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West Lake/Bridgeton Landfill Community Advisory Group June 8, 2015 Meeting Minutes Meeting called to order at 6:41 pm by Doug Clemens. Roll Call of Exec Board in attendance: Chair: Doug Clemens Vice-Chair: Bob Nowlin Treasurer: Rhonda Steelman Secretary: Vernita Wilson Members At Large: Bill Wilson, Lynn Leake absent Other attendees/organizations representative in attendance:

Terry Briggs, Mayor of Bridgeton Linda Eaker- Ward 2, Randy Hein-Ward 3 of Bridgeton City Council Harvey Ferdman, Representing State Rep Bill Otto office Mark Diedrich, Director of Emergency Management, St Louis County Erin Harmann, CDC/ATSDR Ben Washburn, EPA Community Involvement Coordinator, Region 7 Brad Vann, West Lake Landfill Remedial Project Manager, Region 7 Mike Petersen, Robyn Kiefer, US Army Corp of Engineers Jeff Field, Branch Manager, EPA Region 7 Ed Smith, Safe Energy Director, MO Coalition for the Environment Terrie Boguski, TASC Laura Yates, St. Louis County Dept of Health Ryan Tilley, St. Charles County Dept of Health Pattonville Fire District – Matt Lavanchy. Approval of Minutes from April 2015 meeting: motioned for vote of approval. Approved. Executive Committee Report: Doug began with mention of Leo Drey passing, husband of Kaye Drey who has been very active in assisting with our plight here. Leo was a conservationist and, at one time, the largest land owner in the state of Missouri. We want to send out our deepest feelings for the family’s loss and for Kaye. th

There will be a court meeting on June 16 at 9:00 AM at the County Courts Building regarding a request of Bridgeton/West Lake Landifill. The MO Supreme Court had to make a ruling, followed by a federal court ruling regarding exposure of data related to the sub-surface smoldering event at the landfill. Anyone who would have something to say at that meeting are encouraged to be there. There are informational sheets here tonight. We are seeking help for the Executive committee for assistance for the recording secretary and assistance with some computer work. If you are interested in helping, please contact Rhonda Steelman after the meeting. th

No meeting for the month of July. Next meeting is August 10 , here at 6:30 PM. We have a new member to vote on for membership, Tara Routt, who is a member of the community. Vote approved. Welcome aboard. Treasurer’s Report: No movement of money this month but are grateful for a $50 donation received tonight. Thank you.

Ed Smith speaking for the CAG Technical Committee: Ed summarized the Tech committee’s report, providing copies and sharing that the CAG website will have the reports for viewing soon. Brad Vann was introduced and shared information regarding ground water testing. Topics of CAG Technical Committee report: 1 – Responses from EPA Region 7 to Community questions. 2 – Concerns about Phase 1D testing 3 – Making progress on access to administrative record at Bridgeton Trails Library nd

4 – USGS to conduct 2 groundwater study – Upcoming focus of CAG tech committee

Questions: Kirby Pemberton: What about the sulphur level? Is it still rampant? Ed: The CAG Tech Committee is not prepared to focus on the air emissions in this report but are looking at radioactive waste at this time. Doug: The CAG is interested in the radioactive material sitting in the landfill. We have reached out to St Louis County, to the St Louis County Health Department, and reached out to the state. We will give an update at the next meeting but my understanding is that there has not been a change. Ed: The entire site is a Superfund Site Bob Nowlin: Terrie Boguski has provided two reports on-line and another report is available tonight. She has done a lot of work preparing this report on Leachate. Harvey: If USGS determines that it is necessary to get more off-site testing and have to drill new wells, does the authority to get that done exist? Brad: Yes, we have the authority to do off-site testing. Phase 1 D process related to the additional testing - it is in process thru July and have been working on that. Tara: Is BMAC considered safe to play ball? Ball team managers are asking me this question. Brad: My information is that the sampling demonstrated that there was nothing there that would expose people there. This was before I became involved in this. Ben: I was involved in the BMAC sampling last May (2014), I was there on site for the duration of the sampling, and the conclusion is that there is no concern for the ball payers, workers, and attendees there. The results from last July’s conclusions are posted on the EPA website. There are no plans at this time to do any further testing. Kirby: My last conclusion is that it is safe unless you have allergies or an illness. Ben: In regard to BMAC, I have not heard that conclusion. Doug: The BMAC did not use the term “safe”. Terry Briggs: On that particular conclusion, can the EPA issue a letter to the City of Bridgeton regarding the results that BMAC is safe. Megan Beckerman: Will the EPA use the term “safe” instead of “suitable”?

Ben: The EPA’s regulations do not extend to that term “safe”. Ben agreed to follow up with a letter to the mayor and he directed the audience to lookup results posted on EPA website. Doug: There was a discrepancy between the EPA’s testing at 2” depths and the testing done by the STL Mom’s in this area. The community’s position is that contaminated soil was brought in to fill the fields and test samples need to be taken at depths of 6” or greater. Harvey: Don’t go into the drainage ditches at BMAC. That is where the amounts were higher. Doug: The St Louis Post-Dispatch featured a lengthy article about the sports area so please check for that. Chuck Bell: I would like to read a message for the minutes: Since our last meeting, a group of Mom’s from our community went to Washington, DC. They were able to meet with many politicians and had very good discussions regarding the landfill. These heroic women, burdened with the health and safety of our children and families, they spread their message around the DC area. Then they went to the EPA headquarters where they were met by security telling them they could not come in or even have one of them bring in their information. Wow, how unbelievable. These heroines of ours have done nothing but follow the rules, and this is how they are treated? The EPA, what a disconnect, an epic failure. When will this EPA develop a conscious and care about the community? We are not just numbers. Look us in the eye and see the pain and sorrow. It’s time to step up. These women should never have been denied to at least bring their information in when they went to DC. Just a complete failure.

Meeting Closed at 7:13: Motion by Rhonda Steelman, seconded by Bill Wilson.

Total Attendance: 40

Cag meeting minutes 6 8 2015 revised  
Cag meeting minutes 6 8 2015 revised