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Financial Aid: Consider, first, the kind of experience you seek.

Facts in Your Favor If you qualify for admission to Westminster, we will work individually with you and your family to make Westminster an affordable choice. In the meantime, here are some financial aid facts: • About 98 percent of Westminster’s entering freshmen receive some form of meritbased and/or need-based aid. • Thanks to our generous scholarship program, more than 75 percent of our families are able to finance a Westminster education through current income and savings. • Westminster awards more than $50 million in financial aid to students every year. • In 2010–2011, 91 percent of Westminster freshmen received merit-based scholarships, with an average award of $13,356. • Private colleges, such as Westminster, offer more assistance in the form of scholarships and grants than public institutions. • Federal student loans are available to families of all income levels.

Three Easy Steps Three easy steps will ensure that

• The form is available online at

you receive aid from all the The site walks

merit-based and need-based

you through the process step by

programs for which you qualify.

step. You should file the form as

STEP ONE: Complete and submit an application to Westminster Your application for admission also serves as your application for

soon as possible after January 1 of the year you intend to enroll in college. • Be sure to enter Westminster’s

virtually all of our merit-based

federal FAFSA code: 003681.

scholarship programs. If you

Entering our code when you file

apply and are accepted, you will

the FAFSA ensures that the

automatically be considered for

determination of your need-

Westminster scholarship programs

based financial aid eligibility

based on the information you

will be sent to us automatically.

supply in your admission application.

STEP THREE: Receive notification of your financial aid from Westminster

Application for Federal Student Aid

The financial aid award package


you receive could be any combi-

The information contained in the

nation of merit-based scholar-

FAFSA is used to determine your

ships and need-based aid in the

eligibility for all federal, state, and

form of grants and low-interest

institutional need-based financial

loans. Your financial aid counselor

aid programs. Even if you think you

at Westminster will review every

probably do not qualify for need-

element of your financial aid

based aid, you should complete this

package with you and develop a

form. Every year, thousands of

customized payment solution.

families lose out on aid for which they are eligible simply because they fail to file a FAFSA.

STEP TWO: Complete and file a Free

Take the time to explore financing options.


1. Complete Westminster’s True

Freshman Scholarships

The award recognizes excellence

In 2011–2012, annual amounts

in any activity or significant

Cost Calculator form.

for these awards range from

area of endeavor, for example:

It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s free, and

$6,000 ($24,000 over four years)

community service, civic

it’s available to all prospective

to $14,000 ($56,000 over four

participation, fine arts, leadership,

students—not just those who


service to others, performing

have applied for admission.

All accepted freshman applicants are automatically considered for Westminster’s merit-based scholarships. Eligibility is determined by your high school GPA and your ACT or SAT scores.

arts, entrepreneurship, writing, athletics, science, or the ability to overcome personal challenges and hardships. Additional Scholarship Programs

Westminster College also participates in the Utah New Century Scholarship and the Centennial Scholarship for Early Graduation Certificate programs.

Full-tuition Awards

ROTC Scholarships

All freshman scholarships are

Westminster College recognizes

Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC

renewable for a total of up to

entering first-time-in-college

scholarship recipients who choose

eight semesters or four years,

freshmen who are National Merit

to attend Westminster and also

provided a student maintains

Finalists and National Achieve-

choose to live on campus are

full-time enrollment and remains

ment Finalists with full-tuition

awarded a room-and-board grant

in good academic standing.


at a double-room and gold

2011–2012 Merit Scholarships

Half-tuition Awards


Annual Award

Westminster College recognizes



entering first-time-in-college



freshmen who are National Merit



Semifinalists and National


$ 9,000

Achievement Semifinalists with

Success Grant

$ 6,000

half-tuition scholarships.

package upon completion of the process. Just go to www. 2. Apply for admission to Westminster. Your completed admission application also serves as your application for merit-based scholarships. 3. Schedule a personal consultation with a Westminster financial aid counselor.

campus receive a $2,500 grant.

Expert advice and assistance

Those who receive both a ROTC

are just a phone call away, and

scholarship and a room-and-board

they’re free. We make certain

grant are not eligible for other

that you investigate every

Westminster College scholarships

possible source of financial

as entering students.

assistance for which you

For information on more scholar-


Theatre, music, and athletic

ship programs, visit our website at

(separate application required)

scholarships are available through

These scholarships of $25,000

auditions or tryouts.


freshmen and transfer students.

estimate of your financial aid

recipients choosing to live off

Talent Scholarships

students chosen from the entering

You’ll instantly receive an

meal-plan rate. ROTC scholarship

Exemplary Achievement Award

per year are awarded annually to


Priority Action Plan

qualify. We will help you every step of the way, including one-on-one help filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Scan this code with your smartphone to see Joanna’s video.

Joanna Pham ’13 Hometown: Salt Lake City Major: English Key Activities: Ellipsis After Graduation: Pursue MFA degree Overall Take on Westminster: “It gives you all the attention you need.”


more affordable than you think!” “Westminster is

Joanna has compiled a superb academic record while working three jobs: editor of the Ellipsis, the literary magazine; assistant layout artist for creating brochures for Westminster’s Office of Communications; and retail associate at the Gap. “I’m on a first-name basis with splendid professors.” Joanna is on her way to taking the next step after Westminster: pursuing a master of arts in poetry. When asked what advice she’d give to prospective students and their families, Joanna says, “Don’t settle for a school because of financial issues. Do some research. The dollars will come.”

To hear more of Joannå’s story, come to our website and see her video.

When Joanna Pham was applying to colleges, it was clear that she would have to assume the primary responsibility for her college expenses. “With generous financial aid, Westminster proved to be more affordable than public universities!”


With financial aid, Westminster can be more affordable than a public institution.

True Stories actual examples of Westminster

True Story #1

College financial aid packages

This is based on a four-person family with an income of $24,827 and

awarded to students for the

two in college. The student had a GPA of 3.55 and an ACT score of 23.

All the samples provided here are

2011–2012 school year.

Financial Aid Awards:

Every student and every family

Founder’s Scholarship:


situation are unique. You can

College Grant:

$ 3,800

quickly calculate the amount of

Federal Pell Grant:

$ 5,550

financial aid for which you may

Federal Work-Study:

$ 2,500

qualify by using our free True

Subsidized Stafford Loan:

$ 3,500

Cost Calculator. You don’t even

Unsubsidized Stafford Loan:

$ 2,000

Total Financial Aid Package:


need to complete an admission application or a FAFSA to take advantage of this service. Just go to www.westminstercollege. edu/truecost to get a preview of your eligibility for all merit-based grants, work-study, and loans.

True Story #2

(Please note, the True Cost

This is based on a six-person family with an income of $57,808 and

scholarships and need-based

Calculator is a guideline, not a final determination of your financial aid award package.)


one in college. The student had a GPA of 3.72 and an ACT score of 18. Financial Aid Awards: Horizon Scholarship:

$ 9,000

College Grant:

$ 4,700

Federal Work-Study:

$ 2,500

Subsidized Stafford Loan:

$ 3,500

Unsubsidized Stafford Loan:

$ 2,000

Total Financial Aid Package:


True Story #3 This is based on a ďŹ ve-person family with an income of $171,329 and one in college. The student had a GPA of 3.93 and an ACT score of 25. Financial Aid Awards: Dean’s Scholarship:


College Grant:

$ 3,450

Subsidized Stafford Loan:

$ 3,500

Unsubsidized Stafford Loan:

$ 2,000

Total Financial Aid Package:


all merit-based. You are automatically considered for merit scholarships when you apply for admission. Freshman scholar-

The scholarships listed are

ships are determined based on your cumulative high school GPA and ACT or SAT score. Transfer scholarships are determined based on your cumulative transfer GPA from all colleges attended.


A wise investment yields good dividends.

Grants Grants, like scholarships, do not

Federal Supplemental Educational

need to be repaid. However,

Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

unlike scholarships, the grants

The SEOG is a federally sponsored

listed here are awarded based on

need-based grant that requires a

financial need, as determined by

student also be eligible for a Pell

the FAFSA.

Grant. Our Financial Aid OfďŹ ce awards all available SEOG funds

Federal Pell Grant

in amounts ranging from $400 to

The Pell Grant is a federally

$1,500 per academic year.

sponsored need-based grant, and the federal government determines

Westminster College Grants

eligibility. Pell Grant awards range

Westminster College Grants

from $555 to $5,550.

range from $200 to $6,000 per academic year. Our Financial Aid OfďŹ ce determines eligibility for these need-based grants.

The Facts on Funding Sources 6

Need-based Federal Loans

Other Need-based Federal Programs

Federal Perkins Loan

Federal Work-Study

Federal Perkins Loans are low-

Westminster invests over $1

interest loans (current rate is

million each year in this federally

fixed at 5%) awarded to students

subsidized program that provides

with exceptional financial need.

campus employment to students.

Awards generally range from $400

Students work as software

to $1,800 per academic year.

assistants in our computer labs, as

Interest does not begin to accrue

faculty research assistants, and in

until nine months after graduation

a variety of other campus offices.

or when a student ceases to be

Eligibility does not guarantee that

enrolled at least half-time.

you will be employed, but it does give you the opportunity to apply

Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan

for FWS positions on campus.

The federal government will pay the interest (currently fixed at 3.4%) on the Subsidized Stafford ation or as long as the student is

Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan

enrolled at least half-time. The

This differs from the need-based

maximum loan amount is $3,500

Stafford Loan in that the federal

for first-year undergraduates, with

government does not subsidize

a maximum total loan of $23,000

the interest (6.8%). Also, the

over a five-year period.

amount of the loan varies based on whether a student is a dependent

Loan until six months after gradu-

Federal Loans Not Based on Need

or is financially independent. The maximum loan amount for first-year undergraduates is $2,000 for dependents and $6,000 for independent students.


To hear more of Eric’s story, come to our website and see his video.

Eric McCurdie ’13 Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado Major: Marketing

Scan this code with your smartphone to see Eric’s video.

Key Activities: Westminster Orchestra, Karate Demo team Future Plans: Run his own business Overall Take On Westminster: “You find real-world applications everywhere.”

I T ’ S A L L ABOUT E R I C Eric McCurdie started dancing when he was three, began skiing at five and playing violin in the third grade. He’s still dancing, still skiing, and still playing the violin, serving as the concertmaster of the Westminster Orchestra. “Westminster was my first choice,” says Eric. Because of his outstanding talents in music and dance, Eric received a $20,000-a-year Exemplary Achievement Award Scholarship to attend Westminster. Eric has done more than polish his artistic talents at Westminster. “Westminster has helped me bounce ideas off other people and look at things in a new way.” Eric appreciates the camaraderie with his professors. “You’re not in a big auditorium with 300 other students.” After Westminster, Eric plans to start his own business in the music industry.


“Set your goals high and apply for everything you can!”

Your One-Stop Resource Make Westminster’s Office of Financial Aid your one-stop resource for all the answers to questions about financing your Westminster education. Our experienced financial aid counselors are devoted to making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you and your family. They will be your partners and your

Financial Aid Timeline We accept applications for admission on a rolling basis throughout the year. You should be notified of your admission status approximately one week after you submit your completed

We are always happy to help. How to contact us: Financial Aid Office Westminster College 1840 South 1300 East Salt Lake City, UT 84105

notice of Westminster College scholarship awards. • Begin independent scholarship search.

your FAFSA and admission application, you will receive a letter from our office notifying you of your financial aid package.

or phone conference with a Westminster financial aid counselor for assistance with filing the FAFSA. • Submit your FAFSA as soon after January 1 as possible.

First notifications will be sent


beginning in March.

• Review your FAFSA results and financial aid package with a Westminster financial aid counselor.

ever is on your mind, let us know!

search process. • Apply for admission; receive

• Schedule a personal meeting

Once we have reviewed both

Small details or big issues—what-

options early in the college

processed approximately two to

every source of financial assistance

time with questions or problems.

form to learn about financing


three weeks after submission.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at any

• Fill out a True Cost Calculator

application. The FAFSA is

guides, making sure you obtain for which you are eligible.


Office Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. 801.832.2500 Toll-free 800.748.4753

Fax 801.832.2506 Email: financialaidoffice@ financialaid


Students and Faculty Enrollment: Approximately 2,200 undergraduates and 800 graduate students from 43 states and 30 countries

National Recognition The Princeton Review’s The Best 373 Colleges (2011 edition) ranks Westminster in the top 15% of colleges and universities in North America; 13th for quality of life; and as one of America’s Best Value Colleges.

Faculty: 140 full-time; 214 parttime faculty: 99% hold the highest degree available in their fields

U.S.News & World Report consistently ranks Westminster in the top tier of colleges and universities in the West. Location Salt Lake City’s eclectic Sugar House neighborhood: Restaurants and shopping within walking distance; a 10-minute drive from the downtown business district, a center of financial services, technology, health care, bioscience, and communications; a 30-minute drive from world-class, year-round mountain recreation, including seven major resorts Academics Academic calendar: Fall and spring semester system with a 3-week May Term and one summer term Academic programs: More than 70 academic programs, including minors and special opportunities such as the Honors program, pre-professional programs (pre-med, pre-law, and pre-dental), 3-2 engineering program, study abroad, internships, independent study, and research

Academic profile, Class of ’14: Average ACT: 24 (SAT equivalent 1110); average GPA: 3.5

Student/faculty ratio: 11:1; average class size is 18 Campus Resources Campus: 27-acre campus with 28 buildings, including residence halls, dining areas, academic buildings and labs, library, facilities for athletics and recreation, and performance spaces Special facilities and resources: • New platinum LEED-certified 60,000-square-foot Meldrum Science Center • Emma Eccles Jones Conservatory for Music and Theatre • Center for Financial Analysis in the Gore School of Business • Flight Operations Center at Salt Lake International Airport • Spectacular Dolores Doré Eccles Health, Wellness, and Athletic Center

Student Life Clubs and organizations: More than 50 academic, professional, and special-interest groups Athletics and recreation: 17 intercollegiate men’s and women’s teams (the Griffins); most compete in NAIA Division I; club sports include tennis, bowling, cycling, skiing, and snowboarding; extensive individual fitness and wellness resources Admissions and Financial Aid Ranked among the “Great Schools, Great Prices” in U.S.News & World Report Application: You can apply online using the Westminster application or the Common Application. A Westminster print application is available in PDF format. Deadlines: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for fall, spring, or summer admission; priority financial aid deadline: April 15; on-campus housing deadline: May 15

We will be nationally recognized as an exemplary community of learners, distinguished by our distinctive educational programs, our record of preparing graduates for success in a rapidly changing world, and our commitment to continuous improvement, effectiveness, and value.


Undergraduate tuition and fees, 2011–2012: Tuition: $27,182; Room and board: $7,584 Financial aid: More than 95% of undergraduates receive some form of financial aid: average award (2010–2011): $22,607 Competitive Edge Westminster students acquire the skills, savvy, and confidence to succeed, wherever their career or life paths lead.

Westminster College administers all of its educational programs, related support services, and benefits in a manner which does not discriminate against students or prospective students with regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, age, national or ethnic origin, disability, or a person’s status as a veteran.

Office of Admissions 1840 South 1300 East Salt Lake City, UT 84105 801.832.2200 Toll-free 800.748.4753


Character Founded in 1875, Westminster College is a private, comprehensive, liberal arts college offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs and focused on developing new and innovative models for teaching and learning.

Westminster College Financial Aid Brochure  
Westminster College Financial Aid Brochure