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Westminster Shield Vol. 5 Issue 2

Westminster Christian High School Newspaper

october 2012

A look at homecoming week’s ups and downs Sound of Music his remark, “Homecoming week was exciting, but some of the homecoming games could have been better.” Although the underclassmen would sometimes gain the upper hand, by the end of the week, the seniors ultimately

Homecoming King & Queen. On the day the court, king, and queen Homecoming week was a thrillwere announced, the high school ing and exciting time for all the students were extraordinarily exhigh school students, but pricited as their fellow peers were marily the seniors. This year’s proclaimed the winners. The folHomecoming week was much lowing night was the Homecomlike the previous ing dance. The years’ except for high school stuone important dents danced to aspect; that Friseveral popular day, Westminster dance songs, inhad its very first cluding the new football game. hit song “Gangam As always, this Style.” However, year, Homecomaccording to the ing had a new students at the theme. This year’s dance, the song theme was “Unchoices were very der the Sea,” poor. One of the with the freshstudents who atmen as starfish, tended the dance, the sophomores senior Mikaila as lobsters, the ju- Joseph Perotti and Erin Orzech make homecoming court on Oct. 5. Conforti, said, niors as stingrays, and the seniors won, and received the spirit cup. “Homecoming was fun, but the as sharks. Some of the games, Another important aspect of slow dances had really bad song however, were not that exciting. Homecoming week was the choices.” Another student, junior Sophomore Tyler Mamrot gave Homecoming Court and the S a m a n - (continued on pg. 3)

Westminster vs. Harvest in regional final match The Westminster volleyball team defeated AldenHebron Tuesday night, October 23, to send them to the regional finals. The team won in two games: 25-

Stephanie Kleczynski spikes as teammates cover.

10 and 25-13. Led by captains Cara Tyrell and Claire Speweik, they will be facing off against their arch rivals, Harvest Christian Academy, in the regional final match. Harvest came out on top in the one regular season match-up on Varisty team celebrates after Sept. 11. The region- scoring the winning point. al championship game will be held at Westminster at 6 PM on Thursday night. Come and cheer on the Warriors to victory against their cross-town rivals!

excitement builds

On November 8th through the 10th, Westminster students will put on this year’s highly anticipated high school musical, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music. Three 7p.m. performances will take place on the 8th, 9th, and 10th, with an additional 1 PM performance on the 10th. Tickets will go on sale beginning Monday, October 29th and can be purchased through the WCS Box Office. Premium

Sound of Music cast practice lines.

reserved seating costs 12 dollars, while reserved seating costs 8 dollars, with students receiving a discounted price of 7 dollars. Released in 1965, the motion picture version of The Sound of Music remains the most popular musical of all time to this day. Based on a true story and set in Austria in the 1930s, the tale follows a cheery young woman named Maria (played by Kate Chapman). Maria leaves her solemn life in an Austrian convent behind to become the govern- (continued on pg. 2)

school news

Musical (continued from page 1) ess for the seven children of widowed Naval Captain George Von Trapp (played by Matt Swing). Maria brings joy to the unhappy and strict household, and a romance quickly unfolds. The family’s happiness is interrupted, however, when Nazi Germany takes over the country they know and love. Full of thrills, lively music, and intricate dance scenes, the musical is sure to be a grand event. This year’s cast is made up of fifty incredibly gifted students from the high school, middle school, and elementary school. Fine Arts

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Drop the Beat: Westminster drumline begins (might I add) one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. If you don’t believe me, watch “The best Mr. Price’s new drumline is ready to take the drum line video ever!” on Youtube and see for school by storm. Seven high school students yourself! Practices are held once a week from 3:00-4:30. Mr. Price is still have begun working tolooking for more memgether to play awesome bers, so if you’re willing music for athletic events to give it a go and can read and concerts. A drumline music, talk to him about it! is like a marching band If you’ve always wanted made up of only percusto be a rhythmic rocksion instruments that performs in uniform, and Breje Whitt demonstrates his drum skills. star, this is your chance.

Fall Fine Arts concert does not dissapoint audience a nice tune to float into their ears. This year was no different, as the band performed 3 difficult songs. The High School Band has a variety of instruments for the size of their group. Their first song selection was “Beale Street Boogie”, an upbeat and engaging crowd favorite. Aaron Weiwel had a solo on piano, Yong Un on the alto saxophone, and Travis Battle on the saxophone.

Olivia Kmeciak, Alex Newton, and Matt Swing practice their lines for Sound of Music.

Director Julie Chapman describes the cast as highly committed. She says that rehearsals are right on track, and while they are extremely fun, can be tiring and tedious at times. But the students’ hard work is well worth the excellence presented in the final product. If previous musicals are any indication, this will be an event you do not want to miss. Westminster puts a tremendous amount of effort into ensuring the quality of its productions, and Mrs. Chapman promises that this year will be no different. She says that the musical includes a little bit of everything, explaining, “The set committee is completing the most beautiful sets you can imagine. Our choreographer has taught the chorus how to dance a true waltz, and it is quite impressive. And just wait until you hear our sister’s chorus! All of the songs included in The Sound of Music are incredibly beautiful, and our leads have worked for hours to perform them at the highest level possible.” She praises each one of the cast members and hopes their incredible talent is noted by the community; “God has blessed our students, and you will be blessed too when you experience Westminster’s The Sound of Music. You seriously do not want to miss it.” Reserve your tickets today to come celebrate the talent of Westminster and enjoy an evening of drama, music, and fun.

On Tuesday October 16, 2012 the musical talents of Westminster Christian students were showcased at the Fall Choral and Instrumental Concert. The students have been preparing for this concert since the start of the year. This year’s concert displayed the WCS String Ensemble, Middle School Band, High School Band, Middle School Choir, Blues and Barbers, and High School Choir. Directors included Andrew Anderson for WCS Strings, Mr. Price for both MS and HS band, and Mrs. Chapman for both MS and HS choir. Every group that performed improved since last year and pleased the audience in a tremendous way. To start off the program, the WCS String Ensemble knocked the socks off of the audience, not only in per- Blues and Barbers sing“Home” accompanied by Jon Janik. Leading up to the High School chorus was formance, but in simply seeing the young kids in their adorable concert attire playing their petite the Middle School Chorus. Talented middle string instruments. These little ones had com- schoolers showed off their voices as many plete outfits, including a of them achieved the feat of receiving a solo. As the night moved on, the audience was exsuit and tie. Their small hands fiddled away when cited for the awaited moment of the night: High playing their miniature in- School Choir. Right before the awaited mostruments. These impres- ment came, the advanced singers, also known sive children wowed the as the Blues and Barbers, showcased 2 song audience. People are defi- selections and amazed the audience with their nitely excited to see what sound and blending of harmonies. The crowd they will prepare for the favorite was “Home” by Phillip Phillips. Jon next concert. The Strings Janik learned this song by ear and accompaincluded ages 4-12. nied the Blues and Barbers on guitar for a great The young violinist. The WCS Strings followed the Middle School moment of the concert. The 3 songs that were Band. They performed 3 songs, but the crowd preformed by the High School Choir brought favorite was “Hawaii Five-O Theme”. The smiles and joy to the faces in the crowd. The feel of this song quickly engaged parents; you new addition of many different boys has helped could see the nodding of heads, and tapping the quality and sound of the high school choir. This fiirst concert showcased the muof feet. Breje Whitt says, “The middle school band has definitely improved from last year.” sical talents of Westminster, causing Every year, the High School Band gives the many to look forward to the next concert.

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Winsauer, Fact Power

Senior Patty Winsauer’s facts of the month

school news

Homecoming (continued from page 1)

-Camel milk does not curdle -Mosquitoes have 47 teeth -You weigh less at the equator -Hippopotamus milk is pink -Honey never expires -All polar bears are left-handed Senior girls challenge sophomore girls in tug of war as Dr. Haak and Mr. Sevey officiate the competition.

tha Hoyt, similarly remarked, “Homecoming was a lot of fun, but a lot of the songs were overplayed.” Despite the lack of new song choices, the high school students still admit they had a good time at the dance. Overall, this year’s Homecoming was a great time for the high school to have good, fun times with each other. When asking some high school students what their thoughts were on

Homecoming week, I received several interesting responses. Junior David Bristol said, “I really enjoyed the themes for the week, the games were cool, the dance was awesome, and I really liked the Under the Sea theme.” Sophomore Whitney Woodhouse simply said, “It was a great time and experience.” Lastly from all the responses I received from the high school students, it seems they thought Homecoming week was fun; but, there are some things that could be improved. I hope next year will be even more exciting than this year.

Club of the month: They mean business Soduku Puzzle Contest

mittee for funding. Besides prom, their proceeds will go to the club’s sought afAre you busy on Tuesdays during lunch? If not, ter T-shirt gun. This T-shirt gun would come on down to Mr. Huddleston’s room and join change the whole aspect of WestminBusiness Club! The twelve members or so are ster sports games. President of the club, always looking for more people! This is the Connor McAuliffe, is avid about raising money and is always looking for ways to better the school through Business Club. Some great benefits of joining this club include learning great business skills. It is a great way to jump-start a business career later in life. According to Mr. Huddleston, “It looks awesome on a resume.” Another benefit of Business Club is getting to hang out with friends while serving the school Mr. Huddleston and Business club in Tuesday meeting. and making money. “Business right place to be if you love planning busi- Club is the party hub,” said sophomore ness activities and enjoy hanging out with Robert Kleczynski. So, if you want to friends. These activities include: the selling spice up things in your life, head on of candy and gum, and occasional bake sales. over to Mr. H’s room Tuesdays at lunch All of their proceeds go to the Prom Com- and help plan some business activities.

Complete this puzzle correctly and enter it in our drawing (to Mrs. Johnson) to win a personal profile article about you or the person of your choice. Happy sodukuing!

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Pumpkin treats are hard to beat Pumpkin is the go-to flavor throughout the season of fall: pumpkin muffins, pumpkin spice lattes, and the most popular, pumpkin pie. But, pumpkin pie has been around for so long that, although delicious, it can get a little old. Pumpkin spice bars offer a new texture, mixing a moist cake and a smooth cream cheese frosting, and still provide the cinnamony, pumpkin flavor that everybody craves. As an experienced baker who has baked several different delicacies, nothing has received as much praise as my pumpkin spice bars. My mom first made this delicious dessert when I was in middle school, but to my disgust she added raisins to the cake (nothing against raisins, but they do not belong in the midst of pumpkin heaven). So, when I took over the kitchen, I made the bars the way that I wanted them - no raisins, and extra cream cheese frosting. Here is the complete recipe for this delectable dessert: Cake: 4 eggs 2 cups sugar 1 cup vegetable oil 1 (15 oz.) can pumpkin puree 2 cups flour 2 tsp. baking powder 1tsp. baking soda 1/2 tsp. salt 2 tsp. ground cinnamon 1/2 tsp. ground ginger 1/2 tsp. nutmeg 1/4 tsp. ground cloves Cream Cheese Frosting 1 package cream cheese, softened 1/2 stick of butter 2-3 Tbs. milk 1 tsp. vanilla 4 cups powdered sugar Garnish with chopped walnuts or sprinkle with cinnamon.

Heat oven to 350˚F,grease a 15x10x1 in. pan. In a large bowl, beat eggs, sugar, oil, and pumpkin with a wire whisk until smooth. Stir in the flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves until there are no lumps in the batter. Bake 25 to 30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Let the cake cool completely before spreading the frosting on top. Refrigerate, and then enjoy!

The need to know on Spooktacular Costumes treating. If you are looking for a costume idea that doesn’t cause you to spend your life savHalloween dates back to almost 2,000 years ings, try being a ghost, or even as senior Miago. The Celtics in Ireland believed that on Oc- chael Sleeting suggests, “Just use a sheet for a tober 31st, the worlds between the living and toga.” There are so many ways to get creative on this special holiday! the dead became blurred. The Celts If you want to go with would host bonfires and dress up in the flow, some trendy cosanimal skins and heads. This traditumes this year might be tion is how Halloween costumes Katniss Everdeen from originated. However, Halloween The Hunger Games, with did not become a popular holiday a simple braid and some in America until the 1950’s. Halcombat boots, Honey Boo loween has become much of a conBoo, with her Toddlers troversy within the Christian comand Tiaras signature look, munity due to the legends of “the or even Captain America, living and the dead.” But, I think with a shield or a helmet. that Halloween is not about the Or, you could go for the old legends; it is about having fun traditional costumes such and celebrating as a community. as a witch, vampire, or Today, the tradition has very much Students practicing scare skills. even a hippie (which don’t changed from the Celts. Little chilneed much explaining, since we all know we’ve dren run around in costumes such as super heseen them before). When asked, what will you roes or princesses, begging for candy from door be for Halloween this year, Sleeting said, “I to door. Senior Nick Norden reminisces and think I’m going to be a girl.” Substitute teacher, says, “My favorite thing that I ever dressed as Joy Bork, announced, “Olga will be making a for Halloween was an airplane.” Senior Auscomeback this year!” I think the more fun you tin Anderson declares, “I loved being Michael Jackson!” Some people can get pretty crazy on have with Halloween, the better! Some teenthis holiday! You know when Halloween is right agers think that they are “too cool” for Halaround the corner; everyone is starting to get loween, but I beg to differ! Get in the spirit of giddy for Halloween parties, or even trick-or- the holiday, and I promise you won’t regret it!

Survive homecoming: advice for next year Homecoming has come and gone with mixed reviews. Many of us had a great time, but for the ones who didn’t, here are some helpful tips that will ensure a better homecoming next year. 1.) Choose your date wisely, if at all. Go with someone that you can joke around with. If not, slow dances will be horrible and you’ll end up wanting to ditch your date halfway through the night. Once in a while, you might get to go with a precious southern cowboy, but if not, you can always go with a buddy! No date? Chillax. Going solo can be just as fun. (; 2.) Start getting ready early, ladies. It is never too early to start getting ready. Hair takes much longer than expected, and if you’re in a rush, you could cut yourself shaving (been there). You can always edit your awk bandaids out of your pictures like I did, but that is incredibly embarrassing and a huge hassle. Instead, start prepping for the dance a few hours in advance to save yourself the trouble. 3.) Take a plethora of pictures. You only get to experience this dance a few times in your

life, so make sure you take lots of pictures with your friends and your date! Be sure to include poses such as duck face, Toddlers and Tiaras, HSM action shots, Charlie’s Angels, and thug life. Recruit a pal from Alexa “lump” and her date. outside of school to facilitate the photo shoot. 4.) Learn dance moves in advance. Please, children, do not enter the gym unprepared to break it down (cough, freshmen, cough). This is what Youtube is for. During the week before the dance, start training by watching a few dance tutorials. Everyone will think you’re a pro, and better yet, you won’t be standing there awkwardly when “Gangnam Style” comes on. 5.) Get into it. Or in the words of my darling sister Alexa Pedersen, “Be creative with your dance moves; let them flow.” Do not be afraid to go wild on the dance floor. Break out the worm! The sprinkler! The running man (personal favorite)! Don’t just stand around; the more outrageous your moves are, the more fun you will have.

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Taken 2 delivers an epic dissapointment Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) was put under duress once again, as he traveled to Istanbul, Turkey with his family. In the first movie, Bryan had slain members of a European gang. The remaining members of the gang try to take their vengeance on Bryan by kidnapping him and his family. The Albanian gang tries to leave nothing to chance by kidnapping each member of the Mills family simultaneously. Maggie, Bryan’s daughter, miraculously evaded her captors, unlike in the first movie. Bryan’s special set of skills are used in some extraordinary ways when he is also abducted. This movie was such a letdown that one could go with-

out finishing it. The movie took away every feeling of emotion that the first Taken movie had; those emotions were what made the movie so likeable. People would instantly fall in love with a caring dad who goes to the ends of the earth to save his daughter. However, Taken 2 takes all of that away; it’s just another cliché action movie. The movie was hard to follow at times. What really brought this movie down was the first Taken movie. When people went to see the sequel, they had the expectation of Taken 2 being just as good, if not better, than the first. Overall, the story line left viewers utterly disappointed.

Revolution reminds of human dependency What if there was a blackout? Not just in your house, your state, your country, but the whole world. If you really think about it, it would be difficult to live with. We have been depending on technology and electric-

ity our whole lives. There would be no more Facebook, Skype, television, or texting. Everything electronic would be useless. It would be like going back to the Stone Age. Revolution, a television drama series, is directed by Eric Kripke and produced by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions for NBC networks. The show focuses on the Matheson family, who has a necklace-like looking flash drive, which they prepared before the blackout, that is the key to not only finding out what happened fifteen years ago, but also a possible way to fix everything. Charlie Matheson (Tracy Spiridakos) and Nora Clayton (Daniella Alonso), Charlie’s stepmother, are on their way to find Miles Matheson (Billy Burke), Charlie’s uncle, who has been missing for the last fifteen years and set out to help them solve the problem. They are also on their

way to find Danny Matheson (Graham Rogers), Charlie’s brother, who has been taken by the militias. The Mathesons must elude Sabastian Monroe, the General of the Monroe Militia and the president of the Monroe Republic, who wants the flash drive for himself. The plot of the show is very interesting and it grasps the watcher’s attention. They did a phenomenal job on the first episode, where they show how terrifying and confusing things were after the blackout. I also thought it was neat how they began with a narrator telling what happened in previous episodes. I would give it three and half stars out of five. Viewers desire to keep watching the show as the plot thickens. However, sometimes it is difficult to constantly keep up with the series.

Rated FYE

For Your Entertainment

Have you ever been to a PG-13 movie lately and heard someone in the movie drop the f-bomb? Then, you wonder, isn’t that not supposed to be there? Actually, according to the Motion Picture Association of America, PG-13 movies are allowed to incorporate the “F” word 1 to 4 times. This may seem a little wrong considering that 11 yearolds are going to these movies with their older siblings; but, in my opinion, it does not seem as bad. Have you seen 101 Dalmatians? The MPAA was going to make the movie PG-13 because of Cruella de Vil’s smoking. They said it delivered a negative message to children. I’m sure you are thinking, well, that’s stupid. But, in a sense the company was just trying to protect them. The Scary Movie parody series is one of the most famous series of all time, but also one of the most vulgar. People criticized it, saying it was very racy and it should have been rated as an NC17 movie. If you have seen any movies in this series, you would know what they were talking about. Other instances where the content seemed a little sketchy were in the movie Rango (2010). The movie had more than 50 instances where animals were smoking. This started a great controversy over whether or not PG-rated movies should allow smoking. The last greatest controversial film would be Paranorman (2012), which was rated PG. This film had its laughs, but some parents said it was a little too scary for 6 year-old children. For example, a child and her father went to see Paranorman. When the movie began, she said it was a little scary, and the father asked if she could handle it. She said yes. After 25 minutes into the film, the girl asked her father if she could leave, tears streaming down her face. Not only did this movie scare a little girl, but it also had a controversy with a character saying he was a homosexual. Many children and adults thought it was a mistake in the script; however, the character mentions it twice. Many things have changed throughout the years in movie ratings, such as the methods being used to critique them. But, there is one thing that will not change: the peoples’ love of movies.


D-Rose’s #theReturn Derrick Rose wants to come back from his injury stronger and better than ever.

On April 28, 2012, Bulls fans held their breath as they watched the reigning MVP, Derrick Rose, fall to the ground and clutch his knee, writhing in pain. The unthinkable had happened: the Chicago basketball star had torn his ACL, ending all hopes of the

number one seeded Bulls’ championship campaign. At the end of the 2011-2012 season, the Chicago Bulls had the best record in the league, taking home the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy. The Bulls’ first match up in the playoffs was against the 76ers of Philadelphia. NBA analysts around the country predicted the Bulls to dominate their opening series. After 3 quarters of basketball, the predictions seemed to be correct. Everything was going well for the Chicago Bulls and their fans. Then, in the blink of an eye, everything changed. The stadium, where only minutes earlier was filled with fans cheering their hometown team to victory, was now silent as they watched the reigning MVP limp off the court. “Not again,” people whispered. “Come on, man. First game back. We had the win.” The Bulls had won the game; however, they lost the series 4-2. “I remember [the injury],” Rose said in an interview with Comcast SportsNet Chicago. “I remember everything. I remember jumping in the air and coming back down, and just that popping sound. I felt it actually tear when I laid all the way out and it just let go.” Rose had been injured for almost all of the regular season with groin and ankle injuries, and he had just recently came back to the court. The hopes of Chicago were lifted when Rose had returned for the playoffs, but when he tore his ACL, the Bulls could not hold on to their championship hopes. “I’m good, man. I definitely haven’t been out like that, but I’m doing fine, just trying to stay positive, keep everything normal,” Rose said. “The injury could have been way worse. You’ve got some people that probably feel worse than I [do], but I know I’m going to be all right. I believe in God, my spirits are up and I believe in myself, and I know I’m going to be back even stronger.”

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Golf season success, Rejman makes state team.” Rejman scored an 83 at regionals, and finished 6th out of the 10 playThis past 2012 golf season at Westminster ers advancing to sectionals individually. Coach Wedell says he is most proud of has been full of lasting memories and skillful players. The team has really stepped “winning 1st place at the NAS Conference tournament and it was up their game since previous a great way to end a WCS golf teams. The team great season. It was as a whole, shot a new school something that I knew record, scoring of 331 at the that they were capable NAS Conference tournament. of doing, but with golf, The players rose to the occaanything can happen.” sion with their personal best The team also won rounds of the year, combining the league tournament for the championship. The varby 30+ strokes and in sity team includes sophomore the process set school Christian Buhl, sophomore records for low team/ Noah Dirck, sophomore Josh individual scores for Edwards, sophomore Chan9 & 18 holes. Both ning Haacker, sophomore coaches are also really Justin Herrell, junior Logan Hopp, sophomore Andrew Junior Connor Rejman tees off. proud that most playHoward, sophomore Connor McAuliffe, ers, if not every player on the team, posted junior Connor Rejman, and sophomore a personal score record at some time durMatt Swing. The girls’ team includes ing the season. “We know there are some senior Mikaila Conforti, junior Lauren skilled players in school who could help us Mason, and sophomore Rachel Rich. out next year and beyond, so we are hopOne of the players, Connor Rejman, ing they will consider joining or re-joining went to state from October 12th to the the team next season. We would especially like to encourage underclassmen to come out as we need to increase our numbers for the future,” said assistant Coach Swing. They are also looking for some more girls to come out and join the team, so there may be another separate girls’ team. Logan Hopp also says, “My favorite memory would have to be winning 1st in our conference and also setting a new school record for tournament Connor McAuliff hits approach shot into the green. score!” The team as a whole is re14th. He said, “My experience was really ally looking forward to next year’s season, good. It was lots of fun and a really great and is hoping to make it as a team to state.

Soccer Recap: Good fight, close finish The men’s soccer team had a great season this year with a record of 11-5-1. But, the soccer season came to a close in the regional championship game. The Warrior boys came into Regionals as number one seed and won their first regional game against CLA, 2-1. As they came into the regional championships, they prepared to play their hardest against St. Edwards High School. The game was intense, and the

Warrior boys definitely brought their best and played with spirit. Sadly, the boys lost to St. Eds, 2-1. Now that the season is over, the boys are ready to learn from their mistakes and prepare for the season next year.

Tim Rodgers heads in goal in regional final.

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Get to know your WCS cross country team “Cheers” to fall season he runs because: “When you finish a race you feel like you really accomplished something.” The team unfortunately lost one of their top As I thought about the sport of Cross Country, I began to wonder, what motivated these runners, Adam Froeschke, to an injury. Adam athletes to compete in this sport? Junior Anni- Froeschke was struggling with severe pain in his right leg. ka VanNoord says, After going to “Cross Country is the doctor, they a sport that builds discovered he endurance and mushad an infeccle.” This year’s tion within his Cross Country team femur bone. might be small, Before his inbut it is mighty. jury, Froeschke The team does not had the top have enough playfastest time ers to be a qualifyon the team. ing team. HowJust recently, ever, the team was while Froeable to compete in Freshman Gracie Armstrong crosses the finish line. Regionals on Saturday, October 20th. In- schke was still recovering, Habacuc Orodividual players had the opportunity to zco set the new record for the fastest qualify for sectionals; however, unfortu- time. On Saturday, October 13th, Oronately, none of our players qualified this year. zco also took first place in the Open. When asked who the most improved player I discovered that each individual runner had his or her own reason for joining the team. was, VanNoord and Froeschke both agreed Many agreed that they initially joined Cross Orozco had truly developed into an amazing Country to spend time with their friends. runner. Many might wonder why these kids do Cross Country, or enjoy distance running. VanNoord said that Cross Country focuses on endurance, and has taught her about determination. Orozco, on the other hand, said, “I just really like being outdoors, and I love the rush of adrenaline you receive when you hear the sound of an opponent getting closer.” People may not realize how competitive Cross Country really is. These runAnnika VanNoord, Kevin Dean, Gracie Armstrong, Coach Froe- ners endure intense practices schke, Griffin Guge, and Habacuc Orozco show off earned abs. so that they can compete and This sport has allowed them to form amaz- be successful. They not only race their oping friendships with their fellow teammates. ponents, but they race their own best times. Freshman Kevin Dean said, “My team con- They always have room for improvement, and vinced me to join.” Dean went on to say that these players are truly dedicated to their team.

Football brings pride October 20 officially marked the end of the 2012 junior varsity inaugural Warrior football season. It was a season dedicated to the improvement of the program, as well as teaching the foundational basics to the new athletes. In this sense, it was a complete success with great

With the addition of football, Westminster has also added football cheer as a new activity. This year, cheerleaders got to experience a whole new side to cheerleading. These wonderful new cheerleaders are: Cailey O’Brien, Kelsey Albrecht, Suzy Thompson, Skylar Sunde, Abbey Lee, Elle Tabor, Hannah Rodriguez, and Olivia Zahara. All of these girls are having a fun time cheering outside and getting to experience cheering for a new sport. Since football cheer is new this year, it was hard for the girls to get adjusted from switching to football cheer from basketball cheer. Given that football is Cheerleaders perform stunt. outside, “It’s much harder for the crowd to hear the cheerleaders,” senior Cailey O’Brien states. Cailey, being the captain of the football squad, was anxious to see how the cheerleader’s attitudes would be different cheering for football. Cailey happily states that “This year the girls are eager to learn.” All the

Quarter cheer at homecoming game, October 5.

cheerleaders agree that football cheer is definitely more relaxed than basketball cheer since basketball cheer includes competition. The squad cannot wait to finish off the first year of football cheer with hopes that it was very a successful and fun year.

progress made in both the program and players. of all the progress the team had made in the last The record was good for a first year team; but few months, ending in a nail-biting loss to St. had less wins than hoped. Francis 6 – 9. St. Francis came from The conference record was behind to finish with a field goal in the 2-wins, 5-losses. Westminlast few seconds of the game. Head ster’s first homecoming coach, John Davis, commented on the football game against St. end of the season saying, “This year Edwards ended in a loss. served as the perfect preseason for The final game of the year the future of Warriors football. Next was a great demonstration Clay DeHaan runs for touchdown. year is the inaugural varsity season.”


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Challenge to Westminster students: Get more school spirit! been deteriorating, at least since my freshman year. When I went to sports events, especially varsity volleyball and basketball games the stands would be packed with fans, students and parents alike. I am sure the senior class now remembers the seniors when we were freshmen. JJ Marshall went all out each and every basketball game,

dressing up in costume and warrior paint. Not only was JJ spirited, he led Your adrenaline is pumping, a milthe student section in constant cheers. lion thoughts are running through Do we even have a student section anyyour head, champion blood is running more? Whenever I look over there, it through your veins. On one side of is always the other team doing each you, you can hear your team encouragother’s hair or working on homework. ing one another; on the other side, nothNow, I’m not saying that whenever ing, absolutely nothing. Well, except we lose it is because people were not maybe a few coughs. Or, if you cheering enough, or when we are lucky, scattered applause. win it is because the cheering If there is one thing that is unwas outstanding. I am simply derestimated when it comes to saying how much an athlete sports, it is the effect that the fans appreciates encouragement. have on the athletes. Speaking It makes the game more fun from experience, I know how and gives us motivation. being cheered on (even if it is Those who do cheer are not just obnoxious noise) pumps up overlooked; the volleyball the athletes. Hearing your classteam does notice and apprecimates cheer you on is not only ate the applause and cheering. encouraging, it is motivating. Westminster has the potential Like I said before, I speak from to be full of energy. Let’s experience when I say West- Students are appreciated when they cheer at sporting events come together as a communiminster’s school spirit has like this one at the homecoming football game. ty and show our school spirit!

Tune In: how music eases the stress of your everday life Your alarm delivers a rude awakening at 5AM. Groaning, rubbing your eyes, you gather every ounce of forced effort you can muster to roll over and hit that snooze button. Now, no one seems to be too fond of getting out of a warm, snuggly bed to up-and-at ‘em and start the day. So, for those of you who’d much rather pull the sheets over your drowsy eyeballs, it’s time for an intervention. It’s time for a wake up call. If you ask me, I’d much rather be roused with some upbeat, makes-mewant-to-dance music in the morning, and not some obnoxious, high-pitched, incessantly repetitive buzzer. Yikes. If that’s your alarm setting, then, I don’t blame you; I’d be just as crabby and unwilling in the mornings as yourself. But, if you are a morning person, such as myself, and grin at the thought of the early bird getting the worm, well, good for you! However, if this isn’t the case, let me be the first to suggest setting your radio station to something a weebit more exciting than classical music. Trust me, you’ll need it. A simple change such as being awakened by and listening to music in the mornings can

make an enormous difference in your homework.” Sounds nice, doesn’t it? attitude for the remainder of the day. Plug in some headphones and enjoy In addition to rockin’ out in the be- the elimination of outside distractions. ginning of the day, why not continue Believe it or not, aside from relieving listening to your favorite songs to keep your mental state, music provides physyou awake during study hall? Imagine, ical benefits as well. Studies show that you’ll be alive, awake, alert, and enthu- listening to music actually lowers your siastic in the middle of the day. But, I heart rate and blood pressure, helping must warn you; you you to relax. Danmight actually get ielle Wesley, a sesome homework nior, proclaimed, done. Say goodbye “When I listen to to naps; let’s give music when I do a warm welcome my homework, to productivity. it helps me to reIn fact, it has been lax and get into scientifically provthat mood I need en by numerous, to actually do shrewd psychologimy homework.” cal experiments that Taking all of incorporating music David Bristol at the chapel soundboard. these benefits into into your everyday routine can increase account, do you feel a newfangled your focus and awareness levels. This desire to listen to music more often? means that you hold the power to po- I sure do. Wake up to energizing mutentially increase your level of intel- sic, crank out iTunes during study ligence as well. Lucky for you, this hall, and keep it going for homework! means you can breeze through piles of You’ll soon find yourself smoothly homework with just a little help from adjusting to the daily stresses of wakyour iPod. Currently a senior, Stepha- ing up early in the mornings and nie Kleczynski says, “ Listening to spending all day, everyday at school. music really helps me to focus on my


WCS Shield—Oct 2012  

WCS Shield—Oct 2012