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President’s Message In September, I announced my intention to retire at

and grow. That work, however, was not well known

the end of this academic year. I also made it clear that I

beyond our local environment. Indeed, a number of

would continue to be fully engaged and involved in the

people who did know us called us a “hidden gem.”

life of the college until I left office on July 15, 2012.

I did not want Westminster to remain “hidden.”

I have been able to do just that. But there are situations

Consequently, as we set about the task of developing a

that require me not to work on a particular challenge

strategic plan, I wanted the process to give the college

facing the college—much as I’d like to—because acting

the courage to lift its aspirations—to believe in its ability

now would infringe on the ability of our next president

to become nationally recognized for the quality of the

to develop his or her plans for the future.

work that our faculty, staff, and students were doing.

As a result, while I am still very busy, I do have a little

Ultimately, the college adopted that goal and built it

more time to reflect on my tenure. My thinking is far

into its vision statement. Not surprisingly, aspiring to be

from systematic or comprehensive—I don’t have that

nationally recognized has helped us to set the bar higher

much free time. Nor do I have the distance I suspect one

for our students and ourselves and to put a distinctive

needs to evaluate with some objectivity what has been

stamp on the programs we offer and the educational

accomplished here during the past 10 years.

philosophy we embrace. That work has attracted notice,

Still, as I looked at the stories in this report—assigned

and we are quickly developing a national reputation as

and largely written prior to the time I announced I

one of the very best colleges of our kind in the country.

would retire—I see accounts detailing the success of

The second is philosophical. I wanted the college to

a number of innovations, most of which I was deeply involved in developing. I am proud of these initiatives. I’ll be evaluated, as well, by other achievements that are easily quantifiable: the number of degree programs we developed, the number of buildings we constructed, the increase in enrollment and student retention, and the like. You’ll find an impressive list on pages 23 and 24.

be part of the leading wave of colleges and universities that are deliberately moving from one way of organizing the educational process to another. For centuries, higher education has been focused on two distinct paths: creating knowledge (by sponsoring research) and transmitting knowledge (by having professors present material for students to learn). Today,

Nevertheless, when all is said and done, I hope that my

neither approach adequately meets the educational

contributions to the college are more foundational and

needs of students at schools like Westminster.

fundamental. When pressed, I say that I am proudest of two accomplishments.

Creating knowledge is an important task, but one that is appropriately concentrated at research universities. I had

The first is aspirational. When I came to Westminster,

no interest in moving Westminster in that direction. And

I found a college that did an outstanding job of treating

despite the fact that it is the norm at most colleges and

our students as individuals, caring about them as people,

universities, I didn’t see much value in making the act

challenging them as learners, and helping them mature

of transmitting knowledge to students a primary focus.

These concerns led me to conclude that our emphasis had to shift to what students learn rather than just emphasizing what we teach. That’s because “knowledge” is no longer a finite and stable commodity; today, the universe of knowledge is expanding exponentially and changing radically. Moreover, I believe that to know things, even a great many things, isn’t enough: what’s more important is being able to use what we know. This “learning paradigm” changes the role of faculty. They are no longer “the sage on the stage,” dispensing knowledge and wisdom from behind a lectern. Instead they become “guides on the side,” who help students discover knowledge and build skills. Faculty become supporters, collaborators, and coaches for students as they learn to evaluate and gather information, test ideas, and explore their application to different issues and problems. Students learn to develop and pose their own questions and explore alternative ways of finding and framing answers. So instead of only working to master the subject matter of a course, students are developing the skills to learn on their own. They no longer wait to be taught: they come to realize that, if they are to succeed, they must take a good deal of responsibility for their own learning. Buildings may outlive their usefulness and be remodeled or replaced, enrollments may rise or fall, the mix of our degree programs may shift, but the aspirations and philosophy that are now firmly embedded in the culture

“I am pleased to be able to say that my successor will inherit a college

of Westminster will, I am convinced, continue to define

well positioned to remain true to

Westminster and allow it to remain a healthy and vital

the best of our traditions, while

institution long into the future.

meeting the needs of students in a rapidly changing world.”

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 2 ]

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 3 ]

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2011 President’s Annual Report [ 4 ]

pedagogy is driven by challenging, open-ended social problems and is facilitated by faculty who nurture and mentor small, collaborative groups of students. Explorations of problems and solutions are used to enhance content knowledge and foster the development of communication, problem-solving, and self-directed learning skills.



ver the last two years, Westminster College has attracted a select cohort of bright, energetic, and motivated problem-solvers who have come to campus ready to learn by doing and ready to use their skills to make the world a better place. They are known as the Westminster Scholars, and they are enrolled in an intensive program that takes the problem-based learning model and synthesizes it into a liberal education core curriculum for the students’ first two years. It is one of the only programs of its kind in the country. The students who thrive as Westminster Scholars learn best when they encounter a problem to solve, an inequity to address, or an oppressive system to correct. They rise to the challenge when ineffective, biased, or prejudiced thinking blocks viable avenues. They love those sorts of ill-defined, troublesome problems that don’t confine themselves to any single academic discipline, but spill across boundaries and require fieldwork, research, creative collaboration, critical thinking, and heated debates. In short, they embody our paradigm shift from teaching to learning. The problem-based learning model was pioneered and used extensively at McMaster University, MIT, Harvard, and the University of Delaware; but it has taken a distinctive direction at Westminster College. Here the

In 2009, its first year, the Westminster Scholars program took on Habitat for Humanity’s fundraising problem. The nonprofit wanted to open a store that could raise money by selling donated construction items, but an earlier attempt had failed. In Professor Steve Hurlbut’s Management 205 course, the Scholars explored marketing ideas, wrote and conducted a survey of Habitat for Humanity ReStores across the nation, and spent a semester researching ideas about how to ensure success. They presented them to Habitat for Humanity’s local Board of Directors as their final exam. The students passed the exam, the board adopted many of their suggestions, and several students remain involved with the nowsuccessful store. Another group of Westminster Scholars was concerned about learning issues faced by the growing population of new refugees relocated in Salt Lake City. They worked with East High School’s principal to develop a tutoring program to address some of those issues. They studied educational and behavioral psychology in Professor Jen Simond’s Psychology 101 class, kept learning journals, and developed an after-school tutoring program. The next year, another group of Scholars worked with Bennion Elementary students and created a similar after-school tutoring program. The students created a program, recruited and trained Westminster students

Traditionally, a “scholar” is someone who specializes in a given branch of knowledge and studies under the direction of a teacher. Our scholars are that...and more. They use their knowledge to analyze problems, develop solutions, and then implement them. The program helps them learn more and do more to improve the lives of others.

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 5 ]

and parents to staff it, worked with the principal to assess and address the Bennion students’ needs in reading and math, and worked to develop an assessment tool to gauge the success of their program. They named it the Little Griffin program, and in the spring of 2011, they brought a group of the elementary students and their parents to campus for a celebration of their success.

UNIQUE RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES Westminster Scholars have the unique opportunity to apply for independent summer research projects in the summer after their freshman year. Five grants of $1,500 allow students to work with faculty mentors on research. Research projects have been in such diverse subjects as biology, chemistry, paleontology, psychology, and service-learning. Samantha Hartford was in the first cohort of Westminster Scholars in the fall of 2009. She received a summer research grant to study colleges that

had successfully received the Carnegie Foundation Community Engagement classification, as part of Westminster’s preparation to apply for the same classification (which the college was subsequently awarded). As a history major with a minor in paleontology, Samantha went on to receive a prestigious Gore summer research grant in 2011 to work with Professor David Goldsmith reviewing letters written by Georges Cuvier, an eighteenth-century French naturalist. She’ll translate the letters and then use content analysis to quantify and compare the inherent meaning of different texts to critically evaluate the letters. In the summer of 2011, three Westminster scholars who had conducted research as freshmen won competitive summer research grants. Samantha Hartford (mentioned above) and Amanda Fadling both received Westminster College’s Gore summer research grants, and Emilee Naylor received a grant to conduct research at a psychology lab at the University of Oregon.

The Westminster Scholars program provides an exciting new model for ensuring that learning is practical as well as theoretical. Summer research grants for international students are a rarity in the United States. But two students from Kenya, Victor Boss and Rita Okumu, were awarded Westminster Scholars 2011 summer research grants and were able to pursue the undergraduate research opportunities offered by our new Meldrum Science Center and science faculty. Both are pre-med students who hope to pursue medical degrees and return home to Kenya to practice. Their research experiences will play an important role in preparing them for careers in medicine.


Westminster College is one of only a handful of colleges that offers freshmen the chance to work one-on-one with faculty on high-quality research projects. The process helps students develop the sorts of skills and foundational methods that will serve them as they apply for other summer research grants, write theses and capstone essays, and compete for graduate fellowships.

Each year the Westminster Scholars program has grown and attracted more engaged, inspired, and conscientious problem-solvers. It is a perfect opportunity for students to be involved in the curriculum in ways that suit their unique learning styles. In the coming year, the program will sponsor a prize for undergraduates for social entrepreneurship with the Opportunity Quest, an annual business plan competition. For the Westminster Scholars, the world really is their classroom, and like Henry Kaiser, they think that problems are only opportunities in work clothes.

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 6 ]

PROJECT-BASED PROGRAMS At Westminster College: The Perfect Design If you were asked to design the perfect academic program, what would it look like? Could you build in the intimate and personalized experience Westminster College is known for and keep it at the heart of the program—even though students rarely come to campus? Working with a team of faculty members, I was given a chance to do just that, starting in 2006. This work resulted in the Bachelor of Business Administration degree, our project-based undergraduate degreecompletion program for working adults, which we launched in 2008. This fall the program welcomed 125 new and continuing students. We’ve also built a project-based version of the MBA program for graduate students, which this fall has 140 students, 80 of whom are in a dual-degree program with our partner university, Donghua University, in Shanghai, China. On the heels of these successful beginnings, I now have the pleasure of working with faculty in the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Nursing and Health Sciences to develop even more cuttingedge Westminster programs using this model.

So, what does this perfect model look like? We decided that it has five distinct guiding principles: 1 Mastery of the learning: Students complete each program only when they’ve successfully demonstrated full mastery of the program learning goals. Think about this statement: it implies that previous “rules” of higher education—specific credit hours based on how many physical hours a student

by Aric Krause, PhD, Dean, Division of New Learning

2 Demonstrated learning: Our requirement calls for “demonstrated mastery of learning.” We want to see how well students can apply what they’ve learned and mastered in multiple real-world applications. Our philosophy of mastery means that B- or C-level work is insufficient, as it does not show the learner’s ability to fluently and expertly apply what he or she has learned, regardless of the context or situation.

3 Demonstration through real-world projects: Because we want to see what learners can do with what they know, we’ve built projects modeled after those in the business world. They are cross-functional and use real-world data and market realities. Examples





formulating strategy, segmenting the market and targeting particular segments, developing pro-forma financials for new products or services, developing strategy implementation plans…the list goes on.

4 Knowledge on demand: In traditional programs, the classroom is used as a forum for faculty to disseminate information. We flip the model by putting that information in an on-demand business knowledge database. This cutting-edge technology enables students to read textbooks, watch videos, participate in simulations, get links to best practices from various professional organizations, read case studies—whatever works best for their style of learning. Learners can access these resources 24/7, from anywhere in the world, as many times as they need. Again, our concentration is solely on learning. For example, a student who is currently a professional

sat in a classroom, the accumulation of a series of

in the accounting industry may be able to complete

stand-alone courses, and acquisition of sufficient

a financial-analysis project very quickly. Good!

“passing grades”—don’t really determine a learner’s

Regardless of background, learners must demonstrate

progress. Only demonstrated mastery of learning

mastery in each applied project, and when they do,

moves students forward in these programs.

they move on to the next project.

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 7 ]

5 Faculty as coaches and mentors: Our faculty aren’t in the classroom lecturing, disseminating basic information; our technology is doing that. Instead, faculty members are working individually with learners to help them achieve mastery in their projects. Some learners need a lot of help, and others need little: the approach is customized to the student. Through that process, we build significant, personal, trusting, and individual relationships with each of our learners. When learners’ projects just don’t quite meet our “mastery” requirement, students don’t receive a failing grade: they work personally with their faculty coach, learning how to improve the projects, and then they receive the opportunity to do so, iteratively working toward mastery. That’s one version of a perfect program: learners who finish the program with expertise, learners who get a very personal and meaningful experience with Westminster’s outstanding faculty members, and learners who can go into their professional field able to do, not just know. We acknowledge that this model may not fit all areas of study all the time. That’s why at Westminster we are innovating across the curriculum, in a multitude of ways. Of course, issues of quality and cost arise: are we delivering a program with the highest quality of learning? And what is the resulting impact on cost? We ran a pilot with 28 learners from an international company headquartered in Salt Lake City over the past two years; the group graduated this past summer. Executives at the company who watched the group go through the program were amazed at the improvements they saw in both students’ business knowledge and application, but also in their applied professional skills. We are now more formally measuring the learning in the programs, benchmarked against national business programs. And the quality of learning looks strong. Most importantly, student surveys say that we’ve successfully maintained Westminster’s reputation for a highly personal and highquality educational experience. In terms of costs, the results are very promising: it looks like we’ve been able to deliver high-quality learning

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 8 ]

without increasing the cost of delivery. In fact, in this current year, with both programs at full scale, we expect to see very promising results. As we continue to scale and add new programs based on the model, amortizing our initial development costs, we will see significant cost reductions that can then be passed along to students. We’ll share them in next year’s report.

Over the years, we’ve held many conversations with executives from national and international corporations. These executives have helped us refine our thinking about the competencies learners have to master to be ready to succeed. I remember one top executive from a Fortune 50 company who told me that when he’s hiring new employees, he asks one common question, “What can you do for our company?” He told me that when newly minted MBA interviewees quickly start rattling off the courses they’ve taken, he immediately interrupts them saying, “I didn’t ask what courses you’d taken. I asked what you could do for our company.” Our graduates can respond, “I’ve managed projects, I’ve built financials for new products, I’ve segmented markets, I’ve analyzed and rebuilt processes, I’ve led teams to successful measured results, and I’ve presented business ideas to board-level executives.”

by Gerry Fairbairn, PhD, Professor, Aviation, and Gail Avendaño, Director of Aviation Student Support, Flight Operations

NEW CURRICULUM FOCUSED ON CRITICAL, ANALYTICAL, AND INTEGRATIVE THINKING Clearly, we have a lot of things to be proud of. But we wanted to create an even more effective program because we saw some weaknesses in the traditional curriculum, and so we have created a unique and innovative flight-training curriculum, which we began offering in fall 2011. Traditional training models require students to complete a series of There are only four Master Certified flight maneuvers and skills within Flight Instructors in the entire state prescribed total-hour requirements of Utah, and two are at Westminster: for each flight certificate or rating. This model assumed that students were Julie Paasch, MEd, Director of Flight completing flight training in virtually Education, and Lance Vaculin, MEd, identical training environments Director of Flight Operations. (not a busy class B airspace) and would become proficient with flight maneuvers in a specified number of hours. Since the college began offering Additionally, traditional models gave students relatively aviation classes in 1969, our few opportunities to practice and demonstrate decisionmaking and critical-thinking skills in the ways that programs have evolved to meet and employers demand.

exceed the increasingly stringent demands of nationwide airlines and corporate flight departments looking for pilot candidates.

In terms of training, our operational base at the Salt Lake International Airport makes us the only four-year collegiate flight program that operates out of “class B airspace”—a busy international airport environment. That means, from day one of their training, our students are learning to fly in the same environment they will fly in as airline, corporate, or cargo pilots. Those complex conditions require us to maintain strict safety protocols, and the result has been impressive: over 70,000 hours of accident-free training flights.

After serious consideration and planning, we have produced a new curriculum that changes all of that: While students will still earn the same pilot certificates and ratings as they did under our old curriculum, the new courses require students to learn much more than the minimum FAA certification requirements. Our program now “systematically builds pilot skills and abilities in more interconnected, realistic, and applicable ways.”

SCENARIO-BASED TRAINING Among the many innovative features in the new curriculum is a focus on scenario-based training. Rather than building a student’s flight training around specific, isolated maneuvers and procedures such as departing a field with a short runway or using instruments to fly,

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 9 ]

the new curriculum demands that students apply their skills and flight knowledge to address scenarios that more closely replicate situations they will encounter as commercial or corporate pilots. Students make real-world, real-time decisions such as how to conduct a flight, which might mean altering their flight plan, diverting to an alternate airport, interacting with passengers and other crew members, or best handling in-air emergencies.

FOCUS ON DECISION-MAKING The new curriculum also enhances decision-making, a particularly important skill in aviation because a relatively high percentage of aviation accidents is related to pilot judgment. Airlines and corporate flight departments have been working to address pilot-judgment issues for some time and have been quite successful in reducing the number of accidents related to poor decision-making. Our new curriculum is one of the few in academic aviation that uses many of the techniques that have proven to be effective in developing strong decision-making skills. Scenario-based training, for example, puts students into positions where they must make realistic decisions and practice decision-making skills right from the very beginning of their training. As they move into the Pilot in Command Development course, flight experiences and simulator training enable students to take command of situations by making decisions and then reflecting on the appropriateness of those decisions. The continued coursework sequence presents students with increasingly challenging scenarios as they further practice and develop their decision-making and teamwork skills.

to reduce the total number of hours required for the commercial certificate. Under this new program, the FAA allows pilots to obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate when they can demonstrate the necessary competencies, rather than requiring them to have a specific number of total hours. In the past, students had to complete a number of solo cross-country flights that had relatively little training value beyond reaching the specified number of hours. In the new curriculum, every hour of flight will maximize student learning opportunities and will not serve to simply “build time.” Our approach emphasizes college-wide learning goals: it focuses on critical, analytical, and integrative thinking and on providing students with more opportunities to develop leadership, collaboration, and teamwork skills. These innovative changes make the Westminster College aviation program distinctive and will better prepare students for success in the rapidly changing world of aviation.

LEARNER-CENTERED GRADING We have also implemented a learner-centered grading approach. In traditional models, when a student and instructor completed a flight lesson, the instructor would give verbal feedback and then issue a grade for the lesson. The student had very limited participation in that exchange. Under the new curriculum, students reflect upon the lesson, complete a self-evaluation of their performance, and explain verbally to their instructor why they evaluated themselves the way they did. The instructor then provides additional feedback and a final overall evaluation of the lesson. In this approach, the learning continues to take place beyond the flight, and students develop reflective and realistic self-assessment skills, along with stronger communication skills.

COST SAVINGS TO STUDENTS In the new Advanced Flight course, we have adopted the newest FAA Industry Training Standards program

2–Aviation majors offered at Westminster: Aviation Management and Flight Operations

$7.4 million–The gift from the ALSAM Foundation that made it possible to create our own flight operations center and conduct our own flight training

14– Number of airplanes owned by Westminster 90–Number of students currently enrolled in our flight operations program

The Salt Lake City International Airport is our training ground.

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 10 ]

by Peggy Cain, PhD Associate Professor and Chair of MACL Program

courses designed specifically to prepare graduates to understand other important aspects of community life: individual behavioral change and processes of social change, the basics of how economies work, the policy-making process, and ways to influence it through community organizing and advocacy. The comprehensive program also includes electives on fundraising, working with volunteers, the arts and communities, and international contexts for leadership. This year we designed a new track for students who want to work in other countries or with nonprofits addressing international issues. Throughout the design processes, we drew on the expertise of about 60 people from large and small nonprofits, advocacy groups, elected office, corporate community relations, government offices, and Westminster’s faculty. Several community members continue to serve on an advisory board for the program, assisting with design questions, connections to resources in the community, and evaluation of the program through a portfolio and presentation process.

ive years ago, a predicted shortage of nonprofit leaders and an increased need for the services nonprofits provide led a small group of us to start dreaming and researching ways to address those issues. Our efforts resulted in a unique new program: the Master of Arts in Community Leadership (MACL). Today, the MACL program is attracting students, impressing employers, and contributing to the betterment of the community. As we built the program, we started with some of the best Westminster has to offer: strong graduate programs in leadership, management, and communication. We combined classes from these programs with new

I am pleased to report that the program accepted 20 students in each of the first two years and expanded to 30 students in 2011. Several students have already applied for 2012. The first graduating class last spring showcased the quality of the program. Through their capstone projects, students created specific, well-researched recommendations, manuals, and curricula, most of which are already being implemented or used by the organizations with which students collaborated. Ashley Farmer, volunteer coordinator for the Road Home, used her project to support a collaborative effort of several homeless shelters and related agencies to develop better ways to serve homeless youth. Ashley’s research was essential for the development of the group’s plan. Fundraising to implement the plan has already started.

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 11 ]

Brigette Klement researched the effectiveness of partnerships





corporations and developed specific recommendations that Wasatch Community Gardens is using to evaluate offers for partnerships from corporations. When the National Organization of Women approached Eva Rinaldi about restarting a chapter in Utah, Eva researched women’s organizations in Utah to see what issues were already being addressed and where there were pressing issues that needed attention. She interviewed leaders of the major women’s organizations in Utah, observed lobbying at the legislature, and researched academic databases. She created a plan that outlines what the focus of the reorganized chapter will be and how to proceed with the next steps to recreate the chapter. Other students developed specific recommendations for state- and district-level policies to encourage building “green” schools and to provide more effective

engagement program that will implement her Capstone Project research. The MACL program is a prime example of the climate of innovation at Westminster. We created an interdisciplinary program that draws on multiple academic disciplines. Students apply classroom learning in service projects with community organizations. They collaborate with peers, community members, and faculty. We are able to respond quickly to students’ interests and create unique courses such as Arts and Communities and the new International Track. Creating and directing the MACL program have been a dream come true for me. The program has brought a new group of creative and dedicated students to Westminster. It has enhanced our presence in and our service to the community. Most importantly, the program provides leaders who are well prepared to meet the challenges of directing community organizations in our rapidly changing world.

summer meal programs for low-income children. Another researched the history and effects of changes to Utah water law, and another developed a plan for introducing the Humane Certified label for meat and dairy products in Utah grocery stores. Tracy Stevens, instructor of the Capstone Project course, said she was “blown away by the incredible projects.” While she had expected them to be high quality, she was delighted to see how quickly the projects were being implemented and contributing to positive change in the community. Four of the students were selected to present their research at the Lt. Governor’s Conference on Volunteerism last April. Their session was well attended and enabled the students to share their research results with a larger audience. One of the first graduates of the program said, “I don’t think I ever felt so prepared applying for a job as I did when applying for PPAU (Planned Parenthood Association of Utah) this past February.” She was hired to develop an educational and youth

Students are already seeing results in their careers. Multiple students have been promoted within their organizations or hired for the first time in the nonprofit sector on the basis of their enrollment in the program.

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 12 ]

By James Stimpson, CRNA, DNP, Director, MSNA Program

Westminster introduced the Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia (MSNA) program in fall 2006 to educate critical care registered nurses (RNs) with baccalaureate degrees in nursing to become Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs). At that time, there were only five CRNA programs west of the Mississippi River and more than 100 CRNA programs to the east.

invasive arterial and central lines, and for practicing

Like all CRNA programs, our program prepares our

After the students complete this didactic phase, they

students for the real world by offering 12 months of

begin a 15-month clinical practicum during which

classroom learning that includes courses in advanced

they gain hands-on anesthesia experience in a variety

pharmacology, gross anatomy, advanced physiology/

of hospitals, trauma centers, labor and delivery suites,

pathophysiology, principles of nurse anesthesia, nurse-anesthesia simulation, chemistry, physics, and research methodology.

HANDS-ON COLLABORATION But our classroom experience is different from most. To begin with, all our classrooms are stateof-the-art with smart boards and presentation projectors. Outside the classroom, all students utilize Westminster’s wireless Internet and ANGEL learning platform for assignments, quizzes, chat rooms, and examinations. A good deal of their learning takes place in a simulated operating room environment. The simulation room is complete with a fully functioning anesthesia machine, a stocked medication and supply cart, monitors, and airway tools. Mannequins are used for placing peripheral intravenous lines and

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 13 ]

sterile technique and suturing. Using other software and technology, we have been able to limit lectures to no more than 10 percent of class time. By minimizing lectures and making our students active participants in their learning, we have seen retention climb as high as 90 percent. And the scope of what the students learn expands as they discover problems and try to solve them.


outpatient surgical centers, and rural health care facilities. CRNAs and anesthesiologists work one-onone with our students as they participate in nearly 1,000 surgical cases before they graduate. Students gain valuable experience in deep conscious sedation;

regional anesthesia, like spinals and epidurals; and general anesthesia. One of the primary assets of our program is our clinical faculty, who share their personal experiences and techniques with our students on a daily basis. Students perform clinical rotations at an average of four locations. Because 20 different hospitals and surgical centers work with our students, they gain a well-rounded experience with many types of patients, surgical procedures, and anesthesia techniques. MSNA program faculty travel to each clinical site on a regular basis to monitor student progress and to work with clinical preceptors, as they are in the operating room with our students. Distance education courses are supporting the clinical rotations in sites from El Paso, Texas, to Rexburg, Idaho, and Fresno, California, to Garden City, Kansas.

this mentorship program was introduced, every student in the program has maintained satisfactory academic progress. Westminster MSNA graduates have been able to secure full-time positions within a few months after graduating, with most students finding employment well before they graduate. Several of our graduates now work as CRNAs and serve as clinical preceptors, teaching our students and thus perpetuating a cycle of educating highly skilled CRNAs. It is our goal to admit the finest, sharpest, most compassionate nurses into the MSNA program and see them through to graduation with the support and compassion of a friend, a teacher, and a role model. In the MSNA program, our students trust us to help them accomplish their goals, and we feel responsible to make sure they succeed.

INTENSIVE FACULTY MENTORING Assistant Program Director Chris Torman, CRNA, MNA, developed a mentoring program that assures all admitted students are personally guided along their journey. Each of the three full-time MSNA faculty members has six students for whom he or she is personally responsible. Advisors do much more than recommend which classes to take: they get to know the students, their families, their likes and dislikes; discuss their study patterns; and identify how they best learn new material. Each faculty member is held accountable for his or her students’ success in the program: for performing well on course assignments and exams, for developing clinical skills, and for passing the national certifying board examination. Faculty also maintain relationships with students after graduation as a friend and mentor for the graduates. Measurement of success in the nurse anesthesia program continues beyond the campus and into the daily lives of our students as they begin their new careers.

SUCCESSFUL OUTCOMES Our innovative investment in our students’ education has contributed to a 100-percent board pass rate by first-time test takers in 2010, and since

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 14 ]

The MSNA program draws between 80 and 90 applicants each year for one of the coveted 18 student spots. Our MSNA program attracts applicants from across the world. Selected applicants have come from as far away as Canada, Alaska, Alabama, and South Carolina. We currently have two students from Kenya.

by Gary Daynes, PhD, Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management, and Peter Ingle, PhD, Associate Professor, Education

Most learning in higher education is private—seen only by the student and the faculty member who grades that student’s work. The learning may be weak or strong, superficial or deep. But regardless of how good it is, it is largely invisible. Invisible learning has two big weaknesses: First, it divides student understanding into course-sized compartments—math in one mental box, history in another. Second, it limits the power of learning to bring about change, be it for other students, for the campus, or for the broader community.

college-wide learning goals. They will have become critical thinkers, excellent communicators, and effective leaders and team members. They will have developed creative and reflective capacities and strengthened their habits of global consciousness, social responsibility, and ethical awareness.

We are using two tools to make learning public and accountable at Westminster. The first—our college-wide learning goals—provides a common set of outcomes towards which all students work. Regardless of a student’s major, regardless of the courses the student takes, by graduation, all Westminster students will have achieved the

The second tool—ePortfolios—gives students a common platform for sharing their learning with others. Starting with the fall 2011 class, all undergraduates will build an electronic portfolio that both shows how their learning has grown through their time at the college and demonstrates how it meets the college-wide learning goals. The undergraduate portfolio initiative

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 15 ]

follows on a tradition of success with portfolios at the graduate level in education and at the undergraduate level in the communication program at Westminster. Our experience with portfolios has convinced us that they are powerful tools for integrating, analyzing, and improving student learning. In turn, these portfolios can be used to demonstrate learning to other audiences: faculty, parents, families, graduate schools, and employers, among them. The college-wide learning goals and ePortfolios deepen and share student learning. Neither tool is new, but together they are a force for innovation at Westminster, helping to reshape the curriculum, the campus, and Westminster’s place in the higher education community.

COLLEGE-WIDE LEARNING GOALS AND INNOVATION AT WESTMINSTER Westminster did not invent learning goals. Colleges and universities have espoused goals for as long as they have existed. And some of those goals—learning to think critically, communicate well, and contribute to the common good—are as old as higher education itself.

On many campuses students think of college as simply an accumulation of unrelated courses, and of their learning as a private act; Westminster’s learning goals and portfolio initiative shift student attention to common outcomes. These outcomes are not in opposition to a student’s major or desired career. Instead, they enrich those more particular goals. And in so doing, they both drive the college to excel in its work and help students to do the same.

But for at least the past 50 years, the importance of institution-wide learning goals has been in decline in American colleges and universities—diminished by the emergence of narrow, discipline-specific, employmentrelated goals and by typical organizational structures that favor these narrow goals. Colleges and universities continue to create institution-wide learning goals, it is true. But those goals are ornamental, and their achievement is assumed rather than ensured. It is in this context that Westminster’s college-wide learning goals are innovative. They were agreed upon by faculty, staff, and administrators during the college’s most recent strategic-planning effort. Once adopted the learning goals have had a profound impact on the college and its students. Far more than simply listing our aspirations, the learning goals have shaped the college’s curriculum, driven the creation of new academic programs, determined the allocation of

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 16 ]

resources, connected learning in the classroom with that outside the classroom, and influenced the learning of every student—undergraduate and graduate—on campus. Such a thorough embrace of the learning goals has done far more than reinvigorate learning at Westminster. It has placed the college at the forefront of American higher education as it returns to a focus on student learning and on helping to create graduates who can think critically, solve problems, and create better communities

DEEPER STUDENT LEARNING For years, colleges and universities have proclaimed that their graduates are prepared to succeed in the wider world. And for years, the public has responded that is not the case: unfortunately, graduates have been unprepared to contribute to their communities and work places as they should. It is not enough, then, to simply say that Westminster graduates have developed the skills described in the college-wide learning goals. ePortfolios allow students to show that they have become the sorts of people that they, and the college, want them to become. Portfolios have been an integral part of the art, business, education, and communication programs at Westminster College for more than 10 years. With the advent of new technologies, many of these portfolios have taken on digital formats. ePortfolio usage at Westminster has exploded in the last three years, with more and more programs utilizing this format as part of program assessment. And the electronic versions of portfolios now make it possible for all Westminster undergraduates to do what their Westminster peers have been doing for years: publicly demonstrate their learning. The electronic portfolio initiative, a unique effort within the entire field of higher education, requires all students to begin developing a portfolio dedicated to the college-wide learning goals when they first enter the college. Beginning in the fall orientation, students are introduced to the college-wide learning goals and how important they are to the students’ academic success.

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 17 ]

In the fall Learning Communities, faculty are continually developing student understanding of concepts such as critical thinking and global consciousness. As students progress through the semesters, they regularly update their portfolios with artifacts (essays, lab reports, digital stories, social-media assignments, and more) that demonstrate their achievement of the collegewide learning goals. Near the end of their sophomore year, these students submit their portfolios for evaluation by a group of faculty who provide feedback to students using common, campus-wide standards. This feedback is intended to help students ascertain their current status in achieving the college-wide learning goals and determine ways that they can increase their skill level in the future.

COLLEGE-WIDE LEARNING GOALS: 1. Critical, analytical, and integrative thinking 2. Creative and reflective capacities 3. Leadership, collaboration, and teamwork 4. Writing and other communication skills 5. Global consciousness, social responsibility, and ethical awareness

“Taken together, the collegewide learning goals and ePortfolios are tools that both improve student learning and improve Westminster.

understand their college experience and themselves better. “Naturally, I have the desire to improve myself every day. Creating a portfolio has allowed me to enhance my learning through self-reflection,” says Toni Sanford, an education major. And portfolios prepare students to succeed after graduation. “Every piece in my compilation of work shows how I have developed my business skills over four years at the college,” indicates business major Pamela Sanchez.


Again and again, students report that creating portfolios helps them understand their college experience and themselves better.”

Upon completion of this midpoint portfolio, which focuses on liberal education classes, students move into their academic disciplines. There, they continue to develop their portfolios, reflecting on how they have improved and how the college-wide learning goals interact. The portfolios can also be utilized for program-specific goals, further increasing the number and types of artifacts that a student is considering. These efforts culminate in the final semester as students again submit their portfolios for evaluation. This final evaluation enables the students and the college to see the degree to which the students are able to demonstrate their knowledge and achievement of all five college-wide learning goals.

RESPONSIBILITY AND ETHICAL AWARENESS Taken together, the college-wide learning goals and ePortfolios are tools that both improve student learning and improve Westminster. Again and again, students report that creating portfolios helps them

The process of integrating learning goals into the day-to-day activities of the college has brought about major changes as well. The learning goals are also the basis of new program design. Faculty interested in creating new programs begin with outcomes in mind. They ask what students should be able to do when they graduate, and how they will know when students have met those standards. Only once outcomes—college-wide and program-specific— and demonstrations of achievement are determined do faculty begin designing classes to help students achieve those outcomes. The same focus on outcomes shapes activities in the co-curriculum. Student athletes, volunteers at the college’s centers and institutes, and participants in student government all do more than simply participate. Instead, their participation contributes to their learning. This is even the case for students who work on campus. All on-campus jobs are designed to help meet the college’s needs, help students earn a much-needed income, and aid students in achieving the college’s learning goals. In fact, each on-campus position must be designed to support the college-wide learning goals. The role of on-campus work in helping students stay enrolled and in enhancing their learning is so significant that the college has made major investments in employing more student workers. The intent of these examples is clear: Having a common set of outcomes (learning goals), designing programs to achieve them, and then expecting students to demonstrate the achievement of those goals have resulted in an innovative campus.

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 18 ]

by Jennifer Cooper Director of Major Gifts

In 2002,

when the board of trustees was

searching for a new president, they wanted a leader with vision—someone who could take Westminster to the next level of success. During his nine years as president, Michael Bassis has done just that. One of the keys to his continuing success has been the development of the President’s Innovation Network (PIN), a fund supported by a special group of investors. PIN’s sole purpose is to support the kind of academic programs and initiatives that often fail to get the support they need in the zero-sum game that relatively static departmental budgets create. With a pool of funds outside the normal budgetary constraints, President Bassis could support creative ideas that would enrich Westminster’s learning environment. So in the fall of 2005, PIN was born. “I can tell you first-hand the frustration faculty feel when their ideas to improve the student experience get bogged down in the budgetary processes. Having a designated source of funding for new, innovative programs allows me to act quickly when I see a need or an opportunity. PIN has made a big difference in the speed at which a good idea can become a reality,” President Bassis explains.

Opening Doors to Fresh Ideas Many projects seeking PIN support reflect goals outlined in Westminster’s strategic plan, while others come from faculty members interested in a specific idea or academic area. As these ideas surface, President Bassis and Provost Cid Seidelman discuss their efficacy with faculty leaders, the board of trustees, and Westminster friends who have a particular interest in an initiative under consideration. The president considers three main factors when deciding to fund a project: how it will impact student learning, whether those involved are committed to its growth and long-term success, and if it supports existing academic programs.

“While a PIN initiative may have great potential, I agree to fund it fully expecting that goals may change, strategies might evolve, and circumstances might require unanticipated adaptations.”

The selection criteria provide a certain amount of confidence about a program’s ability to flourish, but do not guarantee success. “While a PIN initiative may have great potential, I agree to fund it fully expecting that goals may change, strategies may evolve, and circumstances may require unanticipated adaptations. The program could even fail, and that is okay. In fact, that is one of the main reasons PIN is so valuable to Westminster: it can fund programs that the college’s more risk-adverse operating budget might be unable to support. And taking risks, walking the edge, is often what reaps the greatest rewards,” according to President Bassis. An example of an innovative PIN-funded program that enhances student learning is our Great Salt Lake Institute (GSLI). While the Great Salt Lake is a defining feature of our state, it is also an understudied and underutilized resource. With waters nearly 10 times the salinity of the oceans, the Great Salt Lake is one of the most extreme ecosystems in the world. Dr. Bonnie Baxter, associate professor of biology and international expert on microorganisms that live in extreme environments, particularly the Great Salt Lake, recognized the lake as a new territory for exploration, learning, and stewardship. She knew that working cooperatively with other institutions, state government, businesses, and other interested groups would help everyone better understand and use the lake’s resources. She also knew that the potential for student learning was endless. Thus, when her proposal to Westminster College to found the GSLI was approved, it received start-up funding from PIN. Today, the GSLI has become a leading example of the transformation Westminster is making in the educational experience. Our students are directly involved in the exciting research being conducted by the GSLI. Students collect samples, gather data, interpret the evidence, draw conclusions, and publish papers describing their work—all under the

direction and with the support of our talented faculty. At the same time the GSLI is conducting sophisticated scientific research, it is sponsoring interdisciplinary activities that include hosting lectures by distinguished guests, supporting high schools and their science activities, and working with nonprofit conservation groups to preserve and protect the lake as a natural resource.

The Means to Explore New Directions Since its founding, more than 50 Westminster friends and alumni have donated an average of $10,000 annually to PIN. At many colleges and universities, that amount would entitle donors to a room in their honor. PIN donors receive little in terms of name recognition, and they do not know in advance what programs President Bassis will support with their donations. They only know he will spend their gifts wisely. And their reward lies in the knowledge that their donations are making a significant impact on Westminster College. As President Bassis has stated, “The faith in the college imparted by the PIN donors gives me the courage to continue to explore new directions, try new strategies, and offer our students innovative programs that make Westminster education more relevant and more effective.”

While private higher education has always operated in a competitive environment, in 2004 we could hardly comprehend the nature, complexity, and scale of the challenges that would unfold in the years to come. by Cid Seidelman, PhD, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

When Westminster College adopted a new 10-year

a personalized learning environment, is costly to

strategic plan in 2004, the plan encompassed an

deliver. Presenting a compelling value proposition

aggressive set of goals and aspirations for the college.

that attracts students to choose Westminster over

The plan built on longstanding values, traditions,

other private institutions or significantly lower-

and strengths of the college, as it identified a new

priced public institutions requires a substantive and

set of strategies that have transformed and lifted

ongoing investment of resources in the core. And

Westminster to higher levels of visibility, prominence,

as the demography of our students changes and

and educational excellence. The plan was also

concerns about affordability become more pervasive,

deliberate in guiding and positioning the college

pressures to minimize tuition increases and to

to navigate an external environment with new and

provide additional institutional scholarship support

more sophisticated competitors and a complex mix

constrain growth in additional resources.

of potential opportunities and challenging threats.

For many years, the college has augmented its net

Undergraduate education has always been and

revenue through enrollment



growth and tuition increases

core mission. Ensuring that

at both the undergraduate and

our current programs remain

graduate levels. But ongoing

strong and model best practices


in higher education is critical

concomitant increases in our

to the college’s future. Our


undergraduate programs also


represent one of our most

and operations) that seem

difficult economic challenges,

unsustainable given the scale

as our “high touch” instructional

and character of the campus

model, with high standards

and the pressure to keep higher

for student achievement and

education affordable.




infrastructure staff,


The challenges facing Westminster are exacerbated by a rapidly changing macroeconomic environment in which fear and uncertainty are increasingly pervasive.

Without a new strategy, can Westminster sustain its well-revered “high touch” educational model in a future of unabated inflation in higher education costs, reductions in federal subsidies and financial aid, and extended periods of high unemployment and declining asset values?

Some would suggest this is a temporary period of instability and that better times will soon return. Others may argue that the investments the college has made in transforming Westminster have sufficiently wellpositioned the college to navigate the future. While most stakeholders are very bullish on Westminster’s future and are proud of its recent accomplishments, we do believe the college needs additional strategies to mitigate the risks described above.

STRENGTH I N A N EW STRATEGY In response to a world of impending threats, the college has created a new tripartite strategy that focuses on the following: 1. Strengthening and sustaining the undergraduate core 2. Offering graduate programs in fields with high demand 3. Developing new revenue streams through innovative/marketable degree and nondegree programs

The tripartite strategy preserves the college’s longstanding commitment to provide small classes with extensive faculty-student interaction and a dynamic residential campus environment (our core high-touch model). At the same time, we will continue to explore and develop new pedagogies, program designs, and technologies that promote high levels of learning at lower cost (more efficient and effective learning designs). This strategy complements other initiatives to make our undergraduate programs more financially self-sustaining, such as reallocating expenditures to higher institutional priorities and focusing fundraising on student scholarships and

operational expenses.

The tripartite strategy reduces our dependence on continued undergraduate enrollment growth and enables the college to establish a cap on undergraduate enrollment. Introducing new graduate programs that fill market niches further diversifies our revenue sources by reaching underserved or unserved markets. It provides investment capital to fund the college’s innovation agenda through a process that identifies new revenue opportunities that may or may not include degree-granting programs, but will—by design—increase revenue to the college. Income from the new graduate programs and other new revenue opportunities will position the college to successfully navigate and adapt to the changing landscape of higher education, while providing additional time and resources requisite to the college’s development of a long-term path to ensure sustainability of our core undergraduate mission. Consistent with our strategic plan, this tripartite strategy is designed to preserve our mission as a high-quality, comprehensive, undergraduate liberal arts college. The success of this strategy is critical to the college’s ability to continue investing in the core, increasing our value proposition to traditional undergraduate students, and furthering our ambitions to become a nationally recognized, exemplary community of learners.

Over the past several years, Westminster has made phenomenal progress in implementing its strategic plan and, in the process, has transformed the college. In many ways the tripartite model deepens and adds clarity to the 2004 strategic plan. The synergy of these strategies is evidence of the college’s growing competency in assessing its status and effectively planning for its future. The college’s ongoing process of reviewing accomplishments, monitoring its internal and external environments, and engaging in comprehensive planning to guide strategic positioning and to define its future direction has powerful implications for the college’s long-term relevancy, effectiveness, and sustainability.

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 22 ]



Total enrollment is up 44% since 2002. Enrollment

Fall 2002 Fall 2011 Change

Undergraduates Graduate Students Total



+  29%






+  44%

Freshman applications have increased fourfold since 2002. Applications

Fall 2002 Fall 2011 Change





Freshman class diversity has dramatically increased. In 2011, out-of-state and international students constituted 60% of the freshman class. Freshman

Fall 2002 Fall 2011 Change

Students of Color




Intn’l Students




Outside Utah




Freshman-to-sophomore retention rate has increased. Retention






FACILITIES We’ve added seven new facilities, including the Meldrum Science Center, which is the first LEEDPlatinum-certified science center on a Utah campus; the Eccles Health, Wellness, and Athletic Center; the newly acquired Garfield School, which will be home to the Westminster Center for the Arts currently

We’ve added 19 new undergraduate programs, including environmental studies, fine arts, neuroscience, and public health. We’ve established many new and highly distinctive learning opportunities, including a problem-based liberal education program called Westminster Scholars, multidisciplinary Learning Communities for all first-year students, a multi-year career development certificate program called Career Passages, and a highly popular Alumni Mentoring program. We’ve built nine new graduate programs including the Global MBA, Master of Accountancy, Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Science in Professional Counseling, and Master of Arts in Community Leadership. We’ve created seven new centers and institutes including the Center for Civic Engagement, the Environmental Center, the Diversity and International Center, the Great Salt Lake Institute, and the Institute for New Enterprise.

WESTMINSTER’S EDUCATIONAL SIGNATURE A program that will likely become our educational signature has been launched. All undergraduates are now required to build an ePortfolio to track their progress in achieving these college-wide learning goals set by the faculty: Critical, analytical, and integrative thinking Creative and reflective capacities

being envisioned; and Westminster on the Draw, a

Leadership, collaboration, and teamwork

six-story combination of student housing, classrooms,

Writing and other communication skills

and retail space located in Sugar House.

Global consciousness, social responsibility, and ethical awareness

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 23 ]



We’ve made a commitment to remain affordable:

We’ve gained national recognition for our work:

For 2011–2012, our tuition and fees totaled $27,182, which is about $1,500 less than the

Princeton Review

average of all like colleges and universities. More than 95% of our undergraduates receive some form of financial aid. Last year, we awarded more than $23 million in scholarships and grants. The average financial aid award for incoming freshmen totaled $21,967. The average indebtedness of our students at graduation is $22,557, more than 18% lower than the average for all like colleges and universities.

COMMUNITY SERVICE We have a dual impact on our community: Our students performed nearly 67,000 hours of community service last year. Our total annual economic impact to Salt Lake County exceeds $182 million.

ATHLETICS We have added eight new athletic teams for men and women (lacrosse, skiing, snowboarding, track) and now field a total of 17 intercollegiate teams. Fourteen Westminster students participated in the Vancouver Olympics, the fourth-highest number of participants of any university in the world. Since 2002, 131 players have been recognized by the NAIA as scholar athletes, and 12 teams have been recognized as scholar teams. At the same time, we have won 19 Frontier Conference Championships, four National Affiliated Regional Championships, and National Championships in men’s lacrosse and women’s skiing.

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 24 ]

Top 15% of colleges and universities in the US #13 for “Quality of Life” (2011 edition)

#15 for “Town Gown Relations” (2011 edition) Westminster is the first institution in Utah to have achieved a STARS “Silver” rating from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), which recognizes our sustainability achievements. Westminster has been named to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for five consecutive years (2006–2010). The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching recently selected Westminster College for the 2010 Community Engagement Classification, among only 311 institutions. Westminster was featured in The Innovative University: Changing the DNA of Higher Education from the Inside Out, authored by Clayton Christensen and Henry Eyring, for its innovative adaptations to the changing educational landscape. For the last three years, Westminster has been selected by the Chronicle of Higher Education as one of the “Great Colleges to Work For.” We were named to its Honor Roll in 2011, one of only 40 schools across the country that were singled out because faculty and staff rated their institution highly across a number of dimensions. Westminster employees gave the college high marks in eight different categories: job satisfaction, opportunities for career advancement, commitment to innovative teaching, compensation and benefits, the campus environment, work/life balance, supervisor relationships, and respect and appreciation for all employees.

FINANCIAL REPORT BALANCE SHEET GROWTH For the 28th consecutive year, Westminster ended the

college, growing the total net assets to $134.5 million,

fiscal year with an operating surplus. That demonstrates

an increase of $9.8 million. Fundraising added $2.8

a strong and steady record of fiscal discipline in

million in net assets to fund longer-term projects,

managing its resources, particularly in a challenging

including the Meldrum Science Center and permanent

economic environment. Consistent enrollment and

endowments. Revenues from all sources reached $70.5

fundraising growth added to the net assets of the

million, while expenses for all funds were $60.7 million.

2011 Balance Sheet Growth (Net Assets)


$122.1 $127.2

120 100



$97.9 $102.6





80 60 40

Balance-Sheet Growth (Net Assets)

20 0

2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

TOTAL REVENUE Net tuition revenue increased by 7.1 percent—from

The college began the new academic year with

$45.9 million to $49.1 million—and accounted for

record student enrollment both in undergraduate

most of total revenue. Overall enrollment for the

and graduate programs, and residential students are

fiscal year increased from 3,047 to 3,266, or 7.2

at an all-time high of 609. The college raised $4.3

percent; additionally, the tuition-rate increase for

million in charitable contributions, which supported

the year, along with added student scholarships,

the operations of the college, student scholarships,

helped generate an increase in net-tuition revenue.

academic programs, and other campus projects.

2011 Total Revenue $70,523,113


Net Tuition & Fees Investment Activity




Auxiliary Enterprises


Other Income


Federal & State Grants







2011 President’s Annual Report [ 25 ]








Total Revenues for Fiscal 2011 = $70,523,113

TOTAL EXPENSES Because of enrollment increases, total expenses

opportunity to renovate Charles Dick Hall and parts of

increased 7.4 percent from the prior year. More

Malouf Hall. The acquisition of Garfield School offers

than 45 percent of this growth was directed toward

an opportunity to expand programs in education and

instructional areas and 13 percent toward other areas

art, and planning is underway to renovate this facility.

that support student learning. One of the strategic-

An agreement was reached to lease a facility located

plan goals is to spend more for student learning and

in the Sugar House business district that will provide

less on administrative costs, and these allocations of

168 residential beds and space to expand academic

capital helped accomplish that goal. The completion

programs, to be called Westminster on the Draw.

of the Meldrum Science Center provided the

Construction started May 2011.

2011 Total Expenses $60,700,769

Public Service


Auxiliary Enterprises


Academic Support


Institutional Support


Student Services



$26,987,963 Million

ENDOWMENT FUND Endowment-fund contributions for 2011 totaled

National Association of College and University

$2.6 million. The fund’s investment performance

Business Officers (NACUBO) Endowment Survey.

delivered a net return of 19.1 percent for the fiscal

The college compares its return to an industry

year and an average of 4.2 percent over five years,

benchmark, which returned 21.8 percent for the year.

which compares favorably to the performance

The investment results increased the endowment

of other endowments comparable in size in the

by $9.6 million for the fiscal year.

2011 Endowment Fund $59,700,000




60 50 40

$48.6 $42.7








30 20 10 0

2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 26 ]

Thank you! When Westminster completes a large fundraising campaign—on the scale of the Meldrum Science Center—we often see the number of our donors wane as they set their sights on other deserving organizations. But that didn’t happen this year. Even as these challenging economic times persist, more of you gave to Westminster than ever before! Thank you. The reason you support Westminster is a personal one. Likely you realize the value of Westminster within the educational landscape. And I hope you recognize the growing reputation of the college—an outgrowth of our unique learning environment and the caliber of students who leave Westminster ready to make a difference. Ultimately, I view your support as an endorsement of the work we do as students, faculty, and staff. Our mission is to continue to prepare graduates for the rapidly changing world in which we live, and we couldn’t do this without you. In this Honor Roll, we recognize all who have invested their dollars, as well as their time and talent, to help make Westminster a success. With thanks,

Steve Morgan Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Relations

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 27 ]





The Coyner Society is named for John and Mary Coyner, founders and first principal and teacher of the Salt Lake Collegiate Institute, which eventually became Westminster College. The Coyner Society honors lifetime support of $1,000,000 or more in outright gifts or irrevocable planned gifts.

The Ferry Society is named for Colonel William Montgomery Ferry, a charter member of the Sheldon Jackson College Board of Trustees, and his wife, Jeannette. Col. Ferry purchased and deeded to the college the site where Westminster College is now situated. The Ferry Society honors those who have supported the college with gifts of $1,000,000+ in the past fiscal year.



Kim T. Adamson* Nancy and Jack~ Behnken Berenice Jewett Bradshaw*~ Katherine W. and Ezekiel R. Dumke Jr. Dolores Doré Eccles~ Linda and Bob Frankenberg Virginia Gore Giovale* and John Giovale* Bill*~ and Vieve~ Gore Jane McCarthey~ Catherine and Peter Meldrum Alvin* and Helene Richer

Virginia Gore Giovale* and John Giovale*

CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation Kresge Foundation

MCNIECE SOCIETY $500,000–$999,999

CORPORATIONS AN D FOUNDATIONS ALSAM Foundation Ruth Eleanor Bamberger and John Ernest Bamberger Memorial Foundation R. Harold Burton Foundation The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Foundation Katherine W. & Ezekiel R. Dumke Jr. Foundation Estate of Dolores Doré Eccles George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation Marriner S. Eccles Foundation Henry W. & Leslie M. Eskuche Charitable Foundation Charles A. Frueauff Foundation Emma Eccles Jones Foundation Kennecott Utah Copper/Rio Tinto Kresge Foundation G. Raymond and Edna Kay Smith Trust St. Mark’s Hospital

The McNiece Society is named for Robert G. McNiece, pastor of First Presbyterian Church (1877–96) and first chair of the board of trustees for Sheldon Jackson College, which eventually became Westminster College. The McNiece Society honors those who have supported the college with gifts of $500,000–$999,999 in the past fiscal year.

INDIVIDUALS Katherine W. and Ezekiel R. Dumke Jr. Catherine and Peter Meldrum

SHELDON JACKSON SOCIETY $100,000–$499,999 The Jackson Society is named for Rev. Sheldon Jackson, Presbyterian missionary and college trustee and benefactor, for whom the college was originally named. The Jackson Society honors those who have supported the college with gifts of $100,000–$499,999 in the past fiscal year.

INDIVIDUALS Kim T. Adamson* Bruce Bastian Linda and Bob Frankenberg Arline Hilton Mattison* and Robert Mattison Alvin* and Helene Richer Melinda and David Simmons Marta Sutton Weeks Penny Wirts

CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS Kennecott Utah Copper/Rio Tinto McCarthey Family Foundation Myriad Genetics Ruth Eleanor Bamberger and John Ernest Bamberger Memorial Foundation

Gifts made from July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011 | *Alumni | ~Deceased

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 28 ]



REHERD SOCIETY $50,000–$99,999

FOSTER SOCIETY $15,000–$24,999

The Reherd Society is named for Herbert Ware Reherd, fourth president of Westminster College, who served for 26 years (1913–39). The Reherd Society honors those who have supported the college with gifts of $50,000–$99,999 in the past fiscal year.

The Foster Society is named for the Foster family, who underwrote the construction of Foster Hall in 1926. The Foster Society honors those who have supported the college with gifts of $15,000–$24,999 in the past fiscal year.



Carolyn and Thomas Fey Penny and Nick Rose

Marilyn and Clyde Coller Nancy and Clark Giles Corey Kirkwood*



R. Harold Burton Foundation James Collins Estate Willard L. Eccles Charitable Foundation Henry W. & Leslie M. Eskuche Foundation Florence J. Gillmor Foundation George L. Lemich Estate Rocky Mountain Power/Blue Sky Program

STEELE SOCIETY $25,000–$49,999 The Steele Society is named for Robert D. Steele, fifth president of Westminster College, who led the effort in making the college a fouryear institution. The Steele Society honors those who have supported the college with gifts of $25,000–$49,999.

INDIVIDUALS Anonymous Steve Crane* Mary and Curt Crowther Judy Cheng Fang* and Bing Fang* Janet Martineau* and Bill Orchow Marianne and O. Wood Moyle IV* Robert Myrick

CORPORATIONS AN D FOUNDATIONS American Express Marriner S. Eccles Foundation EnergySolutions Dr. Ezekiel R. and Edna Wattis Dumke Foundation Henry S. and Patrice Hemingway Foundation Intermountain Healthcare KeyBank Pepsi Cola Bottling Questar Corporation Serta Mattress Workers Compensation Fund Zions Bank

Gifts made from July 1, 2010, to June 30, 201 | *Alumni | ~Deceased

Associated Students of Westminster College B. W. Bastian Foundation Carleson Charitable Foundation Trust The Lawrence T. & Janet T. Dee Foundation GE Capital Financial JPMorgan Chase Foundation La Caille Restaurant United Concerts Wells Fargo Foundation Woman’s Board of Westminster College WTF Foundation

HANCOCK SOCIETY $10,000–$14,999 The Hancock Society is named for Kate Harwood Hancock, the daughter of William and Jeannette Ferry, and one of the first two female trustees of the college. The Hancock Society honors those who have supported the college with gifts of $10,000–$14,999 in the past fiscal year.

INDIVIDUALS Jeanne Ambruster and David Sherry Kerry and William Melbourne Armstrong* Nancy Behnken Barbara and James Clark William Cottrell Annie Lewis and Robert Garda Jenifer B. and P. Michael Gibbons Jennifer and Andrew Harding Sally and Jack Keller Mary Anne and David Keyser* Dana and Kim* Kutsch Jodi and Jack Livingood Andrea Dumke Manship* and Michael Manship* Carol and William Redeker Patricia Richards and William Nichols Paula Swaner Daniel Temkin Joyce and Verl Topham Joanne and John Young*

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 29 ]

1875 SOCIETY $1,875–$4,999

C O R P ORATIONS A ND FOUNDATIO NS Big-D Construction The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Foundation Eccles First Security Foundation GE Money Bank Isys Global Solutions S.J. and Jessie E. Quinney Foundation Raytheon Matching Gift Program Rocky Mountain NASA Space Grant Consortium Salt Lake County ZAP Program St. Mark’s Hospital Strong & Hanni Law Firm Westminster College Tax Institute Woodlands Commercial Bank

The 1875 Society commemorates the founding year of the college. The 1875 Society honors those who have supported the college with gifts of $1,875–$4,999 in the past fiscal year.


ETOSIAN SOCIETY $5,000–$9,999 The Etosian Society is named for the annual yearbook that was produced from 1919 to 1987. The Etosian Society honors those who have supported the college with gifts of $5,000–$9,999 in the past fiscal year.

INDIVIDUALS Martha Felt Barton* and Michael Barton* Mary W. and Michael S. Bassis Michael Drury Susan and Thomas Ellison Kathy and Raymond Etcheverry Amy Paul and Rex Falkenrath* Deanna Forbush* Kathryn Bailey Garvin* and Robert Garvin* Susan Glasmann and Richard Dudley Mark Giovale Lainie and Michael Giovale Buckley E. Johnson* Robert Koch Leonora Midgley* and I. Gary Resnick Sandy* and Stephen Morgan Katie and Jefffery Nelson Elizabeth and Oren Nelson Clyde Pannier Kalpaha and Dinesh Patel Christina and Gary Seldomridge Ghazaleh and Khosrow Semnani* Giselle and John Sexsmith Greg and Debbie Schirf Elizabeth Snyder Joan Patton Steele* Leianne Chapin Stinton* and W. Carter Stinton* Barbara and Norman Tanner Betsy and Scott Thornton Craig White Jill and Gregory Winegardner

CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS Altius Health Plans Arnold Machinery M. Lynn Bennion Foundation Edward L. Burton Foundation Eureka Casino Resort Carr Printing Castle Foundation Deseret News Raymond James Endowment Fund Robert D. Kent, Jr. Trust Rotary Club of Salt Lake City Salt Lake Tribune VCBO Architecture Wasatch Beers

Nadeya Al-Jabri* Gretchen Anderson Lisa and Corbin Archer* Lois and Stephen Baar Paige and Steven Bednarik Judith and Thomas Billings Bonnie and Vernon Cavill Greg Christopulos* Howard Clark Kathryn Colemere* Sheila Sorenson Deputy and Michael Deputy Lottie* and William Felkner Mary and Ray Freer Larisa and Scott Gore* Thomas Hawk* Eric Hecker Ruth Hecker Beverly and Jack Hoover Laurie and Patrick Iversen* Barbara and Joseph Morelli Nancie and David Pickett Jean and Walton T. Roth Noreen Cheeseman Rouillard* and Donald Rouillard* Jeanette Bagley Seidelman* and James Seidelman Julia Reagan and William Thomas* Pauline and Jeff Unruh D. Colene and Robert Warren Don Wheeler~ Victoria and Jeff Whiting* Scott Wightman Gloria* and William Wong* Enid Vaag Wood* and Richard Wood*

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 30 ]

CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS Adib’s Rug Gallery American Mechanical Systems Services BD Medical C. Comstock Clayton Foundation Chapman and Cutler CIT Bank Deer Valley Ski Resort Follett Bookstores Four Daughters Foundation Gear To Grow Gibbons Foundation Grant Thornton IBM International Foundation Jonathan’s Jewelry Marsh McNeil Group Merrick Bank Michael Foundation Mountain West Building Maintenance O. C. Tanner Pitney Bowes Bank Rocky Mountain Power Foundation Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort Sodexo, Inc. St. Regis Hotel Stockton To Malone Honda Stoel Rives LLP Sugar House Rotary Club TMP Worldwide Advertising Communication US Bank Verizon Wireless W. L. Gore & Associates



SHAW SOCIETY $1,000–$1,874


The Shaw Society is named for Dr. Manford A. Shaw, the college’s ninth president. The Shaw Society honors those who have supported the college with gifts of $1,000–$1,874 in the past fiscal year.

The Hogle Society is named for James A. Hogle, a former trustee of the college who helped fund Hogle Hall. The Hogle Society honors those who have supported the college with gifts of $500–$999 in the past fiscal year.



Lisa and David Actor Ida and Gerald Anderson Kevin Baltzell Sandi Behnken* Tracy Warren Berry* and James Berry Amy Keller-Bills and Michael Bills* Suzanna Lee and Michael Bishop* Jeff Bowman Robert Brinkman* William Bruchman Bobbye Burleson Mark Butler Jane and Jack Campbell Graceanne Ward Chally* and David Chally* Mary Jane Chase Heather and Carl Craven Margaret Day Krista and David DeAngelis Lynn and Patrick de Freitas Candace and Tim Dee III Michele Field* Barbara and Richard Fontaine Massimo Gilmozzi Lynn Godderidge Donald Goffena Terri and Dean Gushee* Katherine and Robert Haines Jr.* Jeanine and W. Eugene Hansen Susan Heath and William Tanner Barbara Parady Hoagland * and Harry Hoagland III* Annalisa Steggell Holcombe* and Troy Holcombe Betty and Joseph Hollander* Winnie and Scott Iverson* Patricia Bellinger Johnson* and Jesse Johnson* Edward Juhan* Colleen Kearns-McCann* and Byron McCann Safia and Lester Keller William Laney Lindsay Malechek* and Randall Klimes Marianne McDonald Cathy and Michael Mitchell* Yuan Chang and Patrick Moore*

Gail Nelson* Barbara Paullin Craig Peterson Bernedette Armor and James Poulton* Donna Price J. Steven Price Marsha and Alan Rogers* Faith and Curtis Ryan Jim Scarcelli Vicki Wheeless and Donald Shaw* Sarah and Robert Shaw Timothy Shumway* Kaye and Frank Stackpole Jonathan Taylor* Shari and Darrell Troester Susan Stout Watkins* and Tom Watkins Jayne and Ronald Wilkins*

CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS Betty Walton Trust Blue Collar Bobbers The Canyons Ski Resort Christ United Methodist Church Energy Strategies Fontaine Family Charitable Fund Fusion Benefits Gibson Estate Great Harvest Bread Heart of Sonoma Valley Association Midas Management Patricia M. Adams Employee Benefits Promontory Ranch Sara Lee Foundation Spectrum Engineers Inc. State of Utah Division of Finance Techna Glass Time Warner Foundation United Jewish Federation of Utah US Ski and Snowboard Association Utah Humanities Council Utility Trailer Sales of Utah Van Boerum & Frank Associates, Inc. Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company Young Advantage

Gifts made from July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011 | *Alumni | ~Deceased

Amity Andersen* Nadine and Jack Armstrong* Linda* and Steven Atcheson Alan Back Julie Pannier Balk* and Mark Balk Leslie Bangerter Paul Bangerter Marghi Eidsness Barton* and Gene Barton* Susan and Paul Begovac Jean Conaway Behnke* and James Behnke Carolyn Kibbie Benson* and Craig Benson* Tomi and Ron Malm Jamie Bowthorpe Raymond Bradford* Brooke and Michael Breen* Vaselike Brumitt* Kathleen Mordret Burton* and Dan Burton Sandra and John Calevas* Katherine and Rick Campbell* Clark Christian Don Coleman* Katherine Smith Coult* and Terry Coult* Sean Crawford Danielle and Tyson Creamer* Sally Dahlstrom* Mikelle Daugherty* Harold Dobson Bobbie and Robert Doidge Tom Eldredge Elisa and Ryan Evans Rolayne Poate Fairclough* and John Evans Lois Fitzgerald* Diane Forster-Burke and Christopher Burke Dorothy and H. Quintin Foster Amy Leininger* and Rheda Fouad* Federica Gallegos* Mara and Edgar Garcia Melissa and Daniel Giovale* Nancy Golden* and Jack McCleary Roxane and Kent Winterholler Lisa* and Dave Gough Carol Greely*

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 31 ]

Pamela and Bryan Hassler* Gordon Haycock Wayne Heldt* Judy Holoviak* Barbara and James Hough* Lisa and Thomas Howells* Margaret McKenzie* and Stephen Hurlbut Lee* and Gladys Jennings Jeffrey Jenson* Craig and Craig Kapp* Aric Krause Linda and Craig Lee Kory Lind* Louis Livolsi* Judy Lund Ronald Mano William McClung* Thomas Metcalf * Constance Miller* Susan and George Mitchell Laura and Robert Murphy Vikki and D. Keith Nay* Nancy and Richard Paff* Katherine Papanikolas Julia Perry* Tracy Pierce Robert Poirer John Reed Faye Robinson* Anna and Gregory Roumpos* Margee Madison Ruff* and Mark Ruff* Holdunn Rutkoski* Josette and Brendan Ryan Cecily* and Kellen Sakrison* Robert Schocker Vicki Wheeless and Donald Shaw* Diane Buttrey Simons* and Blaine Simons Mary and Steven Simpson Steven Charles Stauffer Joelyn Stewart* Linda Stimpson* Peggy and Robert Stock Nico Suazo Michelle Swift* Laura and Christopher Thomas* Susannah Thomas* and Kenneth Hefner

JoAnn and Jerry Van Os Barbara Rubright Van Roosendaal*and Brent Van Roosendaal* Desa and Richard Voelker* Donna and William Vogel Lawrence Wegkamp* Weyerstall Family Stacie Lufkin Whitford* and John Whitford Elizabeth Archer Williams* and Bill Williams Mary and Charles Wintzer Joy and Tom Woolf


BANKING ON WOMEN Westminster’s Institute for New Enterprise is home to GE Capital’s Banking on Women program, which provides microenterprise loans and mentoring support for women business owners. Westminster is the only institution hosting this program in the United States.

American Nutrition Archer Family Charitable Trust Bequet Confections Cache Valley Electric Capital One CBIZ–Mayer Hoffman McCann Chocolot LLC Citadel Broadcasting Clearlink College Club Doidge Investment Eliot Management Group

Entrada Country Club Galileo Financial Advisors Hexcel High Country Volleyball Club Integra Telecom Kelly Entertainment M&M Distributing Marilyn Condon Trust Masonic Foundation of Utah Moreton & Company Park City Mountain Resort Pitney Bowes Bank, Inc. Ray Quinney & Nebeker RPA, Inc. Shell Oil Foundation Ski Utah Solitude Mountain Resort State Farm Companies Foundation Stoddard Brothers Urban Outsourcing IJ & Jeanné Wagner Jewish Community Center Waxie Wiley Production Group, Inc. Williamsen Manufacturing Willow Creek Pet Center

Now in its second year, Banking on Women is helping low- to moderate-income women create opportunities for themselves and their families. One alumna of the program, Cathy Tshilombo, is using resources provided

GOLD SOCIETY $100–$499

through Banking on Women to invest in her business,

The Gold Society honors those who have supported the college with gifts of $100–$499 in the past fiscal year.

Mama Africa, a line of African cooking sauces. Her goal


is to move production into a stand-alone facility and hire three part-time employees. Julie Buchholz, a Community Reinvestment Act officer at GE Capital, believes in the power of helping small business owners, especially women. “GE Capital Financial Inc. is committed to the philosophy that financial institutions have an obligation to drive community empowerment,” Buchholz said. “By arming women entrepreneurs with business acumen and access to credit through Banking on Women, we are opening smallbusiness doors that may not otherwise have opened.” Thank you, GE Capital, for your support of our community’s entrepreneurs!

Marjorie and Lawrence Aleamoni* James Allison Gennifer and Robert Allred* Carol and Roger Anderson* Donna Smith Anselmo* and Frank Anselmo* Lois Herman Archuleta* and Robert Archuleta Dana Ardovino John Arnold Susan* and Roger Arsht* Mary Lou and Allan Arveseth Katherine Day Ashton* and Edward Ashton Leslie Ashton Gail Klofstad Avendaño* and Orlando Avendaño* Richard Badenhausen Aaron Bailess

Susan Bailess* Kathleen Barber Michelle Barber-Lyhnakis* and Vaselis Lyhnakis* Debbie and Byron Barkley Tracy Barry* Eva-Maria Bates Gretta Baur Bonnie Baxter Barbara and Dwight Beattie* Michele Beckstrand* Denise* and Michael Bégué* Joy Hammer Bemis* and Bruce Bemis* Jeanene Bennion* and Paul Randle Jeanne Vann Bickford* and Jon Bickford Anne and Peter Bjorklund* Brandon Black Vicki Bond Marcine and Brent Bonny*

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 32 ]



Judith Booher Robin Boon and John Fraser Annemarie Boswell* Connie and Emerson Boyd* Shannon Boyle-Richards* and Trent Richards* R. Douglas Brackenridge Regie and John Bradford James Brandon Betty Brewer* Carrie and Thomas Brooks Colleen and Jeff Brown Karen Brown Diane Dent Bunker* and Gaylen Bunker Chassie Hatch Bunker* and Collin Bunker* Tamara Ward Burnside* and Ronald Burnside* Claudia Butter Rosemarie Calas* and William Green Michael Caldwell Michele and Terry Callahan* Barbara and Timothy Carr Lou Ann and Charles Carroll Alicia Carter* Barbara and James Carty S. Cary Kimberlee Casaday* and Kerry Casaday Silvia Castro* and Jason Thomas McCall Chandler Shannon Chandler Kerry Christensen Catherine Webb Cimos* and Alexander Cimos Shirley Shank Clark* and William Clark Stanley Clark* Ralfi Leonardo Claspill* and Timothy Claspill* Jared Clayton* Cathy and Earle Clough* Cristy and Bryan Coffey Coral and James Coffey* Marjorie Coleman S. Haustein Coleman* and Roger Coleman Susan Coller Elena and Kristian Colvin* William Condas Dana Connell Carolyn Connell Kathryn and Tommy Connor Dorothy and J. Coombs

Craig Cooper Eddy Cooper* Jenn Cooper Susanna Cooper Gilbert Cordova* Mary Jane and Thomas Cork* Justin Cornwall* Janet Coskey* Dean Cottle Joshua Byrne and Cody Cowan* Stephanee and Matthew Cox* John Craemer* K. C. and Mark Cranney Ramona and Colin Crebs Dorothy and David Crockett Diane Kleindienst and Eugene Cronin III* Angela* and Chris Crossman Robert Cummings* Patricia Curtis Larry Dahle Vikki Druce Dahle* and Steve Dahle* Charmain and Mark Daniels* Katharine Davis Gary Daynes Kelly De Hill and Jim Hamblin Mary and Charles Degagne Kristin* and Jason DeHerrera* Yvonne DeMars* and Thomas Zwick Margaret Osborne Denton* and Craig Denton Tracy Diven Gerald Dodd* Joyce and John Dolcourt* Georgiana Donavin Evelyn Fletcher Donoviel* and Stephen Donoviel* Mildred Dubois* Analecia Adams Dumke * and Zeke Dumke IV* Janet and David Dynak Betty Easley* Arlene and K. Edsall Robert Edwards Virginia Poulsen Eggen* and Mark Eggen* Elizabeth and Charles Ehin Matthew Elizondo* Pam and Stewart Ellington Katherine Ellis* Lesa Shields Ellis* and John Ellis* Deborah Geare Empey* and Marshall Empey* Sally Garhart Eneguess* and Daniel Eneguess Adam Evans

Gifts made from July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011 | *Alumni | ~Deceased

Gerald Fairbairn Tanya Fairclough* Heather and David Farnsworth* Gloria Garcia Faulkner* and Joel Faulkner Marilyn Felkner* Taylor Felton* Steven Ferguson Mark Ferne Tracy and Stanley Finn Joan and John Firmage Jr. Ronda and Fred Fogo Susan Harr Fortney* and Neil Fortney Jennifer Foster* Frances Foster Leslie Freeman Fred Freymuller* Tyson Frost* Patrice and Gregory Gagne Donald Gamble Kalpana Ganesh* Paula Brister Garfield* and Larry Garfield* Catherine Willett Garnas* and Donald Garnas* Dodi Gauthier* Dan Gaztambide Janie and Laurence Gebhardt Adam Gibbons* Catherine Clement Gilbert* and Keith Gilbert* Karen Gill Mark Gilmore Adrienne Wing Glissmeyer* and Eric Glissmeyer* Mary Goddard* Barbara and Steven Goddard* Stormey Goddard Peter Goldman Amy Gordon Janet Hunter Graebe* and Gerald Graebe Beverly and Reginald Graham Joni Greenwell Janette and John Groesbeck Ronald Gunnell Kathryn Gushee Jorden Gustin* Casey Fagoaga Guttry* and Glen Guttry Rick Hackford Gayle and Joel Hall* Judy Clay Hammond* and James Hammond DeAnne Hanson* Joanie Hardcastle Marion Lucas Harris* and Arnold Harris* Kathy and Stephen Haslam Robert Hatch*

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 33 ]

Lynn and John Heinlein Michael Hembury* Elizabeth and Paul Henderson Karen and Clint Hendry Edward Henkels* Brian Hermann* Elizabeth and John Herrick Ryan Hessenthaler* Leila and Glenn Hewitt Bonita and Thomas Hewitt* Mary Jo Hinsdale Patrice Hirning Helen Hodgson and David Nelson Brandy and Douglas Hoffman Susan Arnot Hoffman* and Marvin Hoffman Margaret Hall Hogben* and Michael Hogben* Lori and Thomas Holbrook Mark Holland Steve Holloman* Ana* and Paul Hooker Sharon Roper and William Hooper* Amanda and Troy Hooton* Shana Hopperstead* and Ross Dicaprio Katharine Howells Virginia Hughes Kade Huntsman Robert Hurst Robyn Hyde Joseph Iliya* Peter Ingle Laura Iverson Elaine and Hiro Iwasaki* Jeanne and Robert Lee Alan Jaramillo* Patricia and Boyer Jarvis Marilyn and Ronald Jennings Shirley and Ralph Jennings* Thomas Jensen* Virginia and Alfred Johansen Jo and Michael Johnsen* Cindy and Kirk Johnson* Kim and Alan Jones Laurel Miller-Jones* and Garrett Jones* Melissa* and Brady Jones* Kristi Jones Carol and William Jones* Karla Joost* and Corbett Harrison Nicholas Julian Richard Jutkins* Henry Kaiser* Kathryn Jones Kamel* and Anthony Kamel Margaret Katsanevas Lynne Kennedy

Michael Kiely* Han Kim Kathleen Kingston* and Scott Kisling Kay Bonham Kinney* and Edward Kinney Lisa and Jerry Kiser* Cheryl and Edmund Koc Katerina Kocurek* Mimi and Wolfgang Koenig Cary Kylen* Martha and Hank Lamb Katharine Lamb Antoinette Franzolino Lambert* and Walter Lambert Marjorie Lambson* Jack Larsen Analeis and Richard Larsen* Scott Leckman C.W. Lehr Gloria Leonard* Lawrence Letey* Lanae Harris Lewis* and Ryan Lewis* Barbara Forrest Lewis * and George Lewis Jr.* Madeline and Carlos Linares Jr.* Sam Lincoln Alice Lawrence Lindblom* and Thomas Lindblom Jeanette Peterson Ling* and Ben Ling Tom Linhard Sarah Lof* Melvin Long Mindy Jensen Long* and Bryan Long* Ronda Lucey Marie Lum Calvin Lum* Deanna Lynch Melissa Madden* Gabriele Mammond Adam Mangone* Susan Fraser Maples* and Robert Maples Norman Marfice Connie and Bill Marolt Claudia Marques* and Kathleen Donner Jean Mayer Alissa and Alan Maynard Marcie and Chad McCleary Mary McCurdie Jacqueline* and Steve McGill Jessica McKelvie* Debbie and Mark McKinstry Patrick McLaughlin* Debbie and Bob McLellan

Laura Weaver McNaughton* and John McNaughton* Kathy and Scott McNeil Jennifer Medrano* Susan and David Mehregan Shirley Michel* Lori and Glen Middleton* Nikola Mijic Kathleen Garnas Miller* and Edward Miller Terry Miller* Andy Miller Laurel and Dale Miller Lawrence Mills Michael Misiewicz* Donna Mitchell Paul Mitchell Charles Moffitt* W. Mole Harriette Monroe* and John Morrow* Michelle and Nicholas More Zachary Morin Swen Mortenson Katie Mortenson* Marsha Morton Diane and Don Moss* Linda Dallimore Muir* and Martin Muir Lynn and Chuck Murphy* Stacey and Paul Murray* Gaylyn and Larry Myres* Robert Myrick Sheree* and Michael Negus Elvira Nelson* Michele Neumann* Bridget Newell Roxana and Craig Newman Cheryl and Jeffrey Nichols Jean Huddleston Nickinson* and Edward Nickinson Randy Nielsen* Myrna and Robert Nielsen* Iris Nixdorf* Peggy Nolte Diane Norman* Pamela and Ronald Clem Diane O’Mara* Lois Blackham Olsen* and Larry Olsen* Elias Olson* Shelley Orgill* Sara and Kirby Ortiz Christopher Ostler* Joseph Papenfuss Alexander Pappas* Jeff Paris

Joanne and Robert Parker Kimberly and Derek Payne Julianne Peck-Dabling* and Rex Dabling Elinor Forinash Pedersen* and Jan Pedersen* Ryan Pezely* Sheryl and John Thompson Samuel Pierantoni* Kristina Pluta Chloris Poggiogalle* Byron Pollan L. Pond Ruth Popescu* Jennifer* and Michael Popich Paul Presson Lorel Preston Michael Pritchard* Patricia Purkey-Timm* and Elaina Timm Mary Johnson Pusey* and Michael Pusey Teresa Schrodt Puskedra* and David Puskedra* Stan Radford Sonja Ragsdale* James Rains Linda Rands Rebecca Painter Ravizza* and John Ravizza Rebecca Raybould* and Aksel Peterson Kelly Redican Vickie Reese* Nathaniel Reid* Wendy and Robert Rendon Doris and E. Richards Shauna and John Robertson* Gayle Hancey Robinson* and John Robinson Lynette Robinson Charlene Rockwell Becky and Dan Bruns Joe Romero Patricia Roser* and Andrew Langford Tina Berg Ruga* and Jonathan Ruga Judith Merritt Runchel* and Mike Runchel Jan and Shahab Saeed Natasha Sajé Doris and David Samson* Anant Samudra Jared Sanford Stephen Sanford Jennifer Sant Stephen Santoro Ulrike Schambeck* Carolyn Rice Schilly* and Andrew Schilly Todd Schneider*

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 34 ]

Angie Schneider* Barbara Schulz Smith Ruth Schwager* Heather Seaman Linda and Christopher Segura* Helen and Bob Seltzer Robert Shafer* Diane Sheldon Ronald Shelly* Linda and Walter Shelly* Laurel Shepard* Margot and Allen Shott Mary Siciliano* Steve Siegel Cindy Pinckney Sisto* and John Sisto Christina Skedros* Michelle and Christopher Skinner* Lisa and John Skriner Kathia and Sam Sleiman James Smith Jr.* Kayla Smith* Beverly Snodgress* Bonnie Kerr Solomon* and Joel Solomon* Janice and Herbert Sowe* Linda and Robert Sparrow* Susan and John Speer Claudia Morris Sperling* and Kenneth Sperling Therese Stangl Gary Stark* Paola Stauffer Sheryl Steadman Anne Thompson Steel* and Mike Steel Amy Steinbrech* Brad Steinke Nicole Stephens* Jennifer Stevens* James Stimpson Jennifer Speyer Stock* and Christopher Stock Jeffrey Streba* Robin Streeter* Robyn and Scott Stringham Michelle* and Lenny Sulley Georgia Sullivan* Malinda and Brett Sullivan* Ryan Summerhays Lu and Edward Sweeney* Mary Sweeney Tofi Ta’afua* John Thompson Judith and William Thompson III* Meredith Hadley Thornhill* and Zachary Thornhill*



Karen E. and Val Thurber III* Art Tice Stephanie Tobey* Sylvia and Daniel Barton Jr. Jody and Brian Triptow* Collette Trujillo Dana Shepherd Tumpowsky* and William Tumpowsky* Rebekah Ricks Turcsanski * and Gabe Turcsanski* Sharon Hackett Tyler* and Brian Tyler* Roxanne and Michael Vaculin Lucie Grant Vance* and Michael Vance* Cari Pocock Vande Veegaete* and David Vande Veegaete* Miki and Jose Vasquez* Cary Veis* Yolanda Versteeg* Sean View* Joy Voita* Diane Henderson Waldo* and Robert Waldo* Melissa Meister Walker* and Steven Walker* Laura Ward Sharon and George Watkins Jr.* Jennifer and Scott Wayman Deleene and Thaes Webb Jr.* Mindy and John Wennergren* Deborah Werrett* Christian West Delores and William White* Brent Whitlock* Tracy Williams* Michael Wilson Denise and Brent Winslow* Todd Winzenried* Victoria Rosenhan Witherow* and Larry Witherow* David Wolf Mickelle and Quincy Wyatt Kerri Steffen Wyble* and Carroll Wyble Rebecca Yates* Deidre Yocom* Robert Zancanella* Judith Zuckerman

CORPORATIONS AN D FOUNDATIONS A Limousine Connection Alta Ski Area American Association of University Women Ballet West Bank of America Foundation Bizwear

Broadway Across America Bustin Out Clothing Castle Creek Winery Cedar Mountain Environmental Crystal Inn Custom Fit Personal Training/Jason Veater Details Faxcore, Inc. Five B’s Trust Gastronomy General Distributing Goldman Sachs Hale Centre Theatre Hansen Co. Jewelry High West Distillery Saloon Hillside Tire Service Homestead Resort Hotel Monaco Hotel Park City Inn on the Hill Intermountain Financial Group Jabooka Management Group Joseph M. Lytle DDS Landmark Title Libation Inc. Managed Health Care Associates Marketshare, Inc. Marriott Hotel Merck Foundation Miche Bag LLC Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Miller Motorsports Park Morgan Stanley Mt. Olympus Tree Service Nielsen Sio Salon Spa No More Homeless Pets Paul Mitchell Pelton Equipment Company Pepsi Questar Corporation Red Cliffs Lodge Rocky Mountain Stone Products Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau Salt Lake Country Club Salt Lake Hilton Sealy, Inc. Sego Lily Day Spa Smart Wool Spa Club Studio Salons Swen Mortenson, CPA Tanner Clinic Temple Inland Foundation

Gifts made from July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011 | *Alumni | ~Deceased

Terra Valentine Winery Terzian Galleries Trenton Higley Fine Art Trifecta Design, Inc. University Park Marriott Utah Olympic Park Utah Symphony and Utah Opera Washington Post Whole Body Health Diagnostic Center Xerox Foundation Yamashiro Laser Center

PURPLE SOCIETY $1–$99 The Purple Society honors those who have supported the college with gifts of $1–$99 in the past fiscal year.

INDIVIDUALS Angie Abram* and Dan Gordon Lara Abuzeid* Judy Archipley Acosta-Smith* and Gregg Smith RaeAnne Adams Peter Agrapides* Ashlie Hoffmeyer Allen* and Isaac Allen Vanessa Allen* Dottie Alt C. Alter Amy and Robert Amini* Jennifer Lewis Amos* and Mark Amos Devra Wolke Andersen* and Lane Andersen Marian and Scott* Andersen Alison and Justin Anderson* Rachel Smith Anderson* and Brent Anderson Stewart Anderson* Amanda Anderson* Diana Anderson* Jennifer Anderson* Lawrence Anderson Leslee* and Chris Anderton Megan Andrews Liz Angus Diana Antii Mary Drielick Aoki* and Kevin Aoki Nancy Appleby* Michael Arakaki* Rudolph Araktingi* Patcharin Aramvareekul* Jason Archuleta* Laurie Argyle* Donnetta Ashcraft Arnold* and Charles Arnold*

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 35 ]

Carolyn Arthur Lisa Arthur Marie* and Nick Asay Daniel Ashby* Shamim Monshizadeh Ashment* and Joshua Ashment* Gretchen Wilson Ask* and Mike Ask Christina Athas* Allison Atkin* Dana Aubin* Eric Averett* Brian Avery Rosemary Avila Clarence Aweh Ninasari and Michael Backus Natalie Bacon* Marlene Parkinson Bacon* and Jeffrey Bacon* Spencer Bacon* John Baer Glen Bailess* Lena Bain* Betsy Baisley Linda and Brad Baldwin Jessica Shurtleff Ballard* and Benjamin Ballard Ivanka Balulovska Sebrena* and Brian Banecker Elys Bank* Donnette Barber* Amy Barefield Connie Baring-Gould* Brian Bartholomew* Elizabeth Barton* Brittani* and Lance Barton* Merri Barton-Zaba* and Mark Zaba

Natasha Bashir Din* Blake Bassett* Bradley Bateman* Samuel Baugh* Trevor Beal Lisa Beck Lindsay Beckstead* Melissa* and Brady Beckstead Krysta Badger* Ryan Bell* Laura Bellew* Kathryn Sharp Bello* and Chad Bello* Linda Bement-Ycaza Shelly Benevento* Kyle Berdge* Carl Berggren Tori and Eric Bergstrom* Benjamin Bigelow* Elizabeth Biittner* Mary* and Mark Biljanic Lori and Don Bird John Bird Karen Bitting Denise and Barry Blackett Denise Harmston Blackett* and David Blackett Jeanette Blackham* April* and Nathan Blair* Nicole* and David Blanco Stacy Blaylock* Scott Bleazard and Jerome Peterson* Grace* and Peter Blodgett Lynne Baker Blue* and Charles Blue* David Blue* Peter Boam* Cal Bode* Giovanna and Barrett Bonella* Rachael Booth* Mark Boschert Zilpha Bosone* Ivey Bostrom* Colleen Boudreau Jaymie Boudreau Jessica* and Mirko Boulengier Sammie Bowden Bradford Bowen Deborah and Douglas Bowen Aaron Boyer* Stephen Boyer* Kendall Brannen Patricia Brasher* Susan and William Brass Haverley Coy* and Ryan Brass* Siouxsie Bravo-Arroyo* Brian Bray*

Julia Breinholt* Shonti Breisch* Stacey Brewster Ommar Bribiesca Nicole Brimhall* Benn Brindley Jason Britton Richard Brockmyer Vickie Brophy* Marilyn Brown* Alison Brown* Melanie Mayfield Brown* and Shawn Brown Alysha Bruce* Dylan Brunjes Diane and Perry Bruno Michelle Bruno Seth Bryant* Marie Buchanan* Casey* and Bryan Bunker Patricia Bunting* Margene and Gregory Burgoyne* Mary Burk Brian Burningham* Lauren Burnside* Daniel Burroughs Lynda and John Butler* Mindy Butler Bart Butterfield Clarence and Bradford Bynum Daniel Byrne Stacey Caesar Devin Callaway* Peter Callister* Juliette Campbell* Joseph Canepari* Paul Carpino Corrie Carver Rachael Carver* Sarah Carver* Jacqueline Casados* Tiffany Castagno* Susan Castro Kathryn Casull Ellen Chacosky Diane Chadek Crystal Chambers Wayne Champine Walter Charles III Joelle Chase* Jeannie Chatelain Richard Chatelain* Mamta Chaudhari* David Chazen Brian Cheney*

Kirk Chester* Amy Child* Tracy* and James Chorn Doris Christensen Jan Christensen* Joyce Lewis Christensen* and Merrill Christensen Beverleigh Christensen Lilian Christensen* Romagene Christensen* Joe Chu Shing* Tanchanok Chuprajak Christine Chytraus* Holly Ciervo* Kenneth Cisco Benjamin Clark* Kiersten Clements* Brittany Clough Nicholas Cnossen* Diane Cobey* Dorothy Coble Sandra Coffman* Alexandra Cohn* Ann Coker* Elinor Coleman Marilee Coles-Ritchie Edward Coller Elizabeth* and Richard Collins Beth Franz Colosimo* and Galey Colosimo Thomas Compagno* Mary Compher Mary Ellen Condas Adam Congrove* Carol Conners* Lynda Cook Jolene* and Steven Cooley* Pamela Cooley* Demetrius Coombs Cody Coon Jeffrey R. Coon* Megan Corrent* Kate Corrigan Jeanette Costanza-Boyer* Stacie Latimer Court* and Jason Court* Carly Cowan* Heather Cowan* Jenessa Cowley Deborah and Arthur Cox* Pat and James Cox* Jon Cox Kory Cox* Sandy Fryman Craft* and Dwayne Finley Thornton Craig* Bryan Craven* Sharon Crawley

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 36 ]

Robert Creager Christopher Crellin* Gina and Paul Crezee Jr. Spencer Criddle* Kevin Cross Jr.* Jessica Cummings* Ashley Cuppan* Patrick Curtin* Megan Curtis* Tamara Hillman Curtis* and Darrin Curtis Nicole Cushing* Nicole Cutshall Paul Dalgleish* Gerald Dalling* Sean Darragh* Pamela Davenport* Melissa Davis* Amelia Davis* Kim Davis Mandy Davis* Sandra Davis Jon Davis Khatara Morgan and Thomas Dawson* Babs De Lay* Pamela Denicke* Walter Denison* Michelle Deprizio Diane Dexter* Susannah Diamond* Isis Diaz* Helen Robison Dick* and James Dick Chelsea DiFrancesco* Georgeann Dillard* Lisa Dintelman Devereaux Dinwoodey* Theodore Diven* Beau Dixon Jairan Djahanbani-Berker* Thinh Doan* Tiffany Dodge* Cameron Dolcourt* Danielle Dominguez* Barbara Smith Donaldson* and Loren Donaldson* Candice Donlan* Michael Donnelly* Mackenzie Donovan Heather Stewart Dorrell* and Michael Dorrell David Dorris* Pam Foianini Dorris* and Ray Dorris Chadwick Dorton* Amy Mayberry and Paul Doty* Aribeth Ojeda * and Thomas Dubach Jr.* Anne Duffin



Mitchell Dumke* John Duncan Jr.* Nancy Duncan* Jason Dunnigan* Elizabeth Durfee* Tracy Dustin* Jane Dyer D. Eachon Patricia Eager* Dana Guido Easton* and Robert Easton Michael Eaton* Rodney Eaton* Geraldine and Richard Ebert Britton Ebert* Virginia* and Robert Echevarria Shelly and Dennis Edmonds Judith Edwards Dixie Egan Peggy Ann Nish Egbert* and Ira Egbert Christina Eich Judy and Barry Eichelberger Margaret Eichelberger Ronald Eichelberger* Dallas Eichers* Dee and Clayton Ek* Teresa Elias* Gregory Elliott* Michael Elvidge* James B. Emery* Patricia Culver Empey* and Laren Empey Kevin Engle Anthony Englert* Moroni Erekson* Norma Erekson* Kit Erickson* Mary Ravarino Erickson* and Todd Erickson Connie Petterson Erickson* and Steve Erickson* Alice Espinosa* Andrea Evans* Brandon Evans* Jennifer* and David Evans Patra Evans Adrien* and Michael Fairchild Emily Feber* Gloria and George Felis* Barbara and Spencer Felt Jr. Jennifer Feragen* Deanna and Larry Ferdig Kathryn* and Eldin Ferguson Barbara Hall Ferguson* and Douglas Ferguson Melissa Ferguson* Danielle DiMeo Ferrari* and

Joseph Ferrari* Deborah Ferrell Asia Ferrin* Kristina Fetterman* Katherine Filler* Stefan Finley* Shauna Sylvester Finley* and Marc Finley Nicole Fisher Michael Fitch* Tom Stone and Michael Fitzsimmons* Susan O’Donnell-Flaim* and David Flaim Kevin Fletcher Lisa Fletcher L. Flinn Nancy Fogel Christine Foote* Bernard Forand* Johnathan Ford* Tamera* and Kenneth Fortie Gloria Fortner* Carmen Fournier* Barabra Marrelli Fowler* and Michael Johnson Emily Foxley* Tiffany Frailey* Stacie Fraire* Joshua Frampton* W. Joel France* David Frank* Marie Frankos* Lisette and Frank Fratto Gina Fratto Maria Fratto* Connie Frazier* Gia Frederick* Andrea Frisch* Aimee Frost Lauren Fuller* Nicholas Fuoco* Raquel Gabbitas* Nissa* and Michael Gailey Liz and Peter Gallagher* Patricia Gamble-Hovey* Valeria Garcia* Jeffrey Gardner* Victoria Garland* Stephanie Garlinghouse Marilyn Garry Teddy Gaskill* Bryon Gates Joyce Andersen Gaufin* and Dick Gaufin Patricia Gay Kirk Gearhart* Rose and Craig Gee*

Gifts made from July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011 | *Alumni | ~Deceased

Lorna Ann Genereaux Lynn Gentile Bonnie and Chris Georgelas* Jessica Gezon* Barton Gill* Brandt Gillespie* Carolyn Gilstrap Angela Girgus Donna Girgus Chris Glauser Jaime Glauser Chiarina Gleed* Rodney Glore Alexx Goeller* Nancy and Todd Gold* Annie Holt and Don Gomes* Ann Giacomo Good* and Joseph Good Ira Goodsmith* David Gordon Huxley Gordon* Laura Thomas* and Mathias Goreham* Karmay Gorley* Michael Gorman Stephanie Gosdis* Jenna Govostes* Elizabeth Graham* Lorraine and Michael Graham* Angela Granato* Amanda Grant* Betty Graupe* and Bruce Schmid Katie Gray* Dustin Green* Shirley and Reynold Green* Dianne and David Greene* Don Greene Nichole Howa Greenwood* and Thomas Greenwood Patti and Scott Greenwood* Athena Floros Gregory* and Chet Gregory* Amanda Griffin* Kent Griffiths* Sara Grobstein* Alycia* and Roman Groesbeck* Margaret Rowe Grogan* and Robert Grogan Joseph Grover Richelle Gruber* Ashley N. Gutierrez* Merrill Haas Rebecca Haas* Joyce Hailes* Jennifer Hajj Virginia and Robert Halgren* Nicholas Hanks* Brittany Hansen

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 37 ]

Justin Hansen Tracy Hansford* Barbara Hanson* Lorna Hardy* and Linda Krueger Mindy Harmon* Myra Harris* Lisa Walker Harris* and Rod Harris Nancy Harrison-Williams* Patricia Hartman Hailee Hatch* Rachel Hatch Dawn Hauser Benjamin Haverkost* Robert Whitfield and Kevin Hawke* Pepper Hayes* Fei He* Kimberlee Heaps* David Hecht James Hedges Fredrick Heinecke Gregory Heiner* Kirsten Heins* Meghan Hekker* Chris Hendrickson Britney Henline* Ruth Henneman and Lawrence Hunter* Donna and David Henry Kristen Heppler Alysha Hernandez Cristina Herrera Amanda Hiatt Eric Higham* Jean Hildebrand Kerry Hill Brian Hin* Brandon Hines* Feli Anne Hipol* Kimberly Hirning Roseann and Carey Hnath* Mai Ho Candace* and Lonnie Hockett Amie Christensen Hoefnagel* and Mark Hoefnagel Megan Hoeppner* Devon Hoffman* Helen Hogden* Connie Holbrook Kristen Hollum* Barry Holmstead* Andrew Hopkins* Kaely Horton* Jared Hosenfeld* Julie* and David Houghton Ruby Howe* Patricia and George Howell*

Helen Hu Liwen Huang Carol Hubbard* Cameron* and Hans Hubrich Dianne and Robert Hudder* Leslie Hudson* Jose Huerta Jr.* Amie Hughes Jennifer* and Michael Hughes* Karen Hunter* Madison Hunter Mimi Huver-Delaney Chien Hwang* Angela Hyde* Nicholas Hymel* Thelma and Gilbert Iker Brent Ingersoll Lacey Bagley Ishihara* and Dane Ishihara* Linda and Jefferson Itami* Aubrey Iversen* Ashley Jackman* Rod Jackman* Jordan Jackson* Susan Shafer Jackson* and Lance Jackson Samantha Jacobson* Carolyn Jensen Colleen and Craig Jensen* Jerry Jensen* Rebecca Brown Jensen* Susan and W. Lamar Jensen* Daren Jepson* Waltraud Jewett Jonathan Jex* Chante Jimenez* Katie Jobst* Marilyn Analla Joe* and Arthur Joe Nathan Johnsen* April Johnson* Brandon Johnson Chase Johnson* DeAnn Schleibaum Johnson* and Clinton Johnson Eric Johnson* Fred M. Johnson* Janice Shepherd Johnson* and Matthew Johnson Kim Johnson* Misha Johnson* Barry Johnson* Kristen* and Shane Johnson Stephanie Carlton-Johnson* and Kee Johnson Susan and Thomas Mulkey Whitney Johnson-Wright*

Meghan Johnston* Sheila and Jay Johnston Samuel Johnston* Sunny Jones* Amy Jones* Caitlyn Jones* Jennifer Jones* Shanna Jones Shauna* and John Jones* Tausha Jones* Darin Jones Bonnie Jones* Timothy Jorgensen Samantha Julian* Bamuyeja Kabange Denise Kabonic* Lauren Kadziel* Kathy Richardson Kankainen* and Eric Kankainen Kelsey Kasperick* Chris Katsanevas Kristos Katsanevas Vasiliki Katsikathas* Leslie and David Katz Florence Kazlo Judy Hook Kelley* and Jim Kelley Hettie Kelm* Cheryle and Kim Kerr* Jessica* and Nathan Kerr* Uma Khandkar Jacqueline Kidwell* Jeffrey Kiesel* Dina Kilcrease* Adam M. King* Ellie King Heather King* and Robert Stejskal Janet Schardt King* and Adamant King Wyatt King* Sandra and Harley Kinser* Alan Kirkwood Molly Kirleis* Judy Kitsock David Knight* Benjamin Knorr Jason Knott* Kyle Knutson Cody Kocherhans* Kristena Kons Carmen Kordogiannis

Deborah Steele Kotchian* and Robert Kotchian* Moana Kropushek Catherine Spruance and Timothy Kryselmire* James Kuhn* Lisa and James Kuhn Sarah Kuhn Nathan Kupka* Loyda Archuleta Kyremes* and Louis Kyremes Melanie* and Justin Lafeen* Freya Landesman* Helen Langan* and Jared Conger Toni Langeland Tommee Larochelle Richard Larsen* Shelly Larsen Morgane Lauf* Christopher LeCluyse Chase Ledoux* Debora Lee Eric Leis* Regan Lelli Alexander Lemons* Gloria and Barry Leven Sally Levie* Kristen Lew* Casey Lewis* Laura Lewis* Katherine and Michael Lewis* Jessica Lewis-Caporal* Barbara Koneski Libsch* and Karl Libsch Elsie Lillibridge* Mi Lilly* Anthony Limantzakis* Sylvia and Phillip Lindhardt* Jenny Lindsey* Brandon Lloyd Joi Logan* Irene Lokcik Stephanie Longhurst* Seth Longhurst* and Brandon Roman John Losser* Michael Loulias* James Lowe Zachary Lowe* Dominique Lowen* Jaime and Nelson Lucero* Leann Luczak Linda Lujan* Shelley Sorenson Luna* and Jaime Luna Cynthia Tibbetts Lyman* and Tim Lyman Susan Lyman-Whitney Janet Lyons

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 38 ]

Robert Mabey Julie Mackie Beth Madsen Elizabeth Brown and Brian Madsen* Brad Mahoney Mark Maines* Mark Maisak Dawna Maldonado Stacy and Steven Malone* Damian Malouf* Eva and Edmond Malouf Jr. Michael Mamo Lesley Manley* Jared Mann* Suzanne Manter* Ruth and Gary Manville Daphne Marchant Jeanne Marfice Lindsey Mark* Angela Marler-Boyd* Shannon Marolt Jill Marriott* Adrienne* and Dustin Martin Richard Martin Wendy Zundel Martin* and Robert Martin* Jaimie Martin* Amanda Martindale* Claire Martinez Connie Martinez Derrick Martinez* Venyce Martinez* Megan Martinez* Franklin Massoth Marquita Evins Masuda* and Martin Masuda Nancy Mathews Carole Matthees Deborah Matthews Macey Matthews* Connie Mauck Lindsey* and Joshua Maxfield* Emily May* Jane Brooks Mayhew* and David Mayhew Linda Mayne* Sarah McBride* Vicki and David McBride Karen Goodloe McCabe* and Bruce McCabe Laura McCandless* Sean McChesney* Connie Sandahl McClaran* and Donald McClaran Carol McCormick*



Ann and Morgan McCoy Joyce and Thomas McCraw* Amy McDonald Scott McFarland Melissa McGibbon* Karyl Stearns McGrotty* and William McGrotty Barbara and Robert McLaughlin* Jennifer McLeod Wendy McMillan* Judy McMillian* Larry McNeill Amanda McPherron* Kathy and Andrew McQuinn* Heather McShane* Melissa Montgomery Meinzer* and Nicholas Meinzer Patricia Gazard Meldrum* and Daniel Meldrum* Alicia Mendez* Annette* and Robert Meyer* Steven Meyer* LaDawn Miera* Nancy and Lowell Miles Kathryn Miller* Nakisa Mirrafie* Jennifer Mitchell* and Joseph Conder Jean Mitchell Jessica Mitchell* Jana Baril Money* and David Money Alexandra Monjar* Bethanie Monsen-Ford* Collette Moore* Kathryn Moore* Amanda Morgan* Amelia and Daniel Morgan* Eva Tukuafu Morgan* and Alexander Morgan* Kristina Morgan Phillip Morris* Dian and Ralph Morrison Winter Morse* Katie Mortensen Elizabeth Mortenson* Alysse Morton Dustine Mourer* Anne Mower* Stephanie Moyle* Shirley Mucci Nicole Muhler Karen and Donald Muir* Fatima Mujcinovic Susan and Thomas Mulkey Cecilia and John Mulroy Jr. Angela-Dee Murdock*

Ryan Murray* David Mursener-Gonzales* Elizabeth Myers Susan Myers-Elder Preston Nafus* Kelly* and Daniel Nageli Nicholas Nageli* Holly and Kevin Nagie Maura Naughton* and James Beson Nicholas Naylor* David Neisler* Benjamin Neiswender Leigh Wycoff Nelsen* and Brad Nelsen Jeffrey Nelson* Natalee Lund Nelson* and Stephen Nelson* Chelsea Nelson Joanne Nelson Brenda Nethercott* Catherine and John Netto Misty and Andrew Newman* Marnie Nicholes* Andrew Nichols* Michael Nickas* Eric Nielsen* Ryan Nielsen* Sani Scott Nielsen* and Blaine Nielsen Miroslav Nikolov* Melissa Nisonger* Joseph Noble* Casondra Norman* Neil Norton Rochelle Stewart Nystrom* and Erik Nystrom Kristen and Jonathan O’Brien* Roni Dowdall O’Callaghan* and James O’Callaghan * Sherrill Cummings O’Kelley* and David O’Kelley* Terry Stonecypher O’Sullivan* and James O’Sullivan Jared Ocana Sharon Odekirk Alicia Dechart Odell* and George Odell Elizabeth Weaver Ohlemeier* and Bill Ohlemeier Bryan Olchek Suzanne Oliver* Darlyne Velek Olson* and Raymond Olson Debra Graveley Olson* and Paul Olson* Jody Olson Loura Olson* Wendy* and Jay Orr* Susan Orton*

Gifts made from July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011 | *Alumni | ~Deceased

Rayna and Cary Osiek Verlene and Peter Ota* Jennifer Brattland Ota* and Paul Ota* Shanna Ryan and Robert Otto* Janell* and Terry Overturf* Dorothy Pappas Owen* and Wayne Owen G. Owen Elizabeth Owens Dale Ownby* Anne Marie Pace Raymond Pacile* Tim Pack* Delbert Packwood III Kristine Paczolt* Cindy and LaRoy Page* David Pagels* Sophia Palmer* David Pang* Maria Pappas* Stephanie Pappas* Gus Paras* Thomas Paresi* Jonathan Parker Rose Marie Dilley Parkinson* and Alvin Parkinson Amy and Justin Parks Katie Parson* Richard Parsons Linda Patrell-Kim* Rex Patrick* Roberta Patrick* Barbara Patterson Robert Patterson Jeannine and Gregory Paulos* Karilyn Pearmain* Rebecca Pearson* Megan Pedersen and Trina Gutierrez Christopher Peifer* Ann Pendell Sheila Penrose* Marc Perathoner* Shelley Shepard Pereboom* and Gregg Pereboom* Marki Perkins* Seneca Perri* Ruth Peters* John Petersberger* Gary Petersen* Anne Peterson* Josie* and Micah Peterson* LeAnn Peterson* Mike Peterson* Brian Petteys* Sarah Pettit* Courtney Phillips*

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 39 ]

Cassandra Pierce* Herbert Pigman Margaret Pitts Samuel Plummer* Jennifer Pochynok* Romnick Poindexter* Matt Polichette* Shamby Polychronis John Pompa Frances and Dennis Pond Robert Pornaras Kaitlyn Porter* Valerie Lujan Porter* and Mike Porter Neil Poulsen Robbi Poulson* Krystal Powell* Susan Prescott Hillary Price* Arianne Prina* Lisa and Todd Prins* Marie and John Prokopis* Cody Proulx Shannon Proulx* Jasmine Puente* Kaity Quinley* Debbie and John Radzinski* Richel Raich* Blanca Ramirez* Anand Rao Ashlee Rauzon and Ryan Potter Mary and Frank Ravarino Audrey Maynard* and Willy Ray* Lee and John Rech Jr.* Adam Reeder Heather Reeves* Susan Reichert Helena and Larry Reid* Chad Reinertson Kathleen Friehauf Reyes* and Leoncio Reyes* Michelle and Greg Reynolds Jeremy Reynoso* Saeed Rezai* Christopher Ricci Rebecca Richard* Evelyn and Ben Richards Dorothy Bintz Richardson* and Robert Richardson Alison and Sandy Richman* Aron Riddle* Wayne Riedthaler Catherine and Forest Riekhof Patricia Riley-Chartrand* and Lew Chartrand Jennifer and Kyle Rima*

Frederick Riser Lillian Rivard* Teresa Hughes Rivera* and Frank Rivera Cynthia Roach* Andria Robb* Edgar Roberson* Larry Roberts* Ashleigh Robinson* Lauren Robinson* Tracy Robinson* Lisa Robinson* Nicole Roccanova* J. Rocha* Christina Rock David Rogers* Marsha and Alan Rogers* Richard Rogers* Piper Rogers* Vanessa Romero* Joseph Romney Ellen Ronald* Nichole Rose* Kelene Rosenberg* Rob Rosenlund* Kristen Henderson Ross* and Brian Ross Jennifer Rounds* Christopher Roundy* Shirley and Nicholas Rudd* Onelvis Ruiz Terrie Russell* Delia Rutherford William Ryan Jordan Rymer* Brandon Sacks* Jevan Sadler* Ariana Salinas* Jeana Salman Natasha Samani Mark Sanders* Colleen Sandor Toni Sanford* Caitlin Santa Siu Chen Santee* and Patrick Santee Jade Sarver* Lisa Saxton* Mariana Scagnetti Mavor* and John Mavor Margaret* and John Schaefer Marco Schafferer* Randyl Schelble* Ryan Schmid Thomas Schmidt Steven Schneider Amanda Schneider* Lillian Schoenhals

Ileana and Oliver Schreiber* Jane Schroeder Judy and Mark Schwei Sarah Scutts* Joanne Searcy* Scott Seare Jessica Sears* Mary Ellen Segodnia Lauren Seidelman Melissa Seipp* Shirley Seldomridge McKenzie Selleck* Taymour Semnani* Angela and Roger Serzen Nathan Severin* Katelyn Shacklock* Matthew Shaffer* Emily Shannon Joel Shapiro Jeanie* and Dave Sharp Adrienne Shaw* Trishia Shaw* Shelby Shaw Valentine Shcherbakov Ann Chamberlain Shedden* and Robert Shedden Robert Sheen* Jeremy Sheikh* Kamille Sheikh* Chandler Sheilds* Meg Sheilds Cameron Shellum Annette Shelton* Pamela Shelton* Brad Shepherd* Sarah Sherer* Vanessa Tang-Shiba* and Steve Shiba Vladimir Shnayderman* Robin and Robert Shopbell Mark Showalter* Jan Siaperas Shane Siddoway* Gretchen Siegler Colleen Sievert-Robinson Jean and Richard Simons Byron Sims Hoi Ting Sin* Traci Siriprathane Shirley Skagen-Llewellyn Elizabeth Slayton* Amanda Sletta* Ellen Slusarski Judy and Allen Slusher* Heather Nenow Smith* and Corry Smith* Janet and Terry Smith*

Krista Smith* Shellie Smith* Tyson Smith* Amy Smith* Braden Smith* Candace Smith* Karalee Christenson Smith* and Richard Smith Linda and Robert Smith Michael Smith Melissa Smith-Newcomer Lori Snow* Sondra Snow Kim Soper Richard Spangler* Jennifer and Ted Speros* Shanni Staker Joyce and Robert Stalnaker* Melissa Stark* Alexander Starkenburg* Caralee Starling* Erin Starr* Perry States Dana Stearn Sondra Stephens* Benson Stevens* Lindsay Stevens* Amber Stieg* Susan Stillman* Nicole Stockslager* Alaina Stockslager* Camber Stoddard* Jacalyn and David Stokes Sarah Stokes* Leslie Helm Stone* and Hal Stone Caitlyn Stringham* Eileen Struna Roger Stuart Lindsay Stubbs* Logan Stucki* Mary Stumbough* Jason Sturges* Brittany Summerhays Jarom Summers* Katherine Schaubroeck Sward* and Douglas Sward Mano Swartz Cynthia Swensen Nona Swenson* Lisa Swift Arthur Swindle Joseph Szurgyi* Michelle Tack Karen Harlow Tafuri* and Bill Tafuri Phil Takis*

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 40 ]

Tracy Tang* Seng Hy Tang-Ok* and Sovann Ok Jordan Tatton* Paula Taufer Christopher Tayler* Andrew Taylor* Nicholas Taylor* Tovi Tedrow* Trisha Teig Engels Tejeda* Sheri Tesseyman Dawn Thill Jeffrey Thomas Linda Gandy Thomas* and Norman Thomas Lilian Thompson* Sara Thompson* Sunni and Aaron Thompson* Sunnavy Thomson Neil Thon* Suradee Thongkiattikul* Paula Thornock Cami Thorum Gia Throndsen-Whitlock* and Trevor Whitlock* Emily Nelson Thunberg* and Gustave Thunberg McKenzie Daniels Tillotson* and Derek Tillotson Tracy Timothy* Zlatina Todorova Karen* and Mike Tohinaka Stephanie Tomlin* Beverly Torgersen* Kimberly Tosti* Lindsey Tripp* Thomas Troshynski* Phoebe Trotta Larry Tucker* Derek Turley* Joann Twisdale Alisha Gibbons Upwall* and Steven Upwall* John Uriarte* Adam Uribe* Bobbie Sensibaugh Ursin* and David Ursin Victoria Valencia Stefan van Duyvendijk* Cassandra van Klaveren* Cynthia Cleary van Klaveren* and Dick van Klaveren* Lauren Van Os* Wendy Van Winkle Perkins* Cariann Vanbeekum



Alice and Clark Vanderhoof Diane VanderPol Katatip Vanich Megan Vargo* Brock Varoz* Kenneth Vasquez* Robert Vayo Deborah Vickery Tamara Villa-Humphreys* Anahi Villegas* Stuart Vineyard* Gregory Vogel* Skyler Vomdorp* Michael Voorhies* Robert Vorwald* Antonina and Michael Vought Lisa Wagner* Spencer Wagner* Brianna Lange Walcott* and Matthew Walcott* Seth Walker* Constance and Jim Wall Steven Wallace Carolyn* and Craig Wallin* Stacey Walton Zeyan* and Degang Wang Tonya and Clayton Wariner* Ted Warner Wendy Warner Irene Warr* Carisa and Shawn Warren Jeremiah Washburn Marlene Wasmer Alysia Watanabe Sandra* and John Watkins Jacob Wayman* Cassandra Webb* Rebecca Webber Dorothy Wehmann Emily Weigel* Leslie Weight Joan Weiler* Joshua Wennergren* Julie Werner* Wendy Werner Kirk Wessel Debra Wetzel* Christopher Wharton* Frances Walters Wheat* and George Wheat Mark Wheatley* Mary Simbala Wheelwright* and Marcus Wheelwright Kathy* and Robert Whyte Jr.* Kathryn Bemis Wight* and James Wight* Chad Wilber Judy Wilkerson* Kristine Wilkerson Alice Williams Ashley Williams*

Alison* and Nathan Wilson* Nichole Yack Wilson* and Dean Wilson* Brittany Winston* Beckie Swenson Winston* and Phillip Winston Adrienne Winter* M.A. Winter-Nolte Brian Tyler Wiscomb* LeAnn Van Wagoner Woldruff* and Jon Woldruff Rustin Woerner* Brittany Wonnacott* Kim Woodward Stephanie Woodward* Thomas Worthington* Sandie and Lynn Wright Twila Wycoff Brittany Yama* Joshua Yates Ashley Young* Grant Young Nancy and Robert Young Amy Young* Abdirahman Yussuf Connie and Kerry Zdunich* Linda Zietlow Allen Zimney*

CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS Albert Chloe Alpine Scale Co. Amgen, Inc. Aqua Tech Boyd Investments Cameo College of Essential Beauty Caputos on 15th & 15th Chic Bridal Boutique Chop Shop Clayhaus Photography Desert Edge Discover Matching Gifts Dodo Fidelity Investments Finn’s Cafe Flowerama Geodream John Aldrich Photography Kings English Bookstore Kingsbury Hall Living Planet Aquarium Mazza Netwize Inc. Pago Restaurant Physicians Accounting Management Pioneer Theatre Porcupine Pub Grill Red Butte Cafe Rubio’s Ruffalo Cody

Gifts made from July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011 | *Alumni | ~Deceased

Salt Lake Acting Company Shooting Stars Photography Starbucks Coffee Stella Grill Ten Thousand Villages Tiber Consulting Group Upland Terrace Faculty Fund Utah Jazz Whalen and Whalen Wilson Stitchery

CONVERSE SOCIETY Converse Society members are alumni and friends who have created planned gifts via their wills or other estate-planning vehicles. Lisa and David Actor Kim T. Adamson* Donna Smith Anselmo* and Frank Anselmo* John Arnold Jane and Kevin Baird* Doreen Baldino* Lois and Paul Bame*~ Jean Conaway Behnke* and James Behnke Peter Boam Vash Brumitt* Kathleen Mordret Burton* and Dan Burton Jane and Jack Campbell Elizabeth Cathcart* Kathryn Kyriopoulous Colemere* Marilyn and Clyde Coller Diane and Thomas Colton* Katherine Smith Coult* and Terry Coult* Deborah and Arthur Cox* Leah Cox Steve Crane* Dorothy Cromer Babs De Lay* Barbara and Charles Dick Barbara Smith Donaldson* and Loren Donaldson* Evelyn Fletcher Donoviel* and Stephen Donoviel* Leola Jorgensen Dorsey* and Barton Dorsey Mildred Derry Dubois* Sue Ashurst Duthweiler* and Frederick C. Duthweiler Patricia Dougall Eager* Katherine Ellis* Carol Winter Ernst* Barbara and Neal Evans Judy Cheng Fang* and Bing Fang* Lottie Felkner* and William Felkner Betty and Edward Fingl~ Lois Wheatlake Fitzgerald* Barbara Forbes Donna Forbes*

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 41 ]

Paula* and Larry Garfield* Janet and Larry Glaeser Susan Glasmann and Richard Dudley Tony Holbrook Glazier* Nancy Golden* and Jack McCleary Angela M. Granato* Marion Lucas Harris* and Arnold Harris* Myra Harris* Thomas Hawk* Robert Heaney Ruth Hecker Bonnie and Tom Hewitt Barbara Parady Hoagland and Harry L. Hoagland III Peg Hall Hogben* and Michael Hogben* Megan and William Howe, Jr.* Virginia Hughes Winnie and Scott Iverson* Patricia* and Jesse L. Johnson* Elizabeth Jones Mark Jones* Edward N. Juhan* Stacey and Brent Keown* Kay Bonham Kinney* and Edward Kinney, Jr. Robert Koch Janet Phillips Lang and Dean Lang* Katharine W. Lamb Virginia Sturm Leap* and James Leap*~ George Lemich*~ Katharine W. Lamb Stephanie MacKay* Alberta Manning Patricia McWhorter* Arline* and Robert J. Mattison Anne Wallace Maulding* and Bradley Maulding Thomas J. Metcalf* Shirley Michel* Sandy* and Stephen R. Morgan Linda and Douglas Morris* Marianne and O. Wood Moyle IV* Eleanor and Ernest Muth

Vikki and D. Keith Nay* Yuko and William Patterson, III* Bernedette Armor-Poulton and James Craig Poulton* Marilyn Bradshaw Reagan Carol and William Redeker Robert Reeder Arcella and Robert Richard Helene and Alvin Richer* Larry Roberts* Noreen Cheeseman Rouillard* and Don Rouillard* Frank Safranek, III* Carolyn Rice Schilly* and Andrew Schilly Robert Schocker Glorya Garcia Schow* Jean and Shawn Schow* Ruth Schwager* Jeniel and Tracy Smith Sue and William Smith* Pearl S. Sorenson* Dianna Sepal Spring* and Kenneth Spring Kaye and Frank Stackpole David Stanley Lu and Edward Sweeney* Jan* and Gene Tabish* Karen Harlow Tafuri* Barbara and Norman Tanner Denise R. Thornburg* Dana S. Tumpowsky Mickey Lane Webster Ann and H. James Wheeler* Don Wheeler~ Victoria Rosenhan Witherow* and Larry Witherow* Gloria* and William Wong* Connie Woods

FACULTY AND STAFF Lisa T. Actor Robert N. Allred* Devra L. Andersen* Amanda R. Anderson* Lawrence W. Anderson Donnetta K. Arnold* Gail K. Avendaño* Brian J. Avery Richard Badenhausen Julie A. Balk* Michelle M. Barber-Lyhnakis* Lance D. Barton* Michael S. Bassis Mary W. Bassis Bonnie K. Baxter April H. Blair* Stacy J. Blaylock* Robin C. Boon Robert W. Brinkman Richard A. Brockmyer

Jeff Brown Collin J. Bunker* Gaylen K. Bunker Diane Forster-Burke Bradford F. Bynum Dan E. Byrne Devin R. Callaway* Jane Campbell Timothy F. Carr Diane S. Chadek Mary Jane Chase Pamela Clem Cristy M. Coffey Marilee Coles-Ritchie Richard S. Collins Carolyn Connell Tommy J. Connor Jenn Cooper Janet M. Coskey* Sharon W. Crawley Thomas Cronin Jon R. Davis Gary Daynes Krista K. De Angelis Kelly De Hill Georgiana Donavin Janet S. Dynak Dixie L. Egan Lesa K. Ellis* Norma L. Erekson* Gerald R. Fairbairn Rex E. Falkenrath* Larry Ferdig Mark A. Ferne Joseph M. Ferrari* Kevin A. Fletcher Fred R. Fogo Leslie E. Freeman Aimee K. Frost Gregory G. Gagne Paula L. Garfield* Jaime R. Glauser Rodney T. Glore Peter Goldman Amy A. Gordon Candice M. Greenwald Joni Greenwell Nichole H. Greenwood* John D. Groesbeck Jorden D. Gustin* Rick Hackford Stephen D. Haslam Hailee J. Hatch* Susan D. Heath James Hedges Lynn E. Heinlein Chris Hendrickson Karen A. Hendry Elizabeth A. Herrick

Brian D. Hin* Brandon G. Hines* Mary Jo Hinsdale Helen E. Hodgson Annalisa S. Holcombe* Mark Holland Paul D. Hooker James B. Hough* Helen H. Hu Stephen S. Hurlbut Robyn M. Hyde Peter Ingle Alfred W. Johansen Darin M. Jones Safia Keller Han Kim Benjamin W. Knorr Jason G. Knott* Aric W. Krause Christopher C. LeCluyse Emily R. Lewis* Ryan J. Lewis* Sarah A. Lof* Irene T. Lokcik Melvin D. Long Ronda H. Lucey Janet Lyons Michael Mamo Claire J. Martinez Joshua S. Maxfield* Audrey Maynard* Marcie McCleary Ann S. McCoy Scott T. McFarland Deborah F. McKinstry Andrew C. McQuinn* Jennifer Medrano* Jennifer L. Mitchell* Nicholas D. More Stephen Morgan Winter B. Morse* Alysse R. Morton Marsha K. Morton Stephanie Moyle* Linda A. Muir* Fatima Mujcinovic Laura A. Murphy Ryan E. Murray* Benjamin K. Neiswender Gail A. Nelson* Bridget M. Newell Jeffrey D. Nichols Michael A. Nickas* Melissa J. Nisonger* Sherrill L. O’Kelley* Richard Parsons Rex D. Patrick* Robert M. Patterson Shamby Polychronis

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 42 ]

Michael A. Popich Paul K. Presson Lorel M. Preston Richel Raich* Ashlee Rauzon Vickie D. Reese* Saeed Rezai* Christopher M. Ricci Rebecca Richard* Doris A. Richards Wayne A. Riedthaler Kyle J. Rima* Alan R. Rogers* Piper L. Rogers* Curtis Ryan Jan Saeed Natasha Sajé Colleen M. Sandor James E. Seidelman Robert Seltzer Robert Shaw Valentine Shcherbakov Gretchen Siegler Hoi Ting Sin* Traci A. Siriprathane Barbara Smith John Speer Kaye Stackpole Sheryl J. Steadman Dana R. Stearn James R. Stimpson Jennifer S. Stock* David K. Stokes Paula Taufer Trisha S. Teig Sheri Tesseyman Sunnavy Thomson* Karen M. Thurber Dana S. Tumpowsky Pauline Unruh Steven R. Upwall* Jerry A. Van Os Diane VanderPol Sean M. View* Antonina Vought Michael Vought John P. Watkins Mindy S. Wennergren Kirk D. Wessel Marc Weyerstall Victoria R. Whiting Ashley G. Williams* Joy S. Woolf Shay Wyatt Twila K. Wycoff Deidre E. Yocom*


R O L L ALUMNI CLASS YEAR 1934 Arnold Harris 1936 Myra Harris Kathryn Jones Kamel 1938 Patricia Dougall Eager Marion Lucas Harris 1939 Mildred Derry Dubois Arline Hilton Mattison 1940 Lois Wheatlake Fitzgerald Hettie Wight Kelm



A N D I N N O VAT I O N In 2006, alumnus Tom Hawk recognized President Westminster College. “I was excited about the academic transformation I saw happening at my

1948 Lottie Felkner Lowell Miles Donald Rouillard

1950 Ralph Jennings Edward Juhan Beverly Taylor Snodgress

alma mater,” he said. “As a college professor and former dean of a school of business, I wanted to encourage what I saw.” Tom created the Hawk Excellence in Teaching Fund to provide the college the additional funds needed to support faculty as they transformed their curriculum using more experiential, active, and cross-disciplinary designs. In the past five years, Tom has provided generous funding for workshops and faculty stipends to encourage innovative teaching across all disciplines. “It is wonderful to find an alumnus who truly understands the transformation occurring at Westminster,” says President Bassis. “And Tom’s encouragement means as much as his financial support.” Thank you, Tom Hawk, for caring about Westminster

Gifts made from July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011 | *Alumni | ~Deceased

1947 Zilpha Bosone

1949 Nancy Tisdel Miles Pearl Sorenson

Michael Bassis’s efforts to transform learning at

faculty and students.

1943 Helen Robison Dick Elizabeth Thomson Mortenson

1951 Jack Armstrong George Felis Ruby Warr Howe Noreen Cheeseman Rouillard 1952 Patricia Culver Empey Beverly Turner Torgersen 1953 Marilyn Johansen Brown Clayton Ek Helen Austin Hogden Lee Jennings Marjorie Franz Lambson Elsie Thomson Lillibridge Charles Moffitt Larry Olsen Peter Ota Joan Patton Steele

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 43 ]

1954 John Calevas Irene Warr 1955 Calvin Lum Lois Olsen John Prokopis Robert Schocker Lawrence Wegkamp 1956 Joyce Lewis Christensen Donald Muir Roberta Roberts Patrick Faye Irene Robinson John Young 1957 Doris Christensen James Coffey Sally York Dahlstrom David Greene Marilyn Baumgartner Jennings Jesse Johnson Patricia Bellinger Johnson George Lewis Robert Nielsen Diane Hill Sheldon 1958 Donna Smith Anselmo Frank Anselmo Dwight Beattie Bruce Bemis Gerald Dalling Glenn Hewitt Richard Jutkins Barbara Forest Lewis Elinor Forinash Pedersen Jan Pedersen William Wong 1959 Roger Anderson Lois Herman Archuleta Joy Hammer Bemis Evelyn Fletcher Donoviel Stephen Donoviel Janet Hunter Graebe Reynold Green Robert Halgren Buckley Johnson 1960 Thomas Hawk Hiro Iwasaki Don Moss Frances Walters Wheat

1961 Lawrence Aleamoni Peter Bjorklund Kathryn Bailey Garvin Robert Garvin Walter Shelly George Watkins Robert Zancanella 1962 Gilbert Cordova Lorna Hardy David Keyser Diane Dolinar Norman James Smith 1963 Betty Poe Easley John Giovale Wayne Heldt Karen Hunter Kay Bonham Kinney Larry Reid 1964 Barbara Smith Donaldson Barbara Hall Ferguson Catherine Willett Garnas Donald Garnas DeAnne Dunn Hanson Margaret Hall Hogben Michael Hogben Samuel Pierantoni Christopher Segura Ronald Shelly 1965 Brent Bonny Stanley Clark James Cox Ginger Gore Giovale Athena Floros Gregory Chet Gregory Thomas Hewitt Joseph Hollander Thomas Metcalf Chuck Murphy Gary Stark Jose Vasquez 1966 Judy Archipley Acosta-Smith Loren Donaldson Teddy Nelson Gaskill Sally Arnold Levie James Craig Poulton Kathleen Friehauf Reyes

1967 Yvonne DeMars Gerald Dodd Janie Strong Gebhardt Judy Clay Hammond Barbara Bloker Hanson Carol Maynard Hubbard Scott Iverson Antoinette Franzolino Lambert Judy Barrett McMillian Kathleen Garnas Miller Elizabeth Weaver Ohlemeier Richard Paff 1968 Emerson Boyd Terry Callahan Robert Haines Joel Hall Susan Arnot Hoffman Michael Johnsen Marquita Evins Masuda John McNaughton James McNeil Michael Mitchell Elias Olson Chloris Wilson Poggiogalle Diane Buttrey Simons Robert Sparrow Brent Van Roosendaal Joy Voita 1969 William Melbourne Armstrong Margaret Osborne Denton Michael Graham William Jones Frances Lord Pond Barbara Rubright Van Roosendaal 1970 Jeanne Vann Bickford Kathleen Mordret Burton David Chally Steve Crane Thomas Dawson Barbara Parady Hoagland Deborah Steele Kotchian Robert Kotchian Loyda Archuleta Kyremes Karyl Stearns McGrotty Leoncio Reyes Ruth Schwager Robert Shafer Dick van Klaveren

1971 Eddy Cooper Keith Gilbert Skip Hoagland Richard Larsen Michael Loulias Thomas McCraw Kathryn Moore Rebecca Painter Ravizza Joel Solomon Lucie Grant Vance 1972 Arthur Cox Nancy Golden Lawrence Hunter Barry Johnson Terry Miller Jean Huddleston Nickinson Michael Pritchard Mark Ruff Randyl McCombe Schelble Khosrow Semnani Donald Shaw Nona Groo Swenson Michael Vance 1973 Eric Averett Susan Harr Fortney Catherine Clement Gilbert Carol McMahon Greely Leslie Mursener Hudson Shelley Sorenson Luna Laura Weaver McNaughton Dorothy Pappas Owen Bonnie Kerr Solomon Herbert Sowe Linda Wimp Stimpson Edward Sweeney 1974 Jeffrey Bacon Carolyn Kibbie Benson David Blue Devereaux Dinwoodey Marilyn Felkner Michael Fitch Jane Brooks Mayhew Margee Madison Ruff Mary Siciliano Robert Stalnaker Robin Streeter Susan Stout Watkins

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 44 ]

1975 Marlene Parkinson Bacon Craig Benson Graceanne Ward Chally Terry Coult Mary Ravarino Erickson Patricia Gamble-Hovey Susan Fraser Maples Michael Manship Laurel Shepard Susan Stillman Susannah Thomas Robert Waldo 1976 Stephen Boyer John Butler Timothy Claspill Eugene Cronin Babs De Lay Patrick Iversen Harriette Monroe Patricia Riley-Chartrand Brett Sullivan Brian Triptow Sharon Hackett Tyler Diane Henderson Waldo Ronald Wilkins 1977 Linda Atcheson Jean Conaway Behnke Christine Pannier Chytraus Virginia Poulsen Eggen Stanley Finn Robert Hudder Rod Jackman DeAnn Schleibaum Johnson Harley Kinser Karen Goodloe McCabe Patrick McLaughlin Jana Baril Money Patrick Moore Rebecca Raybould Claudia Morris Sperling Val Thurber Brian Tyler Bobbie Sensibaugh Ursin Debra McBride Wetzel Enid Vaag Wood Richard Wood 1978 Charles Arnold Jan Christensen Ralfi Leonardo Claspill Mark Daniels

H O N O R Sally Garhart Eneguess Federica Gallegos Alan Jaramillo Henry Kaiser Kim Kerr Connie Sandahl McClaran John Morrow Maura Naughton Raymond Pacile Gregg Pereboom Shelley Shepard Pereboom John Robertson Cindy Pinckney Sisto Cary Veis Thaes Webb Robert Whyte 1979 Kim Thomas Adamson Michael Barton Vaselike Brumitt Romagene Christensen Katherine Smith Coult Steve Erickson James Hough George Howell Jerry Kiser Anne Wilbur Mower Elvira Charles Nelson Shelley Orgill Patricia Roser Margaret Schaefer Carolyn Rice Schilly Ann Chamberlain Shedden Steven Walker Larry Witherow 1980 Glen Bailess Martha Felt Barton Grace Blodgett Lynne Baker Blue Ronald Burnside Steve Dahle Georgeann Sooklaris Dillard Mark Eggen Connie Petterson Erickson Chris Georgelas Dean Gushee Thomas Holbrook Judy Chamberlain Holoviak Alice Lawrence Lindblom Tom Linhard John Losser Carol McCormick Gail Pedone Nelson

R O L L Roni Dowdall O’Callaghan Dorothy Bintz Richardson William Stinton Michelle Carlisle Swift William Thomas Brent Whitlock 1981 Susan Hildebrand Bailess Tamara Ward Burnside Pamela Davenport Scott Gore Casey Fagoaga Guttry Julie Houghton W. Jensen Robert McLaughlin Leonora Midgley Sophia Simons Palmer Gregory Paulos Julia Benner Perry Mary Johnson Pusey Leianne Chapin Stinton Melissa Meister Walker 1982 Sandi Behnken Alice Espinosa Barabra Marrelli Fowler Michael Hembury Craig Jensen Jennifer Brattland Ota Paul Ota Alvin Richer Georgia White Sullivan 1983 Julie Pannier Balk Charles Blue Sandra Jimenez Coffman Carol Conners Diane Dexter Steven Goddard Nancy Harrison-Williams Marilyn Analla Joe Andrea Dumke Manship Nicholas Rudd David Samson Patrick Santee Allen Slusher Anne Thompson Steel Leslie Helm Stone Cynthia Cleary van Klaveren Wendy Van Winkle Perkins 1984 Denise Harmston Blackett Vickie Brophy

Gifts made from July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011 | *Alumni | ~Deceased

Gregory Burgoyne Susan O’Donnell Flaim Dodi Gauthier Gregory Heiner Gary Petersen Siu Chen Santee Jeanette Bagley Seidelman James Wight Kathryn Bemis Wight Kerri Steffen Wyble 1985 Edward Ashton Tracy Bridge Barry Tracy Warren Berry Richard Chatelain Vikki Druce Dahle Rodney Eaton W France Jill Marriott Larry Myres Jonathan O’Brien Alicia Dechart Odell Sonja Gamble Ragsdale 1986 Katherine Day Ashton Gene Barton Marghi Eidsness Barton Tamera Bartholomew Fortie Todd Gold Kevin Hawke Kory Lind Jeanette Peterson Ling Janet Martineau Linda Mayne Tina Berg Ruga Joelyn Stewart 1987 Merri Barton-Zaba Greg Christopulos Deborah Geare Empey Rolayne Poate Fairclough Deanna Forbush Fred Freymuller Craig Gee Betty Graupe Carey Hnath Kim Johnson Steven Meyer Shirley Michel Randy Nielsen Karen Tohinaka Sandra Watkins

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 45 ]

1988 Peggy Ann Nish Egbert Katherine Ellis Bing Fang Peter Gallagher Kirk Johnson Judy Hook Kelley Heather McShane Annette Jung Meyer Collette Andersen Moore Michele Neumann Teresa Hughes Rivera Larry Roberts Gayle Hancey Robinson Gregory Roumpos William Thompson Joan Searcy Weiler Victoria Rosenhan Witherow 1989 Michael Bégué Shelly Burmester Benevento Michael Donnelly Karla Joost Robert Meyer James O’Callaghan Diane O’Mara Ruth Rezelman Popescu Mark Wheatley 1990 Angie Abram Nancy Flood Appleby Marshall Empey Joyce Andersen Gaufin Mary Wilson Goddard Angela Granato Bonnie Halverson Jones Colleen Kearns-McCann Janet Schardt King Gloria Leonard Cynthia Tibbetts Lyman Brian Madsen D. Nay Terry Stonecypher O’Sullivan John Radzinski Saeed Rezai Mary Stevens Stumbough Katherine Schaubroeck Sward Brent Winslow 1991 Mary Drielick Aoki Rudolph Araktingi Janet Coskey Patrick Curtin Heather Stewart Dorrell

Gloria Garcia Faulkner Barry Holmstead Vasiliki Katsikathas Phillip Lindhardt Jennifer Kimball Medrano Joseph Noble Darlyne Velek Olson Terry Overturf Trishia Williams Shaw Michelle Sulley Brock Varoz 1992 Scott Andersen Diane Dent Bunker Shirley Shank Clark Kathryn Kyriopilos Colemere Stacie Latimer Court Sandy Fryman Craft Tiffany Frailey Larry Garfield Paula Brister Garfield Bryan Hassler Candace Winslow Hockett Annalisa Steggell Holcombe Jeffrey Jenson Kathy Richardson Kankainen Laura Lewis Claudia Marques LaDawn Miera Brenda Aldous Nethercott Iris Whitaker Nixdorf Dale Ownby John Petersberger Cynthia McDowell Roach Karalee Christenson Smith Larry Tucker Stacie Lufkin Whitford 1993 Connie Baring-Gould Brian Burningham Beth Franz Colosimo James Emery Joyce Hailes Michael Kiely Kathleen Kingston Rochelle Stewart Nystrom Rose Marie Dilley Parkinson Ruth Reese Peters Judith Merritt Runchel Seng Hy Tang Tang-Ok David Vande Veegaete Elizabeth Archer Williams

Patricia Gazard Meldrum Constance Miller Dustine Mourer Cassandra Pierce Lisa Jones Saxton Ulrike Schambeck Pamela Hutton Shelton Shane Siddoway Colleen Sievert-Robinson Amy Smith Jennifer Stevens Christopher Thomas Rebekah Ricks Turcsanski John Wennergren

1994 Elys Bank Earle Clough S. Haustein Coleman Angela Crossman Dana Guido Easton Daniel Giovale Don Gomes Kent Griffiths David O’Kelley Valerie Lujan Porter John Rech Nathaniel Reid Christina Skedros Elizabeth Campbell Slayton Phil Takis Linda Gandy Thomas Tracy Williams 1995 Justin Anderson Donnetta Ashcraft Arnold Robert Brinkman Melanie Mayfield Brown Pamela Cooley Jason Court Nicole Hunter Cushing Pamela Stollmeyer Denicke Jennifer Sanderson Foster Kristen Johnson Linda Dallimore Muir Debra Graveley Olson Paul Olson Janell Overturf Shannon Kelly Proulx Edgar Roberson Gabe Turcsanski Cari Pocock Vande Veegaete Todd Winzenried Kerry Zdunich 1996 Michael Arakaki Laurie Walters Argyle Michael Bishop Stephanie Carlton-Johnson Kristian Colvin Steven Cooley Tamara Hillman Curtis Andrea Thomas Evans Tanya Fairclough Ann Giacomo Good Ira Goodsmith Scott Greenwood Angela Hyde Linda Lujan

1997 Devra Wolke Andersen Sebrena Banecker Eric Bergstrom Jolene Briggs Cooley Heather King Lindsay Malechek Suzanne Manter Robert Martin Glen Middleton David Neisler Leigh Wycoff Nelsen Sherrill Cummings O’Kelley Lisa Robinson Tracy Robinson Heather Nenow Smith Nicole Dixon Stephens Jennifer Speyer Stock Karen Harlow Tafuri LeAnn Van Wagoner Woldruff 1998 Amity Andersen Silvia Castro John Craemer John Duncan Lesa Shields Ellis Danielle DiMeo Ferrari Jessica Gezon Huxley Gordon Edward Henkels Susan Shafer Jackson Helen Langan Barbara Koneski Libsch Kathryn Leslie Miller Patricia Purkey-Timm Andria Arnold Robb Stephanie Tobey Craig Wallin Zeyan Wang Beckie Swenson Winston Rustin Woerner

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 46 ]

1999 Nicole Blanco Tracy Chorn Catherine Webb Cimos Matthew Cox Melissa Johnson Davis Pam Foianini Dorris Elizabeth Durfee Jennifer Evans Judy Cheng Fang Carmen Arroyo Fournier Gia Frederick Rebecca Haas Fred Johnson Adam King Bryan Long Mindy Jensen Long Steven Malone Natalee Lund Nelson Stephen Nelson Christopher Peifer Sandy Richman Kristen Henderson Ross Angie Schneider Joanne Hill Searcy Jeffrey Streba Jonathan Taylor Yolanda Versteeg Rebecca Adams Yates 2000 Diana Anderson Joshua Ashment Dana Aubin Michael Backus Natalie Bacon Brian Bartholomew Annemarie Boswell Kirk Chester Theodore Diven Jennifer Feragen Margaret Grogan Jefferson Itami Craig Kapp Wendy Zundel Martin Laura Mann McCandless Amanda Bumgarner McPherron Sheree Negus Teresa Schrodt Puskedra Mariana Scagnetti Mavor Nathan Wilson Allen Zimney 2001 Leslee Anderton Shamim Monshizadeh Ashment

H O N O R Orlando Avendaño Peter Boam Jessica Boulengier Rosemarie Calas Kristin DeHerrera John Dolcourt Melissa Coy Ferguson Shauna Sylvester Finley Adrienne Wing Glissmeyer Lisa Walker Harris William Hooper Troy Hooton Lacey Bagley Ishihara Janice Shepherd Johnson Garrett Jones Andriana Mendez Laurel Miller-Jones Katie Mortenson Paul Murray Miroslav Nikolov Suzanne Oliver Katie Parson Julianne Peck-Dabling Anne Peterson Trent Richards Melissa Albrecht Seipp Lindsay Stevens Nicholas Taylor Zachary Thornhill William White Amy Young 2002 Robert Amini Corbin Archer Shannon Boyle-Richards Casey Bunker Chassie Hatch Bunker Collin Bunker Alicia Carter Kimberlee Kinikini Casaday Jeffrey Coon Jeanette Costanza-Boyer Heather Olson Cowan David Farnsworth Kristina Fetterman Stacie Fraire Dustin Green Brian Hermann Dane Ishihara Jerry Jensen Rebecca Brown Jensen Alexander Lemons Zachary Lowe Adam Mangone

R O L L Bethanie Monsen-Ford Amanda Morgan Karilyn Pearmain Jerome Peterson Micah Peterson Kellen Sakrison Shellie Smith Richard Spangler Ted Speros Erin Starr Vanessa Tang-Shiba Neil Thon Meredith Hadley Thornhill Gia Throndsen-Whitlock Adrienne Bean Winter 2003 Nadeya Al-Jabri Ashlie Hoffmeyer Allen Gail Klofstad Avendano Samuel Baugh Krysta Badger Michael Bills Kate Bradshaw Patricia Brasher Brian Bray Diane Cobey Ann Coker Mikelle Cook Daugherty Paul Doty Zeke Dumke IV Michael Eaton Matthew Elizondo Adrien Fairchild Eric Higham Amie Christensen Hoefnagel Megan Hoeppner Ana Arroyo Hooker Thomas Jensen Whitney Johnson-Wright Melissa Jones Katerina Kocurek Ryan Lewis Audrey Maynard Melissa McGibbon Michael Misiewicz LaRoy Page Jennifer Rounds Cecily Ellis Sakrison Todd Schneider Annette Shelton Sarah Sherer Tofi Ta’afua Engels Tejeda Alisha Gibbons Upwall

Gifts made from July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011 | *Alumni | ~Deceased

Adam Uribe Deborah Werrett Mary Simbala Wheelwright 2004 Robert Allred Stewart Anderson Roger Arsht Christina Athas Denise Simpkins Bégué Benjamin Bigelow Barrett Bonella Don Coleman Robert Cummings Megan Curtis Analecia Adams Dumke Andrea Frisch Eric Glissmeyer Thomas Howells Eric Johnson Brady Jones Sunny Jones Lanae Harris Lewis Amanda Martindale Phillip Morris Stephanie Moyle Jeffery Nelson Sani Scott Nielsen Christopher Ostler Robert Otto Tim Pack David Pang Josie Henderson Peterson Ryan Pezely Vickie Reese Aron Riddle Kelene Clarke Rosenberg Jade Sarver Corry Smith Terry Smith Jason Sturges Tamara Villa-Humphreys Spencer Wagner Matthew Walcott Trevor Whitlock Judy Wilkerson Alison Wilson 2005 Peter Agrapides Donnette Barber Melissa Beckstead Mary Biljanic Juliette Campbell Elizabeth Collins Justin Cornwall

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 47 ]

Thomas Dubach Teresa Elias Gregory Elliott Michael Fitzsimmons Joshua Frampton David Frank Kirk Gearhart Adam Gibbons Nichole Howa Greenwood Roman Groesbeck Pepper Hayes Ryan Hessenthaler Steve Holloman Cameron Hubrich Amy Jones Tausha Jones Timothy Kryselmire Anthony Limantzakis Carlos Linares Linares Andrew McQuinn Melissa Nisonger Kristine Paczolt Mike Peterson Krystal Powell Jevan Sadler Oliver Schreiber Sondra Stephens Alaina Stockslager Aaron Thompson Emily Nelson Thunberg Brittany Yama 2006 Rachel Smith Anderson Michelle Barber-Lyhnakis Lindsay Beckstead Michele Beckstrand Jeanene Bennion Bennion Joseph Canepari Brian Cheney Jared Clayton Paul Dalgleish Cameron Dolcourt Virginia Echevarria Michele Field Nicholas Fuoco Jorden Gustin Shana Hopperstead Corey Kirkwood Justin Lafeen Richard Larsen Mark Maines Lesley Manley Derrick Martinez Joshua Maxfield

Sarah McBride William McClung Margaret McKenzie Jennifer Mitchell O. Wood Moyle Kelly Nageli Nicholas Naylor Stephanie Pappas Seneca Perri Kaity Quinley Kyle Rima Brandon Sacks Logan Stucki Joseph Szurgyi Derek Turley Michael Voorhies Lisa Kasai Wagner Brianna Lange Walcott Emily Loyborg Weigel Christopher Wharton 2007 Lara Abuzeid Marie Asay Jessica Shurtleff Ballard Chad Bello Elizabeth Biittner Raymond Bradford Ryan Brass Michael Breen Seth Bryant Lauren Burnside Peter Callister Carly Cowan Cody Cowan Haverley Coy Jessica Cummings Jason DeHerrera Jairan Djahanbani-Berker Tiffany Dodge Asia Ferrin Bernard Forand Tyson Frost Kalpana Ganesh Chiarina Gleed Mathias Goreham Lisa Gough Benjamin Haverkost Britney Henline Jared Hosenfeld Jose Huerta Jonathan Jex Lauren Kadziel Louis Livolsi Seth Longhurst

Adrienne Martin Lindsey Ryan Maxfield Jacqueline McGill Winter Cheney Morse Angela-Dee Murdock Nicholas Nageli Sheila Penrose Jennifer Nelson Popich Amanda Schneider Sarah Scutts Taymour Semnani Nathan Severin Kayla Smith Lindsey Tripp Skyler Vomdorp Carolyn Schorzman Wallin Jeff Whiting Dean Wilson Nichole Yack Wilson 2008 Gretchen Wilson Ask Spencer Bacon Elizabeth Barton Ryan Bell Joe Chu Shing Kiersten Clements Thornton Craig Tyson Creamer Amelia Davis Susannah Sabatini Diamond Michael Elvidge Kathryn Ferguson Lauren Fuller Raquel Gabbitas Nissa Gailey Stephanie Gosdis Richelle Shakib Gruber Samuel Johnston Morgane Lauf Sarah Lof Melissa Madden Macey Matthews Daniel Morgan Ryan Murray Preston Nafus Alexander Pappas Jasmine Puente David Rogers Richard Rogers Christopher Skinner Tyson Smith Amy Steinbrech Gregory Vogel Clayton Wariner

Brittany Winston Brian Tyler Wiscomb 2009 Jennifer Lewis Amos Amanda Anderson Brittani Willardson Barton Lance Barton Nicole Butterfield Brimhall Megan Corrent Isis Diaz Chadwick Dorton Britton Ebert Anthony Englert Christine Foote Emily Foxley Hailee Hatch Robert Hatch Brian Hin Brandon Hines Jacqueline Kidwell Cary Kylen Michael Lewis Emily May Jessica McKelvie Melissa Montgomery Meinzer Casondra Norman Aribeth Ojeda Thomas Paresi Rebecca Pearson Samuel Plummer Todd Prins Richel Raich Rebecca Richard Jeanie Sharp Jeremy Sheikh Mark Showalter Nicole Stockslager Christopher Tayler Laura Thomas McKenzie Daniels Tillotson Steven Upwall Kenneth Vasquez Ashley Williams 2010 Jennifer Anderson Daniel Ashby Bradley Bateman Kyle Berdge April Blair Nathan Blair Stacy Blaylock Cal Bode Aaron Boyer Devin Callaway

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 48 ]

Sarah Carver Joelle Chase Benjamin Clark Adam Congrove Bryan Craven Christopher Crellin Spencer Criddle Kevin Cross Chelsea DiFrancesco Candice Penna Donlan David Dorris Tracy Dustin Moroni Erekson Emily Feber Taylor Felton Stefan Finley Marie Frankos Connie Frazier Jeffrey Gardner Victoria Garland Brandt Gillespie Ashley Gutierrez Nicholas Hanks Fei He Kirsten Heins Meghan Hekker Feli Anne Hipol Chien Hwang Nicholas Hymel Joseph Iliya Jordan Jackson Chase Johnson Caitlyn Jones Samantha Julian Denise Kabonic Kelsey Kasperick Molly Kirleis David Knight Jason Knott Nathan Kupka Lawrence Letey Mi Zhou Lilly Jenny Lindsey Vaselis Lyhnakis Jaimie Phelps Martin Megan Martinez Nakisa Mirrafie Alexandra Monjar Alexander Morgan Eva Tukuafu Morgan Jeffrey Nelson Susan Weber Orton Maria Pappas Marki Perkins Courtney Phillips

H O N O R Matt Polichette Nicole Roccanova Piper Rogers Vanessa Romero Rob Rosenlund Holdunn Rutkoski Ariana Salinas Mark Sanders Marco Schafferer Matthew Shaffer Adrienne Shaw Brad Shepherd Hoi Ting Sin Krista Smith Lori Snow Andrew Taylor William Tumpowsky John Uriarte Stefan van Duyvendijk Julie Werner 2011 Vanessa Allen Patcharin Aramvareekul Jason Archuleta Allison Atkin Lena Bain Ivanka Balulovska Natasha Bashir Din Blake Bassett Laura Bellew Kathryn Sharp Bello Carl Berggren Jeanette Blackham Rachael Clark Booth Ivey Bostrom Siouxsie Bravo-Arroyo Julia Breinholt Shonti Breisch Ommar Bribiesca Alison Brown Alysha Bruce Marie Jackson Buchanan Patricia Poulsen Bunting Rachael Carver Jacqueline Casados Tiffany Castagno Mamta Chaudhari Amy Child Lilian Christensen Tanchanok Chuprajak Holly Ciervo Nicholas Cnossen Alexandra Cohn Thomas Compagno Kate Hoffman Corrigan Kory Cox

R O L L Ashley Cuppan Sean Darragh Mandy Davis Mark Davis Walter Denison Lisa Dintelman Thinh Doan Danielle Dominguez Mitchell Dumke Nancy Duncan Jason Dunnigan Ronald Eichelberger Dallas Eichers Norma Erekson Kit Erickson Brandon Evans Katherine Filler Johnathan Ford Gloria Larue Fortner Maria Fratto Valeria Garcia Barton Gill Alexx Goeller Karmay Gorley Jenna Govostes Elizabeth Graham Amanda Grant Katie Gray Amanda Griffin Sara Grobstein Joseph Grover Tracy Hansford Mindy Harmon Rachel Hatch Kimberlee Heaps David Hecht Kerry Hill Devon Hoffman Kristen Hollum Andrew Hopkins Kaely Horton Liwen Huang Aubrey Iversen Ashley Jackman Samantha Jacobson Daren Jepson Chante Jimenez Katie Jobst Nathan Johnsen April Johnson Misha Johnson Meghan Johnston Jennifer Jones Timothy Jorgensen Bamuyeja Kabange Kristos Katsanevas Jeffrey Kiesel

Gifts made from July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011 | *Alumni | ~Deceased

Dina Kilcrease Wyatt King Cody Kocherhans James Kuhn Freya Landesman Chase Ledoux Debora Lee Amy Leininger Eric Leis Kristen Lew Casey Lewis Jessica Lewis-Caporal Joi Logan Stephanie Longhurst Dominique Lowen Brad Mahoney Damian Malouf Jared Mann Lindsey Mark Angela Marler-Boyd Venyce Martinez Sean McChesney Wendy McMillan Jessica Mitchell Nicole Muhler David Mursener-Gonzales Chelsea Nelson Marnie Nicholes Andrew Nichols Eric Nielsen Bryan Olchek Loura Linfesty Olson David Pagels Gus Paras Jonathan Parker Linda Patrell-Kim Rex Patrick Marc Perathoner LeAnn Peterson Brian Petteys Sarah Pettit Jennifer Pochynok Romnick Poindexter Kaitlyn Amadio Porter Neil Poulsen Robbi Poulson Hillary Price Arianne Prina Cody Proulx Blanca Ramirez Heather Reeves Jeremy Reynoso Lillian Rivard Ashleigh Robinson Lauren Robinson J. Rocha Ellen Ronald Nichole Rose

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 49 ]

Christopher Roundy Terrie Russell Jordan Rymer Toni Sanford Ryan Schmid Jessica Sears McKenzie Blatt Selleck Katelyn Shacklock Shelby Shaw Robert Sheen Kamille Sheikh Chandler Sheilds Vladimir Shnayderman Timothy Shumway Amanda Sletta Braden Smith Candace Smith Melissa Stark Alexander Starkenburg Caralee Starling Benson Stevens Amber Stieg Camber Stoddard Sarah Stokes Caitlyn Stringham Lindsay Stubbs Jarom Summers Tracy Tang Jordan Tatton Tovi Tedrow Jeffrey Thomas Lilian Thompson Sara Lowden Thompson Sunnavy Te Thomson Suradee Thongkiattikul Derek Tillotson Tracy Timothy Zlatina Todorova Stephanie Tomlin Kimberly Tosti Thomas Troshynski Cassandra Van Klaveren Lauren Van Os Megan Davenport Vargo Sean View Anahi Villegas Stuart Vineyard Robert Vorwald Seth Walker Stacey Walton Jacob Wayman Cassandra Webb Joshua Wennergren Brittany Wonnacott Stephanie Woodward Thomas Worthington Ashley Young

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Kim T. Adamson* Jeanne Ambruster Gretchen F. Anderson Martha Felt Barton* Michael S. Bassis Judith Billings Michael F. Bills* James R. Clark Curt P. Crowther E. R. “Zeke” Dumke III Thomas A. Ellison Bing L. Fang* Thomas Fey Robert J. Frankenberg Robert A. Garda Clark P. Giles Susan Glasmann Andrew Harding Henry “Hank” S. Hemingway Colleen Kearns McCann* Peter D. Meldrum Dale E. Miller O. Wood Moyle IV* Jeffery R. Nelson* William Orchow Patricia A. Richards Alvin Richer* Noreen C. Rouillard* David E. Simmons W. Carter Stinton* R. Anthony Sweet Gregory A. Winegardner

TRUSTEE EMERITI Jesselie Anderson Joseph A. Anderson, Jr. Fred Ball Emerson J. Boyd* Carol C. Browning Gerald L. Burrus Lynn M. Bushman Geraldine M. Clark Joan O. Clissold Arthur T. Cox* David W. Crockett Ronald W. Daw Charles H. Dick Robert R. Dimock Robert E. Doidge Paul M. Dougan William E. Dunn Tom Eastwood Edward D. Ekstrom* Frances Flood Ellen Furgis

Jeffrey P. Gaia John Gallivan, Sr. P. Michael Gibbons Ginger Gore Giovale* William Guillory Alan E. Guskin George M. Haley W. Eugene Hansen Helmut P. Hofmann Richard J. Howa* S. Chris Johnson Paula F. Julander Carol Klimas Max Lauderdale W. Mack Lawrence Frank Layden Carl B. Lehmann M. Francis Mannion Richard L. McGillis Anthony L. Merritt* Thomas J. Metcalf* Michael N. Mitchell* George L. Moosman* Alexander B. Morrison Dennis C. Morse John B. Mortensen J. Douglas Morton Oren A. Nelson William H. Nelson Lorraine Linke Nickerson* Thomas G. Nycum Robin Steele Palmer* Pete Paulos Jed Pitcher Becky Potts Robert N. Pratt Joe Reyna Darline Robles Nick Rose Byron Russell Andrew J. Schilly Karen Shepherd Gerald R. Sherratt Don L. Skaggs L. Sam Skaggs, Jr.* Hyrum Smith Robert C. Steiner Tracy A. Stevenson Peggy Stock Ed Sweeney* Harry P. Sweitzer Verl R. Topham Dick van Klaveren* William K. Weigand Dominic Welch John S. Young*

PRESIDENT’S ADVISORY BOARD The President’s Advisory Board provides President Bassis with advice about the changes higher education needs to make to fulfill its promise in the decades ahead. Scott Anderson Steven Bateman Deborah Bayle Lane Beattie Timothy Carfi Jordan Clements Lew Cramer Nancy DeFord Raymond J. Etcheverry Rex Falkenrath* Ray Freer Ginger Gore Giovale* Thomas Guinney Scott Ideson Eric Jacobsen Pat Jones Ashok Joshi

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 50 ]

Hank Lamb David Lang Michael Levinthal Daniel Lofgren Ron Maines Bill Marolt Jill Miller Thomas Mulkey J. Scott Nixon Amy Paul Michael Pazzi Michael Phillips Ross Romero Nick Rose Paul Sagers Jill Taylor Jeffrey Woodbury



PIN investors are a dynamic association of local and national leaders who believe in the power of thinking and acting boldly. On an annual basis, they help President Bassis, Westminster, and its students move to the next level of success by supporting new academic initiatives.

PRESIDENT’S I N N O VAT I O N N E T W O R K Six years ago, a unique fundraising idea was introduced to the donors of Westminster College called the President’s Innovation Network (PIN). PIN was designed to allow Westminster’s president to act immediately on

Kim T. Adamson*

Corey Kirkwood*

Kerry and William Armstrong*

Aric Krause

Bruce Bastian

Jodi and Jack Livingood

Nancy Behnken

Janet Martineau* and Bill Orchow

Big-D Construction Corporation

Sandy* and Stephen Morgan

Barbara and James Clark

Marianne and O. Wood Moyle IV*

Steve Crane*

Amy Paul and Rex Falkenrath

Mary and Curt Crowther

Nancie and David Pickett

Stephen E. Denkers

Carol and William Redeker

Susan and Thomas Ellison

Patricia Richards and William Nichols

Kathy and Raymond Etcheverry

Penny and Nick Rose

Judy Cheng Fang* and Bing Fang*

Christina and Gary Seldomridge

Linda and Robert Frankenberg

Melinda and David Simmons

Mary and Ray Freer

Paula Margetts Swaner

Annie Lewis Garda and Robert Garda

Barbara and Norman Tanner

Nancy and Clark Giles

Pauline and Jeff Unruh

Virginia Gore Giovale* and John Giovale*

VCBO Architecture

Susan Glasmann and Richard Dudley

The Woman’s Board of Westminster

R. Harold Burton Foundation


Patricia and Henry Hemingway

Joanne and John Young*

ideas that would advance the mission of the college. Membership into this network required a donation of $10,000, and PIN’s founding donors included a special


Susan Glasmann, Bill Orchow, Nick Rose, and David

Westminster’s Alumni Program, led by the Alumni Board, helps graduates stay engaged in the college’s unique environment for learning by connecting them with educational, social, and service opportunities at the college.

Simmons. Each of these friends has donated to PIN every

Corbin Archer*

Laurel Miller-Jones

year since the fund was founded.

Jake Breen*

Elvie Charles Nelson

When asked why he chooses to donate year after year

Silvia Castro*

Julianne Peck-Dabling*

to PIN, Jim Clark said, “After many years in the corporate

Brian Cheney*

John Rech*

world, I saw first-hand the importance of acting quickly

Christine Chytraus*

Angie Schnieider*

on new initiatives that could move an organization

Chad Dorton*

Laurel Shepard*

forward. When I was dean of Westminster’s Bill and

Karl Gerner

Kayla Smith*

Vieve Gore School of Business, I saw how PIN allowed

Troy Hooton*

Michelle Swift*

the president to fund new programs that enhanced the

Devin Lane

Chris Thomas*

Mike Lewis*

Stephanie Tobey*

Carlos Linares*

Brent Winslow*

group who were already serving the college as trustees: Jim Clark, Bing Fang, Bob Frankenberg, Ginger Giovale,

learning experience for Westminster students. That is why Barbara and I support PIN and feel terrific about what our support has accomplished.”

Gifts made from July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011 | *Alumni | ~Deceased

Bethany Eller Matsumori* Donna Miller*

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 51 ]



The Westminster College Woman’s Board was organized in 1911 for the purpose of caring for the interests of students and raising funds for student scholarships. Since its inception, the Woman’s Board has provided more than $500,000 in scholarship money for students attending Westminster College.

The Gala Committee arranges Westminster’s annual scholarship benefit gala. Lisa Actor Devra Andersen* Leslie Bangerter Kim Casaday* Diane Chadek Pamela Clem Sharon Gibbons Julie Hackett* Safia Keller Victoria Marie Debbie McKinstry Tim Partridge Ashlee Rauzon Judy Schwei Shari Troester Rebecca Yates*

Marghi E. Barton*

Nancy Mathews

Mary Bassis

Heather K. McShane*

Eva-Maria Bates

Catherine Meldrum

Denise M. Bégué*

Shirley D. Michel*

Linda Bement

Donna Mitchell

Carolyn K. Benson*

Sandy J. Morgan*

Susan Brass

Jean Moseley

Diane Bruno

Elizabeth M. Myers

Barbara Carty

Elvira C. Nelson*

Mary Crowther

Catherine Netto

Patricia Curtis

Lorraine E. Nickerson*

Megan Curtis

Sharon Odekirk

Barbara Dick

Alicia D. Odell*

Bobbie Doidge

Irene Petersen

Mildred Derry Dubois*

Mary Ravarino

Patricia D. Eager*

Corrine Riekhof

Arlene Edsall

Marsha P. Rogers

Susan Elder

Noreen C. Rouillard*

Judy C. Fang*

Faith Ryan

Gloria T. Felis

Mariana Mavor*

Lois W. Fitzgerald*

Diane B. Simons*

Federica M. Gallegos*

Jean S. Simons

Patricia E. Gay

Elizabeth C. Slayton*

Lorna Ann Genereaux

Patty Rae Slothower

Carolyn Gilstrap

Linda N. Smith

Ginger G. Giovale*

Elizabeth Spedden

DeAnne D. Hanson*

Peggy Stock

Myra R. Harris*

Rosemary Tepper

Alysia Harris

Barbara J. VanRoosendaal*

Patricia P. Hartman

Lisa K. Wagner*

Ruth Henneman

Carolyn S. Wallin*

Donna Henry

Joan L. Warnock*~

James S. Brandon Tiffany D. Dodge* Ryan Evans Mark A. Ferne Lynn Gentile Lynn Gooderidge Rick Hackford Thomas C. Jensen* Richard H. Paff* Ryan J. Pezely* Jared C. Sanford Stephen C. Sanford Michelle Swift* M.A. Winter-Nolte

Annalisa Holcombe*

Colene Warren

Shay Wyatt

Virginia Hughes

Susan Whitney

Hattie Jones

Claudine C. Wilcox


Vasi Katsikathas*

Beckie L. Winston*

Loyda A. Kyremes*

Victoria R. Witherow*

Amy Kyremes-Parks

Sandie Wright

Helen Lowen

Joanne Young

GRIFFIN CLUB The Griffin Club provides resources for a quality experience for Westminster student-athletes by promoting a supportive relationship between the Westminster athletic program and alumni, faculty, staff, parents, friends, and businesses.

Susan Whitney

Best Buy Courtyard Marriott Downtown Salt Lake City Pepsi Ramada Salt Lake Red Moose Coffee Sports Med Utah

Michelle Barber Lyhnakis*

Universal Athletics

2011 President’s Annual Report [ 52 ]



ALUMNI MENTORS The Alumni Mentoring Program is designed to foster the personal and professional growth of Westminster undergraduate students by pairing them with qualified alumni mentors. Trent Alvey* Rachel Smith Anderson* Corbin Archer* Shamim Ashment* Michelle Barber Lyhnakis* Michael F. Bills* Jim Carter* Kim Casaday* Maria Coggins* Don A. Coleman* Camille Collett* Steve H. Crane* Kirk R. Dansie* Zeke R. Dumke IV* Judy Fang* Danica Farley* Shauna Finley* Wendy Hamner* Oliver J. Hansen* Chris K. Hoffman*

Annalisa S. Holcombe* Steve R. Holloman* Julie Kilgore* Erin Linder* Lindsay Malechek* Thomas J. Metcalf* Jacquelynn Millard* Shawn S. Packard* Lee J. Payne* Brian C. Pilling* Angela N. Sampinos* Marina Starling* Melissa H. Sweat* Ed Sweeney* Michelle Swift* Tofi Ta’afua* Engels Tejeda* Dick van Klaveren* Matthew S. Wilcox* Megan Carney Zurkan*

As is the origin of so many college love stories, Gia Throndsen-Whitlock (’02) and Trevor Whitlock (’04) met in a dorm: in their case Behnken Hall. They married in 2004 and began their careers: Gia as a designer, Trevor as a software developer.

ALUMNI CLASS AGENTS 1961..... Kathryn and Robert Garvin

1991..... Patrick Curtin

1964..... Peg and Mike Hogben

1992..... Norman Fincher

1966..... J. C. Poulton

1995..... Brian Cottam

1967..... Kathy Miller

1996..... Kara Needles

1968..... Terry Callahan

1997..... Devra Andersen

1970..... Steve Crane 1972..... Mark Ruff 1973..... Ed Sweeney 1974..... Margee Ruff 1977..... Christine Chytraus 1979..... Elvie Charles Nelson 1980..... Carter Stinton 1981..... Leianne Stinton

Gia left the workforce to start a family and delve into her true passion: art. She thought art would be a part-time interest, but her talent has been discovered! Gia’s works have been shown in exhibits at the 15th Street Gallery, Springville Art Museum, and even Westminster’s Alumni House. Trevor, too, has found success as a Java developer at O.C. Tanner and is now moving into research and development, a new and exciting challenge.

1998..... Helen Langan 2000..... Chad Dorton 2001..... Adriana Mendez 2002..... Amanda Morgan 2003..... Audrey Maynard 2004..... Stewart Anderson 2005..... Teresa Elias

1982..... Georgia Sullivan

2006..... Rachel Smith Anderson

1983..... Julie Balk

2007..... Lacee Klemm

1984..... James Wight

2009..... Stacey Thompson

1988..... Julie and Jim Hackett

2010..... Bryan Craven

1990..... Colleen Kearns-McCann

2011..... Joi Logan

The Whitlocks attribute much of their success to their experience at Westminster, which is why they choose to support The Westminster Fund. “We give back because we want other students to have the same opportunities we did,” Gia said. “We believe the Westminster experience should be within the reach of anyone who desires it.” Gia stresses that giving back is just part of being in the Westminster community. “Westminster doesn’t ask that much in return for what it gave and continues to give us! Even $25 makes a difference. Besides, it feels good to give.”

NOTE: The Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations underwent a database conversion this year. If your name is missing or misspelled, or your affiliation is incorrect, please accept our apologies and contact us so that we can make the appropriate correction. Please call, email, or mail changes and comments to our office: Westminster College | Attn: Claire Martinez/Honor Roll | Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations | 1840 South 1300 East | Salt Lake City, UT 84105 Phone 866.832.2730 or 801.832.2736 | Email

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2011 President’s Annual Report [ 53 ]

Laura Le贸n Thanks You aLL When I began my college search, I looked for a small school where I could get to know my professors and make a positive impact. I chose Westminster because of its reputation for making students think, speak up, ask questions, and communicate well. I made a great choice; Westminster is the right fit for me. But as is the case for so many students, I would not be at Westminster if I had not received scholarships. I would like to personally thank every person who has invested in the students at Westminster by supporting scholarships. We would not be here without you. My experience at Westminster has made me excited about the future. My goal is to attend law school and one day work in immigration law. I look forward to giving back to the community by providing free or lowcost legal services to those who need help. Without the support of those who believe in my potential, I could

Originally from Bogot谩, Colombia, Laura Le贸n is a sophomore studying accounting and Spanish. She serves as a Westminster Presidential Ambassador and is president of the Latin@ Club, an organization that

not accomplish these goals. I thank you for helping

raises awareness about higher education within the Latino community

make my dreams a reality.

and promotes diversity on campus.

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President's Annual Report - Westminster College 2011  
President's Annual Report - Westminster College 2011