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The Arrow is written, designed and run by the students of the Advanced Journalism and Journalism 1CP classes at Westlake High School. The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the writers and do not necessarily represent those of the Conejo Valley Unified School District, Westlake High School administration, faculty or student body. We welcome feedback. Letters must be signed by the writer.


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Jason Branham Principal



–7 6 s. g o p N iew a v r e r n Lo i s ear y r Fou g. 9 p s e t i r o v Senior fa







16 . pg s te hle at r nio Se iors 0 senp g. 2 ASG

It has been my honor and privilege to be your principal since you entered the WHS campus in August 2018. As you came across the bridge that first time or heard your first ‘Yeah Baby’ from Kelman, no one could have ever imagined the changes that we have witnessed and been a part of in the last four years. Whether it be the health pandemic brought on by COVID–19 or world–related issues dealing with social injustice, these years have been some of the most transformational that I can remember. Through these years, I am delighted to see the growth that you have made as individuals and as a class. You have been able to gather information from a variety of sources to make informed and educated decisions which help guide you through the path you are creating for yourself in life. This process has also been dependent upon your ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with fellow students, teachers, staff and those in the world around you. These qualities have served you well at WHS and will continue to serve you well in the future. I am confident that your experiences here at WHS along with the dedication of our teachers, staff, counselors and administration will help propel you to future success in college, workforce or any other path you choose. Never forget that as a Warrior, you will always have a home to come back to at WHS as we will always be here to support, guide and be here for you.

Valed ictor ians p g . 3 Se n ior ref pg lect . 4 io ns




theArrow Staff editors–in–chief

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business manager allison tieu

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news section editor allan tieu

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shane douglas, andy lynch, ella marcum & julie rendon

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Class of 2022 valedictorians After four years of APs, late night study sessions and an unhealthy caffeine reliance, these 52 individuals have accumulated a 4.65 or higher indexed GPA and earned the title of valedictorian.

Emmylin Adler UC Davis

Saivee Ahuja WashU in St. Louis

Kyle Ashamallah Purdue

Willem Bitterolf Cal Poly SLO

Alexa Brent Macalester College

Rachel Brockman USC

Charisse Chua UCSD

Elisa Coccioli UCSB

Joseph Douille LMU

Olivia Driscoll Vanderbilt

Camille Elasky UC Irvine

Kalea Gin Purdue

Gonzalo Gonzalez LMU

Chaarvi Goel UC Berkeley

Yumin Kim UC Berkeley

Spencer King Stanford

Connor Laveau Notre Dame

Angela Ling UC Merced

Jennifer Liu UC Berkeley

Madison Louie UCSB

Andrew Luo Georgia Tech

Dinuk Manikka Baduge

UC Davis

Beck Miller Emory

Dylan Masson Texas Christian

Riana Mistry UC Berkeley

Brooke Nind

Abhinav Pomalapally

David Punyataweekul

UC Berkeley

Haverford College

Dylan Robinson Boston College

Hari Shankar UC Berkeley

Timothy Shen UC Davis

Rachel Sherrill UCSD

Ryan Sinderbrand USC

Emma Sun Stanford

Allan Tieu UC Riverside

Bethany Tong UCLA

Shanlin Qian UCSD

Essence Wang Johns Hopkins

Megan Wang UC Berkeley

Joshua Woo Cal Poly SLO

Catherine Xu USC

Maryann Xu USC

Jasmine Xu UCLA

Rachel Xu Cornell

Randy Xu Duke

Kaylee Yang University of Illinois

Adam Zilberman UCLA


Dartmouth College

Stephen Yang Purdue

Owen Ye UC Berkeley

Andrew Yin UCSD

Kaile Yung UC Berkeley

Jeremy Zide UCSB



The Arrow triple threat trifecta Not one to LINGer

by angela ling co–editor–in–chief I’m not quite sure how to begin this reflection, but I know I’m starting this reflection as I have started everything in high school: late. Unfortunately, I’ve kept up the habit of procrastinating throughout high school, and as a second–semester senior, my motivation is astonishingly low. I legitimately don’t know what to write as so much has happened during these past four years that I never could have expected as a shy, quiet, short(er) girl entering high school. Though at times I still feel like I’m similar to how I was in freshman year, as I reflect on high school, I realize how much I’ve changed. Throughout high school I tried to become less shy,

successful most of the time. Even so, I celebrated the little victories like mustering up the courage to make an announcement to the class in Advanced Journalism after bickering with Soumya Monga ‘22 about who would do it or raising my hand to answer a question in English. Then came the COVID–19 pandemic. Online school was less than ideal, and it was easy for me to sink back into my quietness and shyness when everything was virtual, and I could hide behind a black screen and a muted microphone. The challenge I had given myself at the beginning of high school receded to the back of my mind. But even though I wasn’t as active in class as I wanted to be, that period of time was really enjoyable in retrospect. Every day, I would start

my morning with a Zoom workout with my friend alumna Joanne Ma ‘20 then take a peaceful walk around my neighborhood. Because I was in Cohort B, I had time to eat breakfast every day, a luxury I didn’t have the other three years of high school. Teachers also didn’t assign much work, and I was never overcome with stress. The two–and–a–half hours of school left ample time for me to complete homework, explore new hobbies like sewing and embroidering and take socially–distanced walks with friends. As a senior now, I find it difficult to compare myself to freshman year and identify how I’ve changed and matured throughout high school. Change happens gradually, so it seems to me I’m essentially the same person that I was back then. But four years and a pandemic later, I’d like to think that my freshman self would be proud of the person I’ve become. She’d notice how I can talk in front of a crowd now, that I’m slightly better at time management and, perhaps most importantly, that I grew about two–and–a–half inches.

or not I would find my footing again. But from the moment I entered 42E for the first time and Angela Ling ‘22 recognized me as the friend she had in elementary school, I knew that I would be just fine. So, I actually have a lot to thank WHS for. First of all, I want to thank 42E, the journalism classroom I spent an insurmountable amount of time in with Angela. We had some great laughs, some cries and some piping hot tea. That classroom became my refuge where I could forget my worries and just write. I learned how to lead, how to edit and how to be a social person (thanks to Makenna Norman ‘23, Vivian Stein ‘23, Alyssa Rice ‘23, Alyssa Joo ‘23 and Grace Hefner ‘24). Most importantly, I made some of my best friends.

I also want to thank 43N, and later 62C, the Mock Trial rendezvous point. Some of the best memories of my life were made in those rooms and later on Zoom calls until the wee hours of the night. It was there that I learned that the high school experience, and life, are what you make it. So, to my underclassmen, live with no regrets. Go to that football game with your friends, talk to that cute person in your class, take an extra second to absorb the beautiful sunrise in the student lot and, most importantly, appreciate every moment you have before you leave this campus we call home. But for now … Peace out, WHS. College … I’m coming for you!

My favorite part of journalism is the people. I remember walking into the Advanced Journalism class for the first time my sophomore sat next to me the whole year and would year seeing only a few familiar faces who were in the Journalism CP class with me the always try to talk to me, and I would give year before. the driest responses showing no interest Still fearful of social interaction, to talk to her at all. I actually thought I thought that I was going to go that she was really annoying at the through that entire year working time. Little did I know that I would alone. I could not have been more actually warm up to her and eventually wrong. The environment in end up becoming her boyfriend, but that’s Journalism encourages not for another two years. me to work with my Anyway, I want to talk about my fellow staff members time in Advanced Journalism. Being to produce the best in The Arrow for the past four years newspaper that we played a major role in changing can create. this quiet and timid version of When we’re not myself. Being a part of the staff working, Advanced allowed me to become more Journalism becomes outgoing and social. the loudest class I’ve ever A large part of gathering been in. Students in Lora information for stories is through Novak’s room have come interviews. Although I don’t love going up to me and asked, “What into random classes and conducting class is that? I always hear interviews, it has really helped me in you guys, and it sounds becoming more comfortable with the PHOTOS BY ALYSSA RICE like fun.” way I interact with others.

Advanced Journalism will always be a part of my high school journey that I am proud to have been a part of. Finally, my senior year is now coming to an end. This whole year, I’ve been suffering from the effects of senioritis. I have missed more days of school this year than all of the days I’ve missed in middle and high school combined. I am fearful and excited for what is coming next. I hear great things about living the college life and going through the college experience. At the same time, I hear tons of horror stories about how difficult classes are and how much studying is required to do well on tests. I keep telling myself that I’m ready, but I won’t know until I’m actually there. This whole reflection seems very disorganized, so I am going to end it on some advice for next year’s seniors. Start and possibly finish your college application essays in the summer, don’t stress too much about senior year and make the most out of the time you have left with your friends because senior year goes by really fast. Whether you choose to listen to my advice or just completely ignore it, I wish you all the best of luck with your final year of high school.

challenging myself to speak up in front of a group or pursuing leadership positions. It was gradual, but looking back, I’ve realized how the little things I decided to do or say added up and helped make me the person I am today. Three years ago, I took Journalism CP, which pushed me out of my comfort zone in so many ways. In that class, I was terrified of conducting interviews, but they ultimately helped with my shyness and improved my speaking skills. In sophomore year I continued to try to step out of my comfort zone. I tried to challenge myself to speak up in classes more but wasn’t very

SOUM–body once told me by soumya monga co–editor–in–chief High school, how can I even begin to describe you without taking up all 20 pages of this newspaper? But I guess, without further ado, after much perfecting, I hope this reflection lives up to both of our expectations. The clock was ticking away in my dad’s car as we were inching toward Lakeview Canyon Rd. Somehow, I finally made it to the bridge with seven minutes to run to my locker and then run to Spanish 2 CP in Building 2. I barely made it in time for the pledge and tried not to meet my teacher’s eyes, so I wouldn’t be judged for being 30 seconds late. Flash forward to senior year. It’s 7:15 a.m., and I’m still in my car blasting Taylor Swift’s Lover album. Passing period starts in three minutes. I’ve got plenty of time. But, it’s 7:18 a.m. now, and I finally find some energy to get

out of my car with Nour Rayess ‘22 and make my way to AP U.S. Government and Politics. I chat with friends I meet along the way as time ticks. This time, though, it isn’t slipping away from me. I sit down just as the bell rings and turn my attention to the board. I think both of these scenes accurately portray me and the high school experience. In freshman year I was closed off to new experiences and so concerned with being perfect. It wasn’t until the pandemic and senior year that I began to realize that it was important to seize every moment and live life to the fullest, even if that meant I spent one extra minute listening to “Cruel Summer” instead of running to class. I remember high school was a beast that I was terrified to tackle. I was separated from the friends I had in fourth to sixth grade when I decided to go to a school outside of the district, so when I came back to the district in my freshman year, I was uncertain of whether

TIEU cool for school by allan tieu news section editor It has been a struggle trying to remember what happened these last four years of high school. Everything just seems like a huge blur. Like almost every assignment I’ve ever done, I am writing this the day before it is due. This whole school year, I have been so eager to finally graduate high school and move on to an entirely new chapter in my life, so much so that I didn’t think about what I am leaving behind. However, writing this reflection forces me to reminisce upon my high school years. My very first year in high school, I was always the most awkward and shy among my classmates. Despite having a solid group of friends, it was difficult for me make new friends. I would keep to myself, never initiating any conversation with classmates sitting next to me. One class that I will always remember was Algebra 2 in Chad Scott’s classroom freshman year. There was this one girl who


Lora Novak leaves legacy for WHS English

Novak. “I want to leave this school in a better place … Hopefully my students are taking the skills that they have learned and go on to succeed.” Much of Novak’s teaching career has focused on discussing specific novels with her students. Her favorite works include d TO BE O CVUSD boar George Orwell’s 1984 R Novak and ir Chase R NOT TO BE: Nov FAREWELL: lebrate at the ND ce o FO nc osenberg bia ak and al cky Capo ‘1 and Albert Camus’s Hamlet D um rsity Center. member Ro ive Un ay, create 4 wear black to ce nus the rty in d on Nov to honor lebrate retirement pa Hamlet, ak The Stranger. the melan ’s 40th birthday choly Dan e. “1984 of English 10H is such a relevant book,” said Novak. “It never goes out of style … It’s gripping work, and I think it’s important for students to read and understand. For AP [Literature and Composition], I would say that I really enjoy teaching Albert Camus’s [novel] The Stranger because it’s such a provocative work that gets students really [interested] in discussing [it].” Along with the impactful novels Novak has HOT WHEELS: taught, her experience with students has allowed Novak and her stu dents pose in front of her new British–themed MIN for a memorable and positive experience at WHS. I Cooper in 2013. Novak got this car for her 50t h birthday. “Years ago, I had [two] students … [who] always [had] a contest to see who could turn the Compiled by Andy Lynch quizzes in first,” said Novak. “Students would run up, and it was kind of hilarious. At one point, gained from her experiences at WHS, she they had coordinated that they would do this wants to share one final message intended for sort of, bursting from the desk in slow motion, her students. “Live with purpose, [and] pursue and they were such little actors. The whole class just laughed and laughed, and [the students] did something that you are passionate about,” said Novak. “Use your time wisely, [and] never that all the way up to [turn in the quiz].” From the knowledge that Novak has purposely disadvantage yourself.” K LORA NOVA URTESY OF PHOTOS CO

from fall of 2010 to spring of 2021, during which she was able to lead the department through taxing staff writers situations including the COVID–19 pandemic. “She was the department chair for quite a Over a 26–year span of teaching English few years during some challenging times,” said at WHS and having taught a multitude of Nigro. “There were some times where we were classes including AP English Literature and revamping our curriculum, and there were Composition, 10H, 10CP, 9CP, ELD and times when COVID–19 was going on, and she Reading and Writing Composition, Lora navigated us through some treacherous waters.” Novak has officially announced her retirement Along with teaching and being English from high school teaching. chair, Novak has advised several clubs over the Novak plans on leaving the school to take years, including Speech and Debate, Statistics, an opportunity to teach at Philosophy and Italian club. Villanova University, outside She was also the cheerleading of Philadelphia, where she adviser from 1995–98 and will be closer to her wife. both the Class of 2000 and “I would be teaching Class of 2001 adviser. a freshman seminar, and “[Philosophy club] I would have more time,” was a very entertaining club said Novak. “[It’s] kind of a because they would talk different take on education … about all kinds of topics that [I’ll] have a new adventure.” would get really heated, but In addition to being a I really enjoyed Speech and teacher to numerous classes Debate this year because it’s so over the years, Novak has student–run,” said Novak. “It’s FRIENDLY FACE: Novak smiles for her school picture in 1996, her second year also been a leader to fellow the two co–presidents who of teaching. English teachers, helping do all of the teaching. They newer teachers adjust to new really encourage students literature and classes. to [practice] public speaking, debating and “I think my favorite memory is when I was competing, so it’s been a very successful year.” teaching AP Literature [and Composition] for Novak has continually pushed for her the first time, and [Novak] really took me under students to reach success and has provided a her wing and showed me the ropes so to speak,” positive school environment for many of her said Joe Nigro, English 10H and AP Literature English students through her passion and and Composition teacher. “She functioned as a zealous work ethic. mentor [for me].” “I would say that I am committed to what Novak was the English department chair I do, [and] I am passionate about teaching,” said

by shane douglas & andy lynch





Class of ‘22 senior favorites


*Sample of 240 students. Top three results are shown from each category and other choices were combined in percentages as the “Other” category.

Favorite fast food restaurant 1

In­–N–Out 39.2%

Favorite music artist 1 Kanye “Ye” West 15.8% 2 Taylor Swift 11.2%

2 Chick–fil–A

3 Doja Cat 8.7%


Other 64.3%

3 Chipotle 17.5%

Favorite required reading

Other 10.6%

1 The Great Gatsby 29.3% To Kill a 2 Mockingbird 13.4%

3 1984 13.0%

Favorite TV show Euphoria 1 19.2%


Other 44.3%

Favorite Spider–Man 1 Tom Holland 43.8% 2 Andrew Garfield 26.7% Tobey Maguire

3 18.8% 3 You 5.9% Other 66.6%

Miles Morales (voice actor: 4 Shameik Moore) 10.8%


Breaking Bad 8.3%

Compiled by Makenna Norman


Gotta go back in time



Selena Gomez

Zac Efron

Selena Gomez

Zac Efron

Rainbow Loom

Low–rise jeans

Doc Martens

Bucket hats

“Firework” by Katy Perry

“Starships” by Nicki Minaj

“As It Was” by Harry Styles

“Woman” by Doja Cat

Good Luck Charlie

Wizards of Waverly Place




Favorite TV shows

Favorite songs

Favorite fashion trends

Favorite celebrities


In honor of the graduating Class of 2022, The Arrow is taking the seniors on a journey back in time to rediscover their childhood shows, songs, trends and favorite actors as they step into their future.

Compiled by Grace Hefner







Class of 2022 awaits senior activities by vivian stein a&e section editor With classes winding down, AP tests becoming distant memories and the end of the 2021–22 school year rapidly approaching, there are multiple senior activities on the horizon for the Class of 2022 to participate in before their time is over at WHS. “[These activities] are really celebrating their four years of high school,” said Assistant Principal of Activities Vicky Torossian. “It’s in recognition of the hard work that they’ve spent here at WHS.” There are multiple events remaining, as well as some that have already taken place. The first of this series of senior events was the senior picnic, which was held on May 18 at Vasa Park. Seniors participated in various outdoor games and lounged with friends, all while being out of school for the day. “We’ve been planning [these activities] since freshman year,” said ASG member Samantha Wildman ‘22. “Everytime we [had] a fundraiser, this is what it [went] into.” Following the picnic was another highly anticipated senior event — senior sunset,

End–of–year senior activities

According to Assistant Principal of Activities Vicky Torossian GradNite – June 7 Seniors are able to celebrate their accomplishments with an all–night trip to Disneyland.

Graduation practice – June 6–8 Seniors attend mandatory graduation practice from 8 a.m.–12 p.m at the stadium.

Graduation ceremony – June 9 Their final event, where seniors are honored for all of their successes in high school with a send–off ceremony.


organized by ASG in collaboration with the activities department, which took place on May 20 at the WHS football field. “[It’s] where all the seniors come on out to the stadium, and they can hang out [and watch] the sunset,” said Torossian. “They [watch] a sunrise at the start of the school year, so this is the sunset to end their senior year.” With a couple activities already checked off, some of the most highly–anticipated events are still to come, including prom, which will

be held at the Ronald Reagan Library from 7–11 p.m. on June 4. “We have an entertainment group that comes in and sets it up, and there’s usually a theme,” said Torossian. “They’re doing starry night [this year].” The celebration will be held in the hangar at the library that houses Air Force One. Dinner and entertainment will be provided, but all students will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the library.

“Those who have periods can be as young as nine and as late as 15, so a nine–year–old being feature section editor exposed to [periods] is definitely appropriate because it could be her,” said pediatric and Disney has come a long way, recalling that for adolescent gynecologist Dr. Robyn R. Miller more than its first 50 years, the company featured according to USA Today. “I think as secretive as exclusively white protagonists, and its storylines it is, it ends up having this undertone of shame focused on straight romances, which mostly associated with it. That shouldn’t be.” While Disney has made huge strides to included a woman needing to be saved by a man. Today, the Disney franchise works to racially diversify its franchise and tell stories include characters of different races and that a large audience can connect to, there is ethnicities, but more steps need to be taken to still work to be done in terms of representing an array of sexualities and genders. In the past, further diversify its films. Efforts to increase racial and ethnic Disney has featured few queer characters, most diversity in Disney intensified around the 2010s of whom are minor characters who only subtly with movies such as The Princess and the Frog, hint at their sexuality. Disney has been somewhat successful Big Hero 6, Moana and Coco. Since 2021, three with queer representation major movies have been recently as Disney’s Cruella released to diversify the franchise — Raya and the ovies such as included character Artie, is never confirmed Last Dragon, Encanto and Encanto and who to be queer in the film or Turning Red. The frequent Coco not only by Disney but is played additions of diverse characters has allowed portray Colombian and by John McCrea who and performed the many different stories to Mexican culture, but the read character as queer. be told, and different races cultures are an essential Additionally, 2021’s and ethnicities can be Jungle Cruise includes a expected to be represented aspect of the movies’ plots. confirmed gay character in future films. McGregor played by Jack In its efforts to racially diversify its productions, Disney has Whitenhall. Rather than explicitly stating that represented a variety of cultures. In newer he is gay, the character simply says that his films, the setting, clothing and dialogue all “interests lie elsewhere,” which gets the point contribute to portraying a recognizable culture. across to most of the audience but likely goes Movies such as Encanto and Coco not only over younger audience members’ heads. Both of these movies are rated PG–13; portray Colombian and Mexican cultures, but the cultures are an essential aspect of the therefore, they are not marketed or intended for younger children, and the movies that are made movies’ plots. Pixar’s newest movie, Turning Red, includes for kids are significantly less inclusive. Disney’s an Asian–Canadian protagonist, Meilin Lee, and Onward included a brief scene where a minor tells the usually silenced story of a young girl going character mentions her wife, and the live–action through puberty, including discussion of periods. Beauty and the Beast includes just a few seconds of The film did receive some backlash from parents Josh Gad’s character, LeFou, dancing with a man. While Disney’s major movies have who believe the topic is too mature for younger children, but this story’s approach to representing little to show for in regards to LGBTQ+ periods as a healthy, normal occurrence has helped representation, Disney Channel has notably introduced openly queer characters. The Owl normalize openness on period–related subjects.

House, an animated show on Disney Channel, features a bisexual main character Luz Noceda who begins a relationship with female character Amity Blight. Unfortunately, its upcoming season three will be the last, consisting of three 44–minute episodes. According to the show’s creator Dana Terrace, the show was canceled because it “did not fit” Disney’s brand. However, Terrace believes this refers to the show’s serialized content rather than the LGBTQ+ representation. Children are sheltered from sexuality and gender–related subjects in many cases. But understanding what it means to be LGBTQ+ can help LGBTQ+ children better understand themselves and can decrease bullying they might face from peers. To read the full story, visit

“[Prom] has just been hyped up the most since we were freshmen,” said Wildman. “It’s like a final send–off before all of us leave.” After prom is GradNite, scheduled on June 7 from 12 p.m. to approximately 3 a.m. on June 8. The ticket students purchased includes a park hopper ticket between Disneyland and California Adventure. “The price includes charter bus transportation, entrance into both parks and entrance into the GradNite Exclusive Party,” according to the Weekly Warrior Bulletin. Throughout their final week of high school, seniors will also be actively preparing for graduation, with practices on June 6–8 from 8 a.m.–12 p.m. — all leading up to the graduation ceremony at 5 p.m. on June 9. To wrap up the school year, these senior events allow the Class of 2022 to have a exciting and memorable conclusion to their high school years. “It’s just a good wrap–up of our high school experience, ending things with fun rather than stressing out about what’s in the future,” said Wildman.

Disney makes strides to include diversity commentary by makenna norman





Signed, sealed, delivered — standout athletes commit to play collegiate sports Taylor Johnson – track

Tatum Wynalda – soccer

University of Montana

Pepperdine University

Q: What are your goals for the future with soccer?

Q: How do you stay motivated with track?

Q: What is your favorite memory from playing soccer at WHS?

Q: What was the best experience you had in track at WHS?

A: “I am really excited to be playing in college and hopefully win the NCAA championship with Pepperdine. I hope to play professionally and get drafted by the NWSL. It would be amazing, too, to play for the U.S. Women’s National Team.”

A: “I have always looked forward to the ability to compete. It’s my one chance to perform, so I want to make sure I am ready for that.”

A: “In league finals my junior year, I got the baton in second place in the 4x400 meter [relay] and finished in first place. It was super rewarding because everyone was screaming and cheering [for me].”

A: “The [game] that was my favorite was the win against Oaks Christian this year. It was the game that helped us win the Maramonte League, and scoring the game winning goal was really special.” Wynalda’s accomplishments include being named the Maramonte League MVP and Ventura County Star Player of the Year in 2022. In the 32 matches she played for WHS in her junior and senior years, Wynalda notched 48 goals and 20 assists.

Johnson’s accomplishments include holding fifth place at WHS for the 400 meter dash and winning Marmonte League Champion in 2021 and 2022 in the 400 meter dash and 4x400 meter relay. Johnson was also the Ventura County champion in the 400 meter dash both years.



Bryce Biglin – water polo

Lily Berlinger – softball

Long Beach State University

Brown University

Q: Why did you choose to play water polo?

Q: How do you stay motivated playing two sports?

A: “I grew up playing football being a physical guy, but my parents didn’t want me playing high school football because of all of the injuries. I grew up in Santa Monica, and I was surfing every day, so being able to play a contact sport in water was my second home.”

A: “I’m never satisfied with how well I’m doing. I’m always pushing myself to be better. There is always someone I’m looking up to at the time or someone who is doing beter than me that I’m pushing to work towards.”

Q: What will you miss most about athletics at WHS?

Q: What will you miss most about water polo at WHS?

A: “It’s a second family, the family you make through the team. They are there to push you harder and are there for you like your normal family.”

A: “I’ll miss being able to play with my friends and being able to go to practice and have a good time. It’s nice to play with my friends that I wouldn’t be able to play with outside of school.”

Biglin’s accomplishments include being named the best goalie in all California and CIF Division 2 in 2021. Biglin was also named to the first team for the Marmonte League and CIF Division 2 the same year.

Berlinger’s accomplishments include being named to Marmonte League second team for softball (2021) and soccer (2022) and plaing two varsity sports, softball and soccer, all four years of high school.


Emma Sun – tennis


Ryan Sullivan – lacrosse University of Pennsylvania

Stanford University

Q: How do you stay motivated with tennis?

A: “You always have to improve. If you are just stagnant, other people who are working hard and moving up will move past you, and your level will drop. I think continuing to work on my game is what keeps tennis interesting.”

Q: What was the best experience you had playing tennis at WHS?

Q: What is your favorite memory from lacrosse at WHS?


A: “My favorite memory is the game versus Yerba Linda. It felt like we clicked, and everyone was working really well together. We had a real sense of a team, and it the most fun I’ve had playing in a while.”


A: “I think I’ll always remember winning my first national title. I won the first set and was up in the second but lost it and had to play a third set, which I pulled out. Also winning CIF State was super memorable.”

Q: Why did you choose to play lacrosse?

Sun’s accomplishments include being the No. 1 high school female tennis player in the nation in 2020 and 2021, being named Marmonte League MVP in 2020 and being named the Daily News Player of the Year.

Sullivan’s accomplishments include captaining the varsity lacross team the last three years, being named the Marmonte League MVP, CIF All American in 2021 and Adrenaline All American in 2022.


A: “The inspiration came from my brother, and I fell in love with the fast–paced nature of the game.”


Senior athletes continue success at collegiate level Bennett Grace (football) – Carnegie Mellon

Guy Bellingrath (football) – Union College

Kenna Thomas (soccer) – Boston College

Kennedy Bunker (softball) – CSU Fresno

Mariah Elohim (basketball) – Long Island University

Tyler White (water polo) – Iona College

Halli Fields (sand volleyball) – University of Oregon

London Gamble (basketball) – Siena College

Essence Wang (tennis) – Johns Hopkins

Emily Jones (softball) – Stanford

Julia Erwin (water polo) – Loyola Marymount

Ben Hefner (XC & track) – Loyola Marymount

Samantha De Leon (sand volleyball) – Corban University

Cameron Valladares (soccer) – University of Arizona Compiled by Alyssa Rice



To the Class of 2022:

I, Braedon Alonge, of closed mind and illustrious body, will my unmatched humor to Jaden Nachizmon. I, Kyle Ashamallah, of genius mind and extremely athletic body, will my devilish good looks to Vivian Stein.

Madison Louie Senior Class President


body, will my bad grades to rising sophomore Joshua Burrows. I, Sammie Bynder, of brilliant mind and fast– walking body, will my bad AP Stats test grades to Trisha Ravish.

I, Maile Cohen, of somewhat able mind and bad postured body, will my 35 tardies to Skye Forster. I, Austin Corpuz, of concussed mind and injured body, will my senioritis and early dismissals to Merrick Corpuz.



I, Tucker Cafferty, of blank mind and hot body, will my horrible attendance to Bella Valladares. I, Martin Cao, of unbreakable mind and impeccable body, will my late passes and missing homework to Nadia Grdodian. I, Chris Capobianco, of Italian–Hungarian mind and body, will my unit circle plate chart to Alex Chi. I, Aidan Carter, of battered mind and taxed body, will my lunch spot to Trisha Ma. I, Nick Celozzi III, of uba mind and tuba body, will my unrelenting disappointment to the underclassmen. I, Katie Chavez, of stressed mind and trashed body, will my unfinished calc homework to Vince Cimino, my one physics test I got an A on to Alyssa Rice and my swiss cheese to Makenna Norman. I, Karam Chaya, of forgetful mind and tired body, will my English essays to Aiden Szocinski and Kourosh Apfelthaler. I, Phoebe Chen, of mentally–deranged mind and morbidly frail body, will my perpetual tardiness and my arbitrary inclinations to say “poo poo” unto ideally nobody. I, Trevor Chen, of elevated mind and strong body, will my amazing study habits to Justin Sinderbrand. I, Alyssa Chi, will my senioritis to Ally Davis and Tori Throckmorton. I, Nathan Chin, of nectarous mind and cataclysmic body, will my multiple Clash Mini world titles to Vincent Wang, my 100% undying love for swim to Leo Deng and my 400 coding rooms to Asheesh Sathiyamurthi. I, Charisse Chua, of wishful mind and 7’2” tall body, will my height to Amrita Kumar, my CS “knowledge” to Jacob Johnson and Bryan Huang and everything else to Riley Bateman. I, Elisa Coccioli, of unfocused mind and clumsy body, will my mathematical inability and tardiness to Mitra Sathish and Aidan Camp.

I, Cameron Davis, of lazy mind and chill body, will my good relationships with my teachers to the underclassmen. I, Samantha De Leon, of crazy mind and injured body, will my late homework and fashion to Kayla De Leon and all other underclassmen I know. I, Addison Donati, of numb mind and banging body, will my amazing humor to Ethan Bolger. I, James Dore, of anxious mind and broken body, will my inapt laziness to those students also rejected from Advanced Journalism. I, Victoria Dority, of slow mind and slow body, will my beat up UGG slippers to Brandon Dority. I, Joey Douille, of orange mind and orange body, will my orange to Paige Blanton. I, Olivia Driscoll, of confused mind and short body, will my off–center cartwheels and weekly “dentist appointments” to Addison Driscoll and Vivian Lee. I, Lili Dritz, of curious mind and tired body, will my reverse parking skills, Quizlets and annotated books to Logan Dritz and Emily Merjan. I, Alex Duncan, of tired mind and worn body, will all my missing work and attendance issues to underclassmen Tyler Shahidi.

– Leila Elazar




– Taylor Friedman

“[The best advice I got was from alumnus Matthew Mascot ‘20.] Have fun your senior year because it’s your last year with friends you made when you were young. It’s best to savor the memories.” EFN


“Live life with no regrets. Not taking opportunities you could end up regretting ... later. Have fun, and enjoy the journey, but also do schoolwork. Mr. Freed always says to have fun.”








I, Kenneth Farfan, of childish mind and restless body, will my all–nighters to Miguel Garcia, my childish ideas to Holly Adams and my laughs to Graceyn Hall. I, Kelsey Farhit, of flawless mind and perfect body, will my clown drawings and skipped ASG classes to Avrey Tokuyama. I, Emma Fishman, of insane mind and exhausted body, will my dictatorial power over the WHS Chess Club to Nathan Bronk and my Academic Decathlon regime to whoever may soon be deemed worthy. I, Hannah Flatt, of confused mind and tall body, will my inability to be on time and lack of awareness to Sydney Flatt and Paige Ishimoto. I, Ky Fleshman, of woozy mind and stomach problem–filled body, will all my yellow slips to leave school once I turned 18 to all the freshman of Mrs. Weinberg’s second period English Honors class. I, Ana Flores, of overthinker/stressed mind and energetic body, will my love–hate relationship for running to Sophie Atkins, my Crocs gang and funny diversions to Michelle Navarro, my GREAT reverse parking skills to Viry Flores and Alyssa Wood and my love for choir to Miguel Garcia and Aiden Szocinski. I, Emma Fong, of unstable mind, and stressed out body, will my Common App essay drafts to Cheryl Xiang and the expired water bottles in my car to Thomas Kelly. I, Jordan Forster, of wandering mind and curvaceous body, will my lit party house to Skye Forster. I, Cole Frederickson, of creative mind and lanky body, will my attendance record to nobody.

Q: Who has given you the best advice, and what did they say?

“What’s resonated most with me with this year was what my grandfather said to me a few years ago: learning to be okay with failure ... that’s what makes you strong.”


I, Carys Eames, of positive mind and energetic body, will my excellent parking spots, aux skills and famous Starbucks runs to Amanda Eames. I, Tallia Efraim, of distraught mind and discombobulated body, will my tardies and cobwebs in my abandoned locker to Sydney Miller and Sonia Mossalaei. I, Camille Elasky, of tired mind and chronically–absent body, will my makeup work and college waitlist letters to Erin Fan, Vivian Lee and Samantha Chen.




Seniors of WHS



I, Leila Elazar, of stressed mind and tired body, will my mink dissection to Trisha Ravish and Jeopardy losses to Elizabeth Birman. I, Teddy Elliott, of genius mind and incredible body, will my laziness and procrastination to all underclassmen in hopes they turn out like me. I, Caden Elstein, will all my swag to those who are worthy.


I, Ryan Babb, of perfect pitch mind and lazy body, will my senioritis to Aidan Camp and Sydney Rominger. I, Karina Backes–Jedrzejek, of distracted mind and well–rested body, will my good reverse parking luck to Danica Backes– Jedrzejek, and my dad’s well–stocked garage to future physics students. I, Jackson Bacon, of imploding mind and semi– alive body, will the spirit of the Red Kia Soul and Wendy’s $5 biggie bags to Rex Callaway. I, Victoria Baikalov, of geriatric mind and prepubescent body, will my two dropped classes and 18 tardies to Alondra Rhojas and Sydney Siegel. I, Brady Barbosa, of missing English class mind and being sore 24/7 body, will my computer to Kaden Youmans. I, Lily Berlinger, of knowledgeable mind and healthy body, will my LOVE to Izzy Glonek. I, Willem Bitterolf, of goofy mind and goober body, will my tears to Mr. Holloway. I, Ruby Bluth, of unsound mind and scoliosis body, will my perfect attendance to Davie Helfman. I, Aliyah Bouziane, of sound mind and God– given body, surrender my heart and my life for the Lord, Jesus. I, Nic Bovino, of smart mind and kind body, will my mind to the freshmen. I, Brett Brenner, of moronish mind and sexy body, will my daily banana chocolate chip muffin to the underclassmen of the lacrosse team, most of whom are also of moronish mind yet lack sexy bodies. I, Alexa Brent, of utterly blank mind and potato–shaped body, will my singular braincell and that one 99% I got on an AP Calc test to all the poor little children who are going to need it next year because that class is the absolute worst. I, Madalyn Buckle, of kind mind and cute body, will my high notes and sparkly outfits to Graceyn Hall. I, Thomas Buckle, of ripped mind and lanky body, will my worn–out backpacks, choir shirts and everlasting gratitude to all the sophomore and junior basses in Vocal. I, Kennedy Bunker, of good mind and big body, will my skipping fifth period and Marmonte League title wins to Kaitlyn Bartlow and Kaylee Clarkson. I, Mia Burke, of deteriorating mind and frumpy body, will my 50+ absences and incomplete AP Econ assignments to Gaby Freiberg. I, Jackson Burrows, of dizzy mind and jelly




We have been faced with vigorous challenges over the past few years yet have resurfaced with unwavering tenacity. It is within my comfort to know that we are heading on the path to greatness, regardless of your personal pace or direction. We have shared and gained a part of each other for the past four years, carrying this torch of influence into the next chapter of our lives. I am proud of each and every one of us, and as we depart, I hope you lead your lives with a passionate heart and the broadest scope of imagination.



– Ben Hefner



I, Nicole Garabedian, of a crazy, outgoing mind and non–stop moving body, will my attendance and endless tardies in first period to Gaby Freiberg and Ellie Dabbs, my comedian and loudness in the classroom to Dylan Hardy and my luck with boys to Tori Throckmorton, Izzy Glonek and Sophie Musso. I, Kelton Garber, of sublime mind and broken body, will my academic stress to LITERALLY ANYONE. I, Clarissa Gatmaitan, of intuitive mind and robust body, will my stress from angry customers to slow walkers. I, Kalea Gin, of garrulously–capricious mind and vacuous body, will my horrible gacha luck (filled with Qiqis) to Dominic Cordeiro, my non–existent Chinese skills to Alex Chi, my verbose “WYRs” to Terme Arjomand and my last sane braincell to Avrey Tokuyama. I, Chaarvi Goel, of scattered mind and imposing body, will my AcaDeca tardies to Ryan Badakhsh. I, Ximena Gómez, of calm mind and strange body, will my terrible art skills to Lilly Thompson. I, Gonzalo Gonzalez, of goofy mind and awesomesauce body, will my essay struggles and homework procrastination to David and Cristina Gonzalez. I, Lesly Gonzalez, of positive mind and strong body, will my strength to make it to the day of graduation. I, Sean Gonzalez, of ultimate mind and great body, will my credit card debt to Erick Paz. I, Bennett Grace, of sound mind and broken body, will my good football decision–making to Jacob Poley. I, Rhian Gribble, of god–like mind and bodacious body, will my saved Google searches of Quizlet test answers to Audrey Chung and Grace Boyd. I, Hunter Gross, of lazy mind and sore body, will my list of truancies to Nate Gross. I, Rachel Gubner, of crazy mind and badly– postured body, will my procrastination abilities to all underclassmen.

H I, Rachel Halliwell, of color guard magnificent mind and body, will my niceness to Tyler Todd. I, Hudson Hardy, of incredulous mind and primitive body, will my legacy to Dylan Hardy. I, Kendall Havert, of genius mind and extremely swoll body, will my 37% on the calculus final to Quinn Havert. I, Ben Hefner, of genius mind and perfect body, will my outgoingness to Gunner Peterson. I, Guadalupe Hernandez, of competitive mind and exhausted body, will my intelligence to Julien Hernandez. I, Isabella Hernandez, of tired mind and questionably–postured body, will my Quizlet answers and Brainly searches to young incomers of WHS.


I, Sarah Hernandez, of unsound mind and hunched over body, will my crippling anxiety to all of the underclassmen. Good luck with that. I, Matthew Holtz, of sound mind and firm body, will my good vibes to Danielle Holtz. I, Daniel Hudak, of swaggy mind and thick body, will my Physics club winning team to absolutely nobody. I, Kaitlyn Huemme, of big mind and voluptuous body, will my warm spot on the soccer bench to Lilah Tuch. I, Cole Huen, of Megamind and janky body, will my failed math tests to Theodore Roosevelt.

I, Andre Lacheny, of miniature mind and bodiless body, will my AP Gov skillset work to Jacob Johnson. I, Flynn Lang, of sad mind and ugly body, will my schoolwork to the underclassmen. I, Marina Lang, of failing mind and subpar body, will my sucky math grades to any underclassmen who want them (trust me you don’t). I, Rachel Lang, of fantastic mind and crooked body, will my giant green poster and leaving class early to Amanda Lang. I, Connor Laveau, of litty mind and savage body, will my apathy to the underclassmen. I, Kenon Lee, of smooth mind and adapt body, will my spleen to Yasgore Scott. I, Yuhee Lefkowitz, of great awesomeness and handsomeness, will my legacy to Vincent, Ganghee, Ethan and some more. I, Ashley Lindman, of forgetful mind and proud body, will my talents to my sister and fellow senior Hailey Lindman. I, Angela Ling, of blue Subaru–loving mind and dumpling body, will my carpet and a lifetime supply of avocados to Kate Chier, my pro driving skills, love for Taylor Swift and a speck of dust from my beloved minivan to Ashley Yu and my obsession with replacing hyphens with en-dashes and ability to make perfect curved photo credits to Makenna Norman, Vivian Stein and Alyssa Rice. I, Allison Liu, of happy mind and active body, will my chaotic energy, hardworking mindset and ability to think positively in any situation to Jordyn Briley and Jacob McLaughlin. I, Jennifer Liu, of self–deprecating mind and deteriorating body, will the WHS girls golf Instagram account to Ava Klein and Clairissa Navis and my AcaDeca abilities to Ryan Badakhsh and Berni Riffo Olivos. I, Robert Liu, of happy mind and happy body, will my seat in AP Gov class to Caden Wong. I, Serene Liu, of crazy mind and injured body, will my backing in skills to Trevor Koniares, Geoffrey Yang, Caroline Jung and Shaylee Murray. I, Kate Lopez, of happy mind and angry body, will my fish to Karly Lopez and Odalys Lopez. I, Noemi Lopez, of senioritis–plagued mind and knock–kneed body, will my daily dose of Chipotle to Danica Gonzalez. I, Madison Louie, of tenacious mind and tranquil body, will my second period absences due to sleeping in and late night study sessions to the underclassmen. I, Kassondra Lundgren, of worn–out mind and over–caffeinated body, will my dedication and hardwork to my dance team and my skill at procrastination and late nights to my brother Kyle Lundgren.

I I, Sofia Ieraci, of discombobulated mind and aching body, will my late slips to Sureh Gharakhani.

J I, Lucas Jiang, of unmotivated mind and decomposing body, will my average senior grade of C to Anqi Fan. I, Delanna Jolivet, of tired mind and groovy body, will my bad math skills and back problems from school chairs to Mason Charles.

K I, Ellie Kakoyiannis, of smart mind and short body, will my Forensics late work to Troy Kakoyiannis. I, Dennis Kanash, of absent mind and sleepless body, will my sleep deprivation to Sureh Gharakhani. I, Wyatt Katz, of brilliant mind and sexy body, will my uncontrollable procrastinative ability and horendus spelling to Shannon Traikoff. I, Griffin Kessler, of lost mind and deprived body, will my missing orchestra homework and 22 tardies to Halle Kessler and Kiersten Roth. I, Sabrina Khalifa, of disorganized mind and sore body, will my late calculus homework and multiple absences to Katie Hahn. I, Daniel Kim, of beautiful mind and stunning body, will my food to Josh Lodenheim. I, Yumin Kim, of overthinking mind and always tired body, will my unfocused study sessions to Erin Fan and AP notes to Michael Jiang. I, Spencer King, of toddler mind and lengthy body, will my 11:59 p.m. submissions to Nathan Bronk, my disorganizational skills to Marta King, my unused agenda books to Anna Bronk, my unused top locker to Delaney Bronk and my stellar lunch stop (shaded tables next to bridge) to Ethan Rome. I, Lily Kirksey, of constantly–distracted mind and decayed body, will my third period truancies and search history to counselor Amy Kirksey.

M I , Dinuk Manikka Baduge, of empty mind and

insane body, will my unsharpened pencils and my sister’s annotated English books to Dominic Cee and Rex Callaway. I, Ava Marquart, of iconic mind and iconic body, will my intelligence to Scott Kollman. I, Riley Mays, of absent mind and burnt–out body, will my Math Analysis and AP Calculus notebooks to Emerson Julian. I, Soumya Monga, of stressed–out mind and insanely hot body, will my ability to constantly compliment myself to my younger sister Anya Monga, my gift of procrastination to Kate Chier, full custody of the tiny bedazzled box (just the tiny one) to Luke Jones and Aviv Stabinsky, my pretty National English Honor Society slideshows to Claire Chhun, my hot girl summers and ability to talk to the male species to Gracie Trinidade, my slaybility, love for Bridgerton and “basic” fashion style to Makenna Norman, my ability to focus in Journalism and Tiktokking abilities to Vivian Stein, my “extensive” physics knowledge to Alyssa Rice and Tanya Patel, my “calmness” throughout the college admissions process to Trisha Ravish and Swasinya Jayaraman and my love for Tom Holland to myself and Grace Hefner. I, Cate Moss, of chaotic mind and body, will my tardy mornings to Mary Claire Moss. I, Kiarash Mossalaei, of dysfunctional mind and weak body, will my bread to the underclassmen. I, Gabrielle Muehring, of peaceful mind and long body, will my water polo skills and swim times to Kenzie Standage.

N I, Lilia Nieto, of small mind and muscular body, will my bad ceramics projects and lost pencils to the underclassmen. I, Brooke Nind, of frazzled mind and fast– walking body, will my ability to meet yearbook deadlines to Iman Abedi and Giana Labib. I, Brian Nio, of wicked mind and twisted body, will my lunch time to missed friends and colleagues.

P I, Gabe Pancratz, of excited mind and lengthy body, will my baseball career to Jake Pancratz. I, Erick Paz, of peaceful mind and short body will the ability to sleep properly for once. I, Keira Pender, of logical mind and jittery body, will my controlled JSA chaos to Cheryl Xiang. I, Raquel Perez, of crazy mind and tall body, will my lack of sleep and physics equation sheet to Hunter Spiegler. I, Stone Perlmutter, will my bass career to Summer Perlmutter, who shall recreate the behavior that I have used throughout my career. I, Isabella Perniciaro, of chaotic mind and body, will my bad knees and AP Psychology notes to Leonardo Ragogna and Peter Perniciaro. I, Abhinav Pomalapally, of morose mind and

Q: What is your biggest instance of senioritis? “My biggest instance of senioritis is that I am a huge procrastinator on all my assignments and [that I] do them all last minute [while] I get coffee constantly.”

– Dylan Robinson













“My biggest instance of senioritis is that conveniently many of my doctor appointments are scheduled during school.”



“[My biggest instance of senioritis was] convincing myself to come to school even when there’s only five days left.”

– Kyle Miwa


– Charisse Chua



Q I, Shanlin Qian, of sexy mind and tired body, will my love of Chase from Paw Patrol to Alyssa Joo and Andy Juy. I, Charles Qin, of eccentric mind and expensive body, will my seemingly dysfunctional sleep schedule and 103 absences to Michael Qin and all of his freshman friends. I, Lilian Quinlan, of fatigued mind and knackered body, will my Prius, locker I have never used and actively–deteriorating backpack to Oliver Thompson. I, Jennifer Quintero, of funky mind and tired body, will my overthinking and constant procrastination to Briana Bautista and Mia Arjon.

R I, Gabe Ramirez, of broken mind and tiny body, will my title of biggest family member on campus to Cole Janowicz. I, Nour Rayess, of curious mind and determined body, will my public speaking and attorney skills to Claire Chhun, leadership experience to Aviv Stabinsky and Luke Jones, attention span to Roman Walker, it forever being 10 p.m. to Shai Stabinsky and breathing technique knowledge to the rest of the WHS Mock Trial team. I, Wolfgang Regener, of disoriented mind and badly–postured body, will my late work to Trey Kallman.

I, Dylan Robinson, of burnt–out mind and exhausted body, will custody of the box to Aviv Stabinsky, the key to Luke Jones and my ability to act as a functioning member of society to Roman Walker and Shai Stabinsky.

without a relationship and good grades to Tori Throckmorton, my excellent parking skills to Sydney Flatt, my energy at 7 a.m. to Skye Forster and my cheer facial expressions to Katie Tasker. I, Emma Sun, of sunny disposition and sunburnt body, will my racket flips and impeccable driving skills to Meeganster Sun!

S I, Akash Sathiyamurthi, of studious mind and curvy body, will my P.E. credits to Vincent Wang. I, Jasleen Schefrin, of stellar mind and amazing body, will my missing and late assignments and crusty locker to Tyler Skyy. I, Cesar Segura, will all of the fun times I had in Mr. Miller’s class and all of the laughs my classmates and I shared to the underclassmen and all of the knowledge and time I put into my work to my sisters. I, Nyla Shah, of disoriented mind and tired body, will my stress to Danica Gonzalez. I, Hari Shankar, of tired mind … I’m too sleepy to finish. I, Rachel Sherrill, of permanently–exhausted mind and barely functioning body, will my remaining brain cells and my K–pop obsession to Ashley Yu, all the Disney lyrics I know to Ariana Liu and my last vestiges of motivation to Bryan Huang in the hopes that you will not suffer from senioritis as I have. I, Mae Simoneau, of jumbled yet creative mind and short–statured body, will leave my four– hour sleep schedule and overall poor planning skills to my fellow choir and bandmates for educational purposes (and proper disposal). I, Ryan Sinderbrand, of enlightened mind and outstanding body, will my spectacular brain power to Justin Sinderbrand. I, Brian Speicher, of tired mind and body, will my Environment late work to Harry Stanley. I, Samai Srinivasan, of broken mind and terribly– postured body, will my late math homework and missed tutoring sessions to Luke Seldin. I, Harry Stanley, of failing mind and broken body, will my denied college admissions to the underclassmen. I, Sofia Startz, of intelligent mind and small body, will my ability to make it all four years

T I, Kenna Thomas, of ill mind and disproportionate body, will my amassed fortune of $400 to Lilah Tuch. I, Jessica Thran, of scattered mind and bruised body, will my truancies to Yara Raymond. I, Allan Tieu, of sleepy mind and tired body, will my boba addiction to Vincent Wang. I, Maya Tjan, of unstable mind and back– sprained body, will my love for Monday mornings to Makenna Norman. I, Riley Tofanelli, of fuzzy mind and orange body, will my pinky toe to Landon Tofanelli. I, Bethany Tong, of cerebral mind and polo– tanned body, will my seniorosis and stalking abilities to Miriam Tong, Alex Launais and Sonia Mossalaei.

V I, T.J. Vels, of sound mind and ripped body, will my classical music to Colton Arnett.

W I, Gwendalynn Waiters, of creative mind and sleep–deprived body, will my cursed artwork and cursive–filled notebooks to Jack Conrath and Logan Dritz. I, Emma Wilson, of anxious mind and extremely slouched body, will my absolutely amazing sense of humor to Brandon Diaz. I, Emily Wong, of optimistic and interested mind and taken–for–granted body, will my hardworkingness and attentiveness to my twin sister Madison.

Q: What is your favorite senior memory and why?

Y I, Steven Yang, of foggy mind and malleable body, will my ego and alternate ego to Tyler Todd. I, Kaylee Yang, of disoriented mind and confused body, will to my sister Lee Yang. I, Owen Ye, of unpredictable mind and tall body, will my world champion Word Hunt skills to Vincent Wang. I, Andrew Yin, of absolute mind and absolute body, will my mind to Aidan.

Z I, Emily Zhou, of impulsive mind and perfect body, will my tardies to Alexani Chavez–Juarez. I, Megan Zide, of indecisive mind and clumsy body, will my procrastination skills to Tori Throckmorton. I, Adam Zilberman, of curious mind and little spoon body, will my disease–festered reeds to Dominic Cee and barely containable school spirit to Luciano Soriano.

“I really liked 10th grade. AP European History was my favorite. [I also liked] when I went to homecoming in 10th grade.”

“[My favorite memory of senior year is] just getting to eat lunch with new people ... all the time. I’m always meeting new friends, so I think that’s my favorite memory of senior year.” Y


– Nosa Asemota




– Melissa Garcia



I, Maryann Xu, of short attention spanned mind and even shorter body, will my AP Bio retakes and love for Bozeman Science videos to the one and only Jack Stankowski. I, Randy Xu, of nice mind and nice body, will my sandwich to Rachel Xu.









“[My favorite senior memory is] playing football because I had fun with my friends [during] games.”

I, Madison Wong, of cultural mind and calm body, will my old film and music knowledge to Ella Wong. I, Joshua Woo, of scrambled mind and egg body, will my excellence in procrastinating to Sarah Woo and Danny Bao. I, Tatum Wynalda, of special mind and sexy body, will my short attention span and lack of motivation to Izzy Glonek. I, Annie Wynner, of feeble mind and weak body, will Samantha and my club Shelter Helpers to whatever underclassman that wants it.


bubbly body, will my luscious locks to Cameron Noell. I, Carolyn Pond, of smooth mind and shriveled body, will my swollen ankles and my failed math tests to my sister Allison Pond. I, Noah Prabakaran, of absent mind and slim body, will my truancies and late work to Jacob Johnson and Abhiram Nandury. I, Nathan Price, of green egg mind and green ham body, will my green eggs and ham to Sam. I, Finn Prudhomme, of absent mind and body, will my missing assignments and social security number to Oliver Thompson.




– Kayley Lopez

Q: What is your major and why? “[My major is] Theater Arts. I’ve been in theater for most of my life, since first grade. It’s my passion, and I’m excited to follow through with it as a career.”













“I’ll be ... majoring in Biomedical Engineering on the pre–med track ... I figured majoring in [that] would give me a greater understanding of the technologies used in medicine.”

“[My major is] Computer Engineering because it’s in between Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, so it’s a mix of hardware and software, and it might be cool in the future.”

– Mae Simoneau



– Joshua Woo




– Camille Elasky

Compiled by Angela Ling & Soumya Monga












Moorpark College Ryan Price


UC Santa Barbara Madison Louie


Cal Poly SLO Sammy Wildman

University of Wisconsin– Madison Jillian Beer



Savannah College of Art and Design Julia Leonard


University of Southern California Jackie Holtz

UC Berkeley Geetika Peddada


UCLA Staton Murray

Kelsey Farhit

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Compiled by Allison Tieu