Evergreen State College Olympia, Washington Think Beyond the Ordinary While most colleges teach the same things in the same ways, Evergreen stands apart. We opened our doors in 1971, not 1791, and you’ll see the benefits in our innovative curriculum, student-driven academic pathways and focus on real learning. The Evergreen Difference • Full-time, multi-quarter interdisciplinary programs, often team-taught • Coordinated schedules for homework, tests and field study • Narrative evaluations • Customized academic pathways • Individual and group learning contracts to tailor your education • Extraordinary 1,000-acre campus in the Pacific Northwest Other Good News • Princeton Review 376 Best Colleges • Colleges That Change Lives (one of only two public colleges included) • Fiske Guides “Best Buy” • Sierra Magazine top 10 green colleges • High acceptance rate to graduate school Learning in Community, Making Connections – Imagine studying



tHe evergreen state college

art, science, history, writing and sociology in one integrated program focused on a central theme. Many students take just one 16-credit, teamtaught interdisciplinary program per quarter (instead of four or five disconnected classes), studying with the same students and faculty for up to a year. Check out our catalog to get a feel for the unique and intriguing interdisciplinary programs you’ll find at Evergreen ( Coordinated Studies – In a full-time interdisciplinary program, homework and tests for one subject don’t compete with another and you don’t have to miss other classes to take field trips, work at an internship, or study abroad. Focus on Learning – Your faculty will give you feedback in a narrative evaluation instead of reducing your hard work down to a letter grade. The focus is on learning and collaboration – often in small seminar groups – not competition for grades. The absence of grades doesn’t mean an absence of high expectations. National studies show that Evergreen students read more, spend more time preparing for class and work more in teams than their peers. More Flexibility – We don’t limit your options with formal majors. You can tailor your education to meet your needs and explore areas of interest without worrying that your credits won’t count toward graduation. Later in your studies, you can also design individual or group learning contracts to create customized learning opportunities. Great Value – Evergreen is both a nationally acclaimed public liberal arts and sciences college and a Fiske Guides best buy. Our total cost of attendance for non-resident students is less than tuition alone at many private institutions. Depending on your need and/or academic qualifications, your actual cost could be even lower. Living in the Pacific Northwest – Evergreen is located in Olympia, Washington’s capital city. Our 1,000-acre forested campus – a living laboratory and classroom – has a beach on Puget Sound, miles of trails, an organic farm, a Native American longhouse, and easy access to Olympia’s vibrant downtown. More opportunities for fun – the Pacific Ocean, Olympic and Mt. Rainier national parks, Mt. St. Helens, ski areas, and the urban scenes of Seattle and Portland, Oregon – are just an hour or two away. Learn more at 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW, Olympia, WA 98505. 360/867-6170.

INDEPENDENT SCHOOL GUIDE Bard College at Simon’s Rock Great Barrington, MA Bard College at Simon’s Rock — a highly selective college of the liberal arts and sciences — gives bright, motivated students the opportunity to begin college immediately after 10th or 11th grade. Starting at an average age of 16, students complete the BA in four years. We are ranked 13th

bard college at simon’s rock

extraordinary amount of personal attention, and a strong social network. All of our students start college early in an environment designed specifically for them. The way we teach, the way we set up our advising system, the way we staff our dorms and choose our faculty and arrange our curriculum – all of these things are tailored for the intellectual and emotional needs of slightly younger students. Life After Simon’s Rock Our graduates are smart, confident and prepared for the next step in their lives. They’ve had internships, studied abroad, and written theses. Those that transfer after earning their AA go on as juniors to many of the most selective colleges and universities in the nation. Our BA graduates go on to the medical, law, business, engineering, and graduate schools of their choice. Bard College at Simon’s Rock, 84 Alford Rd, Great Barrington, MA 01230. 800/235-7186. email Website:

Clark University Worcester, MA

among all colleges and universities in the nation for the percentage of our graduates who go on to earn the PhD. Why Start College Early For some students the standard track just doesn’t make sense. At 16, they are ready for —and need — the serious, joyous, rigorous exploration of topics and ideas they are passionate about. They don’t want to spend another year or two preparing for college – prepping for and taking standardized tests and padding their resumes. They want the opportunity and challenge of a high quality liberal arts education now. How To Spot A Simon’s Rock Student Simon’s Rock students are not only bright and highly motivated, but truly love learning. They are smart, creative, independent-minded, self-motivated. All have an inner sense of purpose, are mature enough to live semi-independently on a college campus, and are ready for a new community and a new challenge. At Simon’s Rock these students find true peers who share their hunger for engagement and their desire to be part of a vibrant intellectual community. What Sets Simon’s Rock Apart The quality and diversity of the students we enroll, the expertise of the professors, the small and inspiring classes, and the combination of rigor and engagement. All of our classes are seminars. Students learn from each other and from professors. All of our professors are adept at managing lively discussion and debate. Our core curriculum assures a solid foundation across all disciplines, and is complemented by a full array of electives and concentrations in the humanities, social sciences, mathematics, natural and physical sciences, and fine and performing arts. Why Send Your Teen to Simon’s Rock We give them an exceptionally challenging liberal arts curriculum, an

AN UNCONVENTIONAL UNIVERSITY IN A MAINSTREAM WORLD Founded in 1887 in Worcester, Massachusetts, Clark University is a dynamic small, urban, liberal arts-based research university. This combination is important and unique for students who want to excel in today’s world. Our small size gives you access to research opportunities that are normally reserved for graduate students at other schools – and our urban location provides you with a diverse city environment where you can apply your skills and develop solutions to real-world problems. Clark’s tradition of close working relationships provides many opportunities for you to pursue knowledge through active participation. With a 10:1 faculty-to-student ratio, you can partner with professors and postdoctoral associates on a variety of projects. We also offer you the ability to choose from 32 undergraduate majors, along with many master’s degree and Ph.D. program options. At Clark, you will be engaged in a relevant and challenging 21st century education that can impact your life – and the lives and communities around you.

clark university



INDEPENDENT SCHOOL GUIDE AN EDUCATION ON THE CUTTING EDGE Clark gives you the chance to participate in something big: LEEP (Liberal Education and Effective Practice), a new model of education that’s transforming the way students learn. LEEP combines a traditional liberal arts education with intensive world, workplace and personal experiences – ensuring that you develop the full range of skills needed to succeed in today’s complex, ever-changing world. A FULL RIDE FOR TEN LEEP SCHOLARS In celebration of the launch of LEEP, we’re offering up to 10 students in 2013 the chance to benefit from everything Clark has to offer – at no cost for tuition, room or board – through the LEEP Scholars program. Scholars also have the opportunity to complete a master’s degree, tuition-free, through our Accelerated B.A./Master’s Degree Program. THE ACCELERATED B.A./MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAM With Clark’s excellent graduate programs and research institutes, the University is able to offer all of our students a unique cost-savings opportunity. Work hard and you could earn an accelerated bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years from one of 14 different programs with the fifth year of tuition waived. Any student who meets the chosen program’s requirements is eligible. A DYNAMIC COMMUNITY WITH GLOBAL INSIGHT By living and learning in Clark’s global community, you have access to a broader understanding of international perspectives. With approximately 600 international students, faculty members and scholars from more than 90 countries, you’ll discover a variety of cultures, traditions, religions and political ideologies to learn about and enjoy. CHALLENGE CONVENTION. CHANGE OUR WORLD. Clark will inspire you to get involved in significant ways in class, on campus and abroad. More than 50 percent of Clark students actively volunteer, locally and globally, through community service and study abroad programs. Our students also lead the charge in organizing more than 120 clubs and organizations involving business, the arts, the sciences, social service, athletics, etc. With our various academic and student life opportunities, LEEP and the overall Clark experience, you’ll be well-equipped to exemplify the University’s motto: “Challenge convention. Change our world.” Clark University: 950 Main Street, Worcester, MA. 800-462-5275 or 508-793-7431;

Miami University Oxford, Ohio A Public Ivy with Powerful Outcomes Miami ranks 9th in the nation for return on tuition investment, according to SmartMoney magazine. also places Miami among the nation’s top public universities for best salary potential after graduation.



miami university

Miami was named one of the original “Public Ivy” universities, and has a national reputation for giving our students the vigorous, wellrounded education that prepares you for professional life. Visit Miami There’s no better way to learn about Miami than by seeing for yourself! Look for year-round visit opportunities at East Coast students at Miami Many students from the Northeast have found a home at Miami. In fact, we have nearly 800 current undergraduates on campus from this area. We also have more than 13,300 active alumni in the Northeast. We know it can be a little confusing. Miami University is in Ohio, NOT in Florida. As our students like to say, Miami was a university before Florida was a state. Classic College Environment East Coast students are attracted to our picture-perfect campus in a friendly college town. It’s a student-focused world in Oxford, and when you want a city environment, just a ½ hour drive to Cincinnati. Personal Guidance, Professional Skills You’ll receive personal attention and guidance from our most experienced professors because teaching is always their first priority. Miami ranks among the top 3 universities in the country for “Best Undergraduate Teaching” in U.S.News & World Report’s 2011 “America’s Best Colleges.” Dartmouth and Princeton tie for first, and Miami is ranked 3rd. Compared to many public universities, undergraduate students at Miami have so many more opportunities to work with professors on research and other projects where students learn professional skills. Worldwide Study Abroad Miami makes it so easy to study abroad, and offers so many programs,

INDEPENDENT SCHOOL GUIDE that 41% of our undergraduates particiroger Williams university pate, ranking us in the top 2 among public universities. 24/7 Student Life Miami is a residential school, with almost all our students living on campus or in Oxford. Students are involved in more than 400 student organizations, internship opportunities, the arts, and Greek life. Magnet For Employers Many national and East Coast firms recruit at Miami. The quality of our graduates and our academic reputation give Miami a solid base of employers significantly larger than most other universities our size. Nearly twice as many employers recruit at Miami, and they conduct four times as many on-campus interviews. Miami At A Glance Affiliation: Public university of Ohio. Location: Central campus in Oxford, Ohio (35 miles north of Cincinnati, 45 miles southwest of Dayton. Enrollment: 14,936 on the Oxford campus plus 2,298 graduate students. Student/faculty ratio: 17/1 Programs of study: more than 100 majors. Financial aid and scholarships: More than 70% of Miami students receive some form of financial assistance from state, federal, or university funds. Calendar: semesters Sports: NCAA Division I, Central Collegiate Hockey Association, U.S. Figure Skating Association Contact our East Coast counselor: For more information:

Roger Williams University Bristol, RI RWU: What will you do? Roger Williams University (RWU) is a medium-sized university with huge opportunities – and they are all open to you. RWU is a leading independent, coeducational university with 43 majors and 40+ minors to choose from; where your course of study can be almost anything you want it to be. RWU is an open community dedicated to the success of students, commitment to a set of core values and providing a world-class education above all else through a curriculum that blends the essence of a liberal arts education with the best of what the professions have to offer. Personal attention is guaranteed, and professors (not graduate assistants) will teach all of your courses—even the intros. Our student to faculty ratio is 14:1 and our class size averages just 19 students; so when we say personal attention we mean it. Interested in community service? All entering freshmen participate in Community Connections, an annual day of service that sends 1,500 students, faculty and staff members to volunteer at more than 70 local organizations. Of course, service at RWU extends far beyond our local community. From alternative spring break and tax help for senior citi-

zens to serving as eco-reps to help us become a carbon neutral campus, RWU students are improving the community and world around them. Our students are also preparing for future careers. Faculty/student research projects allow students to learn from hands-on experience with faculty members, often with the opportunity to present their research at national and international industry conferences. Our students are often published researchers long before they are graduates. Of course many of them also choose to pursue internships as career preparation, and find placements in locations around the world. Speaking of around the world, the University encourages all students to study abroad, whether it’s for a year, semester, summer session or even a mini-mester. We work with programs on every continent but Antarctica! Maintain a 3.0 GPA, and the University will give you your passport for free. But let’s get real—you’re in the classroom for 15 hours a week. The college experience is everything that happens in the rest of those hours—living away from home, doing your own laundry, getting involved on campus and defining the person you want to be. RWU has more than 60 clubs and organizations and 20 varsity athletics teams, everything from Wiffleball to our national champion coed sailing squad. Then there’s our location. You’d be amazed how many people have seen pictures, but still can’t believe how beautiful the campus is. Located in Bristol, R.I. and surrounded by water, we’ve got that old New England charm with all the modern amenities of a big city school. RWU is conveniently located just 30 minutes from both Providence (R.I.’s creative capital) and Newport (R.I.’s beach haven), one hour from Boston and just three hours from New York City. Our students are training to become teachers, psychologists, lawyers, architects, engineers, business leaders and more. They are making a difference every day. What will you do? To learn more, contact our Admission office at (888) 557-5015 or email 1 Old Ferry Road, Bristol, RI. WESTONMAGAZINEGROUP.COM



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sUMMER pRoGRaMs Pre-College Programs at Brown University: Summer 2013 Providence, RI A True Residential College Experience Summer@Brown attracts serious college-bound students from around the world. As a student, you’ll live in a Brown University residence hall, eat at a Brown dining hall, and join your fellow students on The College Green—just as you would if you were a Brown undergraduate. You will be surrounded by peers from diverse backgrounds and cultures—all sharing a passion for high-level academics and a desire to succeed at a selective institution like Brown University. A student who completes a Summer@Brown course is better prepared, more confident, and better positioned to succeed during one of the biggest transitions of his or her life: the move to college.



Brown University: 250 Years of Academic Excellence Brown is known in the Ivy League for an innovative open curriculum that challenges students to be actively engaged in their own intellectual development. Summer@Brown is an opportunity to explore this stimulating learning environment. Academics are at the program’s core, with more than 250 courses in one- to seven-week sessions. Dive deeper into a subject you love or a new area of learning you may never have considered. You will face exciting challenges and accomplish more than you can imagine. Come to Summer@ Brown to prepare for college success and experience life in the Ivy League. Brown University Continuing Education, Providence, Rhode Island.


Miami University— what college should be.

Check out Miami Attend our summer program for high school juniors Contact your local admission representative

Empowering Women for Life

“My teachers believe in me and have taught me to believe in myself.”

Lauralton Hall Connecticut’s First Catholic College Prep School for Girls 200 High Street Milford Connecticut


Sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy


Located just 60 miles from New York City,

New York

Military Academy is an important part of

America’s independent school heritage. Today, we offer a rigorous global curriculum for students who actively seek to be Set Apart for Excellence. We do this in a structured program that enables our graduates to enter college inspired, engaged, and ready for the future. ACAdemiC TrACks our CAdeTs Are pursuiNg: Classical College Prep Studies • Service Academy Preparatory • International Diplomacy • STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics • Research and Technology • Business/Entrepreneurial


Visit our website for OpeN hOuSe dates. Call Now for Reservations! Please visit our website for Summer Program information

888-ASK-NYMA • WWW.NYMA.ORG NYMA 78 Academy Ave • Cornwall on Hudson, NY

Villa Maria School Stamford’s “Jewel on the Hill”

Making Success a Reality for Children with Learning Difficulties Since 1973

A language-based curriculum in grades K through 9 A professional faculty fully certified in special education  4:1 student-teacher ratio

  For more information please call 203.322.5886 x104 or email

Since 1927, Avon Old Farms has been a leader in preparing young men for higher education, and the world. Avon is a dynamic community of learning with a rigorous curriculum anchored in the liberal arts and committed faculty that understands and appreciates the way boys learn best. Located in the scenic Farmington River Valley, Avon’s campus, with its Cotswoldinspired architecture, reflects the traditional approach to education that is so successful here. Our emphasis on sharing with one another and shaping character creates a supportive environment in which our students live, learn, compete, and grow.

QUICK FACTS: Established: 1927 Enrollment: 405 boys States/Countries Represented: 22/22 Average Class Size: 12 Student-Teacher Ratio: 6:1 Campus Size: 990 wooded acres Interscholastic Sports: 15

To schedule an interview, please call us at 800-464-2866, or email us at 500 Old Farms Road, Avon, Connecticut 06001

Avon Old Farms School welcomes students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin.

Follow us:

Ready? We are!

With 43 undergraduate majors in a wide range of liberal arts and professional programs – from Architecture and International Business to Marine Biology and Political Science – RWU is uniquely positioned to prepare our students for success in this rapidly changing world.

Roger Williams


Bristol, Rhode Island (888) 557-5015

Study with students from

60 Nations.

EF International Academy is a coeducational, private international high school that is located in historic Tarrytown, New York. With a student body representing over 60 nations, EF International Academy offers traditional boarding school experiences on an international level. EF International Academy is an IB World School, offering the prestigious and world-recognized International Baccalaureate Diploma to qualifying graduates, and is accepted by universities and colleges around the world.

EF International Academy 100 Marymount Avenue, Butler Hall, Tarrytown, NY Admissions Office: (914) 597-7241 Visit us online at

Call for more information or to set up your campus visit (914) 597-7241

The Classic College Experience 30 minutes from Manhattan 13:1 student–faculty ratio Experience-based learning NCAA Division ll Sports

Visit our beautiful campus in Westchester

800.937.2655 • •

Army Navy Academy

College Preparatory Boarding School for Boys, Grades 7-12

Honor. Integrity. Respect. Responsibility. Compassion. Since 1910, Army and Navy Academy has developed scholarship and honorable character in young men. The Academy is an internationally acclaimed college preparatory boarding and day school with a proud tradition of setting young men on a course for academic, personal and professional excellence.

The Academy’s approach is built on six pillars: academics, athletics, leadership, character development, residential life and the associated student body.

The Academy follows University of California standards for matriculation and incorporates leadership training and character development into the daily curriculum. Our highly structured program is rooted in individualized personal attention, with an emphasis on responsibility and accountability.

Call 888.762.2338 or visit

BROWN UNIVERSITY Pre-College Programs

On Campus. Online. Abroad. n



Prepare to succeed in a college environment Experience the freedom and responsibility of college life



Meet exceptional students from around the world Connect with world-class ideas, people, and facilities

Discover and develop new passions Environmental Leadership

Intensive English Language Program

Pre-College Courses

SPARK – Science for Middle School

Summer Session Credit Courses

Summer Study Abroad for High School Students

Brown Leadership Institute TheatreBridge

Online Courses – Spring, Summer and Fall Sessions

T In englAnd nglAnd The he AmerIcAn merIcAn School chool In

Moving Moving to to England? England?

Welcome help families families enjoy enjoythe theadventure. adventure. Welcometo toTaSiS TaSiSThe Theamerican american School School in England, where we help Nursery range of of AP AP classes classes •• Rich Richsports sports&&activities activitiesprogram program Nursery––Grade Grade 12 12 •• American American curriculum • Wide range Welcoming featuring specially speciallydesigned designedsettling-in settling-inseminars seminars Welcomingcommunity community for for students and parents, featuring Excellent campus near near Central CentralLondon Londonand andairports airports Excellentuniversity university placement placement • Beautiful 46-acre campus Coldharbour ColdharbourLane, Lane,Thorpe, Thorpe,Surrey SurreyTW20 TW208TE 8TE Tel: Tel:+44 +441932 1932582 582316 316

112South SouthRoyal RoyalStreet, Street,Alexandria, Alexandria,VAVA22314 22314 112 Tel:703 703299 2998150 8150 Tel:

TASIS Summer ProgrAmS In TASIS In euroPe uroPe

Salamanca,Spain Spain Salamanca, Spanish language intensive, architecture Spanish language intensive, architecture

london, England England london, arts, Theatre, academic arts, Theatre, academic Enrichment Enrichment

SouTh SouThof offrancE francE drawing, painting, photography, drawing, painting, photography,architecture architecture

Exciting summer summer courses courses for for students Exciting students ages ages 11 11 to to18 18 ColdharbourLane Lane Coldharbour Thorpe, Surrey TW208TE 8TE Thorpe, TW20 Tel:+44 +44Surrey 1932582 582346 346 Tel: 1932

112 South Street 112 SouthRoyal Royal Street Alexandria, VA 22314 Alexandria, VA 22314 Tel: 703 299 8150 Tel: 703 299 8150

working on the water brings us closer together. There’s one constant that each of us relies upon at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. It’s the bond that exists between all Cadets, entrusted with saving lives and protecting our nation’s coasts and waterways. We quickly become family, taking on challenges bigger than ourselves in a nationally ranked Bachelor of Science degree program. And our reward is not only a guaranteed paid career serving our country, but the knowledge that as Coasties we’ll always look out for each other. It’s why the Academy is like no other college in the nation.

Experience more at



ASA | Academic Study Associates SU








Jump into Summer.

extraordinary summer programs for high school students

The College Experience + Study Abroad Programs Harvard Yale Stanford UMaSS

Spain franCe italY oxford

UC BerkeleY ColUMBia tUftS Spaces are Limited - AppLy Now!


375 West Broadway, Suite 200 New York, NY 10012 T:212 796 8340 F:212 334 4934


“An Intimate PlacePlace to Learn theHeart Heart of a Great “An Intimate to Learnin in the of a Great City” City”

“An Intimate Place to Learn in the Heart of a Great City” “An Intimate Place to Learn in the Heart of a Great City”

York Preparatory School School YorkYork Preparatory School Preparatory

40 West 68thth Street – New York, NY 10023 th 68 Street – New York, NY 10023 40 West 40 West 68college Street – New York, NY 10023 coeducational preparatory school serving students from coeducational college preparatory school serving students from grades 6-12. coeducational college preparatory school serving students grades 6-12.

grades 6-12.

Outstanding Academics Outstanding Academics Superb College Guidance Outstanding Superb CollegeAcademics Guidance Championship Sports Teams Championship Sports Teams

Superb College Guidance Endless Extracurricular Activities Endless Extracurricular Activities

Championship Sports Teams An Oasis of Learning and Compassion An Oasis of Learning and Compassion

There IS something for everyone at York Prep!

There IS something for everyoneActivities at York Prep! Endless Extracurricular

For more information, contact our Admissions Office at For more information, contact our Admissions Office at or or

An Oasis of Learning and Compassion



A D E L P H I . E D U / S U C CE S S

OPPORTUNITY IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. At Adelphi, you can study abroad, pursue a competitive internship, debate relevant issues, and prepare for a richer life. Find your opportunity to stand out and make a positive change for your future.

Phillips Exeter Academy Summer School

Five weeks of academic exploration and discovery at one of America’s outstanding independent schools

July 7-August 10, 2013 The UPPER SCHOOL — Comprised of students who have completed grades nine, ten, eleven, or twelve — enrolls some 500 students who come to us from more than 40 states, Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C., and several dozen foreign nations. ACCESS EXETER — Open to students who have completed grades seven or eight — provides a challenging academic program for approximately 250 students. Together, these students embody a rich diversity of language, culture, religion and race.

Tel 603.777.3488 To learn more, please visit our website:

The summer before her senior year as a criminal justice major at Rutgers, Karina Martinez of Lyndhurst, New Jersey, studied child labor laws in Ghana as part of an effort to raise awareness about human rights.

Some universities prepare you for the real world.

At Rutgers, you’re in it.

ridgefield academy

Experience the Difference

Our teachers inspire students to think critically, work collaboratively and communicate effectively. Learn how our individualized program can empower your child! Open House: October 20 from 11 – 1pm

Building a strong foundation from preschool through grade 8 (203) 894-1800 |

Why would a student help another scale a 10-foot wall? Why would a 17-year-old walk differently than his friends back home? Hold his head higher? Consider himself a leader? The answer is pride. A private day and boarding academy for grades 7-12 and postgraduate, VFMA’s mission is preparing students for competitive four-year colleges. 99% of our cadets are accepted to their first- or second-choice schools. And more than 63% matriculate at the nation’s leading universities. The primary reason for that is our Five Cornerstones —academic excellence, character development, personal motivation, physical development, and leadership. Our students thrive and grow thanks to an average class size of just 13, with a student-teacher ratio of 10:1. Valley Forge Military Academy is not for everyone. It is not easy. In fact, it’s demanding. But students who are ready to push themselves to new heights, who are ready to learn, to follow, and ultimately to lead, will not only flourish here. They will proudly flourish in whatever paths they choose in life.


Thinking of Visiting the Hamptons? Think Ross School. Boarding for grades 7–12 in beautiful boarding houses. Two campuses in East Hampton and Bridgehampton, New York, just 2 hours east of New York City. Easily accessible by bus, train, ferry and air. Global, integrated curriculum to educate the whole child for the whole world. Opportunities for independent study, advanced classes, competitive athletics, extracurricular activities and travel. UPPER S C H OOL 18 GOOD FRIEND D RIV E EAST H AM PTON, NY


Deutsch mit Spaß! German School of Connecticut

bridging cultures

Nothing connects us to a country more than its language. Speaking German can help you strengthen that connection while enhancing travel, education and buziness horizons. Established in 1978, the German School of Connecticut (GSC) – the only professional German Saturday School in the state – provides a high-quality German educational program for over 350 children and adults. At GSC, students at all levels learn German language and culture Saturdy mornings during the academic year. • Two convenient locations: Stamford and West Hartford. • All grades: pre K-12, and adult classes too!

“Fluency in German gave my daughter that extra edge to get into her first choice in college… and later helped her find a job as well!” - Mother of Former Student

• Dedicated, professional teachers. • Two different proficiency levels: beginners/non-native, and near fluent/native.

“My children learned so much at GSC that when we go to Germany, they feel at home with the language and culture.” - German Parent

• Best CT results in the National German AATG Examinations. • Prepare for SAT Subject Test and AP German Exam. • Deutsches Sprachdiplom A2, B1, C1, satisfying German university entrance language requirements.

“My Business Studies got me the interview, but I am convinced my fluency in German landed the job.” - Former Student/Business Major

Attend a Free Trial Class! – Call Ahead (203) 548-0438 More details at



At The Knox School, everything we do is geared to helping young people become exceptional in the sizes, and students that care as much about good values as they do about strong academic achievement. At Knox, all our students learn to be exceptional. Contact us at 631-686-1600 or online at


541 Long Beach Rd. St. James, NY 11780 • A Coeducational Independent Boarding and Day School for Grades Six-Post Graduate

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