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Start an Early Spring Septic System Cleaning

Do you have a septic system? Winter season is about to end and followed by the spring season. During springtime, the snow will start to melt. It may cause the level of water to lift up and may result to overflow your tank. Throughout the season the water will build up and become the source of the issue in your wastewater disposal management. Every time the season and temperature changes the trouble in your septic system appear. As you do the spring maintenance cleaning, include your septic system in the list. The spring season is the right time to clean your septic tank.

Septic system spring cleaning tips:

Once your system is clogged, never use harmful chemicals to clear the blockage. This strong chemical will kill the good bacteria which is important to remain in order to balance the condition of wastewater in your tank.

Spring season is the best time to change your septic tank filters. You can personally do it yourself or contact a professional to do the changing of filters.

You can schedule septic tank pump before the spring season ends because the temperature during winter is very cold and frozen. This made the wastewater inside the tank to freeze and you can't totally extract the content when you do the pump process.


Undergo an early spring inspection by a professional to get rid of complicated problems in your system. They will examine and identify the status of your system.

Have you noticed any signs that your system may need repairs? Maintenance and inspection of your pipes and tank should be scheduled on a regular basis. It is an ideal routine to keep your system working consistency. Your septic system should be cleaned every three years for a family of four and may vary depends on household’s average water usage and disposal. Other services are needed sooner to keep your system working. West Michigan Sewer Septic and Drain Service uses the state-of-the-art technology to handle your septic problems with ease. Learn more about our services at To schedule a service and emergency needs, call us now at 231-739-7423 (Muskegon), 616-847-1072 (Grand Haven), 231-893-4252 (Whitehall), 616-392-8988 (Holland), 616-837-1800 (Coopersville), 616-895-9080 (Allendale), 231-828-5595 (Twin Lake).

Start an early spring septic system cleaning  
Start an early spring septic system cleaning