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Technology Tidbits  Are you tired of your students using boring poster boards as visuals for presentations? Try introducing Glogster! A Glog is like an interactive poster board that contains multimedia elements including: text, audio, video, images, graphics, drawings, and data. Check out the IMC’s Abe Lincoln Award Glog and the Information Literacy Glog. To learn more about Glogster go to http://

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What’s Happening in the IMC? The Abraham Lincoln Award Reading Program (sponsored by ISLMA). Please encourage your students to participate in the Abe Award Reading Program. The Abe Lincoln award is awarded annually to the author of the book voted as most outstanding by participating students in grades nine through twelve in Illinois. The IMC website has information about the Abe book award nominees and voting procedures. Below is a picture of the Abe bulletin board in the IMC. Visit the Abe Lincoln Award Glog!

Freshman Library Orientation. The IMC has been busy with freshman orientation. Freshman English I students are given a library tour that includes information about new fiction, the Abe Award reading program, and a library scavenger hunt where students find materials in the IMC by learning how to use the online card catalog.

New Books! Come check out the new Fiction in the IMC! New books will be posted on the bulletin board and arranged on a bookshelf near the circulation desk. Below: The New Fiction bulletin board.

Have a seat! Come check out the new sitting area in the IMC! Staff and students are welcome to relax and enjoy reading their favorite books or magazines! MAP Testing in the IMC. Just a reminder that the IMC will be closed September 19th-27th due to MAP testing for all freshman students.

 If you’re looking for user friendly course management software, try using a Wiki. It’s FREE to use and you can customize your Wiki for your specific subject area. To give you an idea of how you can use a Wiki for your class, check out Dave Weber’s Biotech Wiki. For more information visit Wikispaces.

IMC Stats A breakdown of the # of books the IMC has checked out in Aug./ Fiction






Classwork in the IMC. Here are just a few of the many teachers to bring their classes to the IMC for research, classroom projects or to learn a new skill. Mr. Caslow brought his Biology class to the IMC to learn how to graph with Microsoft Excel. Below: Mrs. Bush’s Fashion class using the computer lab in the IMC to find clothing items to illustrate various color schemes using the Polyvore website.

Right: Miss Marvin’s class is using their research skills to become more familiar with the time period and items related to Victor Hugo’s novel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

IMC Booklists If you’d like books that relate to a topic you’re teaching, the IMC can help! We’d be happy to create a Booklist for you in the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). Both you and your students will have access to these materials. Once we’ve created the Booklist for you, simply go to the OPAC and select “Booklists” for your class and topic.

West IMC Newsletter August 11  

Fiction 370 Textbooks 8572  Are you tired of your students using boring poster boards as visuals for presenta- tions? Try introduc- ing Glo...

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