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R FALL 2012

Looking forward together,

the problems with the renovations to Hall’s Pond Park date back to 2005 under the former administration and lack of action. But, The WHCSA has had several goals over the years. One of the as stated many times…..perseverance, persistence and the determost important is in the process of being fulfilled; the others have mination to see the right thing done will ultimately prevail. We still to be completed. Patience (a very big dose), perseverance all expected to see a vastly improved Hall’s Pond Park. The and persistence are essential and an attitude of NEVER throwing WHCSA will continue to demand that the improvements promin a proverbial towel because it is taking too long. When some- ised be completed, and we won’t let the issue die! thing can benefit our community, it requires a good amount of stick-to-it-ive-ness in order to succeed. A prime example was the One of the greatest assets our small Hamlet has is the ability of sale and demolition of the Courtesy Hotel. Community meetings, our residents to recognize a problem, roll up our collective Town Board hearing, Mothers’ Day Rallies and thousands of sleeves and tackle the issue to a satisfactory conclusion. Hall’s letters and petitions all took time, but time well spent. We all Pond Park needs some tender loving care, professional help and a came together for what was best for West Hempstead. good dose of volunteerism. I’m asking that all organizations and All of those efforts have paid off with the anticipated completion of the Mill Creek Apartment Complex, on the old Courtesy site. The Grand Opening most likely will be in November or early December, and who knows maybe even sooner. The rental rates have been established; information is available by contacting the Rental Manager Sheryl Garden at (516) 292-8400. Another goal has always been to have a revitalization and beautification project for Hempstead Avenue and Hempstead Turnpike. It must include new facades, awnings and signage for businesses, along with streetscaping to dramatically change our aging business areas, and hopefully entice new businesses to our community.

residents join us in a Clean Up Campaign to rid Hall’s Pond Park of debris, prune shrubbery where needed and do whatever we can to clean up Hall’s Pond. At our October 17th meeting, we will distribute Sign Up sheets to volunteer for a “Hall’s Pond Park Clean Up”. If you can’t make the meeting, please call 733-0879 to let us know that you want to help with the “Hall’s Pond Clean Up”. This year we have seen a number of new businesses open and hope they will be successful; but, their success depends on you. Success comes when we make sure we “Shop Local”…so please, before shopping elsewhere, or going on the internet to shop, remember our local businesses and SHOP LOCALLY. Working together we can, and will, keep making West Hempstead an even better community.

With grants received by the WHCSA from State Senator Dean Skelos, we were able to purchase some benches, planters, plants, decorative street signs, American Flags and banners all adding to the ambiance of the Avenue. Albeit a small step, it is the begin- Looking towards an even better tomorrow, ning of a process to make visible improvements; but, our work is Rosalie Norton President far from over. Recently I met with Councilman Ed Ambrosino asking that he spearhead, what is commonly referred to as a “Visioning Process” for our community. Perhaps a better name would be to refer to it as the West Hempstead Improvement Plan, bringing together a coalition of community leaders, residents, and elected officials all working to speed up the process to revitalize West Hempstead. The time has come for our community to be recognized and helped. Let’s see some of our tax dollars put to work to improve our community. You will be learning more about this in the weeks and months ahead.

The Board of Trustees of the West Hempstead Public Library is in the process of putting together a long range plan for the future of the Library. To help with this plan, the trustees want to hear from YOU, the residents of West Hempstead. Please take a few minutes to fill out a survey that the Board has carefully put together.

So far 2012 has been a good year for West Hempstead. The only “bump” in the road to reaching some of our goals is “Hall’s Pond Park.” Much had been promised. The renovations to the Park have dragged on far too long and still much needs to be done. Yes, we know that the County has severe financial problems, but

The survey can be found in the library, on our website at or on our Face Book page under West Hempstead Public Library. The survey will continue until November 9, 2012.

West Hempstead Library Survey

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WEST HEMPSTEAD COMMUNITY SUPPORT ASSOCIATION, INC. P.O. Box 425 West Hempstead, NY 11552-0425 Facebook page: West Hempstead Community Support Association, Inc. VOICE MAIL: (516) 733-0879 E-MAIL: OFFICERS President ....................................................... Rosalie Norton Executive Vice President ...................... Marshall W. Myers Secretary .......................................................... Cathy Walsh Treasurer ..................................................Henry (Ed) Miller BOARD MEMBERS Joseph Azose Larry Boord Kathleen Dunne Neal Rosenblatt Dawn Carlson Theresa Levey West Hempstead Civic Association Past Presidents Marshall Myers, Rosalie Norton, Bob Rabey, Seth D. Bykofsky, Nancy Conto, Nicholas D’Alessandro COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Social Media………………………………Manny Martinez Newsletter ....................................................... Joseph Azose Special Events .............................................Kathleen Dunne Website ......................................................... Theresa Levey We would like to express our thanks to all of our advertisers and boosters for their support in enabling us to publish this issue of News & Views. To place an ad, please visit our website at or contact us at 733-0879. The editors will consider articles, announcements and letters for publication, but we cannot guarantee in advance that all submitted material will be used. In addition, all submissions must be signed. The author’s name will be withheld if requested. All material submitted will not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. All material should be sent to: WHCSA, P.O. Box 425, West Hempstead, NY 11552-0425. The deadline for our Winter 2012 newsletter is Feb. 10th. The articles, stories, letters, and other materials contained herein are the sole opinions of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or viewpoints of the West Hempstead Community Support Association, Inc. If you are not receiving the WHCSA – Updates via email, please send a request to add your email to our list: Send request to: To all WHCSA members who have indicated they want to volunteer to serve on a committee. We are asking you to please attend the meeting on October 17 to discuss what needs to be done. If you are unable to attend an evening meeting please call us at 733-0879 so we can arrange a daytime meeting.

NOTE REGARDING ERRORS IN ADDRESS LABELS Please accept our apologies for any difficulty an incorrect address may cause. We use an outside mailing service and we are unable to provide corrections to their list.

FALL 2012

President’s Bulletin Board Oct. 13, 2012 Starting at 10:00 AM Homecoming Parade See page 9 for details Chestnut St. School

Oct. 14, 2012 10:00 AM—5:00 PM WHCSA & Chamber of Commerce Fall Street Festival See page 3 for details Colony St. to Westminster Rd. Oct. 17, 2012 7:30 PM WHCSA Community Meeting West Hempstead Middle School Cafeteria Nov. 6, 2012 Remember to Vote Nov. 17, 2012 7:30 PM WH Lions Play “There Ought to be a Law” Call 733-0879 for info. and details West Hempstead High School Auditorium Dec. 2, 2012 2:00 PM—4:30 PM WHCSA Childrens Holiday Party See page 4 for details West Hempstead Middle School Cafeteria Dec. 2, 2012 5:00 PM WHCSA Holiday Lighting Ceremony Hall’s Pond Park

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FALL 2012

WORLD TRADE CENTER MEMORIAL by Cathy Walsh The final resting place for the World Trade Center Steel will be atop a granite monument surrounded by mosaic tiles. On either side the names of the 12 West Hempstead’s victims will be placed on two granite markers which will be positioned to the left and right of the monument. The area, which was dedicated on Sept. 11, 2012, is located in the triangular section to the right of the entrance to Hall’s Pond Park. Today the site is marked by a sign (donated by Advance Signs) reading the “Future Home of the West Hempstead Community World Trade Center Memorial.” The sign was placed there so that the site dedication would become part of the West Hempstead Community Support Association’s September 11th, 2012 Ceremony.

WHCSA members meet with Sal Ferrara over design of WTC Notifications were sent to virtually every community organizamemrial tion asking them to send a representative to attend a meeting scheduled for September 6th, to participate in the planning the Chamber and World Trade Center Memorial. The meeting was held in the Community Support Association West Hempstead Public Library Children’s Program Room to discuss the design and make suggestions and recommendations. Fall Street Festival A tentative time frame for its unveiling and dedication was set. October 14 – Hempstead Avenue Participation in the first committee meeting included Sal Ferrara the design Architect, construction consultants (Norm Kaish & This year’s Annual Street FestiAnthony Ferrantello), members from the West Hempstead Comval will be held at a new locamunity Support Association, Cathedral Gardens Civic Association along Hempstead Ave. tion, Chamber of Commerce, Boys’ Scouts, Kiwanis and Lions’ from Colony to Westminster Clubs, the WH Public Library, WH Library Board, the Historical Road. It promises to be one of Society, American Legion, and Auxiliary Police Unit 116. Unour best and will have a venue fortunately because of prior commitments, which will delight attendees of several organizations were unable to attend all ages. and will be participating in future meetings. Sal Ferrara of Combined Resources Consulting and Design, Inc., a West Hempstead resident, shared his design with the committee and stated that the design was intended to represent the Freedom Towers. The monument will have a tapered granite tower on which the World Trade Center Steel will be affixed. The base will be raised about 18 inches from the ground. The tapered tower will sit on the base, surrounded by 2977 mosaic tiles representing the number of victims, interspersed with 12 gold ones to signify the West Hempstead residents who lost their lives that day. The names of our West Hempstead residents who perished that day will be listed on two granite sections which will frame the tapered tower. The entire area will be landscaped including pavers to facilitate walking around the Memorial. A timeframe for the official unveiling and dedication has been set for late May 2013 provided that all aspects of the monument’s construction can be completed; otherwise, it will occur in October 2013 with the actual groundbreaking ceremony taking place on September 11, 2013. (Please visit our booth at the Fall Street Fair on Oct. 14 on Hempstead Ave. to see a rendering of the Memorial and to find out how you can help with our West Hempstead World Trade Center Memorial)

In addition to trackless Train Rides, there will be a Ram Parade, a Showmobile providing entertainment throughout the day and inflatable rides from Westminster to Woodlawn St. Food vendors and vendors selling all types of merchandise will be lining the Hempstead Avenue. This is a great day to meet your neighbors, shop for the upcoming holidays, and enjoy some good food and entertainment. Make sure you stop by the WH Chamber of Commerce Booth and the WH Community Support Booth to say hello.

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‘Twill Soon Be the Season, Once Again The West Hempstead Community Support Association’s Children’s Holiday Party is scheduled for Sunday, December 2nd. The West Hempstead Middle School cafeteria will be transformed into a winter wonderland and all are invited to join us from 2 to 4:30 pm. We want to express our thanks to a generous donation made by the WH Rotary Club to the WHCSA for the Children’s Holiday Party, and for the donations made by Irene and Manny Martinez, Astoria Federal Savings and Dr. Ray Ann Havasy, Director of CSTL. Because of a donation of toys by West Hempstead Rotarian, Steve Karp, Door Prizes for the children will be added to the line- up, with a winner every 15 minutes! We will have holiday music from all traditions and backgrounds to help set the mood, including a live performance by musicians from our High School’s performing music groups. Once again entertainment, cotton candy and carnival type games will be provided by Patsy the Clown and her friends. Lou Johnson and his wife Cindy will also be there to delight young and old with their costumed characters and performances. Throughout the event children will be offered the opportunity to win prizes and do some ornament and cookie decorating (with both Kosher and non Kosher cookies available). At 3:30 pm Santa will arrive (via the Lakeview Fire Department) handing out holiday cheer and goody bags. Hanukah themed goody bags will also be available throughout the afternoon, as well. After the indoor celebration, all are invited to come down to Hall’s Pond Park for our traditional Menorah, Crèche and Tree Lighting ceremony at 4:45 pm. We hope you’ll join your neighbors and friends as we welcome the start of the 2012 holiday season.

FALL 2012

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FALL 2012

A Look Back in Time Here’s a pop question: name the worst ever human disaster in the history of West Hempstead? One would have to go all the way back over 137 years for the answer - the South Side Railroad train wreck at Woodfield on February 3, 1875. The following is a brief recap of that calamitous incident and the events that lead up to it. But in order to understand what happened, some background information is necessary involving two important geographical features of West Hempstead that have long since disappeared – the headwaters of Schodack Brook and the path of the Hempstead-Valley Stream branch of the Southern Railroad. Schodack Brook and the David Bedell Farm

By Yossi Azose road, a competing line to the LIRR that targeted the growing but underserved communities of Long Island’s South shore. The South Side RR laid a single-track route from Valley Stream to Hempstead which was completed in 1870 and service began in September of that year. (The branch should not be confused with the path of the existing WH branch of the LIRR built some 23 years later). The route spurred off at Valley Stream and ran northeast, paralleling Cornwell Ave. until it crossed at Franklin Ave. in present-day Malverne where a station called Bridgeport was located. Thereafter, it headed on a virtual straight path to Norwood station, located just south of Hall’s Pond (site of the St. Thomas Chapel parking lot). Proceeding northeastward, the track passed Woodfield Depot at the intersection of Woodfield Rd. and Oakford St., and then over an embankment and culvert at Schodak Brook (at the present site of the old Stop & Shop). The line then turned slightly northward where it ran through the woods and finally terminated in Hempstead Village. No trace of this old line exists any longer, with the possible exception of a small access road that runs behind the WH Water District’s Birch St. Plant.

Schodack Brook is a small rivulet which runs southward through Lakeview and empties into Schodack Pond in Hempstead Lakes State Park. The brook can still be viewed today running though the residential section of Lakeview, just east of Woodfield Rd., but years ago it extended further north through what is now the site of the former Stop & Shop property. In the late 1800’s that property was part of a large On January 31st, 1875, the area exfarm owned by David Bedell, who moved there with his wife perienced unusually strong rains Ruth (Rhodes) Bedell shortly that swelled the ponds and brooks after their marriage in 1843. of Long Island. At Woodfield De(That marriage brought together pot, the water backed up behind the two of the more prominent culvert, and flooded David Bedell families of West Hempstead farm. Bedell’s house was located whose roots in the local commujust 70 yards north of the railroad nity date back to the very foundbridge over the brook, and when the ing of Hempstead Village. water level came within inches of David was a son of Hiram K. the top step of his porch, he diBedell who had lived on a farm rected his family to roll up the rugs on the north side of Hempstead on the main floor so they wouldn’t Turnpike. Ruth was the daugh- Wreckage of the South Side Railroad disaster at Woodfield, get ruined. On the evening of Febpurportedly the oldest surviving image of a train wreck on ter of William Rhodes whose ruary 3, the managers of the South large homestead sprawled along LI. The Wreck occurred on the David Bedell farm, currently Side RR instructed an eight man the east side of Woodfield Road the site of the former Stop & Shop on Woodfield Rd. From crew to run a single engine and and occupied much of the land the WH Historical Society archives. passenger car to Hempstead to verthat would become known as ify the safety of the road and make Hempstead Gardens. The sole remaining visible legacy of the any necessary repairs. The crew proceeded slowly over SchoRhodes estate is what is purported to be the oldest standing house dack Brook without incident and reached the terminal in Hempin West Hempstead in its original location, the modest home at stead. At around 8 PM, on the return train, the weight of the en419 Woodfield Rd, circa 1839). gine undermined the bridge, sending it backwards into the flooded creek and causing an enormous explosion that could be Southern Railroad clearly heard as far away as Garden City. The engineer, James Scott of Hempstead, was killed instantly. Benjamin Carman, the In the mid-nineteenth century, Hempstead Village was displeased brakeman and Eli Thorpe, trackmaster, were also killed. Bernard with being bypassed by the Long Island Railroad’s main line Callahan, the fireman, survived the blast but was pinned down by which ran three miles to the north, despite being one of the larges the debris and drowned to death in the water. Three of the four villages in western Long Island. Though since 1839 Hempstead others on the train were severely injured. The dead bodies were was provided a shuttle train that connected to the LIRR’s main brought to David Bedell’s barn where the Hempstead coroner line at a depot called Hempstead Branch (later Mineola), villagers examined their cause of death. A photo of the incident remains were looking for a more direct and reliable connection to points as the oldest surviving image of a train wreck on Long Island. west. By 1868, they found their answer in the South Side RailContinued on page 7

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FALL 2012

country. Her interest in community service was instilled in her as a child. Even prior to being eligible to become a volunteer fire fighter, in the Lakeview Fire Dept., she was there observing and helping. When Heather Senti’s name was Finally, when she reached the age requirement, Heather joined placed in nomination for West the Lakeview Fire Department following a tradition established Hempstead Person of the Year first by her grandfather and then her father. Her career choice in 2012, the entire WH Community college was focused on continuing her goal of helping others. In Support Association’s Executive 2006, Ms. Senti received a Master’s Degree in Emergency ManBoard voted for Heather to reagement from Adelphi Univ. and she currently works for Nassau ceive the award. The decision County’s Office of Emergency Management. was an easy one to make, because Heather has dedicated Her talent for organizing, her ability to work with people, and thousands of hours volunteering the sincerity of her desire to help, gained the respect of her colto benefit our community. leagues and she rose through the ranks to the position she now holds, Chief of the Lakeview Fire Department. Heather started as a teenager volunteering as a member of the In honoring Heather Senti as our West Hempstead Person of the West Hempstead Civic Associa- Year 2012, we commend her for her accomplishments and the tion (now known as the West distinction she has garnered as the “First Female Fire Chief in Hempstead Community Support Nassau County.” Heather has made us proud of the service she Association). has given to the West Hempstead Civic Association and for all she has achieved and continues to do for our residents and our Photo courtesy of Steve She organized the first children’s community. Orlando “fun days.” These events were held during the “dog days” of summer. She managed to run the games and activities geared for children in the community. Hall’s Pond was filled with children and adults helping with crafts and games geared toward elementary school aged children. Regardless of how hot the day, Heather and her friends were there to make sure the children enjoyed themselves.

West Hempstead Person of the Year 2012 HEATHER SENTI

She was the first member of the WH Civic Association Executive Board to work with the American Legion Cathedral Post 1087 and the Garden City South VFW to help plan and organize their annual Memorial Day Parade. Heather established the tradition of the Civic Association working with our American Legion members so that today we still jointly sponsor the Memorial Day Parade to honor our veterans and encourage the community to come together to pay tribute to all who served and are serving our



MAIN STORE 282 HEMPSTEAD AVENUE WEST HEMPSTEAD, NY 11552 (516) 481-7636•FAX (516) 481-7686


Awarded Retail Bakery Of The Year Long Island’s Oldest Family Bake Shoppes

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FALL 2012

In the following months, an investigation of the incident revealed that the South Side Railroad was responsible for the shoddy construction of the Hempstead Branch and they were ordered to pay for repairs and damages. A couple of other fatal incidents sealed the fate of the South Side. On April 30, 1879, less than ten years from when the line was opened, the last train rode the Hempstead - Valley Stream branch. The South Side went bankrupt and its assets were sold at auction. Locals had always assumed that another concern would purchase the Hempstead line and reopen it. Instead, the buyer tuned out to be Henry Hilton, manager of the Garden City Company, who had no intention of reopening the line. In all likelihood, his purchase was an attempt to protect his Garden City line from nearby competition. West Hempstead would have to wait 1893 before it regained rail service, when the LIRR built the existing branch.

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David and Ruth (Rhodes) Bedell - owners of the farm where the David Bedell continued to live at Woodfield until 1896 when he 1875 Woodfield train wreck occurred. sold his farm to Edwin C. Duryea. The Bedells lived to celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary in 1906. That year, Ruth passed away at age 90 and David was called to Heaven a few weeks later on July 4th, at age 93. For more tidbits on West Hempstead history, visit the author’s blog at To contact the author, email

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FALL 2012

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH PROGRAM IS FOR EVERYONE When neighbors look out for one another, good things happen and that’s what a “Neighborhood Watch” is all about. Neighborhood Watch members are NOT vigilantes, or go on community/civilian patrols, nor engage in confrontations. They are the eyes and ears of the community who look out for their neighbors by being alert. Every community benefits when residents participate in a Neighborhood Watch program. To learn more please send your name, address, telephone number and email address to: Members of the West Hempstead Community Support Association march at the 2012 Memorial Day Parade. To learn about WHCSA’s volunteer opportunities, please call 733-0879 or email

OUTSTANDING STUDENTS SALUTED BY WEST HEMPSTEAD COMMUNITY SCHOLARSHIP FUND On Sunday, June 3 the winners of the West Hempstead Community Scholarship Fund were honored at the Fund’s Annual Awards dinner.

WHCSA – Neighborhood Watch Program, P.O.Box 425, West Hempstead, NY 11552-0425; or call 733-0879 and leave your name and telephone number (please repeat clearly your name and especially you telephone #) where you can be reached for information. Terese and Steve Santoro, Co-Chairman of WHCSA Neighborhood Watch.

CLEAR MOUNTAIN ZEN CENTER 519 Hempstead Avenue West Hempstead, NY 11552 (516) 350-8346 MEDITATION Monday—Thursday 8 PM—9:30 PM Sunday 8 AM—9:30 AM OPEN HOUSE Saturday October 13, 2012 1 PM—4 PM

Pictured left to right, Gina Medayil, Marissa Young, Jason Flynn, Melissa Waldvogel, and Athena Thomas.


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FALL 2012

West Hempstead 2012 HOMECOMING PARADE

In our last issue of News & Views West Hempstead U.F.S.D. will be recognized and thanked our residents holding its 2012 Homecoming Parade who responded to our request to on Saturday, October 13, 2012 at sponsor an American flag to be 12:30 p.m. They are looking forward displayed from Memorial Day until to both school and community Labor Day along Hempstead Ave. We participation. The Parade Route will also received additional donations since be from Chestnut Street, left onto then from residents and we want to Hempstead Ave., right onto Roosevelt acknowledge their contributions. Our sincere appreciation and Blvd., left onto Nassau Blvd. to the thank you is extended to the following for donation: West Hempstead High School. $150 - Helen Duryea

Following the parade, the West Hempstead Rams will take $30 - Ron Rossiello, Community Cafe, American Legion Cathedral on the Rocks of East Rockaway at 1:30. There will also be a Post 1087, Cathy & Dennis Walsh, Mr. & Mrs. William McIntosh. carnival alongside the football field. We received enough donations that we were able to place flags along Hempstead Avenue for 2012 season and there are enough flags for next year 2013. At the end of 2013 season, we will assess how many more flags are needed and if warranted place a request for sponsorship in the Fall 2013 issue of News & Views. Please note that all donations to the WHCSA whether for flags, membership or events are tax deductible, The WHCSA is an IRS recognized 501 c(3) organization.

Visit us on Facebook at


Please contact the West Hempstead High School Guidance Office at 390-3226 with any questions or to participate. The West Hempstead School District is striving to build community and school spirit while enhancing the experiences of our children. Please come out, show your civic pride by either watching or marching in the Home Coming Parade!

LET’S GO RAMS ! Susana Soares, Manager

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FALL 2012

The individuals, families, and businesses listed below have given a donation of $5 for this issue of our newsletter. We thank you in advance for your support. Karen & Chuck Alder Arasmo Family Mrs Gert Aronaw & Family Joseph Bacchi Mike & Emperatriz Barbato Barnett Family Elizabeth Bartle Basile Family Marty & Alice Bass Eleanor & Richard Bateman Howard & Lucy Beim Louis &Leisel Benjamin Thomas Blair Bill & Sando Blais Anita Blake Mr & Mrs Blunck Boehmer Family Bill & Joan Boehmer William & Karen Bowe Gigi & Irwin Bressler Brendan & Jill Brett Greg & Maureen Buscemi & Family Carlson Family Linda Ceralo Eleanor Chiger & Jay Kaplowitz Pamela Diamond & Brian Chipentine James & Joseph Cicalese Clear Mountain Zen Center Barry & Karen Cohen Country Arts In Flowers Curt & Carole Cox Pat & Phil Crowley Gloria D'Archangelis Patrick A Davy NY Life Agent Mr & Mrs Brendan Dean Susan Norton DeFillipis Pegi & Garrett DeGraff Fro & George Delianides DiMarco Family Mr & Mrs Drachtman Marshall & Rebecca Dumont Ann Dunne Dunne Family Roger Eastman

Maria & Ruby Eberhardt Shimmie & Karen Ehrenreich Feeley Family Mike & Donna Ferrara Mr & Mrs John Fischetti Kenny & Corey Robinson Sebastian & Maria Fodera Robert & Carol Frank Elaine & David Frankel & Family Carol & Tim Frawley Lea & Ed Freeberg Ganz Family Arnold & Esther Gerson & Family Geschwind Family Virginia R Glass Gooch Family Jane & Hank Greve Alison & Ari Gross and Family Theresa Haas Mordy & Racheli Hackel Hamco Paper & Ribbons Robert & Melody Harris & Family John Hinnawi and Family Holder Family Peggy & Robert Insel Gerri & Jack Insignia Jahelka Family Charlotte & Toni Janak Mr R J Janek Tonie Jean-Louis and Family Susan F Johnson Norman & Helanie Kaish William & Jane Kelly Sy & Judy Knoll Joe Koller Paggy & Brian Kraff Krebs Family Rachel Krinsky Kurs Family Lake Park Delicatessen Rebecca & Joshua Lamm Naomi Lane Best Wishes Leahy Clan Carol & Bernie Lebovic Liz & Gary Lee Lorraine & Peter Lempin

Kari & Joshua Levine and Family Millie & Arnold Levine Honey & Herb Levinson George & Donna Lipper Dr Renan Macias Amy & Bill Makar and Family Gila & Robert Marguiles Barbara Marinelli Brian & Eileen Martin Regina Mascia Robert & Kathleen Mazzarella Bernie & Joanne McColgan Joni & Dennis McComb Ann & Richard McGowan Edgar & Mercedes Mendez Peter & Joanne Menoudakos Barbara Keilty Michaleski Ed & Marilyn Miller Reva & Richard Miller and Family Seena & Izzy Miodownik Vincent & Jennie Mistretta Mitchell Family Amie & Anthony Mizzi Monroe Family Mr & Mrs Dan Morin Betty Murphy Mutual Engraving & Printing Len &Jean Nardo Tom & Rosalie Norton Alice O'Connor O'Connor & Beckford Families Carole Pallatto Aaron & Bella Phillips Pittman Family Ann & Frank Pizzi Chaya & Lester Pollak Pompei Restaurant & Catering Phyllis & David Rayman Helen & Sy Rayner Gary Regnell Joan & Stephen Reich Shoshana & Steve Reichman Abe Rieder Bill & Carole Rilling Paul & Fran Rissland Mary & Ray Rockensies

Edwin & Jim Rohrbach and Family Vincent & Claudia Romano Edmund & Sara Rosenblum Sharlene & Arnold Rosenfeld & Family Bob & Ginny Russiello Roxana & Sheldon Rybak Salmon Family Scarlata Family Judy & Herb Scheer Schindler Family Schmidt Family Mario & Aileen Sesso Barbara & Bob Shelly Nancy Smith Kayla Santos & Thomas Smith George Snizek Family Ursula Soebke Mark & Lynn Sullivan Sumrall Family Dr & Mrs Robert Tartell The Jumping Gym Torre Family Trezza Family Matthew & Bernice Turner Tuttolomondo Family Marilyn & Dick Varriale Ver Pault Family Luann Viglione Gloria Virgile Bill & Shaun Vogel Catherine & Dennis Walsh Perkins Limousines Inc Wease Family Elan E & Michele A Weinreb Ken & Monica Wenthen West Hempstead Lions Club Albert & Velma Wheeler Whelpley Family Wile Family Don & Elsa Wilen Connie & Charlie Wolfinger Gitta & Bernard Zivotofsky

Special donations were made to the WHCSA in memory of: Herman Krinsky · Rachel Krinsky · Lou Virgile · Michael Waxman Leah Dorfman · John Terrasi & Maureen Doyle · Ruth Mongell · Anita Stein Bob & Peg Smith · Sarah (twin sister of Gert Aronaw) · Barbara Ganz Bill M. Leahy (55 yr resident) · Louis Andrikou(1966-68) Aux. Police Chief

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FALL 2012

Membership Application June 1, 2012– May 31, 2013 WEST HEMPSTEAD COMMUNITY SUPPORT ASSOCIATION P.O. BOX 425 WEST HEMPSTEAD, NY 11552-0425 Annual Membership Fee (per household or business) ....................................................... $20.00 **Booster for News & Views ($5.00 per issue – $15 for 3 issues per year) ....................... $ _______ **(Must be paid by member) Print how you would like your Booster to appear: _______________________________________ Additional Voluntary Contributions

Hempstead Ave. Revitalization Project (HARP): ………………………………………….$_______ Donation in (Honor/Memory of): __________________________________________


General Fund (to help defray the cost of events, programs, operations) ……………………$_______ Total Payment Enclosed$ _______ Please make your TAX DEDUCTIBLE check payable to: West Hempstead Community Support Association, Inc. Mail to: P.O. Box 425, West Hempstead, NY 11552-0425 ____I/we want to volunteer to be on a committee for the 2012 Memorial Day Parade ____I/we want to be part of Neighborhood Watch ____Please sign ME/US up, as I/WE am/are interested in volunteering. ____I/We want to join a WHCSA Discount Home Fuel Oil Heating group. ____I/We are not receiving WHCSA email Updates. Please add me to your email list. Please print clearly or use an address return label

Name(s) _________________________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________________ Telephone: (Day) ___________________________ (Evening) ______________________ Email address: ____________________________________________________________ NOTE: Your cancelled check is your receipt

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FALL 2012



October 17 7:30pm WH Middle School Cafeteria (Open mic for questions and comments)

WHSCA & Chamber Fall Street Festival Sunday, Oct. 14 10:00 AM Hempstead Ave Bet. Colony St to Westminster Rd ------------



Childrens Holiday Party Sun. December 2 2 PM—4:30 PM WH Middle School Cafeteria -----------

Holiday Lighting Ceremony 5:00 PM Halls Pond Park

West Hempstead News and Views Fall 2012  
West Hempstead News and Views Fall 2012  

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