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“Westminster seeks to develop

responsible global citizens.”

Gary Daynes Title: Associate Provost for Integrative Learning Degrees: BA Brigham Young University, Master’s and PhD University of Delaware

I T ’ S A L L ABOUT G A R Y Gary Daynes, Associate Provost for Integrative Learning, is a true Renaissance man. He teaches history; he’s involved in service-learning; he helped introduce the eportfolio; and he runs trails.

On May Term: “May Term gives our faculty the opportunity to try out new courses and our students the chance to broaden their horizons, both on and off campus.” On Service: “At Westminster, we embrace wholeheartedly the concept of service– learning. We view service to the community as essential to learning outcomes, not just as a ‘nice’ thing to do.”

To hear more of Gary’s story, come to our website and see his video.

On the First Year: “In first-year Learning Communities, our students begin to see the connections between disciplines, the need for a global perspective, and the importance of ethical considerations.”


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