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Teamwork Across the disciplines, most classes feature team projects, a sensible approach given the need for professionals in most fields to be able to work well in teams. The Information Commons is a specially designed space in Giovale Library where you

The best way to learn is to do.

can collaborate with other students on group projects. Center for China-America Business Studies Honors Program

Westminster Scholars

If you’re selected to participate in the

The Westminster Scholars program

commitment to internationalism, the

Honors program, you’ll be part of a

removes barriers between the classroom

center offers study abroad programs,

program-wide learning community that

and the real world. With faculty as

guest speakers, and other special

will enrich and enhance every element

mentors and facilitators, students


of your Westminster experience, inside

identify problems to work on, create

and outside the classroom.

action plans, research methodology,

Center for Civic Engagement

• Enjoy the challenge and energy of

and work together to find solutions.

Promotes social and political

discussion-based Honors seminars • Gain inspiration from interdisciplinary, team-taught Honors courses • Get energized by special opportunities for research, course-related travel, and leadership development • Participate in the Peer Mentoring Program in which 15 to 20 upperclass Honors students mentor new students entering the program • Enjoy Nunemaker, the home base for all Honors students, which features networked computers, classroom space, a scholarship library, and a large-screen video projection system connected to the campus network.

Real-time Learning The Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business provides dynamic up-close and real-time learning experiences. • The Center for Financial Analysis is equipped with the same tools and technology used by industry professionals. Features include a scrolling ticker providing continually updated market information. Students have access to more than 30 terminals with dual flat-panel displays all equipped with real-time data and powerful analytical tools. • The Aviation Simulation Center features a Frasca 14 with wraparound jet trainer, an MFD (Modular Flight Deck), and several PCATDs


(Personal Computer Aircraft Training Devices).

Part of Westminster’s continuing

awareness by connecting you with opportunities to make a difference through volunteerism and activism.

Opportunities for learning by doing abound.

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