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Camp Danger was the original concept for a line of outdoor gear. The marketing studies showed the name to be too 'scary' for children’s products and attempts to make a more friendly design was still affected negatively by the word “Danger.’ The name was changed to Destination Wild. the “wild” wolf was used on adult and extreme gear. The more colorful oval DW label in the lower left center became the logo for children’s products.

Survival Outfitters was developed for hi-tech outerwear and extreme sports equipment. When the hottest selling items were the micro fleece apparel, the line successfully focused on whitewater sports and other extreme water recreation activities. The Peril Mt. Rescue Corps subtitle and more playful logo tied children’s products to the more extreme adult line.

Early Iron was developed for a line of products based on American antiques. The products had an early industrial age look and feel and included replica models and miniatures.

The Early Iron line proved so successful that a special request was made for a line based on American classic cars from the 1930 through 1960.

The American Steele type remained constant while the car selected for the illustration varied. The samples show the image used on children’s products and the simplified label used on all apparel.

Powder Ridge was developed from an older line using an early photo of the actual Powder Ridge. The image makeover was undertaken to focus the brand name for high-tech winter wear, specifically targeted at ski wear and snowboarding gear. The center process color design was used in outdoor advertising and posters in popular ski areas.

The simplified designs were for screen printing on decks as well as tags and labels.

In 2002, Henry Grethel wanted to develop a new line of produces that were consistent with his lines in Macy’s and Bloomingdales and yet reflected a more modern theme. The designs on the left were the final concept considered for the line. The logo on the right was the final choice with samples of the proposed usage.

Purina wanted an ID program developed for a line of products to be marketed in conjunction with their national Incredible Dog Challenge events. Working with Purina and the contractors running the Dog Challenges, we settled on the images on the right as the final logos. The product development went from rough sketches, to a fully articulated 3D wire frame model, to dynamic poses, to the final design, in a relatively short amount of time. The round image at the top was the packaging, signage and posters. The image within the square frame at the bottom was the logo for tags, labels and left chest. The word Dog imposed on a star was the simple element running through all products.

Each of these demonstrates a broad range of skill to create promotions targeted at very different consumers.

Silver Leaf was designed a line of elegant, up-scale women’s products including apparel and outerwear. The design was created to easily print in black and white without a lose of style. The ones on the right were developed for a very durable line of active wear for sale in Costco Mexico only and required a more baroque look. The campaign for Retro-Active was based on historically recognized sports heroes. The photos required extensive image retouching which had to be approved by the estates of each of the personalities prior to use.

West Gates

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Some Branding Samples  

Here are a few "Projects." Some began with a logo. All involved massive marketing efforts.

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