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Westminster Shield Vol. 5 Issue 4

Westminster Christian High School Newspaper

december 2012

Students shatter stereotypes Lamp just keeps swimming “Being involved in a variety of activities allows you to get to know new people with a different perspective and make new

could have been in public schools. According to senior Melissa Kees and junior Nicolle Gaudette, being active in your school is beneficial to the larger community of students, and really makes a

Chase Woods, Stephanie Kleczynski, Nate Sunday and Rachel Fugiel represent the many different stereotypes broken at Westminster.

memories,” raves senior Stephanie Kleczynski. At Westminster, we have a lot of activities to get involved in, such as; clubs, sports, theater, art, student government, Crossroads, and much more! When surveying a couple of WCS students, the majority of them say they are involved in more activities than they think they

change in your own life, and your peers’ lives also. Kees says her favorite activity she is involved in is Blues and Barbers because she can blend with a new group of people with similar interests as her own. Although it is easy to be “cliquey” in high school, and yes of course everyone has their set group of (continued on page 3) friends,

Newspaper club starts 2nd semester Speaking on behalf of the newspaper staff, I hope you’ve enjoyed the first four issues of this year’s Westminster Shield. Now, I have a great opportunity for anyone desiring to become a part of this staff.

Since Journalism class is only one semester long, a newspaper club will begin next semester. Although many staff members are returning, there will be several staff positions opening up. If you have any interest in joining this club, come directly to me for an application.

thought I’d try it out.” After 8 years of swimming, Austin has come to realize how much swimming has influenced his life. When asked his favorite part about swimming,

Austin Lamp has made Westminster history by becoming the first, and only, member of the WCS swim team. Swimming takes extreme commitment. Lamp swims twice a day, every day. He begins his morning practice at 5:30a.m. and ends at 6:45a.m. Then, after school, Lamp has a second practice from 5p.m. to 7p.m. Practices Junior Austin Lamp swimming at his meet. not only include swim drills, but Lamp responded saying, “Being a also involve intense muscle build- part of something bigger than mying. Within practice he does 20 self.” His team sent 6 swimmers to sets of 50 sit-ups and about 100 the Olympic trials this year, so the push-ups. Austin began swimming opportunities for him are immense. in third grade. “I’ve always liked Austin says he appreciates, “The swimming,” says Lamp, “I had lessons about time management (continued on page 3) a few buddies on the team, so I and the

Les Miserables not so miserable The lights flashed over the Cadillac Palace Theater sign. The day had finally arrived. For six weeks I had been waiting for this night; the excitement had been growing in me until I could hardly contain it any longer. Tonight was the night I would see the Chicago Broadway production of Les Miserables. The play was magical. From the ninth row, I could clearly see

the faces of all the actors. Their voices filled the room, creating an atmosphere of suspense and the feeling of awe. Even though the two and a half hour musical was sung all the way through, I did not even notice the length of the play, or the fact that there was no spoken lines except through song because the music and the sets drew me into the musical so that I lost (continued on pg. 6)

school news

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all in one year. One of the groups, led by Ms. Serrato and Mr. and Mrs. Toelke, will return to the same site as WCS’s 2011 mission trip to Monte Plata. They will focus on working with a local orphanage, doing service projects From January 4th through the 11th, thirty-six and ministering to the children and community of Westminster’s high school students will there. The second group, led by Dr. Haak, Mrs. venture to the northern coast of the Domini- Dahlman, and Miss Miller, will travel to Caracan Republic for this ballo, where stuyear’s mission trip. dents will work “Most students leave on construction on their trip excited of a kid’s care to work and serve facility as well others in the counas create a sort try they are traveling of Vacation Bito. And work is what ble School type they get to do–manual of ministry for hard labor. But what over 100 kids, they receive back... including many is far more than they refugees from ever expected,” stated Students participating in a team building excercise. Haiti and imMrs. Dahlman, who has chaperoned mul- migrants. Both teams will partner with Leadtiple mission trips in the past. Mrs. Dahlman erTreks’ staff, an organization focused on has seen how mission trips can transform developing student leaders while living out the lives of students as they find they are im- the Great Commission through mission trips. pacted even more than those they are serving. In the Dominican Republic, there is a lot of Due to its large size, the team has been split racial tension between Haitians and Dominiup into two separate groups who will travel to cans. The teams hope to spread the message two completely different worksites. While this of God’s love to these people who experience news came as a surprise to many students, the so much hatred on a daily basis. This message size of the team is a true blessing: the groups is what Senior Melissa Kees, who will travel will be able to achieve the impact of two trips, to Caraballo, is looking forward to most, “I

Preparing for DR trip

Student gov. explained Student government is the mediator between the student body and the school board, administration, and faculty. Their purpose is to promote change and relay messages passed down from the school board. School activities that are organized by the student governments are the homecoming dance, chili bowl, blood drive, talent show, and the “Snowcial.” The “Snowcial” is our newly renamed winter formal. Because of the student government’s fundraising accomplishments, the “Snowcial” will have a reduced price around 20 dollars, instead of the price being around 50 dollars. The blood drive has raised 27 units of blood which will be able to save 81 lives. The student government is currently working on a constitution that will stipulate how things are run in the student government. One of the past achievements of the student government is the current cell phone policy. The rule used to be that cell phones could be confiscated from a student if the student had it on his or her person regardless of whether it was on or off. Cell phones were to stay in a student’s locker throughout the school day. Another achievement of the student government has been lifting the ban on tattoos and nose piercings. Now both are acceptable as long as they are not distracting. So, go thank a member of student government for the hard work they are putting into making Westminster a better place for us.

Art club, whadup!?

am most excited about seeing all the kids and being able to share God’s love with them.” She is also looking forward to growing closer with her missions team, saying, “I don’t know all of them very well and am excited to learn more about them.” This will be her first mission trip; she decided to go after hearing stories from previous years. Mrs. Dahlman believes these trips are important because it “gives students the opportunity to see how another part of the world functions and how we as Christians can become part of that…I love to see all the changes the students experience as they serve those in the DR and each other all while growing in their own walk with the Lord.” Right now, both teams are brainstorming and planning activities for their time in the Dominican Republic. Students were split up into different groups (games, crafts, songs, skits, and stories/snacks) and are focused on preparing for the Vacation Bible School they will lead. Melissa stated, “We decided to have our theme be God’s love and the book of Daniel. We will go through a practice VBS one day and see if our ideas and thoughts work the way we want them to.” This is an exciting opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills and spread the Bible to those who may have never heard it before. Continue to pray that God would guide the missions teams in their preparations, travels, work projects, and ministry in the Dominican Republic!

graduate, also helps out with new projects from time to time. The students have done all sorts of projects, including pumpkin painting, T-shirt printing, eye painting, Twice a month in the high school art and ornament making. “The context of a room, you can find paint, pastries, and a club allows us to be more flexible with the party all in one place. Several students (all mediums we use,” commented Dr. Bristol. Even though Art club is just two years female at the moment) meet in Dr. Bristol’s room after school, ready to primarily have old, it is highly developed and hopes to fun and fellowship with each other, but gain popularity as more and more students also to develop their technical skills and take an interest in the visual arts. “We explore tools and techniques of the visual live in a world today that is so visual. The skill set needed to arts in a less formal create and apprestructure. And, let’s ciate art is a life not forget the deliskill that everycious baked goods one needs in the that usually accom21st century,” Dr. pany every session. Bristol remarked. If that isn’t reaSo why not try son to join, then I don’t know what is! Art projects recognized at the Fine Arts Night. it out? There’s no Art Club is unlike any other club at West- pressure, no grades, and nothing to lose minster because every month, a working besides a teeny tiny fee (per class) that professional artist comes in to engage with could be easily made up for by shovelthe students and, essentially, gives them ing the driveway for Mom and Pops. Talk an art lesson. Among some of the artists to Dr. B. if you’re thinking about givfeatured are Don Krauss and Jeannine ing it a go! You won’t regret it, and she Hill-Soldner. Emily Miller, a Westminster would be more than happy to have you.

school news

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Science Olympiad: bright minds, futures Stereotypes (from pg. 1) students. In regards to the events of the previous year, Dr. Haak said, “Last year, Last year, Westminster’s Science Olym- every one of our team members medaled piad team made it to the State Champion- in at least one event, as well as accomships at the University of Illinois in which plished one 1st place finish while at state.” each member later took home a medal of Concerning what will happen in this year’s confidence. Altogether they took home the Science Olympiad, Dr. Haak responded, Spirit Award Trophy. On Dec 5th, the team “This year, we hope to win regionals and had its first official meeting of this year. take at least five top 5 finishes while at For those of us who don’t know what State.” With several weeks before the acScience Olympiad is, Science Olympiad tual competition, the Science Olympiad is a one day event consisting of 23 scien- team is working hard to prepare themselves for it. The team itself consists of a variety of students, ranging in age from freshman to seniors. When some members of the team were asked what their thoughts were on Science Olympiad, I received a The Westminster Science Olympiad team coming in 2nd at Regionals qualifynumber of replies. ing for the state competition last year. tific challenges. There are two teams: JV Senior Mikaila Conforti says, “Through and Varsity, each containing 34 members. Science Olympiad, I’ve made most of my Most of these events are based upon the friends here at Westminster.” Senior Lydia team’s scientific knowledge. According Hekman remarks, “Science Olympiad has to Dr. Haak, Science Olympiad has been helped me stay a step ahead when taking around for 5 years, on behalf of four of ACTs and when applying for colleges.” those years, the Science Olympiad Team Based on these responses, it appears that has gone to the State Championships. For Science Olympiad can be very benefithe past two years, Westminster has com- cial for its members. Anyone truly interpeted in a much larger class of schools, ested in science should consider joining with numbers ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 Westminster’s Science Olympiad Team.

Swim (continued from page 1)

dedication that it’s taught me.” Austin says his coaches have really impacted him, especially his coach Matt Munz. Lamp says, “He knows how to motivate me and help me train.” His other coach, however, has a

at Westminster even though some students may be closer with others, everyone can get along and interact within the larger school community. Senior, and student body president, Michael Sleeting has had the honor of being involved in many sports, (includ-

English teacher, Erica Shwartz, poses with students, Ally Hielsher, Stephanie Kleckzynski and Sarah Shliesser showing school involvement.

ing Westminster’s first high school football team) clubs, art, and Science Olympiad along with outside of school activities such as shooting and scuba diving. Sleeting agrees that breaking the stereotypical high school cliques is what makes WCS different. He also says it has only benefitted him doing so many extracurricular activities. Because of the smaller size of our school, everyone is able to get involved. This is a rare opportunity that students take for granted because in a larger school, they don’t have the same opportunity to be involved in theater, or sports because of the highly competitive nature. Some seniors looking back, wish they would have gotten involved with more clubs earlier in high school, instead of waiting for junior or senior year. It is important to break stereotypes so we can get to know and love all of our brothers and sisters in Christ. God has blessed each of us with individual talents and the best way to find those talents, or showcase them, is by being a part of something bigger than ourselves.

unique coaching style, and at times is quite eccentric. For example, one day Lamp began to swim a drill, but apparently it wasn’t the drill the coach had asked the boys to do. First the coach threw in a kick board, but that failed to get Lamp’s attention, so then the coach threw a chair into the pool! Although Lamps’ coach has used unusual motivational tactics, he has taught him a lot about dedication. Austin is represented by Westminster Church’s Youth Director, Rich Engle. He says, “I’m proud of Austin…and the self-discipline that he demonstrates is a good exLamp makes it clear that even though he swims, “I do not shave my legs.” ample for other students.”

Austin has had some amazing accomplishments in his 8 years of swimming. He was the regional champ for the 1 mile, for three years in a row. He was also the 400IM Champ, and the 500 free for 2 years in a row. And finally for three years straight Lamp was the 1000 Lamp swims the backstroke free champion. as his swim meet. When asked what he wanted the school to know about the swim team, Lamp responded saying, “I do not shave my legs!”

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Christina’s hidden silver lining: an inside look at her own daily life whatsoever because if I do not know the right weak, shaky, and like I am about to pass out. I amount of carbs in my meal, my blood sugar take my blood sugar and the awaited number “Don’t let this disease define you,” she said. My will elevate to an unhealthy state. Because of is usually 53; then I need to wake up and drink heart stopped; I was unable to make eye contact this, I now have 2 apps on my phone that help at least 2 juice boxes, granola bars, an apple, with the doctor. Me? Diabetes? I kept telling me calculate the food I eat. Whether my food or sometimes candy. One of the worst feelings is when I am myself that this was all a dream. Inevitably these is from Subfull and my blood words changed the rest of my future, forever. way or is just a sugar is low, so I Type 1 Diabetes is a disease in which my medium sized then need to eat pancreas does not produce insulin by itself. apple, I am able more, even when To provide for my body, I need to take in- to correctly calI’m full! Everyjections/shots at least 4 times a day. To take culate the carbs one with Diabetes care of myself I test my blood sugar multiple I am eating. reacts differently. times a day with a finger prick. I also need to Blood sugars Some do not wake count carbs for every single thing I eat. I need can be very up when they are to combine the amount of carbs I eat and my stubborn. There low; this can be blood sugar number to calculate the amount are days where very dangerous. of insulin I need. These everyday routines are my blood sugar If not dealt with imperative for my body to function health- stays in the quickly, a perily. If I do not perform these actions every 300-400s (for Christina Cusumano testing her blood sugar level. day, later in life I could lose my eyesight and those of you who don’t know, a good blood son’s blood sugar will still decrease, and the my blood vessels might not function well. sugar number is 125). When my blood sugar lower you get, the more dangerous it is. When is high, the symptoms I have are it gets too low, people may have fatal seizures. Before I had excessive thirst, headaches, and a Although my disease can be very aggravatdiabetes, I didn’t short temper. After a hard basketball ing, sometimes even embarrassing, I know that care how much practice or too much insulin given, God hasn’t given this to me without a purpose. carbs were in the I get a low. Low blood sugar can be I know that whatever trials come our way, we food that I ate. I scary, and even dangerous. I need can look to God and be comforted. God uses did not apprecito eat food right away, or quickly everything in our lives for a perfect purpose, ate nutrition ladrink a juice box to re-supply my even though we might not see it. It might bels at all, and blood with the sugar it needs. Many not be Diabetes for you, but know whatever who would if times after basketball, I will eat din- you’re going through does not define who you they didn’t need it? But one of the Christina plays basketball through diabetes. ner and give my shot for the carbs are as a person, and remember Romans 8:28, frustrating things about counting carbs is go- I eat. Activity brings my blood sugar down “And we know that in all things God works ing out to eat. When I go to restaurants, not all naturally. After I go to bed, about three hours for the good of those who love him, who places have a nutrition guide. This is not helpful later I wake up in a terrible cold sweat feeling have been called according to his purpose.”

Creative Christmas’ gifts: ‘Tis the season to keep your wallet intact New Xbox: expen$ive. New mega-pixel digital camera: expen$ive. Fancy Fannie May candies: expen$ive. The majority of store-bought gifts: EXPEN$IVE. Although Christmas shopping can be fun, sometimes it just drags your wallet to the grave. The truth is, many of the Christmas gifts we purchase for our loved ones eventually go to waste. Those chocolates? Check out the additional 2lbs. above dad’s belt buckle. That Mario Tricocci spa gift card? Give it a week; the wrinkles will be back. That designer winter jacket you bought your girlfriend? Please, it’s not even snowing. Are you seeing the dilemma here? I sure hope so. Costly, temporary gifts such as these can be pretty sweet things to find in your stocking or under your Christmas tree, but is it all worth it? You may think it’s still the thought that counts, and

that you can always work extra hours during or after the holidays to revive your wallet. What are you thinking?! Why not just avoid this madness altogether? If you are a last minute Christmas shopper like I am, I encourage you to take a new approach this year: DIY (do it yourself) presents! Not artistic? Perfect. Don’t have much money to spend? Good. This year, I was able to do all of my Christmas shopping for 20+ family members for under $20! For example, my favorite project was making personalized plates and mugs. All you need are some cheap, store-bought ceramic plates and mugs (I got mine for 49 cents each at Goodwill), and

sharpies! Decorate them with names, quotes, bible verses, and all sorts of different things for your loved ones. Here’s the secret: after you’ve finished decorating till your heart’s content, place your masterpieces in the oven for 30min. and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit; the sharpie will become permanent. (Just be sure to hand wash them only!) That way, you will be able to give each of your friends and family members a heart-to-heart, personalized gift that lasts longer than a box of chocolates or some snazzy spa gift card. As much as I’d love to claim this ingenious discovery as my own, I actually stumbled upon the idea on Pinterest which has thousands of simple, cheap, crafty ideas for anyone. So, don’t waste that hard-earned dough; get creative!

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Teacher Throwback: facts about your teachers when they were our age

The teachers at Westminster are an interesting group of people. In your few short years here, it’s hard not to learn a thing or two about each of them, especially in a high school of this size. But how well do you actually know your teachers? You see them almost every day but do you know anything about their past or what their lives were like when they were our age? Well it’s better late than never as a few of the beloved teachers here at WCS have volunteered to spill the beans on their past and offered up a few fun facts about themselves.

Mrs. Johnson

To start, we have the newbie, Mrs. Johnson. -Her prom date had to get dressed into his tux at a gas station because, at the time, he had run away from home. -She never raised her hand in class but was content to entertain her lunch table talking about the antics of her dysfunctional family.

Mrs. Schwartz

Of course you can’t forget the sassy Mrs. Schwartz! -Her senior class prank was featured on MTV after she and her class had cupped a large portion of the Westminster hallway. -She was such a good student, the most trouble she ever got into was receiving a detention for not wearing her school ID badge.

Miss Miller

Don’t worry; we won’t leave out the beautiful Miss Miller. -In her high school, she was a trumpet player in her marching band. That same marching band won the state competition two years in a row. -In a class size of about 550 students, Miller graduated thirteenth in her class.

Mr. Funkhouser

Do you feel the groove? Cuz its Funkhouser time! -Amazingly, Mr. Funkhouser’s attendance record shows that he had never missed a day of school all the way from kindergarten till 12th grade! -On weekends, he and his friends would take his 81’ Dodge Spirit and a rifle out into the fields, looking for things (like squirrels) that they could shoot from the back of his hatchback.

Mr. Huddleston

The big bad biker, Mr. Huddleston, has a colorful past as well. -He occasionally went down to the local ABC news station and worked as a camera man, and even got in front of the camera a few times for sports broadcasts. -Hud’s most prized possession in high school was his 12 gauge shot gun; what an American.

Mr. Dahlman

Dr. Haak

Next up to bat, we have the loud and lovable Dr. Haak. -Don’t let his lack of a hair style fool you, back in the day, he was rocking a mullet. -While participating in an anti-drug program at his school, he and a group of other students were selected to go around to nearby schools showing off an amazing puppet show that they created.

Mr. Landers

The athletic and fun loving Mr. Landers couldn’t avoid this article. -High school for him was dominated by sports; he especially loved basketball. Having a 6’ 8” basketball player for a father may have had something to do with that. -His first time out of the country was for a missions trip to Germany. There, he and his youth group preformed a Christ centered street drama for the public. Mr. Landers said this time had a profound impact on his spiritual life.

What’s a school without a teacher as passionate and caring as Mr. Dahlman? -During his younger years, he lived behind a ski resort. He and his friends had year round passes and they skied all the time. -Along with skiing, he also enjoyed riding his dirt bike. It was a shame the bike didn’t like him as much as he liked the bike, as he crashed it over a hundred times.

Mr. Martin

What kind of paper would this be if Mr. Martin didn’t get a shout-out? -In his high school he felt lost at sea in a crowd of over 1200 students total. -Mr. Martin was also an unmotivated student and was equally unmotivated to go to his senior prom. To this day he does not regret opting out.

Ms. Serrato

Last, but certainly not least is the adorable Ms. Serrato (aka Señora): -She came to America from Mexico when she was 15 and did not speak English. Every day she had to go home from school and translate all her lessons and homework to Spanish, then all her answers to English. -When she wanted to become more involved in her high school, she tried out for pompom squad. Out of nearly a hundred other girls, she made the team.


Music for the season Thanksgiving is a time of thanks, but one thing people aren’t thankful for after Thanksgiving is the Christmas music starting early. Christmas music started to play on 93.9 (the Christmas station) on November 2. This was earlier than previous years. People have had mixed feelings on this early start of holiday cheer. Breje Whitt says, “You cannot play Christmas music before another holiday before Christmas.” However, now it is December and everyone has entered the Christmas spirit. Michael Bublé’s album, “Christmas,” has been a hit. Even though it came out last year, people are listening to him as we get closer to Jesus’ birthday. Michael Bublé mixes together old Christmas music and modern Christmas music. When you turn on the radio, the same famous songs will Michael Buble brings cheer. come up such as “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer,” “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” and “12 Days of Christmas.” I interviewed people and asked what Christmas song comes on the most. Seventy-five percent of the voters said “Jingles Bells,” while the other 25% said “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” You might sing along or turn into a Mr. Scrooge and switch the dial to a talk show, but whatever you do, be good for goodness sake.

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Tolkein’s long awaited The Hobbit premieres “You shall not pass!” Sound familiar? Yes, it is from Lord of the Rings. It has been nine years since Peter Jackson finished filming his master pieces. People might think that it is time for him to start movies that don’t involve hobbits, orcs, or any type of film that contains middle-earth. Yet, unexpectedly, Peter Jackson has been one of the directors for the recently made movie, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey released December 14. Few of the main actors in this film returned and they are from Lord of the Rings: Ian McKellen, who plays Gandalf, and Andy Serkis, who plays Gollum. This is a prequel to Lord of the Rings by going back sixty years before the Lord of the Rings story occured. It all starts with a story of a kingdom called Erebor, a dwarf kingdom, filled with treasure, which has been stolen by a greedy, evil dragon, Smaug. All the powerful dwarfs were homeless and lost. They had nowhere to go until a pack of brave dwarfs started a journey to retrieve their lost kingdom which is led by Thorin (Richard Armitage), a legendary warrior, and is accompanied by Gandalf. However, Gandalf senses that they need Bilbo, the hobbit, in their journey. Bilbo first refused because he was used to an ordinary life in the

Shire where no one could harm him, but the next morning, something inside him changed his mind and he was set to go on an unexpected journey. They travel through the wilderness that is filled with trolls, goblins, wargs (huge wolves), and orcs. In this journey, young Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) meets Gollum, and his ‘precious’ ring, which fell out of Gollum’s pocket. This choice to keep the ring for himself and not give the ring back to Gollum, starts the story of Lord of the Rings. The Hobbit will be a trilogy; the second film will come out on December 13, 2013, and the third and the final film will be shown on July 18, 2014. I would recommend this piece to anyone, even for people that are not usually interested in J.R.R. Tolkein’s books. It is definitely more humorous than Lord of the Rings; however, it is very long and fast going; when you are finished watching the film, you might not be able to get all the information straight in your head. Also, some advice: I would not recommend people watching the 3D film because there were some reports of the viewers having motion sickness.

Les Miserables (continued from page 1) all sense of time. Seeing the Broadway version of this classic musical only made me all the more excited to see the movie version which is coming out Christmas day. The announcement of this movie has produced much excitement in the entertainment world. When I heard that this famous, thirty-two year old play was being made into a movie starring the classy Anne Hathaway and the rugged Hugh Jackman, I became ecstatic. The director, Tom Hooper, decided that instead of filming this musical the way most musicals are filmed, he would do something different. Typically, when directors make movies

out of musicals, they have the actors and actresses sing all of their songs in a studio and then lip sync the songs during the actual filming. Tom Hooper decided that having the actors and actresses sing live on set would produce more feeling and emotion in the acting and the songs. Also, he knew that live singing would give more freedom to the actors and actresses to interpret the songs into the emotions that they were feeling during each set. Tom Hooper also worked with a cast that could not have been chosen more wisely. Each actor and actress was cast perfectly for his/her character. I believe that Tom Hooper made a wise decision in the cast, and the way he chose to film

the musical considering that the commercial alone stirred so many emotions within me that I nearly cried when I saw it. I strongly recommend this movie; it has something for everyone: action, romance, drama, and even some comedy. The movie is sure to be a winner and I suggest everyone go and see it. I know I will!

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Cheer team forms bond despite record size Carrie Ludwig. She brings a new spiritual aspect to the team along with additional stunts. Besides the new coach, the team has brought a whole new attitude; they can have fun, but there

At Westminster Christian School our cheerleaders are a team who work together, and form great bonds with one another. They have great relationships with Christ, and really understand one another. Our cheerleaders break the usual stereotype of most cheerleaders, and are more than just dressed up girls with bows. The seniors are Kelsey Albrecht, Sarah Schiesser, Taylor Pederson (captain), Cailey O’Brien (co-captain), Ally Hielscher, and Stephanie Kleczynski. Juniors include Suzy Thompson, and Skylar Sunde. Sophomores are Claire Bauer, Lyndsey Hirschberg, Kate Chapman, Abbey Cheerleaders perform stunts at the boys’ basketball game. Lee, and Olivia Leigh. Lastly the freshmen is also a time where they can be serious. When are Karina Robledo, Dhamar Torres, Olivia asked what is her favorite memory of the season so far, Suzy Thompson said, “The cheer circles. They really bring us together, and help us reconnect. It’s something I really look forward to.” The cheer circles are a time after practice where all the girls gather together to pray, talk about what’s going on in their lives, and really get to know each other. Sydney Brito also said, “The captains are doing amazing! They keep us in check, and work really well together.” Taylor Zahara, Sydney Brito, and Amanda Durant. Pederson who is the team’s captain said, “AnyThis is the biggest team in Westminster his- one can join next season. And you really should! tory, and since so many seniors are leaving We form a great bond, and really get close with next year, there are going to be big shoes to fill. each other. We need a lot more girls next seaThis season, the girls received a new coach, son since a lot of girls will be graduating.”

Westminster bowling team strikes again ers, especially sophomore Andrew Howard. At the last game, Howard scored a 157, 234, Rolling in this year is the third annual West- and 246. It was his season best series and 246 minster bowling team! This is a special team tied his best game. Nowakowski also did well because it was started by senior Luke Nowa- in one of his games, scoring a 207. This year, the record for the boys kowski. He wanted to play, so, is 2-4 and the record he took it upon himself to get a for the girls is 1-3. team started. All the players feel Both senior Melissa close as they grow together as Kees and junior Nia team. That’s what keeps this cole Gaudette agree team united: close relationships that bowling is harder and also dance parties. These than it looks. There wonderful players are Chad Alare so many different sip, Josh Brehm, Josh Edwards, techniques that can be Justin Harrell, Logan Hopp, AnMembers of the bowling team at game. used. When asked why drew Howard, Connor Kelty, Luke Nowakowski, Joseph Perotti, Joe Sand- bowl, Kees answered, “Because it’s fun and ers, Tiffany Bertsche, Nicole Gaudette, Melissa I get to hang out with my friends!” So come Kees, Lauren Mason, Noelle McKenna, and on down to Elgin Lanes and watch this team Rachel Rich. This team has some fierce play- in their fancy blue polos and cheer them on!

NIU heads to BCS bowl Northern Illinois University has a lot to cheer about as their football team is competing in the Orange Bowl on New Year’s Day. While Husky-Nation is excited, the rest of the country questions the legitimacy of the MAC conference champions. Earlier this month, the entire NIU football team gathered in a lecture hall on campus to watch the BCS Bowl Selection Show on ESPN. The Huskies waited in anticipation as the top 20 teams in the BCS standings were listed. If NIU was ranked 16th or higher, their BCS dreams would become a reality. “And the team with the fifteenth spot in the BCS standings is,” all of NIU held its breath, “the Huskies of Northern Illinois.” The lecture hall erupted. Northern Illinois University and most of the surrounding area has been extremely excited for the team’s BCS berth. The Huskies are the first team from the MAC conference to be in a BCS bowl. They had defeated Kent State in the conference championship. Kent State, at the time, was ranked 17th in the nation. This win boosted them to a BCS bowl game. “[NIU] definitely deserves to be in the Orange Bowl,” senior Austin Anderson said. “I know a lot of people disagree... but NIU is 12-1 and deserve their BCS berth.” Northern Illinois is heading to the Orange Bowl, much to the surprise of the nation. They are from a non-automatic qualifying conference and are this year’s bowl busters. Many sports analysts have been bashing the BCS selection system because of the Huskies entrance into the Orange Bowl. “I love MAC football, but to put them in the BCS is an absolute joke to the rest of those teams that are more deserving,” ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit said. “I can’t believe we’re even having this discussion... They don’t deserve to be in the BCS this year. Are you kidding me with Northern Illinois playing in the BCS?... You’re going to leave Oklahoma out to put Northern Illinois into a BCS bowl game? Are you kidding me?” Many people agree with Herbstreit, including myself. Sure, Northern Illinois is 12-1 and has only had one loss in the last two years, but they do not deserve to be in the Orange Bowl. They have played one of the easiest schedules in college football. They have one, and only one, high profile win against Kent State. Other than this win, the Huskies have only won games against small schools or schools with a very poor team. NIU in the Orange Bowl makes no sense to me.


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Sadies’ theme unnecessary for Westminster’s winter event As February approaches, talk of Sadie Hawkins is becoming more and more common. “Where will it be?” “What will we be doing?” and “Whom should I ask?” are questions that we usually ask ourselves this time of year. However, this year, rumors are taking the place of these questions as apparently Sadie’s is changing completely. Many people suspected that Sadie Hawkins was changing due to complaints from parents who had said their daughters were stressed from the idea of asking a guy to such an event. This is far from the truth. But if this was not the problem, what was? Guidance counselor and student government advisor, Scott Sevey says, “There is not a problem per say. The reality is that the event is designed to be a fun social group event for the school community.” Mr. Sevey went on to explain that this winter event was never

meant to be a “bring-a-date” event. In fact, Sadie Hawkins was never even the official name of this winter occasion. This event was always called the WCS Student Government Sponsored Winter Event, although it has been referred to as Sadie Hawkins by both the student body and the student government. Mr. Scott Sevey said, “Some of the first of its kind even involved spaghetti dinners that were held right here at the school.” Many students did not want to participate, but their moms would force them to go since parents and teachers would be the ones serving dinner. Student government had tried different names for the night based on the location and entertainment. The students were always the ones to refer to it as Sadie Hawkins. Not only were the students the ones who first called it Sadies, but they were

also the ones who assumed the girls were to ask the guys. Even though Sadie Hawkins does imply the idea of “girls ask guys,” this was never an occasion where you were supposed to have a date. Girls, if you want to ask a guy, go ahead. Same goes for you guys if you want to ask a girl! Don’t want to ask anyone? Go in a group! Now let’s get to the main question. If it is not Sadies, what is it? The student government has approved the title of “The Snowcial.” Yes, “Snowcial.” A little cheesy, I know, but they really wanted to stress the idea of the event being a social, a fun night for the school community with or without a date. A fun night is planned for this year’s Snowcial. As we did last year, we will be served dinner at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Schaumburg, but instead of walking to Gameworks in the freezing cold as we did last year, we will be provided “a private, interactive, improv comedy show from the theater group Greenroom,” which Mr. Sevey says, “is sure to entertain.”

Pondering school relationships: to date, or not to date care about. Dating may even become more stressful when your peers get in between your relationship, and your parents feel concerned about the situation. For everyone though, your parents should be the first ones to know

same things that you are going through in high school. All they want is for you to be happy, but they also want what is We all have had relationships that best for you. Despite the negatives of have had a negative or positive infludating, it is always fun to hang out with ence on us. It is important to reflect your male and female friends in group upon whether dating in high activities and school clubs. school is a beneficial choice. We must all consider that In my opinion it is best to we are still in school, and remain friends with the opthere is little time in the posite sex instead of taking day for serious relationthe relationship to the next ships. There will be a time level. People are different; and place for romantic some jump right into a serirelationships, but perhaps ous relationship; others take right now is the time to foit slowly. Some feel there cus more on a good educais just no time in the day to tion before having a boyget involved. The truth is friend or girlfriend. For only 1% of Americans marnow, let’s enjoy the school ry their high school sweetyears and the times we hearts. There is no average have with our friends and amount of time that a couple family, and those times dates in high school; it var- “Some jump right into a serious relationship; others take it slowly.” we are able to worship ies between a couple of months and an about what is going on. Think of it our Lord. No matter what people say entire school year. More importantly, this way, instead of your friends being or think, the main thing is doing what school and outside activities can be- number one, your parents should be the is best for you and what you and your come hard to manage when trying to first ones to know about what is going parents decide about dating while still find the time to be with someone you on in your life. They went through the livng under their guidelines and rules.


December WCS Shield  

December WCS Shield

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