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Graphic Communications Third Test 10/29/99 This test is a PDF file you can tab and shift-tab between questions. You will not be able to save this document so You Must Print it Before Closing. Please Print Landscaped.



Graphic Communications - 9/17

1. Name the colors of the rainbow - in order from slowest to fastest. __________________________________________________________________ 2. What are the primary colors of your printer? __________________________________________________________________ 3. How many pixels per inch is your monitor screen? _____________________ 4. What does it mean when text or a photo is said to be pixelated? __________________________________________________________________ 5. What is the major causes of text or a photos look pixelated? __________________________________________________________________ 6. How large is this test file? (Test #3 - 10/21/99)


7. What keyboard shortcut lets you assign more memory to an application? __________________________________________________________________ 8. How much memory do you have assigned to the following: Mac OS __________ PageMaker __________ Photoshop __________ 9. What are the dimensions of a business card? ____________________

11. Decide whether the following text blocks have Conflict or Contrast:

FANCY Perfume Extremely Good

DOGFOOD let’s DANCE friday night!

PREDICTIONS The future always arrives too soon… and seldom in the way predicted. CAN YOU THINK


Graphic Communications - 9/17

10. Scanned images are measured in ______________ ( _. _. _.) Photographs print as halftones measured in ______________ ( _. _. _.) The resolution of your printer is measured in ______________ ( _. _. _.)


FUNNY FARM Health Insurance

Graphic Communications - 9/17

12. In PageMaker, using Hot Keys: How do you create a Bullet? How do you create an ellipsis? Import a Photo or text 13. How many Picas to the inch? How many points to the inch?

____________________ ____________________ ____________________

____________________ ____________________

14. When you only use a small percentage of a color it is a _____________ 15. First thing you do when starting a new file in PageMaker is to set your ________________________. The second is to set your _______________. 16. When you R evert, the last _______________ document will reappear. 17. What are the two Keystroke combinations in PageMaker which allow you to SpellCheck? _____________________ and _________________ 18. All of the documents you have been working should be found in two places. ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________

Graphic Communications - 9/17

19. The and symbol is called an _____________. 20. When designing anything, remember your goals. Your first three goals always are: ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ 21. __________ colors are solid while __________ colors are built with CMYK. 22. What are the six ways to create contrast with type designs? ________________________ _____________________ _________________ ________________________ _____________________ _________________ 23. When you design with type and keep everything simple, subtle and straight forward, the type is said to be in _________________________. 24. When type is slanted from upper left to lower right it has ____________ tilt. 25. Warm colors have __________ in them. Cool colors have _______________. Correctee ____________________ Corrector _____________________

Score ________ / 80

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