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November 2012

We hope this edition of the news brings finds you well and anticipating he busiest times of year for community events. We have so many different activities going on from now until Christmas! There are plenty of those events in the news this month, so please mark your calendars! This is the last time you will see the newspaper in this format. Eva and I will no longer be printing at the school and you will have COLOUR! I hope you will continue to enjoy picking up your copy, and we are hoping to encourage more of your to subscribe and receive your copy in the mail. If you are already a subscriber, we will need your NEW postal address ASAP. If you could let us know by email: or leave it at the Legion. For those of you who wish to renew your subscription, Please send $20 cheque made payable to EVA HARVEY WestMont News c/o Christina Norwood 5669 Kamloops Vernon Hwy Westwold B.C V0E 3B1


Sunday, December 2, 1:00 p.m. Falkland Community Hall

21 turkeys for prizes! Sponsored by the Falkland Curling Club

SENIORS' CHRISTMAS DINNER Sunday,December 9, 2012 1:00p.m. Westwold Community Hall Sponsored by the Westwold Women's Institute

Annual Westwold

CRAFT FAIR Nov 17th 2012


Santa treats & Concession available REMEMBRANCE DAY OBSERVANCES

Sunday, November 11, 2012 1.PARADE 10:30am assemble in Westwold School parking lot and walk to Westwold Church 2.CEREMONY 11:00am 2 minute silence and service at Cenotaph 3.LUNCH 12:00pm potluck at Legion. Everybody welcome!


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17th 6:30 pm $10.00 Roast Baron of Beef with mashed potatoes, veggies, Yorkshire pudding, salad, bun, dessert and coffee.

Everybody Welcome! Birthday members(November and December) eat FREE!

BEAR ON THE RUN by Eva Harvey Kamloops was introduced to the latest denizen of the Kamloops Wildlife Park recently. There he was on CFJC news, newly rescued Clover, the white Kermodi bear, the fabulous Spirit Bear of the mist-laden cedar forests of the northwestern coast. The one- and- a -half -year old bear was nonchalant in his new temporary home, a holding cage, that had held grizzly bears, black bears and a cougar securely over the years, and he was at ease with those who wanted a view of Kamloops' latest celebrity. He acted more like royalty than a mere celebrity. No running, stumbling or trying to hide for this monarch of the forest. No, just pure elegance and poise. Intelligence radiated from the calm, pale face. Joe and I watched silently, enthralled. Then Joe said quietly, "That's one smart bear." The next day Joe noticed a helicopter flying over the Dallas area. It wasn't until the evening news that he learned that it was searching, not for a lost person, but an escaped white bear! Clover, whom Glenn Grant of the Park had called "smarter than your average bear," had escaped through a tiny weak spot between the side and top of the cage, forcing his way through the chain link fence! He had made his way about a mile south and was eating berries when spotted. Tranquillized, he was returned to the KWP. Joe quickly dubbed Clover "Yogi Kermodi" after the cartoon Yogi Bear "your smarter than average bear" and "Kermodi" the scientific name of this bear, a subspecies of the black bear. Neither of us likes the moniker "Clover", which sounds like an effeminate bunny from a Disney movie. (I think the KWP should have a contest to choose a better name for our boy, one that has a powerful meaning and reflects the image of a northern monarch.) Now here is where things get weird. Years ago, there was a white bear in the little zoo at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria. That was not a polar bear living in that lonely pit. No, it was a bedraggled Spirit Bear named Ursula. Ursula looked like she had eczema or some other skin disorder and even as a child I could sense her misery. A famous scientist, Dr. William Hornby, had classified her sub-species and named it "Kermodi" after Francis Kermode, the curator of the nearby B.C. Museum. Then, years later when I was teaching at the Westwold School, I met a teacher called Bill Kermode, who was related to the Clemitsons, a pioneer family of the area. He told me Francis Kermode was his grandfather! Talk about a small world! I was thrilled! One of the thousands of strings that float around in my world had just attached itself to another string and with the KWP's acquisition of "Clover", this string has been further strengthened. The KWP is building a "home" for its Spirit Bear worth half a million dollars. I don't know how a desert can be home to a bear from the land of mists, but they are

going to try. Good for them. Clover will be their star, much as the tiger was years ago, and should be a huge tourist draw. I'm sure Clover will perform regally and live up to all the great expectations of the folks at KWP. A word of warning, though; Clover's an escape artist and "a smarter than average bear"! POWER OUTAGE THIS WEEKEND! BC Hydro will be making improvements to its system to make sure you receive even more reliable service in the future. To ensure the safety of work crews, this upgrade will require BC Hydro to shut off the power: in Monte Lake including Paxton Valley Rd, Barnhartvale Rd, Duck Range Rd, Hana Rd, and east to Falkland including all side roads to Colebank Rd and Cedar Hill Rd., as well as the community of Westwold, for about 3 hours on Sunday, November 4th between 6:00 and 9:00am. Prepare for this interruption and protect sensitive equipment by unplugging all electronics, -TVs, PVRs, DVD players and computers. Turn off lights, electric heaters and major appliances, like washers, dryers, dishwashers and ovens. For the first hour after power is restored, please only plug in or turn on what you really need, to help ensure the electrical system does not get overloaded. BC Hydro apologizes for the inconvenience and will restore power as soon as possible. Stay informed by visiting BC hydro dot com slash outages or BC Hydro dot com slash mobile from your handheld device. If you experience any electrical difficulties, or for more information call 1 888 POWERON (1 888 769 3766)

Bookmobile Schedule Did you know?

The Bookmobile now loans video games in Wii, Playstation 3 & XBox 360 formats, as well as music, magazines, DVDs and of course.. books!

Nov 21 and Dec 12 Monte Lake Store 10-10.30am Westwold School – 10:45 – 1pm 1-250-376-3526



Christmas is coming....

chocolate makes the perfect gift! Thank you to everyone for supporting Personal Touch Chocolates over the past few months! Stop by the Legion basement and see what we are creating! No order is too big or too small, custom orders welcome! 250-375-2365

WHO ARE YOU? The WestMont News would like to feature one business and one local resident per month from December on. If you would like the community to know a little more about your business and would like to be interviewed for the paper, please conact Christina Thank you WestMont News Team!

TURKEY BINGO 1:00 p.m.

The Catbird Seat by Eva Harvey I just learned of the passing of long-time Westwold resident Herb Steele in Kamloops. Herb passed about a year ago, so probably everyone knew but me. I have memories of Herb with his flatdeck pickup, faithful collie and old straw hat, driving along the highway,or, more often, taking his buddy for a walk. Also learned that former Westwold School principal Tom Black ('67-''73) suffered a stroke and now he and his wife, Lynn, are living in Kamloops Seniors' Village. Be kind to the crows. They have a difficult time surviving in the winter, so I save meat scraps and bread for them. They seem to dislike fruit and veggies and despise crackers!?

BEYOND THE TOMBSTONE By Gerald Smith Recently I was asked by Bob Whiting to do a graveside service for his two younger sisters. The elderly ladies’ ashes were laid to rest in the family plot in the Westwold Cemetery under a beautiful headstone. However, their spirits and souls are not there; they are with Jesus, enjoying the excitement of Heaven. This event brought to mind an old poem and the writing of this article.

TOMBSTOMB TALE I hear tell that down in Indiana State These words are carved on an old tombstone of slate: “Pause, stranger, when you pass me by As you are now, so once was I. As I am now, so you will be Prepare for death and follow me.” Underneath he scratched this reply, “To follow you I am not content Until I know which way you went.” As a society, we tend to seek counsel, especially about our future years. Some have received wise counsel, some not so wise, and still others have been deceived by dishonest counsel, but most, if not all, have sought counsel. As we boomers near retirement age, we look forward to a life of ease in our golden years. Our golden years can be looking at a golden sunset in a distant land or wondering if we have enough gold to see another sunset. This all depends on the counsel we have followed. No matter that we are all concerned about our future, but what about the years beyond the golden ones, the years beyond the tombstone? Have we thought abought this, have we sought wise counsel? I try to seek the counsel of the wise, so I will quote God, who is all knowing. “For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truths and turn aside to myths.” I’m not trying to tell anyone how or what they should choose for their years beyond the tombstone, that is a personal choice. Remember the words of the unknown passerby in the poem and seek to know where your counselor is, or will be, for eternity. Plan well and choose wisely where you want to spend your years beyond the tombstone. SMOKING or NONSMOKING? If you are pondering these things you know, the things of the golden years, or the things beyond, or even the things BEFORE these years, I will give you the number of a wise couselor: Jeremiah 33:3, God’s phone number. “Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” My prayer for all is that we meet on the other side of the tombstone to watch a golden sunset on the streets of gold in a Heavenly Paradise. Choose wisely and seek wise counsel. God bless.


Private entrance, bathroom, kitchen Low rates for extended stays


Westwold Christian Fellowship Non Denominational learning and sharing of God and His word. Tuesdays 6:30pm

Westwold General Store with Pastor Gerald Smith 250 375 2366 NEW GROUP IN FALKLAND By Judy Vandergucht We have opened a Ladies Group in Falkland at the Sunday Morners’ Hall(next to Main Hall) Tuesdays starting at 1 p.m. Everyone welcome. We would like to bring in events to make the afternoon interesting and so far we have scheduled cooking demos for November including vegetarian. The next demo will be Mexican food and will be in the Community Hall. We would like to have Yoga classes for the older woman and we are looking for an instructor. Also we would like to have art classes, oils and watercolors primarily so we are also looking for an instructor. We will be having classes for those who want to learn how to crochet. I remember years ago really enjoying macramé and I wish there was more interest. If you would like to revive interest or learn how to, let me know. This time of the year soups are on the menu and we will be trying new recipes. This is a social time. For more info call 250-379-2608.

FOR SALE 900 Styrofoam coffee cups, stir sticks 1 box sugar packets, napkins If there are any groups out there that require the above supplies please call Jackie 250-375-2365 I will give you a great deal.

A BULLY BY ANY OTHER NAME……. By Jayne Aulis Woolman There’s been a lot of talk, these past few weeks, about bullying and the damaging and, in some cases, deadly affects of it. The papers, TV and radio have been full of the Amanda Todd story, the 15 year old girl who took her own life because of the devastating effect bullying had on her. It’s not new, by any stretch….back in “the day” we called it picking on, teasing or taunting, but the effects were the same, it hurt just as much, and even back then a kid really had no where to turn for help, because if he or she DID tell anyone the bullying became worse. I’m no expert by any stretch but I HAVE lived and I HAVE experienced bullies. The ones I’ve had the misfortune to know had little or no self esteem, they came from broken homes, and they came from abusive homes or alcoholic homes. Is it only me that sees the solution to bullying? Read that previous sentence…..there’s the solution! PARENTS! Parents leading by example! If a bully grows up and has kids, that bully won’t change…. we just now call them abusive and that’s what they teach their kids! Bullying is no less abusive as hitting someone! Some of us call it verbal or psychological abuse, but it’s the same thing….one is threatening another in some fashion. Now if a kid goes home to a dysfunctional family, it really won’t matter what was taught at school that day….. that child will see what the parents are doing and how they are treating each other and THAT will become the child’s reality. Government can pass all the bills they want, schools can tell kids it’s wrong to bully another, but if a child has been told all it’s life he or she wasn’t wanted, their stupid, ugly, fat, useless or whatever else a “parent” might call their child, if it’s hurtful, eventually that child will lash out! Who will get the blame? The child! And Mommy and Daddy will scream from the roof tops that their little Johnnie or Janie would NEVER hurt anyone, take the child home and further reduce their self worth! I realize we, as human beings, have an inborn need to excel, to be better than the next guy, but thankfully, the majority of us have figured out a way to accomplish that without destroying another in the process. Yes, I’ve worked with bullies, as have you….if you get a chance, try and find out about their past….about their kids….I’m pretty sure you’ll see the same cycle repeating itself over and over again. I believe it’s our obligation to stand up to the bullies, who are really only cowards…and in the process….possibly….we might save a young life! Maybe someone you know…….



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Westwold General Store & Cafe 250-375-2565

s k r o Firew d a e r B d e k a B h s e s Fr e i r F t u c d n Ha p u o S e d a m e r Home a w t f Gi Effective Nov 5 DAILY 10AM-5PM


W.I UPDATE By Teresa Nicol

Thanks to the support of the folks from Falkland, Monte Lake and Westwold, the Oktoberfest Birthday Dinner was a total success with over 80 dinners served! Many thanks to Cecilia and Joan for making the cabbage rolls, Irene, Peggy and Cecilia for cooking, Eva for prepping, Alison for pitching in and collecting dirty dishes and all the other things she does for us, Alexis for helping and doing dishes, and Anje for making the delicious pumpkin pies! A special thank you to Terry for all the work she does putting together the prizes and raising funds for the Legion.......your work is truly appreciated! What a wonderful group!

We would like to send our gracious thanks to Val & Sandi Pringle for inviting us to participate in their Steam Show. As most of our community is aware, this is a great opportunity for the Institute to raise funds, which is all non-profit, and enables us to give back to the community, and support other organizations… when, and where it’s needed. Thank you to all those who patronized our “booth”!

The November dinner is on Saturday, November 17th at 6:30 p.m. The cost is $10 for a full Baron of Beef dinner with Yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings, including dessert and coffee. See you there! Members have been picking up their 2013 cards. The cost is $38. Please remember that the Early Bird Contest closes November 30th. and the prize is a free membership card for 2013.

Thanks to non-members who gave us a hand, Kristy, Melissa & Carla (the Schmidt gang), and Sidney & Connor Fox. We hope you know how valuable your help; we really appreciate it. Seniors Banquet! Mark your calendars for Sunday, December 9th/12, Westwold Community Hall, 1:00 pm. No invitation necessary! All seniors and their guest are welcome. If there is anybody that would like to participate (i.e. entertainment) or requires transportation or cannot attend, and would like a plate sent home perhaps, please contact Anje (-2347) or Joan (-2216) or any member. We have Westwold Women’s Institute Cook Books for sale for $10.00! They will be available at the Craft Sale or get in touch with a member. Makes an excellent, Christmas, shower or birthday gift!

traditional hand painted pinstriping, lettering ,signage and art. Services include but are not limited to; - Door/Vehicle lettering & art - Bikes/Hotrods/Anything that stands still long enough - Hand Painted Signs stom IF you can imagine it, I can paint it! KElly’s Kustom Pinstriping 250-375-2060

lysku cebook! l e k . www on fa e m d or fin

Need a unique gift for someone this Christmas? Fully customisable, unique and reasonable... HOw about a custom hand painted sign!

To promote the release of their new album on their home turf, Cod Gone Wild has been busy touring around British Columbia and Alberta and they have no plans of slowing down, with still many venues to perform at all across the country. Chase Community Hall 547 Shuswap Avenue, November 10, 2012 beginning at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $20 and will be available for purchase at G-Force Board Shop, 927 Shuswap Ave, Chase (ph. 250-679-8456). Please call Denise at 250-577-3857 FMI

The Pritchard 4-H Club would like to than Val and Sandy Pringle for giving us the opportunity to do the parking at their steam show for a club fundraiser. Even with the liquid sunshine, it was a great day!! We are very grateful. Pritchard 4-H Club Nolan Smailes - Club Reporter StrongStart BC Early Learning

Program free school-based program for 0 - 5 year old preschool children and their parents or caregivers. At Falkland School every Tuesday and Thursday 9 am to 12.

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