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Learner Report 27 JANUARY 2012

James McDonald, Student President

Mhairi Laughlin, Principal We are delighted with the Education Scotland, formerly known as HMIE, report and heartened by the positive experiences of our learners. Education Scotland highlighted key strengths in the quality of relationships between staff and learners, recognised the respectful and supportive environment within the College, found our curriculum to be well designed, flexible and focused on further study or employment and noted the consistency of good outcomes for learners. We would like to congratulate all our staff and learners who contribute to the community ethos of West Lothian College. Our learners are our ambassadors and their high levels of confidence and positive enthusiasm were praised. We would like to thank James McDonald the Student President for his own contribution in making this such a learner focused review.

In October 2011, Education Scotland undertook a full review of the quality of education and training at West Lothian College. I worked closely with the Student Team Member whose role it was to meet up with a whole range of students and discuss their learning experience at the College. They enjoyed engaging with us and hearing what everyone had to say. Overall the report was very positive and clarified what I already know – West Lothian College is first-rate and an exceptional place to study. This short summary report highlights many of the key points found throughout their visit. The full published report is available on the web at

Education Scotland gave the College Full Confidence Statements: • Learners are progressing well and achieving relevant, high quality outcomes. • The College has in place high quality learning and teaching processes. • Learners are actively engaged in enhancing their own learning and the work and life of the college. • The College is led well and is enhancing the quality of its services for learners and other stakeholders.

Education Scotland said that the College is an effective place to learn because: • The environment is inclusive and respectful. • Relationships between staff and learners are positive and supportive. • Courses and services meet learner needs. • Learners have access to high quality, industry standard resources. • Principles of equality, diversity, employability and sustainability are embedded in course design. • Learners are confident their views are valued. • Partnership arrangements are effective and support study opportunities for learners from a range of backgrounds.

How we can make things even better! • Overall student retention rates on full time FE courses is high but the College should ensure that actions are taken to address a decline in retention rates over the last two years. • The College should ensure that its arrangements for enhancing learning and teaching are developed fully and implemented effectively.

Education Scotland said our learners are: • Happy with their course and the support they receive from teaching and support staff. • Progressing well with most learners achieving their chosen qualification. • Developing effective skills for employment with most learners having direct contact with employers and the world of work. • Enthusiastic and contributing well to their own learning. • Well represented through the Student Representative Committee (SRC) and on key college committees. • Motivated to achieve, with goals to move on to higher level study or employment. • Supportive and respectful of each other. • Confident and express their views well at course team meetings. • Active in participating in a range of college wide events such as competitions, end of year exhibitions, charity fund raising and educational exchanges.

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West Lothian College Learner Report  

West Lothian College Learner Report