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The complete offering terms are in an offering plan available from the sponsor. File No. CD06-0055. All dimensions are approximate and subject to normal construction variances and tolerances. Plans and dimensions may contain minor variations from floor to floor. Sponsor reserves the right to make changes in accordance with the terms of the offering plan. We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the Nation. We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.

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The art teacher who collected child porn. By Jane Sherman

They think they can expel my daughter because some antisocial narcissist with overly permissive parents starts telling lies? By Daniel Pearle

66 SOAP OPERAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S SWAN SONG When Luke and Laura held us riveted. By Susie Bedsow Horgan

86 THIRD EYE: MAGNUM CONTACT SHEETS Methods and processes of some of the greats of photography.



departments 24 TRAIN OF THOUGHT Zipping into the past. by Alena Dillon

33 THE LOCAL SCENE Winter concerts, school plays, real estate and historical societies.

94 THE GREEN ROOM Nicholas Britell epitomizes the new generation of top classical musicians. by Richard Epstein

104 RURAL PALATES Adirondack Food and Wine Festival; Cooking classes, a Moderne Barn, and a (Bedford Post) Farmhouse.

118 I’LL TAKE MANHATTAN New boutiques, eats, and expos.

130 LIKE A ROLLING STONE Moroccan Nights, South Africa, Slopeside and Sea Island. by Celia Meadow, Paula Koffsky, Rich Silver and Susan Engel

146 BUYING AND SELLING Consider a pre-inspection; the legendary Manhattan House.

156 THE DRIVER’S SEAT The new Evoque by Land Rover brings out the Bond in all of us. by Charles Moseley

166 APPRAISED AND APPROVED Exotic to understated, fine arts to finery.

186 THE DOCTOR IS IN Reconstructive breast surgery after cancer. by Isabel Stolzman

194 THE HEALING AGENT Resources for fertility treatment, private rehab and medical tourism.

213 INDEPENDENT SCHOOL GUIDE Science Class by Jane Powel Plus academies, prep schools, summer enrichment programs and colleges.

272 COMMUNITY ROOM A Great Job Opportunity! by Kristina Loew








McLaren MP4-12C

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No other watch is engineered quite like a Rolex. The Datejust, introduced in 1945, was the ďŹ rst wristwatch to display the date through an aperture on the dial. Its unique magnifying Cyclops eye, added a few years later, became recognized as a Rolex design standard. Admired for its classic design, the Datejust became an iconic symbol of style. The 36 mm Datejust is presented here in a signature Rolex combination of 904L steel and 18 kt yellow gold.

the date just

uncompromising skiwear

uncompromising performance


Eric S. Meadow Celia R. Meadow Tim Hussey Executive Editor o or Debbie Silver Travel Editor Susan Engel Paula Koffsky, Simone Meadow, Rich Silver General Counsel el Bruce Koffsky, Esq. Contributorss Nancy Balbirer, Kate Corr, Alena Dillon, Ivy Eisenberg, Richard Epstein, Susie Bedsow Horgan, Nick LaCava, Kristina Loew, Charles Moseley, Daniel Pearle, Jane Powel, Debra Scott, Jane Sherman, Isabel Stoltzman, Marsha Temlock, Elizabeth Spaulding Titus, Gail Lilley Zawacki Suzy Allman, Larry Bauerlain, Susanna Cronin, Joel and Anne Darelius, Maggie Kalkowska, Deborah Kogan, Kerry Long Cover Illustration: on: Dave Cutler

By Alena Dillon

Yesterday’s Denim THERE’S THIS PAIR OF JEANS. They aren’t mine, but they’ve sat in my closet my entire life. They’d be an ordinary pair of jeans, except that the zipper begins in the back, traces down the butt crack, snakes between the thighs, until finally fastening up the crotch. These jeans can be unzipped in half. 24


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My mother wore them in the ‘70s, when she was a rebellious whippersnapper who skipped her church’s night service to go to coffee shops and attended parties that served pot brownies. Only, she didn’t realize they were pot brownies. Being a chocolate lover, she ate seven, locked herself in the closet and called my father, telling him “they” were coming and he needed to rescue her. He kept her at his parents’ house until she detoxed, and then brought her home. These jeans are a symbol of her youth. The prime of her life, when everything was a possibility. They represent Before. Before miscarriages or stock market crashes or college tuitions. Before her daughter acted like a tramp or her husband got sick. Before anything wrinkled, bloated or sagged. She would build a shrine for these jeans, except that would be sacrilege.

Faith. My understanding would only come when I dated my own asshole for far longer than clinical sanity would reason acceptable. We’d sit in front of her jewelry box, and she’d show me the sterling heart necklace her sister gave her on her sixteenth birthday. Or the diamond from her grandmother’s engagement ring. Or the lock of hair from when she chopped off her waistlength tresses. We went through this routine, over and over again, memento by memento, and it always ended with the jeans. I’d sit on my bed while she retrieved them from my closet. She always presented them with the pride of a nationalist waving a flag. “Now, these, these are retro,” she’d say. And she’d zip and unzip them, telling me too much, that the zipper used to wedge up her crack, causing the denim to cling to her cheeks like saran wrap.

were smooshed inside. I bent over and reached my hand between my legs and up toward my back, trying to locate the zipper. When I felt the metal between my fingers, I pulled down. The zipper pulled up. It had a different goal in mind, and that was respecting a formidable opposing force: my fat ass. Watching me struggle, my mother smiled, but kept to herself. I attacked from a different approach. Instead of bending over, I stood straight and looped both arms behind my back. One grabbed the belt of the pants and the other maneuvered the zipper. Without being doubled over, there was some extra give in the rear of the jeans, and the zipper conceded, traveling down my butt crack. The zipper descended fairly easily. I was able to close the pants up to my inner thighs.

Like all mothers, my mother often reminisced about the body of her youth, when skin from hip to hip was pulled as tight as a drumhead. She couldn’t throw them out. They were far too important, far too cool, to be garbage. But she couldn’t store them in her closet either. That’d be too close. They’d embarrass her other clothes, her mommy jeans. So, they sat propped on the top shelf in my closet, where they mocked me my entire life. Like all mothers, my mother often reminisced about the body of her youth, when skin from hip to hip was pulled as tight as a drumhead. She’d stroke the memory, tenderly recalling chicken legs, her tiny waist, and taut arms. “I was 108 pounds the day I married your father,” she’d say. And I would simmer with jealousy because I was 108 pounds in fifth grade. And I wasn’t tall. I didn’t know what it was like to have chicken legs, a tiny waist, or taut arms. In elementary school, I enjoyed sifting through my mother’s belongings, the souvenirs of a Faith I’d never know. A Faith without pickups or drop-offs or dinner to get on the table. My mother guided the safari through her former self. She handed me the tag that had been attached to a gift from her first love. It read, “To the Beauty, from the Beast. Or is it the other way around?” He sounded like an asshole, and I wondered why my mother dated him for five years, or why she kept that tag for over thirty. But I’d never know, because I’d never meet that



As an eight, nine, ten, and eleven year old, I marveled at the jeans. To wear pants that provocative, that down-right womanly, was something I yearned for. But I knew I wasn’t ready. It wasn’t appropriate. They wouldn’t look right, they wouldn’t feel right. So I never asked to try them on and my mother never invited me to. Until one day. “Here, put them on,” she said, extending the jeans as an offering. By this point, I knew the zipper well. I pulled the slider down the rows of metal teeth, and as they disengaged one by one, from the waist all the way around to the small of the back, the pant legs were almost completely disassociated from one another. I took off my own, totally dull jeans, revealing baggy, cotton, flowered underwear. But as soon as I slipped a foot inside the pant leg, I knew the bitter outcome of this experiment. My meaty thigh met great resistance. I didn’t have skinny Immordino legs. I had thick, sturdy Dillon legs—the kind of thighs that split jeans at the seam (we kept patches in stock). The kind of thighs that rash in the summer from skin rubbing skin too aggressively. But I shimmied and stuffed. I would not surrender, not after wanting this for so long. Finally, after much negotiating, both legs

It’s when I reached down to cajole the zipper for the uphill ascent that the pants again refused to cooperate. The V formed by the two divergent metal halves branched out in an obtuse angle. It didn’t seem physically possible to bond the teeth together, and yet, I tried. Holding the slider, I jumped and shook and sucked in my belly. But the zipper wouldn’t budge. I flopped onto the bed, hoping my stomach would sink inside itself. No luck. I tried pulling the waist together and then yanking up the zipper. I pleaded with the Lord Almighty. Nada. I was twelve, and I couldn’t fit into the pants of my mother’s twenties. My mother was trembling in hysterics. Finally, she burst into flat out laughter. “I really WAS skinny,” she said, as if me not being able to smash myself into her former clothing was the confirmation she’d been searching for. And though I was disappointed, okay, devastated, there was restitution in the joy of my mother. If she couldn’t be satisfied with the body of today’s Faith, at least she still found happiness in the memory of yesterday’s. Alena Dillon has an MFA in Creative Writing from Fairfield University. She lives in Long Island with her husband and is working on two novels and a collection of nonfiction.


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the local scene


Speakerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Corner by Nancy Balbirer What I learned at Cotillion


Vintage by Debra Scott The sommelierâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s treasured bottles


School Road Southampton Intermediate School presents: Into the Woods


From the Sidelines by Suzy Allman The Westminster Dog Show

speakerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s corner

{by Nancy Balbirer}

Cotillion C otill illllli ill ll

When I was twelve years old, I was sent to Cotillion Classes to learn how to be a Nice Young Lady. Every Friday night, in a musty colonial church, in the small and bland Connecticut town I grew up in, ten boys and ten girls would convene in the church lobby—the boys in their Blue Brooks Brothers Blazers, ties and gray flannel slacks; and the girls in Gunne-Sax Dresses, sensible (low-heeled) shoes, and of course, the requisite Little White Gloves. Actually, the Little White Gloves were only white until they came into contact with one of the sweaty adolescent “gentleman” escorts. When I told my mother how grossed out I was about the perspiration turning my gloves gray week after week, her airy reply was baffling: “Oh no, sweat between two people is very sexy.” Forced to attend by their society-minded, upwardly mobile mothers, most of the kids hated Cotillion. And it was real cool to go around school all day Friday dressed like shit in the uniform de jour — ripped up Levi’s and baseball shirts — slamming lockers, throwing spitballs and French fries, and proclaiming loudly “COTILLION SUCKS.” That was the cool way to be. And I, of course, went along with it, although secretly, I kind of liked Cotillion. I did. I liked the pretty dances. I liked getting dressed up. I liked seeing the boys in jackets, forced to behave. And mostly, I liked that they had to touch me. Because these were touch dances: the foxtrot, waltz, lindy, cha-cha…Disco.... And even though they had grubby, dirty, scummy fingers, my stomach rolled over every time one of those little jerks touched me. ‘Cuz really, other than Cotillion, it never happened. I was an Unpopular Titless Loudmouth given to humiliating myself. And no boy would ever go near me, ever—let alone touch me.

At regular school dances, I would stand like a loser on the sidelines until I finally got hip, and the minute I’d hear the strains of a familiar ballad, I’d beat it to the John, where I wouldn’t have to watch all the popular girls dance — their curvy asses massaged like Manna-dough for the song’s duration. No. I hid, with my boybody, in the safety of self-loathing exile, ruefully looking at myself in the mirror, bathed in fluorescent lighting…. And you know what? To this day, when I hear “Stairway to Heaven,” I have to pee. So anyway, that’s what I dug about Cotillion—the dancing. And that was a secret. What wasn’t a secret was what I hated about Cotillion—Miss Jacqueline Simmons. Miss Simmons was a snobby, saggy, waypast-her-prime debutante who acted as hostess of Cotillion — passing out dancecards, white gloves and tight-lipped insults with the efficiency of an SS officer in drag. Accompanied by her husband Frank on piano, Miss Simmons trained scores of brats how to properly go through a Receiving Line without appearing “uncouth,” “gauche,” or god forbid, “vulgar.” Dressed in her characteristic sheath gowns, opera-length gloves and tasteful tiara, Miss Simmons’ most cherished possession was a gold whistle that draped simply and elegantly over her bosom. The whistle was a gift from Truman Capote, whose name Miss Simmons would drop during frequent lulls in the receiving line. “Frank and I spent last Christmas with Truman in Gstadd. It was an absolutely marvelous chalet! And darling Tru — why, we were absolutely in stitches, ‘till the wee hours! Yes, well, we expect to spend some time with Mr. Capote (also the Radizwells) next summer on Martha’s Vineyard, and of course, at his next divine Black and White Ball.” Miss Simmons used the gold whistle for three reasons: To signal the beginning and

end of a dance; to emphasize when someone said or did something tacky; or to wake up her alcoholic husband when he started to nod off on the piano keys. That whistle got a hell of a lot of blowing. It must have been a Saint in another life. And—there were so many rules — Cotillion was replete with rules. One of them was that all the nice young ladies were addressed as “Miss.” “Miss Catherine. Miss Candace. Miss Nancy.” “Good evening Miss Simmons. My name is Thomas Deane Haddon, the Third. And this is Miss Nancy Balbirer.” “Good evening, Thomas. Good evening, Miss Nancy. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Allow me to introduce the guest of honor, Mrs. Lynne Deloe.” And right out of the box—I had a question. “Miss Simmons, why can’t I introduce myself? Can’t I just say my own name?” The whistle blows. The music stops. Everyone looks. “Miss Nancy, my dear, remember your breeding.” I pictured myself as a Golden Retriever. We don’t want to appear earthy now, do we?” I pictured myself as Carole King. The whistle blows. The music starts. We continue. After the Receiving Line, and all the formal introductions, we start the first dance. My guy, Tom, is dreamy and popular, though he doesn’t say much. He never says a word to me at school, and now his hand is pressing into the small of my back. I’m on air. Halfway through, Tom’s tapped on the shoulder. “May I cut in?” “You may.” We change partners. Now I’m trapped dancing with Thatcher Phipps. He has a



Co lion C Cotillion

cold. Snot runs out of his nostrils and he keeps snapping my training bra. “Are you a turtle?” “No.” “Then why the f — k do you snap?” “Miss Simmons, Miss Simmons, I have a question.” The whistle blows. The music stops. Everyone looks. “When a boy cuts in, can a girl say ‘No?’ Like, what if I don’t wanna dance with this other guy? Like, what if he’s gross? And also, can the girls cut in ever?” The whistle blows. “I shall pretend, as should you, that this vulgar query was never raised. Ladies and gentlemen, carry on.” Everyone snickers. The whistle blows. The music starts. Later, Miss Simmons pulls me aside for a tete-a-tete. “Darling, let me begin by saying you

ankles crossed and our hands folded—and the boys don’t? Then they get to do all the talking and asking and stuff.” “Ladies don’t ask. Ladies just do — now let’s don’t be garrulous. That’s for Myna birds and harlots.” “But it seems like they’re the ones who get to decide everything.”

ing as a sort of rhythmic barricade where nothing declassé could ever go. I continue to try to make my point, ask my ques-

tions, eke out an existence. But I can’t get into the circle. Instead, I dance in opposition, trying to catch up. “Miss Simmons, Miss Simmons, help me please!” But it’s too late. The dancing continues. Miss Simmons twirls herself into a BlueBlooded Oblivion, and no one has heard me. No One.

are a delightful dancer. One of the most proficient, in fact. But there seems to be a slight problem with—insubordinance. Your churlish questions are most inappropriate, n’est pas? Now, there are certain, proprieties that one must adhere to in polite society. We don’t want to appear provincial, or, heaven forfend, low-brow, now, do we?” “No. I guess not. But, like, how come we have to wear white gloves and sit with our




“Miss Simmons?“Know what I mean? Can you hear me?” I watch as Miss Simmons gets swept up in a cha-cha cyclone. She’s cha-cha’ing in the middle—solo — the other polite, socially acceptable, well bred children hypnotically cha-cha’ing around her, act-

Nancy Balbirer is an actor and a

Nancy Balbirer is an actor and a writer. writer. Her first book, Take Your She is the author of Take Your Shirt Off and Shirt Off and Cry will be published Cry published by Bloomsbury. She lives in by Bloomsbury thisher spring. Sheand daughter. New York City with husband lives in New York City with her husband and daughter.



of winter, we may dig deep into our cocoons, but we need to come up for air. Or, better yet, fluids. Cozy introspection is best appreciated when alternated with social expansiveness, especially when delivered through the lubricant of the grape. Raise high your goblet, and drink to these local wine lairs NEW YORK CITY Aretsky’s Patroon 160 East 46th Street Only restaurateurs with a certain gravitas have the privilege of naming a restaurant after themselves. Ken Aretsky was at the helm of such iconic city restaurants as Arcadia and the “21” Club before taking over the former space of the legendary steak house Christ Cella in 1997 and naming it after himself. It’s no coincidence that the word Patroon (a landholder in New Netherland) rhymes with saloon. In many ways it is a neighborhood hangout, hosting posh clientele from nearby Sutton Place and the U.N. The atmosphere is convivial and the booze flows. The basement wine cellar, a cavernous room reserved for private parties (limited to 12 guests), was a closet in its former incarnation. The wine list boasts 500 selections, and is always evolving as Aretsky continues to build inventory. “People today are knowledgeable; they expect good depth in Bordeaux, Pinots, Cabernets,” says Aretsky. He pours by the glass ARETSKY’S PATROON

Billecart-Salmon, a refined and versatile Champagne ($28) “that rivals the quality of a Moet. We like to pass along value.” On the other hand, he offers the connoisseur rare and pricey selections ranging from a 1961 Chateau Cheval Blanc for $3200 to a 1974 Chateau Petrus for $9750. When Aretsky dines at other establishments, he is known to challenge the sommelier to find a “fabulous” bottle for under $100. “I think that’s a fair number,” he says. He’s often disappointed. “Most wines at restaurants arrive too warm. One thing I’m proud of is that when you get a bottle out of our cellar, I know it’s going to be in mint condition.” Ken Aretsky’s Picks If someone asks me for a recommendation, I don’t like to select a bottle over $100; I think that’s taking advantage. There’s a Chateau Moulin de Tricot from Rosenthal at $95 that’s great value. No one would walk out of here unhappy with that wine. These wine guys came in the other night. I recommended a Beaux Freres Vineyard from Yamhill County, Oregon at $328. The next day they called to say that, not only did they have a great meal, but that the wine was exceptional. There’s a Premier Cru Chablis, Les Lys ($135), from Daniel-Etienne Defaix. What makes it so special is that the winemaker understands the aging process for his wines. He doesn’t release his wines for years; his latest vintage is 2001. His wines offer the same depth and complexity of a $300 Montrachet. WESTONMAGAZINEGROUP.COM



Veritas 43 East 20th Street What distinguishes the wine list at Veritas is that it is built upon an astonishing world-class private collection. Textile pasha Park B. Smith, who has collected wines for 50 years, is one of the world’s most important collectors with a stash of more than 75,000 bottles housed in six cellars at his Connecticut home. (The restaurant houses about 15,000.) Veritas offers an astounding 3,000 selections, its list quite probably the finest in the country... all the better to pair with the food of celebrated chef Sam Hazen. The restaurant was awarded three stars by the New York Times last March. Head Sommelier Rubén Sanz Ramiro, formerly of The Fat Duck, skillfully pairs wines with Hazen’s enlightened food (Think “maple-brined pig” and “sticky toffee pudding”). The list is heavily weighted with Rhones, especially Smith’s beloved Chateauneuf-duPapes. The immensity of the list allows verticals of such hard to find selections as Henri Bonneau and Jean-Louis Chave. “It’s hard to offer such deep vintages as we do,” says Ramiro. From Napa Valley’s Harlan Estate alone, there are 25, each vintage from 1990 through 2007. There is also an extraordinary Bordeaux collection including a 1961 Chateau Margaux ($5500) and a rare 1928 Latour ($5500). Not to worry, there are bargains too. A 2010 Morgon by Marcel Lapierre, “one of the greatest Beaujolais producers” is an exceptional value at $65, and pairs wonderfully



with the Steak Tartar on the bar menu. As many of the wines are bought “ex-cellar” (directly from the producer, cutting out the middle man) provenances are pristine. When you are spending as much for a bottle as for a used car, it’s key to know the origin. “A lot of wine out there is not exactly what it says on the label,” says Ramiro. Wine Picks of Rubén Sanz Ramiro, Head Sommelier Bonne-Mares Grand Cru from Georges Roumier, 1978 ($4000). He has some of the most expressive wines in Burgundy. At this state of maturity, the intensity and delicacy of the perfume is supreme. Paired with Roast Duck. To me, the 2007 Rangen de Thann Riesling from Domaine Zind-Humbrecht ($225), is one of most special expressions of Riesling in the world – from one of greatest producers of white wine in the world. The vineyard is very rocky and steep with volcanic soil. The wine has tremendous concentration, great finesse and can develop an extensive array of aromas, and can age for 25 years easily. The 1978 Chateau Rayas ($2100) is very special because of its singular expression of Granache. The very sandy soil creates wines with beautiful delicacy and the ability to age extremely well. Its subtle, yet complex aromas, dry flowers reminiscent of roses, delicate spiciness makes it one of the most remarkable wines produced in the South of France.

EAST END OF LONG ISLAND: SOUTH FORK The Living Room c/o The Maidstone 207 Main Street, East Hampton, NY On a recent Friday evening, 16 cashmere-clad oenophiles crammed into the stone and brick wine cellar of The Living Room to taste six wines, and choose four of them to drink with dinner. “Wine dinners are so overdone,” says the restaurant’s wine manager Chris Miller, an Advanced Sommelier who once poured at the “21” Club. He instituted these tastings to enable patrons to “break out of their safety zone and experience wines they might not have the guts to order off the list.” He has also built out the crawl space at the back of the cellar, in which to eventually store high level selections purchased by members of a soon-to-be-established wine club. The Living Room is the Scandinavianthemed restaurant nestled in c/o The Maidstone, one of several inns owned by Swedish hotelier Jenny Ljungberg, most of which are located in her native land. Working with the proprietor, Miller followed her lead in forming a European-style list. “As most restaurants are provincial in Europe, they feature local selections,” he says. Thus, the 300 selections-strong list heavily favors American wines, with a tight


focus on New York State, especially Long Island, but also the Hudson Valley and Niagara Escarpment. With more than a nod to French wines, he’s built a deep Bordeaux list (at least for the Hamptons): 25. There’s also a healthy concentration of Tuscan wines. Perhaps most noteworthy are the regions not represented. While there are token samples from Spain, Chile and Argentina, there is nothing from either Australia or New Zealand – all of which are too far afield to allow for a strong core. Region is not the only consideration. With the restaurant’s devotion to the Slow Food philosophy, many selections are sustainably


farmed. Miller also looks for family owned vineyards. “When you’re handing down the land for generations, you’re taking care of it, using less pesticide, preserving it for future generations.” When the group in the cellar has chosen their wines, they head upstairs to match their choices with a five-course meal comprised of a house cured salmon with caviar cream, Swedish country pate, local bay scallops, short ribs and a cheese plate. A few minutes later a second group makes its way downstairs for a duplicate tasting. If Miller succeeds with his purpose, they too will add new wines to their usual repertoire and, in future, steer away from merely “safe choices.” Miller’s Choices of Standout Wines Riesling, Ravines Wine Cellars $36 Made by a French winemaker in the Finger Lakes, and very Alsace in style: crisp, dry, aromatic with European character. It works well with Scandinavian food such as gravlax with its rich texture and mouth feel. Chenin Blanc, Paumonok $52 Delicate, straw character in the nose, bone dry with a baked apple aroma and vinous character; great for people who don’t like the fruitiness of a Riesling. Pinot Noir ‘Old Vines Estate’, Patricia Green, Willamette, OR 2009 $80 Produced in the Burgundian style, it has a rustic cherry character with ripe fruit on the palate, but dry, with vague oak — something we don’t see in California Pinot Noirs; a refreshing change. Great with a light meat or heavy fish. NORTH FORK Luce & Hawkins Jedediah Hawkins Inn 400 South Jamesport Avenue. Jamesport, NY Proprietor and chef Keith Luce grew up on a farm three miles from the rundown Italianate home of a Victorian sea captain. After developing his culinary chops as a sous chef in the Clinton White House and at the legendary Seattle-area Herbfarm, the James Beard Award-winning whiz returned to the North Fork a couple of years ago to take over the newly restored Jedediah Hawkins Inn and its restaurant. Somewhat of a Renaissance man, Luce is not only innkeeper and chef — wowing guests with his cutting-edge cookery — but also farmer, winemaker and musician. He makes

his negotiant wines at the nearby Paumanok vineyards with the winery’s grapes, and has ploughed five acres on his family farm where he’ll be planting his own vines come spring. The inn’s wine cellar is a welcoming room, made cozy by a brick floor, stone walls and a ceiling of rough hewn, wide plank wood. Guests relax at a couple of dining tables, a leather Chesterfield sofa and at the bar where beer is offered along with the juice of the grape. There are a half dozen keg wines, mostly hailing from the North Fork (AKA NoFo) including a floral Jamesport Syrah produced exclusively for kegging. Of the dozen or so wines by the glass, at least two are made by Luce: a 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon blend and a Chenin Blanc, a nectar-like elixir with slight effervescence, a magical accompaniment to the chef ’s lardo (an ethereal whipped lard. Think room temp bacon ice cream.) The wine list is divided into two categories: US (wines from Long Island and the Finger Lakes) and THEM (mostly European wines). Outstanding New York wines include a silken Albarino from Palmer Vineyards, the only local winery playing with that grape, and a Cabernet Franc which the inn’s manager Sarah describes as “butter in a glass” from Keuka Lake Vineyards, a small producer who distributes himself. “What’s happening on the North Fork,” says Luce, “Is that you’re getting young, talented people moving here to make blends geared toward quality and value. When that happens, you have to look at it as a serious wine producing region.” On weekend nights live music entertains the wine cellar crowd. As the dinner hour wanes, you may be lucky enough to catch Chef Luce playing accompaniment on the hand drums. Keith Luce’s Wine Picks The Albarino, Palmer Vineyards 2010 is a first time bottling with typical Long Island terroir, a fresh nose with mineral and salt, and a hint of

citrus blossom. Pairs well with our duck wings, bao dumplings and soba noodle soup. The portfolio from Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes (Leon Millot, Cab Franc, Riesling, Vignoles) are so stupendous they had to be introduced to NoFo. We carry their wines for the same reason we carry McCall’s: years of commitment, a striving for perfection and a very conscientious style of winemaking. The soft, buttery Cab Franc is so light it almost drinks like a white. The Block E from Macari Vineyards is a Long Island favorite. Pinot Gris and Viogner grapes make this ‘ice-wine’ style dessert wine absolutely divine: rich and mouth-coating but with a beautiful backbone of acidity. This “liquid gold” pairs beautifully with our donuts, bread pudding and local cheeses. Wine enthusiast Debra Scott is a Hamptonsbased writer whose work has appeared in publications from The Times of London to Vogue.











Backstage at the Westminster Dog Show PHOTOS BY . SUZY ALLMAN
















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Please, you get it. I’m not dressed,” I call to my husband. I hope he hears me, as he sits in front of his own computer at the other end of the house. It is 7:30 in the morning. He doesn’t say a word as he rushes by me to the entry hall and flings open the front door. Men and women with black pistols by their sides, wearing bulletproof vests, including two uniformed Westport police officers, charge into the entry and living room. “We’ve got a warrant to search the premises,” one man announces, waving a piece of paper over his head. Strangers rush by me, clearly on a mission. I stand still, my whole being on hold, and sense the whirr of moving air as each person hurries towards some other place in the house. Later they tell me I can go to work if I have to, but they won’t let me go to change out of my nightgown. Another official demands to know if we have any weapons. Paul dutifully responds, listing his various guns, saying where they are. A passionate gardener, he uses a .22-caliber rifle to shoot pesky chipmunks that eat his precious bulbs or gray squirrels that dig up recently planted alpine seedlings.

“What are you looking for?” I ask one man, who appears older than the majority of agents. “Child pornography.” I forget to breathe. Everything in the house is hazy and blurred. My hand reaches out, blindly searching for a piece of furniture or wall to touch and regain my bearings. “Who are you?” I ask. “Homeland Security - ICE,” one man says. “What’s that?” “Immigration and Customs Enforcement - ICE,” says the man who appears to be in charge. “I don’t understand,” I say. I’ve forgotten that I’m in my nightgown, in the company of strangers. “Vermont Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, Project Safe Childhood, and Operation Predator.” **** At sixty-seven, my husband Paul, is a fairly tall, nice-looking man, although heavier than when he was still teaching middle school Art. His light brown hair had recently become almost all white. When he was a toddler, his nickname was Whitey, because his hair was so blond and remained so even when he became older. He used to say he walked seven miles a day, strolling around the art room, smiling as he

checked on the progress his students were making with their projects, but he’d become much less active since he’d stopped teaching in March of 2002. Now his activity consists more of getting up from the computer where he sits all day to get a snack. Paul stands in the living room with the mass of officials, dressed in khaki pants and a light blue, long sleeved shirt. Sun damage from his childhood caused him to develop porokeratosis, a pre-cancerous condition on his arms and legs of raised, little red bumps and he protects them from more exposure by wearing long sleeves, even in the summer. He wears his signature, grubby white sneakers, loosely tied. Unwilling to pay for sneakers that fit, he only purchases the cheapest ones he can find, which are usually too narrow for his feet. I should be used to such choices, but still cannot understand why he buys shoddy shoes that don’t fit. He thinks nothing of spending sixty-five dollars on a miniature, rock-garden plant that may or may not survive. The sliding glass doors in the living room look out on the long cedar deck and then at an exquisite, woodland garden. In early spring, our garden was bursting with flowers - especially the Japanese Primroses for which Paul was recognized, by the American Primrose Society and WESTONMAGAZINEGROUP.COM


the many people he knew in the American Rock Garden Society. Mature and beautiful azaleas in multiple shades of pink, red, orange, and white surrounded the exquisite primroses that bloom in tones of lovely pink, lavender and white. Groups from the Connecticut Garden Conservancy and numerous Garden Clubs came every year to visit and admire the well-known garden. Law enforcement officials carry packed containers from the basement up the wide stairs. With some effort, they load the heavy cardboard boxes into the back of the black SUVs that are parked at random angles in the gravel driveway. The basement is one area I’d given up on having some semblance of order. As a result, it’s full of Paul’s junk and clutter that he refused to sort or discard. When I threatened to sweep or vacuum the basement, he’d go into a frenzy, threatening me with dire consequences if I entered the tomb of accumulated treasures and junk.

They can’t wait to get out of the craziness of middle school,” he would say at somewhat regular intervals. “But I love this age! They’re so creative. They don’t know that they can’t do something. They try and they create amazing artwork. It’s perpetual puberty,” he’d say with a smile that was bigger than any other of his smiles. I saw the sparkle in his eyes and I thought how lucky the children were to have a teacher who nurtured their creativity. For years, I felt that Paul’s difficulties with the administration were petty and that the principal, who didn’t know how to relate to such a talented teacher, was rigid. In the 1970’s, early on in his teaching career, he’d been the cool new teacher who created a well-run and imaginative Industrial Arts program. Charming and original in his teaching techniques, he could do no wrong. Paul loved to tell his students why he wore

one should be free to talk about the sex parts of flowers. But there was a manner about him in class that was confusing and made some students want to flee from a potential danger they couldn’t figure out, but could still feel. All the years I lived with Paul, I listened to the complaints, the stories, the difficulties dealing with a closed minded principal and hovering parents. He often came up as the villain in the bossy invective that parents in upscale Connecticut towns can have. I telephone Paul’s attorney, Bill Westcott, who previously represented him in a case that should have opened my eyes to what he could be involved in. Bill was a fine attorney during Paul’s arrest and trial in 2003 for allegedly touching a twelve-year-old girl in his classroom. I vehemently defended Paul during that time. I didn’t recognize until much later that even though he was found not guilty, he

IF I SUGGESTED THAT IT MADE ME ILL AT EASE TO SENSE HIS EUPHORIA AFTER PHOTOGRAPHING CHILDREN… HE ACCUSED ME OF BEING JEALOUS OF THE BEAUTY OF YOUTH. Hours later, after I’ve been allowed to change into street clothes, the Special Agent in charge announces that he’s spoken with the United States Attorney, Jim Filan, and has been informed that there’s enough evidence to arrest Paul. Even though Paul and I are standing close to one another we don’t talk. “This is terrible,” I finally say, face forward, not to him. My voice is lifeless, drained of all emotion. “It’s a tragedy of biblical proportions,” he says. It’s the last time we speak, face to face. In a matter of seconds, they click handcuffs on him; walk him out the front door and into one of the cars. He is gone. I don’t even notice the car driving out of the driveway. **** From the earliest days of our marriage, Paul hinted at a sense of joy and freedom when he looked at photos of young girls. The ecstasy he described confused me. But I believed it was a normal man’s fantasy and that the girls he spoke of were seventeen, not in middle school. “I keep getting asked by other teachers why I don’t put in for a transfer to the high school.



his belt buckle on the side. “When I was a teenager, a guy I knew at my father’s screw machine business wore his belt buckle on the side so it didn’t get in the way when he was kissing girls.” He’d laugh and light up a room. “I definitely wanted to kiss more girls.” Over time, this straightforward story changed. Retold over and over by other students, the principal, the superintendent of schools, after the arrest it evolved into a completely different account. Some years later, with a more demanding and less tolerant principal, he had serious problems. His use of the word poop in the classroom was the beginning of a charged and toxic relationship between Paul and his principal, Glenn Hightower. Paul became a lightning rod for criticism, some of it legitimate and some of it reflecting the principal’s own anger and frustration, having to deal with Paul, never knowing what unacceptable thing he would do or say next. In the classroom, he was not shy about describing the natural sex parts of flowers and he thought talking about such things with the children was good for them and that every-

was partly responsible. He had a way of engaging in subtle, unsuitable encounters with middle school girls. Even girls that young can tell when a man is attracted to them. When I was in 8th grade, there was a French teacher who flirted with the most popular girls, their ponytails flipping back and forth. I knew that something wasn’t right. The school evidently did too. He wasn’t there the following year. Some teachers in Paul’s school were aware of an inappropriate atmosphere in Paul’s classroom, a manner that indicated too much of a personal fascination with some of the girls. I do remember one incident when he came home from a church fair with a flushed face, moist forehead and elated expression. His eyes were glassy, sparkling with a luster of euphoria, of utter joy. I didn’t understand what had created such a sense of overwhelming pleasure in him. He’d never appeared that way in my company, even in the early days of marital bliss. At the church fair there were lots of redheaded children and he’d been successful in hand-

ing out invitations to many parents requesting that they bring their child to a photo shoot. His invitation said that their child would be included in a book he was working on, about redheaded children. Pleasure from the positive response from parents who were delighted that their redheaded child could appear in a book of photographs, caused him to think he was successful, admired, his artistic core validated. I remember being stunned and confused by this inappropriate afterglow. Other times, I would experience an uncomfortable churning in the pit of my stomach, watching Paul huddle over his cherished computer. I would ask him, “Why do you like to look at pictures of little girls? You spend so much time on the computer. I don’t understand why.” Sometimes he would answer reasonably and tell me, “I love to look at the beauty of youth, their innocence and the freedom they have.” I would think that he was just different, that he really just felt that surge of freedom and pleasure at the innocence and purity of youth. After all, he was an artist. If I suggested that it made me ill at ease to sense his euphoria after photographing children, or as he watched a dance production put on by a youth interpretive dance company, he accused me of being jealous of the beauty of youth. “How can you say that?” I would say. “I appreciate the beauty of youth. I appreciate my beautiful grandson, but I don’t react the way you do.” When I would question what he was staring at on his computer, after he quickly minimized some photo, he would stand up, push his chair away from his computer screen, his jaw tense and his face flushed, and loudly state, “Don’t bother me with your nosy questions. It’s none of your business.” It was as if he’d smacked me across the face. Most people spend little time thinking about child pornography; it is such a repulsive subject, the immediate reaction is to shy away from the matter. Yet, the fashion and advertising industry will feature minors in adult, sexually provocative poses, believing this will increase sales. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children reports that men who were arrested for possession of child pornography had images of children who hadn’t reached puberty. “83% had images of children between ages six and twelve, 39% between three and five years

old and 19% had images of toddlers or infants younger than age three.” These shocking statistics, unfathomable to me and to most others, fit Paul. He was most interested in prepubescent girls. Paul worked for years taking photographs he intended to include in a coffee table book entitled The Redhead Kids Book. He not only had invitations that he handed to parents at public events, but he also created a website. The photos on the website were all pictures I’d taken of my daughter, Susan, when she was about eight years old and had long, thick, gorgeous red hair. At the time, I was happy to offer whatever help I could. I was thrilled seeing my photographs of Susan up there on the computer. She wasn’t identified. She was just a beautiful little redhead. He couldn’t put new photos up without parental permission and he hadn’t selected any photos that would definitely be in the book. That was a job he’d assigned to me; he knew I had a fine eye for noticing expression and good composition. I was always behind in evaluating the slides for each child and picking out the one or two heart-stopping pictures to be in the final running. Sometimes there were no really good photos in one batch of slides and other times there were a number of excellent pictures of one child. It wasn’t my favorite task, particularly because he would push me to do it when I was tired or wanted to do something else. Every child in the photographs Paul took wore clothing. At our house or at the home of the family, the children usually posed in attractive, garden settings, always with a parent present, who watched the photo shoot. He developed positive, personal relationships with most of these parents. They trusted him, this teacher, this artist, this married man and grandfather. One spring day, when I returned from work, Paul could hardly wait to tell me about a wonderful photography session he’d had with a redheaded girl from the high school. She’d been in his class the previous year and was a fine artist. He thought that her mother knew she was at the house getting her picture taken, but neither the mother nor the father was with her. She came with a friend, but the friend wasn’t able to stay the whole time. There had been substantial time when this girl was alone with Paul. They were only outside, in the arbor and not in the house, which made the situation a little better, but not much. I was frantic that

the girl might say he’d behaved inappropriately with her and he’d get in trouble in school again, and maybe even would be fired. Or the girl’s parents might call the police. He seemed to have no common sense at all. “What would you do if she said you’d made a pass at her?” I said. My voice was high and anxious, reflecting the possibilities of a disastrous situation developing. “She wouldn’t say that. It was completely innocent. You know that,” he said. “You don’t know that. You’ve taken a terrible risk, and for what? You have so many photos now, there’s no reason to put yourself in jeopardy,” I said. He could tell I was terribly worried. I knew he hadn’t even thought about possible repercussions. Even though he knew he should never be alone with a child while taking photos, he couldn’t control himself. He would ignore any potential danger and just go ahead and do what he felt like. He worked hard on this project, spending a tremendous amount of money on expensive camera equipment and trips to Scotland and Ireland where there were more redheads. I’d accompanied him on some of those trips. Having a wife along had added credibility and respectability to his work. I acted as his assistant and organizer, which was an exhausting task. His book could have been a beautiful artistic creation. Many of the pictures he took were stunning and could have resulted in superb handiwork, had he ever completed it. But the work was interrupted and all the slides seized, along with everything else taken that day. Post Script On August 30, 2007 a federal judge in New Haven sentenced retired Westport, CT middle school teacher Paul Held to 10 years in prison on federal child pornography charges. Jane Sherman was married to Paul Held, who at sentencing, apologized for disgracing his family. Jane is completing a memoir of her marriage, its normalcies, its familiar every-couple annoyances, and every woman’s instinct to keep the family unit together, despite a gnawing sense that there was danger ahead. Jane Sherman’s bravery to begin telling this story on her own has taken her down many dark pathways toward healing. Jane Sherman received her MFA in Creative Writing from Fairfield University and is currently writing her memoir.




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General Hospital’s Luke and Laura are on the cover of People and Newsweek magazines. 2012: Four soap operas left on the air. The end of an era. And what an era it was! Recently I spoke with my good friend and current writing partner, Thom Racina. Thom wrote General Hospital and its famous Luke and Laura storyline. “The wedding of Luke and Laura on GH in 1981 was the most-watched episode in the history of daytime television, but at the time we were quite incredulous at what was happening – I mean, we were simply writing serial television, doing some crazy science fiction just for fun (my ‘Ice Princess’ storyline about snow in the middle of the summer in the fictional town of Port Charles where General Hospital took place), and suddenly we were on the cover of People and Newsweek, kids were skipping classes to watch us... it seemed more like writing pop history than drama. It simply blew us all away.” Then Thom got the surprise of his life: Elizabeth Taylor called. “Elizabeth Taylor rang the studio to protest what she’d heard – that we weren’t going to marry Luke and Laura. I had been fighting ‘the marriage’ because when you marry a couple on a soap, it’s death – soon it gets boring. She said, ‘I shut down more movie sets than I can count at 3 pm every afternoon to watch my couple – I’ll be damned if you aren’t going to give me a wedding!’ I jokingly said, ‘Hey, we’ll do it if you come,’ and she giggled and the rest is history: she appeared as Helena Cassadine to put a curse on Luke and Laura at their wedding, a story they are still playing till this day.” No question, back then soaps were cool. In addition to kids skipping classes, judges, doctors, nurses – all those grownup important people – were scheduling their days around watching their favorite shows. It was a wonderful time for those of us immersed in that world and working sometimes ’round the clock churning out 252 shows a year. We were a closely-knit family among the 13 or so shows on the air back then. The genre reflected the familial structure that was the heart and soul of the shows themselves. We often moved from show to show and even changed roles as well. Twice, once on As The World Turns and again on One Life To Live, I was hired as a producer, but because I was a writer at heart. I couldn’t keep my story ideas to myself, so the brass would move me to the writing team. Writing in daytime TV is like basic training in the army. There’s no time for writer’s block or procrastination. WESTONMAGAZINEGROUP.COM


If you were a breakdown writer, which I was, you had one day to write what was a full treatment in prose form of that day’s episode. We learned how to write fast and think on our feet when the network or the producers wanted changes made. We learned how to fight for our ideas and then when to compromise because the freight train of 252 episodes never stopped and we had to keep feeding the hungry engine – next week’s shows were always waiting to be written. Another unique and wonderful part of writing in soaps is that you can go deep and spend time exploring and telling a story. While I found the campy nature of the form fun (Thom’s freezing Port Charles in July, or closer to home, the split personality of the Viki/Niki storyline on One Life To Live) I was always drawn to raise the emotional stakes, working for serious drama to counter the humor. When I took over One Life as executive producer in 1994, I wanted to revisit the Viki/Niki story by depicting a “true” multiple personality disorder. Michael Malone, our brilliant head writer, and I did research into the condition and found it’s often caused by childhood sexual abuse. Could the famous Victor Lord, patriarch of this long-running show, have actually abused Vicki all those years ago? Out of deference to the show’s creator, Agnes Nixon, we asked her if she minded if we rewrote history. She originally created One Life to be controversial, writing an interracial love story back when that was groundbreaking. She liked the idea and told us to go for it. And we did. Erika Slezak got to play many different characters in addition to Niki and the story won her another of her many Emmys. Erika, a New Canaanite, and I sat down over coffee and talked about all the changes happening to the soaps. Erika started on the show on March 17, 1971. When the writers created Niki Smith in 1985 it was “…just for fun. We made her as trashy and awful as we could.” We talked about the fact that when we decided to fully explore Viki’s multiple personality disorder it meant we had to clearly define and develop each personality, which were new characters to the audience, and give each a full backstory. Niki was soon joined by Tori, Tommy, Princess, Victor himself, and Jean, the gatekeeper; the only alter who knew of the existence of all the others. Then, in a therapy session, Vicki learns for the first time about these split-off parts of herself with her therapist, played by Maureen Anderman, a resident of Weston. Seems like all of us soap opera types live in this neck of the woods. Erika said that it was one of her most challenging shows – she had to portray all the alters in one episode! For Erika, the experience was magical. “There’s a feeling as an actor when you completely understand the character, and all the lines come out right and everything works. I give much of the credit to Maureen, who played the therapist brilliantly. For me, some of my best work comes from reacting to what other actors give me.” Writers and actors are intimately connected in soaps because the actors breathe life into the characters they play on a daily basis. Charles Keating, another resident of Weston, Connecticut, who played Carl Hutchins on Another World for ten years, is an experienced theater, film and television actor who has a lot to say about soap writing. “What must be said at once, and emphatically, is that the writers are the true creators in the world of soap – often brilliant and imaginative, especially in the days when the medium belonged to the storyteller. The world of the soap opera is text driven. We would deliver a hundredplus pages every day. If you were in the thick of a good storyline, you had to become a learning machine, going home after a very long day to learn twenty or thirty pages for the next day. On one occasion, I remember counting forty-nine pages for the next day’s episode. It became




my habit to trim any fat in a line, or work to improve a line. I would often add a bit of poetry, a line or phrase that seemed to fit the circumstance or situation. Once I had earned the trust of the writers, I was encouraged to continue and it was exciting and creative.” I asked him about his experience with working with other actors in this form. “I had the good fortune of working with several of the so-called ‘divas,’ Susan Lucci,



Erika Slezak, Linda Dano, Anna Stuart, Elizabeth Hubbard and Robin Strasser, and of course, my acting partner on Another World, Victoria Wyndham, who over the years I terrorized, courted, wooed and married. Many of these skillful ladies could learn a scene in sixty seconds, assimilate cuts and re-writes, hit their marks, find the light and deliver three and a half tears on cue.” He’s not exaggerating. I worked with many of those ladies, not to mention some of the great men who could spin gold on the spot. That’s

of the ‘50s. Life-style changes and the proliferation of a dazzling array of the speed of daytime television – it’s no milk train, more like a bullet cheaper-to-produce talk and reality shows has made it impossible for soaps train with every person on board pulling their weight. to compete in their current form. We all saw a glimmer of hope when ProsWorking within our little family of daytime meant that you made pect Park, a forward thinking and innovative production company which friends for life. Erika and I have been friends since my first job in daywanted to bring All My Children and One time, which was as production secretary at Life to Live to the web, began negotiations. One Life in 1976. One of my duties was to But at the final hour, only days after the last Xerox and then distribute the next week’s tape date of One Life To Live, they pulled the scripts to the actors and crew. I hated the plug on the whole operation. This is painful Xeroxing, as the machine was always breakproof in my mind, that the economic model ing down. In addition, it was before the isn’t viable. These shows cost too much to days of automatic collating so I had to produce, period. put together over 50 scripts by hand. But In a recent interview, this is what Erika I loved delivering the scripts. It meant I had to say about Prospect Park pulling could go down to the studio and watch the out. scenes being shot. It was thrilling to watch “I had great hopes that this would hapthe speed and professionalism of a soap pen. In the beginning, after they announced opera coming to life. As soon as the stage that they were licensing the shows, they manager counts down, 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 (they seemed to have everything in place. They never say “one,” to make sure their voice were moving forward, they had money, and isn’t heard, a throwback to the days when they were making deals with the actors, and these shows were live) about 30 people go had wonderful hopes for the show. Unforinto what seems like a choreographed baltunately, as time went by, they were unable let: cameras move in and around each othto reach speedy agreements with the neceser; booms (overhead microphones) follow sary parties and I believe their financing fell the actors’ movements; deftly avoiding the apart and that was the end. No money, no cameras, actors say their lines and hit their show! I feel that they were overly ambitious, marks so that they are always in rhythm because they really had no sense of what it with the cameras, their partners. And if all takes to produce a daytime drama, five days goes well, another scene is in the can. I used ERIKA SLEZAK: STAR OF ONE LIFE TO LIVE a week, fifty-two weeks a year. It is far more to love watching this dance and dreamed complicated than producing a night time that one day I would have my own show show, where you are dealing with 13 or 26 episodes.” and be the head choreographer! This is the grim economic reality, which the daytime form is now facing. My dream came true when I was made executive producer in 1994. And for many fans as well as those of us who’ve spent so much time in the I left the writing team to take on the job. I was very fortunate to be soap world, it’s a sad reality too. Colleen Zenk, a recent Redding resident who able to wear two hats in this crazy, wonderful world, as a writer and a played Barbara Ryan on As The World Turns for 32 years, reminisced about producer. My dream got even sweeter when, as executive producer, we what it was like to say goodbye to the show after so many years. won an Emmy for best writing. “As The World Turns was my family – I started on the show when I But that was then, this is now. The announcement of ABC’s cancelwas 25 years old and I basically grew up in Oakdale. I had surrogate lation of All My Children and One Life to Live was a shock since two parents, brothers and sisters whom I adored. It’s a part of our lives that shows had never been canceled at the same time before, but it wasn’t a can never be replaced. There’s a kind of camaraderie after so many years surprise. Back in the 1980’s we knew that the audience was becoming that you don’t have in theatre. Shows open and close on a regular basis. fragmented by the encroachment of cable broadcasting. But what dealt World Turns opened on April 1, 1956 and closed on September 17, the most significant blow of all was the trial of OJ Simpson’s murder 2010. That’s a hell of a long run.” case. Our smaller, yet loyal audience base still watching most days of Daytime gave many of us “a hell of a long run.” I loved every the week, were suddenly, across all three networks, without their shows minute of mine and am sad to see so many of the shows canceled. for weeks on end. The media saturation of every minute of that real Writing for them was a fantastic education. I still have my hand in life drama meant that our drama couldn’t compete. It was the first real, writing and pitching shows, ironically with Thom Racina. It’s ironic ultimate reality show and when we finally came back on the air, we’d because we never worked together in all our years of working on lost a substantial amount of our audience. The networks used to show soaps, though we knew of each other. We met afterward and formed us pie charts with Cable taking up one-third to our two-thirds. After a beautiful partnership. But I will always miss working with my soap OJ we became the one-third. And it went downhill from there – we had family because those surely were halcyon days. un-addicted our audience; an anathema in our soap world. Susie Bedsow Horgan, a former actress and television writer and producHowever, OJ only hastened along an inevitable reality, which is that proer, is now a personal life coach and writer who lives in Wilton, Connectiducing five hour-long dramas per week, every week of the year, is simply cut. She is currently writing a memoir and workshopping it with Patrick too expensive for the networks. They can no longer deliver the audience to McCord at Write Yourself Free in Westport, Connecticut. justify the cost. Soaps were originally created for the homebound housewife




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The Truth About Christmas by Daniel Pearle Characters: Shelly McAllister, 40s, Remy’s mother Lori Bergman, 40s, Lindsey’s mother Berta Levinson, 40s, Courtney’s mother Janine Palmer, 30s, guidance counselor at The Patterson School for Girls Remy McAllister, 14 Time: A few days before Christmas. Note on dialogue: A slash (/) denotes point of interruption by the following speaker. Note on performance: With the exception of Remy, all characters address the audience. The four women exist in separate worlds. When Remy speaks, she addresses other characters as indicated, moving among them like a ghost. (REMY sits at a desk, her back to us, hunched over a book. She clicks on a lamp. A laptop and other open books and papers spread out in front of her. SHELLY, LORI, BERTA, and JANINE address the audience.) SHELLY Two weeks before the Patterson fire, I saw Lori Bergman coming out the front gate at school. She was wearing this black wool topcoat, everything all done up, you know, very Lori. And I wasn’t going to say anything, I had nothing to say to her, but just as I’m about to cross her path she stops me and says: “So. Shelly. I hear your daughter’s waging a war on Christmas.” Like it was a joke. Like it was funny.



LORI I didn’t mean it as a joke. I mean we used to be close, Shelly and I. When she first enrolled Remy at Patterson, we’d meet for lunch every other Tuesday, this little sushi place up on 86th. And she’d go on and on about the problems they’d had with other schools—socially, academically—because Remy was so special, so unique. Shelly thought a girls’ school would be better for a kid like that— smart, very smart, but struggling to make friends. She’d done her research, she’d read the articles. At the time I thought she was sweet, a little insecure maybe but I never would have imagined— BERTA My husband wants to sue. They think they can expel my daughter after eight years, because some antisocial narcissist with overly permissive parents starts telling lies? SHELLY And don’t start me on Berta Levinson. She always hated Remy, even back when our girls were friends. BERTA I think what I resent is— My daughter Courtney was severely dyslexic—IS severely dyslexic. And it was hard. It was really hard. I mean this may sound crazy to you but I remember first grade Lori Bergman threw a birthday party for Lindsey and when it came time to unwrap presents they made each girl read her card out loud. And Courtney couldn’t do it. She wasn’t reading yet. And the looks on these mothers’ faces… It was like she

had the plague or something. And were any of those mothers sympathetic? No. Of course not. I mean there were girls who wouldn’t invite her over for play dates if you can believe it. But Courtney didn’t let that drag her down. She didn’t take out her frustration on everybody else, even as a kid. Which, if you ask me, is exactly what Remy was doing. (REMY hurls some pages off her desk. Under the following dialogue she slowly, methodically begins to pin up her hair.) JANINE Look, Patterson is a highly competitive school. Someone is always cutting herself, someone is always suicidal, let’s not even get started on the senior girls applying to college, who are all overmedicated by that point. SHELLY Those girls, those mothers. They’ll tell you Remy set that fire. Like it’s been proven, like it’s a fact. And they certainly won’t tell you what went on before. JANINE I mean it’s not like I’m new at this, I worked as a guidance counselor downtown for six years before coming to Patterson, but it’s just such a different world, these parents—the money they spend, the pressure they— LORI Sure, it was difficult when the girls had their fallout, but frankly Lindsey was very mature about the whole thing—she said, “Mommy,

Remy McAllister is just not growing into the kind of person I want to associate with.” Thirteen years old. JANINE And let me tell you these girls lie. Okay? They lie right to your face. LORI Most girls that age would talk behind her back, but Lindsey was honest and brave enough— SHELLY Remy came home crying, all flushed and redeyed, slammed her door, I heard her breaking things— BERTA Who even remembers what it was? It was middle school! Kids recover. They’re not made of glass. JANINE I remember I heard Courtney Levinson once in the girls’ bathroom with a finger down her throat—I mean trust me I know what that sounds like—and so I called her into my office and sat her down, this fourteen-year-old girl with her manicured nails and her collarbones peeking through her skin and she says, “Oh no, Dr. Palmer, don’t worry, I’ve been a little stressed ’cause my parents might be getting a divorce but I’m taking good care of myself I swear.” And I’m sitting there with my little Buddhist rock garden on my desk and my Zen water fountain bubbling in the corner and I’m thinking: You manipulative bitch. (Beat.) LORI I heard they fired Janine Palmer. The guidance counselor. And maybe that’s too bad but she’s an adult. Lindsey is fifteen, what am I supposed to tell her? BERTA Courtney’s had her heart set on Stanford since her internship in Palo Alto two summers ago. Do you know what this looks like? On her transcript? SHELLY “You’re just not the kind of person we want to associate with,” that’s what Lindsey told her. No reason, no explanation, nothing. And I don’t care what they tell you, that’s when this started, because I bet it got Remy thinking— about scapegoating and group psychology. She spent the whole summer at the library or on her laptop, meanwhile she wouldn’t talk to us. And I can understand the girls at school might have been confused when she came back, they might

have been curious, but she wasn’t breaking any school policy, she wasn’t doing anything wrong, I mean for God’s sake it was just a headscarf. REMY (Turns around) It’s not a headscarf. It’s a Hijab. (We can see now REMY is wearing a Muslim Hijab.) JANINE She corrected me. That was the first thing she said in our meeting. I mean it was all very confusing. BERTA What was confusing? The girl was desperate for attention… JANINE Because I knew she’d been getting funny looks— REMY That’s not what this is about. SHELLY She was expressing herself. What was I supposed to tell her? LORI I mean you can’t blame the girls— the sight of it was ridiculous… SHELLY She said she was a Muslim. BERTA She’s probably a lesbian. LORI Her purple backpack slung over one arm, her designer jeans, walking around the Upper East side with this thing on her head… BERTA Not that I care, I’m just saying— JANINE And she’d written this – manifesto. It was five pages single-spaced. SHELLY Listen to me, I did not encourage her. It’s obviously not something you expect, watching your child go through a – Muslim phase – and of course I didn’t want her getting hurt but on the other hand I was glad to see her passionate about something again, something she cared about— JANINE And I’m reading it right there in my office and I say, Hold on, Remy, I’m confused— Is this about the Hijab or about the Christmas tree? REMY (To JANINE) This is about Patterson— “An independent secular institution, not associated with any creed or religion,” that’s directly from the mission statement. BERTA And Shelly was almost boastful. Like

clearly this was evidence her daughter was so remarkable, like who else but Remy would pick up the Koran for summer reading? SHELLY You have to understand, Patterson had a reputation. They valued independent thinking— that was their whole thing. BERTA …if only our girls could be as precocious and open-minded— REMY This is not about me. This is about the administration’s decision to endorse something completely at odds with everything Patterson claims to value. LORI (Scoffs) Please. The girl starts wearing a headscarf to school, and no one, not the school, not the other kids, no one tells her maybe it’s not the place, no one mentions Jamie Lazarcheck whose father died in the World Trade Center, not one person gets in her way and suddenly she turns around and starts attacking the school for having a Christmas tree? REMY It’s hypocrisy! LORI It’s insane. BERTA There’s something to be said for not treating your daughter like queen Elizabeth from the time she’s potty trained. JANINE She’d posted this thing on all the school message boards. She’d scheduled meetings with the Dean. SHELLY And they loved Remy when she interviewed. They saw her potential. She’d had four schools in five years and finally, finally, at Patterson she seemed happy. She was applying herself. She was making friends. We thought: Thank God. A school that gets her. A school that understands. / A school that— REMY (Reads) “A school that claims to educate girls to think for themselves, to go against the grain, to speak critically about our world, to not just follow the crowd… JANINE She must have spent hours— REMY …And what could be more antithetical to this philosophy than the tacit endorsement of uniform commercialized ‘holiday cheer’ that a Christmas tree—any Christmas tree—represents?” WESTONMAGAZINEGROUP.COM


BERTA It’s f---ing festive for crying out loud! LORI It’s a school-wide tradition. All the Elementary school girls, grades K through 6, they make these adorable decorations, construction paper and glitter, then the seventh graders take them and hang them up— BERTA And there were dreidels too! There was no sign that said, “Happy Birthday Jesus.” SHELLY I tried to tell her, I said, “Honey, it’s not religious, it’s decorative.” REMY (To SHELLY) It’s a symbol. Of consumerism, of waste, of all the things we should be ashamed of as Americans… LORI The war on Christmas. BERTA The Christmas Jihad. SHELLY Well I’m sorry I did tell her I was proud. Okay? She was making a case for something she believed in, something she knew would be unpopular… And I told her. I said, “Sweetheart I’m proud of you.” LORI I saw it on Facebook. Lindsey got me on Facebook last summer, it was her idea, I’m not one of those mothers who browses her kids’ photos all horrified and titillated, you know, it was just for fun, and anyway I could see it in the whaddyacallit, news feed: “Remy McAllister joined the group…” —what was it—“White kids for Islam…” BERTA Remy McAllister: “likes the Koran.” SHELLY But the abuse she suffered. JANINE Look, I was not ignoring the problem— SHELLY I saw the note. Someone shoved it in Remy’s locker. In big sharpie, on a piece of graph paper, someone had written the word: “Terrorist.” LORI Lindsey was worried— SHELLY Terrorist. What kind of bigoted Upper East Side brat thinks it’s funny to call someone— BERTA Courtney told me, she said, “Remy’s made new friends. Outside school. She’s full of rage.” SHELLY My daughter came home bleeding. All right?



From her scalp. JANINE We’d had several meetings. Even before— REMY It was pinned, Dr. Palmer. It was carefully pinned. (REMY holds the Hijab in her hands. There’s blood on it.) SHELLY Lindsey Bergman and Courtney Levinson, they came up behind her in the cafeteria— LORI No one saw it happen— BERTA Courtney is not some bullying thug! JANINE It was very difficult to know just how much of / this was— BERTA She has spent two summers interning at the NYU fertility / clinic. How— LORI Lindsey is smart, compassionate, openmined— REMY (To JANINE) Do you see this? Do you? SHELLY They ripped the thing right off her head! REMY I’m bleeding. BERTA Listen to me, Samantha Haggarty saw Remy in the girls’ bathroom pulling out her hair— SHELLY They were kicking her, she was on the ground— BERTA It was self-inflicted. JANINE The school has a very strict zero tolerance policy / when it comes to anything resembling bullying— LORI I mean how does this happen? Everything Lindsey’s worked / for— BERTA Do you know what tuition costs? Eight years of tuition? JANINE Expulsion was not my decision. But I had an / obligation to tell the administration— SHELLY My daughter was attacked! LORI I did not raise a monster! (Beat. REMY turns upstage. Under the

following dialogue, REMY begins slowly and quietly packing up her bag.) JANINE That was two weeks before the Christmas tree was set on fire. I was in my office—I smelled smoke and heard screaming—and by the time I got there the alarm had gone off, Mr. Sexton was holding the fire extinguisher, there was this white foam everywhere, and the entire bottom half of the tree was just – naked. All charred and black and ashy. SHELLY No one even saw Remy. There was no evidence. In this country we don’t presume guilt, do we? And what about the other girls? Lindsey? Courtney? They had motive, didn’t they? LORI I was horrified, what do you want me to say? BERTA At some point you have to take responsibility as a parent and say, Okay, something is wrong here— SHELLY (Near tears) You don’t think I haven’t asked myself a thousand times? What I could have— should have—done differently? Of course you try to protect kids from themselves, you try to guide them, you live your life a certain way to set an example, but at the same time children are not these little puppets. They come into this world with their own will, their own ideas, and Remy’s been headstrong since should could talk. “My hand does it this way.” That’s what she told her kindergarten teacher who said she was making her fives backwards. “My hand does it this way.” JANINE There were witnesses, girls who said they’d seen Remy, something in her bag. And when I tried to ask her— REMY These questions are bigoted! They’re offensive! SHELLY And Remy just felt so betrayed. Patterson was the only place in the world she’d ever belonged, you know? I mean expelling her was just— I’ll never forget it, she’d locked herself in her room, she was sobbing, I was leaning my forehead up against her door, just listening to my baby crying and I said, “Please, sweetheart, just come outside, let’s talk about this, I know it’s hard, I know what you’re going through,” And she bolted open the door and she looked at me and without saying a word she just— (REMY spits at SHELLY.) She spit on me.

(Beat.) JANINE I have a scar right here, the inside of my thumb. Because right after the fire I saw this little metal ornament on the floor, it had turned black. And for some reason I bent down to pick it up and—it was still hot. It burned me. I guess the shock… my reflexes… I barely felt it. SHELLY And I looked at her, her cheeks all flushed, and in her eyes there’s this ferocious almost animal rage. It was just a moment like that— Then she slammed the door in my face. (REMY clicks off the lamp on her desk. REMY leaves her desk, walks upstage, her back to us. Beat.) LORI I’ve always loved Christmas. The little white lights. All those fancy Christmas displays in the shop windows at Bergdorf’s, the little reindeer. And really it has nothing to do with Jesus or God or anything it’s just this wonderful time of year when everyone comes together and the city’s all bustling and cozy. It’s – beautiful. I think there ought to be a place for beauty in the world, I really do. BERTA Of course I don’t envy Shelly. It’s terrifying what a kid like that can get into over the internet. But a problem like this starts with the parents, I’m sorry, but it does. She could have taken any number of steps along the way. SHELLY That was the night she left. LORI My husband and I, we told Lindsey, we’re not going to let this stand, she’s worked too hard. We have meetings planned with the board, with the headmaster, we are fighting this, believe me. But she also knows people are talking. She knows what they’re saying. And last night out of nowhere, she says to me, “Mommy, if Remy doesn’t come back… How will I ever get past this?” And what am I supposed to say? This is not her fault. SHELLY (Holding a note) The note says: “Escape is such a thankful word.” (Nods) Emily Dickenson. (Fighting tears) She’s so smart. And then she writes: “Don’t look for me. I’m sorry. Love, Remy.” JANINE I wrote my dissertation on female adolescent psychology—allomaternal influences on teens and preteens in the context of environmental stressors. I call myself an expert and somehow… I don’t know.

LORI I’ve considered calling Shelly, I have, I just – don’t know what I’d say. JANINE But maybe… Maybe I just – admired Remy. That’s a silly thing to admit but – maybe that was my problem. BERTA The school paper ran a story this week. About the “alleged bullying.” Like poor Remy would never have turned out the way she did if my daughter had been a better friend. Really? Is that fair? They printed Courtney’s picture. LORI They published all five pages of Remy’s “manifesto.” I’d never actually read it. JANINE Right near the bottom it says: “The Truth About Christmas.” That’s the subheading, for the last part. SHELLY It’s been two weeks. She’s fourteen years old. (Upstage, REMY turns to face out, walks to stand behind her desk.) JANINE (Clears her throat, reads) “The Truth About / Christmas.” BERTA & LORI “The Truth About / Christmas…” REMY The truth about Christmas is that it’s a time when more crimes are committed, more money is wasted, more pain is suffered than any other during the whole calendar year. Christmas means violence; Christmas means waste. Patterson should be smarter than to endorse the pervasive mythology of Hallmark, of Walmart, of Best Buy. Saying Christmas is a joyful time of year is just like saying high school is a joyful time of life. These white lies are toxic and deserve to be questioned. (REMY exits the stage.) SHELLY And on the back of the note— because it’s just this little ripped-off corner of something— on the back there’s… I can’t quite tell. But this is the part I haven’t told anybody, not even my husband. Because it’s something I don’t recognize. Something with a molecule, something printed from a website. I mean I know Remy would never do anything to harm anyone. So it must be nothing. But I’m scared. Because I don’t know. What it means. JANINE “These white lies are toxic. And deserve to be questioned.”

SHELLY All I know is I want her to come home. Please. Just come home. BERTA Signed: “Remy McAllister… LORI Class of 2013.” SHELLY Please. Please. (Lights fade. End of play.)


Reprinted by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. Daniel Pearle earned his BA from Harvard College and is entering his third year as an MFA candidate at The New School for Drama. Plays include: Plunder (winner of the 2008 Loeb Drama Center’s Phyllis Anderson Prize); Moon Watch (St. Fortune Productions); Alone Upon the Earth: A Love Song (New School for Drama); Three Women Against the Sea (New School for Drama); Freefall (New School for Drama). His play, Bel Canto, was given a reading at Primary Stages as part of their Primetime Reading Series. Residencies/Conferences include: Blue Mountain Center, New York State Summer Writers Retreat, UCLA Writers Studio.

THE SAMUEL FRENCH OFF OFF BROADWAY FESTIVAL started in 1975 and is Manhattan’s most established short play festival. Hundreds of theatre companies and schools have participated in the Festival’s first thirtysix years, including companies from coast to coast and abroad. This Festival has served as a doorway to future success for many aspiring writers. Since its inception, 193 plays from the Festival have been published, and many of the participants have become established, award-winning playwrights including Theresa Rebeck, Shirley Lauro, Bekah Brunstetter, Steve Yockey, David Johnston and Sheila Callaghan. Samuel French Inc. was founded in 1830 with offices in New York City, Los Angeles and London, and retail bookstores in Hollywood and Studio City, making it the oldest and largest publisher and licensor of plays in the world. For more information on the Festival and submissions visit www.samuelfrench. com/oobfestival.



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the original, cast-in-place, colored, imprinted & textured architectural concrete. No stone movement or weed growth all with the strength of concrete & the beauty of natural stone.

See, feel up close, the beauty & natural appearance of our textures, colors & patterns. 17A Trowbridge Drive, Bethel, (Off Rt. 53) 203.778.5719 800.253.9097



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69 shift to digital photography threatens to destroy

photographers reveal for the first time the creative methods, strategies, and editing processes used by some of the acknowledged greats of photography, from legends such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Elliott Erwitt to Magnum’s latest generation, including Jonas Bendiksen, Trent Parke, and Alec Soth. This landmark book, published just as the

the indefinable and lasting magic of the contact sheet, is a fascinating way of accompanying great photographers as they work towards, and capture, the most enduring images of our time. Kristen Lubben is an Associate Curator at the International Center of Photography in New York. PHOTO BY THOMAS HOEPKER







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Maxi Marine Chronometer 43 mm - 266-67-3/43 6 Self-winding chronometer r certiďŹ c ed movement. m nt Water-resistant re to 200 m. 18 ct rose gold l case. Available on gold bracelet or rubber strap. t

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END THE ENVY envy (enâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;vĂŠ) n. desire for something that another has

For a design consultation:


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Not Your Mother’s Idea of a Classical Musician Hip-Hop And Haydn Hang Out Together By Richard Epstein Photos by Helena Kubicka

NICHOLAS BRITELL,  a 30-yearold classical pianist and composer who grew up in Westport, Connecticut and New York City, epitomizes the new generation of top classical musicians. There is so much that is changing in the staid world of chamber and orchestral music that for some it seems shocking, but for those who take a deep interest in the future of how we teach, hear and support music today, these changes are inevitable. This is a generation that grew up with jazz, rock, hip-hop, and anything else you can name that’s been part of our culture for the last 50 years, and they are not afraid to incorporate all this into the “classical” world. The day of the radio station playing



the “100 most loved classical melodies of all time” in rotation has been eclipsed. To a generation of younger musicians like Nick Britell, “classic” also means compositions by the Beatles, Charlie Parker, and Lightnin’ Hopkins. At a recent middle school concert in Fairfield, Connecticut, the concluding piece was an arrangement of “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin, and the audience of middle-aged parents went wild. A graduate of Julliard’s Pre-College Division, with a degree from Harvard focusing on neuromusicology, the science of how the brain understands and experiences music, Nick Britell was brought up in the time-honored traditions of a classical musician – playing recitals, performing Beethoven, Mozart and Schumann concerti with orchestras. But these days he often performs in blue jeans and a jacket. Alongside this traditional route he became a keyboard player in an 8-piece hiphop band, “The Witness Protection Program.” He opened for acts like “The Roots,” who are now the house band on the Late Night with Jimmy

Fallon show. Nick told me that “hip-hop is one of the most exciting styles of music to have emerged since the late 1970’s.”’ I met with Nick one brilliantly sunny afternoon in the glass-enclosed café at Alice Tully Hall. Nick lives in the Lincoln Center neighborhood with his bride, Caitlin, a cellist who also went to Julliard. The couple was introduced by Eric Jacobsen, a star in the world of new-style classical musicians, who leads the Knights, an acclaimed ensemble recently featured on a PBS special. Nick was eager to expound on what it means to be a classically-trained musician in the 21st Century. Along with Rachmaninoff, Gershwin, and Phillip Glass, he credits the hip-hop producer J Dilla as one of his greatest inspirations. Dilla (a pseudonym, in the tradition of many artist of that genre, died at the age of 32) was one of the music industry’s most influential hiphop artists, working for big-name acts like A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes and Common. Britell also admires DJ Premier, Just Blaze, Kanye West, and Dr Dre. He tells me “what these ‘classic’ hip-hop musicians have brought to music is an emphasis on the spoken word, and the use of sampling, using fragments of music by others and mixing them in. This is



Nick first collaborated with Natalie on the indie feature Domino One, which was shot in 2002 in and around Harvard University. genre bending, and I can truly appreciate it on a musical level. The level of sophistication in the production is awesome. I still incorporate what I learned from hip-hop into my compositions, and I find it fresh and exciting.” “Classical Music used to be defined by its length,” Britell pointed out, “people have been willing to sit respectfully and listen to structured pieces that develop over long time frames. The younger generation is much more impatient, with a sense of time shaped by the new media – video, the internet – and we are about as open-minded as any. We are exposed to sounds and instruments from all over the globe. The effects of technology on music are mindboggling, as are the ticket prices for live performances—which tend to scare people away. Now anyone can just tune in for free on the in-

ternet, or on streaming media like Spotify, and hear just about anything they want with almost no expense, and my generation listens to everything. And they also can easily create music on their own computers,” Britell said. What interests Nick most though, is film music. “I have always been pretty much obsessed with film and TV music. The collaboration involved in writing music for film is what excites me,” he says. “I love the process of making the music fit into the fabric of the images, and I like to be involved in the process as early as possible, in a very organic way.” Nick feels that the “film industry is the best way for a modern composer to get his music out there.” His composition “Forgotten Waltz No. 2” was recently featured in Eve, a short film directed by Natalie Portman, and also in Natalie’s 2009 acting con-

tribution to New York, I Love You, a collective work of eleven short films, with each segment tying into the common theme of finding love. Nick first collaborated with Natalie on the indie feature Domino One, which was shot in 2002 in and around Harvard University. Nick has also recently finished scores for three films: Plastic, directed by Andrew Baker, and two by Jack Riccobono, Rags for Sale, and The Rib. In 2005 he wrote the score for Hammer and Cycle, a documentary narrated by Sam Waterston, weaving together the accounts of four bicycle riders as they participate in a crosscountry event to benefit Habitat for Humanity. Nick revealed that his music will also be featured in a new PBS documentary that is a dark exposé of charities and non-governmental organizations to be released in early 2012. Most of the film music that Nick has scored is what might be termed neo-romantic, often featuring melodies or themes with his piano playing a key role. The orchestrations are lean but

lush, and tend towards a sampled rendition of real orchestral sounds, likely more a result of economic realilty than choice; it costs a lot to record with live musicians these days. He admires film music from composers like Maurice Jarre, Zbigniew Preisner, and Danny Elfman. But Britell’s hip-hop background does surface at times, most especially for the soundtrack to “Jerome Avenue Killer,” which mixes turntable scratch into the composition. Dance also seems to have attracted Nick. His collaborations with Black Swan’s choreographer Benjamin Millepied “expanded my sense of perception. Watching him dance put me in a zone.” Nick suggested I watch a fascinating video of Yo Yo Ma playing Saint Seaen’s “The Swan” to accompany the fluid dancing of the young Los Angeles choreographer Lil Buck. ”It’s fantastic; it makes you appreciate the music more.” The project that has brought Britell the most attention is his collaboration with Tim Fain, a young violinist, who can be seen playing violin ac-

companying Natalie Portman’s dancing in Black Swan. Fain is also one of the rising stars of classical music. What Nick and Fain have in common is a wide-ranging appreciation for various musical styles, and the desire to mix music with other media. Their collaboration is entitled The Portals: a Multi-Media Exploration of Longing in the Digital Age. A multi-media production, it features a newly-composed Partita for Solo Violin written by Phillip Glass for Fain as well as the music of Pulitzer Prize winners Aaron Jay Kernis and William Bolcom, celebrated composers Nico Muhly (of The Reader), Kevin Puts, and Lev Zhurbin, and the genre-bending Laura Karpman. The music is interwoven into films by Kate Hackett, and overlaid with the words of Leonard Cohen. While in this production Britell said he ended up much of the time at the keyboard accompanying Tim Fain’s violin, he actually got to “sit in the audience and see myself playing the piano.” All the piano parts were recorded on video, so that he was a virtual avatar, accompanying Fain on a screen projected behind the violinist. The Portals Project was presented at Symphony Space in September of 2011. Nick mostly lives in New York City now, because that is where the audiences are that nurture and appreciate his type of musical taste. But he still manages to visit with his parents in Westport when he gets the chance. I left the café outside Tully Hall with a sense that Nick Britell is just the type of young composer who will shape our perception of “classical” music. For any lover of classical music, think of Britell and his peers as a life-sustaining force. Growing up surrounded by new media, a wealth of source material in countless genres and configurations, they will not be content to dress in formal attire, sit quietly either on-stage or in an audience, and they are willing to take chances. This becomes readily apparent if you attend a concert in one of New York’s smaller concert venues, or perhaps a performance in a New York club like Le Poisson Rouge on Bleeker Street, where the lighting is psychedelic, the audience shows up in torn jeans, orders nachos and sips cocktails, and the preceding act was a punk thrash group. This is the new world of “classical” music and the young artists who write, perform, and attend these concerts. Richard Epstein plays bassoon with the Norwalk Symphony Orchestra and the Prevailing Winds Woodwind Quintet, and alto sax for fun. He has hosted a radio program on WPKN, 89.5 FM and in Bridgeport, CT, for 34 years called “Sometimes Classical,” presenting an eclectic amalgam of musical genres and styles.




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Guests can experience the sophistication of Manhattan from two sleek and contemporary levels with stunning views of the Saugatuck River from Main Street. Hours: Mon-Thurs 5:30-9:30, Fri-Sat 5:30-10:30, Sunday 4:30 - 8:30, Lunch 11:30 - 3:00 Mon- Sat, Private Parties For our daily specials visit Acqua at • Z Hospitality Group on facebook

43 Main Street, Westport, CT 203 222 8899







rural palates

Mirror Lake Inn to Host Adirondack Festival of Food and Wine this April MIRROR LAKE INN RESORT AND SPA WILL HOST THE SEVENTH-ANNUAL ADIRONDACK FESTIVAL OF FOOD AND WINE FROM THURSDAY, APRIL 19 TO SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2012. CHEFS WILL OFFER EXPERTISE FROM WORLD-CLASS INSTITUTIONS SUCH AS THE NEW ENGLAND CULINARY INSTITUTE, CULINARY INSTITUTE OF AMERICA AND THE RESEARCH CHEFS ASSOCIATION. A MASTER SOMMELIER, BREW MASTER, GARDENER, BAKER AND CHEF WILL ALL BE PRESENTING. This year’s festival features the theme “The Culinary Melting Pot of Taste” which captures how the five elements of taste influence the way people eat and drink. The popular four-day Lake Placid event will feature wine tastings, culinary demonstrations, a cooking competition and various special seminars. The festival’s menu and events are designed to reflect the five elements of taste: salty, sour, sweet, bitter and umami, which is an earthy, savory taste. The Inn’s culinary team – led by



the Inn’s Executive Chef, Jarrad Lang, and Chef Paul Sorgule, Vice President of Education at the New England Culinary Institute will prepare a seven-course dinner based upon these flavors. The meal will be paired with the Inn’s world-class wines, each presented by a guest sommelier. Guest chefs will fuse international delicacies with locally grown Adirondack meats and cheeses, all with a touch of Four-Diamond class.

ADIRONDACK FESTIVAL OF FOOD AND WINE 2012 ITINERARY: OPENING NIGHT THURSDAY, APRIL 19TH, 2012 This opening event includes guest mixologists’ theatrical preparation of unique cocktails. Visit the wine bar stocked with top-rated wines, meet guest chefs, and enjoy fabulous fare prepared by the award-winning culinary team. FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH, 2012 Breakfast: 7:30 a.m. to 10:00am Enjoy a Hearty Adirondack Breakfast at your leisure in The View Restaurant

INTERACTIVE FOOD DEMONSTRATION AND TASTINGS Salt and Pepper This lecture and demonstration will focus on the many uses of salt and pepper, the varieties that exist in modern kitchens and ways to use these important ingredients in moderation, combating the current fear of over use in the American diet. Sugar and Honey It would be difficult to imagine our diets without sugar. Whether the source is from fruits, cane, beets, corn or from the hard work of honeybees – sweet is something that is celebrated by most people. This lecture and demonstration will focus on the varieties of sugars and honey that are available today, as well as the different uses for each of these sweeteners and the nuances of sweet flavors that exist. Artisanal Cheeses Cheese making has become the new passion of artisan food producers from Vermont to Oregon. This session will provide pointers on how to select and pair cheeses, how to distinguish variables in flavor and aroma and how to plan



events using cheese as the main attraction. The Grand Tasting of Wines Enjoy hand selected boutique wines with a lavish buffet created by our guest chefs. SATURDAY, APRIL 20TH, 2012 Breakfast: 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Enjoy a hearty Adirondack breakfast at your leisure in The View Restaurant INTERACTIVE FOOD DEMONSTRATION AND TASTINGS Mushrooms Knowing how to identify, forage for and cook mushrooms requires care and time. Learn how to identify, select, harvest and cook mushrooms. Fresh Herbs Herbs are one crop that can be grown year-round indoors and out. Learn about the classic combinations of herbs used in certain food preparations, how to determine what should be in your herb garden and how to manage your plot â&#x20AC;&#x201D; no matter how small or large. Citrus, Vinegars and Olive Oils Learn the difference between olive oil and extra-virgin olive WESTONMAGAZINEGROUP.COM


rural palates lunch items served in The Wikoff Room listening to the sounds of George Collichio and his new age jazz guitar. FESTIVAL PACKAGE: The Mirror Lake Inn is offering the festival package for $1,895 per couple. The package includes three nights of accommodation and a full festival pass for all event tastings and dinners. Tax and gratuity are additional. For more information about the festival, visit:

oil, the complexity of flavor that comes from the type of olive, and climate; taste and compare varietal vinegars from fruit infused to aged balsamic; and discover how vinaigrettes and marinades can make a simple dish extraordinary. READY-SET-COOK! COMPETITION The Mirror Lake Inn Culinary Team v. Guests Chefs This event is a competitive cook-off, where each team will be given secret ingredients to work with, and have just one hour to work their magic. SEVEN-COURSE TASTING MENU Featuring Shawn Dore, DWS/AIWS, Sommelier Amuse Bouche: Terrine of mushrooms and celeriac with wild mushroom coulis Appetizer: Chilled avocado and lime cappuccino with cilantro meringue dome Fish Course: Pan-seared diver scallop with shallot confit, white chocolate veloute, caviar



ABOUT THE INN The Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa in Lake Placid is a luxury lakefront resort in the Adirondack Mountains. The inn offers the finest world-class cuisine as well as casual dining options with impeccable service amid awe-inspiring views. The full-service spa pampers the body and refreshes the mind with a comprehensive menu of services. The inn is surrounded by opportunities for outdoor adventure, and is a short walk to Main Street in Lake Placid. The Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa has received a number of readers’ poll commendations from Travel + Leisure and Condé Nast. The resort is also a winner of the Award of Distinction from Wine Enthusiast and is a 12time winner of the Wine Spectator’s Dining Guide Award of Excellence. It has received the AAA Four Diamond award for 27 consecutive years and is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. and extra virgin olive oil For more information on the Mirror Lake Inn, Intermezzo: Campari stratta Entrée: Roasted loin of lamb encrusted in visit espresso and served with spring onions, fiddleheads MIRROR LAKE INN DOCK VIEW and a rich glace de agneau Salad: Spring pea panna cotta with poached asparagus, prosciutto, peeled air-dried tomato, fresh herb salad and caramelized garlic vinaigrette Dessert: Chocolate Delice with Salted Caramel and salty/sweet peppered vanilla bean ice cream


SUNDAY, APRIL 21ST, 2012 Farewell Jazz Brunch A buffet brunch with a variety of Adirondack breakfast and


OCEANARESTAURANT.COM NEW LOCATION! “Melt in your mouth menu” –Zagat 2010. Manhattan’s premier seafood experience. Enjoy the seduction of seafood and more, presented by Executive Chef Ben Pollinger & Pastry Chef Jansen Chan, at our vibrant new venue. Steps from Radio City, Rockefeller Center, and the Theatre District. Michelin  120 West 49TH Street Between 6TH & 7TH Avenue P 212 759 5941


Named “Best in America,” offering Greek classics revitalized as well as modern Mediterranean dishes. Chef Partner Jim Botsacos is the pioneer and author of The New Greek Cuisine. Near Carnegie Hall and The NY City Center. 871 Seventh Avenue. Between 55TH & 56TH Street P 212 582 7500

ABBOCCATO.COM “A Midtown Italian Favorite.” Abboccato is a culinary homage to the Italian heritage of Chef Partner Jim Botsacos, presenting the flavors of true Italian cuisine. Close to Carnegie Hall, Central Park, and MoMA. 136 West 55TH Street. Between 6TH & 7TH Avenue P 212 265 4000

T R I - S T A T E



The newest offering from the Livanos Restaurant Group has been hailed as a “Don’t Miss” by the NYTimes. Bringing the energy of Manhattan to Armonk. 430 Bedford Road Armonk, NY P 914-730-0001


An redefined American Diner, and a favorite of Andre Leon Tally. 200 Central Avenue (Rt. 119/Tarrytown Road) White Plains, NY P 914-686-9000 or 135 Harvard Avenue (off exit 6, I-95) Stamford, CT P 203-348-7000


Offering traditional family-friendly and casual food with a contemporary flair. 1420 Route 23 North Wayne, NJ P 973 305 0033

rural palates : reviews


AMG C AMG A Wilton, CT AMG Catering and Events has a brand-new, stateof-the-art home and cooking school for adults and children at 196 Danbury Road in Wilton. Classes are taught by Owner/Chef Alison Milwe Grace and event planner Olivia Savarese at AMG Catering and Events’ professional kitchen. The adult cooking school offers single-session, two-hour classes in which adult students enjoy hands-on instruction and learn priceless kitchen tips from a veteran restaurant chef. AMG’s children’s classes are for kids ages 8 and up, and are offered in threeweek sessions, covering food preparation, presentation, and kitchen safety. March themes include: Sensational Side Dishes, Not so Boring Snacks, Asian Dumplings, Breakfast for Dinner, and a Phyllo Dough-Greek inspired class. Olivia officially joined Alison in this new venture, an idea they toyed with for years, especially after each having children of her own. With their combined expertise in education—Alison in her eighth year as chef/instructor at Staples High School, and Olivia as a veteran pre-school teacher/leader—it felt like a natural extension of their talents and passions to start their own cooking school for young people. The new space can accommodate up to 20 and has also housed many successful corporate team-building events. AMG divides employees into groups and directs cooking competitions, bringing all kinds of people from the world of work into a fun, fresh setting. For more information on class schedules and menus: 203-227-5535;



RENAPOLI R LI Greenwich, CT The recently opened ReNapoli in Old Greenwich is a tiny pizzeria serving outsized pizza varieties and favorites. Choose from pizza Napoletana, Romana, or New York style, with a great variety of crusts and toppings. For those who like a thin, chewy crust with a classic consistency, the individual-sized Neapolitan pizza Margherita is the way to go. Cooked in a woodfired oven at 900 degrees for 90 seconds, this pizza is the closest thing to what you’d get in Naples this side of the Atlantic. Pizza Romana, which comes in a huge square pan and has a much puffier crust, is divided into three sections and moves through toppings from savory to sweet that pack a wallop: cherry tomatoes, olives and garlic; soppressata, arugula and parmesan; and prosciutto, fig jam and gorgonzola. For those who have moved out from the city, the New York pie, with a chewy crust and RENAPOLI

large diameter, is a welcome reminder of home. Excellent ingredients such as Caputo flour, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and Fior di Latte mozzarella are used on all pies. Co-owner Bruno DiFabio, who is a champion pizza maker

and competes often in Naples, Italy, is also a co-owner of the International School of Pizza in San Francisco, CA. Here students are taught MODERNE BARN

pizza technique, theory, the history of pizza, and the scientific principles of dough making. DeFabio is serious about yeast, dough and his ultimate product. In addition to pizza, ReNapoli serves an array of salads (try the shaved finocchio with lemon) artisanal cured meats, and a “Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich” of slow roasted, seasoned beef thinly sliced, topped with vegetables on a baguette and dipped in beef jus. 216 Sound Beach Avenue, Greenwich, CT. 203/698-9300;

Armonk, NY Moderne Barn is a stunning, casually chic New American restaurant that blends the elements of design, cuisine and service to deliver a terrific dining experience. With vaulted ceilings, richly colored banquettes, huge windows and enormous photographs of wild horses, Moderne barn offers a vibrant interior that is both exciting and pleasing. Executive Chef Ethan Kostbar makes sure to deliver farm to table dishes with an emphasis on local ingredients and seasonal pizazz that live up to the dramatic setting in which they are served. Start with oven-dried Roma tomatoes with house-made mozzarella, watercress, a drizzle of pesto and balsamic dressing; fragrant pumpkin soup; or a half order of pasta such as sardine all’perciatelli with house-cured sardines, pine

nuts, currants, capers, mint and bread crumbs. For entrees, the cast iron eggplant parmigiana arrives hot and bubbling in an individual cast iron pot; Long Island duck breast served with bok choy, cauliflower puree, black barley in a concord grape jus is just the right balance of sweet and savory; cracker crusted Atlantic cod is moist and flaky atop Yukon gold potatoes, pearl onions, lardons, zucchini, cockles and clams. For dessert, indulge in luscious crème bruleé three ways or sensational chilled sabayon with berries, black mission figs and fig-almond biscotti. Owned by the Livanos family, which also owns Oceana, Abboccato and Molyvos in New York City, the City Limits Diners in White Plains, NY and Stamford, CT and Burger De-

to the overall sense of well-being one experiences during an evening here. To surprise and delight your tastebuds, try the five-course tasting menu, which can be discussed and modified with the chef, and may include a salad or crudo; pasta such as black linguine with lobster, fennel, chilies, and mint; Daurade in a curried broth with oysters and salsify; seared duck breast over a bed of roasted root vegetables; and a selection of local cheeses. Desserts such as rich chocolate gelato with peanut butter or warm and flaky apple tart are an awesome finish. The a la carte menu is composed of a limited number of well chosen and delightfully varied offerings such as a fish course of Nantucket bay scallops with mandarin oranges, almonds, and licorice;



$19.95 and/or $24.95. $$1 95.

luxe in Wayne, NJ, Moderne Barn brings modern fare with a flourish to this quiet corner of Westchester. 430 Bedford Road, Armonk, NY. 914/730-0001; TH FARMHOUSE THE E Bedford, NY The Farmhouse Restaurant at the Bedford Post Inn, (owned by Richard Gere, wife Carey Lowell and Russell Hernandez) certainly holds up its end in earning this charming locale its Relais et Chateaux status. Chef Jeremy McMillan confidently oversees a kitchen that turns out exciting, well executed, contemporary American fare highlighting seasonal ingredients. Seamless service and a lovely setting do much to add

tortellini filled with squash in a sage brown butter sauce with crumbled ameretti biscuits; and pork loin with lentils, currants and crushed apple. The Farmhouse offers three private dining areas and seasonal outdoor seating. The Chef ’s Table is located off the kitchen and accommodates up to 12 in a rustic setting with views of the cooking action. The Wine Cellar, with limestone flooring, hardwood racks, and a fireplace is an elegant space for cocktail parties for up to 24 guests or a sit down dinner for 14. A private dining room with cathedral ceilings and couch area by the fireplace is ideal for rehearsal dinners or intimate corporate events. Open for dinner only, Wednesday to Sunday nights. 954 Old Post Road, Bedford, NY. 914/234-7800;









You Will

Canfin Gallery 39 Main Street, Tarrytown, New York 10591 路 Tel. 914 332 4554 路

Symphony in G, Oil On Canvas, 36" x 60"

- 8 / , (  6 $7 , 1 2 9 ( 5 FLORALS . ABSTRACTS . PORTRAITS


LIGHT, COLOR & COMPOSITION CREATE MAGIC Photographer George Diebold’s Images Capture ’‘Hidden America’ By Bari Faye Siegel


olor photographer George Diebold sees the characters and places behind the scenes as he travels the United States in search of “Hidden America.” He strives to capture what others rarely notice. Cleveland Museum of Art Curator Emeritus Tom E. Hinson says that’s exactly why the museum is proud to include two of Diebold’s images in its permanent photography collection.

Classically trained as a still life painter by one of Life magazine’s foremost illustrators, Diebold discovered photography 30 years ago. For him, it was a more exacting way to capture his unique way of viewing the world. His schooling and in-depth understanding of lighting, color and composition are the keys to his ability to translate what’s before him into a stunning work of art. For Diebold, photography is not about manipulation and trickery. It’s about movement, interaction and interpretation. “For me, photography is real life. It exists all around me, bombarding me constantly, urging me to take notice,” Diebold explains. “It’s for these reasons that I’m able to look at something seemingly ordinary and capture the energy no one else sees.” Diebold doesn’t see situations the way others see them. Nor does he translate what he sees into images quite the way any other photographer does. Shifting Sands, pictured, is an excellent example of Diebold’s uncanny ability to see the world around him, interpret it and transform an ordinary scene into a compelling photograph that pulls the viewer in. Diebold’s images were recently part of the Waterways exhibition at Heather Gaudio Fine Art in New Canaan, Conn.

“We have a large collection of photography that shows different aspects of the unique mindset of today’s contemporary photographers – artists who travel far and wide to find hidden subject matter,” Hinson explains. “Diebold’s work very much fits into our idea of what’s really beautiful about this country.”

Diebold says he knows what looks right and, once something catches his interest, he finds himself examining it in a way that cannot be truly explained. He moves around it, taking it in from every angle. He sees the way light interacts with it. He views the entire scene, determining the most appropriate composition. Moreover, he is able to foresee how light and other intricate changes will alter his interpretation of the subject.

Diebold’s images are a reflection of his ongoing fascination with Hawaii, the American West, and manmade objects. Perhaps the reason why museums seek to include Diebold’s work in their collections is because his work is not only collectible but a true reflection of the beauty rarely captured.

In fact, when on the road – sometimes covering as much as 6,000 miles in six weeks of driving – Diebold often spends hour upon hour waiting for all of nature’s elements to come together perfectly. A selection of his imagery can be seen at





Extremely limited editions of George Diebold’s signed fine art prints are available through select galleries. To find out more about George Diebold Photography, visit For more information about acquiring a George Diebold photograph for your own collection, contact Heather Gaudio Fine Art in New Canaan, Conn., at 203.801.9590




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For 25 years, browngrotta arts has promoted contemporary art and sculpture by seminal and emerging international artists. View currently available works by more than 100 artists at and in person at: SOFA New York this April; Paperworks at the Flinn Gallery, Greenwich, CT in May/June and at browngrotta arts in Wilton, CT in October.


brown b brow owngrotta


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pictured: works by Chang Yeonsoon



have on adults and children. In addition, both women were affected by divorce in their personal lives; Francine as a child of divorced parents and Nicole, a recent divorcee with children. Based on what they have learned from their experiences, the pair has designed the Expo to address key universal challenges faced during the divorce process: reducing legal costs, minimizing the negative impacts on children in the relationship, building a community of personal and professional support, and reinvention of the self in order to start life anew. For Expo guests looking to socialize or to reenter the dating pool, on Saturday evening, March 31, Start Over Smart will host a mixer for attendees to relax, mingle and connect with one another. Ticket packages to attend The Expo begin at $125 per person and can be obtained by visiting

A MODERN DIVORCE EXPO DEBUTS IN NEW YORK CITY March 31 and April 1, 2012 Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful and emotionally difficult events that many adults will ever face. Start Over Smart: A Modern Divorce Expo, founded by the mother-daughter team of Francine Baras and Nicole Baras-Feuer, was created to help women and men successfully navigate the often overwhelming divorce process by providing reliable information from trusted experts in one accessible location. Whether attendees are separated, in the middle of a divorce, or starting over afterward, the Expo will offer access to a variety of qualified professionals. These exhibitors, panelists, and speakers will be present to help those coping with the divorce process steer their way through it with support and accurate information. Taking place at New York City’s Metropolitan Pavilion on March 31 and April 1, 2012, Start Over Smart will feature a carefully curated roster of experts and exhibitors who specialize in subject matter relevant to all facets of divorce. Attendees will have the opportunity to personally connect with dedicated professionals in the legal, financial, child psychology, health, and wellness fields, plus gain tips from lifestyle specialists in the beauty, career, and dating categories. Experts in these fields include TODAY Show Financial Editor and Financial Advisor Jean Chatzky and New York Times Best Seller and Life Coach Cheryl Richardson. Beyond providing a network of professional support, Start Over Smart will also offer attendees access to a community of personal support, where they can discuss issues with others going through similar experiences. The Expo’s founders aim to put a friendly and positive face to the divorce process by building an environment where people can interact, learn, and even have some fun. Westport’s Francine Baras, a clinical social worker with an advanced degree in child psychiatry and parent guidance and Nicole Baras-Feuer, a divorce and family mediator, together have over 30 years of professional expertise and experience witnessing firsthand the impact divorce can



treasure&bond Treasure&bond, a new boutique located at 350 West Broadway (between Broome and Grand) has crossed the line of retail and philanthropy: 100% of the profits are donated to non-profit organizations to benefit children of New York City. Owned by Nordstrom’s but independently operated, treasure&bond has an eclectic selection of fashion for men, women and kids, accessories, art and very cool gifts. TREASURE&BOND

Over 150 labels are available in nearly every category, such as: · Jewelry from Akong London (not sold any where else in the U.S.) · Limited edition bags from A.toy · Bliss Lau’s incredible hybrid apparel-jewelry-accessory pieces


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· Custom couture hats from Satya Twena · Authentic vintage glasses from The Vintage Frame Company (not sold any where else in the U.S.) During February through April, 2012, treasure&bond will support: The Edible Schoolyard NYC and Friends of the High Line’s Family and Education Programs; and for May-July 2012 the beneficiaries are Pediatric Cancer Care, Memorial Sloan Kettering and Association to Benefit Children (ABC). 350 West Broadway (between Broome and Grand) Tel: 646-669-9049 Store hours: Monday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – 8 p.m Sunday, 12 p.m. – 7 p.m. Website: THE PAN AMERICAN

The Pan American Nolita In Nolita, Pan American is a throwback to Miami in the 80's. Decked out in vibrant blue and green hues, textured surfaces, and bursting with Latina flava, Pan American brings it all home by fusing Latin food with southern American influences. If guacamole could kill, be advised. Full of freshly crushed avocado with bites of tomato and a fiery kick, this guacamole is served in the huge stone bowl it is prepared in minutes before. Only negative is that no one’s finished until the bowl is clean. Make sure to leave room for the “Arroz Con Pollo Frito,” southern fried chicken, extra juicy on the inside, while the sinfully crispy skin begs to be finished off with your fingers. We also suggest the salmon ceviche with chilies, citrus, and crunchy jicama. Granita machines at the bar pump out frozen mojitos and margaritas all night long. The restaurants features live entertainment— could be salsa or classic rock — and offers seasonal outdoor seating.



Serving lunch, dinner, and a “twilight menu” daily, from 11 am ‘til 3 am. 202 Mott St. (Between Spring & Kenmare St). 212/925-9225;

Trattoria Dopo Teatro Theater District Trattoria Dopo Teatro, in New York’s theater district, is a great Italian restaurant that stands apart from the pack. The entrance to the landmark 1878 TRATTORIA DOPO TEATRO building is small and unassuming, yet a soaring ceiling and a 24-foot antique oak bar lead guests into a warm The Water’s Edge Restaurant dining room covered with Long Island City vintage Italian film stills, Very few restaurants can offer sweeping views of with views of a lively open the New York urban landscape comparable to brick pizza oven. Curious- those of the Water’s Edge, the gourmet destinaly, a set of terracotta stairs tion restaurant located on the banks of the East leads to what is probably River in Queens. After years of neglect, the reNew York City’s largest se- vamped Water’s Edge offers an impressive new cret garden. Tiled and in a menu along with a classy new interior. Expansive colorful décor, the down- windows allow diners to gaze at the New York stairs is made up of several skyline as it morphs from lingering daylight to different rooms, decorated glittering night lights while enjoying popular first with waterfalls, skylights, courses such as spicy tuna tartar with endive and mosaic floors and hand fingerling crisps in lemon-ginger vinaigrette; and painted frescoes. These moules frites in a white wine, garlic broth. The venues offer a variety mouth watering entrées like artichoke crusted of private dining rooms salmon served with spaghetti squash, baby turaccommodating eight to nips, and saffron broth; and a poached chicken 380 guests. served with braised escarole, toasted gnocchi, and Executive Chef Alfredo Alvarez has recently a thyme-infused reduction will impress any foodjoined owner and architect Emilio Barletta and ie. At the helm is Executive Chef Rory O’Farrell, partner Guiseppe Mianica from the celebrity a first generation American of Irish descent with a Miami scene where his restaurant, Giacosa, gar- talent for seafood, an eye for local ingredients and nered much attention. Chef Alvarez brings a an impressive pedigree. His resume includes chef lightened, modern touch to classic Italian fare. on Rocco DiSpirito’s “The Restaurant” as well as Meals start with freshly baked THE WATER’S EDGE RESTAURANT breads and foccacia. Excellent entrees such as tagliatelle Bolognese, Branzino al forno, and frutti di mare reflect Alvarez’s fresh Floridian spin on some of New York’s favorite dishes. Leave room for the irresistible homemade desserts, like the Roman specialty, Croccantino, and the Nutella Napoleon. 125 West 44th Street, New York, NY. 212/869-2849;


Excellence in Private Care


Season 2 of “Chopped,” stints at Peter Kump’s and Andre Balazs’ Sunset Beach. The renovated outdoor deck with wraparound porch makes the restaurant an outstanding choice for dining al fresco. The restaurant is great for a romantic evening, celebration, or a catered event of any size, and can be reached by subway or car. The East River at 44th Drive, Long Island City, N.Y. 718/482-0033.

Night Hotel Times Square New York is the city that never sleeps, and celebrating New York’s nightlife is what hotel and night club visionary Vikram Chatwal had in mind when he created the edgy hotel Night. Styled in Gothic glam with a black and white color scheme, the boutique hotel feels like a private penthouse best suited for the adventurous urban cowboy. Just off of Times Square, the hotel is conveniently located within walking distance to Central Park, Rockefeller Center and the theatre district. The rooms are dramatic, with lights emanating from under the beds; black leather trim and chrome furnishings complete the knock-your-socks-off effect. Rooms are on the smaller side, but amenities are plentiful. Nightlife restaurant and bar is a happening scene, serving up tidbits such as lobster salad and mini burgers to nibble while you sip your citrus-berry mojito. It feels as though Batman and Catwoman might pull up in the Bat-mobile for a late night rendezvous. Night is a fun place to call home for an adult weekend escapade. 132 West 45th Street, New York, NY. 212/835-9600;

HYATT 48 Lex Midtown The newly opened Hyatt 48 Lex is a breath of fresh air in the heart of New York’s vibrant Midtown East neighborhood. This stylish hotel delivers the amenities of a larger luxury property with the personal touch of a boutique hotel. With an emphasis on genuine hospitality and extraordinary service, guests are warmly greeted curbside and escorted into the intimate lobby,



HYATT 48 LEX then to their accommodations. The hotel’s 116 elegant studios and suites are decorated in warm neutral tones. Original artwork and locally produced carpets and furniture contribute to the hotel’s gracious and stylish esthetic. The “pied-à-terre” -style design includes details such as beds positioned to view the floor to ceiling panorama of Lexington Ave and sleek kitchenettes with pantries stocked with locally sourced snacks, including Brooklyn Beer and Jacques Torres Chocolates. The Lexicon Lounge on the second floor offers complimentary gourmet coffees, teas and fresh pastries in the mornings, and wine and cheeses in the afternoons. To start your day out right, check out the jam-filled pancakes with berries and lemon cream or the Spanish scramble with chorizo, rock shrimp and hash at the American bis- dent Dean & Deluca Champagne Strawberry Truffles, and late checkout. Available through tro, Lexington Brass at Hyatt 48 Lex. Amour on Lex Package: Luxury accommoda- April 30, 2012. 517 Lexington Ave, New York, NY. tions with a complimentary upgrade, continen212/838-1234; tal breakfast for two at Lexington Brass, deca-



Excellence in Private Care



Stop by our showroom or for instant inspiration visit our Design Portfolio online at

IURPVWDUWWRĂ&#x20AC;QLVKÂŤ JWH works hard for you every step of the way: design â&#x20AC;˘ cabinetry â&#x20AC;˘ interiors â&#x20AC;˘ construction management Owner/Designer Jennifer Howard creates innovative design solutions through her passion for seeing beauty and function come to life.


Kitchens, Family Rooms, Libraries, Bathrooms and even Laundry and Mudrooms beneďŹ t from JWHâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s design expertise, as well as cabinetry options at every budget level. JWHâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s experienced team can also manage the full scope of construction to maximize the efficiency and coordination throughout your Project. F ro o an inspired start to a beautiful ďŹ nish, JWH is the team you can trust. From

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Located: 136 Water Street South Norwalk,CT 06854 Sales, Installation & Service since 1972 Telephone: 203 8471284

A+ Rated “A Company You Can Trust”

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PRIVATE PARKING LOT | JUST MINUTES FROM MANHATTAN & WESTCHESTER | Bronx River Parkway to East 233rd Street (Store is less than 1 mile on left) EMAIL.

like a rolling stone

Sahara Nights: Morocco SET ASIDE FEARS OF ANTI-AMERICANISM OR MOSLEM extremism, and visit a land as exotic and splendid as you have imagined. A visit to Morocco exceeds expectations on every front: it is more mysterious, more medieval in its medinas, (old walled cities) more luscious in its cuisine, more beautiful in its handicrafts and artisanship, more varied in its topography (from High Atlas mountains to Sahara desert) more traditional in its garb, and more moderate in its practice of Sunni Islam than most people believe. And yet the country reaches toward modernism, with populations doubling over the past ten years in the city centers, a growing movement toward universal literacy, a burgeoning recognition of women’s rights, and an infrastructure of roads and airports that is quite serviceable. Accommodations for travellers run the gamut, and at the luxury end of the spectrum include brand name, world-class resorts, as well as intimate and gorgeously converted private riad-hotels. Morocco has a delicious national cuisine, with couscous as its staple. Lamb, beef and chicken are widely used, slow cooked in a tagine (clay pot), seasoned with garlic, cumin, paprika, parsley or cilantro, and served with vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, and chick-



peas, or with almonds, dates, or other fruits. Be sure to try pastilla— lamb or fish in a puff pastry — followed by fresh goat milk yogurt for dessert, sweetened with honey and dusted with chopped almonds. Pork, prohibited by Islam, is rarely found, except in the major hotels. Ideally, travellers may wish to visit Morocco through a tour company, or with a private guide and driver to maximize their experience. Our guide, Saida Ezzahoui, one of a handful of licensed female guides in the country, was ex-

ceptional at showing us the highlights of the areas we visited, providing cultural context, negotiating (more on this later!) and smoothing our passage, while sharing glimpses into her life and the history of the women of her family.; 0661 35 18 53. Fes, Morocco. Country Walkers:, 800/464-9255 Classic Journeys:, 800/200-3887, and others also operate reputable tours in Morocco.

Even the names of Moroccan cities — Fes, Marrakesh, Casablanca conjure an image of glamour and intrigue. Begin your journey in Casablanca, with a direct, nonstop flight from JFK into Mohammed V International airport.

Casablanca Casablanca is a city of 5 million inhabitants, and while best known to Americans as the setting of the classic Bogart film, it is Morocco’s leading city of industry, business and finance. Colonial architecture, modern apartment buildings, a café-lined boardwalk on the Atlantic ocean and a high speed tram network lie cheek by jowl with the recently completed Mosque Hassan II, the third largest mosque in the world (after those at Mecca and Medina). A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this ornate and immense mosque can accommodate 80,000 worshippers within its interior and courtyard and is partly constructMOSQUE HASSAN II

From Casablanca journey on to Fes, stopping en route to visit the magnificent ruins at Volubilis, the seat of Roman provincial authority for hundreds of years. Numerous mosaic floors, arches and inscriptions remain intact, and visitors can wander with a local guide undisturbed by the herds of tourists encountered at the likes of Pompeii in Italy. Surprisingly, even a phallic symbol from the ancient brothel district endures unscathed. Meknes, the Berber capital of Morocco before the arrival of Arabs and Islam, is full of history, culture, and crafts, and should also be a stopping point. Visit olive groves and wineries to see both traditional and modern methods of production. While Morocco is a Moslem country and most Moroccans do not drink alcohol— prohibited by their religion — wine is produced in the country and widely sold at hotels and restaurants catering to foreigners. (Bars and nightclubs are relatively scarce, mainly to be found within hotels.) Visit the royal stables constructed by the great and terrible Sultan Moulay Ismail in the 17th century, to house 12,000 horses. In addition to being known as bloodthirsty, cruel, extravagant and impetuous, the sultan is said to have fathered more than one thousand children. Meknes, the capital city he built, is one of Morocco’s four imperial cities.


dom. Walking through the labyrinthine medina today is like stepping back into the middle ages; narrow passages, tall minarets, stalls piled high with dates, apricots, and sweets; olives; seasonings; ceramics; slippers; kaftans; bread; meat; and leather goods. The various souks are a great place to bargain for, and buy, locally made handicrafts. The Fes tannery, the oldest in the world, operates as it has through the ages, with men in enormous vats of dye beating the leather — a sight not to be missed. The Medersa el-Attarine, a madrassa (koranic school) built in 1325, is architecturally stunning. Islam prohibits images of human or animal form, so decorative ceramic tile murals,


ed on the sea, in homage to the Koranic verse “The throne of God was on the water.” The Jewish Museum in Casablanca is the only Jewish Museum in the Muslim world. It records and illuminates the importance of the Jewish population throughout Moroccan history, dating back to Roman times.

The medina of Fes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an Arabian nights wonderland with 187 quarters, each with its own mosque, Koranic school, fountain, hammam (public bath), and communal bread oven, as well as palaces, gardens, residences and souks (markets). Founded in the 9th century and home to the oldest university in the world, Fes reached its zenith in the 13th and 14th centuries, when it replaced Marrakesh as the capital of the king-


carved stucco, and arched cedar wood are elaborately worked in geometric designs. Learn about the five pillars of Islam: faith, prayer, concern for the needy, self-purification, and the pilgrimage to Mecca for those who are able. Green roofs throughout the city indicate government buildings or mosques. Flat roofs on residences are very useful; ideal for dining, laundry, sleeping in hot weather, and for women to visit each other by climbing over the rooftop walls without ever going down to into a constitutional monarchy with a demoais-jamai/index.shtml cratic form of government.) French is widely spoken by the educated class throughout MoChefchaouen rocco. French restaurants and pastry shops Chefchaouen is a fascinating, sprawling village abound in Rabat, as do museums, gardens, in the Rif Mountains, just inland from Tangier, palaces and embassies. Behind high walls lie and unlike other cities in Morocco. Founded traditional Riads; large houses with a courtin 1471 as a small fortress by Moorish exiles yard, garden, fountain, and birds – according from Spain, the town once housed a large Jewish to the Koran, the elements of paradise. Fewer population. Whitewashed buildings with azur women in Rabat are covered in public. doors to ward off the evil eye climb the hillside. SOFITEL JARDIN DE ROSES The Jardin de Roses, a Sofitel hotel, is a wonderful place to stay in the heart of Morocco’s capital city, close to the Royal Palace and the Mausoleum of Mohammed V. This 5-star luxury property features swank contemporary design with signature Moroccan hospitality. Elegant boutiques, fine dining, a chic bar, expansive gardens around a heated swimming pool, and meeting and business facilities complement spacious guest rooms with luxurious baths and amenities. ZIRYAB Ziryab is a gastronomic restaurant in the heart of the old city of Rabat, where guests are received with all the ceremony and ritual that ZIRYAB TAGINE


(or being seen on) the street. The Mellah – Jewish quarter — is a walled part of the old cities to be found throughout Morocco. The first official mellah was established in the city of Fes in 1438. This quarter is distinguished by outward facing balconies and large windows, absent in Moslem quarters.

A wide central avenue leads to the Spanish style plaza, ringed by cafes, open-air restaurants and shops. Traditionally a Berber region, one will find many blue-eyed Moroccans in the Rif mountains. The outlying areas are poor, with production of olive oil competing with hashish.

SOFITEL PALAIS JAMAI, FES The Palais Jamai is a luxury hotel which features Moorish and Arabic architecture combined with Western style amenities. Guests are greeted with the national beverage — hot, sweetened mint tea — and delicate cookies. Elegant guest rooms and serene public areas offer a welcome respite to the sensory bombardment of the city. The palace is located adjacent to the medina of Fes, with views over the medina and the hotel’s lush gardens.

Rabat is another of the four imperial cities in Morocco, and the current capital. Also the capital during the French Protectorate of 1912 – 1956, Rabat is a cosmopolitan city with a distinctive French influence. (France established a protectorate over Morocco in 1912, with certain concessions secretly granted Spain, until Mohammed V successfully negotiated the restoration of Moroccan independence in 1955-1956. The sultan agreed to institute reforms that transformed Morocco



Rabat they would be in a Moroccan home, and where they dine in an exquisite setting of opulence and harmony on outstanding and refined fare. This may be one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve ever visited, with enticements for all of the senses.

Marrakech Visit the Saadian tombs, final resting place of the

ready, but be prepared to pay for the privilege of taking a shot, or to forego one if modesty prevents the women subjects from allowing themselves to be photographed. FOUR SEASONS Those who enjoy a full service, internationally branded experience should consider a stay at Four Seasons Hotel Marrakech, a recently completed resort and spa amidst 40 acres of landscaped Moorish gardens. The hotel is ideal for families, couples, or groups, with two swimming pools, a spa, a kids club, casual and elegant dining, lounges, and meeting rooms. Enormous guestrooms and suites incorporate balconies, walk in closets and lavish baths. SANSSOUCI COLLECTION For a more intimate experience in a riad hotel, with individual character and personal service, the Sanssouci Collection of Marrakech riads consists of three unique guesthouses: Dar Les Cigognes, facing the Royal Palace with 11 rooms and suites, spa and hammam and gourmet restaurant; Riad Kaiss near the Djema el Fna with 9 rooms and suites, spa, hammam and pool; and Le Nid, a 4-bedroom private villa with hotel services and screening room adjacent to the Mellah and spice markets. Moroccan tourism:




rulers of the Saad Dynasty, (16th-17th C.) which were sealed for centuries by Moulay Ismail until their rediscovery in 1917. The tombs are magnificently decorated with colorful mosaics, Arabic script from the Koran and elaborate plasterwork, a serene necropolis behind high Kasbah walls. Jardin Majorelle, created and opened to the public by early 20th century artist Jacques Majorelle, was acquired and restored by Yves Saint Laurent in the ‘60s and today remains a magnificent oasis of beauty and exotic flora in the heart of Marrakech. Open daily. And now for the best known and most visited

medina of Morocco, where the souks overflow with goods that tourists are eager to get their hands on. Shop ‘til you drop for leather goods, brass light fixtures, textiles, ceramics and jewelry, or at least until you are exhausted by the haggling it takes to negotiate a final purchase. Visit the world famous Djemaa El Fna, a spectacular open plaza in the heart of the medina which comes alive each afternoon with hoards of food vendors, tribal dancers, snake charmers, story tellers, fire-eaters, henna painters and more. This overwhelmingly colorful, seething mass of humanity is not to be missed. Have your cameras

UÊ/œÊ >ۜˆ`Ê Ã̜“>V…Ê >ˆ“i˜ÌÃÊ vÀœ“Ê ՘v>“ˆˆ>ÀÊ bacteria, stick to bottled water, fruit you can peel, and only cooked vegetables. (This can be a real temptation as fruits and vegetables are fresh and colorful, and piled high in both market stalls and on plates.) UÊ >ÀÀÞÊޜÕÀʜܘÊÃÕ««ÞʜvÊ̈ÃÃÕiÃÊvœÀÊ«ÕLˆVÊ restrooms, as well as pocket change for a tip for the attendant. Uʘ`Տ}iʈ˜Êi˜`iÃÃÊVÕ«ÃʜvÊLœˆˆ˜}ʅœÌ]ÊÃÜiiÌÊ mint tea, served morning, noon and night. UÊ/ÀÞÊ̜Êi˜œÞÊ̅iÊ>ÀÌʜvʘi}œÌˆ>̈œ˜°Ê7…ˆiÊvÕ˜Ê at first, it can become fatiguing. Starting points are meaningless, and purchases take time. UÊ/ÀÞÊi>̈˜}ÊÌ>}ˆ˜iÊ܈̅ÊޜÕÀʅ>˜`Ê>ÃʏœV>ÃÊ`œÊ at home; take a crusty hunk of bread, use it to dip and grasp chunks of meat and vegetables. UÊ Àˆ˜}Ê>œ˜}Ê>ÊLœœŽÊÃiÌʈ˜ÊœÀœVVœ\ÊDreams of Trespass by Fatima Merrissi; The Sheltering Sky or Travels, Collected Writings 1950-1993 by Paul Bowles.



One&Only Cape Town Cape Town, South Africa by Paula Koffsky WHEN ONE&ONLY CAPE TOWN OPENED IN APRIL of 2009, the hotel introduced South Africa’s Mother City to a new level of luxury. With spectacular views, sumptuous accommodations and two world-class restaurants, the resort stands alone as a first-rate destination. Located in the heart of Cape Town’s hottest spot, the hotel sits by the magnificently redeveloped Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. Although the hotel is adjacent to the bustling harbor, it is tucked away and feels like a secret garden, looking out onto the private island villas and Cape Town’s landmark Table Mountain beyond. In the warm earthy tones of the African countryside, the décor is soothing and luxurious. The central focus of the dramatic lobby is the spectacular Vista Bar and Lounge, where guests enjoy afternoon tea and a snack. Guests may stay at the resort’s private island or the main seven-story Marina Rise, where the views are equally impressive. Luxury amenities like oversized marble bathrooms with rain showers, daily fresh fruit, an espresso maker, and aromatherapy turn down service make guests feel truly pampered. The ESPA Spa is a state of the art, 4,000 square foot retreat. Indulge in an exclusive couple’s treatment for two in a private Spa Suite with views of an exotic garden. After your treatment, reinvigorate under the South African sun at the infinity edge pool where the water is oxygenated to provide a healthier swimming experience. Isola serves Mediterranean and South African cuisine poolside amidst the lush gardens and waterfall. You won’t have to travel far for gourmet dining. One&Only has two internationally celebrated restaurants under its roof. Rueben’s is the creation of Rueben Riffle, a local celebrity chef who hails from nearby Franschhoek wine country. Expect traditional South African cuisine in a casual bistro atmosphere. For budding



chefs, Rueben’s offers on-site cooking classes cating experience. One&Only Cape Town is a welcome retreat of through One&Only’s KidsOnly program. Across the lobby is the distinguished NOBU lavish comforts, tranquility, and exceptional cuisine. Dock Road, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, restaurant. Nobu serves up fresh, local seafood Cape Town, South Africa. like west coast lobster, oysters, and yellow fin tuna, adding indigenous spices and Nobu’s signature culinary magic. The restaurant attracts locals and guests alike and is an intoxi- South African Airways South African Airways has long been recognized for its exceptional level of comfort and in-flight service. ASS awards include “Best Business Class,” and “Best Airline to Africa.” As of May 1, 2011, SAA has been offering non-stop service to Johannesburg from New York’s JFK airport, eliminating the 1-hour passenger and refueling stop in Dakar, Senegal. SAA has also expanded their successful interline partnership with JetBlue Airways. Travelers coming from cities like Boston or Washington, D.C. can book their morning JetBlue flights to JFK and quickly connect to SAA’s non-stop flight to Johannesburg, and enjoy return non-stop service that will quickly connect back to these cities. South African Airways Reservations: 800/722-9675;

Ski Portillo Same Time Next Year by Rich Silver If skiing is in your blood, every season is ski season. So, if you’ve thought about heading to South America for a summer ski adventure, then Portillo, Chile is the place for you. High in the Andes Mountains, with gorgeous sunny days and uncrowded powdery slopes, it’s a skier’s paradise. But what makes it so special is something else entirely. It’s like stepping back in time to an era of old world charm where the resort experience has been treasured and preserved by the Purcell family for over 50 years.

bucks, just a carefree vacation. There are 4 (yes, 4) meals served each day in a classic dining room, presided over by maitre d’ Juan. Chef Rafael Figueroa prepares wonderful meals us-

Portillo is an all inclusive, self-contained resort, like a cruise ship in the mountains. Visitors come for an entire week, make new friends, reunite with old ones and return year after year. Even as a new guest everyone says hello to you, and a camaraderie develops; partly because you will be seeing each other all week, but mostly because the Purcell’s have created a wonderful environment of relaxed comfort and friendliness. There is one big yellow hotel with roughly 400 guests attended to by 450 employees, an impressive ratio of better than 1 to 1. There is no town, no shopping centers and no Star-

ing locally grown products, paired with fine Chilean wines. Waiters know your name by the second day and might even have your favorites waiting for you as you arrive. Eat as much or as little as you like but be sure to leave room for the homemade desserts. Outside the dining room there is a large but cozy living room area where guests gather any time of day — in the morning, for après ski, or as I did, to curl up for an afternoon nap with whispers of 4 or 5 languages quietly swirling about, feeling like a true “citizen of the world.” But let’s face it, you come to Portillo for the skiing, and it’s incredible. There’s deep, light

powdery snow on bowls, chutes and groomers as far as the eye can see, along with bright sunshine and deep blue skies. The hotel is slopeside, so access is a snap. Just head down to the ski room, have your boots handed to you by someone who somehow knows they are yours, pick up your skis and away you go. No cars and no hassle, just fun. The slopes are uncrowded and await skiers of all abilities. Lessons are available from trained instructors, which might help you prepare for the “Sol de Portillo” guest race run every Thursday. Don’t miss lunch at least one day at “Tio Bob’s,” the mid mountain gem, where you can eat a delicious lunch, sip local wine and marvel at the spectacular panoramic views. Of course resort amenities such as a fitness room with daily yoga classes, outdoor pools and hot tubs with amazing views, wine tastings, a very cool bar and free wi-fi to keep in touch, if you must, are all available. Families love coming back to Portillo year after year. There are special family weeks and pricing, with lots to do; kids camp, ski school, a cinema, game room, climbing walls, kids ski races and even day care and babysitting. Portillo ski season runs from the end of June to October 1st. Lan Airlines flies non-stop to Santiago, Chile from New York and other U.S. cities. From there it is a scenic 2-hour drive to the resort. My suggestion is to spend a few days in Santiago, a beautiful city full of life and culture. The resort can arrange transfers and sightseeing in Santiago as well as winery tours. Portillo is a special place. If you’re a skier it should be high on your bucket list. It’s why so many guests over the 50 years have said in many different languages that they hope to see you the “same time next year.” WESTONMAGAZINEGROUP.COM


SLOPESIDE Breckenridge at 50

You’re invited to Breckenridge’s 50th birthday party. Come anytime, the party’s going on all year! Breckenridge has 2,358 acres of Colorado’s finest ski terrain, including five terrain parks, two halfpipes and 155 trails spread across four huge peaks. No need for a car, you can ride into town or to the slopes on the BreckConnect Gondola. Breck boasts the highest chairlift in North America: The Imperial Express SuperChair, 12,840 feet above sea level, allowing strong intermediate and advanced skiers access to above treeline bowls and a backcountry experience. Take the Gold Runner Alpine Coaster, a thrilling ride down the mountain on 2,500 feet of coaster track. Ride alone or with a friend on 2-seater coaster cars, control your own speed through the turns, dips and twists around and above the ski runs and through the forest! Breckenridge has a laid-back charm that makes you feel like a local – no matter the season. It’s a beautiful Victorian town, full of character, with lots of shops, bars and restaurants. Sample local bourbon produced by the world’s highest distillery at The Main Street Tasting Room. The awardwinning bourbon whiskey by Breckenridge Distillery is made at 9600 feet with snowmelt from the Rocky Mountains, tapped for mineral infused perfection. Right next-door is Relish, a fabulous restaurant. Chef/owner Matt Fackler has crafted a memorable menu that blends his extensive culinary experience with Colorado influences. Join the party at the 2012 Spring Fever Festival March 17 - April 25, when Breckenridge welcomes visitors to a celebration of great spring snow, sunny bluebird days, special events, and great deals throughout town for guests.


bedrooms, complete with high-end furnishings, stone fireplace, and stunning panoramic views of the slopes. The Aquatics Center has an indoor pool, a walk-in children’s pool as well as indoor and outdoor hot tubs. Unwind with a sauna or steam and a deep tissue massage at The Rejuvenation Center. The Living Room is the resort’s slopeside restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. There’s also the Ski Hill Grill and the lively

alley called “The Mine Shaft.” The resort’s outdoor plaza area with seating for 300 has become the new center of on-mountain activity. It’s the perfect spot to gather after an adventure on the slopes.


CME Premier Service from Colorado Mountain Express is by far the most relaxing way to get to Breckenridge from the airport. Privately chauffeured four wheel drive SUV’s and Executive Vans are available for door-to door airport transfer service. If you’re coming to ski in Colorado, take advantage of the Vail Resorts Epic Pass, allowing unlimited access to 7 world-class mountains: Breckenridge, Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone and A-Basin in Colorado, as well as Heavenly and Northstar in Lake Tahoe. The season pass is a real bargain with no blackout dates. It even includes groundbreaking Epicmix, a fun way to connect with family and friends, while sharing photos and mountain experiences. Eliminate the hassle of equipment rental by simply contacting delivery serONE SKI HILL PLACE vice. Let them know a little bit about your prefOne Ski Hill Place erences and then choose from the latest equipOne Ski Hill Place, a Rock Resort, the first luxury T-Bar for après ski. Families will love the two ment and top brands, custom fit by a professki-in/ski-out resort in Breckenridge, is a welcome movie lounges, which can be privately reserved sional right in the convenience of you’re condo addition to the overall Breck experience. Its deluxe for the night (complete with snacks) and the or hotel room.–RS accommodations range from studios to four- game room. There’s even a two-lane bowling



Sea Island, Georgia A Vacation Paradise By Susan Engel Nestled on a secluded island on the southernmost extremity of Georgia, the Cloister at Sea Island offers old-world elegance suffused with southern hospitality in a relaxed new-world atmosphere. What Howard Coffin envisioned as a friendly little inn in 1928, has evolved into an historic Mediterranean-style oasis, making it one of the country’s most historic hotels. Situated between Savannah, GA, and Jacksonville, FL, a one-and-a-half hour drive from each airport, Sea Island, with its myriad amenities for adults and children alike, boasts five miles of private beach fronting on the Atlantic Ocean. The Cloister, originally created in classic Mediterranean style by renowned architect Addison Mizner in 1928, welcomed guests for 75 years until 2003, when architects Peter Capone and Michael Ramsey recreated it in the same style

cottages, of which 150 fully furnished cottages are available for rent. The homes range from three to eight bedrooms. For serious golfers, The Lodge at Sea Island Golf Club opened in 2001, offering three championship courses and a forty-room hotel and golf

with state-of-the-art amenities. The Cloister resort includes the Beach Club, the Forbes 5-Star Spa, Yacht Club and Tennis Center. There are 175 elegant guest rooms and suites in the main building overlooking the Black Banks River and Atlantic Ocean. Rooms are exquisitely appointed with fine furnishings, handmade Turkish rugs, and stone baths with deep-soaking tubs. For those who would prefer to stay in their own quarters, there are 600 privately owned

clubhouse. Reminiscent of an English country manor with its exposed beam ceilings and overstuffed chairs, the Lodge includes personalized butler service to attend to your every need. The Sea Island Golf Learning Center offers clinics and private and group lessons, using some of the nation’s renowned professional instructors, including Davis Love III. They will strive to shave strokes off your game using a disciplinary approach to fine-tune the physical,

mental and technical aspects of your game. For those staying at the Golf Lodge, dining at Colt and Alison with its high back leather chairs and cozy banquettes is an experience you will not want to miss. Enjoy a wide selection of dryaged beef and fresh seafood, all masterfully prepared with a sommelier on hand to assist with your wine selection. For more casual fare, the Oak Room at the Lodge, with its wood-burning fireplace and outdoor terrace, is the place to go. The Cloister Tennis Center features eight Har-Tru fast-drying clay courts as well as a full range of clinics and lessons by professional tennis instructors. The resort’s 5-Star Cloister Spa, a spectacular 65,000 square foot facility, offers a wide array of massage, body and skin treatments and nutritional counseling. For those into personal training, yoga and Pilates, the spa offers a 5,000 square foot strength and cardio studio where classes are held each week. If you have never tried skeet shooting, this is the time to try it at the Sea island Shooting School, where a certified NCSA instructor will introduce you to this sport. For the equestrians among us, Sea Island is one of the very few resorts in the country that allows private beach rides on the shore and along the dunes. The Cloister Beach Club offers water sports galore. Instructors are available to provide lessons in swimming, aqua exercise, scuba diving and snorkeling, during the summer months. While at the Beach Club, be sure to try Big George’s, its casual restaurant offering classic southern favorites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, the crown jewel of gourmet WESTONMAGAZINEGROUP.COM


dining is at the Georgian Room in the Cloister main building. This Forbes 5-Star restaurant with its carved stone mantel, hand-painted china and gold and crystal chandeliers, is reminiscent of an Addison Mizner estate dining room. The dedicated wait staff offers impeccable service fit for a King or Queen.You will be treated to an extraordinary gastronomic experience when you try the innovative menu of homespun Southern dishes, complemented by an extensive selection of wines from the Cloister cellars. If you would like to vacation at the unequivocal grande dame of historical American Hotels (Presidents Grover Cleveland and Herbert Hoover each planted an oak tree here), then the Cloister at Sea Island is the place for you. 912/638-5161;

The Biltmore Miami Coral Gables, Florida From 1926 until the onset of World War II, the Biltmore in Coral Gables, Florida, was one of the most fashionable resorts in the country. The world’s well-traveled enjoyed fashion shows, gala balls, synchronized swimmers, and worldclass golf tournaments at this American Riviera resort. Built by Coral Gables’ famous developer, George Merrick, the Biltmore was designed in an elegant Mediterranean-Spanish style with Moorish and Italian accents, and hosted such luminaries as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Bing Crosby. Converted into the Army Air Forces Regional Hospital after the outbreak of WWII, the Biltmore remained a Veteran’s Administration hospital until 1968. In 1973 ownership of the hotel was granted to the city of Coral Gables, yet it remained unoccupied for an additional 10 years. Finally, in 1983, the city began an extensive $55 million restoration to return the Biltmore to its former glory. Fully restored today, this magnificent hotel is both a National Historic Landmark Hotel and a member of the prestigious Leading Hotels of the World. Situated in the heart of a prestigious residential neighborhood, the Biltmore is a short drive from Miami and South Beach, making it is the ideal destination for travelers who love a vibrant city locale as well as a serene and luxurious resort. Enjoy laps in the country’s largest swimming pool, then relax at one of the resort’s pri-



vate cabanas, suitably hidden amidst lush palms, bougainvillea and hibiscus. The Biltmore Golf Course, designed by legendary Donald Ross, is an 18-hole, 71 par championship course. The hotel’s dining is comprised of several distinctive options, offered at four restaurants, four bars and a tea lounge. The hotel’s signature Palme d’Or restaurant offers “tasting” dishes and an award-winning wine list. Fontana Ristorante

serves authentic Italian-Mediterranean cuisine in the lush tropical courtyard. For al fresco dining poolside, the Cascade Grill offers FrenchCaribbean and Spa cuisine. To all this, add a European spa and awardwinning fitness center, ten tennis courts, and a Culinary Academy for a fantastic get-away for the whole family. 800/727-1926;


Winter Sale Make your home cozy with new draperies, blinds and shades. Warm up your rooms with energy efficient shades. Bring in new colors to renew your spirits.

$100 Off Custom Draperies (fabric and labor)

Minimum $900 purchase

On Sale Now Duettes, Silhouettes, Luminettes Pirouettes, Shutters & Wood Blinds With this ad only. Cannot combine offers.

Expires 3/31/2012

345 Main Avenue • Norwalk•203-847-2838




David J.Boczar,CFP®,CFA DBOCZAR EMERALDWEALTHADVISORSCOM WWWEMERALDWEALTHADVISORSCOM 0OST2OAD7EST 7ESTPORT #4 4EL  Emerald Wealth Advisors is an Investment Advisor registered with the State of Connecticut.


Why Sellers Should Consider a Pre-Inspection By Gail Lilley Zawacki TRADITIONALLY in the real estate process, an inspection is requested by home buyers around the time they are applying for a mortgage. In fact, more than 85% of home buyers request an inspection as a way to uncover hidden faults and costly repairs that may need to be taken care of. In today’s buyer’s market, revealing such faults prior to closing can serve as a bargaining chip against sellers, forcing the seller to either accept a lower price or foot the bill for repairs prior to closing. That’s why an increasingly important strategy for home sellers in today’s market is to have your property inspected before even putting it on the market. Here are some reasons why: 146


UÊ 7…i˜Ê «œÌi˜Ìˆ>Ê LÕÞiÀÃÊ >ÀiÊ Vœ˜Ãˆ`iÀˆ˜}Ê your home, knowing that an inspection has already been done can make your home much more attractive to them. A pre-inspection can give you an important competitive edge by making buyers more confident about placing a bid on your home; with a pre-inspection, buyers know there will be no hidden surprises awaiting them down the road. UÊvÊ`iviVÌÃÊ>ÀiÊ՘VœÛiÀi`ʜ˜ViÊ̅iÊLÕÞiÀÊ has already placed a bid and is applying for a mortgage, you are suddenly under the gun to either accept a lower offer or cough up the funds for repairs. Conversely, a pre-inspection allows you to take care of any repairs within your own timeframe. If expensive repairs are uncovered before putting your home on the market, you can budget accordingly over a period of time and comparison shop for the best pricing. UÊÊ«Ài‡ˆ˜Ã«iV̈œ˜Ê>ÃœÊ>œÜÃÊޜÕÊ̜Ê`iVˆ`iÊ which repairs are not necessary before putting your home on the market. Certain problems you might have been worried about may turn out not to be as bad as you originally thought… and, therefore, not make a difference in how you price your home. UÊ>ۈ˜}Ê>Ê«Ài‡ˆ˜Ã«iV̈œ˜Ê>vvœÀ`ÃÊޜÕʓœÀiÊ

control in the negotiating process. Being aware of your home’s pros and cons in advance helps put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to price negotiations. In fact, a pre-inspection allows you to price your home more accurately in the first place. Copyright© 2011 RISMedia, The Leader in Real Estate Information Systems and Real Estate News. All Rights Reserved. Gail Lilley Zawacki, International President’s Premier, Realtor for fifteen years with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage at 472 Riverside Ave, Westport, CT. Member of the Westport/Weston Board of Realtors and providing information as a Top 5 Member. REALTOR®, e-PRO®, Accredited Staging Professional™, GRI®, ABR®, Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist®. 203.682-9444;


Manhattan House


LE CORBUSIER, a pioneer of Modernist architecture, famously described houses as “machines for living.” Behind this pronouncement was the profound desire of Modernist architects to design spaces that would respond to the needs and aspirations of an increasingly complex world. Modernism’s pragmatic approach to residential design – with its focus on simplicity, the use of high quality materials, clarity of form and balance – is as valued today as it was in the post-war years. Manhattan House, a landmarked Mid-Century icon, has been impeccably re-engineered to combine its Modernist heritage with the quintessential elements of contemporary living. Designed in 1950 by Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate Architect Gordon Bunshaft of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Manhattan House received landmark status in 2007. Bunshaft, who designed such recognized buildings ˆ˜Ê>˜…>ÌÌ>˜Ê>ÃÊiÛiÀÊœÕÃiÊ>˜`ʙÊ7iÃÌÊxÇÌ…Ê Street, brought to Manhattan House a Modernist sensibility for light, order and simplicity that still resonates more than 60 years later. Elegant porte-cochere entrances on tree-lined 66th Street, a grandly proportioned glass-enclosed lobby overlooking the building’s private gardens, and residences with multiple exposures




and gracious private balconies speak to Bunshaft’s skill for timeless architecture. Brian Fallon, a partner with O’Connor Capital Partners, the owner and developer of Manhattan House, said, “The building has a unique intimacy, with five towers, each with its own set of elevators and no more than six to seven residences per floor.” Located at 200 East 66th Street, Manhattan House features spacious, light-infused, one- to five-bedroom condominium residences, which offer the ultimate in privacy and are available for immediate occupancy. Residences range in size from approximately 955 square feet to more than 3,500 square feet, with a select number of floorthrough residences featuring double exposures, a rare find in buildings of this caliber; private outdoor space; as well as wood-burning fireplaces. Following the success of The Modern Collection at Manhattan House, the latest series of signature-designed homes from James Huniford and Celerie Kemble was introduced at the building and follows the acclaimed success of the building’s inaugural designs by Huniford,

Kemble and Rita Konig. Manhattan House captures the spirit of New York City’s Upper East Side with fulltime doormen, five-star concierge services, on-site garage with valet parking service, as well as cold storage and private storage. The stunning 10,000-square-foot rooftop level features the Randall A. Ridless-designed Manhattan Club, which showcases an outdoor terrace and indoor library for residents’ enjoyment and relaxation. Residents enjoy weekly signature Core Fusion classes as part of the residents-only exhale® mind body spa, including a yoga studio and treatment room. There is also an exhale® fitness center, and both are the brand’s first residential locations in Manhattan. For the youngest residents, there is a Roto Studio-designed children’s playroom. The exclusive private garden, designed by Sasaki Associates, is one of the largest in Manhattan and includes two significant sculptures, Trinity and Red Gateway, by internationally acclaimed Dutch sculptor Hans Van de Bovenkamp. Located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, one of New York City’s most consistently desirable neighborhoods, Manhattan House offers unparalleled access to the finest parks, museums, public transportation, dining, shopping, and private and public schools that the city has to offer. For more information, visit the on-site sales office, call 877/394-6492, e-mail info@manhattanhouse. com or visit


) 2'030-4*)*($)$0(. />EENKB=> HEHK:=H



Elkstone 21 offers mountain modern architecture with custom floor plans, elegant finishes, and warm living space. The development consists of 21 homes available for purchase.

'&./*)  Located in a private neighborhood steps to the Gondola, Village Core, Double Cabin ski run, Mountain Market and Elk Lake.

Recently completed and furnished units available for viewing

">G>KHNLF>GBMB>L$G<EN=> • Heated parking garage with private storage • Private wine cellar and owner’s tasting room • Owners lounge with Entertainment Center • Resident Building Manager and Concierge

222 '&./*)  *(

• Fitness Facility • Outdoor Courtyard with massive fireplace and hydrotherapy spas • Heated roadway, walkways, and terraces

Open House Daily Contact: Christy Van Schyndel Marketing Director 888-217-0410 or

.063$571(56 DW&ROGZHOO%DQNHU Ã&#x201C;<.G !G   m;C9m;DÂ¥m<;



1j:D@G # :I

1j:D(G :I

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(G :I

=;>:?@?:@?<< -  G&G &G-I -G-G G

1H (G G

G (G+ (G "GG 

:&(-+G:Ij G d ²G:I )ROORZ8VRQ

COSTA RICA Northwest Pacific Costa Rica â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Properties for Sale & Vacation Rentals Investment Opportunities: Ocotal Beach Resort, 11+ acres, 570 meters ocean frontage, 59 rooms, dive / fishing, boats / business. $8,500,000 Coco Hotel, 1.5 acres, 10 rooms plus owners quarters, pool, room to expand, walk to the beach. $895,000

Playa Potrero , Titled beach front

Land for Development, 890 acres all entitlements to build condos, homes, ocean views, Playas Del Coco, 3o minutes to Intl. overlooks Polo Club, waterfall, Airport Liberia. 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo, 10 room lodge, area of the Four Seasons, Papagayo. fully furnished, in gated community $10,000,000

townhome with 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, two car garage and pool. Comes fully furnished and ready to move in or set up that offers multiple pools, private as a vacation rental. Offered at $659,000 beach club, & gym. Walk to the beach. Walk to the beach condos, Offered at $298,000 $80,000 - $125,000

Playa Ocotal, Villa Isla Azul. Panoramic ocean views, 3/4 acre, 6 bedrooms, 6 baths, fully furnished, tropical murals throughout, rental program with full staff or own exclusively for personal use. Short drive to full services in Coco. Offered at $1,100,000

Coast to Coast Properties 011-506-2670-0805 Toll Free 1-877-589-0539

Playas Del Coco, Expansive estate on over 5 acres w/ 10,000 square feet of improvements. Main house has 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2 guest houses, caretakers quarters, 5 car tandem garage, pool, huge covered outdoor kitchen and entertainment area. Offered at $3,500,000

Many selections to choose from; all inclusive exclusive villa, onsite concierge services (chef, maid, tour guide), 1 - 4 bedroom condos with ocean views, private beach club, gym, beautifully furnished. Prices range from: a villa $760$3000/night (4-14 people, all inclusive), to $80 per night, 2-4 people. Coldwell Banker International Concierge Services.

Linda Gray Owner/Broker




AT HOME IN AN ICON Manhattan House, a Landmarked Modernist icon, offers five-star services, exclusive amenities and re-engineered residential interiors. From its private gardens and spa to residences with multiple exposures and generous balconies, Manhattan House captures the spirit of New York City. Manhattan House Amenities: Five-Star Concierge Services . Rooftop Manhattan Club . exhale ® Mind Body Spa & Fitness Center . Children’s Playroom . Private Gardens . Porte Cochère Entrances . On-Site Parking





+1 888 691 1686


The complete offering terms are in an offering plan available from the sponsor. File No. CD06-0055. All dimensions are approximate and subject to normal construction variances and tolerances. Plans and dimensions may contain minor variations from floor to floor. Sponsor reserves the right to make changes in accordance with the terms of the offering plan. We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the Nation. We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.

Luxury Real Estate

Buying â&#x20AC;˘ Selling â&#x20AC;˘ Renting Contact Barbara at 203.246.6300 for all of your real estate needs.

Proud Supporter of JDRF 203 246 6300 / 203 221 4415


Scuba Diving in Evening Wear By Charles Moseley

I’VE often said cars are like clothinga sort of visual representation of one’s style and taste, if you will. But this leads to an inevitable limitation; few people have the wherewithal to have a garage selection to rival their wardrobe. Compromises must be made, which lead, unfortunately, to bland but utilitarian automotive choices. One cannot, for example, find a car that is both at home driving the logging roads in New Hampshire (on the way to a lake-front picnic perhaps) while also looking elegant outside a four-star restaurant in the city. In a nutshell, one cannot go scuba diving in evening clothes, automotively-speaking. It is similarly impossible to find a single ensemble to tackle the same hypothetical task. One cannot expect to get away with donning a three-piece suit for the lakeside picnic, nor expect to be welcomed with open arms when arriving at Le Bernardin wearing shorts and a fishing vest. There is evidence to the contrary, of course; in the movie Goldfinger, Sean Connery (as James Bond) swims up to a villain’s lair in a wetsuit, exits the water, and unzips his swimwear to reveal a very dashing white dinner jacket complete with buttoniere. But hope is springing eternally from an unusual source these days. Land Rover, those purveyors of boxy but tough SUV’s, has recently introduced their newest vehicle: The Range Rover Evoque. This is an astonishingly pretty car, one that would cause one to assume it was designed purely for driving to elegant dinner parties at exclusive nightclubs where paparazzi lurk in bushes. Or perhaps for off-roading onto the manicured lawns of the polo field for a picnic lunch in between chukkers. And no doubt it will be used for such purposes, but the amazing thing is that the Evoque can do much, much more. In the interests of full disclosure I should mention that Land Rover is so proud of this vehicle that they flew me (and a few dozen real journalists — how I snuck in I’ll never know) to Vancouver this past October to drive it. At first blush the car looks almost too good — surely not something Land Rover would fob off on the unsuspecting public as having any sort of off-road capability. The interior of the Evoque is as lovely as the exterior. The materials are all of the highest quality, the controls are where one would want, and visibility is surprisingly good considering the low roofline. Though smallish it feels roomy, especially if one poniesup for the optional panoramic sunroof. It is an environment that can convey both security and adventure in combination. Marvelously done. Which is all well and good, but so far only style over substance. My co-driver for this Vancouver adventure turned out to be a lovely and quite brilliant young woman named Meg, a writer for a lifestyle magazine. A great comfort as it turned out, for she proved fearless, even with me behind the wheel. I needn’t point out that towering men of industry with steely-eyed countinence have entertained misgivings with me in the driver’s seat. And so, with an austere look from our minders to reinforce the ‘don’t break the car’ rule, we set out to tackle the obstacle courses Land Rover had constructed for us.



These included driving the vehicle off of a barge into feet of water, across a macadam road of fallen logs, through mud pits of indeterminate depth, up and down hills of absurdly dangerous incline, and up mountain roads past the snow line where we would be given lunch. If, that is, we could make it. Now one must be civil to one’s hosts, but the whole proposition seemed rather injudicious to me. Regardless, we pressed on. With the little Evoque overcoming every obstacle thrown at it. In fact, from inside the vehicle one would think the whole journey was a lark. With the exception of the occasional startled outbursts (“you want this car to climb over THAT?”), the Evoque was more than civilized and comfortable. It was truly capable. But could it really perform the cinematic magic of scuba diving in evening wear? Well, it turns out that the seemingly fictional tale of James Bond swimming up to the villain’s lair was based on a true story: during WWII a Dutch secret agent named Tazelaar was landed near the seaside resort of Scheveningen on orders to help two high-level Dutch politicians escape to England. They were known to be attending a party at a casino, and in order to blend in Tazelaar wore a tuxedo under his wetsuit. To complete the masquerade, once he had removed his wetsuit Tazelaar had cognac dribbled onto his evening wear to give the impression he had been at the party all night. Could the Evoque pull off the same trick? Could one, in fact, tackle the downed trees and torrential rains of a hurricane and still arrive at a dinner party looking refined and dignified? Yes. This is truly a capable vehicle. And to emphasize the point the good people of Land Rover had one last demonstration for us at the end of our off-roading adventure. As we all returned to the hotel I could not help but notice a lovely red Evoque parked out in front of the hotel. Parked, very deliberately by the Land Rover team, in the fountain. Charles Moseley has worked at ESPN and Skip Barber and has been a ‘car guy’ since the age of two. He lives in Weston, CT with his wife Molly and their two sons, Charley and Max.


ABR, Luxury Specialist 25 Years Experience

Associate Broker



Y Remarkably, in just 4 months Pat Geoghegan participated in these sales.






SO 14 Ann Lane, Rye Offered at $3,650,000

1 Anchor Drive, Rye Offered at $3,500,000

111 Hix Avenue, Rye Offered at $2,550,000








SO 15 Walker Avenue, Rye Offered at $1,850,000

25 Thorne Place, Rye Offered at $1,399,500

75-80 Ditmars St, City Island Offered at $1,375,000











SO 26 Halstead Place, Rye Offered at $1,275,000

3 Rosemere Street, Rye Offered at $995,000

22 Van Buren Street, Rye Offered at $825,000

Market information is essential, give me a call and let me provide you with up-to-the minute market conditions. P GR lE m IMPROVE YOUR ODDS

Land Rover has a sibling — Jaguar. Both are owned by the Tata Group, an Indian multinational. Both have long and storied histories in the British automobile tradition, and they compliment each other quite nicely. After all, what better combination can there be than a useful and stylish Evoque sitting side-by-side with a gentleman’s express Jaguar XK-R in one’s driveway? Jaguars are often fondly referred to as the ‘big cats’ of the automotive world, which is a well deserved sobriquet as they are fast, agile and look menacing in a dark garage. But as attractive as these characteristics are, one needs to make sure such a beast would be useful in a suburban environment such as Fairfield County. To

this end I took possession of the coupe version of the Jaguar XK-R, and put it through the rigorous paces of the commutable life. “Practical as a daily driver to the station to catch the 6:05?” Check (in fact I was early). “Look dashing in front of the spouses picking

up their loved ones coming back from the city?” Beyond question. “Home on time?” Uh, no. Driving this car means one cannot take the direct, traffic laden route — one simply must find unattended back roads to enjoy the car’s power and grace. “Can one offer to take the Jag to the supermarket in order to make it up to the wife for being late?” Absolutely. In fact, during my time with the Jag, I offered to go to the store, pick up the dry cleaning, chauffeur her mother, and even drive to Buffalo for some hot wings. Spending time with this car is never a chore. However, all is not wine and roses; the XK-R does have it’s limitations. Specifically in the realm of dogs. I suppose one cannot expect a feline to wantonly cohabitate with the canine species, but surely a large cat such as this can shrug off a pup or two. And while it provided ample accommodation for Yoyo the dachshund, Alburn the Dane was flummoxed. Mind you, he liked the car, but he could only fit half of himself inside at a time. And surely one cannot comfortably travel with the distant end of a large canis familiaris sticking out the passenger window. There is a solution, however: the XK-R convertible.









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AND LOCALLY WE’RE STARTING TO HEAR POSITIVE ECONOMIC REPORTS. SO PEOPLE WONDER, “IS IT TRUE” AND “IS IT GOING TO IMPROVE OUR LOCAL REAL ESTATE MARKET”? Lately, we’ve certainly had welcome economic indicators: unemployment has decreased five months in a row (but we’re still above 9%, which is still not so good). And, it’s been BUSY out there! Ask any REALTOR® and they’ll tell you the Market has DEFINITELY been busy lately (with “real” Buyers making “real” purchases). The BIG QUESTION is this: “Is it just because the WEATHER has been nice, and Buyers are starting EARLIER than they normally do —OR— is this really the surge of pent up Buyer Demand we’ve all been waiting for?” I hate to be the Party Pooper; but I’m always honest. So, I will remind you that economic reports are ALWAYS optimistic in January; if you look at the reports from previous Januarys you’ll see that they all predicted that “THIS will be the year [when the recovery begins]”. So far, they’ve been wrong several years in a row. And we HAVE had a very MILD Winter, meaning that people are out and about (long before Spring, when they would normally come out of hibernation). So, is there “increased Buyer activity out there OR has it just MOVED UP earlier in the timeline, because the weather has been mild”? Remember when the government’s First Time Home Buyer Credit expired, or when the Cash for Clunkers Auto program expired? Home and Auto sales surged (at least temporarily) but then the month after they expired Car Dealers complained that they couldn’t sell a single car that month – because Buyers had accelerated their purchase decisions, and when the “program” was over so too was the euphoria. Unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure what’s happening here

(until May). But, at least we have some “good news” to wonder about. Does the “Marketing” and “Technology” make a difference? You bet it does! Look at the studies and statistics. Houses that are better marketed sell faster and for more money, consistently. What does “better” mean? Well, it is mindboggling (and depressing) that in 2012 houses are still being marketed using still photographs. The Internet has fully evolved into a VIDEO medium. Our nation has the bandwidth to support it. People are watching TV online and videos on YouTube. Why then aren’t people using VIDEO to show potential Buyers how great their house is? We know that when people shop for a “house”, they start with their “mouse” (meaning they’re shopping online). So, if you’re selling your house, you ABSOLUTELY MUST have a video. And, I don’t mean an “animated photo slide show” like we see so often (where you see still pictures moving around the screen to give the ILLUSION of video). I’m talking about a REAL VIDEO (made with a video camera); and I’m talking about a PROFESSIONALLY PRODUCED video (not something an Agent makes with his camera or Flip). They cost thousands of dollars, when done right, especially if you hire an Actor to host the video and walk the viewer through the house (almost like an in-person showing, or like you see on the popular TV show OpenHouseNYC). BUT, THEY MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. For instance, I took over a listing that had been on the market for almost two years, with three different agents and two different real estate companies. I completely re-did the Marketing (with a knock-out VIDEO that really allowed Buyers to see what was so special about the property), put the house back on the Market, and we have an accepted Offer (in less than 30 days). It’s the SAME house. But, different Marketing gets different results. And, TECHNOLOGY makes a difference

too! To succeed, you need more than just making fancy and pretty marketing materials. Nowadays, you have to “connect” with the Buyers the way they want to communicate. It amazes me the number of real estate agents who still don’t regularly send/receive Text messages. Consider the Buyer for your home. If you think your Buyer will be the Texting-type, you want to make sure your Agent can handle it. But, Texting is so “outdated”. It’s a given. Nowadays, you need an Agent who can offer “Live Chat” on your listing. When a Buyer is interested in a property, they should be able to click on a button to begin immediately Chatting with your listing agent, to ask questions and schedule a showing. You’ve probably experienced this in other industries. Big companies (especially in Customer Service or Tech Support) usually have on their website a place where you initiate an immediate Live Chat with a real human about your question. Frequently, it’s QUICKER than calling on that old telephone-device-thingy. (Check to see what I mean.) I might still be the only Agent in Fairfield County offering Live Chat on my listings. But, it won’t be for long. This tough Market is forcing the industry to adapt. Even those who don’t believe will eventually come along kicking and screaming. But, why wait? Sure, it’s not great for the personal life to make yourself available 24 hours a day to answer Live Chats (which instantaneously come through to my cell phone). But, in a Market like this, I do whatever it takes to get the house sold. When the Market recovers a bit, I’ll go play golf. Until then, I’m on call…looking forward to hearing from YOU. Ryan Cornell is an expert real estate Broker in Weston and Westport, with William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty. He has earned almost every designation, certification and sales award available over the years, including the Double Gold Medallion and, for 2010, the Platinum Award. You can reach him at 203-247-0718 or WESTONMAGAZINEGROUP.COM



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SOIGNE K IN THE MID 60S ON MADISON AVENUE RETAILS COUTURE INDIAN FASHION WITH WESTERN SILHOUETTES. THE TWO-STORY STORE HOUSES OVER 22 ESTABLISHED AND EMERGING INDIAN DESIGNERS. The look is fusion: western cuts with fine Indian craftsmanship that have an international luxurious appeal. The collection is customized for the store, such that it holds universal appeal while being at the cutting edge of fashion. Soigne K’s target market is New Yorkers who are always looking for something different and unique given their jetsetter lifestyle. The store also appeals to visitors from around the US, Brazil, Middle East and the Eastern European Bloc. New York is a popular international tourist destination. The wide array of clothing and accessories— which includes kaftans, one of a kind gowns, evening bags encrusted with semi precious stones and pure pashminas — highly appeals to the discerning client who is enamored of their craftsmanship and understands their allure. Soigne K has been open for a little over a year and its vision is to establish itself as a brand name for fine Indian handcrafted goods that hold international appeal for the luxury connoisseur. New York proved to be an ideal setting for its flagship store due to it being a global amalgamation of cultures and experiences. This in turn has affected the style and product preferences of the locals. This setting created a prolific atmosphere for established brands to flourish in while at the same time for new brands like Soigne K to emerge and be successful. As a first of its kind store in the US, it had



to establish and ensure global standardization of quality with every one of its designers. Various adaptations had to be made to accommodate local trends. Given that they wanted to appeal and maintain a certain level of exoticness, they buy wide and not deep. A limited range in each style and just having one piece in each size is their USP. Their goal is to maintain a superior level of brand imagery and to build a strong, loyal customer

base in their home market. Their long-term goal is to open in other international markets that have a universal appeal that is similar to New York’s. The Soigne K space unravels slowly, revealing treasures layer by layer as you explore the store. It is a memorable, luxurious, curated experience that is unique and special. 717 Madison Avenue, NY, NY. 212/486 2890;

Finest selection of contemporar y European wood and gas stoves, fireplaces, and grills Flatfire Gas

40 Westchester Ave. Pound Ridge NY 10576 914.764.5679

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There’s a New Dog in Town: Men’s Premium Boxer Company Opens in Weston, Connecticut NOVEMBER 8, 2011 WAS A BIG DAY IN JOAN WHARTON’S LIFE:






WHARTON’S WORDS: “BOXERS WITH A PERFECTLY ‘BROKEN-IN’ FEEL AND RELAXED STYLING THAT MEN LOVE.” A career in fashion wasn’t Wharton’s first choice. Born and raised in sunny California, she moved to the East Coast in 1994 to attend law school at Georgetown and spent the next 14 years practicing commercial law at large Manhattan firms and in-house at a Connecticut marketing company. “Becoming a lawyer was all I wanted to do growing up, from the time I was old enough to know what a lawyer was,” Wharton explains. But eventually Wharton discovered an entrepreneurial spirit. “A few years ago, having accomplished what I wanted to do in terms of becoming a lawyer and practicing at a high level, I realized I was looking for a new challenge, and that took the form of wanting to start my own business. I couldn’t think of a bigger challenge than trying to launch a new company in the midst of a really distressed economy. “Then about two years ago, I identified what I perceived as a missed marketing opportunity in a huge industry, men’s boxer shorts. I noticed that existing companies marketed almost exclusively to men. But I realized, through



my own experience and in talking with female friends and relatives, that often we were the ones buying boxers for the men in our lives. So in developing CDBC’s look and feel, I designed our products to appeal both to our target male market and to women who enjoy buying fun, stylish boxers for their husbands or boyfriends. “Happily, our customer feedback has validated that design decision, and Charlie Dog boxers are hugely popular with both male and female buyers. As an unexpected surprise, many women have reported buying our boxers for themselves once they feel how soft and comfortable they are – women say they’re perfect for lounging in. I was willing to bet that even in a down economy people still would be willing to pay a bit more for a high-quality, comfortable product, and that’s been borne out in our sales results.” Wharton seems most pleased when talking about her company’s philanthropic efforts. “As an animal lover, I’m especially proud of a unique feature of our company, the Charlie Dog 5% Pledge,” she explains. “We’ve committed to

donating 5% of our net profits to local and national organizations that care for needy animals. So when customers purchase our products, they get both a stylish, great-fitting pair of boxers and the satisfaction of knowing that they’re helping abused and neglected animals at the same time. I’ve always wanted my company to be a ‘business with a purpose,’ so to speak. I want to share whatever success I might have with a cause I feel passionately about. It makes me feel great to be able to help needy animals – it’s just a natural fit for our company.” CDBC’s online sales have been brisk since its 2011 launch, and Wharton is now turning her attention to approaching luxury retailers to carry the line. “It’s been a whirlwind since we launched in early November and sales have been strong. So I’m excited to connect with high-end retailers across the country where I think our products would be a good fit.” To contact Charlie Dog Boxer Company: (203)556-1889;

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Mezcal, Nectar of the Gods MEZCAL, TEQUILA’S OLDER COUSIN, IS CONSIDERED BY CONNOISSEURS TO BE THE TRUE NECTAR OF THE GODS. ITS RANGE OF DISTINCTIVE AROMAS AND FLAVORS, AS WELL AS ITS COMPLEXITY WITH AGED STYLES, ARE THE RESULTS OF PRODUCTION FROM SEVERAL UNIQUE VARIETIES OF AGAVE AND CENTURIES OF MASTERFUL DISTILLING TECHNIQUES Mezcal’s origins, as a distilled spirit, stem from the Spanish conquest of Mexico. Further investigations may prove that production of this agave spirit, albeit in less sophisticated expressions, date back more than a thousand years. Produced only in Mexico, “Mezcal,” is a derivative of the word “mexcalmetl” meaning “agave or maguey” (maguey or agave that has been cooked prior to its transformation through mashing, fermenting and distilling) from the indigenous and ancient Nahuatl language. Mezcal is produced in seven states in Mexico, with the majority heralding from the state of Oaxaca (wa-Ha-kah). While Tequila is only made with one variety of agave, the Blue Weber, Mezcal can be made from up to twentyeight varieties, the most prolific being Espadin. Similar to wine, which produces single-grape varietals such as Shiraz, Malbec, and Merlot., Mezcals are being produced with several va-



rietals such as those made from Tobala, Baril and Mexicana. And, much as one blends different grape varieties to achieve balance and harmony, combining agave varietals generates a wide range of flavors that are only now being introduced and will ensure years of tantalizing taste experiences. Tread gently. One sip of Mezcal is a “flavor explosion.” The second sip gives you earth, fire, flower and fruit. Much like peated Single Malt Scotch, some Mezcals impart a slightly smoky character. The experience brings together all of these natural elements and warms you with the taste of mother earth. Caballeros Inc. has been a pioneer of Mezcal for more than a decade and a leading importer with award winning brands: Scorpion Mezcal, Mijes, Maria and Oro de Oaxaca Mezcals. Douglas French, master distiller of Scorpion Mezcal SA de CV and Barbara Sweetman of Caballeros have collectively worked to increase the education and awareness of this spirit. In August 2011, a “Master Mezcalier” program was written into Mexican law with certification extended to those in the food and beverage industry. The program proceeds throughout 2012 in a multi-city U.S. campaign and class schedule. For further information on Mezcal and the Master Mezcalier program, go to:, or contact

Frozen Mezcal-Avocado By Junior Merino, the Liquid Chef 1 tsp of Honey 1⁄4 avocado 1 oz agave nectar 3⁄4 oz Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur (or Midori) 1⁄2 oz Cointreau 1 1/2 oz Lime Juice 1 1⁄2 oz Scorpion Mezcal Silver Pour all the ingredients in a blender, add 1 cup of ice and blend; serve in a tall glass. May rim glass with salt or lemon-salt mixture if preferred.

appraised & approved Partida Tequila Did you know that like fine wine, Tequila has a denomination of origin? And that it can be paired with food to complement a range of flavors? This season, try pairing Tequila Partida, a super-premium Tequila, with hearty, winter dishes. Made from 100% blue agave in the Tequila Valley (the heart of Mexico’s historic Tequila Valley Region), Tequila Partida is an all-natural companion to many of your favorite foods. Chefs can also cook with Tequila Partida, which, due to its alcohol content, provides a big bang with just a small addition to the recipe. Read more about pairing tequila with food on: Calvisius Original Caviar Malosso Calvisius combines time-honored traditions with the technology of sustainability. For over twenty years, they have produced 20 tons of the finest sustainable caviar per year. The state-of-the-art processing facility uses purified water and filtered air, guaranteeing a fresh, uncompromisingly refined caviar, with a quality that you can discern and savor. 855/CALVISIUS; 855/225-8474 Fragrant Soy Candles Adorned by Designer Angela Adams Eco-friendly, all natural, hand poured soy candles with delicious fragrances are now available with the artwork of Angela Adams. Angela’s designs are known for their sense of timelessness, simplicity and balance, all inspired by the remote and rugged natural beauty of the Maine island on which she grew up. Available in eight designs; suggested retail $24.95. Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Let LUSH help you set a sexy scene for your special someone. This year’s new offerings include a solid love potion (Love Potion massage bar, $9.95), a Sweetheart soap chock-full of aphrodisiacs like jasmine, sandalwood, ylang ylang and bergamot ($4.95), and a Do Knot Disturb Knot Wrap gift package (Contents: Soft Coeur, Lust soap, Sex Bomb, French Kiss: $28.95) to make any heart beat faster. Available at Lush stores nationwide, or on



Launch by Susan Young Inspired by a vintage designer silk scarf, Susan Young launched her line of tops and dresses made entirely from a collection of scarves she discovered in the basement of a shuttered handbag factory. Since then, she has expanded her line, using a rich assortment of fabrics sourced both locally and internationally. In keeping with her appreciation of the iconic styles from the ‘60s and ‘70s, she has taken her passion for vintage and retro styles to a modern level by creating pieces that resonate the past, while reflecting a fresh and contemporary, pretty yet edgy sophistication. Launch is available : CT: St Germain Boutique, Greenwich, And Company, Sono Westchester County: Siren Boutique, Mamaroneck, Lola Boutique, Rye NYC: Purdy Girl , Anik NYC

a lifetime Before

of crack-free tennis courts. Guaranteed.


Customized speed of play. Cushioned surface reduces stress on players by 30%. 100% consistent ball bounce. Multipurpose use. Ideal for new construction or existing courts.

The Softest Hard Court on Earth.

Manufacturer & Installer 800-246-7951

appraised & approved Uncommon Threads: Art Textiles and Sculpture Intrigue Curators, Collectors and Designers WHEN TOM GROTTA, PRESIDENT OF B R O W N G R O T TA A R TS , I N W I LTO N , CONNECTICUT, IS ASKED ABOUT THE RECENT WAVE OF INTEREST IN CONTEMPORARY ART TEXTILES BY DESIGNERS, MUSEUM CURATORS AND COLLECTORS, HE SMILES. Grotta has been promoting contemporary textiles and fiber sculpture, along with art in other mediums, for 25 years, through exhibitions, catalogs and designer collaborations. The movement to create three-dimensional sculptural textile work, free standing or hung off the wall, is a young one, having begun with artists like Lenore Tawney, Sheila Hicks and Magdalena Abakanowicz, in the 1950s. Yet Grotta knew widespread recognition for art textiles would come, once enough people had learned about this art form. “When people are exposed to sculptural fiber for the first time, they are captivated,” says Grotta. “The work is exciting and unusual. It’s generally beautifully crafted of unexpected materials and often conceptually interesting, as well — a combination people find appealing.” Grotta points out that attendance at tapestry, knitting, quilt and embroidery exhibits at the Metropolitan, the Museum of Arts and Design and the Whitney Museum in New York in the last few years have been record breaking, attesting to the movement’s growing popularity. The strikingly modern quilts of Gee’s Bend, Alabama toured nationwide and were seen by tens of thousands of museumgoers. “Today, male and female artists around the world are using stitching techniques to address personal and global issues in an astonishing range of pictorial, sculptural, and even architectural applications,” notes David Revere McFadden, chief curator of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. What accounts for the surge in popularity? “Art




textiles are dimensional, rarely shown behind glass, and often have a touchable quality,” McFadden says. Art advisor Jean Efron of Jean Efron Art Consultants, LLC in Washington, D.C. has placed several important art textiles in offices and commercial buildings. Efron looks for fiber works that are innovative and exciting and created by the major artists in the field. “Art textiles and fiber sculpture add another dimension to collections of contemporary art – even those that include no other pieces from contemporary craft mediums like ceramic and glass,“ she adds. As the art form’s visibility has risen, so have prices. Yet, collecting this work, explains Grotta, offers investors a unique opportunity since prices for work by the most prominent artists in the field remain lower — at least for now — than for artists of equivalent stature in mediums like painting, ceramics and glass. browngrotta art’s reputation has developed through the more than 100 artists it represents, including seminal artists in the field like Françoise

Grossen, Ritzi Jacobi, Helena Hernmarck and the late Lenore Tawney and Ed Rossbach. browngrotta arts has also focused on promoting renowned artists from abroad, including UllaMaija Vikman of Finland, Jin-Sook So of Sweden and Korea, Jiro Yonezawa of Japan and Chris Drury and Sue Lawty of the UK. The firm has placed dozens of works in private, corporate and museum collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Arts and Design, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Museum. Documentation of exhibits and artists’ work has also contributed to the growing importance of the medium. browngrotta arts has produced 40 catalogs on contemporary textile art, featuring Grotta’s photographs and design. Learn more online at browngrotta arts blog, or at its website,, where you’ll find images of more than 650 available artworks. Or give Tom Grotta a call at browngrotta arts, 203/834-0623.

G E T O R G A N I Z E D f o r S P R I N G Simplify your life with The Royal Closet, call for a free in-home consultation. Let The Royal Closet turn your space into a custom-designed showplace. Whether choosing elegant quality stained wood or simple melamine laminate, Royal Closet provides an innovative design service and superior craftsmanship. Visit the well-appointed Norwalk, CT showroom or, at no cost to you, arrange for a free in-home consulation with a design expert. 2 0 3. 8 4 7. 4 1 7 9

6-B Muller Park, Norwalk, CT

www.royal cl os

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Heather Gaudio Fine Art WALKING IN THE DOOR OF THIS NEW GALLERY IN NEW CANAAN, YOU CAN SEE WHY THE ARRIVAL OF HEATHER GAUDIO FINE ART IS A MAJOR MOMENT FOR ART COLLECTORS IN FAIRFIELD COUNTY. In addition to the compelling works in the current exhibit, Waterways, the centerpiece of the gallery space is Marilyn, a silkscreen print by Andy Warhol and one of the last pieces to be authenticated by the Warhol Foundation. The vibrant colors and alluring eyes of Marilyn draw you into this fresh, new space, only for you to find other equally compelling pieces, different from any others in New Canaan. The gallery offers a unique blend of new and established contemporary art, with Marilyn as the veteran showpiece. As one of the top five most collected contemporary artists, Andy Warhol’s paintings and prints have astounded the art market in both demand and value. A screenprint of excellent condition, Marilyn is a limited edition piece owned by the same collector for over forty years. One of the three most desirable color combinations in the suite of 10 Marilyn images created by Warhol, this particular print is an ideal piece from one of the most coveted periods in Warhol’s career. These prints are found at auction and in galleries and are an incredible investment and signature buy. Having been inspected by the Warhol Foundation for authentication, it was one of the last pieces certified before the Foundation discontinued its practice of reviewing works. Although the Warhol is an amazing coup de grace for this five-month-old space, the gallery is creating buzz in the community for its discerning and thoughtful exhibits of contemporary art. Specializing in both emerging and established artists, the gallery will present six exhibits annually, offering works on paper, photography,




painting and sculpture. For collectors both new and experienced, the inventory is varied in both style and price. The focus is on each individual client, selecting art that best serves his or her vision, space, privacy, and resources. Presenting a professionalism and discerning eye not frequently found in Fairfield County, the gallery is committed to offering inspired and progressive artwork as well as advisement to collectors of all levels. They offer a full range of art advisory services, from forming and maintaining a collection to framing and installation. The gallery includes Heather Gaudio, Principal, Wendy Cunney, Associate Director and Christine Romanelli, Gallery Assistant, and Brian Whitely, Preparator. Their collective knowledge, experience, and well-established relationships throughout the

art world, domestically and abroad, provide each client with unparalleled access to works by both emerging and renowned artists, as well as access to works for sale through auction houses, estates, and private collectors. The next exhibit for the gallery, Patterns and Forms, will run through March 22nd. The exhibition will feature a compelling apposition of paintings and sculpture. A series of richly textured and opulent paintings of flowers by Robert Kushner are paired with fluid and inspiring bronze sculptures by Cornelia Kubler Kavanagh. And if you are lucky, you might still have a chance to see an icon; Warhol’s Marilyn. Heather Gaudio Fine Art: 21 South Avenue, New Canaan, CT 06840, (203) 801-9590;


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Paul D. Harbottle, DDS

Let’s talk cosmetic and conservative dentistry. THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY HAS BROUGHT UNPRECEDENTED ADVANCES TO THE ART OF TOOTH RESTORATION, ALLOWING FOR INDIVIDUALS TO MAKE LONG TERM CHOICES FOR THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILY’S DENTAL HEALTH. At the office of Dr. Paul Harbottle, they combine a conservative approach with advanced techniques to remove significantly less tooth structure during each procedure and to avoid more invasive therapies like root canal or a full crown. Quality care is the goal. Dr. Harbottle uses state-of-the-art materials such as E-Max, a durable-dilithium, ceramic-based material which has the strength properties of gold. By choosing a porcelain onlay or inlay



over a standard filling, the dual purpose of longevity and esthetics is achieved. Dentistry is a dynamic profession, constantly advancing in material science and new techniques. Digital radiography has reduced patient’s exposure to radiation by up to eighty percent. Laser dentistry has significantly reduced healing time and discomfort while implants have eliminated removable dentures or having healthy teeth prepared and shaved down for bridges. The craftsmanship of nationally renowned Oral Design Laboratories™ helps to create the finished products. These include veneers, implants, multiple unit crowns and bridges, as well as inlays and onlays. Whitening teeth has gained extensive popularity among all ages. A common complaint with teenagers, after orthodontic completion, is that their teeth are straight but yellow. Adults complain that their teeth have lost the luster of their youth and subsequently they smile less, particularly in photographs. Sometimes a simple in-house bleaching process can remedy the above situations. At other times a ninety-minute Zoom™ bleaching can be coupled with a more extensive treatment plan. Think of a child drawing a ‘smiley face.’ This describes cosmetics in simple terms. That upward smile line essentially follows the contour of the lower lip curve as one smiles; often when the contour of the upper teeth does not follow the lip line a person appears stern or unfriendly, which can be corrected to achieve perfect esthetics. Keep in mind that cosmetic


intervention can be as simple as one tooth or as extensive as a full arch. There are dozens of subtle changes to evaluate and consider when designing a new smile. Dr. Harbottle joined Dr. Stephen Sovich’s practice in 2002, and since Dr. Sovich’s retirement in 2011, he proudly continues performing the above services that began in 1972, for his New Canaan families and the surrounding towns. Dr. Harbottle’s New York practice, in Somers, has been voted among the topDentists™ of Westchester County for 2009, 2010, and 2011. Patients from the tri-state area include a great variety of individuals and professionals: New York City commuters, West Coast executives, college students, lawyers, doctors, mailmen and Fortune 500 CEO’s, some of whom have been patients for four decades. Everyone is treated with warmth and sincerity by Dr. Harbottle and his staff. Call for a cosmetic consult or routine check-up. Experience their dedication to dental and personal excellence for yourself. CT: 162 East Avenue, New Canaan, CT. 203/972-0588 Westchester: 380 Route 202, Somers, NY. 914/277-3518


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The Big “C” “Cosmetic” Reconstruction after a Cancer Diagnosis by Isabel Stoltzman

FORESHADOWING  is defined as “…an image of something suggestive of what is to come…the organization and presentation of events and scenes… so that the reader or observer is prepared…for what occurs later…” In this particular presentation of events, I was the writer. The subject was skin and nipple sparing mastectomies. But no amount of foreshadowing could have prepared me for what was to come. My writing career is focused on professionals and publications dealing with health, beauty and wellness. Many of my clients are cosmetic surgeons. Last summer I wrote an article featuring the latest surgical technique available to some women with breast cancer called “skin and nipple sparing mastectomies.” Earlier in the year I worked with Dr. Andrew Kornstein, featuring unique procedures on his website, including the same surgery with one exception—it is done in-house in his office surgical suite. “How far we‘ve come,” I thought—light years from the maiming, virtual amputations and long hospital stays—an exponential leap from replacing breasts with flaps, mounds and tattoos. My second thought was, “How lucky I was to have been spared.” I spoke too soon. In 2006 I discovered a small lump, undetected by a mammogram. It was cancer, Stage I. After absorbing the initial shock, I opted for a lumpectomy followed by 7 weeks of radiation. Except for a small divot on the side of my breast, I was physically unscathed. Breast cancer for me was more a mental illness—a hole in my armor. How can someone who doesn’t even catch colds get cancer? The answer according to the great medical minds is they simply “don’t know.” Only 3% of those diagnosed with breast cancer have the infamous BRAC gene. The rest of us? A veritable lightning strike. In July of 2011 I celebrated my 5-year anniversary. No more looking over my shoulder. In September 2011, just as my article hit the stands for breast cancer awareness month, and Dr. Kornstein’s site was complete, I felt a lump. Once again, it did not show up on a mammogram. I learned that when breasts are dense like mine, it can be as difficult to visually detect as a



snowball in a snowstorm, even using digital imaging. Lightning struck twice—another Stage I cancer, but this time in a radiated breast. The suggested treatment was a double mastectomy or take the chance I might not be lucky enough to find the next lump until it was too late. While the diagnosis was beyond upsetting, the serendipity of being privy to the latest, least invasive surgery and my working relationship with Dr. Kornstein dialed down my panic. Dr. Kornstein arranged a meeting between me and his cancer surgeon partner from a prestigious New York institution, where I was pronounced a good candidate. According to the cancer surgeon, who has done hundreds of these procedures, there is no data to suggest a recurrence when opting to keep the shell of the breast. Removing tissue only and replacing it with a silicone implant is safe. A radiated breast, however, poses a bit of a hurdle due to the potential for poor circulation. It could require a two-step operation to retain the skin and nipples. Dr. Kornstein arranged several meetings and calls—some international—with other physicians who’ve worked with radiated breasts, to be prepared either way. This clearly demonstrated his dedication and commitment to doing the right thing and anticipating any surprises. Fortunately, my circulation was acceptable when examined during surgery. For extra reassurance, Alloderm (donor skin full of stem cells) was placed between my skin and implant to expedite healing. It was very important to me to emerge from this experience looking and feeling whole. I had seen Dr. Kornstein’s photo gallery. I interviewed him on his philosophy and approach to in-house mastectomies well before the subject became personal. Dr. Kornstein will tell you that reconstruction deserves no less emphasis on an aesthetic outcome than cosmetic breast enhancement. That attitude sets him apart from others who might share his technical genius, but not his judgment, vision or compassion. I stayed the night in his recovery room with his nurse and left the next morning, very comfortable. Tylenol was all I took for mild soreness. One week post op I looked as though I’d had a breast augmentation, not reconstruction. I will never have to look into the mirror and be reminded of what was taken away. My only memory will be the body given back to me by Dr. Andrew Kornstein. It feels good to write a happy ending—especially my own. Dr. Andrew Kornstein: Manhattan and Fairfield, CT offices: (212) 987-1300; (203) 292-9190.


Picture Your Perfect Body. Now Freeze It. Coolsculpting.

How do you make that last bit of belly fat or the most stubborn love handles disappear, when dieting and exercise fail? The answer is Coolsculpting. Developed by Harvard scientists, this unique, patented, clinically proven procedure from ZELTIQ involves freezing fat cells without damage to your skin. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no knife. No suction hoses. No needles. No lasers, even. After your treatment, you get on with your busy day. Is that cool or what?

1345 E. Putnam Ave., Old Greenwich, CT 06870 203.637.0662 â&#x20AC;˘

If you think grades aren’t that important, you probably don’t have heart disease. HealthGrades® 2012: A stellar report card for St. Vincent’s.

For the 10th year in a row, HealthGrades®, America’s most trusted, independent source of hospital quality outcomes, has ranked St. Vincent’s Medical Center in the nation’s top 10% for coronary interventional procedures. We are also honored to receive the 2012 HealthGrades® Coronary Intervention Excellence Award™. In addition, our program received 5-star ratings for Coronary Interventional Procedures and Treatment of Heart Attack, and HealthGrades® ranked us in the top 10 in Connecticut for a variety of cardiac services. For more information about St. Vincent’s Regional Heart and Vascular Center and our 2012 HealthGrades® rankings, please visit our website at 2800 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT 06606 Call our Care Line at 1.877.255.SVHS for more information.

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Call our office at 203-292-9190 tto o schedule a free consultation Not valid with any other offer. $175 consultation fee waived for same day treatment.

Andrew N. Kornstein, M.D. 1373 Redding Road Fairfield, CT 06824 203-292-9190

The Restylane family of products is available only through a licensed practitioner. Complete product and safety information is available at Restylane is a registered trademark of HA North American Sales AB. (All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.) APB 10-019B 12/31/11


Privé-Swiss East Coast’s Power-Elite Flock to Executive Renewal Program

STRESS can be a killer. Anxiety, depression, insomnia, relationship problems, not being able to make decisions, drinking too much, popping a pill to take the edge off – all are symptoms of a dangerous stress level and if left untreated, can lead to very serious health conditions. For the successful, high-profile individual whose reputation, corporate and professional standing, contractual obligations, responsibilities, and overall privacy matters, there is no more confidential treatment available than the executive wellness program offered at Privé-Swiss. Located in the beautiful, bucolic villages of Salisbury and Essex, Connecticut, the Privé-Swiss executive wellness retreats have proven to be the “go to” choice of the East Coast’s power elite seeking the highest quality, most private treatment experience available. Offering individual, confidentially sequestered mental health and executive wellness programming in the most exclusive areas in Southern California, and now New England, Privé-Swiss has attained worldwide stature serving the sophisticated client who has very specific, private, personal needs for professional enhancement, physical and mental wellness recovery. Privé-Swiss came about from many years of research on what works best for the high-profile, very successful individual – the “super achiever.” It is a powerful blending/integration of the latest European clinical practices, time-honored Eastern mind-body therapies and world-renowned American psychological treatment techniques. All presented with the goal of providing the most impactful, powerful treatment experience in the shortest amount of time. “We only work with individuals who are used to the best and who want to get in, get it done, and get out”! Built around the knowledge attained by its principal Heidi Kunzli, a pioneer in the boutique, private rehab industry, Kunzli’s extensive research into the high-end clinics of Switzerland provided her with keen insight into the programming needs of those patrons’ whose prestige and reputations could ill-afford the publicity associated with traditional treatment programs. “We only serve one client at a time. It doesn‘t get any more private than that!” offered Kunzli. “We deliver on our promise of sequestered one-onone quality care, and we minister to each person using an evidence-based, truly person-centered approach.” Privé-Swiss boasts a world-class team of physicians, therapists, coaches, nutritionists, chefs, counselors, and personal assistants who ensure the most sophisticated, personalized and technically superior level of care. Although operating for the past ten years on the west coast, there was nothing like this program on the east coast. Privé-Swiss combines ultraprivacy with a treatment team that has been together from the very start – all with only one goal in mind – to assist the high functioning, success-



ful individual in regaining and maintaining optimum health. Privé-Swiss is not a pretentious facility, as one might picture it. It is a visionary clinical/holistic retreat, the incarnation of a Swiss woman’s dream to realize the most effective, most intelligent, and most impeccable treatment program in the world. Says Ms. Kunzli, “It’s easy to put together a cookie-cutter rehab program in a monster-sized mansion where glitz and bells and whistles prevail. At Privé-Swiss I wanted to create a rarified healing environment, which closely resembled the comfortable surroundings in which our clients reside, but the aim is not to be a ‘luxury rehab’ at all. Our goal is to provide a spectacular and luxurious experience – the finest of service, proven stress-reduction and mental health treatments, and all-around superior private care.” The array of extraordinary services is intended to provide all you need but not to overwhelm. The client’s status is recognized and honored. The elegance is in the Swiss tradition – understated and personalized, while the level of service is “five-star,” of a quality rarely seen these days in even fine hotels. According to Kunzli, “We assist our clients in uncovering and re-discovering who they really are. We provide them with the tools and guidance to maximize their potential and truly thrive in their lives.” The Privé-Swiss idea is that clients finish out their program feeling pampered and cared for, but more importantly, transformed and with a strategy, a life-map, for continued success in whatever they do. Heidi E. Kunzli, Founder/Director: 323-697-7278

Seacrest Retirement Center

Retirement living with a grand view. 588 Ocean Ave., West Haven, CT. Located right on Long Island Sound! Take Exit 41 off I-95 or visit us online at Call for complimentary luncheon and tour:

203-931-2510 SEACREST

Retirement Center

West Haven

Guanacaste Becoming Medical Tourism Hot Spot By Helen Dunn Frame


cal tourism in Central America due to its stateof-the-art hospitals and outstanding doctors, Guanacaste certainly is a strong alternative. Of 30,000 medical tourists in 2009, almost all of them received treatment in the capital, but bought vacation packages to recover in another part of the country. The estimated figure for the medical tourism industry in 2011 was $100

limited or no insurance most often travel to Costa Rica, India, Mexico, Singapore and Thailand for less expensive medical care. Costa Rica ranks high in affordability, accessibility, and quality and boasts U.S. and European trained doctors. With outstanding hospitals CIMA, ‘Clinica’ Biblica, and HoDOORS D OORS A OO ARE RE SLATED R SLA ATED TTO O OPEN OPEN EARLY ARLY R IN 2012 2 201 012 AT AT THE THE $125 $ 125 12 5 MILLION MILL ILLION ION O CENTRO CENTR NTRO MEDICO MEDICO CIMA CIMA IN IN PACIFICO PA P ACIFICO PLAZA, PLA AZA ZA, tel La Católica located at the center IIN N GUANACASTE, GUANA NACASTE ASTE,, COSTA COST R RICA. ICA. of San Jose, just 45 minutes from Juan Santamaría International Airport, Costa Rica is in the forefront of private medical practices, especially with the growing medical services in Guanacaste. Tourists traditionally seek nip and tucks, dental care and operations such as hip and knee replacements. Add arthroscopic and post op physical therapy for it, colonoscopy, lab tests, mammogram, MRI, plastic surgery, prostrate exams, tummy tuck, sonogram, women and generic exams, and million, according to PROMED, a company X-rays. Home care options include hiring a nurse that promotes medical procedures in Costa or a live-in. Unlike in many countries, Costa Ri- Rica. At a recent Medical Travel Summit, busican doctors make house calls and take the time to listen and answer questions. They usually give pa- nesses emphasized a soaring potential for the tients their office, home and cell phone numbers. country’s northwest province as the new mediIt is not unusual for one to follow-up by calling a cal tourism hot spot. On the last day attendees took a tour of the Papagayo Peninsula, includpatient at home. Savings range from 25 to 75 percent. For ex- ing the $125 million CIMA hospital slated to ample, my U.S. eye doctor quoted $2500 for a open in early 2012 that is touted as the cornerRestor lens over the cost of a cataract operation. stone of Guanacaste’s medical tourism future. My well-qualified Costa Rican doctor will charge Dentists who clean teeth, install caps, perform $1800 for the entire procedure, including this root canals and whitening had the most booths. Jerad Portner, marketing director for Sun lens. Another example: one patient paid only $250 for ten one-hour physical therapy sessions. Ranch, which will include a $40 million HosDoctors’ exams run $70 to $90 on the aver- pital ‘Clínica’ Biblica, a $15 million resort, and age. Modern hospital rooms at Clinica Biblica a professionally designed golf course, said, “If cost $466 per night (doesn’t include supplies). you have the choice to go to San José or to have Rooms are equipped with futons, allowing family the same exact work done by top professionals or friends to stay with a patient. To learn more and you’re a 15-minute drive from the beach, I about costs for medical or dental procedures, go think it’s a pretty easy decision to make.” He to might have added, at a reasonable cost for a combo vacation/medical trip. and click on Pricing. In Costa Rica the term clinica refers to pubWhile San José remains the leader for medi-



lic and private institutions, inpatient medical and surgical facilities, doctors’ offices, laboratories including radiology, pharmacy, and outpatient services. Hospital translates to an inpatient medical or surgical facility that also provides laboratory, radiology, pharmacy and related services. Located only 20 minutes from Playas del

Coco, the Papagayo Do it Center is home to some of the most influential companies and organizations in Costa Rica, including an emergency clinic with a few hospital beds. Clinica Biblica already provides a pharmacy and a doctor service in the facility. At least three other private, full service clinics in Liberia provide treatment besides Centro Medico San Rafael Arcángel, a private organization that specializes in high quality health and complementary services ( and Clínica de Especialidades Quirúrgicas, boasting the best specialists in their field who provide diagnoses and care from Dermatology to Urology and surgeries that include Cataract to Vasectomy procedures. For more information about a medical vacation, including using U.S. health insurance, contact Linda Gray Toll Free: 877-589-0539 or Direct: 011-506-2670-0805. Email: Helen Dunn Frame, author of Greek Ghosts, editor, writer and world traveler from New York City, lives in Costa Rica.


“KeepMeHome keeps me homewhereI belong.” ®

KeepMeHome® helps you or your loved one stay at home or in their retirement community – with as little or as much help as needed. We offer cooking and cleaning to personal care, errand running, and appointment escorts. KeepMeHome

can do it all. Be it an hour a day or live-in care, we can fit your individual needs. We’re dependable, responsive and very affordable. We also provide nursing, therapy and a full range of in-home medical services.

Medicare/Medicaid certified. ACHC accredited. DCP registered.


DCP Registration #HCA0000190

The Betty Ford Center THIS YEAR, The Betty Ford Center celebrates its 30th anniversary. Located in the beautiful desert community of Rancho Mirage, California, the Center is a not-for-profit residential chemical dependency

Ford Center. “I hope no one thinks this place is about me,” she’d say. “I am an ordinary woman who God chose to work through.” According to John Schwarzlose, CEO of the Center, “Patients often affectionately refer to the Betty Ford Center as ‘Camp Betty.’ That would always bring a smile to her face. At the Center,


recovery hospital offering the highest quality treatment for alcohol and other drug addictions as well as prevention and education programs for family and children. The Center is named after the former First Lady, whose personal journey to recovery began when her family held an intervention in 1978, and she entered treatment at the rehab unit of the Naval Hospital in Long Beach, California. In 1979, the Eisenhower Medical Center board agreed to support the establishment of an alcohol treatment center on their 100acre campus. Mrs. Ford and her dear friend, Ambassador Leonard Firestone, were officially charged with the task of raising funds to support the new venture. After a period of she was never Mrs. Ford. She was always Betty.” To reflect on Betty Ford is a difficult task. reflection and at the urging of Mr. Firestone and President Ford, Mrs. Ford consented to One of the principles she embraced was to having the treatment facility called the Betty never give up on an alcoholic or addict. She not



only promoted that concept, but lived it. The Betty Ford Center was created as a unique place of healing. Her quiet strength and determination allowed the Center to change the face of addiction treatment. Not satisfied to be another “rehab,” she led the effort that resulted in the Center becoming the first licensed Addiction Hospital in the world. Betty spent time with patients on every visit to the Center. Her interest was not in the administration or clinical policies, but in the welfare of every man or woman who had the courage to walk through their door. She also insisted from the first that the Betty Ford Center have an intensive Family Program. An eleven-year old girl wrote Mrs. Ford and said, “My tummy hurts really bad whenever my mom is drinking.” Realizing the impact the disease has on the smallest members of the family, Betty and the Center then established a unique Children’s Program that reaches out to children ages 7 – 12 whose lives are dominated by addictive disease. Betty was also insistent that the Betty Ford Center be accessible to women, who are badly underserved in addiction treatment. She was extremely proud that 50% of the 97,000 people who began their journey of recovery at BFC are women. Schwarzlose remembers, “She shared with all our patients her own personal journey of addiction, treatment and recovery. If an incoming patient had a problem with sharing a room in a residence hall, Betty would have a quiet talk with her or him, pointing out that when she went into treatment, she shared a room, that’s just how it works. If a patient threatened to leave before his or her treatment was complete, that person got an up-closeand-personal visit from the former First Lady. Inevitably, those reluctant patients stayed. Over the years, BFC alumni would seek Betty out to say thank you. She would smile, look into their eyes and say, “You did this. You decided you didn’t have to continue living that old life. You deserve everything you have today.” Betty Ford Center: 39000 Bob Hope Drive, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270. (877) 872-8562


future snorer?

The Gelb Center Michael Gelb, DDS, MS

12 Old Mamaronek Road,White Plains, NY 914.686.4528 635 Madison Avenue, 19th Floor, New York, NY 212.752.1662


Is your little one a future snorer? Many kids today are unable to breathe comfortably through their noses and instead breathe through their mouths. Allergies, nasal polyps, and large adenoids are few among many potential causes for nasal obstruction. Children who are mouth breathers tend to have growth patterns that differ from the rest of the population. Their lower jaws are smaller and shoved back, their lips don’t close, and their noses tend to develop a bump. The dropped lower jaw usually causes the tongue to fall into the back of the throat. This condition, combined with large tonsils, a long palate, and nasal obstruction, completes the ingredient list for snoring. Obstructed breathing in children and adults disrupts sleep and causes the brain to wake up hundreds of times per night. The resulting disruptive or fragmented sleep prevents individuals from getting the needed deep delta sleep and causes fatigue, forgetfulness, and irritability upon awakening. Kids can even become hyperactive. The good news is that with the right diagnosis and treatment children can breathe through their noses. ENTs and orthodontists can change the shape of children’s faces-giving them a beautiful smile and a pleasing profile with a strong chin and full lips-and enhance children’s daytime performance by opening airways and eliminating headaches, neck aches, ear ache and snoring. According to the Stanford University Sleep Center, treating children with preventive interceptive orthodontics can greatly reduce snoring and sleep apnea problems they might encounter as adults. Many of the Gelb Center’s orthodontists and ENTs in Westchester and New York City focus on breathing related sleep disorders in children and adults. Coordinating the efforts of dentists and ENTs, one of the best ways of opening the nose, for example is early expansion of the palate. Small, non-invasive sleep recorders that resemble Dick Tracy watches can monitor children and adults while they sleep in their own beds. In these times of increased stress, not only is it important to get enough sleep, but also good-quality, non-fragmented sleep.

New England Fertility GAD LAVY, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., is the medical director and founder of New England Fertility (NEF), the first non-hospital-based outpatient in vitro fertilization (IVF) center in the state of Connecticut. Dr. Lavy received his training at Hadassah Medical School at Hebrew University in Israel and did his residency at Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut, where he served on the medical faculty of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Prior to founding New England Fertility in 1991, Dr. Lavy was an assistant professor in the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology at Yale University School of Medicine for four years and served as the director of the Yale program for assisted reproduction. Dr. Lavy is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology. In addition to being medical director of New England Fertility, he is a medical staff member in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Stamford Hospital in Stamford, Connecticut, and a consulting physician in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, Connecticut. A member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and the Society of Reproductive Surgeons, Dr. Lavy is an internationally recognized speaker and author on the topics of infertility, assisted reproductive technology (ART), and gestational surrogacy and egg donation. New England Fertility was the first nonhospital-based outpatient in vitro fertilization center in the State of Connecticut, as well as the first infertility treatment center in Connecticut to have a baby born from a cryopreserved egg. The center was also a pioneer in providing innovative fertility therapies such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and egg freezing, and is recognized as one of the largest egg donor/gestational surrogacy programs in Fairfield County, Connecticut. New England Fertility also provides cord blood banking services through its partner program, LifeLine Cryogenics Cord Blood Bank. New England Fertility offers a wide variety of infertility treatments, as well as counseling and wellness services, to individuals and couples struggling to conceive. These services include (but are not limited to) In Vitro Fertilization, Egg Donation, Egg Freezing, Sperm Freezing Gestational Surrogacy, and Gender Selection. Before beginning any fertility treatment, all patients meet with New England Fertility’s

founder and medical director, Dr. Gad Lavy, in an initial consultation. The causes of infertility are divided equally between male and female factors. In many cases both are at play and need to be addressed before pregnancy can be achieved. New England Fertility spends a considerable effort diagnosing the cause of a patient’s infertility. Patients then go through a thorough medical/infertility evaluation, which is followed by a customized diagnosis and treatment plan designed to meet the specific needs of each patient. At New England Fertility, during the initial consultation, the center highly recommends patients go through an evaluation cycle. During the evaluation cycle, the female patient’s menstrual cycle is tracked, with tests performed at various points in the cycle. These tests assess hormone levels, ovulation status, luteal function, and the status of the uterus and the fallopian tubes. At the same time, the male partner is evaluated, with a semen analysis performed. At the conclusion of the evaluation cycle the couple or individual meets with a clinician to review the results and formulate a treatment plan that fits their specific situation and desires. COMMON TREATMENT OPTIONS U Ovulation Induction: Ovulation disorders are the most common cause of infertility in younger women. And the most common treatment of this problem is the use of various fertility drugs to restore ovulation. UÊ ˜ÌÀ>ÕÌiÀˆ˜iÊ ˜Ãi“ˆ˜>̈œ˜Ê ­1®\ A fine catheter (tube) is inserted through the cervix (the natural opening of the uterus) into the uterus to deposit a sperm sample directly into the uterus; used alone or in conjunction with ovulation induction in cases of sub-optimal semen parameters. UÊÃÈÃÌi`Ê,i«Àœ`ÕV̈ÛiÊ/iV…˜œœ}ÞÊ­,/®\Ê Includes IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and related procedures such as ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection or assisted fertilization), AZH (Assisted Zona Hatching), Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), cryopreservation (freezing of eggs, sperm, and embryos), and egg donation. All of these procedures are supported by endocrinology, andrology, and embryology laboratories, which are located on site at the Stamford, Connecticut offices. UÊ -ÕÀ}iÀÞ\Ê In some cases surgery is recommended to correct the cause of infertility and to improve the chances of success. Common conditions treated surgically include uterine polyps, uterine fibroids, and blocked fallopian tubes.

FERTILITY OPTIONS FOR SAME SEX ­>ÞÊ>˜`ÊiÃLˆ>˜®Ê œÕ«iÃÊ New England Fertility offers same sex couples help in achieving their dream of starting a family. Treatments include sperm donation, artificial insemination (IUI), and in vitro fertilization for same sex female couples and egg donation and gestational surrogacy for male couples. FERTILITY OPTIONS FOR  -  Ê "1* -Ê New England Fertility offers same sex female (lesbian) couples two primary fertility/pregnancy options: artificial insemination (IUI) with donor sperm and in vitro fertilization (IVF). UÀ̈wVˆ>Êˆ˜Ãi“ˆ˜>̈œ˜Ê­1®Ê ܈̅Ê`œ˜œÀÊëiÀ“Ê New England Fertility works with several sperm donor banks in the state of Connecticut and surrounding states – or patients can choose their own sperm donor. Once a patient chooses a sample, it is shipped to the Stamford, Connecticut laboratory and safely stored in an onsite cryobank. Next the patient undergoes a fertility evaluation and ovulation therapy (if needed), after which they schedule an appointment for intrauterine insemination (IUI) in their office. UʘÊ6ˆÌÀœÊiÀ̈ˆâ>̈œ˜Ê­6®Ê New England Fertility recommends IVF when one female partner wishes to provide the eggs and the other is interested in carrying the pregnancy. The eggs are harvested from one partner, then fertilized in the laboratory with donor sperm, with the resulting embryos placed in the uterus of the other partner. FERTILITY OPTIONS FOR 9Ê Ê "1* -Ê Gay couples looking to have children require the services of an egg donor, who provides the eggs, as well as a gestational carrier (surrogate), who will carry the pregnancy. The eggs can be fertilized with the sperm of one or both partners. UÊ iÜÊ ˜}>˜`ÊiÀ̈ˆÌÞʅ>ÃÊ̅ÀiiÊ

œ˜˜iV̈VÕÌʏœV>̈œ˜Ã\Ê Stamford: 1275 Summer Street, Suite 201; 203/325-3200 Hamden: 9 Washington Avenue; 203/248-2353 Westport: 33 Imperial Avenue; 203/571-1036


Contact Marion Welch, Director of Outreach, New England Fertility at 203/325-3200 or;

YOUR LOCAL CARPET STORE Specializing in Fine Carpet and Wood Flooring for Every Room in Your Home

REDI-CUT CARPET & FLOORING Sink into the warmth and beauty of Redi-Cut Carpets. Bring color, texture and value into your home. We specialize in Laminate, Vinyl, Ceramic and Hardwood Floors too.

173 North Main Street Port Chester, NY 10573 T 914.937.5885 visit:

Simple A / V Solutions since 1962

Cool Electronics = SMART Control Systems Integrations: Audio Automated Lighting Hidden Tvs Home Theatres Light Paths Mp3 Library Music Controls Multi-Room Music Outdoor Tvs Security Shades Skylights Spas Temperature Video Large Selection: Flat Screen Tvs Speakers


1961 Post Road, Fairfield, CT smart home





203 255-1671 lighting


security ·





York Preparatory School 40 West 68th Street – New York, NY 10023 coeducational college preparatory school serving students from grades 6-12.

Outstanding Academics Superb College Guidance Championship Sports Teams Endless Extracurricular Activities An Oasis of Learning and Compassion There IS something for everyone at York Prep! For more information, contact our Admissions Office at or 212-362-0



sŝůůĂDĂƌŝĂ^ĐŚŽŽů ^ƚĂŵĨŽƌĚ͛Ɛ͞:ĞǁĞůŽŶƚŚĞ,ŝůů͟




ǁǁǁ͘ǀŝůůĂŵĂƌŝĂĞĚƵ͘ŽƌŐ  &ŽƌŵŽƌĞŝŶĨŽƌŵĂƚŝŽŶ ƉůĞĂƐĞĐĂůůϮϬϯ͘ϯϮϮ͘ϱϴϴϲdžϭϬϰ ŽƌĞŵĂŝůŵƚLJŶĂŶΛǀŝůůĂŵĂƌŝĂĞĚƵ͘ŽƌŐ

1(:<25.0,/,7$5<$&$'(0< CO-ED t COLLEGE PREP t 7TH - 12TH GRADE BOARDING & DAY SCHOOL Located just 60 miles from New York City,


0LOLWDU\ $FDGHP\ is an important part of Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s independent school heritage. Today, we offer a rigorous global curriculum for students who actively seek to be 6HW$SDUWIRU([FHOOHQFH. We do this in a structured program that enables our graduates to enter college inspired, engaged, and ready for the future. ACADEMIC TRACKS OUR CADETS ARE PURSUING: $MBTTJDBM $PMMFHF 1SFQ 4UVEJFT t 4FSWJDF "DBEFNZ 1SFQBSBUPSZ t *OUFSOBUJPOBM%JQMPNBDZt45&.4DJFODF 5FDIOPMPHZ &OHJOFFSJOHBOE .BUIFNBUJDTt3FTFBSDIBOE5FDIOPMPHZt#VTJOFTT&OUSFQSFOFVSJBM


Visit our website for 01&/)064& dates. Call Now for Reservations! PPlease lease vvisit isit our website for Summer Program information

"4,/:."t888/:."03( 1<0$"DBEFNZ"WFt$PSOXBMMPO)VETPO /:

St Hugh’s College 81,9(56,7< RI 2;)25'


Summer School







T H E C H A N G E S TA R T S H E R E .


c l a r k u . e d u /g r e e t w o r l d



Why start college after the 10th or 11th grade? Because you’re ready.

We’re a community passionate about learning: independent-minded, inquiring, and creatively intellectual. We’re 400+ students on 275 beautiful acres, loving the challenge. Nobody else does what we do.

C O N TA C T U S T O D AY: 800.235.7186


Science Class By Jane Powel

FOR MANY STUDENTS, THE PHRASE “SCIENCE CLASS” BRINGS TO MIND THE ACRID SMELL OF STRANGE CHEMICALS, ROOMS FILLED WITH DUSTY CHARTS AND DIAGRAMS, AND TEXTBOOKS FILLED WITH INTERMINABLE LISTS OF INCOMPREHENSIBLE WORDS. Indeed, over the course of the past few years, whatever sense of adventure and exploration was left in America’s science classes was sucked right out of the room by our national obsession with math and language scores and the whole host of standardized tests devised to ensure that students stick closely to the books and never stray too far under the impulses of their own imaginations. This is hardly a good starting point for science, which thrives on curiosity and experimentation; nor is it good preparation for our country’s youth, who will be entering an information-based economy that lives on innovation and engineering. It has always struck me, in my 35 years in science—first working under Nobel-prize winning geneticists and more recently in public and private schools as a private educator—that while science is taught in our schools in an exceedingly dry and rigid manner, professional scientists themselves are some of the most free-wheeling, light-hearted and passionate people you could ever have the good fortune to meet. Whether charting the stars in the furthest reaches of deep space or making their livings at the molecular level unraveling the secrets of DNA, scientists, and science itself, represent all the values that we should be investing our children with: curiosity, the rigorous quest for truth, and, not least of all, a true and unbridled passion for the universe and all that is in it. The scientific method—hypothesis, experiment, theory—should not just be an answer on a state-issued test. It should be the way that we teach our children to engage with the world. How, then, in today’s schools, can we educate students to think like scientists? At its root, “to educate” means “to lead to the light.” For any teacher, the challenge has always been to give students the ability to see the world clearly and understand its processes in a way that makes sense to them. I have found that the best way to teach young people is to use their natural curiosity as an engine, to encourage their intellectual wanderings. The most important questions in the class should be the ones coming



from the students. In my lab exercises, all of the students wear white coats and are presented with real-world problems. They are asked to wonder “Why?” and to develop answers. Perhaps they build a simple robot to tackle an engineering feat. If it doesn’t work, they aren’t left feeling as if they have failed. Instead, they are told to re-engineer, to revise, to look at the problem in a different way. The scientific method abides. There is no textbook. Indeed, a great failing of modern science education is that many teachers are not scientists themselves and thus are not entirely comfortable going “off-road” with their class when students inquire of something not in the assigned curriculum. And, of course, many scientists are not themselves excellent teachers and may have trouble connecting with young children. As science becomes more and more complex, and issues of technology and engineering become more and more important in our children’s future, “leading them to the light” will require a more innovative and multi-disciplinary approach. Jane Powel is CEO of OmniLearn Corp., an educational consulting firm skilled in bridging the gap between laboratory and classroom. Her experience working with James D. Watson and other Nobel Laureates at Cold Spring Harbor Lab provided a unique window into the minds of creative problem solvers and dedicated logicians. Ms. Powel has consulted for public and private schools on Long Island, in NYC and California, as well as NYU and C. W. Post.

INDEPENDENT SC SCHOOL HOOL GUIDE DAY SCHOOLS Wooster School Danbury, CT What do you look for in a school? Challenging academics? Competitive sports? Innovative arts? Dedicated teachers? Small classes? The latest technology? A beautiful campus? These are important qualities of a fine school, and Wooster is one of WOOSTER SCHOOL

Athletes may try out for the 32 Upper School teams. Upper School (Grades 9 to 12) provides an outstanding college preparatory curriculum within the context of a strong liberal arts tradition. Academic excellence is promoted through independent study, colloquia, honors, and Advanced Placement courses. Sophomores are eligible for our unique Year Abroad Program in France or Spain; all seniors participate in Senior Independent Study; “self-help” is a community philosophy wherein children and adults act as stewards of the School; and 100 hours of community service are required. We have talented, professional artists and musicians who bring their passion and skills to their classrooms. Sports teams compete in a 45-member Association as well as in New England Tournaments. Experienced counselors support students in the college application process. They explore their intellectual aspirations, personal goals, and career plans. Recent graduates have attended Amherst, Bard, Barnard, Boston College, Brown, Cambridge (UK), Carnegie-Mellon, Cornell, NYU, Pratt, Princeton, RIT, RPI, Tufts, UMichigan, UPenn, Wesleyan, and Williams. Inspiration lasts a lifetime… when it happens every day.. Come see for yourself. 91 Miry Brook Road, Danbury, CT. 203/830-3916 ACADEMY OF OUR LADY OF MERCY, LAURALTON HALL

the finest. Since 1926, Wooster School has provided the premier educational experience in Northern Fairfield and Westchester counties. But a first-rate education is more than just the sum of its parts: Maybe what you’re really looking for is the best place for your child to grow up! Located on the Ridgefield/Danbury border, our scenic campus of over 100 acres provides a safe and peaceful environment that offers a variety of habitats for experimentation, direct study, and outdoor fun. Central to its educational mission, Wooster has maintained a longstanding commitment to diversity in its student body, staff, faculty, and Board of Trustees. We cultivate the intellectual, creative, athletic, spiritual, and ethical development of our students – for their benefit and for the good of the world. Lower School (Age 3 to Grade 5) emphasizes the joy of learning, integrating language arts with reasoning to create lifelong readers, writers, and problem solvers. A science lab, a foreign language initiative, computer skills, thematic units, varied athletics and recreational facilities, and a myriad of innovative events and programs are just some of our unique features. Middle School (Grades 6 to 8) offers a challenging curriculum taught in small groups by dedicated teachers. Students work with their advisors to navigate through the waters of early adolescence, while preparing to become autonomous learners. We feature classes in Latin, French, and Spanish; math classes grouped by ability; hands-on science; required geography; field trips integral to the curriculum; studio art, sculpture, and photography; private music lessons; and technology-infused learning.

Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, Lauralton Hall Milford, CT Founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1905, Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, Lauralton Hall, is the oldest independent Catholic college preparatory school for young women in Connecticut. A member of the National Association of Independent Schools, National Coalition of Girls Schools, and other education-related organizations, Lauralton Hall is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Connecticut Department of Education. Set on a beautiful 30-acre campus centered around a Victorian mansion built in 1864, the school prepares girls to become competent, confident and compassionate women. Students are challenged to not just succeed in a rigorous academic program, but to give of themselves —especially to those in need. Lauralton Hall is one of a select group of Catholic girls’ schools that has remained true to its original unique mission which is to foster a community atmosphere enriched by the Mercy tradition and to educate young women to pursue knowledge, recognize truth, and respond to the needs of others. WESTONMAGAZINEGROUP.COM


INDEPENDENT SC SCHOOL HOOL GUIDE The core values of a Mercy education play an integral role in a Lauralton Hall education: compassion and service; educational excellence; concern for women and women’s issues; global vision and responsibility; spiritual growth and development; as well as collaboration. The student body is composed of young women from diverse socioeconomic, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Lauralton currently enrolls 462 students in grades 9 through 12 from more than thirty communities. The well-rounded curriculum fully prepares students for the rigors of college study, with demanding honors and advanced placement classes offered in all academic disciplines. State of the art science labs and ever-evolving technologies in the classrooms prepare students with 21st century skills. Innovative curriculum introduced to challenge old pedagogy allows students to partner with classrooms in other countries or collaborate on projects to improve our global environment. Students participate in college courses, earning college credit through a partnership with institutions of higher education such as the University of Connecticut. Students benefit from personalized attention and support by highly trained faculty, many of whom are doctorally prepared. Continuing the tradition of individualized attention, Lauralton’s highly regarded Center for College Counseling and Guidance provides one-on-one counseling with each student and her family throughout their four years. Lauralton Hall is a member of the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) and the South West Conference (SWC) with fifteen varsity sports and club ice hockey. The campus has playing fields, an athletic center which houses a gymnasium and basketball court as well as a fully-equipped fitness center. Students may participate in academic teams, clubs, social activities, community service and cultural trips. With more than 30 clubs and organizations to choose from, there is something to fit the interest of every young woman. Community service is an integral part of a Mercy education and Lauralton students are expected to devote a minimum of 75 volunteer hours. Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, Lauralton Hall, 200 High Street, Milford, CT 06460. Kathleen O. Shine, Director of Enrollment Management: (203) 877-2786, extension 125. Email:; Web Site:

BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOLS Canterbury School New Milford, CT Canterbury School is a coeducational boarding and day school enrolling 360 students in a college preparatory program for grades 9-12. In addition to its strong academic program, the school is known for the beauty of its location, a true dedication to spiritual growth, and an exciting sports program for both boys and girls. The school is situated on a hilltop adjacent to the historic section of New Milford, Connecticut, where Roger Sherman, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, lived. The campus is about 80 miles from New York City in an area of natural beauty near the Housatonic River and the Appalachian Trail. Canterbury was founded in 1915 by prominent lay Catholics. One of the founders, Dr. Nelson Hume, was honored by Pope Pius XI for his outstanding work in education. Today the Canterbury student body is a diverse



mix of both Catholics and non-Catholics from 16 countries and 21 states. Canterbury’s buildings, set on 150 acres, are a rich architectural mix of traditional and modern. The Chapel of Our Lady is both the physical center and the spiritual heart of the campus. The large newly renovated and expanded Robert Markey Steele Hall has a dining room, a student center, two computer labs, a library, a 100-seat lecture room, and the Steers Admission Center. Next door, Nelson Hume Hall has classrooms, science labs, a 400-seat auditorium, and the Theater Department’s “green room.” The sports facilities include ten playing fields, three baseball diamonds, eight tennis courts, a track, a new state of the art aquatic center, and the Hockey Arena. The athletic facility houses three basketball courts, five international squash courts, locker rooms, a weight and fitness room, a wrestling room, as well as space for aerobics and dance. There are eight student dormitories, which, like the classroom buildings, have wireless Internet access. There are eighty faculty, most of whom also coach and serve as dorm advisors, and therefore may be working with a student in several roles each day. Many live on campus, 30 with their families. Canterbury School takes pride in the breadth and depth of its course options. Few boarding schools of Canterbury’s size offer as many AP classes (19). Canterbury is among the very few offering AP courses in World History, Drawing, and Music Theory. The school also offers four years of Latin. All 100% of the seniors in the class of 2011 continued on to college. Students have enrolled at excellent schools such as: Boston College, Boston University, Bowdoin, Colby, Colgate, Columbia, UConn, Cornell, Dartmouth, Fordham, Georgetown, Loyola, Northeastern, Notre Dame, Penn, Roger Williams, St. Lawrence, US Coast Guard Academy, US Naval Academy, Villanova and Wesleyan. Canterbury’s sports program is extensive, the athletic facilities are substantial, and the coaches are dedicated. All students participate in athletics. Three team levels – Varsity, Junior Varsity, and recreational—are fielded in most sports to accommodate players of varying skills, ages, and size. Boys teams are organized in basketball, baseball, crew, cross-country, football, golf, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, squash, swimming, tennis, track, water polo, and wrestling. Girls compete in basketball, crew, crosscountry, field hockey, golf, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, squash, swimming, track, tennis, and volleyball. Students may earn academic credit for participating in the Canterbury Choir, Chorale and Octet as well as Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Band. Other activities include student government, theater, the school newspaper, the yearbook, and the literary magazine. Interest clubs are formed for the environment and recycling, diversity issues, and school spirit.; 100 Aspetuck Avenue, New Milford, CT. 860/210-3800.


INDEPENDENT SC SCHOOL HOOL GUIDE Marvelwood Kent, CT A Marvelwood education is characterized by intensive personal attention to the individual student, featuring honors and Advanced Placement courses, English Language Learning, private Strategies and Math Tutorial Programs, and a dedication to experiential education. Our experienced and dedicated faculty delivers a superior educational program, attuned to individual strengths and weaknesses. In every way, the structure of the School is thoughtfully designed to support college-bound students in their efforts to achieve positive intellectual, social, personal, and moral growth. Marvelwood graduates go on to top colleges includMARVELWOOD

ing Purdue, Brown and Syracuse. Our beautiful 83-acre campus is two hours from New York City. Nonacademic programs including weekly community service, visual and performing arts electives, an impressive slate of interscholastic and noncompetitive sports offerings, and a variety of leadership opportunities increase the potential for engagement and success outside the classroom. The Marvelwood Summer Program prepares students for the rigors of all levels of high school and features classes for credit or enrichment, SAT and TOEFL preparation, ESL, and our Leadership Workshop. Small classes, experienced faculty and a dedication to each student’s individual success distinguish Marvelwood’s Summer Program and provide a solid foundation for academic success. The Leadership Workshop features rock climbing, canoeing and kayaking, hiking, peer mediation, and community service. The Marvelwood School: 476 Skiff Mountain Road, Kent, CT. 860/927 0047;

UÊ À>ÃÃÊ ˆÌÞÊ >iÌ°Ê ÃÊ «>À̈Vˆ«>˜ÌÃÊ ˆ˜Ê ̅ˆÃÊ «Àœ}À>“]Ê >Ê œˆ˜ÌÊ Ûi˜ÌÕÀiÊ between Westover and the Brass City Ballet, select students have the opportunity to study dance at one of the region’s leading dance schools. Students audition in the fall of their entry year and take six dance classes a week in ballet, modern, and jazz. UÊ>˜…>ÌÌ>˜Ê-V…œœÊœvÊÕÈV°Ê/…ˆÃʍœˆ˜ÌÊ«Àœ}À>“ÊLiÌÜii˜Ê̅iÊ>˜…>ÌÌ>˜Ê School of Music Pre-College Division and Westover offers talented musicians and vocalists the opportunity to study music and play in an orchestra or ensemble at one of the country’s leading music schools. Students must complete a separate application and audition to be accepted into the program. UÊ7- Ê­7œ“i˜Êˆ˜Ê-Vˆi˜ViÊ>˜`Ê ˜}ˆ˜iiÀˆ˜}®°Ê/…ˆÃÊ>`Û>˜Vi`ÊiÝÌÀ>curricular program in conjunction with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) offers a variety of electives aimed at preparing students for careers in science or engineering. WISE graduates also receive special consideration for RPI’s engineering program. A number of Westover graduates who have participated in these programs have later pursued studies in dance, music, science and engineering in college and have gone on to establish careers in these fields. In addition, Westover offers three signature programs that further reflect the School’s commitment to giving students opportunities to gain experience and knowledge in special areas of interest: the Sonja Osborn Museum Studies Internship, the Online School for Girls, and Westover’s Summer Programs for girls entering grades 7, 8 and 9. UÊ/…iÊ-œ˜>Ê"ÃLœÀ˜ÊÕÃiՓÊ-ÌÕ`ˆiÃʘÌiÀ˜Ã…ˆ«°Ê/…iÊÕÃiՓÊ-ÌÕ`ies Internship, designed for students with interests and aptitude in the study of art history, consists of a ten-week program. The first eight weeks are spent at Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington, CT, the home designed and lived in by Theodate Pope Riddle, Westover’s architect. The final two weeks are spent working on a project that investigates the historical ties between the museum and Westover. UÊ/…iÊ"˜ˆ˜iÊ-V…œœÊvœÀʈÀÃÊ­"-®°Ê7iÃ̜ÛiÀÊÜ>Ãʜ˜iʜvÊvœÕÀÊ>‡}ˆÀÃÊ schools in 2009 to establish a consortium to offer online education for girls. Girls taking part in the program are offered courses taught by faculty members from the consortium over the Internet. Courses range from multivariable calculus and differential equations to women in art and literature. All classes focus on collaborative projects for participating students. UÊ7iÃ̜ÛiÀ½ÃÊ-Փ“iÀÊ*Àœ}À>“ðÊ/…iÊ-V…œœ½ÃÊÀiÈ`i˜Ìˆ>Êœ˜i‡ÊœÀÊÌܜ‡ week summer programs in the arts and academics are an extension of the Westover experience, allowing girls to benefit from courses taught by Westover instructors while enjoying a range of summer activities. Recent course offerings have included ceramics, creative writing, dance, drama, Model United Nations, and photography. These six programs reflect the diverse offerings that Westover provides

Westover Middlebury, CT Education Plus Opportunities for Girls in Special Areas of Interest Westover, a selective boarding school of 200 girls, grades 9 - 12, in Middlebury, CT, has students from 16 countries and 19 states. Because the Westover community values the ideas and talents of every student, its students have endless opportunities to distinguish and challenge themselves. In addition to its rich and varied curriculum, Westover offers three specialized programs for those students with more concentrated interests. These programs provide co-curricular experiences for Westover students with the Brass City Ballet, the Manhattan School of Music, and Women in Science and Engineering (WISE).


INDEPENDENT SC SCHOOL HOOL GUIDE Harris and the rest of The Storm King School community are eager to welcome you for a visit. For more information, visit or call David Flynn at (845) 534-9860. 314 Mountain Road, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520.

for all of its students. As Head of School Ann Pollina has noted, “Westover’s small, all-girls’ environment forces students out of boxes and into a bigger picture of themselves. Our girls are artists and athletes, musicians and mathematicians, poets and physicists – sometimes all at the same time.” 1237 Whittemore Rd, Middlebury, CT. 203/758-2423 For admissions information, or to arrange a visit, contact Westover’s Office of Admission at 203/577-4521 or e-mail:


Port Gibson, MS There is no danger of a child falling through the cracks at Chamberlain-Hunt. Chamberlain-Hunt’s cadets achieve distinction in the classroom, often for the first time. The average cadet-teacher ratio is 5:1, THE STORM KING SCHOOL with class sizes ranging from 1 to 14 students. While The Storm King School the Academy’s instructors, called cadre, meet each cadet on his level, they also Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY expect achievement and are always challenging them to reach a higher level Building on Community Harris Ackermann is a bright student who was struggling at his day of academic success. While the Academy issues demerits for failures to meet school in New York City. “There wasn’t much structure,” he said. “The requisite standards, it always rewards success, which teaches cadets to strive to Storm King School looked really appealing because I wanted to create a meet the high goals set for them. All instructors are certified and 80 percent routine that would prepare me for college.” In the fall of 2010, Harris hold advanced degrees. Young men who complete the Academy’s program enter the nation’s top colleges. Over 90 percent of Chamberlain-Hunt’s graduates transferred to Storm King as a junior. “Since I’ve been here, I’ve been a much better student than I was, will enter college or join the military within one year of graduation. Chamberlain-Hunt is first and foremost a Christian school. It operates because I have built a routine,” Harris said. “I have better study habits. I’m doing things to make sure I succeed—both now and in the future.” on the belief that God made man for His glory, and, therefore, everyNow a senior, Harris seeks out new experiences at Storm King. He thing that is taught in the classroom, achieved on the playing field, or participates in sports, and wrestling is his favorite. “I got fourth place last modeled in relationships is done to the honor and glory of God. Chamberlain-Hunt is the nation’s third-oldest military school and year in junior varsity New Englands. And this year, we beat the numberone of the few in the United States that self-consciously maintains its six prep school in the country. Everyone was cheering for each other!” Harris also received one of the two Most Valuable Player awards on distinctive Christian character and strict military discipline. As a boardcrew team this fall, and he found inspiration from his teammates. “The ing school, Chamberlain-Hunt’s cadets are removed from some of the season was only a couple of months long. A friend joined the team a distractions of the usual high school scene and are placed in an environmonth in, and he ended up being one of the top three rowers. You see ment that supports their academic, physical, and spiritual development. Chamberlain-Hunt’s military structure is one of the school’s unique that, and you say ‘I want to be like that.’” Last year, Harris joined the sound crew in the School’s afternoon the- features, which sets it apart from most of the nation’s boarding schools. A ater club and plans to be a stage manager this year. He also likes to com- military model promotes discipline, helping the cadets learn how to live pose electronic music. He says, “One of the things that is so great about within the boundaries of society. Through their time at Chamberlainthis school is that I can do all these things. This school provides a lot of Hunt, young men learn the benefits of hard work and adherence to rules, as they see these qualities rewarded. opportunities and a lot of flexibility.” Chamberlain-Hunt Academy is located 3 miles east of the Mississippi In part, he chose Storm King as his new college-preparatory school because of a small school-within-a-school called the Mountain Center. In this River, 27 miles south of Vicksburg, and 35 miles north of Natchez on program, bright college-bound students with learning differences study the U.S. Highway 61 in rural Mississippi. The Academy campus is approxisame curriculum as the rest of the school but in classes of five students. mately 200 acres in size. There is a 72-acre wilderness training facility adjacent to campus with two Mountain Center teachers have backgrounds in working with students with learning differences; they match their teaching to the way student paintball courses, a climbing and rappelling tower, a 30-yard pistol and rifle learns best. Students may take their four core classes (English, history, math, range, a fitness trail, two confidence courses, and a 4.5-acre fishing pond. Choosing the right school is a big decision. An interview and tour of and science) in the Mountain Center. All other courses, sports, and activities are fully integrated with the rest of the school. This year, Harris is taking English and Government in the Mountain Center. He is also taking psychology and Advanced Placement (AP) calculus and physics. “It is nice to have study hall time at night to get all my work done, maybe get a little ahead,” he said. “Now, if I start to fall behind, there are structures in place to help. I’m a lot closer to my teachers. I can ask my teachers for extra help during study hall or just when I see them around campus. People—even other students—are always willing to help. I even try to provide that for some of the kids in my hall. I like to help the community and build on what’s already here.”




INDEPENDENT SC SCHOOL HOOL GUIDE the campus is required of all new cadets. To begin this process, please contact the admissions office at or call (601) 437-8855. Chamberlain-Hunt Academy: 124 McComb Avenue, Port Gibson, MS.

New York Military Academy Co-Ed / College Prep / Boarding & Day School Set Apart for Excellence Academics...Athletics...Character...Leadership Established in 1889, the 120 acre campus is conveniently located just 60 miles north of New York City. New York Military Academy is a college preparatory school for day and boarding students in grades 7 through 12. We are dedicated to developing young leaders who have that competitive hunger and desire for success and fulfillment in college and in life, and who desire to be successful leaders in the future. Utilizing the military model for leadership and development, and a rigorous curriculum grounded by a demand for competence in the classical disciplines, our graduNEW YORK MILITARY ACADEMY ates are thoughtfully prepared to seek out extraordinary lives of accountability and service. In the classroom, our cadets pursue a cutting-edge curriculum alongside a structured, leadership and life-skills focused military program, guided by our school’s long affiliation with the United States Army JROTC. Our school continues to be designated as an Honor Unit with Distinction by the Department of the Army and enjoys a solid reputation as one of the nation’s leading institutions in number of graduates attending The United States Military Academy at West Point, The United States Air Force Academy and the United States Naval Academy. We also have an excellent track record of cadets competing for and earning four-year ROTC College Scholarships. NYMA graduates are leaders in all walks of life. The Academy’s “tracks of intentions” high school discovery program enables students to pursue lines of academic credit and co-curricular experiences that enable them to gain exposure to areas of inspiration. Those tracks of intention our cadets currently pursue are: Classical/College Preparatory Diploma Research and Technology Service Academy Preparatory Business/Entrepreneurial International Diplomacy STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics NYMA’s competitive academic, experiential education and athletic programs are enhanced by a structured boarding environment that includes daily tutorials, a nightly, mentored study hall, a robust ESL program and a 12:1 student/teacher ratio in the classroom. Cadets enjoy substantive opportunities to not only learn accountability but to practice peer leadership and to accept important responsibility. One of the things that sets NYMA apart from the normal college prep school is what we call our “real-life lead-

ership lab.” Putting our cadets in positions of increased accountability and responsibility in the Cadet Corps, while at the same time requiring them to maintain a high level of academic and athletic participation, requires them to constantly improve their organization, planning, time management and multi-tasking skills. We believe development in these critical areas gives our graduates a distinct advantage over others as they transition into some of the more prestigious colleges and universities in America. For over a century, this culture of cadet leadership, community responsibility and personal resilience has built an esprit de corps among the NYMA student body and graduates that has created a powerful alumni network that helps set the standard for success and achievement. Our distinguished list of graduate scholars, business men and women, male and female career military officers and world-renowned musicians, energize the campus and provide our cadets with a distinguished networking and mentoring base to help them as they step into the future. I invite you to please take the time to browse the website and become familiar with what sets New York Military Academy apart from the other college prep schools. Then schedule a visit with our admissions office and come see for yourself why our cadets are Set Apart for Excellence by being inspired, engaged and ready for the future. New York Military Academy: 78 Academy Avenue, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520. (845) 534-3710 ext.4272;

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS AND SUMMER PROGRAMS Phillips Exeter Academy Exeter, NH Every summer, Phillips Exeter Academy welcomes to campus some 700 students for five weeks of academic study, athletics, and exploration that carry participants far beyond the classrooms and the playing fields. Typically, students come to us from more than 40 states, Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C., and several foreign nations. They are public school students and private school students. Most reside in campus dormitories; others travel daily from their homes in the New Hampshire seacoast area. Together they embody a rich diversity of language, culture, religion, and race. They come to Exeter with that particular mix of intellectual curiosity and adventurous spirit that holds the promise of glimpsing new horizons and making new discoveries. The UPPER SCHOOL offers more than 100 courses of study for high school students who have completed grades 9, 10, 11, or 12. UPPER SCHOOL students have the freedom to design their own program of study by selecting any three courses they find appealing. In designing their academic program, they can immerse themselves in several disciplines. They can for instance, choose courses in Math, Art, and English: Advanced Problem-Solving, Digital Photography, and Great Books/Great Reading. Or they might sample offerings from Science, History, and Languages: Introduction to Biology, Great Issues in American History, and Introduction to Arabic. The choices are many.


INDEPENDENT SC SCHOOL HOOL GUIDE ACCESS EXETER, our program for students who have completed grades 7 or 8, offers accelerated study in the arts and sciences. The ACCESS EXETER curriculum consists of six academic clusters. Each cluster consists of three courses organized around a central theme. The academic clusters are Project Exeter: A Greener Earth; The Land and the Sea; Problem-Solving: An Odyssey of the Mind; A Global Community; The Creative Arts: Let Your Spirit Soar; Exeter C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation. Mid-session, students in each ACCESS EXETER Cluster travel off campus for a threeday educational excursion visiting such areas as Boston, Massachusetts, Montreal, Canada, and Providence, Rhode Island. The Summer School grants students great freedom in defining their own programs of study. They will work with highly experienced, dedicated teachers and have full access to the Academy campus, including Phelps Science Center, the Fisher Theater, the Forrestal-Bowld Music Center, Love Gymnasium (a complex of hockey rinks, swimming pools, fitness centers, and basketball and squash courts) and The Class of 1945 Library (the largest secondary school library in the world). If you are interested in five weeks of challenging study, five weeks of music, theater, art, and athletics, five weeks of fun and friendships, then consider Exeter’s Summer School. We look forward to welcoming you to the Academy this summer. Please visit our website for more information about our 2012 Summer School at 20 Main St., Exeter, NH. (603) 772-4311. PHOTO BY KARL DOMINEY

challenges students to be actively engaged in their own intellectual development. Summer@Brown is an opportunity to explore this stimulating learning environment. Academics are at the program’s core, with more than 250 courses in one- to seven-week sessions. Dive deeper into a subject you love or a new area of learning you may never have considered. You will face exciting challenges and accomplish more than you can imagine. Come to Summer@Brown to prepare for college success and experience life in the Ivy League. Brown University Office of Continuing Education, Providence, Rhode Island.

TASIS: The American School in England Surrey, England Located 18 miles southwest of central London on a beautiful 46-acre estate of Georgian mansions and 17th century cottages, alongside new purpose-built facilities, TASIS The American School in England combines a comprehensive academic program with exceptional facilities for art, drama, music, technology, and sports. Set in a beautiful environment designed to inspire and delight, the TASIS experience encourages young people and children to undertake academic challenge, form enduring friendships, and accomplish personal growth. Since 1976, TASIS England has offered an American college preparatory curriculum to students ages 3 to 18 (day: 3 -18; boarding: 14 to 18). The student body comprises 750 in the Lower (185), Middle (165), and Upper School (400) and is made up of a dynamic international community of 40 to 50 nationalities. Welcoming and supporting new students and families is an important part of the TASIS England culture, and parent-run settling-in programs have helped relocating families make smooth transitions to England for over fifteen years.

Pre-College Programs at Brown University: Summer 2012 A True Residential College Experience Summer@Brown attracts serious college-bound students from around the world. As a student, you’ll live in a Brown University residence hall, eat at Verney-Woolley, or other Brown dining halls, and join your fellow students on The College Green—just as you would if you were a Brown undergraduate. You will be surrounded by peers from diverse backgrounds and cultures—all sharing a passion for high-level academics and a desire to succeed at a selective institution like Brown University. A student who completes a Summer@ Brown course is better prepared, more confident, and better positioned to succeed during one of the biggest transitions of his or her life: the move to college. BROWN UNIVERSITY: 250 YEARS OF ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE

Brown is known in the Ivy League for an innovative open curriculum that




TASIS England offers a rigorous program of study that challenges each student to attain his and her potential. In the Upper School, curricular options include a wide range of Advanced Placement courses (18-20), the International Baccalaureate Diploma, and traditional high school courses. The curriculum in the Lower and Middle Schools is complemented by the Core Knowledge Sequence, a content-rich approach to learning about the world’s history, geography, and art, as well as the major civilizations, cultures, and religions—both ancient and modern. At every grade level, teachers make full use of the School’s proximity to London. Students in each division regularly benefit from the opportunity to work closely with visiting authors, artists, actors, musicians, and

INDEPENDENT SC SCHOOL HOO OL GUIDE sports professionals. Throughout the year, students enjoy numerous field trips, weekend activities, travel to London, and elsewhere in the UK, as well as to exciting European destinations. TASIS England prepares its graduates for admission to top universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, and worldwide and its college counseling office assists students through this exciting process. For more information, visit, or contact: Karen House, Admissions Director,, +44 1932 582 316. TASIS SUMMER PROGRAMS SUMMER ENRICHMENT, TRAVEL, AND LEARNING SINCE 1976.

6-week Academic Courses English Literature & Composition Algebra I/II Geometry 3-week Enrichment Courses ShakespeareXperience London through a Lens Theatre in London Art in London Lights, Camera, Action! International Business Middle School Skills Writing Enhancement Pre-IB Math SL SAT Review & College Admissions

Our programs attract bright and adventurous students who seek challenges and wish to develop new perspectives. Join us for a unique and memorable experience. The TASIS Summer Programs are widely recognized not only for the quality and strength of our academic, sports, and travel programs, but also for our caring and structured community, where young people from over forty countries learn to live together and transcend national and cultural For more information on the TASIS Summer Programs in England boundaries. and Europe, contact The Director of Summer Admissions: England (ages 11-18); +44 1932 582 346. A typical day involves a mixture of academics, sports, and activities. TASIS United States Office:; 703/299-8150. We offer a variety of courses, from innovative and exciting Theatre Arts classes to intensive academic courses, and an afternoon sports program. After dinner and study time, evening activities provide a chance for students to get to know other young people from different cultures and backgrounds. On weekends, students have many opportunities to see and experience the famous cities, plays, and sites of Great Britain—including day and overnight trips throughout England, Wales, and to the European continent. Spain (ages 11-17) The TASIS Spanish Summer Program is an intensive 3-week course for middle school students and 4-week course for high school students located in the beautiful city of Salamanca, center of the historic Kingdom of Castile and home of one of Europe’s oldest universities. Six levels of Spanish are offered, from beginner to advanced, and all classes have a PRAGUE FILM SCHOOL small student/teacher ratio. The program includes frequent travel to Madrid, Granada, Toledo, and the Alhambra. During the final week, the high school students and teach- Prague Film School ers relocate to the sunny Costa del Sol. Czech Republic France (ages 14–19) For aspiring filmmakers, Prague Film School represents one of those proverbial Les Tapies Arts and Architecture Program offers an intensive rewards found when wandering off-the- beaten-track. A quality alternative to 3-week design and cultural experience for mature students who the “usual suspect” US colleges and grad school film programs, Prague Film have a strong interest in the arts or who are considering a career in School annually trains students from over 30 countries bent on becoming proarchitecture, art, or design. The ideal location of Les Tapies, in the fessional filmmakers and breaking into the international film industry. Ardèche, just north of Provence, provides extensive opportunities Prague Film School runs programs in narrative filmmaking, docufor excursions, which draw on the cultural richness of this historic mentary and acting for film. The school’s mandate is to train students to area. The Les Tapies Art Teacher Workshop offers the opportunity be professional-level filmmakers and actors, and as such the courses are for professional growth and allows teachers to reconnect with their skills-set driven, based on instructing in the use of the latest filmmaking passion for art and education. technologies and the art of telling compelling stories for the screen. WESTONMAGAZINEGROUP.COM


INDEPENDENT SC SCHOOL HOOL GUIDE Filmmaking Program Each year, the school releases over 400 film productions, many of which end up in the world’s top film festivals. This prolific number is a product of the school’s philosophy of learning through doing, and each student participates on more than 30 films within one academic year. The general ideology of the school is a blend of European art-house and American independent cinemas and the professors at the school are recruited from both sides of the Atlantic. The students are also international and entering the school’s Unesco-heritage premises is like entering the foyer of the United Nations – with only 60 students accepted in a given year program, literally every other student comes from a different part of the globe. Prague Film School attracts the auteur and the programs are designed for the film director who wishes to write his or her own film and take an active role in all facets of its realization. Acting for Film Program Prague Film School’s Acting for Film program fills an otherwise empty niche found in most US college drama courses. The curriculum is designed to train seasoned theater actors to recalibrate their performances for the film and television screen. Coursework emphasizes training for the naturalistic portrayal of character, the most frequent style used in film. Hundreds of international productions have been shot in Prague, including Bourne Identity, Van Helsing, The Illusionist, Casino Royale, and the recently released Wanted and Prince Caspian. Prague Film School students have a direct connection to large-scale professional films via Department Head, Nancy Bishop, who is the lead casting director in Prague. Students studying in any of the Prague Film School programs get to experience not only one of Europe’s premier film schools, but also one of the globe’s most beautiful and vibrant capitals. The city is awash in culture (think Kafka, Kundera, Kupka), and while Prague has old-world beauty to spare, it feels like a young city pulsing with life and an international atmosphere that is the envy of municipalities many times its size. mail:

HIGHER EDUCATION Bard College at Simon’s Rock Great Barrington, MA Bard College at Simon’s Rock — a highly selective college of the liberal arts and sciences — gives bright, motivated students the opportunity to begin college immediately after 10th or 11th grade. Starting at an average age of 16, students complete the BA in four years. We are ranked 13th among all colleges and universities in the nation for the percentage of our graduates who go on to earn the PhD. Why Start College Early For some students the standard track just doesn’t make sense. At 16, they are ready for —and need — the serious, joyous, rigorous exploration of topics and ideas they are passionate about. They don’t want to spend another year or two preparing for college – prepping for and taking standardized tests and padding their resumes. They want the opportunity and challenge of a high quality liberal arts education now. How To Spot A Simon’s Rock Student Simon’s Rock students are not only bright and highly motivated, but truly love learning. They are smart, creative, independent-minded, self-



motivated. All have an inner sense of purpose, are mature enough to live semi-independently on a college campus, and are ready for a new community and a new challenge. At Simon’s Rock these students find true peers who share their hunger for engagement and their desire to be part of a vibrant intellectual community. What Sets Simon’s Rock Apart The quality and diversity of the students we enroll, the expertise of the professors, the small and inspiring classes, and the combination of rigor and engagement. All of our classes are seminars. Students learn from each other and from professors. All of our professors are adept at managing lively discussion and debate. Our core curriculum assures a solid foundation across all disciplines, and is complemented by a full array of electives and concentrations in the humanities, social sciences, mathBARD COLLEGE AT SIMON’S ROCK

ematics, natural and physical sciences, and fine and performing arts. Why Send Your Teen to Simon’s Rock We give them an exceptionally challenging liberal arts curriculum, an extraordinary amount of personal attention, and a strong social network. All of our students start college early in an environment designed specifically for them. The way we teach, the way we set up our advising system, the way we staff our dorms and choose our faculty and arrange our curriculum – all of these things are tailored for the intellectual and emotional needs of slightly younger students. Life After Simon’s Rock Our graduates are smart, confident and prepared for the next step in their lives. They’ve had internships, studied abroad, and written theses. Those that transfer after earning their AA go on as juniors to many of the most selective colleges and universities in the nation. Our BA graduates go on to the medical, law, business, engineering, and graduate schools of their choice. Bard College at Simon’s Rock, 84 Alford Rd, Great Barrington, MA 01230. 800/235-7186. email Website:


Challenge Convention. Change Our World. Founded in 1887 in Worcester, Massachusetts, Clark University enrolls students like you who want a rich liberal arts curriculum that addresses the complex scientific, social and economic challenges facing the world. Clark’s focused areas of research excellence are backed by strong undergraduate, master’s degree and Ph.D. programs that will engage you in a relevant and challenging 21st century education that transforms lives and communities. If your passion is business leadership, the emerging sciences, energy and the environment, child and family well-being, genocide studies, international and community development or urban education, you can join with Clark faculty and other purpose-driven students in rolling up your sleeves, digging in deep and learning the best way possible – by doing. After you’re transformed by the Clark education experience, you will be in an ideal position to exemplify the University’s motto, “Challenge convention. Change our world.” CLARK UNIVERSITY IN THE RANKINGS Ê Uʣʜvʜ˜ÞÊ{äʺ œi}iÃÊ/…>ÌÊ …>˜}iʈÛiû Ê UÊ1°-°Ê iÜÃÊEÊ7œÀ`Ê,i«œÀ̽ÃÊ iÃÌÊ œi}iÃ Ê UÊœÀLiÃʺ“iÀˆV>½ÃÊ iÃÌÊ œi}iû Ê UÊ*Àˆ˜Vi̜˜Ê,iۈiܽÃʺ iÃÌʈ˜Ê̅iÊ œÀ̅i>ÃÌ» Ê UÊ*Àˆ˜Vi̜˜Ê,iۈiܽÃʺ iÃÌÊ ÕȘiÃÃÊ-V…œœÃ» Ê UÊ*iÌiÀܘ½Ãʺ œœÊ œi}iû Ê Uʈ«ˆ˜}iÀ½ÃÊ/œ«ÊxäÊ iÃÌÊ6>ÕiÃÊvœÀÊ*ÀˆÛ>ÌiÊ1˜ˆÛiÀÈ̈iÃ Ê UÊ-ˆiÀÀ>Ê>}>∘i½ÃÊ/œ«ÊÓäʺ œœiÃÌÊ-V…œœÃ» Ê UÊ*i>ViÊ œÀ«Ã½Ê/œ«Ê œi}ià A DYNAMIC COMMUNITY WITH GLOBAL INSIGHT Clark University faculty are committed to mentoring you as well as involving you in their classes and research. Clark’s intimate academic setting and tradition of close-working relationships provides many opportunities for you to pursue knowledge through active participation. With a 10:1 ratio, you can partner with faculty and postdoctoral associates on a variety of endeavors and projects that will be instrumental in developing innovative solutions to real-world problems. By living and learning in Clark’s global community, you will also enjoy a broader understanding of international perspectives. With approximately 600 international students, faculty members and scholars from over 90 countries, you can gain firsthand experience with multiple cultures. Combined with the University’s commitment to making a difference, Clark will inspire and equip you to get involved in significant ways on campus and abroad. Over fifty percent of Clark students actively volunteer locally and globally through community service and study abroad programs. At Clark, students also lead the charge in organizing over 120 clubs and organizations involving business, the arts, the sciences, social service, sports, etc.


THE ACCELERATED MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAM With Clark’s excellent graduate school and research possibilities, the University is able to offer you a unique cost saving opportunity. Meet the eligibility requirements and you will be able to earn an accelerated master’s degree from one of 14 different programs with the fifth-year of tuition waived. Clark University: 950 Main Street, Worcester, MA. 800/462-5275 or 508/793-7431;;

Miami University Oxford, Ohio

A Public Ivy with Powerful Outcomes


A Smart Investment Miami ranks 9th in the nation for return on tuition investment, according to SmartMoney magazine. also places Miami among the nation’s top public universities for best salary potential after graduation. Miami was named one of the original “Public Ivy” universities, and has a national reputation for giving our students the vigorous, well-rounded education that prepares you for professional life. Visit Miami There’s no better way to learn about Miami than by seeing for yourself! Look for year-round visit opportunities at East Coast students at Miami Many students from the Northeast have found a home at Miami. In fact, we have nearly 800 current undergraduates on campus from this area. We also have more than WESTONMAGAZINEGROUP.COM


INDEPENDENT SC SCHOOL HOOL GUIDE 13,300 active alumni in the Northeast. LANDMARK COLLEGE We know it can be a little confusing. Miami University is in Ohio, NOT in Florida. As our students like to say, Miami was a university before Florida was a state. Classic College Environment East Coast students are attracted to our picture-perfect campus in a friendly college town. It’s a student-focused world in Oxford, and when you want a city environment, just a ½ hour drive to Cincinnati. Personal Guidance, Professional Skills You’ll receive personal attention and guidance from our most experienced professors because teaching is always their first priority. Miami ranks among the top 3 universities in the country for “Best Undergraduate Teaching” in U.S.News & World Report’s 2011 “America’s Best Colleges.” Dartmouth and Princeton tie for first, and Miami is ranked 3rd. Compared to many public universities, undergraduate students at Miami have so many more opportunities to work with professors on research and other projects where students learn professional skills. Worldwide Study Abroad Miami makes it so easy to study abroad, and offers so many programs, that 41% of our undergraduates participate, ranking us in the top 2 among public universities. 24/7 Student Life Miami is a residential school, with almost all our students living on campus or in Oxford. Students are involved in more than 400 student organizations, internship opportunities, the arts, and Greek life. Magnet For Employers Many national and East Coast firms recruit at Miami. The quality of our graduates and our academic reputation give Miami a solid base of employers significantly larger than most other universities our size. Nearly twice as many employers recruit at Miami, and they conduct four times as many on-campus interviews. Miami At A Glance Affiliation: Public university of Ohio. Location: Central campus in Oxford, Ohio (35 miles north of Cincinnati, 45 miles southwest of Dayton. Enrollment: 14,936 on the Oxford campus plus 2,298 graduate students. Student/faculty ratio: 17/1 Programs of study: more than 100 majors. Financial aid and scholarships: More than 70% of Miami students receive some form of financial assistance from state, federal, or university funds. Calendar: semesters Sports: NCAA Division I, Central Collegiate Hockey Association, U.S. Figure Skating Association Contact our East Coast counselor: For more information:



Landmark College Putney, VT Dyslexia and Creativity – Artists Robert Rauschenberg and Chuck Close Dyslexia, the learning disability that causes difficulties in reading, writing, and spelling that are unexpected in relation to an individual’s cognitive abilities causes a great deal of difficulty for a significant number of people. As frustrating and disheartening as it might be to have a disability like dyslexia, many people learn to adjust, cope, and live with the learning difference. Some are quite creative. The successful creative individuals who think outside the box and make novel and useful contributions to our society might be unusual cases but their stories are no less inspiring. Well known artists, Robert Rauschenberg and Chuck Close, both struggled with dyslexia while they were students, and throughout their lives. Rauschenberg and Close frequently searched for and found visual solutions to the academic and social difficulties they faced as students. They would become set designers for theater productions in school, or interest friends with caricatures and cartoons. In the classroom they benefited from instructors who provided hands on lessons, and were flexible in their ways of evaluation, but not in their standards. They later used their ability for solving problems to create new ways to express ideas that moved art in new directions. Both artists pushed out the boundaries of visual art, and changed the course of art history. Their work now hangs in major museums throughout the world. Even if cases like these are rare, the relationship between dyslexia and creativity, and the kind of teaching that works for these creative students is worth exploring. –Ken Gobbo, Associate Professor of Psychology at Landmark College, Putney, Vermont.

INDEPENDENT SC SCHOOL HOOL GUIDE For nearly 25 years, Landmark has been the leader in creating successful learning strategies for students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD. Today, we are known throughout the world for our innovative educational model, where students become confident, self-empowered and independent learners. We understand that people learn differently. For many of our students, traditional teaching methods just don’t work. Here, we help students understand how their learning disability affects the way they learn — and we’ll link them with the best tools and strategies for their learning style. Working together, we help students discover their path to becoming confident, self-empowered and independent learners. River Road South, PO Box 820, Putney, Vermont 05346. (802) 387-6700;

The Evergreen State College: Olympia, Washington

Think Beyond the Ordinary If you want a truly distinctive education that reflects your needs, your interests, your goals and your learning style, all in an incredible location, take a closer look at Evergreen. The Evergreen Difference UÊՏ‡Ìˆ“i]ʓՏ̈‡µÕ>ÀÌiÀʈ˜ÌiÀ`ˆÃVˆ«ˆ˜>ÀÞÊ«Àœ}À>“ÃÊ (often team-taught) UÊ >ÀÀ>̈ÛiÊiÛ>Õ>̈œ˜Ãʈ˜ÃÌi>`ʜvÊ}À>`iÃÊ UÊ œÊvœÀ“>Ê“>œÀÃÊqÊޜÕÊ`iÈ}˜ÊޜÕÀʜܘʫ>̅Ü>ÞÊ UÊ œœÀ`ˆ˜>Ìi`ÊÃÌÕ`ˆiÃÊ>««Àœ>V…Ê“ˆ˜ˆ“ˆâiÃÊÃV…i`ՏiÊVœ˜yˆVÌÃÊ Uʘ`ˆÛˆ`Õ>Ê>˜`Ê}ÀœÕ«Êi>À˜ˆ˜}ÊVœ˜ÌÀ>VÌÃÊ̜ÊVÕÃ̜“ˆâiÊޜÕÀÊi`ÕV>̈œ˜Ê UÊ ÝÌÀ>œÀ`ˆ˜>ÀÞÊ£]äääÊ>VÀiÊV>“«ÕÃʈ˜Ê̅iÊ*>VˆwVÊ œÀ̅ÜiÃÌ

More Flexibility – Without rigid formal majors, you can tailor your education to meet your needs and explore areas of interest without worrying that your credits won’t count toward graduation. Later in your studies, you can design individual or group learning contracts to create customized learning opportunities. Great Value – Evergreen is both a truly distinctive public liberal arts college and a Fiske Guides best buy. Our total cost of attendance for nonresident students is less than tuition alone at many private institutions. Depending on your need and/or academic qualifications, your actual cost could be even lower. Living in the Pacific Northwest – Evergreen is located in Olympia, Washington’s capital city. Our 1,000-acre forested campus – a living laboratory and classroom – has a beach on Puget Sound, miles of trails, an organic farm, a Native American longhouse, and easy access to Olympia’s vibrant downtown. More opportunities for fun – the Pacific Ocean, Olympic and Mt. Rainier national parks, Mt. St. Helens, ski areas, and the urban scenes of Seattle and Portland, Oregon – are just an hour or two away. To learn more about Evergreen, check us out at: 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW, Olympia, Washington. 360/867-6000. THE EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE:

Other Good News UʈÎiÊՈ`iÃʺ iÃÌÊ ÕÞ»Ê UÊ œi}iÃÊ/…>ÌÊ …>˜}iʈÛiÃÊ­œ˜iʜvʜ˜ÞÊÌܜʫÕLˆVÊ colleges included) UÊ*Àˆ˜Vi̜˜Ê,iۈiÜÊÎÇÈÊ iÃÌÊ œi}iÃÊ UÊ-ˆiÀÀ>Ê>}>∘iÊ̜«Ê£äÊ}Àii˜ÊVœi}iÃÊ Uʈ}…Ê>VVi«Ì>˜ViÊÀ>ÌiÊ̜Ê}À>`Õ>ÌiÊÃV…œœ Learning in Community, Making Connections – Imagine studying art, science, history, writing and sociology – all focused around a central theme – in one integrated program. Many students take just one 16-credit, teamtaught interdisciplinary program per quarter (instead of four or five disconnected classes), studying with the same students and faculty for up to a year. Check out our catalog to see the unique programs we have planned for 2012-13. ( Coordinated Studies – In an interdisciplinary program, homework and tests for one subject don’t compete with another. Plus, you don’t have to miss other classes to take field trips, work at an internship, or study abroad. Focus on Learning – Your faculty will give you feedback in a narrative evaluation instead of reducing your hard work down to a letter grade. Your focus is on learning and collaboration – often in small seminar groups – not competition for grades. The absence of grades doesn’t mean an absence of high expectations. National studies show that Evergreen students read more, spend more time preparing for class and work more in teams than their peers. WESTONMAGAZINEGROUP.COM


INDEPENDENT SC SCHOOL HOOL GUIDE discussions, the use of primary texts and in small class sizes. Students are challenged to strive for academic excellence and to nourish their intellectual curiosity. For over 200 years Oakwood Friends School has educated and strengthened young people for lives of conscience, compassion and accomplishment and that tradition continues today.


BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOLS (continued) Oakwood Friends School Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

We nurture the spirit, the scholar, the artist and the athlete in each student. Founded in 1796 and guided by the Quaker principles of integrity, equality, community, simplicity and peace, Oakwood Friends School emphasizes the importance of individuality, and one’s responsibility to the community at large. Oakwood Friends encourages each student to discover his or her own voice and interests within the framework of a college-preparatory curriculum. Students pursue their course work with a critical eye and learn to explore the value of research, experimentation and analysis. Both the upper and middle schools’ academic programs offer broad foundations in Mathematics, Science, Humanities and the Arts. Faculty are supportive and engaging and help develop each student’s analytical and creative thinking skills through stimulating classroom



Arts The Arts curriculum at Oakwood Friends School offers a varied selection of courses and opportunities for students to experience art, drama, music and photography. The individuality and creativity of every student are valued and nurtured. Sports The goal of our interscholastic and life sports is for students to develop their athletic skills, to experience team-based competition and, above all, to embrace the concept of sportsmanship. Students learn rules, strategies and the physical skills required to participate competitively. Stewardship Community service is an integral part of life at Oakwood Friends School. Service oriented retreats and our weekly volunteer program provide students with the opportunity to positively impact the world around them. College Counseling The College Counseling program is designed to make all students aware of postsecondary options and the academic preparation required for achieving their goals. We educate and advise students and their families to help them make choices that reflect the interests, abilities, and needs of each student. Meeting for Worship In stillness a deep sense of truth can be discovered. Meeting for Worship is a weekly silent gathering of students and faculty. Members of our community use this time in different ways. Some reflect peacefully and quietly; some pray or meditate; and others find it a healthy way to settle their mind and give pause to the fellowship of the Meeting. A Unique Tradition Commencement ceremonies at Oakwood Friends begin with a senior class dinner and a candlelit Meeting for Worship for faculty, friends and family. In a tradition that personalizes graduation, and honors the individual, each graduate is called to the podium to speak and reflect on his or her years spent at Oakwood Friends School. Oakwood Friends School: 22 Spackenkill Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603. 845-462-4200 (Main); 800-843-3341 (Admissions).

INDEPENDENT SC SCHOOL HOOL GUIDE Villa Maria School Stamford, CT What would you do if your child were having trouble keeping up in school? At home, maybe your son becomes more anxious, or your daughter isn’t as happy as she used to be. Soon enough, your child may start dreading school, showing problem behaviors you’ve never seen before. These are common signs of a child frustrated by school — a child who is in a program that isn’t meeting his or her needs. Students who learn differently need a learning environment that’s different, too: one where they are understood and can be successful. For many families the safe, caring environment at Villa Maria School in Stamford has been the answer. It’s a school that has been successful at teaching students with learning differences for almost 40 years. Many have called Villa Maria the “Jewel on the Hill in Stamford” because of the beauty and serenity of the setting. But what happens inside is beautiful as well: with one teacher for every four or five students, Villa Maria offers a highly individualized instructional environment, tailored to the specific needs of the each and every student. All of our teachers are certified in special education. Villa Maria School is State approved as a special education school, and accredited by both the State Department of Education and the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools. Perhaps the most powerful words about Villa Maria come from the

parents who have lived through the frustration of knowing their children were not in the right place because their schools weren’t meeting their needs. Here is one story: VICTORIA JORDAN “When you realize your child needs help, you wonder if anyone can help—if there’s any hope. The worst thing for a parent is knowing your child needs help and you don’t know how to help him. I will never forget our first visit to Villa Maria. First of all, they have a welcome sign when a student visits, and I can’t tell you what that small gesture of seeing a welcome sign with your name on it means. He immediately felt important. It was such a relief to find a school that has teachers who knew how to teach my child. They not only understand how to teach each child, they do it. There’s a lot of one-to-one work that goes on and there’s intensity to the work they do here that’s very unique.” Villa Maria is a private, co-educational day school serving students with learning disabilities in grades K-9. If you are interested in finding out more about Villa Maria School, visit their website at or call Mary Ann Tynan, Director of Admissions, at 203/322-5886. Villa Maria School is located at 161 Sky Meadow Drive in Stamford, CT. There will be an Open House for interested families on April 10, 2012. Please call Mary Ann Tynan to reserve a place.




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Moving Moving to to England? England?

Welcome help families families enjoy enjoythe theadventure. adventure. Welcometo toTASIS TASISThe TheAmerican American School School in England, where we help /VSTFSZo(SBEFt"NFSJDBODVSSJDVMVNt8JEFSBOHFPG"1DMBTTFTt3JDITQPSUTBDUJWJUJFTQSPHSBN /VSTFSZo(SBEFt"NFSJDBODVSSJDVMVNt8JEFSBOHFPG"1DMBTTFTt3JDITQPSUTBDUJWJUJFTQSPHSBN Welcoming featuring specially speciallydesigned designedsettling-in settling-inseminars seminars Welcomingcommunity community for for students and parents, featuring &YDFMMFOUVOJWFSTJUZQMBDFNFOUt#FBVUJGVMBDSFDBNQVTOFBS$FOUSBM-POEPOBOEBJSQPSUT &YDFMMFOUVOJWFSTJUZQMBDFNFOUt#FBVUJGVMBDSFDBNQVTOFBS$FOUSBM-POEPOBOEBJSQPSUT Coldharbour ColdharbourLane, Lane,Thorpe, Thorpe,Surrey SurreyTW20 TW208TE 8TE Tel: Tel:+44 +441932 1932582 582316 316

112South SouthRoyal RoyalStreet, Street,Alexandria, Alexandria,VAVA22314 22314 112 Tel:703 703299 2998150 8150 Tel:

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SALAMANCA,SPAIN SPAIN SALAMANCA, Spanish language intensive, Architecture Spanish language intensive, Architecture

LONDON, ENGLAND ENGLAND LONDON, Arts, Theatre, Academic Arts, Theatre, Academic Enrichment Enrichment

SOUTH SOUTHOF OFFRANCE FRANCE Drawing, Painting, Photography, Drawing, Painting, Photography,Architecture Architecture

Exciting summer summer courses courses for for students Exciting students ages ages 11 11 to to18 18 ColdharbourLane Lane Coldharbour Thorpe, Surrey TW208TE 8TE Thorpe, TW20 Tel:+44 +44Surrey 1932582 582346 346 Tel: 1932

112 South Street 112 SouthRoyal Royal Street Alexandria, VA 22314 Alexandria, VA 22314 Tel: 703 299 8150 Tel: 703 299 8150




























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Think beyond the ordinary. What’s here is unique in the country. It’s about a sense of self and where you fit

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International Academy

Par tia l schola rships availab le. Apply b efore May 31 .

EF New York Campus

EF International Academy New York is a private boarding school with a global focus. It offers rigorous academic programs, including the world-renowned International Baccalaureate Diploma curriculum, and its campus is home to students from around the world. Nurturing academic excellence t1VSTVFUIF*OUFSOBUJPOBM#BDDBMBVSFBUF%JQMPNB t1SFQBSFGPSUPQDPMMFHFTBOEVOJWFSTJUJFT t.BTUFSTLJMMTWBMVFEJOUIFHMPCBMNBSLFUQMBDF t(PWFSOFECZ&'&EVDBUJPO'JSTU BXPSMEXJEFMFBEFSJO JOUFSOBUJPOBMFEVDBUJPO An international experience t4UVEFOUTGSPNPWFSEJêFSFOUOBUJPOT t&YQFSJFODFEGBDVMUZNFNCFSTIBWFMJWFEBOEXPSLFEBSPVOE UIFXPSME t$BNQVTFTJO/FX:PSL 0YGPSEBOE5PSCBZ


| New York | Torbay | Oxford | EF International Academy, 100 Marymount Avenue, Butler Hall, Tarrytown, NY 10591 (914) 597-7241,

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Canterbury School New Milford, CT


Solebur y School

• Where “college-prep” is inspiring, g n not o d draining ain in • Where both gifted students & those os with it learning it a ni diffe differences c thrive • Where peers are supportive a and nd teac teachers c er e s are allies • Where mom or dad are justt a couple o off hours ou away

Boarding and Day School - 235 Students B nts 68 Phillips Mill Rd. New Hope, P 6832 6 PA A 18938-9682 2 g Phone: 1.215.862.5261


WHAT WILL YOU YO O DO? When Alicia came to RWU, she knew one thing for sure— she wanted to ride. She first started riding horses as a hobby when she was seven, but started taking it seriously in her senior year of high school. The Psychology major tried out for the Equestrian team and made it—as a freshman. She balanced school work, studying, practicing, team work outs and shows every weekend. Now a senior, Alicia got the ultimate vote of confidence this year when she was named a captain of the team. A true leader and competitor, she upped her show division and is still bringing home blue ribbons. Alicia came to RWU and found a home away from home, and her true passion. What will you do?

Alicia Class of 2011 Wantagh, Long Island, N.Y. Psychology

One Old Ferry Road • Bristol, RI 02809 (800) 458-7144 • (401) 254-3500



ASA | Academic Study Associates SU








Jump into Summer.

Extraordinary summer programs for high school students

The College Experience + Study Abroad Programs HARVARD YALE STANFORD UMASS



Spaces are Limited - APPLY L NOW!


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Spend a Saturday at Landmark College. (What you learn may surprise you.)

Does your college-bound son or daughter have a learning disability or ADHD? Our Saturday Open Houses are an ideal opportunity for your family to: • Compare how our education stacks up with other schools you’re considering • Experience a demonstration class • Hear from student panelists • Learn how Landmark prepares students to succeed at top colleges and universities nationwide

SPRING OPEN HOUSES Saturday, February 18, 2012 Saturday, March 3, 2012 Saturday, April 14, 2012 Saturday, May 5, 2012 To learn more and to register, go to

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The College of Choice for Students with Learning Disabilities and AD/HD Putney, Vermont


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OPPORTUNITY IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. At Adelphi, you can study abroad, pursue a competitive internship, debate relevant issues, and prepare for a richer life. Find your opportunity to stand out and make a positive change for your future.

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Westover School,

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Westover School is a rigorous college preparatory program for girls in grades 9 -12 located in Middlebury, Connecticut. Our community includes students from 17 countries and 16 states. These bright young women enrich one another with their varied backgrounds, talents, interests, and ideas.

Call 203-577-4521 or visit

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THE KNOX SCHOOL LE A R N T O B E E X C E P T I O N A L 541 Long Beach Rd. St. James,55ggmnf555R555A Coeducational Independent Boarding and Day School for Grades Six-Post Graduate

Founded in 1796 and guided by Quaker principles, Oakwood Friends School emphasizes the importance of individuality and oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s responsibility to the community at large. For over 200 years Oakwood Friends School has educated and strengthened young people for lives of conscience, compassion and accomplishment.

845 462 4200

























founded in 1864

OPEN HOUSES Admission Panel Presentation and Campus Tours Visit or call to RSVP 609.944.7501 A co-educational boarding and day school for grades 9â&#x20AC;&#x201C;12 and post-graduate located minutes from Princeton, NJ South Main Street | Hightstown, New Jersey

An education minus Christian Worldview is like having one shoe minus the other.

Christ-Centered Boarding School for Boys 7th-12th Grade Fi n d o u r Ac a d e m yâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s d e s c r i p t i o n i n t h e S c h o o l Gu i d e o f t h i s m a g a z i n e .








Check out Miami Attend our summer program for high school juniors Contact your local admission representative

Phillips Exeter Academy Summer School


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Tel 603.777.3488 To learn more, please visit our website:


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Hampshire Country School Rindge, New Hampshire

A small, friendly boarding school for 25 boys. Best entering age: 8 to 11 years old. Students may remain into high school. For the high-ability boy who needs a good education, a manageable world, and an unusual amount of adult attention. 603-899-3325

Inspiration lasts a lifetime…when it happens every day.

Come see for yourself. Play Date for 3 year olds ÛiÀÞÊ7i`˜iÃ`>Þʙ\Îäq£ä\ÎäÊ>“ Take a Peek Tuesdays for pre-k through grade 5 at 9 am >ÀV…ÊÈÊUÊ«ÀˆÊ£äÊUÊ>ÞÊ£xÊ Middle School Open House UÊ7i`°]Ê«ÀˆÊ££Ê>ÌʙÊ>“ All School Open HouseÊUÊ->Ì°]Ê>ÞÊ£ÓÊ>ÌʙÊ>“ ™£ÊˆÀÞÊ ÀœœŽÊ,œ>`ÊUÊ >˜LÕÀÞ]Ê /ÊäÈn£äÊ Óä·nÎä‡Î™£ÈÊUÊܜœÃÌiÀÃV…œœ°œÀ} ÊVœi`ÕV>̈œ˜>]Êi>ÀÞÊV…ˆ`…œœ`Ê̅ÀœÕ}…Ê }À>`iÊ£Ó]ÊVœi}iÊ«Ài«>À>̜ÀÞÊ`>ÞÊÃV…œœ°

7œœÃÌiÀÊ-V…œœ The Prospect School at Wooster is a new school in Danbury, CT. The school serves students ages 7–14 with average and above-average intelligence who have identified learning differences that can be remediated through teaching techniques and curriculum.

Learning with a Difference

Open House April 11 9–10:30 am 91 Miry Brook Road | Danbury, CT 06810 203.730.6716


Make other resumés really jealous Earn a prestigious degree from Drexel University anytime, anywhere. Drexel University Online offers over 90 programs with 24/7 online convenience. Ranked as one of “America’s BEST Colleges 2010” by U.S.News & World Report, Drexel has programs in areas such as: • • •

Nursing Library Science Technology

• • •

Education Business Project Management and more

Leesburg, Florida

The only accredited college offering B.A. and A.A. degrees exclusively for students with learning disabilities, or AD/HD, or Gifted LD.

Celebrating 21 Years With

Ground Breaking Growth!

(352) 638-9730 • • Beacon College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

WILBRAHAM & MONSON ACADEMY A GLOBAL EXPERIENCE • The Center for Entrepreneurial & Global Studies • The Mark R. Shenkman interactive trading center • Hands-on entrepreneurial experience through The Global EcoLearn Project® • The advancement of financial intelligence • An extensive travel program to Asia, South America, and Europe • A full AP curriculum • Championship athletics • A fine & performing arts program including theatre, music, fine arts, and dance • College counseling program beginning in sophomore year Founded in 1804, Wilbraham & Monson Academy is a boarding school of 380 students in grades 9-postgraduate. The Academy is dedicated to preparing students for successful competitive college admission and facing the challenge of global leadership.

Please Contact the Office of Admission at 413.596.9108 or 423 Main Street, Wilbraham, MA 01095

Darrow School

A College-Preparatory Boarding and Day School for Grades 9-12

Small Community. Big Opportunities. That’s Darrow. And there’s more…  Challenging Academic Program – Real-world learning using a unique combination of classroom instruction and community involvement

 Hands-to-Work/Community Service – A tradition that cultivates an appreciation for purposeful work and builds connection to the community

 Individualized Approach– Inspiring  Inclusive Athletic Opportunities – classroom environment and one-on-one Eight competitive team sports and several Tutorial Program offer strategic mentoring non-competitive sports, including skiing for academic success and snowboarding five days a week  Commitment to Sustainability –  Visual and Performing Arts – Robust Responsible stewardship of environmental art offerings, in-depth music curriculum, resources and environmental awareness and a dynamic theater program foster permeate the Darrow culture creativity and collaborative learning

Please join us for an Open House! Experience the Darrow School Community Attend a Darrow class, meet our dedicated faculty and enthusiastic students, enjoy lunch, and take a tour of our distinctive campus. Ask questions, hear the chorus sing, learn about Shaker history and so much more!

You may register by sending an e-mail to or online at If you are unable to attend an open house, we also welcome visits throughout the year. Call (877) 432-7769 to schedule a visit today!

110 Darrow Rd., New Lebanon, NY 518.794.6000 | Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

Thinking of Visiting the Hamptons? Think Ross School. Boarding for grades 7â&#x20AC;&#x201C;12 in beautiful boarding houses. Two campuses in East Hampton and Bridgehampton, New York, just 2 hours east of New York City. Easily accessible by bus, train, ferry and air. Global, integrated curriculum to educate the whole child for the whole world. Opportunities for independent study, advanced classes, competitive athletics, extracurricular activities and travel. UPPER SCHOOL 18 GOODFRIEND DRIVE EAST HAMPTON, NY


COME TO A GRADUATE INFORMATION SESSION 1"3,"7&/6& '"*3'*&-% $5t8884"$3&%)&"35&%6(3"%6"5&t&."*-(3"%456%*&4!4"$3&%)&"35&%6

4"563%": ."3$)t'"*3'*&-%$".#3*%(&$".164&4 Join us on March 24, beginning at 9 AM, for one of Sacred Heart Universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Graduate Program Information Sessions. Registration begins at 8:30 and continental breakfast will be served. Learn more about our graduate degree programs in individual presentations by Graduate Program Directors and Faculty. Admissions and Financial Aid staff will be available to discuss with you the admission requirements and procedures, as well as financial aid options for each of our graduate programs. Our sessions will be split between the two locations. Please note which campus you will attend based on your program of choice.




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PHYSICAL THERAPY %PDUPSPG1IZTJDBM5IFSBQZ ranked #1 in Connecticut by U.S. News and World Report







Scan here with your mobile device for more information.



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Arts Academy

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A co-ed day and boarding school for children in grades 4-9.


Apply now:

A Waldorf o

grades 9, 10, 11

high school for boarding and day students n

Contact Pat Meissner Director of Admissions 603 654-2391 ext. 109 222 Isaac Frye Highway Wilton, NH 03086


A Great Job Opportunity! by Kristina Loew SEEKING ENTRY-LEVEL NEWS PRODUCTION SPECIALIST Local news channel looking for a dedicated multi-tasker to work in our news division. This is a great opportunity to gain experience in a fast-paced news environment. Only serious candidates with experience should apply. You should be exceptional, a well-organized self-starter with superior skills in ALL aspects of news production. Ideal candidate will oversee our entire slate of daily news programming including, but not limited to, our seven-hour morning show, the Live at Noon broadcast and all eighteen evening newscasts. Applicant will also be expected to manage all news breaks and all breaking news coverage, as well as the online site and the Accounts Payable department. Candidate will also be responsible for the promotion and marketing of ALL news programming for the channel. Flexibility and willingness to work under pressure in a chaotic news environment with ever-changing responsibilities and deadlines a MUST. Must be available at least 80 hours a week and able to work most weekends and all major holidays. This is a non-paying internship. Great opportunity to get your foot in the door and gain news experience. REQUIREMENTS: UÊʓˆ˜ˆ“Õ“ÊœvÊÌi˜ÊÞi>ÀÃÊiÝ«iÀˆi˜Vi° UÊÌʏi>ÃÌÊÃiÛi˜ÊÞi>ÀÃÊܜÀŽˆ˜}ʜ˜Ê>ʘ>̈œ˜>ÞÊÌiivised news or reality program in a senior position. UÊÌʏi>ÃÌÊ̅ÀiiÊÞi>ÀÃÊܜÀŽˆ˜}Ê>ÌÊ>Ê«Àˆ˜ÌÊ«ÕLlication. Celebrity weekly preferred, but not required. Senior writing position at the New York Times and/or Us Weekly, a plus. UÊ-ÌÀœ˜}ÊL>VŽ}ÀœÕ˜`ʈ˜Êi˜ÌiÀÌ>ˆ˜“i˜Ì]Ê marketing AND accounting preferred. Background in news, a plus. UÊ ÝÌi˜ÃˆÛiÊiÝ«iÀˆi˜ViÊÀiÃi>ÀV…ˆ˜}ÊVœ“«iˆ˜}ÊÃ̜-



ries, prepping anchors and booking news guests. UÊ >˜`ˆ`>ÌiÊŜՏ`ÊviiÊVœ“vœÀÌ>Liʅ>˜`ˆ˜}Ê celebrity talent, even if they are throwing things and threaten to kill you. UÊ7ˆÊ>ÃœÊLiÊiÝ«iVÌi`Ê̜ʓ>˜>}iʜvwViÊ>˜`Ê œÀ`iÀÊ>ÊœvwViÊÃÕ««ˆið UÊ`i>ÊV>˜`ˆ`>ÌiÊ1-/ʅ>ÛiÊiÝÌi˜ÃˆÛiÊVœ˜Ì>VÌÃÊ in media, politics AND entertainment. Your Rolodex should include major industry players. UÊ9œÕÊ1-/ʅ>ÛiÊÃÌÀœ˜}Ê>LˆˆÌÞÊ̜ÊÜÀˆÌi]Ê direct, and edit all news segments. Will be expected to produce riveting news pieces consistent with the voice of the channel. Uʈ}…ÌÊwˆ˜}° UʘÌiÀ˜Ê“ÕÃÌÊ«œÃÃiÃÃÊÃÕ«iÀˆœÀÊVœ˜Vi«ÌÕ>Ê and editorial skills. Since ALL ideas will come from you be prepared to pitch and develop 6 ,9ÊÃi}“i˜ÌÊvœÀÊ 6 ,9ÊLÀœ>`V>ÃÌ° UÊ1-/ÊLiÊ>LiÊ̜ÊÌÞ«iÊ>Ìʏi>ÃÌÊÎxäÊ7*°Ê You will be tested! UÊ9œÕÊ܈ÊLiÊiÝ«iVÌi`Ê̜ÊÌÀ>˜ÃVÀˆLiÊÊÀ>ÜÊ ˜iÜÃÊvœœÌ>}iÊÃi˜Ìʈ˜ÊvÀœ“ÊœÕÀÊ>vwˆ>Ìið UÊ/ÊiÝ«iÀˆi˜ViÊ, +1, °Ê >˜`ˆ`>ÌiÊ will be expected to write and post eight-to-ten 2000 word articles per day for our online site, including weekends and ALL major holidays. UÊ >˜`ˆ`>ÌiÊŜՏ`ÊLiÊ>˜ÊiÝ«iÀÌʈ˜ÊÊvœÀ“ÃÊ of social media and have a MINIMUM of xä]äääÊ/܈ÌÌiÀÊvœœÜiÀð UÊ ÝÌi˜ÃˆÛiÊiÝ«iÀˆi˜ViÊ>ÃÊ>ÊV>“iÀ>«iÀܘÊ>Ê MUST. At least four years on a reality show considered a plus. Three years at an Arabic ˜iÜÃÊV…>˜˜iÊˆÃÊ, +1, ° UʘÌiÀ˜Ê1-/ʅ>ÛiʜܘÊV>“iÀ>ÊiµÕˆ«“i˜Ì°Ê With bonded insurance. Must also have lighting «>VŽ>}iÊ>˜`ʏ>ÛiˆiÀʓˆVÀœ«…œ˜iÃÊvœÀÊwi`ÊŜœÌð UÊ`i>ÊV>˜`ˆ`>ÌiÊŜՏ`Ê>ÃœÊLiÊ>LiÊ̜ʈ“press executives with his/her ability to expertly handle company’s espresso machine. UÊ ÝVi«Ìˆœ˜>Ê՘`iÀÃÌ>˜`ˆ˜}ʜvʘiÜÊ«Àœ`ÕVtion, post-production and graphic software including Avid, Final Cut, Photoshop, After vviVÌÃÊ>˜`ÊÜvÌÜ>ÀiÊ̅>ÌʈÃÊÃ̈Êˆ˜ÊˆÌ½ÃÊ`iÛiœ«mental stages. UÊ*i>ÃiÊ`œÊ˜œÌÊ>««ÞÊ՘iÃÃÊޜÕʅ>ÛiÊÊ pertinent software. UÊ ÀˆÛiÀ½ÃʈVi˜ÃiÊ«ÀiviÀÀi`°

Ê œ““iÀVˆ>ÊÌÀÕVŽÊˆVi˜ÃiÊ>Ê1-/°Ê9œÕÊ will be required to have your own commercial truck for location shoots. You may also rent a commercial truck at your own expense. UÊ-œ“iʈ˜ÌiÀ˜>̈œ˜>ÊÌÀ>ÛiÊˆÃÊÀiµÕˆÀi`ÊvœÀÊ̅ˆÃÊ position. Please make sure you have substantial miles in your mileage account or can pay your own way. UÊLˆˆÌÞÊ̜ʅ>˜`iÊ`>ˆÞʓ>ˆÊ>˜`Ê>˜ÃÜiÀÊ «…œ˜iðÊ9œÕÊ܈ÊœVV>Ȝ˜>ÞÊLiÊiÝ«iVÌi`Ê̜ÊwÊ in for the receptionist during her lunch hour. 1 /" \ UÊ >V…iœÀÊ`i}ÀiiÃʈ˜ÊVœ““Õ˜ˆV>̈œ˜]ʘiÜÊ media AND political science required. MasÌiÀÃÊ i}Àiiʈ˜Êˆ““>Žˆ˜}Ê«ÀiviÀÀi`°Ê*° Ê in Journalism, a plus. Candidates with a law degree will be given special consideration. UÊ`i>ÊV>˜`ˆ`>ÌiÊ1-/ÊLiÊyÕi˜Ìʈ˜Ê-«>˜ˆÃ…Ê and have a working knowledge of Arabic and Mandarin Chinese. UÊvÊޜÕÊ`œÊ˜œÌʓiiÌÊ̅iÃiÊÀiµÕˆÀi“i˜ÌÃÊޜÕÀÊ resume will NOT be considered. This position has tremendous growth opportunity. May lead to full-time employment with possible entry-level pay or occasional freelance work. -œÀÀÞ]ÊÜiÊ`œÊ˜œÌʜvviÀʅi>Ì…ÊLi˜iwÌÃÊ̜Ê 9Ê of our employees under ANY circumstances. This position requires someone who is completely dedicated. We are NOT looking for college students or people who are currently in a career “transition.” This is a great opportunity to gain more experience. Only experienced candidates should apply. We have received thousands of applications for this position. Due to the overwhelming interest we CANNOT guarantee a response to your inquiry. We apologize in advance.


Kristina Loew began her career writing obituaries for people who hadn’t died yet. Since then she’s written about pop culture for Spin magazine, worked as a managing editor at Air America and nearly lost her sanity producing for MTV. Her fiction work has appeared in McSweeney’s.

Find it at Betty Ford Center.

Betty Ford Center is a licensed addiction treatment hospital. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re SERIOUS about getting sober and staying sober, contact us NOW.


Betty Ford Center Rancho Mirage, California

Tailored by ABC at the new designer showroom

New York City Bronx, NY

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hamptons country capitalist magazine 46c  

weston magazine group, publisher of 10 hyper-local regional lifestyle magazines serving the affluent northern suburbs of the greater nyc met...