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We’ve hit the time of year where daylight lasts longer. Birds wake us up in the mornings. Construction crews finally fill potholes. And employees everywhere grow restless. You can easily give into the urge to slack off. When that’s not an option, you need to find ways to combat spring fever. Below we offer some ways to power through and plan some play time to make the most of the season.

Spring Fever or Burnout? - Before you dive into these tips for combatting spring fever, make sure you’re not actually dealing with burnout. Sometimes burnout can sneak in and disguise itself as other things.

Now, real talk, a lot of us have been burnt out since pandemic began. Prolonged stress, emotional exhaustion, burning the candle at both ends sound familiar? Loss of work satisfaction, feeling uninvested, and irritability all point to problems beyond an itch to get outdoors. Experts say these all point to burnout

If you or your team experience burnout, intervene and get everyone back up to snuff. Exercise, social outings, massages, or a good nap all help ease stress and rekindle that former work ethic.

Bring the Outside In - As the sun finally shines in southwestern Pennsylvania, you can easily feel cooped up in an office or shop. Getting out in the fresh air during breaks can do wonders for motivation. A short stroll or even just sitting on a bench outside for a few minutes can make a huge difference.

And if your workplace has windows that open let that fresh air inside! (Note: please ask other colleagues first if they have seasonal allergies or other concerns for letting the outside in.)

You can also try bringing a plant to your desk. Tons of plants thrive in office and shop environments year round.

While you rearrange your workspace to make room for your new ficus, consider cleaning out your desk. Clutter causes stress, and who needs more of that? So use this opportunity to tidy up.

Work Outside Whenever Possible - Feel like a kid at the end of the school year staring out the classroom windows, daydreaming of playing outside? Why not take your work outside? Even if you can’t do your job from a laptop in a park, you can find other ways to get outside.

For example, conference rooms don’t need to hog up every meeting. Why not take your team outside for a breath of fresh air while you talk about your quarterly goals? Or hold daily stand-ups in the parking lot instead of the shop floor. If you’ve got a social activity planned for your team, consider outdoor venues for that as well.

The change of scenery and occasional breeze can work wonders for productivity, but more importantly, your mood. If you’re lucky, you may even get a chance to see wildlife carrying on with their wild workdays, too.

If you’re really lucky, a friendly doggo may even bring his owner by and stop to say hello. Double bonus: petting a dog lowers your levels of cortisol (the stress hormones). So, with owner permission of course, give that good boi some love.

Shift Working Hours - In general, countless studies have shown the benefits of flexible work hours throughout the year. If possible, consider shifting your hours as the weather warms up and allow your team to do the same. Even moving the workday up 30 minutes can allow for more outdoor activities after work.

Many workplaces routinely allow outdoor workers to begin earlier, keeping them out of the hottest part of the day anyway. Shifting working hours to before the day gets too nice or building in longer daytime breaks can help.

Plan morning, lunch, and afternoon stretch breaks and invite others to join you. We know movement brings clear focus, and we know breaks do not decrease productivity. You can enjoy these breaks guiltlessly. Give in to Spring Fever and Take a Break - If after these suggestions you still can’t bring down that spring fever, allow yourself to cash it in. Every spring try to allot yourself one (okay, maybe two) hooky day. Go fishing, take a weekday hike, or just sit outside and feel the sun. Sometimes this is the best cure for spring fever.

Like any treat-your-self indulgent pleasure, squeeze every ounce of joy out of your truancy. You can expect to come back to work feeling refreshed. If possible, give your team and a get out of jail free card to give into their own spring fevers.

So stop, smell the roses, and then get back to work.

May2023(Edition –5) CHAMBERCONNECT
Author/ Westmoreland County Chamber Consultant– Noele Creamer

Child Care is Critical to Supporting the Commonwealth’s Labor Force and Employers.

Any working family will tell you that balancing work and parenting is challenging in the best of times. With most young children in Pennsylvania having all available parents in the workforce, child care is critical to supporting the Commonwealth’s labor force and employers. When parents don’t have the child care they need, it diminishes their work commitments, performance, and opportunities – costing Pennsylvania’s economy billions of dollars each year.

This impact is the focus of new study from the nonprofit ReadyNation and the Pennsylvania Early Learning Investment Commission. According to the study, gaps in Pennsylvania’s child care system are costing families, employers and taxpayers about $6.65 billion annually in lost earnings, productivity, and tax revenue.

These effects are detailed in an economic analysis based on a survey of Pennsylvania working parents with children under the age of five. Survey results showed the various ways in which working parents are struggling with gaps in the child care system. For example: 60 percent of parents surveyed reported being late for work, leaving work early or missing full days of work due to child care problems and nearly half reported being distracted at work. About one-third of parents reported that they changed their work schedule from full-time to part-time due to problems with child care. More dramatically, 27 percent of working parents said they had to quit their job and 18 percent have even been fired due to child care struggles.

Comparing these results to similar studies conducted in 2018, we see that parents are now facing more negative impacts due to child care gaps. Parents reported that child care problems had caused them to be demoted six times more often in 2022 than in 2018. Child care availability issues caused parents to have pay or hours reduced three times as often. Turning down a new job offer, missing a full day of work, quitting a job, being reprimanded by a supervisor, and being late for work were all ten or more percentage points higher in 2022 than in 2018. As a result, the economic impact of parents contending with a wider array of problems with child care has almost doubled from $3.5 billion in 2018 to $6.65 billion today.

These results underscore the long-standing difficulties that working families have with finding and affording high-quality child care throughout the state. This is understandable given that nearly 60 percent of residents live in a “child care desert,” an area where there are over three times as many children as licensed child care slots. Additionally, the average cost of infant/toddler care is almost that of public college tuition while less than half of Pennsylvania’s child care capacity is considered high quality.

These problems associated with the child care system are stemming from a historic staffing shortage within the sector driven by low wages. According to a new report from Start Strong PA, the average child care teacher in Pennsylvania earns $12.43 per hour or less than $25,844 per year. The report also showed that approximately 21% of staff rely on SNAP benefits and 21% are insured by Medicaid. This was the case even though most child care teachers surveyed have a college education.

This wage crisis is closing child care classrooms and increasing waitlists for working families. A February 2023 survey of more than 1,000 Pennsylvania child care providers showed that more than 35,500 children currently sit on wait lists at these locations because of more than 1,500 open staff positions.

Child care providers have been vocal about the fact that they can’t just raise teacher wages because families are already struggling to afford care. They are also hard pressed to compete in this labor market with many sectors offering $20+ per hour for largely unskilled positions. Additionally, providers are contending with rising rents, utilities and food costs.

These realities are particularly challenging for providers participating in the state’s Child Care Works subsidized program for lowincome working families. Historically, these subsidies have not kept pace with the actual cost of providing child care and, despite recent increases, have not adequately kept pace with high rates of inflation.

All of this speaks to the need for the Commonwealth to take direct action to help child care providers recruit and retain qualified educators. Direct investment is needed to boost wages for child care teachers that better reflects the work, experience, and professional degree achievement of these teachers.

Our child care sector is the “workforce behind the workforce.” Teacher shortages, closed classrooms and waitlists will only continue to harm Pennsylvania’s working families and employers, which will cost us billions of dollars annually. We can no longer ignore investing in our commonwealth’s child care infrastructure.

Imagine a way to save families in need over a million dollars in needed childcare related products!

That is exactly what our non-profit of the month did in 2022 when they saved local families $1,057,548 in diapers, formula, period products, and incontinence items.

The Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank began in 2012 when Reverend Phillip and Mrs. Cathy Battle were serving their church and asked what was most needed by the congregation. Their response was simply, “diapers.” At this moment they realized the need in our community and set out with the goal to raise awareness about the diaper crisis, distribute products to the community, and to work with other non-profits and organizations to support their mission.

Cathy Battle, Co-founder and Executive Director, leads the mission, along with her amazing staff to affiliate with 53 partner agencies in Fayette, Somerset, Washington, and Westmoreland Counties. Here, residents in need can request the essential products they require. Last year alone, two million diapers were supplied to over 12,000 families. This was done with the support of 345 individual donors, foundation and corporate support.

Companies and individuals can help in a handful of ways, including delivering needed products at drop off locations across the county, hosting a diaper drive at one’s business, ordering off the Amazon Wish List, or attending one of the organizations fundraising events, including the upcoming BINGO for Babies. This enjoyable event will be held on Saturday, May 13th at the Youngwood Fire Hall.

The Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank has joined us as a new member this past March. We are thrilled to have them as part of our chamber family.

Items Needed:

• Diapers (Sizes 4-6 are the most needed)

• Pull Ups (all sizes)

• Wipes

• Tampons

• Liners

• Pads

• Depends (adult large and XL)

Non-Profit of the Month
Mt. Pleasant Location 605 N. Church Street Mt. Pleasant, PA 15666 724.691.3031


Champion of the Month

Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation

The Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation (WCIDC) prides itself in being a leader in economic development strategy, providing job creation, economic output, and a stable tax base in our county. This is why they have been chosen as our Chamber Champion of the Month.

WCIDC was founded in 1983 by the County Commissioners. With three main goals in mind, the mission is to foster business growth and opportunities through the development of industrial and business parks, implementation of the Business Calling Program, and partnerships with both private and public entities.

Goal 1: Development of Industrial and Business Parks

The strategic plan of the WCIDC lends itself to a stronger industrial presence in the county, which in turn increases economic output. The nineteen industrial parks county-wide returns 165 companies, 8,800 jobs, and 6.5 million in tax revenue. In 2022 almost 47 acres of land was sold or optioned through WCIDC, resulting in an anticipated 277 new jobs and supporting 190 current jobs. In addition 145.825 square feet of new or renewed leases were signed.

Goal 2: Business Outreach

According to a recent survey done by the Industrial Development Corporation, 42% of companies listed workforce as the number one problem facing businesses in Westmoreland County. Financial assistance ranked second. The WCIDC Outreach Program is a member of the Partnership for Regional Economic Performance (PREP) which is a statewide business partnership program that helps business start, grow, and prosper. They do this through one-on-one counseling, workshops, online training, and financial incentives. In 2022 WCIDC was able to refer 25 business to service providers and help 44 Westmoreland County businesses with site related needs, aiding in combatting some of the issues stated in the survey.

Industrial Development Corporation

Goal 3: Partnerships with Private and Public Entities

Lastly, the goals of this organization are a collaborative effort between many local entities. WCIDC has partnerships with many local programs and organizations including:

• Digital Foundry

• Forum for Workforce Development


• Westmoreland Broadband Initiative

• Westmoreland Redevelopment Authority

• Westmoreland C-PACE

Recent New and Expansion Projects

2022 was a busy year with regards to new construction and expansion projects locally. Phase II at Distribution Park North, which should be completed by the summer of 2023, includes utilizing 78.8 acres of land in East Huntingdon. In the previous year, Performance Food Service doubled their Reinhart facility in Westmoreland Distribution Park East West. Lastly, Wyatt Incorporated has begun its 130,000 square foot project in South Huntingdon.

In October of 2022 WCIDC celebrated a ribbon cutting to honor the completion of three economic development projects.

1. The completion of the 18th business park, Commerce Crossing at Westmoreland which ties to the Southwest PA railroad system.

2. The completion of a 250,000 square foot flex distribution center developed by Al. Neyer

3. A 92.8 million dollar PennDot project to improve 3.7 miles of Interstate 70.

We applaud Jason W. Rigone, Executive Director of the IDC, his staff, and Board of Directors for their continued commitment to the growth of businesses and economic development in Westmoreland County. We appreciate your 28 years of membership with the Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce and once again congratulate you on being the May Chamber Champion.

Welcome to Our Newest Staff Member: Lindsay Neary, Events and Communications Manager

Lindsay joins us with a background in education and real estate. As a business and computer teacher for ten years, she has extensive technology and marketing skills that will help advance the chamber’s initiatives. Event planning comes second nature, as she recently led a local non-profit association and managed multiple real estate offices.

Lindsay was born and raised here in Westmoreland County, graduating from Hempfield School District and later attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in education. She briefly lived in Maryland, where she received her Master’s degree in education from Wilmington University. In addition to her degrees, she holds a Pennsylvania Associate Broker real estate license and has been active in the local and state realtors® associations. She enjoys helping others and is a member of Inspired Women-Westmoreland Chapter.

Lindsay has a strong passion for the mission of the Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce and is excited to see businesses grow and prosper here. She is enthusiastic about connecting with our members and the community through our educational and networking events. Advocating for and supporting our communities and industries is her number one goal in her new position.

Lindsay resides in Hempfield Township with her husband, two wonderful children, and two loving beagles.

Lindsay can be reached at or 724-834-2900 Option 3.

Chamber’s Financial Wellness & News for May!

Building Successful Outcomes in a Hybrid Work Model

One method by which employees today are looking to improve their overall health and well-being is through the establishment of a better balance between their home and work life. Although the shift to a more flexible work environment has been gaining momentum for some time, the pandemic has significantly accelerated its acceptance.

The degree to which employers support a hybrid or remote work arrangement for their workforce can make a difference in their ability to hire and retain staff as both employed workers and job seekers alike place a heavy emphasis today on things like job stability, the ability to perform meaningful work and flexibility in work arrangements. However, management within organizations operating in a hybrid environment are likely to experience both the benefits and the challenges. In addition to giving employees what they want and boosting hiring efforts, retention and overall productivity, business leaders are also faced with the task of promoting effective communication, employee engagement, idea collaboration and cultural growth.

To successfully promote and maintain hybrid work environment, employers may consider utilizing a few of the following strategies:

• Invest greater resources in team building. This is more important than ever with a workforce lacking interactions at the office. Creating a solid foundation through effective employee engagement will allow for greater collaboration and increased worker productivity.

• Treat all employees fairly. Successful hybrid operations ensure that all employees, whether they work from home or the office, are considered for special projects and promotions. They also provide their on-site workers the same flexibility in scheduling and hours worked as those that work remotely.

• Empower employees. Business leaders shouldn’t fear encouraging employees to accept new responsibilities. Create an environment that fosters innovative thinking, allowing workers to be help create the parameters of their new workspace.

• Trust employees. For many business owners and managers, the hybrid work model represents a significant shift from the traditional leadership roles they may be accustomed to, whereby they were physically present, monitoring daily operations with their eyes and ears. Successfully transitioning to a people-centric style that trusts workers even when not in sight is critical to the model’s success.

• Focus on outcomes. Leaders should look to judge employee productivity by the level of contribution instead of the number of hours worked. Allowing for a more fluid work environment with efficient use of resources can fuel enhanced job performance, making the final outcome more important than the schedule used to achieve it.

Rethink communication methods. Remote work requires more creative methods of communication. Utilizing a platform that fosters knowledge sharing, leadership visibility and targeted communications is essential in maintaining effective two-way communications between management and employees. And just because employees aren’t in the office doesn’t mean their schedules should be full of numerous zoom meetings. Try utilizing communication that provides for more one-on-one, targeted discussions when appropriate.

The Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce offers its members access to My Benefit Advisor as a solution for employee benefits, including voluntary offerings. For more information about My Benefit Advisor, visit our website at or contact Craig Pritts at (800) 377-3539.




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MAY 10 4:30PM-6:30PM




MAY 22 10:00 AM—2:30 PM






MAY 22







MAY 24 4:00







Register through the weekly Monday events email Or at

The Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce congratulates Cereset Pittsburgh East on the grand opening of their Murrysville location. Thank you for allowing us to attend your Ribbon Cutting event and teaching us about how the brain can be balanced, leading to a healthier life.

We would like to thank Toni Antonucci, Director of Advancement & Development of Westmoreland Community Action, for hosting an exceptional “Wake-UP Westmoreland” networking event at their headquarters on Donohoe Road. What a great organization that helps so many in our area.

Over 50 people attended the Child Care Summit, held at Westmoreland County Community College, to discuss the childcare crisis we have in Westmoreland County. The stakeholders in the room were passionate about the need to address the issues facing residents, employers, and centers. Many local organizations came together to partner on this event.

The Elliott Group celebrated 50 years of membership and friendship at their largely attended WakeUP Westmoreland. Mike Storms and Shane Reph explained Elliott’s commitment to the community and their goal for other sustainable energies. Members enjoyed a delightful breakfast and received a tour of the facility.

The message: Say thank you and show appreciation! Our annual Staff Appreciation Luncheon allowed bosses, managers, and administrators to say THANK YOU to their staff. 231 attendees participated in a superb lunch. Almost 40 baskets, 50/50, and 6 large grand prizes were given away. Thank you to our sponsors, attendees, and the committee for a great event!

If you are a member and would like to set up an event, please contact Lindsay, Events and Communications Manager, at or 724-834-2900 Option 3.


25Year Anniversary

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Greensburg

FORD Office Technologies

10Year Anniversary

Christian Counseling Associates of Western PA

Donald A. Paulone Custom Built Homes, Inc.

Holan, Inc.

Raimondo Masonry Restoration


Bradley Roth - McDowell Associates (Chair)

Paul Ward - Kennametal (Vice Chair)

Chris Mohler-King - Sendell Motors (Treasurer)

Tom Chakurda - Excela Health (Secretary)

Parag Bedekar - Hydro Carbide Tool Company

Thomas Jeffrey Cook - Somerset Trust Company

Dan Galbraith - Solutionist-SWAG

Maria LaVelle - Pheple Federal Credit Union

Mark Lawrence - PNC Bank

Vicki Loucks - Redstone Presbyterian SeniorCare

Sherry Magretti-Hamilton - Westmoreland

County Register of Wills

Dr. Robert Mayfield - Tenaska

Jeffrey McDonald - West Penn Power/First Energy

Janeen Moffa - 1st Summit Bank

Ann Nemanic - GO Laurel Highlands

Jason Rigone - Westmoreland County Industrial

Development Corporation

Judge Harry F. Smail, Jr. - Westmoreland County

Civil and Orphans Court

Sean Sullivan - Live! Casino

Annie Urban - Seton Hill University

Ladd Wagner - Ladd Wagner State Farm

Daniel Wesolowski - Elliott Group

*James Smith - Economic Growth Connection

*Michael Storms - Elliott Group

*Tony Vecchio - Coldwell Banker officio member


James Creenan - Creenan & Baczkowski, PC


Dan DeBone - President & CEO

Lisa Kennedy - Director of Membership

Joanne Pearson - Senior Director of Operations

Lindsay Neary–Events & Communications Manager

Patrice Palmiere - Administrative Assistant

Grace Markum - Leadership Westmoreland


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Bobby Hogue

4589 State Route 136

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Amusement, Recreation

814 Lanes & Games Johnstown

Bobby Hogue

1140 Frances Street

Johnstown, PA 15904


Amusement, Recreation

ADESA Pittsburgh

Carly Bishop

378 Hunker Waltz Mill Road

New Stanton, PA 15672


New & Used Dealerships

Bites & Brews Greensburg

Bobby Hogue

4589 State Route 136

Greensburg, PA 15601


Casual Dining

Bites & Brews Johnswown

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1140 Frances Street

Johnstown, PA 15904


Casual Dining


Christian Garcia

165 Kreinbrook Hill Road

Acme, PA 15610


Business Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Authors

Conley Hearing Care, PC

Caitlin Conley

1040 Corporate Lane

Murrysville, PA 15632


Medical Devices & Supplies

Crown Castle

Bill Cline

2000 Corporate Drive

Cannonsburg, PA 15317



Crown Castle—Houston TX

Bill Cline

1220 Augusta Drive #600

Houston, TX 77000



Crown Castle—McKees Rocks

Bill Cline

McKees Rocks, PA 15136



Crown Castle—Pittsburgh

Bill Cline

100 South Commons Drive, Suite 142

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Gina Costic

4520 Old William Penn Highway

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Fibrenew Laurel Highlands

Marc Lawrence

419 Newport Drive

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Parts, Maintenance , Repair & Towing (Automotive, Aviation & Marine)

Hogue’s Fun Factory

Bobby Hogue

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Rental Equipment, Party Supplies

NAACP Greensburg-Jeannette Branch

Ruth Tolbert

1011 Old Salem Road, Suite 111 Greensburg, PA 15601 724-838-9146

Not for Profit

The Grandeur Estate

Julia Taneja

133 Oakland Avenue Greensburg, PA 15601 703-200-6665

Catering & Event Facilities

The Gypsy Queen 1140 Frances Street Johnstown, PA 15904 814-792-4791

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All UPMC doctors and hospitals accept most major insurers, including Aetna, Cigna, Highmark, United Healthcare, and UPMC Health Plan. If you have questions, please call our help line at 1-855-646-8762

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Inside French Drains/ Outside French Drains Purging & Sealing Walls Cement Finishing (Driveways, Sidewalks, Porches) Downspout Lines Foundation Piering Floor Drains Sump Pumps (Repairs) Outside Surface French Drains Cement Sidewalks & Porches Storm Drains & Catch Basins Curbing Regrading (Excavation) Support Pushed Foundations with I Beams Install Concrete Retaining Walls for Pushed Foundations Camera Sewer Lines INTERIOR & EXTERIOR BASEMENT WATERPROOFING “Get It Done Right The First Time” Written Warranty & References Provided Before After PA#017989 Visit our website and watch our video: FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED WE WILL BE HERE 5, 10, 20 YEARS FROM NOW WE WILL BE HERE 5, 10, 20 YEARS FROM NOW D-Bug Waterproofing Also Does: Financing Available Through Kecksburg 724-424-9442 Uniontown 724-437-2716 Belle Vernon 724-929-5808 Johnstown 814-539-6374 Somerset 814-443-1923 Irwin 724-863-4196 New Kensington 724-337-4874 Latrobe 724-539-8971 Greensburg 724-838-5359 Indiana 724-349-3127 Mold Remediation Foundation Repair French Drains Hardscape Excavation Installation of New or Existing Basement Entrance Ways Replace Pushed Foundation Window Wells Glass Block Windows Wall Anchors Bilco Doors for Basement Entranceways Basement Remodeling Moisture Proofing E-Z Breathe Ventilation Systems in Basements & Crawl Spaces Painting Foundation Replace & Install Sewer lines Crawl Space Remediation (sealing of crawl spaces and French drains) Repainting Brick & Stone Mold Remediation (replace mold covered drywall) FREE ESTIMATES PAY ONLY FOR NECESSARY REPAIRS! TOLL FREE 1-855-381-1528 BBB Runner-Up for 2010 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics

Why Use D-Bug Waterproofing?


1) As the ground becomes saturated, the water table begins to rise, putting pressure against the basement floor, then water seeks cracks in the cement for entry caused by hydrostatic water pressure.

2) Inadequate gutters and down spout leadoffs



How To Remedy a Basement Leak with Interior French Drain

Basements Leak?
Installation of an interior french drain relieves hydrostatic water pressure at the base of the foundation and under the basement floor. The french drain itself will eliminate water seepage under the footer, where the block touches the footer and it drains the water out of the foundation by applying weep holes to the block. 1) How many years in business .......................... 80 yrs. 2) Reference list........................................................... Yes 3) Own employees (no sub-contract labor) ................ Yes 4) Workers comp, liability all insurance required ...... Yes 5) Signed contract (protects you the owner).............. Yes 6) Belongs to the Better Business Bureau - Runner-Up for 2010 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics (have current BBB reports) .. Yes 7) Supervisor inspects job .......................................... Yes 8) Family business (Does that little extra) .................. Yes 9) Work is done when scheduled to do it ................... Yes 10) Completion certificate (Customer comments) ..... Yes 11) Lifetime warranty on inside french drain ............. Yes 12) 100% success ratio on inside French drain ......... Yes 13) Labeled vehicles .................................................... Yes 14) Clean-up after work completed ............................ Yes 15) Cover items with plastic ....................................... Yes 16) Contract is transferable ........................................ Yes
Improper grading of the terrain
Poor soil draining (clay & shell)
High water table,
3) Clogged or defective exterior french drains are some causes of a leaking basement which can be remedied by an interior
etc. These
french drain. PA#017989

The Venue™ Live! has everything you need for an unforgettable work event. From cutting edge technology and meeting spaces to crave worthy dining and lively entertainment options, we offer customizable, creative solutions to help you mix work with play so your guests have an enjoyable experience. Live!







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Casino® | Rt. 30, Westmoreland Mall | Greensburg, PA

Please join us for the GOAL Magazine Golf Outing OR Paint -N- Sip to benefit the Greater Latrobe Partners in Education Foundation. Net proceeds will be granted to the Autistic Support, Learning Support and Life Skills Classrooms in the Greater Latrobe School District. Over the past seven years, we have raised more than $160,000 for this cause.

The format is a 2- person scramble and the $175 entry fee per person includes a gift, snack box, lunch and beverages on the course, awards reception and dinner following golf PLUS chances to win top of the line prizes! The winning twosome will be awarded customized wrestling belts by Wildcat Championship Belts with the opportunity to present the belts to next year’s winners.

Paint -N- Sip Only...... $60 Paint -N- Sip + Dinner...$100 Starting at 11:00 a.m., follow a skilled instructor while you paint your own artwork. Sangria, cheese and light hors d'oeuvres are included with Paint -N- Sip Event. For more information visit
Golf Outing Proudly Presents the 8th ANNUAL PLUS PAINT -N- SIP Magazine
Monday, August 14th, 2023 Arnold Palmer's Latrobe Country Club Registration 9:00 a.m. Tee Time Start 10:00 a.m. Dinner 3:00 p.m. $175 Per Golfer Not a golfer? Join us for a Paint -N- Sip! Mom's House, Inc. of Johnstown Neil and Sharon LeJeune Go2Goal is a Pennsylvania not for profit organization with a 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Service. The official registration and financial information may be obtained from the PA Dept. of State by calling toll free within PA at 800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement. All donations are deductible in accordance with prevailing IRS rules. A portion of the registration proceeds will be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor. LEAD SPONSOR: THANK YOU to our 2022 sponsors!
Arnold Palmer's Latrobe Country Club
s Saturday June 10th Aug 5th Sept 16th In Downtown Sponsored by There is still time to SPONSOR the June 10 Craft Show PLUS Ethnic Food. Attendance = 3,000 people. 20th year. 9 AM – 3 PM call 724-216-6200 Hey Crafters and Vendors Saturday June 10th Your Company’s Name
ABOUT US CONTACT US: 1-888-904-9774 724-691-0413 What We Offer: Commercial Cleaning Industrial Cleaning Medical Cleaning Post Construction Cleanup Move-Ins and Move-Outs Window Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Floor Stripping and Waxing Porter Services and More Clean-N-Shine is a family owned and operated professional cleaning business that has been servicing South-Western PA for several years and now offering serves in Ohio. We are insured and bonded, as well as members to several chambers of commerce. 111 S CENTER AVE SUITE 4 NEW STANTON, PA 15672

On view through May 28, 2023

Admission is free.

Hours: Wednesday–Sunday > 10am–5pm

221 North Main Street Greensburg, PA 15601

724.837.1500 |

Action/Abstraction Redefined is organized by IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, Santa Fe, NM. Support for Action/Abstraction Redefined: Modern Native Art, 1945–1975 is provided by Art Bridges, the Hillman Exhibition Fund of The Westmoreland Museum of American Art and The Heinz Endowments. Fritz Scholder (Mission/Luiseño), New Mexico Number 21, 1965. Oil on canvas, 71 3/8 x 55 in. MoCNA Collection, MS-27, Image courtesy of IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts


Native Peoples Celebration: American Indian Drum and Dance Performance

Sunday, May 7 > 11am–3pm

Meet us at the Museum for a celebration of Native Peoples! Members of the Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center in Pittsburgh will share creative cultural expressions through music and dance. Performances ongoing from 11am–3pm.

Three Sisters Garden Day

Saturday, May 20 > 1–3pm

Join us to learn about Haudenosaunee foodways, including the Three Sisters Garden, as you enjoy a tasting of Indigenous recipes.

$10 member/$15 non-member

Virtual In-Conversation: Action/Abstraction Redefined

Wednesday, May 24 > 6–7:30pm

Join Jeremiah William McCarthy, Chief Curator at The Westmoreland, for this virtual program as he explores the exhibition Action/Abstraction Redefined with Manuela Well-Off-Man, Chief Curator of the IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, and Peter Jones (Onondaga, Beaver Clan), a featured artist in the exhibition.

$10 member/$15 non-member

Support provided by

To register or purchase tickets for these events, visit

221 North Main Street, Greensburg, PA 15601

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Reproductive Care & Family Planning

• Annual gynecological exams

• Pap tests

• Preconception health & achieving pregnancy

• Birth control

• STI testing & treatment

• HIV testing

• PrEP (Protects against HIV)

• Hepatitis C screening

Most reproductive health services including breast & cervical cancer screening are available at NO COST to patients who don’t have insurance.

Adult Vaccinations

• Flu shot

• COVID-19

• Hepatitis A & B

• MMR (Measles, mumps, and rubella)

• Tetanus

Adagio Health


660 Pellis Rd., Suite 102

Greensburg, PA 15601


Preventative Health Services

• Breast & cervical cancer screening

• Immunity testing (Hepatitis B, MMR)

• Tuberculosis (TB) screening

• Diabetes & cholesterol screening

• Tobacco & nicotine cessation services

Interested in working with us?

We are currently looking to hire a full-time Medical Office Manager for our Greensburg, PA office.

What makes working for us great?

We offer daylight hours with no nights, weekends, or holidays.

We offer affordable healthcare and insurance coverage, a 403(b)-retirement plan with immediate vesting in Adagio's contribution, and professional development reimbursement.

APPLY NOW! Scan here to learn more!

Wesmoreland Walk to End Alzheimer's presents

Joinusforourvolunteer kick-offpartyaswegear upforSeptember'sWalkto EndAlzheimers! Free wine, snacks, and good company!

Thursday, May4th 5:30pm-8pm

Red Barn Winery 275 Manor Rd Delmont, PA 15626

here to RSVP!

 4-8 p.m. Race Packet Pick-Up

 4-8 p.m. — Pre-Race Celebration

All Entries —$30

Price increases to $40 after May 14, 2023, at midnight., ET

Overall and age group awards will be given. Cash prizes for top 3 male and female overall:

 6:30-7:30 a.m. Registration/Packet Pick-up

 8:15 a.m. Opening Ceremony

 8:30 a.m. Starting Time

Scan to Register

For more Information:

 First Place $499

 Second Place $250

 Third Place $100

(Athletes vying for prize money must know their eligibility status based on NCAA rules. If you are ineligible, and plan to compete, please make the race director/race timer aware at the time of awards).

**Race proceeds benefit the Steve Snider Memorial Scholarship fund for the Greensburg Salem School District, youth activities at the Greensburg YMCA, and the revitalization of the City of Greensburg playgrounds.
This event is SOLD OUT for golfers, but there is still time to advertise your business! Contact Lindsay for more information. THANK YOU TO OUR GOLF SPONSORS
Deadline Approaching: Act Fast! Reserve your ad space in the Chamber’s 2023/2024 directory and showcase your company’s products/services throughout the entire county. With distribution to every Chamber member business, this publication is an easy way to get exposure for your business all year long. Contact Lisa, Director of Business Development, at 724-834-2900 or Space, Material & Discount Deadline April 11, 2022 Distribution Scheduled for June 2022 Distribution 1,000 Inside Front and Back Cover $2,200 INSIDE PAGES - FULL COLOR Full Page $2,000 Half Page Horizontal/Vertical $1,000 One-Quarter Page $750 Business Card Size $300 INSIDE PAGES - BLACK & WHITE Full Page $1,500 Half Page $850 Quarter Page $600 ‘2 3 ‘2 4 BUSINESS DIRECTORY /

Advertising Rates


Purchase one of the following and receive a web banner ad for 6 months!


Purchase one of the following and receive a web button ad for the number of months indicated in parentheses.


*All B&W ads will appear in the Membership Category section Purchase one of the following and receive a web button ad for the number of months indicated in parentheses.

► Payment Plans

_____ Plan 1: Total amount due upon receipt of form (deduct 5% from listed price!) Must be received prior to April 11, 2023.

_____ Plan 2: 50% initial deposit with contract, balance due within 30 days after invoice, but no later than final deadline (5/13/23)

Total Amount Due: $________ Payment: ____ Check ____ Credit Card

By signing below, you agree to the Chamber’s terms for including an advertisement in the 2023-2024 Business Directory. I understand the deadline for submitting my ad is Monday, April 11, 2023. I understand the Payment Plan I have chosen and agree to pay the total amount due in order for my ad to appear in the directory. Failure to submit the total amount due by the May 13, 2023 deadline will result in my ad being pulled from the publication.

Card Number_________________________________________________ Expiration Date__________ CVV Code _____
Billing Address________________________________________________ City____________________ St____ Zip______
_________________________________________________________________________________ __________________ Signature Date
checks payable to: Westmoreland
of Commerce.
with completed form to: 241 Tollgate Hill Rd, Greensburg, PA 15601 • Phone: 724-834-2900 Full Page 4.75” x 7.75” Half Page 4.75” x 3.75” Quarter Page 2.5” x 3.5” Business Card Size 2.5” x 1.75”
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Company Contact Person Phone Email Address WestmorelandCounty BusinessDirectory AdvertisingForm
Lisa, Director of Business Development,
-834-2900 or
can be accepted in JPG or PDF format
should be sent to
• Contact
at 724
Deadline: May 5, 2023 Ads

WOW Event 2023 Sponsorships

Contact Lisa Kennedy


WOW 2023 Dinner Events

June 29th – Dinner Social Event

Where: Cavallo Fields,

Platinum - $1,000 Status Solutions Networking

• 5 minutes to speak at the podium during opening remarks.

• Logo on Chamber’s website and within event announcement e-blast

• Logo on event signage

• Opportunity to set up a display table at the event.

• 6 tickets to the event

Gold - $750 TBD

• Verbal recognition from the podium

• Logo on Chamber’s website and within event announcement e-blast

• Logo on event signage

• Opportunity to set up a display table at the event.

• 4 tickets to the event

Silver - $500 Infirst Bank

• Verbal recognition from the podium

• Logo on Chamber’s website and within event announcement e-blast

• Logo on event signage

• Opportunity to set up a display table at the event.

• 2 tickets to the event

Food/Drink Sponsor- $250 (2)

• Verbal recognition from the podium

1. Park Avenue Wealth Mgmt.

2. TBD

• The company’s name will be listed on the Chamber’s website and in the event announcement e-blast. Company logo will be included on event signage.

Gift Basket Sponsor- $50 (Multiple) Sponsor

TBD -Many Needed provides a door prize that has a minimum value of $50

• Verbal recognition from the podium

• Company logo will be displayed at the Door Prize table.

WOW 2023 Luncheon Events

WOW Luncheon Event Sponsorships - $300 (2)

• 3 minutes to speak at the podium during opening remarks.

• Logo on Chamber’s website and within event announcement e-blast

• Logo on event signage

• Opportunity to set up a display table at the event.

March 21st Luncheon

Where: Westmoreland Museum of Art

Speaker: Jeremiah William McCarthy; exhibition Inspired Encounters: Women Artists and the Legacies of Modern Art, which is currently on view at the David Rockefeller Creative Arts Center in Tarrytown

( -



2. Smail Auto Group

September 21st Luncheon

Where: TBD

Speaker: Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili – “Overcoming our Deep Divides” Founding Director, Center for Governance and Markets, Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Nonresident Scholar, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, President, Central Eurasian Studies Society


1. Platinum Sponsor – Redstone Highlands

2. *** No additional sponsors required***

November 8th or 9th Luncheon

Where: TBD

Speaker: TBD

Sponsors: 1. TBD

2. TBD






TIME: 7:45 AM


200 Sheffield Dr. Delmont PA (Formally Kings)


Monthly Guest Speakers

Professional Networking Social/Evening Gatherings at Local Establishments


MBPA is a group of local professionals and business people representing Murrysville's dynamic business and professional community. The MBPA became the second chapter of the Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce, allowing all businesses and professionals to join our effort to make Murrysville the best place to do business.

Members represent all aspects of the business and professional community. Members meet on the first Thursday of each month from 7:45 to 9:00 AM at the Piper Bay Cafe, which is located at 200 Sheffield Drive, Delmont PA (formally Kings).


AnnualMembership$150(Coversmonthly breakfast,Membership&AdministrationFees)

Note:Mustbecurrentmemberofthe WestmorelandCountyChamberofCommerce

Non-Member$20Firstvisitcoversbreakfast& event

Formoreinformation,pleasecontactLaddWagner, ChairmanoftheMBPA (724)327-8787