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Training, Training and more Training. Training has been getting a lot of airtime lately. • The experience, pay and training of pilots is drawing increased scrutiny after this week’s NTSB hearings into the crash of a Pinnacle Airlines commuter plane that killed 50 people near Buffalo, N.Y. • Verizon Wireless is promoting staff training as a competitive advantage. • Best Buy has been touting its trained associates as industry experts. • Microsoft’s Small Business ads have been proclaiming the merits of training to get “every brain involved” in company innovations. Proposal: I am proposing to teach 5 different Adobe Classes within the Creative U. These classes will be based on CS3 & CS4 and are: 1. Lettering in Photoshop. 2. Dynamic Brushes in Photoshop. 3. Patterns & Textures in Photoshop & Illustrator. 4. Natural Media Effects in Photoshop. 5. Digital Presentations in Acrobat. This proposed training is in line with Hallmark’s current business strategy. This proposal: • Reduces the need for outside training. • Takes advantage of the world-class talent within Hallmark. • Encourages others to provide specific, targeted training. • Encourages the expanded use of the Hallmark Collections. • Reduces the need for outside licensing purchases. • Increases creative skills within current software. • Reduces the cost of purchasing additional plug-ins. • Encourages increased communications within the Creative Division. If we do not increase the amount and level of in-house cross training, what other options are available?

• Bringing in outside trainers – Rockhurst National Seminar Group - $250 per day per student. • River City Solutions in KC - 3 levels of Photoshop classes totaling 5 days - $1200 • Attending advanced Adobe classes – Ojai Digital Art Center - $750 per day, - $1300 for 3 days plus expenses. • National Conventions (the next NAPP gathering is in Las Vegas) - $600 for 3 days plus expenses. • Lynda. Com - $150-$170 per user. additional cost of providing the classes during slack times (when individual • The productivity is not reduced) - $0.00

The intangible benefits of establishing this type of in-house training are: • • • • • • •

Higher staff morale and commitment to increased creativity. Increased knowledge of the software applications. A better customer experience. An enhanced company image as the creative experts. An increased problem solving capacity of the creative staff A more innovative, open and sharing environment. A quicker responsive to market changes in style and esthetics.

The success of the proposal would be measured in: • • •

Increased use of the Hallmark Collections - An archiving of Presets - Reduces use of outside resources Increased sharing of personal techniques and Presets. Reduction in the use of outside training.

Hallmark Training Proposal  

I was asked by Hallmark to create a business case for moving the training I was providing to an in-house position rather than a contract pos...

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