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8.0 the unfinished

“Existence is a series of footnotes to a vast, obscure, unfinished masterpiece.� - Vladimir Nabokov


WestFASHION Media Editor-In-Chief Harry Wong

It took about a quarter of this year for myself to thought through this issue"s theme, if you"ve been following us on social media, I personally posted an image of an earlier version coming together, but then I decided to go against the original “Industrial Fetish and beyond” and changed it to “the unfinished”. !

This issue is inspired by everything surrounds us everyday and every night, the curiosity of object"s final form moving down its process. Ever wonder that everything could be #unfinished", some not been used, some not been touched, some not been digested, some not been seen or even it could be just a feeling not been expressed. Our new feature - “Your Daily Collective” will explain furthermore. I revisited my “Industrial Fetish” project from four years ago, and bought out few images that I think #could do with a version 2.0" and provides a different perspective on how to observe. In contrast, “Camden Alienated Me” brings out its own identity like the local area did before its business turn into revenue than individualism which we greatly celebrates. Enjoy this #unfinished" issue as you wish, share and strike up conversation, give and take opinions while challenge the things; the values; the rules around you. The collective wouldn"t work with your input at all. Finally, may we, all from WestFASHION, wishes all our readers a prospective new year, , and keep in touch! X HARRY WONG the editor-in-chief (C) A WestFASHION Media Group Publication

Contributors:Charli. Williams Elizaveta Selezneva Julia Ejsymont


8.0 the unfinished

Cover: Julia Ejsymont, 03/2012 Back Page: Elizaveta Selezneva, 12/2011

If you would like to contribute your work, help along, or other businesses, please don’t hesitate to reach us via the following channels:-!

Note: Contributor’s view within articles or contents does not represent or equivalent what WestFASHION’s view and opinion.

INDUSTRIAL FETISH. The exposure of the ordinary’s darkest fantasy can be hard but at times are expressed via impractical items - leathers, metals, metallic-accessories are all in play. The unfinished session.

Throughout: Sunglasses Maison Martin Margiela; Shoes - Kurt Gieger; Wrist Accessories - Stylist!s own. This Page: Lace Top Reiss; Sleeveless Trench Coat - H&M Trend. Opposite Page: Thredded Leather Jacket Vintage.Double-spread before: Shirt - Topshop; Knit Dress - All Saints. Note: Some items are pastseasons. Shot on location by Seven Dials, Covent Garden. Model: Charli-Ann Williams. Styled and photographed by Harry Wong.

YOUR DAILY COLLECTIVE This forms a new part of the magazine to be a collective of all happenings, lead by our readers, friends, families, acquaintances, and connections. Each issue will feature a different specific theme to allow individuals to express their own opinions and POVs in their own unique media channels. Find out about the Issue 9 brief at the end of the section, and remember please feel free to drop us a line or two along with your material to

The Brief: Use your first instinct to complete the issue!s title:“The Unfinished...�, express in any form of presentable media.

“...Motion” - at the ICA by Harry Wong, Editor

“...Instagram Moments” / “...Eau de parfum” by Julia Ejsymont, Creative

“...Vision / Changes / Weather” - at Southbank, London Transport Museum, & Brighton by Harry Wong

“... Anticipation: yes, definitely, the aspect of anticipation whilst creating the objet d'art, is full of suspense, Hitchcock dimension almost. And then, after the crescendo, comes the final link, soldered and stitched and I feel elated but strangely sad for it is over." Zina S. Sparling Jewellery Designer / Classical Musician

“...Sacrifice” - by George Baba - Stylist

“...Love-note” - by Francesca Marotta - Fashion Designer, Stylist

“...Garden” by Joshua Goymer - Illustrator

YOUR NEXT BRIEF “The Way Out.” What is your way out? Of environment. Of commute. Of life. Send us any type of media (pictures, text, music playlist, videos) as your brief answer to it to (Recommended: 4 images + 10-20 words)

INDUSTRIAL FETISH. II. Continued from previous series, the other ways to perfect the pleasure given or taken - from the most painful, to the most silly, but it is all about the same three phrases. The unfinished gratification.


DREAMS DREAMS DREAMS DREAMS DREAMS DREAMS DREAMS Throughout: Sunglasses: Lanvin; Dress: Topshop; Headscarf: Stylist!s Own. Armpiece: Model!s own, Bodypiece: Stylist!s Own. Shot on location near North Greenwich, Model: Kathryn A., Styled and photographed by Harry Wong.


CRUISE14 & BEYOND A quick reminder of what Spring Summer 2014 will look like, and few predictions about AutumnWinter 2014-2015. Buy, construct, condense, filter, categorise your wardrobe carefully.


WARM SHADES: The sudden dashes of bold and fluorescent colours will be toned down for the pre-collections, a leading prelude into the Autumn-Winter colours. REALITY IMAGERY PATTERNS: Lately, either comedy-purposed or collection!s inspiration, few designers uses their perspective / vision of current climate and reinterpret so into garments. LENGTH: Mind the length of garments, which could directly effects how you look, also look into the trims and finishing which might have an effect of garment!s moments.

Katie Eary

Xander Zhou

Xander Zhou

JW Anderson

Matthew Miller Lee Roach

MONOCHROME BASICS: As for menswear, monochrome will never goes out of fashion, but each season, designers bring in various lengths, cuts, and others making the collection unique:Knee-Length coats - with drop-shoulders cut / structured, collar-less Wrist Cuff - Functional cuff either right on edge of sleeve or few inches up to secure coverage Patchwork - Overlaying fabrics to create one

Hannah William

Tata Naka

Fyodor Goolan

LACE / SHEERNESS OF FABRIC:Continuity from Spring Summer 2013, the sheer and see-through aspects of it haven!t changed, but variations of how the garments are reinterpreted can be seen across SS14 - layering, patterns-overlaying, patchworks. HALF-SLEEVE / RAGLAN CROP: Always seen as the all year round seller - good for the “not too hot, not too cold� seasons, this season!s half sleeves can be seen adapted into dresses and other garment categories while it also available in raglan cut as well to provide the loser and board shoulder look. GREYS GREYS GREYS: Seems like the grey sky have taken over womenswear. Though the office-like colour, silhouette and techniques have changed drastically with various technology experiments seen across the on-schedule & off-schedules.



AW14? SS15



PERSONAL PREDICTIONS: RETURN OF GRUNGE CLASH ERA? The anger from communities, the FOLO (Fear of losing out), the ever-hiking arrogance, the savviness of technology all contribute into how we look, spend. Now we came to an age of blaming each other for the failure of each other. The re-emerge of the grunge rock scene can be seen at Mark Fast SS14, then refer to James Long boxy mesh garments, the Martine Rose!s setup and to accompany such the rebellious of footwear of Sorapol, might lead to a new era of cyber-grunge. “Go back in time and take its elements to go forward?�

DID WE MISS SOMETHING OUT? Let us know if there!s a sub-merging trend heading the way into 2014 by email or start wearing that trend - sooner or later we!ll catch up. Our details can be found on Last Words.

CAMDEN ALIENATED ME. The once-brilliance in its creation, now the commercialised area might have change some of its characteristic itself, but secretly hidden and tucked away down the sides of canal, as dashes of new season’s colours and silhouettes comes out to play. The unfinished adaption.

Throughout: Shoes - Kurt Gieger; Outfit One: Red Sunglasses - Vintage Prada; Patterned Dress - H&M; Thin Belt - Alexander McQueen; Outfit Two: Top - Reiss; Trousers - COS; Outfit Three: Sheer Top - COS; Trousers as Outfit Two; Belt (worn as necklace) - Stylist!s Own; Outfit Three: Hood Jacket - Uniqlo; Sunglasses - Vintage Raf Simons; Trousers as Outfit Two. Note: Some items are past seasons. Shot on location near Regent!s Canal, Camden. Model: Elizaveta Selezvena, photographed and styled by Harry Wong


Maison Martin Margiela - Kurt Gieger - H&M - Reiss - Topshop - All Saints - Lanvin - Prada - Alexander Mcqueen - COS - Uniqlo - Raf Simons -


Thank you for making to the last page. Remember the unfinished continues across all our following media (Harry’s personal) Shall you want to participate in any part of the magazine or other platforms, don’t hesitate to drop us an May the un-finishes be unfinished. See you next issue. The Way Out. WestFASHION x



the unfinished. Ever consider that the final product aren't the final product. This issue features a new daily collective from you - the rea...

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