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West Exe Technology College is delighted with the outcomes achieved by this year’s Year Eleven students, which are the best the school has ever attained. 56% of the students achieved 5+A*-C including English and Maths (a 5% improvement on last year’s results) and a fantastic 90% of students achieved 5+A*-C (6% up on last year). This is the result of hard work over two years by the cohort of 259 students, and a well-deserved reflection of their commitment and perseverance. The results are testament, too, to the dedication of the teachers and other staff who worked extremely hard to ensure that students did their best. Particularly successful areas included Maths, Art, History, Triple Science, Food Technology, ICT and all of our BTEC subjects. These results are particularly pleasing in the light of the national picture. Alfie Gibbons, Olivia Holwill, and Tayma Alzwiy Acting Headteacher Vicki Carah said: “We are extremely proud of the students who really deserved this success. It was an absolute pleasure to see the looks of delight on their faces as they opened their results and realised that all the hard work had paid off! Huge thanks are due to the staff involved for their incredible efforts to ensure that the students were able to do so well and to their parents for supporting them in their efforts.” Individual student success stories included Tayma Alzwiy who achieved 14 A*-A grades including an A in Arabic A level. "Your GCSEs are a once in a lifetime opportunity," she said. "They are the basic foundation for your life and if you don't get good foundations everything you build on them will collapse, so it's important to do your best." Emma Furzer achieved 10 A* grades and 4 A grades, she got A*s in English, Maths, Triple Science, RE and Statistics. Alfie Gibbons was thrilled to have achieved a C grade in English, a subject he thought he may fail, as well as another four Cs, two distinction* for Business and Engineering BTECs, a distinction for his BTEC in ICT, a pass for BTEC Sport as well as achieving half-GCSEs in adult literacy and adult numeracy. "I didn't think I was going to get a C in English so I am really happy. This means I can go to college and probably university after that. I did work hard – my advice to anyone else who finds subjects hard is just to really try because it's worth it in the end." Jordan Whitfield, Jack Stevens, and Tom Richards check their results

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Ben Woodland achieved five A*s and six As and is looking forward to studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths A-levels at Exeter College. "I'm ecstatic and relieved," he said. "I'd been stressing so much and had nightmares about results day. Doing well really meant a lot to me. I'm determined to go to university to study medicine so I wanted to get a good start." Olivia Holwill surpassed expectations, achieving four A*s and eight As and is looking forward to studying Maths, Psychology, Dance and Photography A-levels at Exeter College. She said, "I'm really happy, I didn't expect all As. It's made me realise that I'm better than I thought and it's really motivated me to work as hard as I can at college." Bradley Baseley achieved a Distinction* in his Business BTEC, an A in Graphics, seven Bs and a D. He is looking forward to studying Graphics, Media, Animation and ICT A-levels at Exeter College. "I'm so happy I passed everything," he said. "I was really Ben Woodland learns his good news nervous. I realised after year 10 that I wasn't just going to pass the exams but had to put the work in. So in a sense I had a reality check, opened my eyes and started working hard." These are just a few of the many success stories in the West Exe Class of 2012. We congratulate all students on their results and wish them continued success in their future studies and careers, and we hope that they will keep in touch with us to help inspire future generations of Cora Cosmod and Victoria Armillotta are both delighted with their results West Exe students to equal success.

Students looked extremely smart as they returned to school last week so a big thankyou to parents for ensuring they were so well turned out! Do please remember the uniform rules – PLAIN black shoes, no logos, coloured stripes or laces, no skinny trousers or jeans for boys or girls and skirts of a sensible length. The WETC sweatshirt is a part of our uniform and no other outer layers such as sweatshirts, cardigans, coats or hoodies can be worn in school. Students must not wear a visible t-shirt under their polo shirt. Students who do not follow these rules will be offered school uniform stock, asked to correct the uniform and, if necessary, kept out of lessons until the uniform is correct. Most students always look very smart and this reflects their positive attitude to learning and school. Libby S. and Tom P. of Year 7 show in the photo how it should be done! Drinks – Students are allowed to drink (preferably water) during lessons but this must be sensibly managed. Students must NOT bring fizzy drinks, especially energy drinks, to school, and must not expect to be allowed to go to the toilet during lesson times as a matter of course.

Diary dates for this month Wednesday 19th September Student-Parent-Tutor evening 3.30-7.30—make your appointments now Monday 24th September Open Evening for prospective Year 7 parents and students

2012 exams special newsletter  
2012 exams special newsletter  

West Exe Technology College's 2012 exams special newsletter