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ture accents are being tweaked just so. Adrienne Lazarus, the brand’s president, pointedly identifies which brands the shop will stock, overseeing the teams’ hand-selection of specific styles from designers including Fendi, Chloé, Rick Owens, Proenza Schouler, Stella McCartney, Azzedine Alaïa, Brian Atwood, Sergio Rossi and Herve Leger. INTERMIX takes pains to predict which designers will resonate with local clients through detailed examinations of its current Greenwich customers and their shopping habits. Noting its role as a fashion curator, Intermix also works to ensure exclusive merchandise rounds out its mix, offering unique product from labels including Diane von Furstenberg, ALC by Andrea Lieberman, rag & bone, Helmut Lang, Equipment and L’Agence. The end result will be that the INTERMIX in Greenwich will tailor both its service and its merchandise to its clients’ needs and routines, just as


one sits down with Khajak and Haro Keledjian, the dynamic brothers behind Intermix, it becomes immediately apparent that the lifestyle brand they’ve created is far greater than the sum of its parts. From inside their Manhattan offices, Khajak and Haro – CEO and COO, respectively – take great pride in telling the story of the company they built some 18 years ago. Retrospective amid planning for their upcoming expansion, which begins with the May 2011 opening of a 2,500 square-foot store in Greenwich, CT., the brothers recount the brand's history and excitedly discuss its future. Expressed through their individual vernaculars, Khajak’s more metaphorical and Haro’s more reflective, they explain the foundation on which Intermix rests, a strategic, E Pluribus Unum force, driven by a vast array of talent, experience and instinct. The science of readying the brand for the opening of its Greenwich location is perhaps akin to a designer preparing to debut his latest runway collection. During these final weeks before the opening, there is a near tangible buzz of excitement at INTERMIX headquarters as patterns and signa-


each other store has become an extension of its community. While they discuss staffing this new store, Adrienne notes that women invest in pieces which make them feel unique and beautiful. Yet, with so many options, and so little time, how do women find the styles which make them feel chic and fashionable? Enter INTERMIX to serve as the purveyor of all that is stylish. For nearly two decades, store associates, highly adept at styling, have become treasured advisors. They update their clients on the newest restaurants, the hottest vacation spots, on-the-rise artists; must-see movies and must-hear

As the company has grown, the name INTERMIX has become synonymous with innovative, uncompromised, highly evolved personal style. albums. Similarly, these well-informed sale associates digest and relay industry news, tips and trends to clients looking for a brief snapshot of the most important fashion happenings. All the while, behind the scenes, buyers and stylists are busy scouring for promising designers, translating trends, and securing exclusive merchandise, enabling stores to offer far more than simply product. Since its inception as a multi-brand, women’s retail destination in 1993, INTERMIX has evolved beyond a mere word or even a boutique, it has become a true way of life. The initial concept was simple, and quickly embraced by style-conscious women throughout the country: The boutique would be a well-edited, one-stop-shop for coveted styles, sought-after brands, inspiration and information. Merchandising its product according to the way women combined pieces, the retailer made a name for itself by offering a “mix” of clothing and accessories from a range of well-known and emerging designers at various price points. Within no time, INTERMIX was on its way to becoming both an unparalleled resource and a standard of living for sophisticated, chic shoppers. As the company has grown, the name Intermix has become synonymous with innovative, uncompromised, highly evolved personal style. Commanding the INTERMIX army, Khajak and Haro infuse a worldly wise outlook into their lifestyles and the business alike. Growing up in politically unstable Beirut, Lebanon, the Keledjians’ childhoods were marked by frequent trips to Europe in order to escape unrest. Khajak and Haro have incorporated their astute, stylish European sensibility and their business know-how into a mission which compels the demand and delivery of only the best. Looking out of his window, Haro gestures to the first INTERMIX location just a stone's throw away on Fifth Avenue, and then to his brother's adjacent office, as he references the leap of faith he took in the early '90s with his “partner in crime,” Khajak. At age 19, Khajak indentified a crucial void in the market, he recalls; there was a lack of high-fashion retail options

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between single-brand boutiques and large department stores. Soon thereafter, Khajak and Haro, seven years his senior, combined their joint experience in the luxury and contemporary retail sectors with their business acumen and their savings to establish INTERMIX. Armed with smart ambition and tutelage from some of the best in the business, Khajak ensures the merchant's bar continues to rise in main focus areas such as merchandise, service and marketing. His role, he comments, is to drive the team to secure near-impossible designer collections; create one-of-a-kind merchandise with the hottest labels - it is worth noting that designer exclusives make up 25% percent of the company's merchandise; discover fresh talent; set new trends (the brand was the first behind the colored denim trend, pairing with rag & bone to propel the fad nationwide this past March); and guarantee that customers see the brand as aspirational, yet still relatable. Haro shows off his dexterity and varied experience, gleaned from posts held at Charles Jourdan, Christian Dior and Barney's New York, as he devises business strategy and simultaneously creates and inspiring teams across categories. The two blend their skills with Adrienne, who joined the company in 2009 after a wildly successful 17 year tenure at Ann Taylor and a few years of quality time spent with her young, twin boys. Adrienne's been charged with pushing the brand forward, her attention centering upon growing the compelling stable of brands INTERMIX boasts, as well as cultivating new designers, visual merchandising, marketing, branding, stores and e-commerce. Her passion and enthusiasm shine as she draws on her significant merchandising strength and her extensive experience in building brands and creating successful and impactful teams. And so, from these parts, a whole is built. E Pluribus Unum: Out of many, one. In 2011, this trifecta, supported by savvy corporate and store-line employees, is further transforming the original shop - an intimate outpost offering a superior shopping experience as personal and cosmopolitan as its merchandise - into a brand much larger than its stores, its talent, and its product. Combining its plethora of strengths, INTERMIX eagerly looks forward to bringing its lifestyle to new markets, opening doors in Greenwich, Connecticut; the Meat Packing district of Manhattan; and Toronto, Ontario, launching its international presence. Considering its 23 locations throughout the U.S., including New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Chicago, and a bourgeoning e-commerce site, it is neither a surprise nor is it an accident that INTERMIX evolved into a lifestyle. It has catapulted to a position where its sharpest business competitors by no means hold a direct candle to its retail model or overall viewpoint. Without pause, Khajak asserts fervently that INTERMIX is not simply a retailer, but instead a philosophy. Surveying options and curating crave-worthy, irresistible musts-haves, the brand therefore inherently necessitates an appreciation for, and an encouragement to cultivate relationships with, discerning, exacting clients. These women appreciate the fastidious, sharp culture the corporation embodies. Applied more broadly, the INTERMIX ethos empowers women to insist upon the finest of things and encourages them to seek guidance from trusted allies. Through its streamlining of outside influences and aspirational muses, INTERMIX has set itself apart through its unabashed demand for the latest and greatest across all facets of life. ❉


intermix fashions  

weston magazine group, publisher of 8 hyper-local regional lifestyle magazines serving the affluent northern suburbs of the greater nyc metr...

intermix fashions  

weston magazine group, publisher of 8 hyper-local regional lifestyle magazines serving the affluent northern suburbs of the greater nyc metr...